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FRI HR 2 022423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 25, 2023 12:10 am

FRI HR 2 022423

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at So until those test results are done appropriately, you have to treat it as a worst case scenario. So no, people should not be there. I was like a human test swab when my team and I went to East Palestine, Ohio.

Most reporters haven't gone. We went, my throat was burning, my eyes were burning, my ears were burning. We developed a cough, myself and my cameraman, after leaving just a few hours on the ground. These people have been living inside of this toxic cloud, which was, by the way, Pete Buttigieg just called it a toxic cloud seconds ago. So everyone's in agreement that they nuked the town with toxic chemicals. We felt it ourselves. What were we feeling?

With your professional expertise, what was happening to us and what's happening to the people of East Palestine, Ohio right now? Well, that's a reaction from the different forms of exposure. So you were inhaling, you were exposed to inhalation hazards of not only the vinyl chloride, but we know that there were 45 different chemicals on this particular train. So when they did this controlled, it was really an uncontrolled controlled burn. And we'll explain that in a minute. But you were exposed, directly exposed to inhalation hazards and different chemicals, of course, cause different reactions.

And there are different forms of interaction with our bodies. So you can, you can inhale, you can absorb, you can ingest, but you guys were directly inhaling that plume from the recently burned toxic makeup of several different chemicals. So you should have consulted with us. We could have helped you with your PPE.

Yeah, probably should have. So this wasn't a controlled burn. Well, it's interesting. I'll let you explain that.

Okay. So my background, I worked in bio environmental engineering in the Air Force. And when you were dealing with, you know, the burn pits that you probably heard about, that was my career field that exposed that. So there's a difference between just willfully, improperly getting rid of hazardous waste and burning it. And then there's hazardous waste disposal companies that come in and they do proper burns. It's controlled, meaning they control the amount of oxygen because it deals with reaction without getting too technical.

It's controlled so they know how to control the release. And this situation, we don't know until we get the after action report and we can't Monday morning quarterback, but I can understand why they did it the way that they did if they did not have time to properly do a controlled burn. So what they did is they punctured and drained it down into a trench.

And the weather conditions was good that day to make the plume go upward instead of it exploding and going outward with shrapnel into the breathing zone. But until we get that after action report, we won't understand why that decision was made. We can just say that we know conditions in which that would be done.

But in a real world situation, say an abandoned rail car or an underground storage tank, there's a way to properly do it to where it's not releasing the same hazard into the atmosphere. Well, and let me just add to that real quickly. The reason that they would have maybe felt that they had to burn instead of just, you know, allow it to just sit there was because the internal pressure or the temperature could have been building to the point where it could have caused an explosion. And that would have been fatal for the townspeople. OK, so I mean, obviously nobody wanted this situation. This is a bad situation to be in.

Everyone's aware of that. But what bad is happening to the townspeople right now? If you were in charge, what would you be telling them? Would you be evacuating?

I would evacuate them. And we have something called the ERG, the Emergency Response Guide, NIOSH Pocket Guide. That stands for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, because this is more of an occupational exposure. This is where we see these incidences.

But we basically have these go to quick grab guides. And it will tell you how big of a cordon or an evacuation zone you need to do based on the hazards. We had a chemical hazard and then we had an explosion hazard. So one, I would still let everyone evacuate. I would have declared a disaster so that we had FEMA, Red Cross, all the government support that Ukraine is getting. And it would be given to those people in East Palestine. And they would be housed at least 100 to 150 miles in the opposite direction of the hazard.

So there's upwind and downwind exposure. So they would also be told before the burn. They got five minutes through a text message notification to say we're doing a burn and then shelter in place. I saw a text from Courtney Miller. You may have seen her on Tucker Carlson as the woman threw the rock into the river. They had five minutes notice before they were going to do this burn, which is really a very egregious and inappropriate response by the EPA, because they did not provide the people with enough time to shelter in place.

