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No Longer Top Secret, pt. 2 - Revelation 11:15-19

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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May 14, 2020 1:00 am

No Longer Top Secret, pt. 2 - Revelation 11:15-19

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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May 14, 2020 1:00 am

The last days will not be a pretty sight for those who refuse to bow their knee to Christ. But they will be a glorious sight for those who do. Whose side are you on today?

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See in this text, you have the promise of his first coming as a baby to become a crucified Savior resurrected and ascended Lord in his second coming to do what it is as literal as his first coming, he will come just as he came literally come again that he will sit on David's throne will rule over the house of Jacob, meaning the regathered Catholic Israel nation Israelite nation, and that kingdom including you and me will last forever and forever. Today Revelation called the trumpets of seven archangels as we get a glimpse into the future. We see a wonderful scene of worship were to look at that worship today. Stephen will show you how that worship unfolds and what it involves the time that Stevens teaching about today will not be a pretty sight. For those who refused Jesus Christ as king, but it will be a glorious day for those of us who know Jesus as Savior. Today's lesson is called no longer top-secret and let's join Stephen right now all immediately the sound of 100 million angels singing this they fall on their faces and worship to God. Can you imagine the scene handle did communicate a sense of it in his work. Call Handel's Messiah. I went back and reviewed a little bit of the history that most people don't realize that he had only recently suffered a stroke which paralyze the left side of his face, causing intense pain to some of the rest of the left side of his body. He was already fairly poor. None of his works.

It sold well. They could barely afford rent and food, and now his health was broken, his prospects dim discouraged and anxious about life. One of his friends went to the Bible and pulled out some texts about the prophecies of the Messiah, put them in a folder and handed them to George one afternoon and said you know what you want to do is maybe just sit down these verses and compose something that weaves them together. George wasn't interested. He look them over that afternoon and evening in his little apartment tossed them aside and crawled in the bed, but he couldn't sleep. Eventually he got up and went to his piano and his little apartment and began to write. He was left-handed because of the pain in his body and made his scribbling almost unintelligible in the notes in this in the script hard to read but he carried on for three weeks he carried on hardly stopping to eat or sleep and certainly not to entertain any visitors. Finally after 22 days.

A friend of his gain entrance into his apartment found the composer at his piano sheets of music strewn everywhere. As he walked over. George looked up at him and tears poured from his eyes down his cheeks as he said to his friend and I quote, I do believe I have seen all of heaven before me and the greatness of God himself will in the text handle shows you can imagine how electrified it with just a taste of what these millions of angels will sound like.

In 1741, when the Messiah was first performed in London before August Crowder Royal crowd.

In fact, as they arrived at the hallelujah chorus, England's King George removed his crown and stood up for that culture. One never sat in the presence of a superior.

Thus, the tradition of standing at the hallelujah chorus began a continues to this day just taste, just a sentence of the glory of the scene as the Angels are rehearsing the greatness of the sovereign and the singularity of his kingdom and the certainty of his arraignment and now the church represented by the elders. They can't sit either. However, they simply fall down before the throne of God and they worship him and to begin to praise God with this unbelievable hymn of thanksgiving's look at this him briefly.

Let me give you five aspects of this him that I believe will encourage your heart, as it has. First, they will praise God for his attributes. They saying in verse 17 we give you thanks, O Lord God the Almighty, who are and who were we give you thanks because you are Almighty added day and in a culture and an error when they could have doubted that he was Almighty and maybe your doubting the same thing the day. Maybe you're not quite sure.

He is really truly Almighty he is and they sing to it but I want you to notice something interesting it says from him who is and who was and who is to come with us actually from chapter 4 verse eight you keep looking at the text there. Let me read you what it says in chapter 1 verse four from him who is and who was and who is to come.

