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THU HR 1 102623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 27, 2023 12:00 am

THU HR 1 102623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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See for details. The following program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be pre-recorded. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned, my radio broadcast, What's Right, What's Left is coming up right now.

Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. Changed our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian resistance. Unabassively cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news media don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this 26th day of October 2023. Indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance and it will be until the Lord comes back. And tonight we have our producer Style and Ken are our producers.

See it takes two of them to produce this program because of its content. And good evening. Go ahead Ken. Say good evening. All right there you go. You did it.

Now we want to go. My special guest tonight is Pastor Jeff Calhoun. Hey Jeff are you there? Hey Pastor Ernie how are you? I'm doing okay.

Jeff here's how I'm gonna start out tonight. I got this here prayer request from a lady Virginia Allen about a seven-year-old girl by the name of Jayada Andrews. Little Jayada has had four seizures and had to be flown from her home in Durant Oklahoma to Dallas Texas Hospital. And after a few days they said she was okay. Then about a week later she's had another scary seizure and has to be flown back to Texas again. This time the little girl has to wear a helmet around her all day long and her family the Andrews family is asking for us to pray. They believe in prayer and we do too. In fact we just had kind of a well it was one of Lord's miracles Sunday night in our church. One of our men who one of our big tea party fellows had really having a tremendous amount of pain in his legs and didn't know if he could even walk. And we put him in a prayer chair the pastor's laid hands we anointed him with oil we prayed over him. And when we were finished he stood up and he had this look on his face like he couldn't believe it. Like it actually happens there there are actually miracles God still does heal.

And I know about that because it happened to me some years ago. And so let's do this let's pray for this little girl. And we want to ask all of you folks out there all over the country all over the country. Jeff would you like to pray pray for this little girl Jayada? Absolutely absolutely. Would you pray and then the folks please join in with us and I will be praying along.

Go ahead. Father we come to you in Jesus name on behalf of little Jayada. And God we know that you hear the cries of your people. We know God that you are a miracle working God. All throughout your word God you say that you sit in your word and you healed our diseases. That by the stripes of our risen and glorified Savior we are healed. And Jesus I just think about the man who brought his young boy to you it's thrown into seizures and even thrown into a fire in danger of dying from them. And he said to you Lord I believe when you ask them.

He said I believe but help me with my unbelief. So God we know that there are so many of us that when we face these kinds of circumstances and situations that we believe but we wrestle with unbelief. So we pray right now God for Jayada that you would surround her with faith and with people of faith who will pray believing. We pray God that you will bring forth elders of the church to anoint her with oil and lay their hands on her and pray for her healing. And Lord Jesus we pray that by the power of your Holy Spirit that you would move in her body and that you would set right everything God that is out of order. You are a God of order a God of wholeness a God of healing. And we pray God that by your spirit you would move in Jayada's body and that you would set everything in order every part of her nervous system of her immune system God of her circulatory her muscular system every part of her body God that you would move and and set it in order and restore her in Jesus name to complete full and total health. Rescue her God from this disease rescue her God from this infirmity and restore her health. We pray in Jesus name and we are confident trusting in you God. We are confident and offering little Jayada to your care because you are the one who loves her more than we could possibly imagine and your desire for her is to give her a future and a hope. We pray this in Jesus name amen. Amen I thank you very much we got one more prayer to pray and I'll pray that and it's about the peace of Israel and so let's pray and if you folks would join me out there again tonight remember there's power and prayer so you can put your power add your power to this. Heavenly Father Lord God as we gather here tonight you've told us to pay for the peace of Israel so Lord we're doing that we're asking Lord that instead of having war and killing and so much suffering out there Lord in Israel and Gaza instead Lord there's repentance this is what we want instead of war we want repentance Father God Lord it would be good it would be good to have all of those lay down their arms and look up and call upon your name Father this we asked in Jesus precious name amen amen alrighty tonight my friend we are going to start in our scripture in 1st Corinthians chapter 6 I think you know where I'm going with this okay so if you have your sword of the Lord there let's start and maybe we'll just take it maybe a verse at a time in 1st Corinthians chapter 6 dare any of you having a matter I guessed another go to law before the unjust and not before the Saints so he's telling us one the Apostle Paul's is making it kind of clear we have what we have an obligation and our priorities okay are to go before each other right now today in America pastor Jeff I can tell you if the church today in America is gonna get any justice we're gonna have