I mean, think about it. Moms pushing strollers down the sidewalks, people playing with their dogs in the dog park, kids at school, grocery shopping. You don't have enough time in five minutes to get back home. And then they were told to shelter in place, but they were not told how to shelter in place. So all of the contaminants that were released through this burn with multiple chemicals are now inside of everyone's homes on every surface, settled in on the floors because the HVAC systems were not turned off. They should have been told, turn off your HVAC system, turn off your furnace, tape and seal doors and windows and cover vents.

But they were not told anything. And so there was no point in them being even being in their homes because everything that was released outdoors has been pulled indoors. And so these people were not only exposed to the acute exposure, which is that immediate, you know, massive exposure all at once.

That's called an acute exposure, but they are now being exposed repeatedly with a chronic exposure long term. So this is a this is an area that needs to be completely evacuated still. And I just want to point out that one of our colleagues, Stephen Petty, people may have seen his viral video. He's in the red beanie. He's the GOAT of our profession.

I'll just say that. So he's down there doing the proper sampling. And in an occupational setting, whether it's the EPA or OSHA coming into a business we're embedded in or contracted for, if they come in to inspect us, every round of sampling they do, we have to do the same sampling side by side because they have a track record of finding things they want to find and ignoring things they want to ignore. So the EPA had turned their eye and let this, I think it's HEPCO, the railroad, excuse me, their contractor, they can test to get the results they want, which is why they did instantaneous readings instead of calculating what we call a time-weighted average. So it's exposure over time when the same contaminants share the same hazard to the target organ. So just think of chemicals that are volatile organic compounds and all 10 of them attack the liver.

That's called synergistic toxicity or cumulative dose. So you're saying that the longer that they keep people here in this toxic dump that the greater the probability, the multiplication tables just increase exponentially for some decontamination. Absolutely.

Yes, absolutely. These people should leave immediately if they're able to because they don't know how to properly decontaminate their homes. And just the process of decontaminating their homes, now that we know all these chemicals are inside of every home and every business because they were not properly sealed off, every time they walk on the carpets, they let babies crawl on the carpets, they're just re-aerosolizing and recontaminating the breathing air. And so these people are being exposed continuously every day.

It wasn't just that one acute exposure from the burn. It's a continuous exposure now because the government told them it was okay for them to come back in. And so they need to leave. They need to completely leave because their homes have not been properly decontaminated. And they're walking outside and they're bringing it into their homes. And that's why I always tell people when I do hazardous materials training, treat the contaminant like blood.

So envision that everything around you has blood on it and then treat it that way. So if you wear your shoes outside, you've got to leave them at the door. And no one is being given this proper risk communication and that's the real crime. Right. It's mass criminal negligence.

And we know that the EPA knows it because they've trained us. So having gone there and having seen the people that are most affected, and I suppose the radius for this is probably miles perhaps, I wouldn't actually know, but seeing the people right next to the burn, which is where we went, those people don't have the capacity to put themselves up in a hotel for months. No, right. It's a non-scientific question, but if their homes are contaminated, what you're telling me is that they've effectively neutralized any value in these people's houses. Absolutely. And if we can bring hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants across the border, shelter them, put them up, feed them, clothe them, send them to college for free, for crying out loud, I don't get that treatment as a citizen. There is no reason we cannot take a very small town of those people who are in that burn area and downwind and move them to an area where we can put them in hotels, provide food and clothing and shelter. There is absolutely no reason the federal government cannot do this when we treat citizens of other countries better. Yeah, that are Afghan refugees. I mean, the Afghan refugees are being treated better than these people. Yes. So, okay, so, I mean, when are we going to have to find this out?

When they start keeling over of cancer, of liver cancer? I mean, like, what is the recourse here? Pee-Poo to Judge is there today. If Pee-Poo to Judge was live streamed into this show, what would you tell him? Well, I would say resign.

