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FRI HR 2 012023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 21, 2023 12:14 am

FRI HR 2 012023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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And I don't have the code sites in front of me, but I believe it's Title 18, and I do have the numbers. And what it says is is that if you're made aware, if a magistrate or judge is made aware of, or any official is made aware of, felony or treason, and they do not address the issue, that they now become part of that felony, aiding and abetting. And in the case of treason, there is no such thing as aiding and abetting. You now are part of the treason. It's a much higher standard, but a significant point is if you're told there's treason and you don't do anything about it, you're now part of the treason.

That's the argument we've been encouraging the Brunssons to consider adding to what it is they do. And if they do that, what it means is, okay Supreme Court, you weren't willing to look at 388 potential felons that need to be removed from Congress and sent home never to work in government again, but now if you choose not to do this, you on the Supreme Court are part of a felony and treason also, because you did nothing about it. That's mis-preason of felony and mis-preason of treason. All right, hold on right there, because I've got some questions, but I want to say that John and Hiram pledges 30, Rose and Chicago pledges 50, Daniel and Michigan 100, and Tony and Parma 100. Okay, thank you, thank you, thank you. We have 35 minutes left folks, and we've got to do something here tonight, we really do. Now I've already pledged twice this week, I pledged a thousand twice, and I'm gonna, I'm gonna make a third shot at it tonight.

Right now I'm gonna pledge another thousand, and so here I'm gonna try to ask, I'm gonna ask folks out there, I want to get some matches, I need to get some matches out there. You know, a number of people, look, you know about the six stations, they're more likely we're gonna be off the air. Now that doesn't mean we're not gonna have any listeners there, because a lot of people can listen to us on the internet. Cleveland Ward, in fact, a lot of them do, okay, they listen to us on the internet, but a lot of the good people that don't have internet, they only have radio, they won't be able to hear us, but they could do it on these smart-alley phones, I guess. But anyhow, so we don't want to, but there's other stations too, and it might be the station that you're listening to us on tonight, that are right on the borderline.

I mean, they're right on the borderline with going off. I know the economy is tough in a lot of places right now, and so we have been bringing you information that you, that you're not gonna get anywhere else. We, we were warning you about things like the Biden crime family and all that, way ahead of the rest of the media, and so right now we're down to what we need. Well, we need actually 28, we need 2,800, 2,800 yet to go, but can we get some matches? We need some matches of $1,000. Look, I need, give me three matches, give me three matches tonight, make up for, for last night.

Now, 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. Let me ask you guys both this. Now, here's, here's what I've been, I got a theory or an opinion that the court in Brunson's case were watching, waiting to see what was going to happen when, when the Republicans took over Congress. They were gonna see if they were gonna go rhino or if, what happened? I, I praise the good Lord for those 20 people, those 20 holdouts that held out, that those, those people will be looked upon as heroes someday, and so now I think he's watching Jim Jordan, and if Jim Jordan starts bringing down the bad guys, I think the court's gonna say, yeah, you know, it's safe, let's do it. What do you guys think?

No, please, I just spoke, go ahead. It's very difficult, Pastor Ernie, after seeing the track record and all, to have any faith in, especially Roberts, in there. I don't see them having the courage to do what should be done. Now, I hope they hope that they would, but based on their track record and the things that Roberts did leading that court, I really see, because it's gonna, it'll be close, so it's not going to be nine to nothing, I'm sure, so it's difficult to believe that they'll do the right thing.

Well, you know, they actually did the right thing with Roe v. Wade, actually, and I didn't think they'd have the courage, but they did, they did that, okay? Well, it's true. And so, and we know what's happening, you just saw what happened just recently in Atlanta with Antifa. Antifa now is encouraging their people to come out and start killing police officers out there. Antifa is simply a branch of the Democratic Communist Party.

That is the reality. You guys know it and I know it, Black Lives Matter there, too. They're simply a part of the Democratic Communist Party, which is completely, totally corrupt.

I mean, it's completely corrupt. Now, I remember also just a couple years ago how they were saying that they were going to start going into the suburbs where Whitey lives and start, they're going to start shooting white children. Well, Whitey out there where I live, Whitey is armed, okay?

