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Counterfeit, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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September 24, 2020 1:00 am

Counterfeit, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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Notice how people are willing to abandon their morals when faced with pressure troubled times can lead people to sell their conscience and their character to create some counterfeit money. There is no wonder in my mind how the world one day during the dark days of the tribulation will sell out to a counterfeit Messiah, they will literally sell their soul to a counterfeit change. The Bible also tells us that Satan is just a copycat.

He wants to be God he wants the power position and status that Jesus enjoys, but he can't have it and he never will. But that raises the question of why so many people fall for the counterfeit.

Instead of worshiping the real thing.

Satan is a counterfeit God with a counterfeit gospel and he has a counterfeit Messiah named antichrist. Don't be deceived.

Don't fall for the fake remain committed and devoted to Jesus. This is wisdom for the heart with Steven David in today's lesson from God's word is entitled simply counterfeit the.

Also, let me say have caught this coal over again and thought elected inspector around to tell me to say ahead of time to get a categorical excuse me so that I call off I will have to stop and say again just keep moving on to you bear with me I'll press on. Okay. And one of my recent trips to Chick-fil-A is in the mission field in the strips are part of a well-balanced life believe I go there with the added incentive of that newspaper. It's free. You can meditate, you read it while you eat those up nuggets.

Well a few weeks ago I was there reading USA Today newspaper.

These headlines caught my attention bogus money goes mainstream. The article went on to reveal how the economic downturn has created a whole new meaning for the words photocopy arrests for making counterfeit money incentive reached an all-time high. People are now evidently trying to pass off fake bills to pay for everyday expenses and active you can imagine that this article said that in 2008 alone, some $64 million. Counterfeit money was passed off in this country. The article read counterfeiters have taken advantage of technological advances and scanners and printers Christmas which is usually the worst of the year. One federal agent reported now is ongoing.

The cashiers are overwhelmed.

The article reported. This problem is well beyond the Christmas season one Secret Service agent who was interviewed said that this problem is no longer even the action of the criminal element in society like drug dealers and gangsters. This is now a mainstream problem. This is your neighbor next door people have now been caught trying to use counterfeit $20 bills to buy pizza and a tank of gasoline 115-year-old student in Michigan photographed currency on the scanner copier try to pass it off at his high school cafeteria in one town in Georgia earlier this month, local banks found counterfeit 20s and $100 bills from respectable merchants authorities. In fact from that same town in Georgia all have already arrested one man in January 2009, catching him in the act, as he printed bills from a scanner on his kitchen table. One lawman said this is probably due to the economy. But I got a feeling there's a lot more going on that we haven't caught. Just imagine the implications of this. The character of our citizens can be bought off and excused by a downward economy difficult times, have caused ordinary for the most part law-abiding citizens to photocopy a $20 bill and risk everything to pass it off.

My father used to say to us boys as we are growing up, whatever.

So he was caught stealing something in common to the amount still was too little. Certainly to sell out what was $100 or $1000 he usually say something like this.

My character is worth more than hundred dollars from that perspective. Imagine someone's character worth less then a pizza or tank of gas or lunch in a school cafeteria. May I add a couple thousand dollars on a dishonest tax return if troubled times can lead people to sell their conscience and their character to create some counterfeit money, there is little wonder in my mind how the world one day during the dark days of the tribulation will sell out to a counterfeit Messiah, they will literally sell their soul to a counterfeit king we've already been introduced in Revelation 13, I invite you back there today to the antichrist in the first few verses of Revelation 13, along with a look that we took of Daniel's prophecy.

We have learned several things that this antichrist will head up the revived Roman Empire 10 European kingdoms catching the vision of Daniel's image and with its 10 toes signifying this 10 kingdom coalition, which forms a one world government. We've also learned that the antichrist will rise in the power is a fairly insignificant European leader Daniel calls him a little king that will rise up among them, Daniel 78 that is a king among European leaders will begin his rise to power is a fairly unimpressive inauspicious leader.