Yes. And I also believe that the residents, like I've said, they need to take their HVAC filters if they still have them from the first five days after that burn and cut up corners, like outside corners and in the middle, put them in a baggie or take the whole thing and put it in a trash bag, tie it up, save it for later. You can't necessarily use that in litigation because it has to have chain of custody. But if you can, start on your phones or whatever paper you have, you know, start documenting your symptoms.

Even if it's just a headache, say, like, on this day, a headache, how long it lasted, shortness of breath, my eyes were burning. People need to document this because what they do is they look at an average. They look at trends in the area and that's how you get dosed. Because remember, the burden of proof is not on the people. The sampling should have been done correctly right away. We're talking, it's been, what, 20 days now? Three weeks.

Yes. So had they done the testing, they could have done an emergent turnaround time with the lab within four to five business days, got the data back to say you can go back and then hired with through bids of non-governmental hazardous waste cleanup crews because you're going to get the best outcome. And they could have de-conned the homes and they could have returned. And now our colleague, Stephen Petty, certified industrial hygienist, chemical engineer, he's doing those samplings right now. He lives in Ohio and in Florida, so he was ready to go. Wow.

Okay. So what is a Superfund site? This is a term that I've learned quite recently. And would this apply to East Palestine, Ohio? Yeah, so Superfund site, there's something before that called the Nationals Priority Listing. It's where hazardous assessments are conducted to figure if there's just so much contamination of land, just to kind of dumb it down. If a site is so contaminated, it's certain federal funds and through court action funds from the guilty parties are designed to clean up this area. And it can take a very long time to clean up a Superfund site. And sometimes, like abandoned military installations have Superfund sites from underground storage tanks leaking. The government can seize that property.

It just depends if it has restoration capabilities or not. But Superfund sites happen all around the world. Most of the time, you see them with oil spills or radiological exposures. But it's something that I think that needs to really be looked at because these poor people have completely lost their home values. So you're saying that this entire town, I mean, you would just cordon off this entire city. Yeah, it should be uninhabitable right now. Wow. Wow. And it's going to get worse before it gets better because it's going to continue to leach down into the soil.

Yeah. It sounds apocalyptic and we're not trying to alarm us. We're not.

I probably wouldn't care so much if we hadn't physically gone there ourselves. But what in the worst possible scenario is happening right now in slow motion that could be affecting these people? Well, it's the long-term chronic exposure that they're being exposed to in their homes. And we know this is going to lead to cancers, neurological and degenerative diseases. And pregnant women are a big concern for us because we know that this affects. It's mutagenic. These are mutagenic and tretogenic. Because of the synergistic toxicity, we know that this is going to cause long-term damage.

And it could possibly cause miscarriages and birth defects. Wow. So what is the recourse to try and get this information?

I mean, we're obviously covering it here, but there are people that are still living there and nobody seems to be acting with the kind of urgency that the two of you are. And it sounds like you have a colleague. I've seen that video.

It's gone viral. Your colleague in the red hat testing the water. So it sounds like we'll be getting some independent information soon.

And we can come back on and provide you with updates because the testing he's collecting is being done right now. What you can do now is go to I'm a volunteer and podcast host for that organization.

We are suing the EPA to force them to do their jobs correctly. Good. Well, Godspeed to you. We need a lot more of that. And thank you for actually caring about these people.

They're truly forgotten people and it's very, very sad and they need our help. Alrighty, we're back. You know, John, we were reported last week when this thing happened. Right away there were reports coming in that people saw for 40 minutes, for 40 minutes, the axle bearings, the axles were on fire. Because, you know, and so on the wheel bearings there, they were on fire.

They were burning. And what's supposed to happen when your wheels are on fire, you're supposed to stop the train. Yes, Pastor Ernie, the way it works is along the train routes, I don't know the distance, but at regular intervals there are surveillance cameras that are actually geared to look at the wheels and the axles of the trains as they go by. And any abnormality is picked up and it's supposed to be referred to the engineer or someone, I think it's the engineer in the train, he's supposed to stop the train immediately there to examine what's going on. And if it's something like you just described, they've got an axle on fire, they have to stop the train and call for the construction crews or the repair crews to come. That train can't go anywhere. So this was like miles and miles and miles that axle was on fire before it finally blew and they had the derailment and then the fire and all.

