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FRI HR 1 012023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 21, 2023 12:13 am

FRI HR 1 012023

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio, changed our life to the center in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you.

This is What's Right What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. As you know with a new year sometimes comes a few changes. A change for us is that we will be taking a hiatus in several markets at the beginning of the new year. Denver, Atlanta, Portland, Little Rock, Orlando, and Tampa. At the start of 2023 we will not be broadcasting in these radio markets. However, if you are in those cities you can still listen to What's Right What's Left online at the word That's the word

Cleveland as you know is our home market. We expect that this hiatus will be temporary but we need to take a hiatus while we catch up on a few bills. We are a donor supported ministry so thank you to those of you who have been supporting us from those cities and we look forward to getting back with you on the radio in those cities as soon as possible. Gee with that announcement it feels a whole lot like they keep rubbing it in but uh hey listen folks there ain't no quitting us no quit at all and so there you go and we're gonna just go right right at them and so back in the back room back there where we keep them hoping hoping that the phone lines light up enough so they can get the door open and use the bathroom when they have to tonight especially because they're with Randy and Eric is Ron and Barb.

Barb is the only lady back there with those rascals. Anyhow they're looking they're what they're looking at this phone line just staring at them at 888-281-1110. Open those lines that light up they're working so hard they want to they want to they want to stay in the air 888-677-9673. They're hoping folks out there tonight will say you know what I haven't you know ever given before and or those ones that had well I can't take it with me let's help them keep getting the truth out and I'll open up their wallets and help us out and so in between here and there we have where the producers are at and none other than an up and rising radio star Courageous Craig. Good evening everybody. He's at the helm here in the studio she stutters and flutters and uh well her shadow my shadow weighs less than she does no it doesn't no she weighs less than my shadow right do we get that right she's confused it's the 20th day of January huh yes okay there you go so good evening everyone okay get back there and get on that phone go on go on go on there you go we got her going now he's been sitting there waiting patiently for his introduction he's a patriot a Christian a pro-life advocate a man of great stature and a statesman none other than big John McTernan. Well hello Pastor Ernie thank you for those accolades and God bless you and all our listeners well how many of those accolades do you believe no I've known you for a long time you fit right into all those things listen that's nice yeah I'm gonna tell you you you're you're a man of stature and I'm gonna tell you it's an awesome responsibility that I have to be your hero it's it is yeah it has a bit easy you've got me down many times that's okay all right we've got you now you know what I wanted us to say something here because we get stacks of letters every day John and one of them you know because of that commercial we pray over them we get these letters and we have prayer requests and this is miss Lorraine mix miss Lorraine mix out there in Portland Oregon if you're listening to us tonight I want you to know that we got your letter you asked us to pray for Eric uh Hrishky he's a state legislator there in and uh Oregon and uh I guess she's let me see she's um he's her cousin and she's asked that we pray for him because to to do be able to help bring some some kind of insanity back to that state of Oregon anyhow where the liberals are in charge uh she says she's so sad that the liberals are in charge out there but anyhow she said I'm sending a donation order to continue hearing you and receiving your mail well uh Lorraine we'll we'll keep sending you that newsletter and I'm hoping you can hear us on the internet and there's many other ways of hearing us other than just the radio and if you can go to our website you can find out those other ways of listening to us out there and I'm hoping we can stay on the radio but that's in the Lord's hands we've done all that we can do uh on those six states and so McTernan I think might be a multi-millionaire but he's keeping it to himself so we'll well you're right pastor and I'm a multi-millionaire my treasures are all in heaven pastor amen okay all right John let's go do you know what today is today is the 20th of January do you know what Sunday is 22nd 20 21st 22nd 22nd what happened 50 years ago come Sunday that was the first uh that was Roe versus Wade yeah it sure was I'm gonna be preaching on pro-life this and uh and so uh in fact you know that recent vote there on on the born alive survivors act I couldn't believe it 210 democrats I've never seen our country be reduced to such wickedness I mean such extreme wickedness only one democrat voted in favor of life 210 of them voted for death that's an evil that I never thought I would see that kind of evil in America did you no I mean what I'm seeing now uh in theory well that could happen but not in reality that I think it would it's so shocking pastor it's absolutely shocking uh where did you lock us out on a new day are these are these new people craig he's not listening to us he's got to turn up he doesn't see he's not listening to us he's got to turn up he doesn't see okay so those are all today let me see I didn't see it there okay we have janet oh there now I see it yeah janet and brock's new york pledges 30 valerie and new jersey pledges 350 and ryan and michigan pledges another 50 and uh well thank you thank you very very much and so phone lines are open at eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three or eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero this is our last night of the pledge week and we really have to finish strong so well john would you start over in leviticus chapter 20 and read me verses one uh through eight it's leviticus 20 yeah leviticus 20 verses one through eight okay i'm there and the lord spake unto moses saying again thou shall say to the children of israel whosoever he be of the children of israel or of the stranger that sojourn in israel that giveth any of his seed unto molly he surely shall be put to death and the people of the land shall stone him with stones and i will set my face against that man and will cut him off from among the people because he has given his seed unto molly to defile my sanctuary and to profane my holy name and if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man when he giveth of his seed unto molly and not kill him then i will set my face against that man and against this family and i will cut him off and all that go a whoring after him to commit whoredom with mollick from among their people through verse eight yeah okay and the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits and after wizards to go a whoring after them i will even set my face against that soul and will cut him off among the people sanctify yourself yourselves therefore and be ye holy for i am the lord your god and you shall keep my statutes and do them and i am the lord which sanctify