So John repeats that here will almost notice. Again, the final phrase is left off, who are he simply says and who were you can render it. Who is and who was and there is no reference to, and who is to come. Why not because he has come. That's why he's come there singing of it as an historical reality. So they're not saying who was and is and is to counter civilization was and he is already come you fill in the blank. He is going to rain is raining so they praise God for his attributes. Secondly, they praise him for his triumphs.

Notice verse 17 because you have taken your great power and have begun to rain again. The rain is the perfect tense which means or pictures. The permanent of his sovereign control when author put it this way, the Almighty wanted until this time allows anti-Christian power to control the world, but after this future climax. His direct control will be in place and remain forever. You have taken your great power. This isn't just some coronation ceremony in a pretty Romanized throne. Interesting looking throne. This is permanent active hands-on ruling.

Let me illustrate the difference only review what one of my favorite commentators who happens to be a British subject, I think you might even have dual citizenship. His name is John Phillips. Let me read you what he wrote, as he commented on this text.

On June 2, 1952 Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of England and Westminster Abbey.

At one point during her coronation, the Archbishop of Canterbury turned and asked the people of the course, they were there mass do you take Elizabeth to be your true and lawful sovereign, the multitude rolled back in a single word. I imagine that yes but that's what they said a she then took the coronation of received a Bible took communion was seated on the coronation chair anointed close in a robe woven of gold given the ring, given the scepter and crowned with the glorious crown of St. Edward at that cue the guns of London fired a salute and then the new monarch left the Appian grand procession for banquet of state, but from that day to this. It's been a while, Prince Charles is still waiting right. From that day to this Queen Elizabeth II has never made a single decision affecting the government of her kingdom, the prime minister of England and the members of the English Parliament do all of that. All she does is sign their decisions into law.

Why, because this is a constitutional monarchy, a monarchy where the king or queen is sovereign in the name alone while all the power belongs to the people in as I read that I couldn't help but think this is vastly different than what we find in Revelation 11 and it is very different from the average person's thinking when it comes to God, and I fear it's crept its way into the average Christian's mind, we say we believe in God but what we really mean is we have a constitutional monarchy.

He is sovereign in name only addresses them with cathedrals and steeples and when to furnish it with a little money and were going ring and nodded his ambassadors and maybe help them as they go around the world, representing him but but outside of the church outside of the ceremony of religion. He is keying in name only. The real power belongs in the people and we really like it when he just stays on his throne and we expect I will simply be signed into law by our constitutional monarch, far from it. Ladies and gentlemen, I think the average person on the street would say they believe in God but if you burrow very deeply.

You find out that they believe it best in a constitutional monarch, they might see periodically and Royal dress and they might hear about every so often, but he is not there sovereign Lord.

Furthermore, they expect him to fulfill their will know verse 17 again you have taken your great power and have begun to rain. The power is not of the people the power is in God alone, so the believers praise Christ because of his attributes. They praise him because of his triumphs.

Thirdly, they praise him because of his judgments. Look at verse 18. The text reads, and the nations were enraged and your wrath came in the time came for the dead to be judged and the time to reward your bond servants the prophets and the saints, and those who fear your name, small of the great and destroy those who destroy the earth. This last phrase by the way, destroy those who destroy the earth is not a reference to destroy people who pollute the environment. Okay you will believe that many pastors in my research. Even this past week were now taking this text and that phrase to preach environmental messages that God is going to destroy people who destroy the earth. Though this is a reference to people who pollute the earth with unrepentant sin, which brings about the destruction of earth by the wrath of God.

God is not judging these people because they won't recycle these judging these people because they will repent and there is a bit of a difference.

Remember John's vision here and what I just read you is a close-up of the details. It's a wide angle shot with a fast shutter speed. He's these sort of putting everything in together as we speak some judgment. Although we know is revelation will give us detailed. There are several judgments there's going to be a judgment of those who believe the tribulation of the millennial kingdom there's going to be the great white throne judgment at the end of time is as God condemns in judges of the unbelieving, who have lived and every time.

He also speaks of rewards rewarding the prophets.

