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A Model for Married Women, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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May 6, 2021 12:00 am

A Model for Married Women, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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May 6, 2021 12:00 am

The secular model for womanhood and motherhood is drastically different from the biblical model but, sadly, the lines are becoming blurred in our 21st century American churches. Stephen takes us back to the Book of Titus to clear up the confusion.

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Train the sins of the young women to love their husbands, and the love their children, the word for love here is a compound word which means to have affection is the love of a friend is an emotional affection and commitment.

I was surprised that this would be the word you how can you command affection. How can you command emotion. What Paul is implying here is that can mean more, especially the marriage relationship. People fall in love, get married when the feeling of love starts to fade and the relationship God's word has a different perspective.

God tells married people to learn to love each other so how does that work. How can we do that today on wisdom for the heart. Stephen Davey takes us back to Titus two were going to explore God's advice for married women, so stay with us. What Paul is going to do in these next few phrases is going to provide the curriculum for mentoring young wives and mothers to give effectively seven attributes or six will pair them together and back for the sake of outline of a pencil or something you can circle what Paul for the most part delivers in the form of pairs. The first pair has to do with relationships within the family. There love their husbands and their children. The second pair in verse five has to do with their reputation in the world.

First, the relationships in the family.

Secondly, the reputation in the world are to be sensible and pure in the third pair refers to the role in the home.

Workers at home and kind. The final phrase in verse five basically provides this mind set and an ultimate motivation to get it all that today after the shock she will bring it to just maybe, the first two pairs of attributes right now. The first of the model for the wife's relationship in the family. He writes in verse four, so that today that is the older woman may encourage literally train the senses of the young women to love their husbands, and the love their children, the word for love here is a compound word first part for loss fully flow which means to have affection. It is the love of befriending it is is an emotional affection and commitment to another. It's the only time this particular compound word appears in the New Testament and I was surprised to find I was surprised that this would be the word used it means to be a friend that this kind of sound… To show affection. How can you command affection. How can you command emotion what Paul that is implying here is that the mouth can be learned. The command of Paul for Titus is for women act in such a way that they trained themselves in obedience and ultimately reach rains there feeling money, paraphrase the verse, Paul writes younger wives and mothers allow yourselves to be trained to love by acting toward your husband and children with the affection of love.

Now I can tell you this. This is especially profound and and all the more difficult its difficult effects and possible purpose for God to do it. We just said posted but especially for them and and those in the Jewish community and for first culture. You see what I see in their traditions of marriage and parenting would make this command to an American military. That's what we in America we learned as kids out of the salty to never this little rhyme. Stay with me if you know Johnny and Susan sit in a tree KISS ING first comes love, then comes marriage then comes the baby in a baby. This is deep I know but you remember that Dr. did you notice that first comes love, then comes, not for them first came marriage because it had been arranged and they met each other maybe 12 months before the wedding. Then after marriage came love. Maybe that's why he says this here wives learn to be a friend to your husband.

I mean, you really don't know. Learn to be his friend learn the affection. The friendship fully marriages were arranged the troubles set by Doug met several couples from other nations and and they still do it. To this day around the world affected the predominant culture is the arrangement of marriage but so much in Western world. I met one couple from Africa not too long you were introduced to each other the day before their wedding. I met a couple. In fact, one of the deacons and his wife originally from India met each other before their marriage they decelerated. I think their ninth or 10th anniversary.

First comes marriage then learning how love each other that was on to that another cultural challenge for these women bearing children in the first century was quote duty to provide the air for the estate. In other words, children were considered the duty of a wife to bear and raise on our own whether she wanted to or not. With little help. By the way, from the husband she could easily resent him and transfer it to them. So, be a friend and affectionate toward your children.

Please wives. These mothers are getting saved by faith in Christ there introduced a new family called the church is the fallacy of the redeemed sinners. They hear about new relationships and new priorities.

The Christian home is something totally new way of thinking. And Paul is not sending out as if accepted Christ. Here's how you can get all of that now he's saying here's how you go back into all of that, here's how you act as you return to that.

Here's a new way of thinking they would have to be trained to think entirely differently and I get a 30 minute women as you already know, young wives and mothers, young women have to be trained entirely differently in this generation as well. Fact that I saw this news report ABC news carried the story of a law firm that created a billboard in the Chicago area, recruiting for the attorneys firm of wealthy Gold Coast clientele them and in and on either side of the words in the middle was a scantily clad man and woman in the billboard read the quote life's short – get a divorce when a week city required that they pull it down. Take the ad off. They cited technical problems and the people actually complained, I guess. But the legal firm defended. This is what struck me.