to provide it because the whole government's been weaponized against us hasn't it absolutely has it absolutely has and that is you know something that that the church has to repent of because it's a duty and a and a calling that God placed on us as Americans because our system is one where the people are supposed to rule we're not supposed to be ruled by legislators and executives and the judiciary the people are supposed to be the ones who oversee who superintend and we've advocated that responsibility we've laid it down we've been fed and Christians are guilty of this we've been fed a steady diet of bread and circus and we've been content to enjoy our nice things while shirking our responsibilities and we have to take it up and you know our our litigious nature and culture in America is just one of many many many evidences of the fact that that God's people have stepped out of the public square we've stepped out of the arena where we're supposed to be leading all right so so here verse 2 says do you not know that the Saints shall judge the world and if the world shall be judged by you are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters now today you have this mindset out there amongst some supposedly in the church that think that humility is being submissive to the tyrants and that the church to show humility should be submissive to tyrants but isn't that exactly the opposite of what the Word of God teaches from Genesis to Revelation isn't resistance to tyranny obedience to God yeah we confuse humility with weakness and and and forget that humility is actually a posture of submission before the supreme ruler of the universe who is our high king in whom are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge who holds all things together by the word of his power and we are his church his people his bride his spirit lives within us and to think that that he would call us to to submit to tyrants you know the early church you've probably heard the story of the Theban Legion which was a legion of Roman soldiers in in around 288 AD who had all converted to Christ and they refused to utter the word Caesar is Lord because that was required whenever Caesar came into your presence you were to utter Caesar is Lord and any time you were commanded by a Roman official you had to ascribe to Caesar lordship and these Roman soldiers in the Theban Legion had converted to Christ and had swore their allegiance to a Lord greater than Caesar and they refused to bow their knee and refused to declare Caesar as Lord now the entire Legion it cost them their lives but it also led to a great outpouring of God's work in the Roman Empire that eventually led to this collapse and we need that kind of heart and that kind of boldness and that kind of resolve and that kind of fidelity and commitment to the lordship of Jesus needs to return to the church all right when he says no you're not that you shall judge angels how much more the things that pertain to this life now these angels that were to judge often people will think that those were the fallen angels but the fallen angels have already been judged do you think that this is kind of like a bemacy judgment for angels not judged on whether they've fallen or sin but whether judged on their performance and their duties well yeah I think it's a part of that but I think you know I think the message here is that God has placed us in a unique position and that is that we are the beneficiaries of God's work in Christ for our redemption and salvation because you know the word says I mean all of us were guilty every one of us there were none who are righteous not one and the scripture says that while we were yet sinners God reconciled us to himself and Christ that he was in Christ reconciling the world to himself not counting their sins against him so we were all in this pray in this place of helplessness the word says that while we were yet helpless Christ died for who the righteous no he died for the ungodly and so we had this this unique place as the recipients of God's redemptive grace and mercy which the angels know nothing about it says that we're that we're partakers and things that that that angels look upon and wonder and so that's why that God has placed us the word says that we are literally seated with Christ in the heavenly realms far above all rule and authority that's our position now we we have been seated with Christ far above all rule and authority and that includes the rule and authority of angelic spiritual beings in in that realm we've been placed above them and because of our experience of God's saving grace which is unique to his sons and daughters that angels have not experienced it gives us a unique place to be able to judge rightly because we we have an experience of salvation and of redemption that that the angels don't know anything about and and it allows us to be to occupy that place that God prepared beforehand that we should walk in and so I think it's you know it's and all to the glory all to the glory of God it's you know his his grace is is incomprehensible it's it's it's too wonderful to even to even comprehend we can't even contain the magnitude of it but yet we're the recipients of it and we're the we're the trophies of grace the storehouses of grace where the very Spirit of God dwells to manifest his redemptive and restoring and saving grace and so you know it's a glorious picture that Paul is painting well he's kind of saying that you know we're we you know are the heirs of the kingdom and the heirs of the kingdom is a whole lot different than being put on a terrorist watch list because we believe in Christ yeah and quite the contrary pastor not only is it contrary to being put on a terrorist watch list but what the American people need to understand and especially the church what the church needs to understand is that yes we are joint heirs with Christ who is the high king of the universe and we are seated with him in heavenly places and it's because of that that God in his wisdom ordained and established this Republic where the people themselves were the reservoir of