Daniel also informed us that the antichrist will eventually rise to take the throne of the coalition becoming the world's last Caesar. He will eventually force everybody to take his mark and his oath of loyalty, the mark of the beast is described later in chapter 13, which will study closely in a later session. The antichrist is the ultimate counterfeiter everything that God has done just about everything that Satan can counterfeit.

He will counterfeit through this man's life with his counterfeit agenda effectively go through Scripture and compare the life and ministry of Jesus Christ with the efforts of Satan, to counterfeit him. It is his uncanny.

It is amazing. Let me give you some comparisons to give you 19 of them in this introduction. I remember really move quickly.

Number one, don't panic. By the way, this this is on the web. Everything is there. So just sit back if you want to listen Jesus Christ performs miracles, signs and wonders and administrative course. The antichrist will perform with the same power or at least counterfeit power signs and false wonders, Jesus Christ will appear in the millennial Temple antichrist will make his appearance in the tribulation Temple possible effect describes it is taking his seat in the temple, declaring himself worthy of worship in second Thessalonians chapter 2 Jesus Christ, thirdly, is the incarnation of God is God in the flesh, the antichrist will claim to be God were least the incarnation of God. Second Thessalonians again in chapter 2 verse four. Jesus Christ is seen in Revelation 5 with his lineage. He is the lion from the tribe of Judah, the antichrist will have a mouth like a lion. Christ will make a peace covenant with Israel that will be enjoyed throughout the millennial reign. Ezekiel 37 informs us of that the antichrist will begin his claim is Messiah by offering Israel a piece covenant Daniel chapter 9 tells us that in verse 27 Christ motivates provides the incentive causes worship for the one true and living God, which he embodies in physical form. The antichrist will actually encourage worship of the false God, Satan seventh trice followers during the tribulation will be marked and sealed as he is, and we've Artie study that link. Revelation 7 the antichrist will seal his followers with his own mark on their forehead or the right hand, Revelation 13 verses 16 to 18. Christ is a worthy name antichrist has blasphemous names. Christ is married to a virtuous bride. The antichrist is betrothed to file harlot Christ is crowned with many crowns. Antichrist 10. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. The antichrist will call himself king in Daniel 11 Christ will sit on the throne. The antichrist will sit on the throne. Revelation 16 Christ will write a white horse when he returns. Revelation 19 antichrist rise on a white horse to begin his pseudo-reign in Revelation verse two of chapter 6 Christ as an Army, as does the antichrist. In Revelation 19 Christ died a violent death.

Antichrist dies a violent death relation 13 verse three Christ is resurrected. The antichrist is resurrected as well will see that in a moment Christ comes back to reign as does the antichrist come back to reign in Revelation 13, verse three, the 18th comparison Jesus Christ reigns from Jerusalem for a thousand years.

During the millennial reign or kingdom. The antichrist will reign as well from Jerusalem is 3 1/2 year worldwide kingdom. Finally, Christ is part of the holy Trinity, father, son, and spirited. Revelation 13 introduces us to an unholy Trinity. Satan the antichrist and the false prophet in every way possible. Satan will attempt to counterfeit the true Messiah when my former seminary professors J. Dwight Pentecost summarizes well when he wrote in a clothing Satan is seeking to give the world a ruler in place of Christ, who will be in opposition to Christ, so that he can rule over the world instead of Christ.

What is it that causes such profound deception.

So much so that the world will follow this counterfeit Messiah primarily two things.

The first we've Artie discussed or reviewed. It simply his management of peaceful reconciliation. We saw him fulfill the symbolism of the white horse. He came giving peace to Israel to break that piece. Eventually, the mid part of the tribulation. That's just the warm-up not only will his management of of a peaceful reconciliation bring him to the attention of the world, but most impressively, secondly his miracle of physical resurrection will sort of cement his rise to world power. No wonder they will turn to him in worship. No wonder they're there early excitement over him will turn to an exaltation of him as their crowned prince there Messiah their God is take a closer look at that picking it up were left off with verse three. In Revelation chapter 13 John writes, and I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain. This is the Empire. One of the heads one of the kings, rulers, and his fatal wound was healed.