And when people start coming in attacking the children, they're not gonna go too far, I can tell you that. Because, you know, Whitey is fed up. He's had enough. There ain't no, no, no more room.

Whitey is ready to stand his ground and fight. What about these, these courts? Now, we know one of the reasons that these courts have been afraid to stand, especially where it comes to taking on the voter, the election fraud, is because basically the Department of Defense, the Department of Defense has put the word out to stand down. And so there's things going on there.

And virtually what is happening right now, and I said this, and I'll stand by it. Joe Biden has brought in all of these, these terrorists right now into this country. Right now, you're not hearing a lot about this, but the drug cartels, they're in here now, they're doing gangs, murders.

They're doing, they just killed that entire family. And Biden brought him in. Biden's job was to keep the gates open. He was getting his orders from the Chinese Communist Party. He was their puppet. And he kept, he forced the gates open, brought in the drug dealers, the human smugglers, and a lot, a lot of terrorist folks. Biden's job was to reduce America to third world status. And that's exactly what he's been doing. And this is why the Brunson case is so important, to bring all of these anti-God, anti-Christ criminals to justice. Go ahead, fellows.

I'd love to jump in on this. This is near and dear to my heart. You know, people often say, how are we going to save our country?

And to me, it's extremely simple. We have a Constitution, we have an oath. And that oath of office says that you protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Well, the reality is, is that we've allowed our domestic enemies to get above us. And the only way we can save our Constitution, we need to either use it or lose it.

And that's the beauty of the Brunson cases. And you've got an oath, you have to obey it. If you don't, you're fired. And if it's serious enough, you're brought up on charges of felonies or treason.

And then you're prosecuted for that on top of that. And so how do you get your government back? One officer at a time, you're Mr. so and so, Officer so and so, Judge so and so, if you're not obeying your oath of office, you're going to be removed and prosecuted. Now, I do not like thinking in these terms. But I believe that our nation hangs in the balance.

And what I'm about to say, just just take it for the spirit that's met behind this is not in my nature at all. But treason is is defined, and I'm going to butcher this, but the concept is basically this. It's a it's an act of criminal acts so horrific, that it endangers the lives of many, if not all the members of the of the nation.

That's called treason. The penalty for treason is death by hanging. What do you think would happen if we actually set up a gallows in Washington DC on the Capitol steps and hung the actual criminals, just like they did with with Lincoln when he was assassinated?

I can't remember if it was five or six. But if you were to look up the Lincoln assassination, Wikipedia, even, I remember seeing a picture there recently, they did a public hanging. How long do you think we'd have bad judges, if they were actually hung for felonies and treason? I don't think I think we'd suddenly whip everybody back into into into where they needed to be. But we've got Trojan horses that have been allowed in by the Biden crime family.

I love the way you put that. And by the way, Biden's not going to be in this position very long. I don't know if you've been following the news closely enough. I've actually started a series at

That's And it's called Babylon is Falling. And what it is is posts about how God is winning this last last world war before the second coming of Jesus Christ.

And that we need to keep calm, stand back, and avoid being crushed by the falling rocks and debris, because Babylon is coming down. The Lord is going to step in at some point. And I believe he's going to help you, Pastor. Whether it happens by Wednesday or not, that's in his hands. All we can do is our part and make our donations and do what we can to help keep the airways open for his voice. However, at some point, maybe sooner, maybe later, the Lord steps in and intervenes, and he cleanses, he wipes clean the wickedness from this earth to prepare for his son's return.

You and I and all your good listeners want to be here for that second coming, and how we do that is by choosing to stand on his side and not be a part of what's been going on, and stand up for what's right by throwing that guy. It's time to start grabbing our Constitution to start whacking these guys. All righty, very good.

Well, more and more of the Democrats are saying we need to scrap the Constitution and come up with a new one. No. Okay, Jean in Georgia. Jean in Georgia pledges 500. Thank you, Jean.