sovereignty and authority that's because God wanted his people and what did Jesus tell us to pray he said pray our Father who is in heaven hallowed be your name your kingdom come and your will be done where on earth as it is in heaven and so we're we're supposed to begin to give a picture of what righteous humble servant leadership gracious judgment in truth headed righteousness what that's supposed to look like when it's administered by the people of God and in our Republic unique to any other system of governance in the history of human civilization the sovereignty rests with the people and God had an intention and a plan for his people to assume that role and to step forward in that duty to literally enforce the rule of righteous law we were supposed to do that not our agents in government we were supposed to do that and we were supposed to do it through the primordial institutions that that had evolved through English common law which God was at work in to establish righteous governance and that is through the grand jury and through the lawful militia both of which are bodies of the people not arms of the government and we have shirked that responsibility we've been deluded in the thinking that it wasn't our responsibility that that we were to leave it up to our elected servants to police themselves and and and arrest themselves and check their own corruption but that's it that's the opposite of what God intended when he established and ordained our Republic and brought it into existence he vested us with that authority and that sovereignty and it's it's the biblical picture of ruling and reigning with Christ all right I'm gonna get to that because I've got some questions I'm gonna ask you here in a few minutes but we got to finish this scripture first and then I'm gonna ask you a couple questions maybe they're tough ones we'll see but let's go back to verse 4 if if then you have judgments of these things pertaining to this life set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church well he's making a point that that even a brave brand-new born-again Christian a babe in Christ is better qualified to rule justly then a judge has been on the bench for 40 years it's not saved is that not true it's absolutely true and why is that because the scripture says that we have the mind of Christ and the mind of Christ is where all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge reside and so God has has in his divine wisdom and grace has invited us to be partakers of his wisdom and and what is it what did James say if you lack wisdom ask God to give liberally without partiality well that word has been changed isn't it literally but here he says in verse 5 why I speak to your shame is it so that there is not a wise man among you know not one that you'll be able to judge between his brother now in Corinth what was it that the Corinthians always prided themselves on when they went to the pavilion in town and they and they gave their weekly orientations and speeches they prided themselves on wisdom did they not yeah yeah what if Paul a went on them there did he's want to see signs and wonders in the yep but then he says this but brother go to law with brother and that before the unbelievers now there is utterly a fault among you because you go to law one with another why do you not rather take the wrong why do you not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded now you do wrong and defraud your your own brother it's really not smart to drag the Lord Jesus said go to him and work out come to it your your conclusion and your compromise before you go into the heathen courts because when you go into the heathen courts either you know the court wins you don't win do they the courts always win don't they well that's what he says there in verse 7 he says the fact that you have losses among you means you have been completely defeated already then it goes and let me go with verse 9 because now we really get into the days we're living in today now you know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God be not deceived and neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor the effeminate nor abusers of themselves with mankind sodomites nor thieves nor covenants nor drunkards nor revilers nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God and such were some of you but you were washed here sanctified but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our Lord God now here if you've been born again then you have been sanctified you've been washed but if you have not been born again then all of that list of those things still apply to you don't they yeah and so and this is what we're up against today you know the Bible talks about every place in there he talks about on the right refers to righteousness and power but on the left that refers to unrighteousness and isn't it something out today if you believe in God you believe in country you believe in indecency the Word of God righteousness they call you a right-winger but if you believe in embracing everything that the Word of God calls sin they refer to you as being on the left isn't that amazing that here the Bible that was written thousands of years ago told you it was gonna be that way and it's exactly the way the Word of God says alrighty we're gonna be back hey you listen to this Jeff because this is the way I feel I bet you do the same I'm fed up we're fed up with the Green New Deal and the socialists who created it we're fed up with the attacks on our fossil fuel and energy industries we're fed up with an open border we're fed up with human trafficking we're fed up with our country and we're fed up with the illegal immigration critical race theory we're fed up with boys competing in girls sports we're fed up the liberal media Twitter Facebook Google and YouTube for blocking conservative speech we're fed up with our government and universities censoring conservative thought cancelling debate and rewriting history we're fed up with the corruption in the FBI the Department of Homeland Security the CIA we're fed up with mask mandates vaccine mandates the CDC