So what is this? It's like criminal negligence or is it sabotage? Well, they say that that train was a mile long. I don't know how many cars you would have on a mile long train. I think it was 150 cars and they said that's like illegal, that there was too many cars on it. You know, I mean, I've sat there railroad crossings while the trains come and, you know, if a train has 30 or 40 cars, you've got a good weight. I can't imagine 150 cars. That is a lot of cars.

And they'd say there were only three. They were registered as a hazardous train. There are special precautions if it's hazardous and apparently this train, I guess you could say, was illegal because it was not identified as being a hazardous train.

Something I don't understand. I heard them talking about that and they were saying that because there was such a small percentage of cars that had hazardous material on there, that there has to be a larger percentage of cars carrying hazardous material. That doesn't sound right to make it for them to qualify as a hazard. That doesn't sound right to me.

To me, if there's one car carrying hazard. Exactly. Now, Pastor Ernie, in light of everything that's going on against America by the government now, it's obvious the government hates us, what they've done with the oil supply, what they're doing with the borders, what they're doing. We knew from the very beginning the inflation was going to hit because it's like a law of economics and there's so many other things. This government is saying that every problem here is done by white racism. This Buttigieg here, his big thing was they wanted to get out racism in the construction industry or something. Equity.

Everything is by equity. The area that train wreck occurred is predominantly white. I think it's about 90% white. And they were heavy Trump voters.

75% of the voters voted for Trump. So I'm going to make a statement based on everything I've seen now that I believe that what Biden did and what Buttigieg did was done on purpose against white people. That they would not have acted like that if there was a whole town taken over by illegal aliens. They would not have done that. They would rush emergency right then and there. That video, that tape that you played had my head spinning.

To get a grasp on everything they said, I'd have to take notes or listen to it five or ten times. But no government can be that incompetent. It's impossible to be that incompetent. Someone was giving orders not to go to the rescue of those people. I heard the mayor say that the government nuked our city, not with a nuclear bomb, but with chemicals. The mayor of the city said that. Some city officials. I think this was done on purpose because of race.

I'm absolutely sure of it. In 2021, there was a film made. We watched part of it in church Sunday. The film was about a small town in Ohio that had a huge train derailment and everything that happened here in East Palestine is exactly what happened in that film. That film was made in 2021.

It was like you had mentioned about, what do you call it, green. There's a mindset. In fact, we played a clip. I played a clip with some people that studied such things and they showed how the opposition likes to show you what they're going to do ahead of time. It's like bragging. It's like they're bragging what we're going to do to you. Well, they have a belief that if they show you what they're going to do if you don't stop them, then you've agreed with them that you've given them permission to do it.

It becomes acceptable. Yeah, I know. I know what you're saying is true, but how can how can we stop how they plan on doing it? How can you stop that? I mean, it's so it's so involved.

They have so much bribes, so many people and so many people have this their same agenda and all. And when would so that was in 2021, I think you said. Yeah, yeah, this was two years later. How do you know when they're going to pull it off? You know, you know what I mean? Well, that's just it.

You don't. Well, do you remember? OK, obviously, you remember 9-11. 9-11 happened in September and June. That rap group had on the cover of their album, they had the World Trade Center's with two planes flying into it. OK, three months before it took place.

All right. The day before COVID-19. Yeah, the TED talks. I mean, they had a they had a scenario taking place.

What was in October? And the COVID thing hit in December and they had a scenario in the road that John Hopkins put on by Gates. They had the scenario laid out like six weeks before it happened. Yeah, those were the TED talks, you know, and then you're 100 percent right. If this would have been in New Orleans or Atlanta or Chicago, not only they would have pulled troops out of Ukraine to fix it.

