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Irrefutable Evidence, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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June 10, 2022 12:00 am

Irrefutable Evidence, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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June 10, 2022 12:00 am

In God's courtroom, He will preside as judge, jury, eyewitness, and prosecuting attorney--and there will be no deliberation. The verdict for every unbeliever will be the same: "Guilty!"

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It's possible for you to avoid God's judgment when you respond in faith to the saving work of Jesus Christ. I even I am the one who wipes out your transgressions for my own sake and I will not remember your sin, Peter preached and accepted through the gospel in the New Testament there is a lovely to be converted, that your sins may be wiped away expunged and greatness.

The gospel is that we can face death in the eternity that follows with the certainty that our standing with God is secure in Christ.

Unfortunately, that's not true for the millions of people who continue in their unbelief in God's courtroom, God will preside as judge, jury, eyewitness and prosecuting attorney and there will be no deliberation. The verdict for every unbeliever will be the same guilty. Stephen is working through a series entitled is hell for real. The answer is yes it is but it's also avoidable.

Stay with us, as Stephen explains more from God's-God knows the heart and he knows the motive behind the good thing that unbelievers do and unbelievers do.

Good thing, but he knows the heart and he knows the motive and if this point in time he will pull the mask off motives on this judgment day and revealed to them that the good things they did were actually internally motivated to make them feel good about themselves, or maybe even a little more superior than the people they helped. They wouldn't admit that they would stop long enough while living on earth to think critically about their actions. You do as a believer.

Why because the spirit of God is within you, and you have this ongoing conversation says things like Stephen you did that with what are you thinking what you said that you are proud you did that but you are condescending, but you are right you have those conversations spirit that purifies motor of the spirit of God, which means all their motives are impure.

They wanted minute when they went to church to give money to good because it was deliberately feel good to look good to others maybe feel more confident about themselves when they gave to the poor. They enjoyed most the fact that that made him feel better than the poor superior perhaps are a good person that I care about the poor guy will pull away the mask of motives and reveal the heart and when he does people will recognize that the good they did.

They did the feel good this sounds good and to seem good and to look like the Pharisees who prayed a long prayer. They were stunned that Jesus Christ would even suggest they were getting into the kingdom of heaven. The prayers I prayed that the fastings they accomplished how they so carefully tie what they Jesus Christ said to them you are white washed tombs you love God you painted your claim, but I will harden underneath is its arrival is in corruption – depravity. You're just covering her who you really are, he will deliver that book open third that is enough. There is perhaps a book of words in Matthew 1237 Jesus said, for by your words you will be condemned. Words Christ warned the unbelievers that every evil or idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment is referring to the judgment of this great white throne judgment is so precise, so well recorded so exacting that every word uttered in violation to the holy standard of God is in a box and the books will be open, and every mouth ultimately will please stop all your actions and words weighed against the law of God.

There's another book for call this the book of secrets.

Secrets Robin Stewart told God will judge every man's secret so 4421.

David Wright would not God find this out, for he knows the secrets of the heart.

You know that means that means on top of actions and words and motives, certain sin and nobody found out there secrets the application of this text is the revealed then at the judgment, so they stay the secret nobody knew her.

People who go to their grave with secret nobody saw and certainly the heart, with all secret thoughts all secret plans all secret selfishness is all secret predicaments on all the secrets there opened to the horrifying understanding of the unbeliever.

They had been seeing they got away with it on our own. I got away with it. No law of God says in Numbers 32 you can be sure your sin will find what you out and this is what happened. So why is the believer here. This judgment is possible for believers to have secret if it will do. We would never want anybody to take a picture of our hearts deal, but he said the there was a camera capable of taking a picture of our heart.

No one would ever by the picture and the photographer would go bankrupt quickly heaven.

We send heavily spoken words that violate the holiness of God heavily done deeds and actions. So why are we will because God says I have wiped out your transgressions like a thick cloud and your sins like a heavy mist because I have redeemed you as a 44 all we like sheep have gone astray, each of us have turned it was on way, but the Lord has caused the iniquity of us all to fall upon him. They were all paid, they were all judge every for the Redeemer body of Jesus Christ. Isaiah then could write it as you will.

Lord, who is kept my soul from the pit of destruction, for you have cast all my sins behind your back. These here in Revelation chapter 20 in this final paragraph are condemned by the record of their sins that they are accountable to. They never gave them the Christ, the evidence against them is just that it's true. Christ was able for us. The redeemed to pay an infinite penalty being God being man. He didn't die in a flash to get die being dotting the pay an infinite price for our sins. We in him a rescue and our record is been eliminated without one shout of Christ. It is painful the ones who stand here will pay the penalty for the rooms. They have no advocate refused to settle out of court.

They are standing here because they have refused the gospel is in a way to suck more than half the world doesn't even have a Bible in their language. They never heard the name of Jesus. How could God send them to hell if they've never heard the gospel of Christ. Good question please and gentlemen, God will not condemn them to hell because they refused to believe in Jesus Christ think that isn't even brought up in the judgment they are held accountable to their own works. Their own secrets their own sin their own deeds. There is no mention in this paragraph of sometime in their lives when they heard about crisis or not.