Here he talks about rewarding the saints and and he does not distinguish between the New Testament Christians bema seat time of reward or the rewarding of faithful servants in the kingdom. It's just all sort of condensed as he gives you an aerial view of one and to the other of this future date fact that these verses condensed the activities of the entire tribulation. The millennial kingdom and they even hinted at the eternal state. And did you catch by the way, the attitude of the unbeliever.

Toward the reign of Christ in verse 18. Did you notice how they responded to that. Look at verse 18 and the nations were so pleased all of your translations a little different in the nations were what enraged enraged there literally enraged at the thought of Christ raining and listen listen at this point they know they recognize that they'll see it go get it, but put a gun in her hand on the try to shoot God.

Their hatred of him is so deep in the rebellion in her unrepentant sinful state so hard fact, they will mount armies to fight against the person of Christ.

One day this this all brings their hatred to sort of this fever pitch of crowning and have been cursing on her.

You have rejoicing in heaven with 100 million Angels plus in the church you have arrange on on the planet will not allow Christ to rule out a flight, even of the of the rest of the book, the rest of the story somebody sent me a link to Fox News by the way, I appreciate all the links and all the emails all that is wonderful you be so much of information. Hundreds of you, you know, every week it's all filtered out and I get the half-dozen exposed read. I get all or most of it keeps sending this past week so he sent me this link. I found it fascinating discussion on the new ad campaign by the American humanist Association Christmas.did you hear about that. This is the Association of atheists and agnostics and humanist, which happens to be, by the way, the kind of people we talk about being blinded by the god of this world they happen to be people we want to reach. Not our enemy.

They are our mission field.

The people you work around liver around you, pray for sure the gospel just for you. This is for the assembly in here.

It just amazes me how they will mount this bring discredit to.

Certainly the name of God, but the ad simply says this to billboard the ceiling on the side of buses here just a few days. The ad simply says why believe in a God just be good for goodness sake house for Christmas cheer. Why believe in a God, and we know which God they're talking about because of the timing of this ad campaign. Why believe in that God just be good for goodness sake. In other words, you don't have to be good because there's some kind of accountability certainly we would want to hold that because he's actually informing kind of what good is what evil is just be good for goodness sake humanist Association is literally poured tens of thousands of dollars into this campaign. Not enough money to do all the city buses and all of her cities and so they have targeted the Washington DC transit system to be on Washington DC buses only in Washington. The Washington DC transit system agreed to carry the ads is really shocking to me that they agreed to do that.

I remember the believing church is singing the praises of God, who delivers both rewards and wrath, and if the world will have a problem with the suggestion that God has dictated what good and evil are you can imagine the unbelievers rage over the claim that Christ is going to rule their planet.

They will mount an army fire missiles and bullets and whatever else happens to be around at that point in time in the future to try and kill the son here in this paragraph were given a secret out Christ literally ran on the earth. The unbelieving world will rage against him and he will is owned and ushered into the kingdom only quickly mentioned another secret or two of verse 19 and the temple of God which is in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant appeared in his temple. And there were flashes of lightning and sounds and peels of thunder, and an earthquake and a great hailstorm now for the Judas was stunning news. They believe the ark of the covenant would be lost forever will hear you have the original infected is it is heaven's original. The images copied by Solomon and those with the arcs that appeared in in the temple system, but it hasn't been lost. The image of the ark in the temple of God is specifically dedicated to the nation Israel and God is sort of pulling back the curtain and showing them this amazing site. Here's the yard. This is the original. This is made by my hands.

This is a call again to the nation. This is the regathering of his covenant people and the keeping of his covenant promise to them, and once again to get back to the Jewish nature of the tribulation get back to the nature of Israel as an ethnic people being called. That's why it meant something to them. The ark, a reference to the worship of God to the system of the ark in the temple and we know the millennial kingdom will have a temple and that are will be a memorial to our Lord, the Lamb of God died to pay for our sins so just as the promises of Christ first coming were fulfilled. What we have here basically is a promise that goes back to the prophets to speak of a second coming in since I mentioned Christmas let me close by taking you to a text where you that promise is often missed and it happens to be the traditional reading of the Christmas story so you can leave revelations and go back to Luke's gospel quickly in chapter 1, Luke, chapter 1, let me point out something here.