And we'd still be having concerts and all that fundraisers for the good people. Well, we just we just did the clip on the former vice president and the lead, the top scientist at Pfizer. And he was talking about the batches, my dirty batches targeting different areas. Right. And in the lethal batches, the lethal batches of those so-called vaccines went by 11 times. More often they went to red area, red states. Yeah.

And then they did. You know, the great danger in this is this cloud that was up in the air and it's blown all over the United States now. I mean, there are major cities with I'm just going to say large black populations downwind from that. You get Buffalo and you get Pittsburgh and a lot of small other cities there that could be predominantly black or have a lot of Spanish in it. I mean, that wind is not discrim doesn't discriminate.

It goes everywhere. Well, you got to understand. I mean, if you you can excuse this, what they've done, there's no way they had to be on purpose.

Yeah. Well, John, you have to understand to their like you have racist bridges. I heard boogers. They talking about certain bridges are racist bridges. They were built like, you know, white men by white men. And and you also it could be that there's this racist downwinds, you know, promoted by white men.

You don't know. I mean, the bridges, he's saying that they were lower so they didn't have the height. Those trucks couldn't get into the black neighborhoods to deliver goods.

This is we planned this all out years and years ago. Yeah. And then the roads are racist also. You know, they're designed to separate the black community from the white community. Blah, blah, blah.

Yeah. This is how sick they are. I mean, there are all sorts of interstates that have gone through areas that have divided, you know, white neighborhoods. I mean, it's if you're going to build neighborhoods, I mean, it's just they've gone. They use this now as their mantra. Anything they're against or anything. It's all it's all white racism. It's all white. That's all they like to say.

Yeah. Everything is systemic now. Remember in the days when everything went wrong with Reagan's fault? And then, of course, they turned to Trump.

Everything went wrong with Trump's fault. And now it's just flat out white people, white men. Yes. Christian ones, too.

Christian white men? Yeah. Yeah. They're moving into the area of Christian now, Pastor Ernie.

Yeah, I see that. Let me tell you what's happening in California. Antifa militants are hit with 16 felony charges. Who would have ever thought that in California they would actually do that?

Because crime is legal in California. And so here, Antifa militants have been charged with 16 felonies for leading a group that brutally attacked Trump supporters and teenagers in San Diego two years ago. Brian Cortez Lightfoot, Jr., 26th of Los Angeles, is one of 10 Antifa members indicted by a San Diego County grand jury over a January 9, 2021 riot in Pacific Beach.

I'm surprised that they even did that because usually the prosecutors, if they're Antifa, they just let them go. Okay. Now, Andy Nego reports.

Go ahead, John. Okay. Andy Nego reports to Post Millennial that for six Antifa defendants took plea deals over their role in the attack and their waiting sentences. Lightfoot is among the remaining five who face the trial in March if they do not take plea deals. Well, I can imagine what the plea deals would be, huh? I'm surprised they just didn't give them no bail and let them go running up to commit more crimes.

Okay. You know what's coming up? Right here in Ohio, right here in the Cleveland area, bringing America back to life convention. John, this is the biggest pro-life convention in America. Did you know that? Right here, right over by the radio station here.

No, I didn't know it. Well, it's right by March 10th and 11th at the Embassy Suites right here in Independence. And Lord's willing, I'm going to be out there. I go every year.

And sometimes I speak out there, but other times I just go to meet and greet people out there. And that's, If you want to go up on the website, you'll find out a lot more about it because, well, I just read that there's going to be people like Created Equal, my good old buddy Mark.

And by the way, let me tell you what they're doing, what Created Equal is doing. They go with students. They get students and they go all over the country to these college campuses and places and they put it on their pro-life displays. And just over a week from now, pro-life students from across the nation will converge on Columbus, Ohio.

