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The Tear Collector

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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September 7, 2020 1:00 am

The Tear Collector

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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Things over to look there. This all I know says my enemies will turn back in the days when I covers nine this.

I know that God is for me. That is an incredible statement of faith because when it's dark and difficulty your tempted to think God is for me what I done you know I probably deserve this. I deserve to be alone. I deserve to be rejected. I deserve to have his back turned against me, know God is our will to be encouraged from God's word today. We all know the simple truth that sometimes life comes with trials and difficulties. There are things that make us fearful and things that make us sad.

Here's the key truth. God knows all of that and God cares deeply. This is wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi today. Stephen is taking us to Psalm 56 Morgan a look at how God responds to our fears and trials. God never loses sight of the things you face in God's word will show us that on July 17, 1999 you if you're all that I remember reading the news 38-year-old John F. Kennedy Junior, the son of our 35th president of United States, made headlines, but wasn't wasn't good news. The night before.

He had piloted his single-engine Saratoga from New Jersey. He was heading to the little island off the coast of Massachusetts called Martha's Vineyard and that he had with him his wife and his sister-in-law on this particular night of thought, get settled in and and and John had only logged 310 hours light which is in much at all that he wasn't even finished with his instrument training, he was confident of overconfident he done it several times before the man was writing this particular article said when you're a pilot you can be full by your your sentences, especially when it's dark, you can lose your bearing. In fact, you can be heading downward. Thinking your flying level need to be flying up thinking you're flying left and in banking. When you think your level from what occurred evidently from the investigation. If a pilot. He said trusts is instrument panel can go wrong, but if he trusts his sentences can be dangerous and fatal. The investigation that followed the radar showed that the he was right on course. He was headed for the airstrip at just 20 miles out to begin to make a series of strange turns back and away from that airstrip and he went into what is called a graveyard spiral and within minutes, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.

16 miles away from Martha's Vineyard. According to investigators he had lost his sense of equilibrium direction. He had either ignored or didn't understand is instrument panel readings in certainly the panic of those last few moments he didn't even think to turn on his autopilot, which would have leveled him back out psalmist is writing a poem about that kind of experience.

He is flying into dark he's going to talk about how easy it is to lose equilibrium and sense of direction and he's going to write about something we all experience in the way in our Christian flying into trouble in the dark.

He's going to put his poem to music and it's going to become a classic 20 become a classic simply because we've all experienced this kind of thing.

Turn to Psalm 56 and in God because he and inspires this wanted to become part of our instrument panel so that we can trust this when our senses tell us differently that you notice in very small print just above verse one haven't taken any time in our studies in Psalms. The talk about this. This is what's called a subscription to in small print just above verse one notice it says to the choirmaster or to the choir director several hundred years. By the way before the birth of Jesus Christ. Jewish scholars carefully wrote notations into the text that came down through the centuries. It isn't part of the inspired original text. But it was used to help the student of Scripture locate that song in a context historically and it passed down generation after generation. This particular Psalm, you'll notice that the last line of the subscription says this occurred only wrote this after or around the time when the Philistines seized him in.

Now you can read all about that rather dangerous flight to give you a quick review if you're younger in the faith, those of the older and the faith may have read it already is where David is alone. It's before he is gathered his his his 300 faithful companions at armies running for his life. Saul wants to kill this heir apparent to the throne of Israel, there is little doubt that the David is going to flee to Gath because he rightly assumes that the last place the Saul would ever think he'd gone.hi was the hometown of a giant named Goliath that he had killed a few years earlier to make it even more ironic and dangerous for David Samuel records the just a few days before running to Gath.

David is going to a village and that the village of Nob where they have a priestly establishment set up in any asks the priest if he has any weapons. David doesn't even have his sling any weapons like I can use these panic these.

He's frantic and in the in the priest as well. Yeah, we've had that offer given the praise going back to vote.

You know that event. We kept it is wrapped in a cloth it's Goliath's sword.

It's probably still staying with the giant blood here. David arrives in Gath carrying the murder weapon you imagine that one author said that this reveals his entire loss of this of orientation and equilibrium. This is the context from which the song is going to come not, you'll notice back in at the subscription says it's a myth, of David that Hebrew word meth means literally to engrave. This is one of those Psalms that that's going to become an instrument panel for the believer from David's generation to our and you don't want to wear out. This is how you fly level.

This is how you gain equilibrium and strength when you're flying into the darkness of trouble.

The subscription then sets the context in you'll notice one other thing I want to point out it it says for the choir master that next phrase by the way, no one really knows what that means to this day. They'll know if it's an instrument or it's the meter or the speed or or whatever. They just don't know for the choir directors a little clearer from history. We know from biblical history that the choirmaster had special cupboard and what would become that the temple in those cupboards, there would be articles there would be musical instruments articles used for the offerings by instrumentation.