Wallace in Powder Springs, Georgia pledges 100. Very good. And so, we're starting to get a much better response from Georgia. Hopefully, that keeps up.

If we do go off, we won't be for long. Now, phone numbers are 888-281-1110, 888-677-9673. Again, 888-281-1110, 888-677-9673. I got it announced that Saturday, tomorrow, we're going to have, you know, the Bible says my people, Hosea 4-6, are destroyed for lack of knowledge. We have a film fest. Now, with this film fest, we're going to be showing you a lot of things that you need to know.

Some of them are The Enemy From Within, what really happened, what really happened on January 6th, and there's a real inspirational movie called Daniel, which is really good. But also, we're going to have thousands of, we were opening our archives, and we're just going to give the people out there all of these articles. Now, you've gotten a sampling of some of them in your newsletter, but we're going to have thousands of them. The stories that you hear us, what we talk about here, they'll be there, and they'll be free. Although, we'll be glad to accept donations to this radio program. So, that's tomorrow from 1 to 5, 1 to 5 tomorrow at Doers of the Word Baptist Church at 147-81 Sperry Road. That's 1-4-7-8-1 Sperry Road, Newberry, Ohio. And, Lord's willing, I will be out there myself tomorrow.

So, we want to say, let's go to, where do we leave off? Okay, Carol in San Diego pledges 100. Blake in New York pledges 100.

And, Kurt in Pennsylvania pledges 100. Thank you, thank you, thank you. All right, now, I have a, I have a theory. Of course, we know this, okay? We know that within the collective that if you can betray, remember what what Joseph Stalin said?

He said, to lay your head on the breast of a friend, to gain his complete confidence, and then to thrust a dagger in his back, there's nothing sweeter, you can sleep good, okay? Within the collective, the Communist Party, and by the way, you know, this book we have here was Karl Marx's Satanist. Communism, the Democratic Party, you know, they're literally their religion now, virtually the Church of Satan is a part of the party. Now, to, for us, betrayal, betrayal is something that is repulsive, but not to them. And we mentioned this, and the reason I repeat it is because, you know, that's how people learn. The opposition knows that, okay? But, if you remember John McTernan, do you remember the Shah of Iran when when Jimmy Carter had just made that big deal with the Shah of Iran, and then he betrayed him?

Oh yes, that's right. And what happened? Now, that made Carter's stock within the collective go up within the Communist Party. What about Barack Obama when he betrayed the Shah, or the barrack, the president of Egypt? He had made his peace deal, and then the next thing you know, barracks in jail, sick and dying there. That raised Barack Obama's stock within the collective, because if you can betray someone of stature and get away with it, that's how they are.

This is, they're, everything they do is totally in complete opposition to the Bible. Now, Gaddafi, do you remember more Mark Gaddafi, how he was thick as thieves with Hillary Clinton? Yeah, and not just Hillary, but Obama too. And you remember how she watched him being beaten to death, begging, begging for mercy like a dog in the street, and she was cackling, she was laughing. Do you remember that? Well, yeah, I remember vividly. Yeah, he gave away the nuclear weapons and wanted to get the favor of, I guess you're gonna say, the new world order, and he gave away the nuclear weapons, and then they set them up and killed them.

Yeah, and so, but that's what they do, and so do we see now, my, and I'm wondering, because if they throw, if they're going to throw Joe Biden under the bus, my guess is that it's Obama who's actually orchestrating this thing to be able to do that, right, you know, someone who was his own vice president, that would really raise his stocks up within the collective. We'll be right back. Some people say that no one should be condemned to die. They say that it's unhuman and it's cruel.

They say that it's not right, but those same people carry signs, saying they support a woman's right to choose. I wish you could hold me once and look into my eyes. Mommy, I wish you could hold me once before I die.

You think you don't want me, but you might be afraid. Mommy, I wish you could hold me once before I die. You show mercy to the ones that never show it, and none to those that need it most of all. You've got the nerve to call yourself a Christian when you'll see a killer walk before you'll see a baby crawl. Mommy, I wish you could cut my fingers and my toes, and dress me up just one time in some little baby's clothes. I wish you could see me smile or even hear me cry. Mommy, I wish you could hold me once before I die. Down through the years the churches have been known to make a stand, but now we see some churches bending to the will of man.