the NIH the WHO and the misinformation campaign surrounding COVID-19 and we're fed up with Anthony Fauci we're fed up with the politicians and the elitists in DC who are getting rich while the middle class falls further behind every year we're fed up with Joe Biden with we're fed up with the January 6 Commission and those people who think that they can gaslight us with Liz Cheney and we are putting everyone on notice as of November 8th we're taking our country back all right this is what this program is all about tonight taking our country back and we've got to do that and unless we're dedicated to doing this unless we repent and call upon the name of the Lord and what we really really want is revival but tomorrow night at 7 p.m. at doers of the word Baptist Church here in Northeast Ohio folks at 147 81 that's one four seven eight one Sperry Road that's Sperry S-P-E-R-R-Y Road in Newberry N-E-W-B-U-R-Y that's N-E-W-B-U-R-Y Ohio we are going to be having the tactical civics meeting and so we're gonna be talking about taking our country back so tonight we have here with us pastor Jeff Calhoun from tactical civics and Jeff let me just start out and ask you a couple things first of all you had referred to how our with the Constitution how it involved but it went from in evolving into the government the Republic we had to apostatizing and mutating and to something that's not even close to what the founding fathers gave us didn't it yeah it has been happening for over 160 years it began in earnest with Lincoln's war and he executed his office in ways that were by any honest measure of his action was tyrannical and and since then corporate interests bankers have literally bought our federal government and and now we have representatives that corporations have his pet and they do their bidding most of the legislation that comes out of Congress is written by corporate lawyers it's not written by the people that we supposedly in to Washington and so they have they have transmogrified our Republic into what we call the cheap imitation of Europe so let me ask you this I was reading this thing here called the Constitution the second amendment says that a standing militia is required well we used to have a standing militia but that was replaced with a permanent military what happened to our militia Jeff well that is a story that takes about nine hours to tell we have a podcast called who killed America's militia and and it is a brilliant and literally riveting survey of and it was done it was done very strategically it was done little by little by little it was done through deception it was done through deceit and and duplicitous actors and it ultimately resulted in the creation of what we have now which is this massive global military complex that exists to feed itself and to feed the industry that that it supports and it is a it's a blight on our nation our foreign policy is a blight on our Republic and it is an abomination to the vision that the founders had from the beginning and it literally has and so they didn't want militia to exist because the militia is the people acting in their constitutionally stipulated authority to execute and enforce the laws of the Union and our highest law be in our Constitution and our militia had a primary function to keep government in check if they were to step outside the bounds of the Constitution and we have instances of that in the founding generation they used to do this like they used to actually not only deal with criminal activity by citizens or the public but they also put a check on government and and the government they feared the people because the people were bearing the sword of enforcement on our elected servants and that's something that tactical civics is is committed to and has a brilliant plan to restore that law enforcement authority and the mechanism to execute it through lawfully established county militias we had three presidents eisenhower reagan and kennedy that all three warned us about the industrial military complex and of course you know they you know they suffered for doing that but they warned us and this is what we had not that long ago a few years back John Maturin and Chaplain Maturin and myself had an ongoing battle with the war college and the Pentagon because they had written papers stating that because and they quoted from Zachariah chapter 14 13 and 14 and Ezekiel 36 to 38 that because the Church of Jesus Christ because our allegiance was to the Lord Jesus and not to the armies of the world the United Nations that Christians should not be allowed to serve in the military and that was their argument and we had a going on air battle with them on that and of course they you know how they work they they twist things and they'll come out one way in the next few minutes they'll deny they ever said it but anyhow so when we take a look at what you're saying there we've come up with this thing through tactical civics but is it too late or can we still reclaim America well pastor here's what I believe and here's here's what we remind people of all the time is we are where we are because of God's judgment God's people have by and large stepped out of their calling and their duty and responsibility that that God has given us to superintend our government we've we've shirked that responsibility and we are reaping the fruit of our own sin and you know one of the things that Paul says in Romans 1 that God gives us over to when we choose our own way over his ways is stupidity yeah and you know and we we seem to be pretty rich in that but here's to your question is it too late like is it too late or is there till till time because we're under God's judgment we have however much time God gives us and in tactical civics we believe that we are acting in response to a call that God has made on our hearts and so our primary first mission first and foremost is to call God's people to repentance to turn away from their addiction to nice pretty things and ease of life and comfort to turn away from apathy and selfishness and to take up their cross to to do the duty to lay their lives down to serve