That's where the unity orchestra.

There trumpets and flutes and in their would be the scrolls of of music that they would learn and give it to the choirmaster met meant you wanted it to be Safe because he had the key to those cupboards that he was the only one who had the key. This is to be engraved. Certainly on our hearts.

Now we better get in the Saul subscription. But I want you to notice verse one. Be gracious to me. Oh God for man has trampled upon me fighting all day long. He oppresses me my photos of trampled upon me all day long, for they are many fight in their proud about. It is a fight against me when I am afraid I will put my trust in you. I love the realism by the way that admission. I'm outnumbered, I'm being trampled on. I'm never going to make it out again alive and I am afraid when I am afraid not. If I'm ever afraid. But when you just go ahead. You might even circle that word when when I am afraid David is going to be invited to many testimony meetings to be talk like that shouldn't be saying because I trust him.I have never ever afraid I am never afraid what you might look at numbers or he does add in God.

I have put my trust. But note, I shall not be afraid. You need a picture and clenching his teeth as he is, he writes that he sorta saying I I will not be afraid.

I am but I will not be afraid. I am but I will not be afraid I will not.

David is effectively teaching us through his own experience that faith does not eliminate fear. In fact, faith might be most clearly seen when you act in faith while in the midst of being afraid trust does not eliminate trouble mean who among us. Trust God more than one who trusts him when the sun is shining, or the one who trusts him when the fog is rolled in and secure the lights of the shoreline where you hope the land safely. That kind of context takes trust that I love what he does here. He speaks even with further realism. Notice the last line of verse four will start at verse four in God's word. I praise in God. I have put my trust, I shall not be afraid. What can man man do to me what did mailman mean you might think that they want to say nothing, David.

Praise God man can do nothing. That's not what he does.

He spends the next two verses telling us what may or may intend to do him the list. Verse five all day long.

They distort my words as they they they twist my words they misinterpret my word all their thoughts are against me for evil.

In other words, they make it clear that I wish I were dead, they attack they lurk. Numbers are always intimidating me with their words and these are physical attacks. Yet, but verbal. They misinterpret him. They malign him. He writes they lurk. They watch my steps.

David will go on to give us what I've whittled down and re-observations will call them three principles from this inspired instrument panel of God's word. They become his source of hope is source of encouragement his equilibrium. Let me give them principle number one God's word is consistently appropriate for every truck. I want you to notice how often David finds confidence in the word of God in God.

Verse four is word.

I praise you if you go over to verse eight or verse 10 in God, whose word I praise in the Lord's word.

I praise not.

Keep in mind, by the way, that when he says when he refers to the word of God. He's referring to all the word he had all he had was the Torah get the first five books of the Old Testament. He didn't have his own personal copy but he probably memorized much of it is a little boy as they did he'd certainly heard it expounded.

He probably had a little bit of Joshua he perhaps might've heard the book of Judges, read and and and and and the heroic feats of these and failures of these men, those books were sufficient to bring David. However, to praise God for his word. Those books were enough to give him a sense of God's holiness in God's grace and God's creative power in God's atoning plant in God's faithful covenant in God's love and more. He's got Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Imagine if David can find in those few books. What he needed to trust in the wisdom of God, about us, with 66 of them, all bound together and you found it to be true. Having you that when the lights are turned out, the fog settles in.

The best thing you can do is go to the word, and you found it true. Haven't you that it is consistently appropriate for what you need, you find it is indeed through tears at times sweeter than honey and the honeycomb Psalm 19 God's word is consistently applicable to every season principle number two God is consciously aware of every trail. I'm specifically using the word trail instead of trial, because that's exactly what David is referring to look at the first phrase of verse eight. I love the statement you have taken account of my wanderings Hebrew word wanderings comes from a verb that refers to all wandering trail of someone experiencing rejection or grief or sorrow and you look at the last part of verse eight he talks about the fact that God is keeping a record of those wanderings in his book thinking of it in terms of a diary or maybe a personal journal. This is this is deeply personal language that tells us without any question that God is not some distant sovereign out there is to map things out and then expect you to stay on task and give it your best shot and I'll check it every so often with you know David is saying he's keeping a close look at Journal account of my trail every step. He tracks every step I take. God is consciously aware of your trail. Thirdly, God is compassionately attentive to your tears like to verse eight again you taken account of my wanderings you put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book wasn't until I traveled to Israel and I saw in one particular shop collection of these these little little miniature vases.