They used to set a standard and they seldom let it down. The church used to change the man, now it's the other way around. How can you say I'm not a part when you can feel me move? I'm not a thing to throw away, Mommy, I'm a part of you. I wish I could touch your heart to somehow change your mind. Mommy, I wish you could hold me once before I die. Back folks and we only have about 12 minutes left tonight and we're way short we got to hear from you. We need a couple of you out there to match that thousand dollars or uh what about to match uh the five hundred dollars from Georgia there uh or to match you know we just need you to match something uh we're we're short match my 25. Yeah it all adds up right yeah it does and see what I'm trying to explain to the folks out there listening to us they may not understand that um their stations might not be one of the six um that are probably going to be going off the air but they they're very close to it some of them are right on the edge and uh right now because of where our country's at this radio program has never been needed more in the in the past 50 years than it is right now so here you go all right so all right hold on all right see there all right very good all right yeah we still need about 2,500 we still need about 2,500 already let me say this here's my reasoning fellows for and see what you two think the reason in why I'm thinking that if that it's going to be Obama that's throwing joey under the bus is john obama knew where all those documents were remember okay remember this what happened when all this came out what was the first thing they did they threw it out and started accusing republicans of planting them they accused remember that the news media oh oh yeah now do they not always accuse you of doing what they're doing remember how joe obama was accusing how donald trump how could he how could he be so irresponsible when when he made that he knew at that time already about that that they well that they had found those documents now so if they're going to accuse the republicans of doing it more likely who was it that planted those documents in the deep state on biden yep he is he's overstayed his welcome and there's uh they they've got what they need out of it and just true to form with satan because that's the sad sick twisted secret about the whole thing you follow satan he will abandon you in the end that's just the way it is that's how pathetic he is he's not your friend well yeah i mean he has to he's going to be in total opposition uh when they'd say anti-christ that means in opposition of and so they do everything in totally opposite of what guys would the bible teach us so uh again for them to take down someone especially close to you for obama to take down his own vice president that is just like well when mike pence tried to you know take down president trump uh within have you ever yeah go ahead pastor and sorry to interrupt there um there's a a real famous film called wag the dog have you ever heard of that or seen that film yeah i've heard i've heard of wag the dog but i can't remember the the quick overview on the story that that serves the point of of this discussion is this it's a film with al pacino or excuse me um oh the other fellow i forgot his name and and with dustin hoffman dustin hoffman plays this oscar-winning producer and what's happened is is the the white house has decided that they need to have a war in batswana or someplace and so what they have to do is they have to hire this producer hollywood producer to come into orchestrate it through the media and he hires the best actors and he hires the best animals and to be carried you know a little kitten carried by the poor woman that's running through the rubble and stuff like this to fabricate the reason for the united states to get behind a war effort to go save the people of batswana or whatever right well in the end they succeed the war has started and and um the um it's robert denier is what i was trying to think of he plays the white house connection and um oh dustin hoffman is so excited about how smart he's been and how good he's done and he produced a war you know and he's going to tell all his friends about it and um deniro says no you won't you're never going to talk to anybody about this and he says oh yes i am this is better than any of the oscar productions i've ever done he says no you won't be talking about this and he says i am i'm going to tell everybody i know because this is the best thing i've ever done and deniro just gives a wink and a nod to to the secret service guys and people that are there pardon me and they and that's they they they're then take off take dustin hoffman off in the car and they're going to push them out of a plane and it's over because you don't mess with that point is this biden has overstayed his welcome he has done too much of something and they have to get rid of him but here's the problem they're not going to be getting rid of him for the right reasons we posted at of a report by tucker carlson about how this thing is all coming down and um it was last night's show if you get a chance to look it up biden is done is the title if you want to look up look it up on youtube biden is done but they're saying it's for the wrong reasons they're getting rid of him before the treason can catch up to him because they've got to protect their hold on the office of the presidency they've got plans for it and and biden is going down but it's not for the right reasons let me ask you about this then on record yeah uh