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Counterfeit, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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September 25, 2020 1:00 am

Counterfeit, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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There are counterfeit leaders, counterfeit preachers, counterfeit teacher, there are counterfeit churches.

They had to have a steeple they got across, but they are the seat of Satan magic reality that being revealed. There are counterfeit spiritual gifts. There are seducing spirits their doctrine of demon as for everything that God has Satan don't understand the spiritual reality behind their choices.

When you think about the people you know who are following a false religion.

They probably think they're following the truth. The reason for that is that Satan is a master counterfeiting God.

This is wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi Stevens in a series called antichrist and the many faces of evil. Today he's concluding a lesson he began yesterday called counterfeit, open your Bible to Revelation.

As we rejoined Stephen right now in my research I covered the popular belief in the 50s and I was born 58 in so was too young to catch the some of you are older that I am probably born you may remember that there was quite a movement believe that John F. Kennedy was the antichrist uncovered the runaway imaginations that led to many misguided speeches and even some sermons and articles unfortunate that Kennedy was, of course, the first president elected who was not a Protestant but Roman Catholic, and this made our vastly Protestant fairly biblically illiterate country.

The time somewhat suspicious of a man who was loyal to Rome added that at the Democratic convention. He was elected in 1950 6 x 666 votes and I did it. I mean imaginations just took all books were sold on that one.

I really got the imagination going is elected president later assassinated a shot to the head fatal wound which is how the Bible describe the death of the and I read as I researched this issue. There were some many infected believe that is president Kennedy lay in state in the rotunda of the capital. He would come out of his casket rise again and assert himself as the ruler of the world, which of course never happened. Now, based on what we do know from John's Revelation and from Daniel's vision from Revelation chapter 13 which confirms the resurrection. I believe the coming Antichrist. Imagine that scene the world would be grieving somewhere in the midpoint of the tribulation over the loss of its greatest peace negotiator, a brilliant genius of a man who was led some European country to a place of national prominence, international problems, his policies are being copied. His advice is being pursued on every hand. Only recently, he would have solidified our European coalition, taking the reins of three countries whose leaders died perhaps mysteriously disappeared, but he masterfully strengthened that coalition that revived Empire by taking over, and the other kings have willingly and gladly granted him the highest rank in the coalition's skill at leadership and diplomacy would be breathtaking, mesmerizing, reassuring in a world that is going mad with the outpouring of what we have learned to be the wrath of God. The tsunamis the earthquakes that the disease is the epidemics in his presence will see the call everyone as if he is in fact capable of writing the book, but an assassin has gotten through a madman with a sword struck this great leader. Perhaps it was someone acting in revenge. When I told who are why were only told that the antichrist will be killed in cold blood. Now the world is mourning as he lies in the states. In some European Embassy or Castle. Your guess is as good as Mark. No doubt television cameras from networks around the world are trained on the coffin.

Other cameras are trained on the tier Street, cheeks of mourners who lined up for miles to come pay their last respects. Just imagine the literal fulfillment of this text, suddenly his eyes open and he takes a breath and he sits and maybe clamors over out of the coffin and walks calmly to one of the cameras and announces to a stunned world that he is indeed their Messiah, he has defeated death, he has defeated grave. He is the one who was dead but now forevermore is alive. No wonder John would ride in Revelation 13.

The latter part of verse three and the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast. Verse four were told they worshiped the dragon because he gave his authority of the beast of the antichrist worshiped and who wouldn't.

Apart from the discerning grace of God in the lives of those who come to faith in Christ after the rapture are now living the tribulation dying by the by the tens of thousands for their faith in him and it will only get worse. They perhaps are tested by this site. They also say perhaps it's a challenge to their own faith and apart from the discerning grace and their perseverance is will study our next session they they would they would they would give it up and follow him. Maybe there are struck by the doubting reflected in in John the baptizer remember him is he's incarcerated in a cell.

He will soon be beheaded. He's going to die and he sends his disciples to Jesus Christ with the question. You know, ask him are you the one or is there someone else we should be waiting for. Should we be looking for someone else. These will be tested when their side certainly doesn't seem to be winning when the world is celebrating the victory of this king over itself. So they worship what you notice how John pulls back the curtain to inspired text and he tells us who they are really worshiping. Verse four again they worshiped who the Dragon. We've Artie learned the Dragon is Satan. Here's the raw truth by worshiping the antichrist unbelievers will actually in reality be worshiping Satan the power behind the antichrist. Some people will fully understand it. Most will more than likely be simply deceived, just as those unbelievers in Paul's day were deceived. As Paul wrote to the Corinthians in prescription chapter 10 verse 20 and he said the things which the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to demons and not to God. In other words, thinking they are worshiping God to whom they are sacrificing they are in reality worshiping the demonic world which is impersonating their false God whether they comprehend it or not.