This was made of glass green if I cleaned it would probably be translucent. You can probably see easily into it and perhaps through this one here is about 2000 years old, most expensive thing in my study, and in ancient days and in the Roman empire. People would woodcraft and purchase these little delicate instruments and I've seen pictures of them in my research. Some of them have jewels on them. In summer golden and I just amazing how much money people can spell anything but very very expensive.

Some would be playing. This is probably somewhat in the middle probably middle-class tear bottle and it's called up like crematory elect crematory never heard of it, friend, family bought this for me and I keep it in my study simple vases you can see along back in here where the tears would collect in here at the top it's flared. You can come up after the service and see it but it's it's flared out and is designed for someone to present to their chief and catch their tears. I did some study on this and found that these were fairly normal at at a funeral procession in Roman days Friendswood would bring along their like crematory and in as they walked they would collect their tears and then they would give them to the family of the deceased as a token of their love they would find these in graveyards next to heads as an offering of their sorrow is common for wives to Roman soldiers to collect their tears as they struggled with the length of time that they had seen their husband.

Sometimes it would be years and and when their husbands would return they would show them a bottle full of tears of fact we have discovered one particular document that revealed marital unrest because a soldier came home and his wife tear bottle was empty chair bottles would become companions to people in in grieving.

You could see tears speaking so David is referring really to a common practice in his day that hasn't been around in our day for at least 100+ years. I have read. But here's the interesting point that David is making notice. God is the one holding the bottle to your cheek.

It is God who is collecting your tears.

It's as if David is saying he has a bottle just for your tears, and he hasn't missed catching one of them is caught every one of them see that the tender picture of our caring God is, he is one who is deeply interested in your trouble, and in your trail and in your tears. So much so that he's effectively keeping all of it struck me as is wonderful that that we have a promise yard the right way ahead of me waiver promise in heaven there will be no more. What tears now I have thought long and hard about that II think we will.

We because we weep for joy and we weep. Sometimes we shed tears of happiness. I think there's can be a lot of that when were awestruck.

I think what he's referring to is there will be no tears of sorrow, no tears of grief. No tears of loneliness. These these tears are forever done away. No tears of her no tears of of rejection or confusion like crematory's will be a thing of the past forever, but in the meantime I don't want to miss his implication either. David isn't saying that this is your tear bottle that you're giving to God as you walk this trail.

Note this is his bottle. He keeps for you is a bottle with your name on it, which means beloved that you have you have never you have never ever, nor will you ever cry alone. You have never shed one tear alone. David is moved to praise God. He shifts his focus from what people think about him to what God thinks about him, you would get your equilibrium stop thinking about what people think about you and what God thinks about you suffocating them to stop thinking about how little people think about or care about you and just pause and think about how much God cares about. No wonder he sings over verse 10 look there. This I know. He says my enemies will turn back in the days when I call verse nine. This I know that God is for me.

That is an incredible statement of faith because when it's dark and difficult. You're tempted to think God is for me what I done you know I probably deserve this.

I deserve to be alone. I deserve to be rejected. I deserve to have his back turned against me know know God is for me is one of his children.

This I know God is for me that is for my good redemption. Figure 13. He talks but for my eternal fellowship with him one day in the light is not against me. God is for me. Verse 10 in God's word. I praise in the Lord's word.

I praise notice again reframe the chorus is repeated now verse 11 in God. I have put my trust, I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me. The notice no list following this time the list. What can man do to me earlier. Let me tell you what Megan Duda made now.

No list. Why because he's got his equilibrium and and has reflected on the fact that what man does to him is nothing in comparison with what God is doing with him and for and when we are mesmerized and amazed and captured by what God does for minimizes what others to us. God is for me to talk to sweet couple.

They put me on speakerphone part of our church.

They didn't surprise me on their wildest imagination eight weeks ago I care in the world really be on the hustle and bustle of new home family little boy at all of that nonfamily circuses following a routine physical in a strange little lump. Suddenly, a myriad of tests and cancer discovered that is already dated her bone their trust is. Husband said to me over speakerphone.

He said you know see what I've taken so many things from God for granted is kinda going through the motions. He said not God is doing some wonderful things in these precious family members of our yours and mine are more in tune with the spirit of God than ever before. Their flying by the instrument of this kind of song God's got tears.

That was an incredibly encouraging message from and I hope it blessed you today. Thanks for listening to wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi. Do you know somebody else who needs to hear this lesson. Why not tell them about it. It's posted to our website which makes it easy for you to share. Our website is wisdom and you'll find this and all of Stephen's Bible teaching posted there and you'll find the wisdom international In both the iTunes and the Google play stores if we can assist you in any way. Our number here in the office is 86 648 Bible.

That's 866-482-4253.

Stephen will continue teaching from the book of Psalms tomorrow.

So join us here on wisdom

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