That's right. I think they're coming next week to Columbus. First they'll be trained by our team to reach hearts and change minds to move people from pro-death to pro-life. Then they'll go by bus to Florida where they'll be put to the test.

It will be a life-changing, stretching week. And he's asking you young people out there. I wonder if they would take you, Ron. I'm young, so I could go.

Can you go? All righty. And so here, I'll tell you what you do.

Here's what you do. You call over there, call Mark at 614-269. That's 614-269-7808.

Again, that's Created Equal to get on that bus and head out to Florida. And they have all these activities, pro-life activities. And so you young people out there, 614-269-7808.

That's 614-269-7808. Created Equal is a great organization, and they call it the Just-O-Ride, the Just-O-Ride, a ride for justice. I did it for 45 years. I actually did it for longer than that, 50 years, really, the pro-life. But I was on the streets for 45, and I went with a lot of these. But if I was younger, again, I would think I would jump right on top of that and go with them. You went under horse and carriage, though, right? Yeah, yeah.

We can put that information up on the website. Well, here, take it and do it. Okay. Put that up there.

And then we'll be back right after this. I'm satisfied with just a cottage below, a little silver, a little gold. But in that city where the ransom will shine, I want a gold one, that silver one. I've got a mansion just over the hilltop in that brown land where we'll never grow. And someday, yonder, we will never mow wonder, or walk the streets at a purest glow.

I'm often tempted, tormented and tested, and like the prophet, my pillow a stone. Though I find here no permanent dwelling, I know he'll give me a mansion of my own. I've got a mansion just over the hilltop in that brown land where we'll never grow. And someday, yonder, we will never mow wonder, or walk the streets at a purest glow. Don't thank me, poor, poor, deserted or lonely, I'm not discouraged, I'm heaven-bound. I'm just a pilgrim in search of a city. I want a mansion, a harp and a crowd. I've got a mansion just over the hilltop in that brown land where we'll never grow. And someday, yonder, we will never mow wonder, or walk the streets at a purest glow. Yeah, and you know what? There won't be any computers there, especially now in them electronic Bibles. We won't need them, will we? So, you hear that, McTurner? I hear you, Pastor Ernie. You know what?

There'll be no Gutenberg's Press up there either. Yeah. Well, you know that song we just sang?

That was Estie, she went home to be with the Lord, and Brian, Park, and yours truly. Well, what have we got with education? You've got something going on over there.

Yes. It's worse than we first reported. Illinois has 930 schools where only 1 in 10 children can do math at grade level. In 53 Illinois schools, not a single student can do math at grade level. And how do we reward this?

97.2% of the teachers were rated excellent or proficient, but only 29.9% of the students can read at grade level. And then, this is really where Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently... Lori Lesbian Lightfoot? Yes. Or Beetlejuice, that's what we call her.

Yeah. She was in a debate, and she actually, I call this every now and then, a blind squirrel finds a few acorns, but she stated during the debate that the Chicago Teacher Union brought chaos to the Chicago Public Schools. And she blamed the unions for the district's enrollment decline, and criticized the union for frequent work stoppages that upended the city. Now, she never mentioned anything about the gun violence, but it kind of reminded me of an old Clinton joke. When the Clintons came to Washington, they were going to be the education presidents. And he fell out of favor within the first month, because they mentioned that Amy Carter went to public schools, but Bill said, No, she's not going to go there, she's going to go to the private school, Sidwell Friends, I think it was called, with Chelsea. Chelsea, yeah. So, the old joke back then was, they finally cornered him, why isn't she going to public schools?

And he replied that Chelsea wouldn't stand a chance there, because she's a terrible shot. There you go. Alrighty. Do you guys, do we have callers on the line already? Okay. We do or not? Normally, by now, we've got a bunch of callers. If we don't have any, I've got a lot of articles.

Alright, well I don't want, I've got the stuff to get out, so I'll just, if they're not calling, I won't bother. Are they trying to kill us? Lab grown meat backed by Bill Gates has cancer cells and could cause other scary health issues. You've got an article right there on the same thing, a different article though.