let me ask you but then here uh obviously the biden goes down you know you have camel health even even the opposition would be scared to death of having her in there now um biden if he sees he's on his way out you've got you've got hunter you've got all of these charts the entire biden crime family uh now they have to charge them i think with a crime before he can pardon them right i mean he if he goes down he can't he can't pardon them before you know they're charged so what do you think is going to happen there because that that was the plan uh to go ahead and pardon everybody but i haven't seen so are they going to wait until jim jordan and the select committee goes after but hunter biden i mean all this stuff they have that's coming out uh they're getting that stuff right off of hunters you know laptop but see that's the point isn't it all the all the evidence of the crime is on the laptop they've had it all this time well they've had two laptops actually well that's true that's true and and the crimes are there biden has been working for the chinese and the russians whatever they were accusing the republicans of as you said previously pastor that's what they're doing so whatever the the terrible things that they say trump did is really not what's happened it's been the exact opposite it's what they've done so we have enemies within the gates within the highest levels and it's we they have to get rid of their weakest uh elements to protect those offices and positions truth be be told it would be wonderful if somehow some way everything gets exposed the pedophilia the human and sex trafficking done uh through the white house i mean we know we've got records i hear you i've got to go let me see jim jim and illinois pledges 50 lou in michigan pledges uh 100 another hundred blue blood said that's another hundred tonight so he's at it randy and a little rock pledges 200 carolyn ohio pledges 100 and rosa and california pledges 25 thank you thank you thank you wonderful all right folks we only have right now about seven minutes left now we will be here till midnight so even while we're gone you can still call right up until midnight at eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three i want to remind you again uh we're out of the carl marx's was carl marx's satanist at least for now we're trying to get more in they really went fast but we still have how to survive forced vaccinations for just a donation of twenty dollars or 25 or more all right so big time returning yeah ernie i have a question sure with all this talk now about the records um uh what what records was he using about what i i haven't heard one i even had they haven't even speculated with trump it was the uh he stole the codes for the nuclear bomb and oh i i don't know stuff about iran at all there's no one is questioning what documents it was and what and what was he doing with them not one i haven't heard one question or one speculation or one statement that oh he had documents about this or that or the other thing john well really interesting about the investigation yeah sorry i didn't mean to interrupt there what's really interesting about the investigation is is is that there that biden's attorneys have been allowed to go in and now look for all the documents they don't even have top secret clearance why is that happening it had to be and should have been the fbi but they're allowing him to cover up the why is beyond us but there is speculation that he has all the goods on these guys in the paperwork and meaning uh that biden's got it over obama and others and now they're playing the highest game of poker and they've got to get rid of biden on a lower thing so they can maintain themselves and you know poor poor biden probably won't survive even after he's gone in the next few days he will be gone in the next few days that's that's what the the experts are saying he's gone question is where does it go from here and how does that play out and i would think there's going to be i don't think so i think we're going to see this stretch out for a while uh what do you think john i don't have pastor ernie it's hard to say i mean if they he did all those crimes all he did with um china and his son got a what a billion 800 million dollars and all he did with ukraine and the book that came out switzer's book and tracing all the money that was all hidden and they hid uh his laptop hunter's laptop and all of a sudden it comes out now after the election after the republican congress of the house they're going to go after him and they want to remove him for this it's something uh it's something radically wrong peston okay now i've never seen in my lifetime and i don't think it's ever happened a sitting president get indicted uh so i mean even nixon's you know resigned and by the way nixon you know it was interesting thing because roger stone just brought out he did a story on how nixon had told the cia that he was aware he knew that they are the ones that killed jfk and he didn't know because he wanted them to work with him in the watergate thing and he didn't even know that they had the cia had planted four four plants within his organization and so it didn't work out too well with him but anyhow so they would have to impeach him and i can see it's impeached him in the house but i think we may have a even now even with all of this a tough way to go in the senate unless uh you know the word is he's got to go now uh and and then he would be impeached but that's going to take a process he's not going to be gone in a week