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The Last Meal, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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January 17, 2022 12:00 am

The Last Meal, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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January 17, 2022 12:00 am

One of the saddest sights in the world is to see a once-great man or woman of faith decline into spiritual apathy and moral decay. But it serves as a stark warning to us that our legacy is not determined by how we start the race . . . but how we finish it.


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Joe, I bring up for you. He said bring up Samuel for me. When the woman saw Samuel, she cried out with a loud noise as only thing she scream, which is almost comical. She evidently wasn't expecting anything and by the way, Samuel is going to emerge before she started any incantation before he or she throws off Rob in the cattle or whatever you draw something on the sand in the middle of mounted chant took place here come Samuel because he has a different however it's also possible that the reason God seems distant from us is because of a problem in our own hearts. The sin we pursue creates a barrier between us and God. It's not that God has changed toward us, but when we pursue sin instead of God were excluding God from our life today on wisdom for the heart Stevens going to look at this principle from the life of King Saul as he does. It's an opportunity for all of us to examine our own hearts. This lesson is called the last if I were to ask you what was one of the most important factors that led to the downfall of a thousand year old Russian monarchy.

The murders of Czar Nicholas the second and his family and the rise of a man named Lenin and Russian communism, you'd probably be thinking right now in your mind what I forget. In the 10th grade is okay. Let me remind you, if I were to ask you of one significant factor, probably more than any you would probably not include in your answer.

The mention of a man named Gregory if Emma Mitch and practice pronouncing that if he dies before this morning while Gregory was still in his teens, he gained a reputation for two things you claim to be able to tell the future and he said a few things that seem to come true and so gained some notoriety because of that in the second thing was he was very moral at the local villagers gave him a nickname that means debauchery. The name Rasputin that ringing a bell now when he was 22. He made a spiritual pilgrimage to Mount Athos in Greece and there he came under the influences of a heretical religious sect. They believed that sinning wasn't necessary for salvation. Convenient and then the more you send the more secure you were in so they just kinda lit it up and send as much as they could.

Two years later Rasputin reappears in his Russian village, only this time he appears as a religious man is wearing black robes and a collar or cloth of a holy man.

He now has incantations. He has formulas.

He has the use of hypnosis. He climbs the hill, the sick, and it seems that he does with a few Eddie continued his immoral lifestyle to eventually wandered into the city of St. Petersburg, where at this particular time, society was just all aflutter with mysticism and the occult, the elite sections of society. You know were going to sances send it was all just a raid and he of course gain some reputation among them is a priest who could connect with the spirit world and even bring healing to sell the Imperial family of Czar Nicholas the second heard of him and invited him into their home to try and help treat their son, who suffered from hemophilia through hypnosis. It seemed that he was able to alleviate some of the suffering of their son. Because of that, he was welcomed with open arms into the family without much question. He became a close and trusted friend, Alexandra, the wife of the Czar became to revere him as a holy man sent by God to help save their son. Even after Alexandra was confronted with Rasputin's immoral and financial scandals in an out-of-court. She refused to act on it.

She defended Rasputin as a holy man with power from God. When World War I broke out Czar Nicholas took personal command of the Army, leaving Alexandra and Rasputin behind with even greater power wasn't long before key leaders were exiled institutions disrupted the economy and public morale reached the bottom strikes. Rioting erupted in the capital city.

Rumors began circulating of a relationship between Alexandra and Rasputin, a group of cabinet members decided enough was enough and they conspired to kill Rasputin.

One night they invited them to stay dinner but they poisoned his wine when they realize you know what was a funny try to run an escape. He was shot caught bound and thrown into the river where he died. The damage to the Russian monarchy was a repairable weekend.

Friends of Rasputin were still in power. The Czar had lost all credibility along with his Queen Alexandra and the time was right for revolution just three months after Rasputin's murder. Czar Nicholas and his family were brutally murdered by the Russian rebels called Bolsheviks and their leader Lenin's rise to power would throw the nation into three years of civil war, and even then the Russian people never got his promise and they struggle to this day. One historian wrote. If there had been no Rasputin there would never have been a Lenin or Stalin, and there never would have been the propagation of atheistic communism throughout the empire of the Soviet Union.

For now, nearly 100 year contributing factor behind it all is a demonically empowered man with evil ambition.

Now I know I'd be preaching to the choir to tell you that Satan is a mastermind.

He is determined to influence and deceive and destroy and divide so often it requires one individual in history at the right place at the right time. But with the wrong theology connected to the wrong world and the wayward heart and even a nation can be led astray.

Some of Israel's darkest days are about to begin. Were going to see the collapse of tribal territories defeat in war.

A nation ruined and then civil war breaking out with brother against brother, and behind it all is a king whose final days are marked by a desperate attempt to connect to the occult world.

If King Saul's record was.