Sometimes you have to wonder what the globalists are up to, not me, I know what they're up to and it's always bad. A bombshell report from Bloomberg earlier this month revealed that lab grown meat strongly supported by Bill Gates has cancer cells. It's loaded with cancer cells.

Are you ready? Are you reading this correctly? You are devouring glorified cancer tumors when consuming fake meat.

That's right. Joe Fassier, the author of the piece, revealed that in order for lab grown meat companies to produce what they called meat, they utilize what are called immortalized cells and then cells, in some cases, they are all fully cancerous. Can you believe this?

Okay. Well, Pastor Ernie, that matches what's going on in East Palestine there in Ohio. It involves death and the government doesn't care of people and now we have a promoting what they call food that in the long term is going to, I'm sure some people are going to come down with cancer from eating it. Well, you know, it's an interesting thing because back in the 80s, I used to sit in their meetings and I think you remember when the World Health Organization and the World Economic and Planned Parenthood Predators, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, the ACLU, when they would have their meetings, I would attend those and I would take notes. And the ways they talked about, back then they were talking about depopulating the planet, okay, down to one half a billion. I think at that point it was about seven billion.

Now it's almost eight billion, okay. And so they talked about ways of doing it. They talked about, believe it or not, the Vax. They talked about the vaccines. Bill Gates was, you know, back in those days they were promoting giving, especially in Africa. I remember when they talked about one of the meetings they were talking about how they had given the young girls in Africa eight times as many died from the vaccine, the human papillobus vaccine, eight times as many girls died from the vaccine that died from the disease.

Okay. So they talked about that. They talked about wars. They talked about, of course, abortion, euthanasia. And they talked about starvation, you know, controlling the food.

But they were never talking about growing meat or making this back then. And so they moved ahead into something new as far as to depopulate the planet. Yeah, if you look at what the common denominator with all these schemes, it always seems to come back to Bill Gates. And the guy is basically a depopulation expert. Well, Gates and George Soros is involved in everything that's dirty. But you'll find that the two pop up there. Pastor Ernie, I look at Soros through politics like Gates is to hell. Yeah, that's a good analogy.

Yeah, agents of death. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, did you say we got a caller? Yeah, we got Brian in Texas. Now let's go to Texas and talk to Brian. Hey, Brian. Good afternoon and good evening, Pastor Ernie Sanders. You put a lot of hard work in what you do, sir. Every night I listen to you, I think, my God, this guy, he does his own songs.

He's on the air till 11 o'clock at night. You guys are so awesome. And I wanted to ask you real quick. My friend was telling me about the new meat, plant based meat stuff going on.

I heard that it had like cow's blood and stuff in it, but not the shift to gears with everything going on. Do you think that our government is going to issue out gas masks? I mean, they haven't done that since December 6th of 1916, from what I was reading earlier. That's something really that's starting to concern me with everything going on with, you know, being threatened. And they're not, you know, this Joe Bama group is not, and even both for him, it's the man that trained him. I don't even want to call him a man. But is that something that maybe you guys could touch base on as far as something we should be concerned about?

We used to go to the Army and Navy store here in the city, and they would be pretty much standard to have on the shelf. But I don't hear anybody talking about that. And it seems like it's something they hear about, you know, the things they're going to do, these other world dictators, these satanic world dictators and satanic members of the world, the satanic world movement. Is that something that we need to be concerned with, Pastor Ernie?

Well, absolutely it is, yeah. And we're, you know, what we have to do, you know, we have to take our country back. We have to take our country back, and the Bible tells us how to do it, okay? In 2 Chronicles 7, 14, it tells you where to start.

And I believe maybe they're in Kentucky. It seems like a revival has taken place. So that's where we have to start. We have to start with prayer, repentance, and we have to take our country back. We've got to get rid of, you know, get them out of office.