And the whole earth was made and followed after the beep reference to that individual king was the integration over the title beast can refer to both the kingdom of the antichrist in the antichrist. It is used interchangeably because of that fact, there are some who believe here that the resurrection spoken of in verse three is not referring to the antichrist but to the resurrection of his kingdom. The reviving of the European world movement. Daniel speaks of is the revived Roman Empire.

The major problem is I have studied all of the uses that you have simple personal pronouns in the Greek language used for the wounding and dying of this one, which limited to one king that the entire kingdom effectively let down adverse 12 in Revelation 13 John writes of this first beast, whose fatal wound was healed again this is this is personal. This is a personal event experienced by one of them is called here. The first beast of the first beast introduced to us in chapter 13 is the antichrist. The second beast which will be introduced to us later on. In another study is the false prophet. Evidently at some point and in the rise to power of this B's. The antichrist, he is assassinated at the question obviously comes up. Was he really dead will. If you look further at verse 14. The latter part with the false prophet will see. He orders the world to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life at some point in his amazing rise to power the antichrist is assassinated by wound to the head. We have no reason to believe that this is anything other than a literal application of the text. He is literally kill these literally brought back to life certainly raises some interesting questions any of us go back to the person. Are you sure he really died. Some believe he faked it. It was one of his lying wonders dialogue with other Bible teachers leave the antichrist actually physically died. In fact it is one of the strongest claims of his to his rule as false Messiah. The text in Revelation chapter 13 verse three look back there again. It says I just as I saw one as if it had been slain literally the word is slaughtered. If you go back. I called your fingers or go back to chapter 5 of Revelation you discover the English translation of the exact same Greek phrase, only now it is used of Jesus Christ. Look at verse six and I saw between the throne with the four living creatures and the elders a Lamb standing, as if slain, that doesn't mean the Christ faked it.

It doesn't mean that it was sleight-of-hand doesn't mean that he didn't really die what it means is he is standing, as if slain, literally. He's bearing the wounds of that dying the vent and we know from his resurrection appearances. He retained some of the wounds of his crucifixion as evidences of the Lamb of God who came to die for the sins of the world so that now is the exact same phrase used of this false Messiah who is as one having been slain or slaughtered.

Evidently, I guess call this the 20th Mark of his cell false Messiah ship. He cares in his body, even after resurrected some mark on his head to show that he was invincible that he defeated death is only 1 More Way he will masquerade as the Messiah. So the antichrist slaughter with every reason to believe with the text of Scripture was as real or it will be as real as the lambs slaughter the antichrist is faking death. He's really dead now you're saying at this point Stephen wait a second, maybe the cold is influence you little too much, too many medications. If you're saying what I think you're saying that means the antichrist has to be literally resurrected from the dead.

Are you saying Satan can resurrect someone from the dead, great question. You're dismissed but will wait a second, let let me let me ask and answer first, a lesser question okay, it's this one. Can Satan perform miracles.

The short answer is yes.

No. Just think back through Scriptures that may come to your mind as they did to me as I thought. Through this we know from Scripture that Satan is given delegated limited miraculous power.

He is on the lease of God, but that leash has allowed him delegated power.

Remember how, with God's permission, Satan was allowed to control the winds of nature creating that cyclone that slammed into the homeward Job's children were feasting and they die.

He also was able influence the minds of those pagan warriors so that they mounted up and attacked Job serving killing.

You may remember, with further permission from God. Satan affected the body of Job giving him the diseases that covered his body with sores and boils.

That is significant delegated power.

Make no mistake about. You may remember or recall the same thing occurring earlier this demonstration of power in Exodus where Pharaoh's magicians are able.

A copy several of the miracles of Aaron and Moses.