Not only already deeply tarnished what he will do in the last 48 hours of his life will feel his doom. So what it's going turn to first Samuel. Saul is going to add injury to insult is going to seek counsel from a witch we would call her a medium. A woman supposedly able to contact the dead. Saul is only going to further rebel against God. In this effort, as he turns to spiritism since all life and death are intricately woven into the rise of King David. I want us to pause on another passage I've never preached from and it's going to be dark it's going to be a bit gloomy and discouraging and you're glad you came today, aren't you going to turn the corner at the very end. About the time I ran out of time. Okay what I want to do is learn some final lessons from his biography because it sets the scene. David coronation break down the last few hours of Saul's life in the three points of reference. First, the tragedy of an unrepentant life in order to pick up the study in chronological order. We need to go back to first Samuel chapter 28. You may remember that the opening verses which we read in our last study open the narrative to tell us the Philistines are gathering their forces for war against Israel.

What is happened. You need to understand is that Saul's murderous passion and preoccupation with David has effectively neglected the growing threat of the felicity nation. He's been so intent on killing David that his own kingdom, and the safety of his own nation is sort of fallen off his radar. The Philistines have been sharpening their swords. By the way, and and Saul hasn't noticed, but the Philistines have noticed him. They watch to become vulnerable. The time is right for revolution for war now is chapter 28 opens. If you were with us in our last study is at this point the David is invited to go along with the Philistines and King Akers. Remember, he's been deceiving that King telling him that you know he's defected and he's no longer an Israelite carrying out his raids and gets away with it until the Kings. As you know, you go with me to fight against Israel stock and we studied what happened through the course of chapter 29 where the other King see David arrived with his mighty men, and they won't have any of it and they send him packing back to Zach lag and invert a chapter 30 told us how when they arrived back home, their wives and children had been adopted. While all of that is taking place in David's life. Here's what's happening next in Saul's life. So go back to chapter 28 and verse four. The Philistines assembled and came and encamped at Shuna and Saul gathered all Israel, and they encamped at Gilboa when Saul saw the Army of the Philistines. He was afraid, and his heart trembled greatly.

He inquired of the Lord, the Lord didn't answer.

If you go back and just look at verse three. Notice the last phrase and Saul had put the mediums in the necromancers out of the land given to us that shape the irony of what were about to read. According to the demand of God and Samuel. If Saul did anything right. It was this one thing he rid the land of the occult fortunetellers chandlers of spirit being palm readers, astrologers, the horoscope, which by the way, was as popular then as it is now, and those called necromancers that is those who contacted the dead. All of that was forbidden and by the way, it wasn't forbidden because it was all hocus-pocus. It was forbidden because it it was spiritually dangerous and destructive, and it distracted the people of Israel I could distract people today away from the word of God. So verse three is kinda given to us as a backup to the irony of this scene about to open it tells us that Saul was trembling in verse five that means literally to quake.

It was used amounts signing quaking shaking as God descended to deliver the law of Moses. Saul was literally shaking with fear as he sees the Philistines gathering for six and when Saul inquired of the Lord, the Lord did not answer him either. My dreams, or by agreement or by prophets suffer a moment that worrying was among precious objects used by the high priest. Some believe they were stones carried in the even over his shoulder. We do know that these stones delivered yes and no answers from God. Saul obviously has some problems. Here he needs an answer yes or no, you think of the problems he's encountering. First of all he's lost his brilliant, commanding officer, who never lost a battle, David. He's also lost contact with God just read through God's prescribed method he's unprepared for this battling Nava battle plan so before he decides to rush down the little mount Gilboa into the jaws of the Philistine army. He he wants to know he's gonna win or not, is it yes or no in the heavens are silent.

Some of the saddest verses in his biography, or anyone for that matter, is this comment by Saul in verse 15. If you look down there. He remarks the God is turned away from me and answers me no more God is turned away from me.

He's complaining against God, it's tragic but what's tragic is that he's blaming God is in God as somehow for no reason, turned away from me. Will David himself will provide the answer why not only for Saul but for everyone who walks with God. He writes from his own experience and in that song we labeled Psalm 66 and verse 18 if I regard if I cherish iniquity in my heart.

God will not hear me now David is saying that God doesn't literally hear you when you refuse to repent of some sin because we know from Scripture that God is on my present and initiate. And he hears everything in fact he knows what you're going to say before you say it. Whether you're walking with them or not. What David means here is that God will not respond to a request of him that you deliver from an unrepentant heart that is cherishing CM you know you should so here's Saul complaining God as well. Listen to me anymore.

You won't tell me anything in he thing out.

Why would you expect them to. When you refuse to repent tragedy here is that Saul was chosen to be wayward, rather than worship and I got in. You just can't have it both ways.

You can have it both ways is like a child wanting to commute or a fellowship with mom or dad and at the same time rebelling writers like you when you were a child, your parents told me you were against them and still wanted communion with him right.

How many of us are guilty of that you would raise your hand until I did.

You chickens okay. You just can't have jobs without all the funny story in his commentary here of what happened him years ago when he visited the hospital in evening woman in the church was critical condition.

He came to visit the pastor in Fullerton, California. She's walking through the parking lot he spotted the husband of the woman that he come to visit.