Now, there were a lot of gains made this last, in the 2020 election, where school boards, our side picked up a lot of school boards, but we've got a long ways to go. But we've got to take our country, the Bible says, Be you a doer of the word, not a hearer, only deceiving your own self, okay? And it tells you resistance to tyranny. The Democratic Party is the party of Satan. They are literally the party of Satan, okay? Satan has become the official, unofficial church of the Democratic Party. So we know what our battle is, and we know that he that is in us is greater than he that is in the world.

And we are to run to this battle and try to take our country back to one nation under God again. I know that like in other states, like Oklahoma board in Texas, they have these underground bunkers for tornadoes and stuff. And, you know, they're teaching the satanic schools that we have down here in Texas, they're all members of this satanic group movement. And they're not teaching the children, or even us, or talking about these gases that are going to be exposed. Like earlier, the APA ladies that you had on were talking about this derailment of this chemical that is doing what it did to the ground. And they're talking about sending it up there. They've already had over 100 trucks transporting this fire water to Houston, Texas, to another company. Yeah, look, there's things that's happened.

This is not by accident. At the World Health Organization, Joe Biden was speaking to the World Economic Federation, and Biden said this, we've got to cut the food supplies. We've got to cut the food supply. He said that. Even Donald Trump was saying that he ought to be fired. And with this transportation guy, Pete, I can't even say his name.

Well, it's actually Pete Rainbow. You know, he ought to be fired. Having that high position in office, I don't even know if he did a background check on him, that he could actually even qualify for even working at a convenience store, handing out poisonous candy to children.

Because that's what he's doing to these families in these neighborhoods. It's equity. It's equity. Look, like Biden said, you put too much emphasis on qualifications. You put too much emphasis on... In other words, it's not how, if someone's qualified for a job, it's their equity. If it's their color or their sexual preference, that's what equity is about. It's stupidity.

It's absolute insanity. But I've got to move on. And, John, you've got four minutes. Can you do her? Yeah, Pastor Ernie.

Yeah. Lord, we're before you in the name of Jesus. And we have really, when we look at our government now, we can't trust it on many, many levels. And we can only turn to you. And we are in great need, Lord. We are in great, great need because they are bent on mass murder, Lord. Mass murder. It's obvious in the things that they're doing.

They want to destroy this nation from every angle. So we're asking for mercy, Lord. And Pastor Ernie mentioned it, that we need really an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We need your Spirit moving in a tangible way in this nation to change people's hearts, to win them to Christ, to strengthen the believers, and to beat back this wicked, murdering, hateful... That hates you, Lord. This Spirit hates you.

It's very powerful. So we turn to you in the name of Jesus. I ask that you would put fire in all our bellies to stand, that we wouldn't think of cutting and running, that we would stand in the name of Jesus. There'd be fire in the belly of the pastors and the pulpits for this, Lord. This is a true test.

Our medal is being tested now in a real, real, real way. So, Lord, that's my request. And then, Lord, there may be people listening that have never trusted you as their Lord and Savior. They've never confessed that you died on the cross and shed your blood and rose again the third day. The Bible says now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation, and that your way to heaven is through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross when His shed blood paying the price for our sin. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. So it involves repentance, a turning around from sin to living towards Jesus Christ and His Word, confessing Him as your Lord and Savior, and believing that He rose from the bodily rose from the dead. And then God becomes our Abba Father, and that's very important to this generation.

We're raising a generation now that fractured homes, fathers not there or fathers very poor, this directly affects the children and causes all sorts of problems. So we're asking that as people confess you as their Lord and Savior, that they would see you as their loving Daddy, Abba Father in Heaven. Amen.

That's right. We've got God's Word on that. Everything you just said, we have God's Word on it. But we're out of time. We come to this point every night. I was just getting going. I was preaching in me tonight, Pastor Ernie. Well, we've got to say good night, God bless, and always, always keep fighting the fight! The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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