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Uncommon Common Sense

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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April 13, 2021 12:00 am

Uncommon Common Sense

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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April 13, 2021 12:00 am

It makes common sense to the honest person that they need a God. The problem is, most people don't want the God of the Bible. To them, and to us, God says "Stop wandering around in the darkness of your own speculations. “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

God offers you light and wisdom for life today. So, which way are you leaning? Who are you following? What direction are you taking? Not just for this life, but as you journey through life toward that eternal life to


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So as you master holding that direction is the heart that perspective you have about God that you have about life perspective you have about his perspective resides in your heart right you in your decisions are for the last everything I only follows the heart just for this life.

Many people conclude that they need a God.

The problem is they don't want the God of the Bible to them and to us. God says stop wandering around in your own speculations.

I am the light of the world.

Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life God offers us his wisdom and Stephen Devi will explore that with you in this message. He's calling uncommon common sense on the morning of February 22, 1911 and inventor by the name of the client and the Eiffel Tower to test a new parachute he developed for pilots.

He checked the wind speed took a nervous breath and began to test his parish.

She worked perfectly. Sale safely to the ground or voted to jump himself in attached 160 pounds test donated heresy to another inventor in the race to perfect the parachute. This was an active cowardice manned by the name of Rachelle was an Austrian Taylor who denounced the use of dummy and one year later he arrived at the Eiffel tower to prove his point and approve his parish was superior for both their whole Rachelle decided to try to talk about in a heated argument took place. Come to find out he had already tested this parachute using dummy data crash extract on self testing at 30 feet into a hayloft crash you tried without a 20 feet in broke his leg when he grabbed but he wasn't about to listen to reason.

Any press gone reporters covering the event of record when he jumped from the Eiffel Tower. He fell for nearly 5 seconds, accelerating constantly until he hit the ground at 60 miles an hour dying instant and fall. When I read. I believe he became a dramatic example of so many tragedies, stubbornness, willful, refusing to have sense to listen instead of talk, but he also became an example of someone lacking what we would call today just plain old common sense. He did not get education. He had a good heated jobbing on the company did not encourage it like determination needed Microsystems. He lacked common sense to apply what he learned in the past to something he was going to do in the future you will given protective common centers which we are prone to say these days. It is so common anymore uncommon common sense. Solomon is essentially described on several occasions in his writings. This kind of individual, stubborn, nave, willfully ignorant people use the word fool following foolishness more than 100 times in his writings. We call wisdom literature. In chapter 10 of Ecclesiastes, where we find ourselves today these words. Nine different times.

He's going to open the envelope in chapter 10, together with giving us by giving us three illustrations following. Here's the first one. Notice verse one dead flies make the perfumers appointment give office so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor to translate the word honor and honorable reputation. It might be helpful in perfumers is well known then as it is now highly valued in the ancient world. Perfume making was a highly skilled sciences Daniels generation Babylon, the Magi, the wise men were in charge of guarding their most precious formulas in the days that asked her merchants scour the attempting to find the latest fragrance compilation cologne and perfume. But of course the most expensive perfume could instantly become worthless and it happened enough times it Solomon and see himself and uses it now is an illustration fly is our insects get into the formula. Once the bottle is sealed at the top and ruins everything. Think about you went to that drive through across the street you get that incredibly overpriced cup of coffee and you open the lid and you can assert that Caramello drizzle your white chocolate mocha. Okay, I've spent that money to and you open it and there floating on top of the dead fly you back to ask the employee to get a spoon to scoop that dry off so I could enjoy this couple coffee. No, it's all corrupted. It's all contaminated the entire coffee is written so is making a connection that we might not necessarily want to may common sense tells us it's it's true.

Just as dead flies can really expensive perfume so just a little folly just a little foolishness can cast a shadow over lies good reputation in principle for me might summarize it say that small sins will eventually dirty good reputation just a little. Why just a little just a little padding on the expense account was the little exaggerating on the resume. We've seen what a little folly in our lives and reputations of church leaders in our generation. Certainly, world leaders suddenly folly is brought to life in Enron's the reputation of its aroma of integrity and honesty.