This is Gabriel making the announcement to Mary and most of us know the first part.

Not many of us take time to consider the second part which is over studying now in the book of Revelation, we miss this, let me recommend you get out your pencil be prepared to circle something absolutely stunning. Now notice Gabriel's announcement to Marion in verse 31 effect was back up to verse was back at verse 30 and the angel said to her, do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the son of the most high, wonderful, great prophecy. It all came true in that. This put it just the right point.

No, there's no. There, what is that is not a trick question. Tell me what is that a 70: this is not deep hear your educated crowd under this is in over your head. That's us; is not the end.

So let's read on. And the Lord God will give him the throne of his father David and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and his kingdom will have no end. See in this text, you have the promise of his first coming as a baby rep to become a crucified Savior resurrected and ascended Lord and his second coming to do what well done matter will need to take that literally we take the first part literally the second largest summa theory all arranged somewhere on the it is as literal as his first coming, he will come just as he came literally will come again, and he will sit on David's throne will rule over the house of Jacob meeting the regathered athletic Israel nation Israelite nation, and kingdom including you and me will last forever and forever there both literally true now what you to go back and circle that; circle that; then draw a line out to the margin of your text. If you care to, and simply write 2000 years because that's how long the semicolon has lasted thus far I could preach a message on that; saying please don't okay I will however you get the point stories I finished what came prior to that; came true literally what file is that; will come true. Literally, we happen to be living in the period of the semicolon. Now 2000 years is that it would preach on us. Our God has revealed to us know what the rest of the story is the panoramic view this is this is the vault of heaven opened for us to care to see sinners are enraged and you show how tragic even though they have the book the nation is regathered. What is surprise sayings are rewarded what grace kingdom is come, Lord kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ shall reign forever and ever, that Stephen closes out this series through this section of Revelation. It's a series called the trumpets of seven archangels. This is wisdom for the heart.

If you missed any of the lessons in this series and would like to go back and listen to them again or if you want to review this series again. You'll find it on our website and in our smart phone app. Both of those platforms have the archive of Stephen's teaching ministry and you can listen to each lesson free of charge. The website is wisdom that's wisdom the wisdom for the heart app is available on either iTunes or the Google play stores you can install that app to your phone your tablet or even your smart TV. It's a great way to be able to access sound biblical teaching. Wherever you are. We have a little more time today and I want to share with you some letters that have come in recently Jenny from Maine said I'm at a loss for words to express my appreciation to the Lord for blessing you, which in turn blesses me an 85-year-old widowed pastor's wife of 56 years by his love and grace and Marianne from Delaware said we need more preachers like Dr. Davey, who will preach through the whole Bible and be faithful to its truths. Please keep preaching on the radio because the true preaching of the word is being lost in many churches right now will thank you Marianne. We share those letters from time to time to remind you that your support is bearing fruit in the lives of listeners all over this country and around the world.

Whether it's giving someone a book or CD series sharing a link on social media or even reviewing one of Stephen's books online. All of those help spread the truth of God's word.

More thankful. It's always a delight when we received correspondence from our listeners. Let us know how God using this ministry to bless and encourage you if you'd like to send a card or letter in the mail. Our mailing address is wisdom for the heart PO Box 37297, Raleigh, NC 27627 wisdom for the heart PO Box 37297, Raleigh, NC 27627. You can also email us at We'd also like to have you call us if you haven't received a copy of our new magazine heart to heart.

It's a resource for our wisdom partners and we'd be thrilled to send you the next three issues just for calling and asking our number is 86 648 Bible 86 648 Bible tomorrow. Stephen answers listeners questions sure and tune in at this same time.

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