Remember they through air air into the ride down and it turned into a wiggling lie circuit that had I been fair. I would've climbed up on my throne, and hollered what happened by their dark arts. Pharaoh's magicians through their rods down and they what turned in the serpents as well. Nevermind it that Moses ate them up but don't overlook the fact that those are real wiggling, living snakes. He was also Satan was through these magicians able to match the miracle of turning water into blood in Exodus chapter 7 verse 22, which only further pardoned the heart of unbelieving Pharaoh, which was one of God's purposes in displaying his power and his wrath in the New Testament. Jesus Christ informs us that there will be false teachers who will one day stand before him who during their lifetime in the name of Jesus Christ performed miracles exercising demon healing prophesy and as I stand before Christ, there is no word that was all fakery know it was simply, you were empowered by someone else.

Why because I never what knew you, just as Jesus Christ and the apostles, to whom he delegated power could raise people from the dead you member Peter did as well as Paul authenticating the claims that they gave through the gospel. So also then God will allow this delegated authority to Satan who will empower be empowered to raise from the dead, the antichrist and that moment will submit the moment of the false Messiah and he will lead the public to the Thessalonians. The whole world astray.

God will. He wrote send such strong delusion so that the world will believe the lie second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 11. I believe personally that this resurrection of the antichrist is a major part of Paul's words being explained and fulfilled.

He was dead has now come back to life. This helps us understand how the world at this moment will consolidate not just our wonder at him, but there were soon of him. He is, he must be God. He has power over the grave and over death. God will allow. I believe Satan to perform this miracle in the world will fall at the antichrist's feet. Now, based on what we do know from John's Revelation and from Daniel's vision from Revelation chapter 13 which confirms the resurrection. I believe the coming antichrist. Imagine that scene the world would be grieving somewhere in the midpoint of the tribulation over the loss of its greatest peace negotiator, a brilliant genius of a man who was a lead.

Some European country to a place of national prominence, international problems, his policies are being copied. His advice is being pursued on every hand. Only recently, he would have solidified a European coalition taking the reins of three countries whose leaders died perhaps mysteriously disappeared, but he masterfully strengthened that coalition that revived Empire by taking over and the other kings have willingly and gladly granted him the highest rank in the coalition's skill at leadership and diplomacy would be breathtaking, mesmerizing, reassuring in a world that is going mad with the outpouring of what we have learned to be the wrath of God. The tsunamis the earthquakes that the disease is the epidemics in his presence will see the call everyone as if he is in fact capable of writing the book, but an assassin has gotten through a madman with a sword struck this great leader. Perhaps it was someone acting in revenge were not told who work why were only told that the antichrist will be killed in cold blood. Now the world is mourning as he lies in the state.

In some European Embassy or Castle. Your guess is as good as no doubt television cameras from networks around the world are trained on the coffin. Other cameras are trained on the tear streaked cheeks of mourners who lined up for miles to come pay their last respects to Samantha, the literal fulfillment of this text, suddenly his eyes and he takes six and maybe clamors over out of the coffin and walks calmly to one of the cameras and announces to a stunned world that he is indeed their Messiah, he has defeated death, he has defeated grave.

He is the one who was dead but now for evermore is alive thanks for joining us here on wisdom for the heart. This is the Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey Stevens working his way through a series from Revelation entitled antichrist and the many faces of people. The lesson that you just heard is called counterfeit were actually not all the way through this lesson, but were just about out of time for today so were in a pause here and will bring you the conclusion to this lesson on our next broadcast.

In the meantime you can learn more about us. If you visit our website which is wisdom Once you go there, you'll be able to access the complete archive of Stephen's Bible teaching ministry. We also post each day's broadcast. So if you ever miss one of these lessons, you can go to our website to keep caught up with our daily Bible teaching ministry.

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If you'd like to see it for yourself. Her number is 86 648 Bible at 866-482-4253. We'd love to talk with you. Get to know you and introduce you to this resource be with us for the conclusion to this lesson.

Next time right here on wisdom

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