Here's the quote we find the advertisement refreshingly honest and insightful. It's true, people are unhappy and there are plenty of options out there, get a divorce and get on with your life." Listen to the primary purpose of marriage is the fulfillment of self gratification, then that does make perfect sense and it can be praised and was really perceptive coming of marriage and motherhood is slowing down your party. Dump it. See Paul is cutting across the cultural mindset. This is a new set of priorities and it is just indoor it is to be affectionate is a new set of of priorities, commands, privileges, and even though these young women were Christians and Peter will talk about the fact that many of them were married to men who did not receive Christ, which made it even more difficult. Their coming into the church. I think you're getting a realistic picture of Christianity. Christianity is not some miracle drug intake and everything is resolved in marriage and motherhood and relationship we've been handling that for 50 years.

The church is been telling people come to Jesus. He's gonna fix everything in your life and so they try Jesus and things get worse and so they dump him in the church, never having generally come to faith for the right reason and the right person and with the right understanding of the gospel so they can come in and the need understanding that even though your Christian marriage is still the union of two fallen sinners and any children born to you or adopted by you. You soon discover they are also fallen sinners and Paul says to them, train these young mothers to love present tense every day decision dedication daily challenge and how tough can that day hi, I don't preach to the choir, but mothers have the toughest shall honor him in the world right when he toughest shall the phrase a working mother is redundant came up with. You are underpaid, undervalued, overworked, often simply taken for granted. Right. Although instead you make some point surfacing the for your wife.

Okay, when your children are not feeling well or their Herder and are sick and I gotta throw up. Then a go to dad. They got a mom and all the men said a man mothers will be much of a break like a red just this past week about a mom wasn't feeling well.

Her 15-year-old son came home from school founder upstairs lying on the bed. He was suddenly seized with genuine concern. He said mom. Are you sick or something. His mother responded somewhat weekly. As a matter fact I'm not feeling too well.

All I'm sorry about that mom stood there looking at her for a long time, long pause. They said look mom. Don't worry at all about dinner. I'm pretty big now and I'm strong and I'll be able to carry you downstairs to the stove for mom for mom. Here's the reality. Paul elaborates on how the husband is alive.

The wife is to do that. Ephesians. Rounded up by telling the wife and a lover, husband and children, and the reality is this. This is a call to these young mothers and wives. It's nothing less than a call to Vanden self everything they learn everything the flesh says self-promotion, self-actualization, self-centeredness, self-love you take that and you said that aside for self sacrifice. One commentator summarize this first pair of commands by saying this mature godly love, then, is not an emotion that wells up. It is a discipline that is worked up and down older women. First of all, train young wives and mothers as a release of the relationships in the family. Second of all, this is all will get to today provide a model for them as relates to the reputation in the world so is talk about that.

The model for the wife's reputation in their world. The second pair appear in verse five, these younger mothers and wives are to cultivate. It is there to be trained to be send us a ball and pure enemy say this, by the way, in case you're thinking.

The sermon is for all the young mothers and wives of been given way out.

Just as the qualifications of an elder in Titus chapter 1 were specifically for elders, those who would shepherd the church.

They become an excellent standard for any man wanting to pursue a godly lifestyle.

In fact, in any church. A very few number of men will serve as elders in our church is about 16, 17 men and several thousand 10 in any church, they become qualifications or should say attributes of godly living for anyone. So these attributes here you're seeing for older women younger women, many of them can become wonderful attributes for those even if if you are not married or you do not have children.

If you are woman of any standing in the church and I think it is implications of the supermen as well. The first word in fact translated here.

Sensible is the same word Titus used for older men. He told older men earlier in verse two to be sensible now. He tells younger women to be sensible he's gonna later tell younger men to be sensible and later on is you tell all of the church to be sensible.

This is the one attribute that everybody supposed to be this this afternoon. I want a Dell is just touch on it is has to do with balanced thinking that avoids access it refers to thinking biblically again and then acting on it is is impulses like the biggest battle we will ever have is between the years battle of the mind. Paul also adds the word pure teach, bring them to their senses as relates to purity. The word pure translates the idea fact, the old English word chased the lost word for a vocabulary is wonderful word chased modest. The word originally referred to ritual cleanliness, but over time it shifted into having sexual overtones.

She is effectively being commanded here not to live for her body, not to attract attention to her body to be discreet, you could translate to be modest is a word we understand would be a good translation which by the way, then, and you remember you speaking to married women. He's easy.

He's basically saying that marriage does not exempt women from either being attracted to other men or attracting other men to themselves.