They both attended the church. He pastored the man was standing off to the side of the front entrance of the hospital. Smoking the man caught sight of this window. Walking toward him at some distance away. He evidently didn't want his pastor to see smoking so he stuck his hand with a lit cigarette into his front pants pocket. Swindoll commented I just decided to go over and carry on a conversation with a long conversation. He said the man turned all shades of red fidgeted smoke was literally coming out of his pocket. Finally he just laughed and he said look wanted to just go ahead and finish it. The man actually looked at him and said, finish what he hurried off in a cloud of smoke became lovely. After one of the earlier services as it may be that the origin of the phrase liar liar pants on fire could be. Listen we don't go to God for advice or communion or worship while at the same time attempting to hide something from him that he might not be pleased with is if he can't see it. Saul was complaining God doesn't answer me anymore, but he's got stuff to do is Royal Roads heart that is smoldering with disobedience. He does note that it is right, he can hear the war chant of the Philistine and he cannot hear the voice of God. This is the tragedy of Saul's unrepentant life. Secondly, let me point out the reality of an unseen world that is for seven then Saul said to his servants, seek out for me. A woman who is a medium that I may go to her and inquire of her and his servants said to him, behold, there is a medium at indoor and interesting. He asks for a woman. Most scholars believe he knew she existed. He knew that she had escaped the purge. He just doesn't know where she's living at the moment, his servants do in fact, one author said she's related. Some believe to the royal family. There are connections the Bible in the Hebrew text literally refers to her as a mistress of neck program. In other words, she consulted the dead in order to determine the future. Saul has categorically refused God's prophets and God's word is disobedience is blocked God's prescribed methods of gaining insight and wisdom, and we been told this is sufficient for life right he is rejected before the completion of Scripture the prescription of God through his prophets and priests.

Because of that he says you know what I know there's a woman is a medium she can contact the dead try to get an appointment with Samuel and hear from him.

Notice what happens next. Verse eight. So Saul disguised himself and put on other garments and went he and two men with him and they came to the woman by night and he said divine for me by a spirit bring up for me whomever I shall name to you and the woman said, him will surely you know what Saul is done now. He is cut off the mediums and the necromancers from the landline and you laying a trap for my life to bring about my death but Saul swore to her by the Lord as the Lord lives, no basement shall come upon you for this thing. By the way, don't miss the irony that he's swearing by the name of the Lord is at that moment disobeying this is how rockhard is hard. Verse 11 woman symbol whom shall I bring up for you. He said bring up Samuel for me. When the woman saw Samuel, she cried out with a loud voice is a long way thing she scream, which is almost comical. She evidently wasn't expecting anything and by the way, Samuel is going to emerge before she started any incantation before he or she throws off Rob in the cattle or whatever before she draw something on the sand and think it's in the middle of it against the mounted chant. None of that took place here come Samuel by the way, God can do this he has done this with Moses and Elijah brought them to the Mount of Transfiguration to bolster the faith of Peter, James and John and I will tell you the path for just a few moments because there's a lot of ink spilled on whether or not this was really Samuel what's really happening here is the devil doing something. Is this a demon.

Is this an apparition. Is this some missed which is really Samuel that God allows to come back to pronounce his final judgment reaffirmation of the judgment, I would throw my hat into the ring with those who say it's literally Samuel and are five reasons why same festering right so I went to the right and just listen.

First, because the woman saw him and described him nephew and in verse 14. She's polytheistic, she's superstitious and she describes God coming up from out of the earth, and then she described him as an old man as he gets a little closer wrapped in a row so she is describing a man. Secondly, Saul recognizes him not just the description. He evidently implied season because the bowels before him. Thirdly, because the biblical text literally refers to this thing as Samuel three times and Samuel said, and Samuel said, fourthly, the message that Samuel delivers is a mirror message of what he already delivered to Sawyers earlier. He said to Saul, God is taken away the kingdom from you and is going to give it your neighbor what he does here in this text of the ads name to the neighbor, David, one more reason and these are in ascending order of importance that this had to be God's divinely inspired prophet, and here it is because Samuel knew the future the dead do not know the future any more than the living beyond what God has already provided what about the believer.

While you have the believing martyrs who are martyred in the coming tribulation and there at the throne of God and saying how long will Lord before you vindicate our blood. They know is vindicated, because they read Revelation, but they've been told when and so they're asking so believers don't know the timing of God's events. The dead don't know the future anymore than we do however keep in mind the deception of the underworld.

While they do not know the future by means of their communication system. They know what's happening a thousand miles away right now communicated to somebody a thousand miles distant from them. They can read your email.

They can read the email. Somebody is writing to which you will get because it is the spam and to get back in your name. They can read the letter that's been mailed to you before you get it. They know what it said. They know the name of they know the nickname of your great-grandfather.

They know your dear departed pants, favorite toy. I mean that the devil is deceitful in his kingdom has communication methods we know nothing so we don't trivialize, we will focus on them and we definitely don't solicit information from them because they could deceive us with legitimate information think they have been able to communicate what they do see people today are led to believe in some strange spirit world, distracted and deceived taken away from God's revealed, thanks for joining us today here on wisdom.

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