God faithfully we're calling Christians to repent and and if a righteous remnant of God's people will turn and begin to serve him faithfully and educate themselves on the original calling that God gave his people in our Republic to literally be a shining light to the world to literally be a place where the law of liberty could actually flourish the perfect law of liberty if God's people for ribbon it would just turn then I believe that God will will lead us to a great restoration and you know and sometimes the world just changes and so we just believe that we have however much time God's gonna give us and we can't we're not in control of that the only thing we can do this to faithfully respond to to sincerely and and okay it works this way God has expectations of us he has expectations that we have obligations to him and so our obligations is to clearly whether we believe we have time or not our obligation it's just like if you're in the military you you know whether you can take the hill or not you got your orders you got to do your job and as Christians our obligation is to be obedient to our Lord that's that is what is demanded more than any other thing in Scripture God demands obedience now in the days of Jonah and Nineveh when the king of Nineveh repented what was the outcome the entire nation entire nation put on fact law and repented and came to God didn't make Jonah very happy well no it didn't what about my days he must have gone to one of those liberal seminaries well Jonah had to go back to his people and after the way the Ninevites had treated his people he didn't want to be the one to say hey guess what it was me that got him to repent they wanted they wanted vengeance is what they wanted and so yeah and so he he didn't want to be the one to have to go back and tell him but anyhow he better he has I think here's what he found out it's much more beneficial okay to please God than it is to please your people huh absolutely and so and something something that the people of God need to be reminded of is we all must give an account of what we did with the treasures and the gifts that God gave us like we all have to give an account and you know if if God's people think that they can shirk their responsibilities and then enjoy a happy homecoming well they're gonna have to answer to why they shirk their responsibilities why did you come are they calling are they gonna learn like we just saw what happened in Nineveh but then if you go to back to Genesis chapter 6 in the days of Noah Noah preached 120 years to repentance and the people refused and 8 billion people paid a big price for it didn't they yeah so so God kind of means what he says like when he went to Sodom and Gomorrah he meant what he said didn't he no doubt so does has God changed he's immutable so has he changed any at all well he's the same day yesterday and forever okay so it's not up to us to wonder whether or not we have the time it's up to us to give it everything we have our job our duty our obligation is repentance in America to restore this nation back to the nation that he gave it to us one nation under God we do it for him we do it it is entirely unbecoming of a follower of Jesus so worry about the future or to get to be overly concerned with or speculate or discuss about how much time how much time because what did he tell us they said don't worry about tomorrow tomorrow has enough worries for stuff let's take care of itself and and what day did he say was the day of salvation today today's the day of salvation and you know the funny thing is we worry about tomorrow but every time my dad used to say this every time tomorrow gets here they play a trick on and they changed the name of it to today yeah and so we have to do today's work today and today's the day of salvation and so you know seek the Lord while he may be found don't don't don't put it off don't you don't wait and and don't even ask the question do we have enough time well what what when is the day of salvation gonna be well it's gonna be today and so as long as today is still today as long as your eyes are open and the Sun is shining it's today and that means it's a day of salvation so just so repent and and demonstrate the works fitting for repentant and do the work do the chores fulfill your responsibilities and that's it you know that's what we're calling that's what we're calling people to do in tactical civics that's what we're calling God God's people to do is quit avoiding and shirking your civic responsibility as the sovereign in this country do you not realize what a blessing you've been given to literally be put in the place of sovereignty of this great republic that God ordained well then take hold of it take hold of it and serve and do the work that is that is fitting for one who is an heir I heard something one day was called government of the people by the people and for the people and you know in in the Bible when we talked about should we be concerned 366 times in Scripture it says fear not I get it I mean I get it right and so right now we're at a time we have to realize what brought us to the point that we're at here today it was apathy and ignorance and and where where God that's what real AI that we should be concerned about yeah yeah you're absolutely right but where our Lord was was really a dishonored more than any place was where he told you judgment begins in the church and in that pulpit but here Jeff there's something happening here in Ohio and you're probably being in Kentucky pretty well aware of what has taken place with issue one now issue one is absolutely it's right from the pit of hell it is what they want to do is they want to amend the Constitution in Ohio to make abortion you know for any reason not only for it you know do they want to promote and push and I'm talking about these people Jeff are the very same people that are behind the child trafficking you've got all this dark money these these these people are corrupt as corrupt yes and here in Ohio is one of the largest states that in the in the entire country where it comes to human trafficking child