A wedding ring is not a free pass as well as all their problem out there there looking at me. She part of a godly woman's curriculum is being taught that the she not only part of a nuclear family, but a larger family, and it is to her glory to be chased and modest and discrete to literally develop a reputation for being pure inside and outside. Paul knew that these young women would not of had a clue having come in from their culture in Crete, where the flaunting of sexual expression and freedom on the island. Prostitution was legal in the first century and everything else was to they would come into the church and they would need instruction on how to live in an acting and even had a look in many of these younger women would not have had believing mothers who modeled for them. Modesty and in a chased demeanor, so we would be brand-new.

And Paul is not telling Titus, go tell them he's telling Titus to tell the older women to tell them it would be inappropriate for any man to go tell a woman she's not dressed modestly event that one would probably say why are you looking this is what Paul challenges in general as I can do as a pastor teacher from this platform. He challenges all of the women in first Timothy chapter 2, I want all of the women to adorn themselves with proper clothing modestly and discreetly now older women come along as a here's what that means.

Here's how you apply that.

Let me at least do this today. Let me make an appeal to you, my sisters in Christ. On behalf of my brothers and myself.

Let me make an appeal. Do you think you would be surprised. I know you'd be surprised if you knew how many men in the church have lamented to me that the last I only recently, and then another guy on the platform today saying if only our sisters in Christ knew how difficult it was at times to come in here and try to focus our thoughts on God while at the same time, ending up battling our flesh over the way someone showed up looking like they did so.

The entire service was for me a tug-of-war of my attention and I left church more defeated than when I came in any appeal to you my sisters this place of all places. Go the extra mile to be discreet chased modest and men do the same in your own way and we treat them your sisters in Christ, we just had this to the making so many friends fathers husband let me appeal to you as well to do, your brothers and your sisters a great service to offer to your wives and to your daughters, your opinion, your advice is on the can by two daughters. I can say how many times I've gone with them and they asked me to buy their clothing I want is 24. Who wants my opinion that's that that you can do that in a family. Let me appeal.

Do you take your blinders off wake up to the way your daughters are dressing wake up to the way your wives are dressing, especially when you're heading out the door to public worship service provided little insight is save them home with that. So, you look absolutely stunning in that, but if you go to church like that. The brothers arrived. You have a hard time singing, holy, holy, holy, of all places.

This ought to be the place where we encourage each other to focus upward. See, this is a new message on the island of Crete and its new message, and any church for women on this island for women to every generation getting attention is the name of the game in your your your your trained in that, ladies and at a very young age by her world and by our fallen flesh. Paul is basically saying if you want to get attention for the right reason. If you want to make a mark for Christ. If you want to be known for the right thing. Make sure it has to do with not so much with how you look, but with how you live, how I want to say this to were were running in time, but I island at his Paul implies in this curriculum a wonderful freeing implication for younger mothers and wives were saved by Christ and younger women over women as well. Coming to the church CD came into the church with a past history and was anything but pure.

They're coming in here fighting their own battles and many of them, maybe many of you are wondering just how deeply does the blood of Christ cleanse me from sin. Paul tells the older women in this implication here in the command teach younger women to be. What this means. Paul is effectively saying these younger women you may not have had a reputation for being pure, but you can now you can now the word purity may never have been associated with your past life, but it can be now you can be known for being pure no matter what your past so here's this person's new principle of holy living.

Here's a pattern provided by over women. Here's the power provided by obedience and submission to the holy spirit. Here's the amazing news to these young women they may never have with the pure life but now they can start living for Christ's older women and younger women.

Here's a portion of your curriculum.

You came into the church. Knowing a lot about fashion, you're here now, you learn a lot about conviction you came into the church, having lived for yourself. To be given instruction on how to live for everyone, but yourself you came into the church living for the approval and pleasure of man to be retrained so that you begin to have a deeper and deeper longing to live for the approval and pleasure of God. To learn a purity should affect everything about you inside and outside. We challenge to be sensible to govern your actions not by emotions but convictions begin learning how to serve your children and your husband with the affections of self sacrificing love older women invite the younger women, wives and mothers to watch and learn. This is the life God intended for you. You teach and train. He returned them to their senses. Remember the young man. He took his dad's inheritance anyway and he and he lived in a moral life. He spent his inerrant skin at the end of himself ends up in a pigpen for Jewish young man. I was even more horrible eating there hospice caring for them ceremonially unclean MTR and at that moment he came to his wife senses bring them to their senses. This is this is what they intuitively knows rides.

This is the kind of commitment. These are the kind of priorities and lifestyle that ultimately allows a woman and a man to lean upon the strength of the Holy Spirit in the live for the glory of God.

This this is how to love this is how to live. Thanks for joining us today here on wisdom for the heart. This is the Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey. Today's message is entitled a model for married women. It comes from a series out of Titus two called family talk you can listen to this message again. If you visit our website which is wisdom

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