Joy contaminates the whole thing. I visited people in prison over the years we received nearly every week. Letters from inmates who tell their story of how it all began, and it always began with that one little step in 1859, Charles Spurgeon, whom I enjoy reading famous pastor in London he preached a sermon entitled little sin, and he said this, the wisest among us have always been afraid of little sin to remind me of Paula saying he feared after having preached being disqualified, the wisest believer. He says is always been afraid of little little sin we we recognize it is on the site that have is slumbering in the smallest sin. There is a world when he hidden in a single act thought or imagination sin and we should avoid it with horror because little sins lead to great sin is so stand far away a great reminder. Solomon says it this way.

Little sins can dirty or even destroy a good reputation he gives us a second illustration of following rights. Notice in verse two. A wise man's heart inclines into the right, but a fool's part to the left and principal form might summarize this by saying heartfelt perspectives will eventually dominate a person's direction.

A wise man's heart inclines them to the right, but a fool's hardware to the last known, Solomon writes wise people who the rightful mobility exhibits making a political statement will be can help but smile. There is the categorical truth if it is interesting to me that 3000 years later was still borrowing God's vocabulary for a worldview categorical bed so prison making some kind of statement, although it can be applied. He didn't try to offend all of us left-handers in the audience as well is referring to generations of of custom and this is in fact the vocabulary of God. This is his were going all the patriarchs in Genesis 48. They are always blessing conveyed in a covenant blessing with the right represents blessing it was associated in the Scriptures with divine protection. You're always though God is holding you by your right hand. You are in his right hand.

Psalm 17 refers to God's authority. God's person, God's power, which is why we are told that Jesus is city where the right hand of the father.

He represents the authority and the power of the father. Colossians 3 verse one to this day. Borrowing from this vocabulary. We raise our right to make it out of the clerk will tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the we we are borrowing from from this vocabulary. When we shake the right hand of someone with whom warmaking a word about contract company keep this is why we did this day shake someone else's hand in greeting. It is always the right hand release. We do that, I can't wait to get back. Solomon is saying here that the master control room that dominates our direction is the heart that hidden perspective. Nobody in here knows you and God.

That perspective you have about God that perspective you have about life that perspective you have about his word that hidden perspective resides in your heart and he writes the inclines you eat Orleans you dominates you in your decisions to warrant a ride or the lack everything in life, only follows the heart. The control room. It's wife Solomon will write in Proverbs director hired for the issues of life. Would Solomon writes here is the truth that if your hidden parts of the speed as a particular view viewpoint. Italy needed a ride. We know God inclines you toward his authority is power his word it Orleans you then toward God. If it Orleans you to the lab, then it is leaning you away from God's authority.

God's power. God's word.

You might not like Solomon's description here in verse two, but is clearly announcing that if you're leaning toward the right. Us. He writes that if you're leaning toward the last.

You're a fool. Not just repeating what the Bible says you can think of your argument with God. But Melissa got really that much of our and you don't argue with God. God wants us to evaluate our heart why my leaning one way or another. What does that say about my view of God's word is that say about my view of God question we need to ask ourselves in this way we leaning common sense would say you really only Lord God really got only Lord God's word and his glory folly would say don't don't don't ruin the party. Don't don't lock yourself in God. Probably, we think were pretty sure doesn't exist. Common sense tells us that small sin could dirty an entire reputation that hidden perspective is going to show up and dominate the direction of my life.

Now there's 1/3 of restoration verse three.

Notice there even when a fool walks on the road. He lacks sentence common sense and he says to everyone that he is a fool. Solomon is essentially telling us a little foolish person lacks common sense and not arrive.This is what is not say anything is walking so were but all you have to do without ever hearing them say words watching and by observing his conduct is reveal whether he thinks he's not foolish or not it's going to show his foolishness is more aware than he would ever think we could put this text into principal forms. This is when fools will eventually be distinguished by their actions you can find it telling what other comments that this person is unaware how transparent his foolishness is he more than likely think these wines even though he is a fool not remember if you're new to this study, and a fool in the Bible is not a derogatory term necessarily. It's a descriptive term to describe someone he was denied the authority of God deny the creator God denied the word of God in rebellion against the truth of God. This is described more fully in Romans chapter 1, Paul talks those who deny that God created that is in there.