They are giving their allegiance to the power behind their false religion, they and listen the world to come. In this generation. When Revelation chapter 13 is fulfilled in reality the world will be dancing with the devil.

Imagine, many will go willingly as they blaspheme God in person like one European leader who said some time ago and I quote. If the devil could offer a panacea for the problems of the world.

I would gladly follow the devil, the world will one day habits change to do it openly in the form of worshiping false Messiah and let me tell you friends.

This is the recognition that Satan is coveted since he fell. This is what he has a long a guy version of worship from billions who instead of worshiping the true God.

Our worship him. This is his highest achievement and how he will thrilled to hear mankind Chandler worship of the counterfeit Messiah. How is going to be thrilled to know he is influenced billions of worshipers away from God unto himself. Notice what the world says in verse four, who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him.

These are rhetorical questions. By the way, expecting the answer to come back.

Nobody is likely in Christ like this Messiah. Nobody can wage war with somebody. You can kill. He's the greatest so they will worship this one who was dead but now came back to life for me and how do you how do you compare anybody to him all that that other Messiah that other Messiah, yet he supposedly rose from the grave, but he did it in secret and he he evidenced himself only to a handful of of people what it have something to hide our Messiah has revealed himself to the world. You can imagine how deceptive this would be the world will be delirious with delight over the one who seems not have the answer to everything, and perhaps mankind's great question. How can I get eternal life. Maybe it will be through because he seems to have eternal life.

As you know, it's been happening throughout world history. I agree with one author who put it in these terms, what's been happening throughout world history are simply dress rehearsals for this coming event this coming liter. The human heart hungers for a visible God is ever ready to deify a leader who promises certainly spiritual realities.

I believe the same drug history has always had a man ready, he doesn't know by the way, the moment of the rapture.

He doesn't know when when the ensuing tribulation will will occur when he can move forward with his agenda. He has been crafting and honing in perfect thing. He doesn't know any more than we know about the future is not omniscient, and so I would agree with with those who have said, it seems in every generation. He is had someone ready on, ready to go at any moment he was ready with Caligula we study the emperors discovered he was ready with Nero vector my research. I can preach a sermon on on the false Messiah. Even in this man, I can because of time there.

There was quite a movement that he was going to come back to life.

In fact, one appeared to look just like him claiming to be Nero come back to life, and he led thousands of people in his deception to their death. Satan was ready.

He was ready with Napoleon. He was ready with Robespierre, the French Revolution. He was ready with mall with his little red book that influenced 1/4 of the earth's population and his hatred of God. He was ready with Hitler. He was ready with Stalin puppet king sold their souls to war against Jesus Christ, who would have gladly stepped forward to rule the world. But they were not God's timing.

They were not God's choice and Satan would literally shoot them up and spit them out as only one more failed attempt. His frustration ladies and gentlemen has been growing now for centuries he's ready at any time. Joseph Stalin's daughter would later talk about her father used by Satan to fight Christ and Christianity literally mortar millions of Christians on his deathbed she described. He did something peculiar sees. She said that just before he died he been unconscious in and out, unable to move much at all, but suddenly he sat up in his bed. He looked up at the ceiling and he raised his clenched fists and shook them toward this fell back on his pillow and died. His last act was an act of defiance against the safe. He hated but he was worthless and Satan's agenda for he failed. He was not the one in his bunker the end of World War II just days before he would take his own life.

I have read, how I love Hitler whittled away his time with close friends. His mistress, his key staff.

The untold story until years later was that Hitler had been a man given over to be a cultic underworld.

He was an avid student of yoga that word in the Hindu means yoke intentions to yoke to the underworld. The spirit world is an avid student of hypnotism astrology, Eastern occultism. Many believe them to have been, as I do possessed by demonic forces to do things. It can only be explained by the dark Satan kingdom agenda against the Jew and the Christian.

Certainly Christ in the world at large. One of his staff members there with him in his final hideaway was a man name rationing who described this recurring scenario in Hitler's final days when Hitler now course, is no longer a comrade of Satan, but a throwaway puppet king no longer of use a quote rationing we would hear Hitler yell for help. We would go in and see him seized with power that made him tremble so violently his head shook his lips would turn blue and he would dripping with sweat as he would be whispering in terror. Is he.