trafficking and also what it would do is it totally takes away all parental rights this this lens will it removes in other words here in Ohio if you've got a 13 year old girl gets pregnant and she says well I'm gonna go ahead the teacher told me I should go in abort and kill this child and you said oh wait a minute no forget your teacher I'm your mother or I'm your father and she said it doesn't matter because now they amended the Constitution you don't have any rights I can do whatever I want the only right you have is to pay for when things go wrong and so that's exactly what these these evil and inject and Jeff I'm gonna tell you these people behind it it's not just say well now they're on the political left and you're on a political right no no there is an evil there there is an evil there there's a darkness there and you know here's what it kind of reminds me that some of the people in the country Jeff it was it's kind of like there's a big house and we're sitting in the house one day and we're sitting and we're all in the kitchen drinking coffee and somebody said I smell smoke and someone yells out the bedrooms on fire and people say well not to worry we're in the kitchen right that's the mindset of some of the people we have out there today yeah yeah well that that's what it reminds me of out there and so we but now here's what's happening in Ohio Jeff you know here these pastors now these pastors before you know you couldn't get a motivated but now they understand that they will have no parental rights over their children and their grandchildren in fact Jeff under this the way this has changed if in fact you have a daughter who decides she's gonna go and become a boy and you say no you're not and you try to stop her you will be charged under this for committing a crime you will be charged okay and not only that Jeff listen to this when it refers to those that assist you if you what they call reproductive rights first of all there is no reproductive right that a woman in Ohio doesn't already have they have all the reproductive rights out there but here's the thing if in fact you have a 14 year old decides to bore her baby and she don't have any she gets a 13 year old to help her do it you don't even have to be you can't even prosecute him because it doesn't even say that when it comes to your reproductive rights you even have to have and be a licensed abortionist I don't call them doctors because they're not they're abortionist they're baby killers but this is how bad this legislation is it is it is evil ungodly wicked to the bone and you know what Jeff there's not one person and these apostate preachers here in Ohio these apostate preachers here in Ohio that they're promoting this there's not one of them that have the guts to come on this radio program and set across for me you know not one of them because yeah go ahead yeah I tell you and here's what you know I think people missed in this whole discussion is that the reason legislation like this like this abomination that they're that they're trying to put forward in Ohio the reason that this is this is because our government no longer they had zero fear of the people we are irrelevant to them they they have gotten to the place where they feel emboldened to do whatever it is whatever kind of insane and radical evil they can dream of that they can do it and and if the people don't commit themselves to restoring their authority to enforce our highest law and make our creatures of government have a godly fear and that what Romans 13 says it says that God has raised up those in authority in order to produce fear for good behavior well in our system of government that's talking about us we're the ones that God has raised up in our Republic and our nation's founding the ones that God raised up in authority was the people themselves not our government our government were seated in seats of servitude and subjection to the sovereigns which was the people and if we don't get serious about restoring our authority to enforce the Constitution and and and put a check on corruption and arrest and hold to answer for their crimes corrupt public servants and their agents in government if we don't get serious about restoring that authority and that proper place of action with the people which is exactly what tactical citizens do not and I would encourage everyone that's listening to your program to find out where your meeting that's going to be and go there and sign up and if you can't get on the website tactical civics calm and join us because what we're doing is we are engaged in the process that seeks to honor our high King Jesus and to restore his people in their rightful place of authority as the sovereign in this republic and to return righteous governance and and make these perverts and psychos have a healthy godly fear where they might even look it but we so serious about doing that yeah we have to put put the fear of the Lord in them and and you do that by with obedience to the Lord and that's how you do that we're gonna be coming up to a break here in a minute when we come back I want you to go through and take a good look at the mechanics of tactical civics because we're doing it and it's it's where it's moving pretty quickly here with us and so we're coming up to a fast break hang tight we'll be back after this we've got a whole lot more to come don't go away more to come thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry head to wr that's wr mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 Sperry Road Newberry Ohio 4 4 0 6 5 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word Cleveland calm the word Cleveland calm once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the Christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next we get it you're busy you don't have time to waste on the mainstream media that's why Salem news channel is here we have hosts worth watching actually discussing the topics that matter Andrew Wilkow the next D'Souza Brandon Tatum and more open debate and free speech you won't find 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