I can't get over that first sentence in the Bible. I stumble there and stumble the rest of the way through. Instead of thanking God that he is creator. He says in Romans one, a refusal not they suppress the truth about and they wander around all right in their speculations about origins. They wander around in the digression of their moral standards.

Romans one delivers to us, and God makes this announcement in Romans chapter 1 verse 24, although all right they knew about God, they did not honor as God or give thanks to but they became futile in their thinking and their foolish hearts when dark they turned out a lot foolish hearts were darkened. But notice claiming to be wise, they became fools. Some of the brightest, most talented, most popular, most educated people on the planet live out the truth of this warning.

They wander from speculation to speculation that if you would just stop and think about it you would have to say that doesn't even make common sense the wisdom of this world has consistently failed to answer the most basic and yet most important questions of human existence where we come from, why we is there anywhere we go because my common sense tells me this is all there is there something out there and there has to be meeting for life.

So maybe what we need to do is just try little harder and maybe look out into the universe a little farther because perhaps we haven't gone far enough in searching the universe parameter. Never mind the word of God. Never mind the evidence of history. Nevermind that opening line in the beginning God created the heavens and specifically the earth ever noticed whenever the author Scripture talks about God creating the universe which includes early always and focuses on God created the universe and the Isaiah clears in chapter 45 in verse 10 where it says that God created the universe as wastes that is as uninhabitable space by Isaiah says he created the earth to be inhabited that universe out there declare that I can promise you that as far as you conceal still not reached the end of it. It declares to us between these two great despair. It tells is outdated. God is the Bible provides the answer nevermind nevermind fulfilled prophecy nevermind an empty tomb. Nevermind someone who came back to life. What were talking about that we ought to do something religious though why because common sense tells me that I'm a religious creature so religion steps in and adds to the confusion it adds to the speculation it can't cleanse the guilt I feel over sin, it can give me confidence beyond the grave that that handle that ritual that can provide a Savior beyond myself, if anything, tells me I like the religions that do that on for the most part, okay, but out of try harder so mankind intuitively with common sense creation given to them now is that the problems were all troubled by the flies in our character were were troubled by a sinful heart that wants to dominate the direction in the wrong direction who were troubled by the foolishness that we says in the world around us were were troubled and so will claim to some kind of religious system, but remove the sufficient atonement of Christ as Savior deal with our sin is to provide redemption, but Italy's mechanical. At least I tried to be better.

She makes this common sense to the honest person that we need God. So mankind is into worshiping something so we, like the Bible, so let's use the Bible just enough sound religious detergent Northern California. I read about recently, it has portraits of famous people hanging in a very ornate beautiful lobby. There's a portrait of Socrates is even one of Eleanor Roosevelt.

There is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi even wanted Jesus as the painter imagined the body assemble portraits is a statement from the Bible, written in beautiful gold letters and it reads you are all children of God in my regular rate with sadness because I couldn't imagine all the people passing in and out of the lobby, being told that they were all children of God is one thing to have a heart that lead you into making a wrong decision. It's it's one thing to have a reputation solely by some exposed sin it it's one thing to think your really intelligent when people around you can see that you're not nearly as intelligent as you think.

They think damages can mess up your life but it's another thing on an entirely different left to believe the wrong message about life after this we see that your flopping only put up the first part of the verse in Galatians chapter 3, the entire verse says, for you are all children of God through faith in Jesus.

Christ listened to him listen to Jesus who says stop wandering around in the darkness of your own speculation. He says in John chapter 8 verse 12. I am the light of the world I can turn the light. I can bring the light to dark. I am the light of the world. Whoever he says, follows me darkness, but will have light. The light of life. So which way are you leaning my friend, who are you following what direction are you taking this it really make common sense just for this for the life to come. Thanks for joining us today here on wisdom for the heart with Steven David were currently in a series exploring God's wisdom given to us by the pen of King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes. The series is called pursuing wisdom under the sun and Stephen's message for today is entitled uncommon common sense we posted it to our website and you'll find Steven has been pastoring the shepherd's church in Cary, North Carolina for almost 35 years.

His entire archive of Bible teaching is posted online and you can listen to all of them or read Stephen's sermon manuscripts absolutely free. Go to wisdom, and explore the Bible teaching archive. If you have a comment or question our email is

Thanks for being with us today and join us next time. For more wisdom

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