It is he he is here whether he sensed Satan or Christ. To me, hated, we don't know Satan was certainly through he could be discarded. Listen to the truth about the final false Messiah. Just as every everyone bearing the spirit of antichrist. They are only puppets. They are used as Satan's attempts to wrestle worship away from God and this one will be his masterpiece.

His magnum opus. For those of us who believe in Christ. The antichrist is not someone to figure someone to pity fact, he will be revealed after we are gone. But like Judas Iscariot, who did Satan's bidding and took his life. So did Nero after him and and Hitler after him. They danced with the devil and tied the horror of it is they will live in the company of those unbelievers in the underworld forever because our study today with a challenge and an invitation for those of you who believe in Jesus Christ. Let me give you a challenge again to be discerning even today without the antichrist to do his bidding. The Christian is in danger of being deceived distracted by the listen for everything that God has.

Satan has a counterfeit.

There are counterfeit leaders, counterfeit preachers, counterfeit teacher, there are counterfeit churches. Revelation 3 describes him as the synagogues of Satan. They're basically teaching error. They had to have a steeple they got across, but they are the seat of Satan magic the reality of that being revealed Monday there are counterfeit spiritual gifts. There are seducing spirits their doctrine of demons. Paul wrote to Timothy in first Timothy chapter 1 verse four there are false Messiah.

There are false prophets will arise and perform great signs, especially culminating in this final day we been studying where Jesus Christ said no perform great signs and wonders, a lead astray, even if they can be elect which they can. Matthew seven in Matthew 24. My question to those of you who believe when trouble comes, will it detract from your worship will it distract you from your walk will it diverge you from your commitment to the true and living God.

Even now, this is our challenge in a world with false Messiah is in antichrist agendas.

So listen, my Christian friend to the challenge of the apostle Peter, listen to these great words he wrote the end of all things is near a love that phrase. If Peter thought the end was near what we can know for certain is that it is 2000 years nearer. So it is really near now. We believe the end of all things is near. So what is that mean here right the end of all things is near. Therefore panic on that somebody wrote therefore be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer. Above all, that is, knowing the days are at the end, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sin be hospitable to one another without complaint. As each one has received a special gift employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. Whoever is the gifted speaker, do so as one who is speaking the utterances of God. Whoever is gifted in serving do so as one who is serving by the strength which God supplies so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. First Peter 472 11 so for the believer. Let this discussion on last days call us to a purer way of living. Call us to a gracious love call us to hospitality close to using our spiritual gifts in the body for the sake of the gospel so that the body of Christ is blessed and the gospel's advance, but along the way. No Peter said. In fact, he started out this way let the truth about the last days call us to sound judgment be discerning for you. Perhaps you are an unbeliever. Let me give you an invitation to deliverance the Christian with a study like this is called the discernment if you're an unbeliever. It is an invitation to be delivered. Listen, my friend.

Counterfeit works well only because it looks so much like the real thing. That's how it works hidden models the truth as much as it can uses religious terminology. It will even speak of Jesus it will genuflect in a way to the Bible to steeple and across the harsh with a reverential tone and something profound and loves to use the word spiritual even though it is spiritually wants nothing to do with Jesus Christ and the antichrists of the world and the coming final antichrist study the antichrists of past errors that were ready employees to study this one as we have millions of people die. Jesus Christ, the true Messiah.for you so I invite you after study like this to eternal deliverance don't follow the wrong side. Even now place your faith in your trust in Jesus Christ. Everybody else is counterfeit. Only Christ Peter is the one to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

That would bring to a close this lesson entitled counterfeit from the series called antichrist and the many faces of evil. Thanks for joining us today here on wisdom for the hearts. This is the Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey, if you join this light, or if you had to step away for a portion of today's broadcast you can go back and listen to it in its entirety on our it's not only this lesson that you'll find there. Stephen's been pastoring for over 30 years and the complete archive of his Bible teaching ministry is posted to that website will be able to listen to each lesson or read the printed manuscript again. You'll find all of all of those resources are available on our smart phone app as well. If you install the wisdom international app to your phone you'll be able to take our Bible teaching ministry where ever you go. You can interact with us.

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I thank you for listening.

Stephen's going to continue through this series on our next broadcast, so be with us right here on wisdom

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