yeah it's very complicated behind the scenes past 30 this isn't legitimate no it's legitimate he had the uh the records but the what they're doing now with the democrats and and their own president and you've got hey john let me jump in misty in north carolina misty just pledged 1000 in north carolina thank you misty way to go misty yeah and and angel in in new jersey just pledged 100 thank you angel hey go ahead john yeah so there's intrigue going on this isn't like a real this isn't really real it's all behind the scenes and they don't indict their own unless there's a good reason for it and they're not going to remove biden unless there's a good reason for it so it's it's just hard to figure this out this journey yeah yeah i guess we're gonna have to wait and see but i it's not real you know everything's got timing yeah yeah there's something going on bringing it out the time they brought it out what it is for hiding all those crimes four years or was it more than four okay when does his digital currency when does that actually go into effect i'm getting all different kind of stories where you know our dollar gets replaced with digital currency when is that going to happen well that's in the process right now the federal reserve is saying that they're going to run like a trial they're going to start with a trial but there is no trial they're going to start it and then they're going to run with it but it's got to be very close past ernie he signed off on it last year and the federal reserve said they're going to work with i don't know how many banks to start off with and all but it's it'll be this year it'll be this year pester okay so let me ask you this jim because you're a very smart fellow they're telling you that we should take our cash to the bank now put it in the bank and the bank will replace it with digital currency before it becomes worthless if we if we wait until they move it uh they pass that and then our cash well all the cash we're going to have is not it's not going to be this be worthless but this digital currency tell us what's wrong with that well it's complete control pester with the with the intense computerization we have now and with the artificial intelligence they can zero in on you and just eliminate it i mean literally freeze it eliminate it they can say you're using up too much carbon your footprint carbon footprint is too big by what you're doing and all and therefore you can't buy gasoline now for the rest of the month i mean there's a whole litany of things complete control over us now well yeah i think they could say if you you can if you start donating to political parties that they don't like or causes that you don't like they'll just freeze you and they've already done that in canada with the truckers you remember yeah the truckers yeah they were able to identify their bank accounts and freeze them okay so if i was it was like you guys and i had just stacks of cash sitting around would i be better to take the stacks of cash and convert that to gold silver or say dry goods um you know like dehydrated foods and things like this that you could use uh for because we're going to have a big move on the underground economy it's going to happen i mean yes we're getting we are real we're in what is called the times of sorrow we're pre-tribulation uh and i and i think the tribulation is right around the corner and so anyhow i i have a i have a quick thought on that if you if you don't mind sure go ahead um we've we're we're in we're homeless now we've been on this big fight for quite a while we've had to be very smart with our limited resources and and we've got seven kids and and some of them are married and grandkids and so we're trying to figure out what we can do we're we're trying to think ahead about what how we can bless them and ourselves we've actually bought um vegetable and and herb seeds i'm gonna have to jump in here because we're down to about a minute 30 seconds so so folks i got what i gotta do is i gotta tell you first of all i want to say bob and maria pledge 200 thank you bob and another 200 thank you bob marie okay folks we we kind of went a little bit far tonight um but we do need to hear from you we're still about a thousand or more short so anyhow but we we're to the thing that's going to happen we told you we're just around the corner of the tribulation before the tribulation period the rapture takes place and folks between now and then uh like the bible says it's appointed to all men wants to die and then the judgment there are absolutes in this world folks god's word the bible is filled with absolutes okay um a lot of people they they don't find out about it till it's too late you don't want to be one of them you want to do this you what you need to know is that you are going to die and when that happens you're going to go to heaven or hell but you don't have to go to hell you don't have to god gave you the way out he gave you an escape way out and it's simple pray to the father ask for for forgiveness of your sin then ask the lord jesus to be the lord of your life all of your life folks and they will honor that commitment read the gospel of john chapter chapter three go there and read it read romans chapter 10 start with verse 7 we're out of time for tonight i want to thank both you guys for being here so until tomorrow thank you uh we want to say good night god bless and always always always you guys ready for this ready keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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