I don't have you, my Savior. Do you realize that most of the world is never heard the Jesus Christ is the Savior. They are not judged here by the light they never heard or saw. They are judged by the light they were given that they rejected the light they heard that they rejected according to Romans chapter 2, there are two different kinds of gospel or I should say additional cost to the gospel.

One is the gospel of conscience. Every man has the law of God written on his heart and his conscience bears witness. In other words, the unbeliever, no matter where you live or how much you know that the Bible had this conscience. He had the possibility of having this ongoing conversation that condemned him. You know what you just did was wrong. He didn't have the law of God to tell him why you know is wrong where that come from the law govern on his heart and what he said was conscience be you shouldn't do that, that's wrong. Big why you know if you go there.

That's right, you say that that's wrong, you shouldn't steal that thing that so they over the course of their lives. Learn early to silence the attention the spirit to send it gospel of conscience. They do more than that to come up with their own standard and then they meted and they cc were doing just fine, but there's trouble in the logic vector was perfectly illustrated for me when I read recently that an armed robber named Dennis Lee Curtis was arrested in Rapid City, South Dakota. He was a thief and they found in his wallet a sheet of paper and on that sheet of paper he had written his code of conduct as a thief I just give you the bullets.

The bullet points I will not kill anyone unless I have to.

That's reassuring. I will take cash and food stamps. No checks. I will rob only at night.

I will not wear a mask if I get chasten of evil. I will not put the lives of innocent civilians on the line. I will enjoy robbing from the rich to give to the poor last one I will rob only seven months out of the year I spread you lease the 12 months out of the year. He had a standards.

He had his code to kill anybody to take the summers off on try to get some to some poor people in me.

I'm not going where mask a minimum.

To do this on to do this.

Get a sense of morality.

He knew certain things were out of bounds but is morality.

Since morality was thought when he stood before the court. He was, not judged by that piece of paper now. Did she still in the month of July are not using judged by his code is standard is judged by a higher standard. Call all you can steal anything any time whether you wear a mask or not, whether did knights see what happens. Mankind to Sabin silences conscience he comes up with his moral code of going to church two or three times a year all give a little money to the Red Cross be a good employee. I want to get a paperclip so I'll get my weekends to my yard and my family. Not necessarily in that order. Maybe golf and I have kept my toad jointly according to that and see if I don't come out with an A+ nose and stand before God with the highest total will be judged against and to his horror he will discover his little sheets of paper were indeed meaningless.

The gospel of conscience, which he denied.

God will also reveal on this day that the condemned refused to listen to the gospel of creation, the heavens are telling the glory of God and the expanse is declaring the work of his hand. Damp day pours forth speech at night to night reveals there is no speech is audible words, but their voice is not heard.

I love the paraphrase of these verses from the message. Listen to how he puts it, God's glory is on tour in the skies. God's cracks are on exhibit across the horizon matter day holds classes every morning Prof. night lectures every evening there words aren't heard their voices are recorded, but their silence fills the earth unspoken truth is spoken everywhere. These unredeemed not believe the gospel of Christ. But the truth of the matter of this judgment is God will show to them that they did not believe the gospel of conscience and they refused to believe the gospel of creation, the gospel of conscience in the gospel of creation are not enough to say you must have the gospel of Christ, but what God will do at this judgment is reveal that they denied the gospel they had been given the light they had been shown they wanted nothing to do with it. God's verdict will be just in its delivery. This is the gospel of creation we make a covenant to Paul wrote in Romans chapter 1 for since the creation of the world his invisible attributes, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what is been made so that they are without excuse, and other words if you're old enough, you're mentally capable of understanding conscience in determining from what you can see in creation, that there must be a creator, then you are without excuse.

Obviously, the aborted miscarried the mentally handicapped. I believe are protected.

They were unable to listen to the gospel of Christ, or creation, or conscience. Those who can will stand before him here and they will be without excuse. We must come up with something so that we can get around the creator because if there is a creator who made me I might have to give an answer to that Charles Darwin was raised in church. He pursued anything other than Christianity because primarily of the doctrine of hell, led by the god of this world and came up with this particular origin and it allowed them to circumvent what he knew must be true if there was a creator we read to your quote from his own autobiography which is to be in public school science quote.

I can hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true, for if it is the plain language of the biblical text seems to show them that the men who do not believe will be everlastingly punished and that would include my father, my brother and almost all of my friends given only had a Christian mother because she's not mention in the lives he see Darwin's inward motive was fueled by the desire to come up with an answer to origins apart from a creator God.

Because Darwin was at least intellectually honest enough to to know that if this book really did describe to us the creator then what it described to us in terms of condemnation would be true as well. He said the text plainly says it said I didn't know that.

He said that London needed to recently listen. This courtroom will explode open secrets and motives of hearts and minds and everything will be revealed. What it truly is. No one will have an excuse. What about the religion to believe in creation and conscience. The largest religions on the planet believe in a creator and the concept of sin and conscience. Major world religions like Islam and Judaism, even the lesser known religions. The cults of Mormonism and and Jehovah's Witnesses. These are all the very same religions that borrow from the Bible who understand them, who have heard and have read of Jesus Christ and they have denied the deity of Jesus Christ. They have denied the gospel of Christ in their denial of the gospel of Christ will be revealed in their actions, their deeds there words and their secrets. So then understand this every person standing before God of this great white throne will be condemned by their failure to meet God's standard as evidenced in the books that reflect their own lives. Your own words, their own heart and every one of them. Every one of these people will be shown to have rejected the light they were given whatever that gospel was to them. It was the gospel of conscience, the gospel of creation, or for some the gospel of Christ, and they rejected there's 1/5 book with you quickly that possibly could be (it just occurred to me as I was studying that it could very well be. This book, the Bible forever settled in heaven. God may very well pull the text out and from his own inspired eternal and Aaron word pull texts out to client to that condemned individual stands before now to say one thought here were into doing it at length in our next session, but you need to know that this courtroom and these books being open are not determining whether or not that person goes to hell. They are there because they are going why all of the evidence early to prove the justice of God's eternal verdict or something else. It is to determine the level and the degree of their punishment which Jesus Christ so clearly preached while he was on and look at it together were out of time and put your things will tell you something happened this week and that will be done by having to take our trash to the neighborhood recycling and garbage center, behind a big tall fence with barbed wires. If anybody would want to still trash but at any rate is behind those gates and and I take our trash which can multiply over there they have they have several huge green containers down below the open.

These big metal gates and you toss your trashbags into those containers taken my trash there saves me 25 bucks a month but I gotta be honest with you and tell you it's fun it should. I enjoy it. It's fun I I have I can stand I can open the door the goes out in my garage and with a bag of trash and I have learned how to with with quite some expertise.

I must humbly admit I can throw that bag of trash out in and landed squarely in the back of my pickup truck. I don't get out much, as is my fun.

Okay let me once more time to play and although once or twice a week.

Once I get some bags all drive over there is actually an interesting place over time.

I've gotten to know some of the men who worked there by name.

One of the men's believer that a chance to talk to every time. And even if it's for 60 seconds. We just have a couple of sentences. It's communion between two guys, this is a place that is frequented by some rather rough people some rugged people like construction workers who come to unload their trash.

I pulled in just this week I pulled up next to a construction crew.

When I got my truck. They were about to leave and one of the guys was saying to the other crew guys crew members. He said well you know our bodies are just going to be like all that all that trash and lead my worms and that's it has the and I can tell, and I arrived at the tail end of a theological discussion and I was really upset. I missed it. So I tried to stand, and I quickly said all one of the guys is what you mean by that is what you mean by what you just said. He said well he said our bodies are good like that trash we find that green thing there is no meeting my worms and that's it it's all over the yeah I said no and it is not the end he said it stopped crew stop to listen.

Workers stop to listen birds flying in midair stopped… And I realize what I just thought I'd stepped out there and I'm about to tell these guys are a lot bigger than I all about this place called hell. We didn't talk long but I can say to listen everything that I was able say.

In fact, the final comment we had the Lee people are waiting, but I directed toward the construction crew that is seen the most interested and I said look I said go go home and read Revelation chapter 20 and he looked at me and he said Revelation chapter 22. As he got into his truck. He said God have Artie been praying for that guy.

The window seam in heaven. You know why because Revelation 20 is enough to save. I want you to know that I have Artie prayed for you to not by name but for Christ's spirit to work in every person seated here. I prayed that the study would be enough this and I don't know what your record of sin is no I don't need to know anything in those books. But what I do know is that you can go back can go back and start nobody can. But you can make Jesus Christ your living Lord started fact, it's really better you can go back and start a new beginning, but you can come to Jesus Christ by faith and make an you can create a new beginning, but you can have a new ending right your beginning cannot be changed. No matter what you do. But your things can be changed from a never ending to a never this is wisdom for the Stephen Daly is working his way through a series entitled is hell for real he's called this lesson irrefutable evidence during the month of June. We have a free resource to equip fathers who want to lead their families in godliness. Stephen has written a book called the Enoch example. It's a book that explores the life and legacy of Enoch. Everyone has a legacy. So the question for you fathers. Is this what will your legacy be with your children say that you walked with God, or that you ran from God when your grandchildren receive an inheritance of earthly riches or heavenly riches. Learn how your walk with God can impact your family for generations. This is a free digital download that you can access from our website right now, go to wisdom for information. There's a link on the homepage that will direct you.

We do have a print version of this booklet as well, but the digital resource is free today and is available at wisdom. Online.we have staff and volunteers on hand to take your call right now. Our number is 86 648 Bible once again that's 86 648 Bible. Stephen has one more lesson to go in this current series were going to begin that next time. Make plans to join us that right here on wisdom

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