you now john the ammonites at that time they were israel's one of its closest neighbors and they offered child sacrifice to mollick their god they believed a couple of things they believed that that was the greatest gift that they could they could give their evil god to appease his anger against them and they also believe that that when they did that when they sacrificed their children as as he loved to hear the screams and how he was pleased by the pain that the children that that in return they would have their sexual pleasures enhanced that the more pain that their children felt the more greater pleasure they would feel and their sexual their adultery and whoredom and so let me ask you something here uh is god immutable is he the same today tomorrow forever and ever absolutely pastor honey absolutely now let me ask you this is there really any difference in sacrificing your children to mock or sacrificing your children today to the god of society or their convenience if you will but the wickedness is like in the university of pittsburgh there where these women were carrying their babies to full term and then giving them to them to experiment on to use for body parts uh is can you get any more evil than that uh really no pastor ernie um i mean death is death and the pagans were doing it to mollick for like you said to get some pleasure and some advantage and today they they kill the babies most of the time for that same reason some some advantage education or income and you've just said i wonder how much the women got paid to i mean it's just incredible they got a lot of they get a lot of money for a whole baby i'm sure they did faster you're talking a couple thousand bucks um they were getting what their their their blessing for killing the baby so to speak was all the money yeah the other papers were i believe i believe i was told one time if i remember it was as much as ten thousand dollars for a whole baby no live healthy baby and uh it's i mean it's the wickedness is extreme out there today you know you you have this wicked woman janet yeltsin okay um from the treasurer er and uh i remember i think she's what treasury secretary isn't she janet yelton um no is she ahead of the federal reserve or is the fed okay i i don't know but i heard her talking about how abortion was good for the economy and she was saying to these women that were working these for these big companies if you're pregnant get rid of it in other words kill the baby and get and get to work and then chelsea clinton said abortion is good for the economy we need as much of it as we can get uh i mean this is evil is evil of course of course obama said those things were never meant to live they should be put on a shelf and left to die and then uh joe bama biden says me right to my face he tells me uh that not everybody's pro-life and i told him i said god is and i told him as far as i'm concerned you're pro-life or you're low life and uh he was gone that was back when he was senator at the russell building and so anyhow past Ernie you were talking about the molluck and the pagan rights um how far off well let me back up when i watched the protest in front of the supreme court about abortion and i saw the the woke people mostly women but they were woke i mean screaming and carrying on and uh wild like hair and their looks and all i mean how far away or how far off are they from becoming pagans well they're there i mean it's not they're far away from it but they're there that's all they need is to go over to some religion that's promoting idolatry and all and there you go they are they're like backing into becoming pagans well there's a lot of demonic possession with those people i remember going out and um to one of our we had one of our we had one of our uh operation rescues and uh they came out there these women they came out and they were topless they came topless and they were screaming like banshees and the idea was they had their people there and they would press up against you they tried to pick out the pastors they could find the pastors and they would press up against you with their bare breasts and then when you pushed them away then they would get pictures of that and try to see now these these women are so blatant it's like well you know i just happened to be out there at the protest and i just happened to be topless that day uh these gals aren't real smart either okay but when they would do that they would have people they're taking pictures of you also like i instructed uh our our people when we went out to the abortion mills and we would be out there protesting if one of these women came out and walked up and pretended like she was going to faint and got got real faint pretending she was going to pass out if she was to fall do not catch her because what they did in the past and see we come up talking to our women and then they would um pretend to faint and when they would catch her they'd have somebody there with a camera and she'd be screaming leave me alone leave me alone turn me loose okay uh they're i mean they're they're wicked to the core now again when you had that 210 democrats i can't could you ever believe that we would get to the point in this country where the entire democratic party would have become basically these they're satanists they're basically satan worshippers because that's what mollick is mollick was with satan and so they're god satan and so well not well it had to be close pastor and you know i don't know how many years ago five eight years maybe 10 years right you could see it coming with the democrat party which convention was it that they want they wanted the god out of the uh of the democrat party remember that that was the i believe it was the now they 2012 that was 2012 okay but it was the convention before that where they took them out but whoever was the candidate put him back in and then the next convention uh they removed god anything of god and which i think is best for them because then that's who they really are i mean it's there's no veneer over them now if you remember when they did that they took a voice vote and i remember listening to it when he said how many want to uh to kick god out of the party to remove god they said out of the party and uh they're the voice vote was far those that wanted to remove god far louder than those that didn't there were some that that didn't want to remove god but um and but he didn't he couldn't do that because it wasn't ready in other words he didn't have permission from the head of the collective at that point to say okay now we're officially removing god from the party but uh god left that party long long ago he has been time ago yeah you know and uh pastor ernie since we're talking about pro-life and the uh the 22nd is on sunday i just wanted to make a couple comments uh i always preached the gospel at the abortion centers and i i gave them i gave them the truth and i talked to him about hell but i gave them as you say hell hot and heaven sweet uh that's what i did and there were on a number of occasions several occasions when the outright demons manifested i remember one guy was a doctor that came at york and he when i quoted scripture he would choke and his eyes would start fluttering and he'd run from me he actually would start guttural sounds when he when he heard the word of god well i ran into several we had several demon-possessed people out there on the streets when we were out there at the abortion mills and uh and on several occasions yeah foaming at the mouth and everything well i i didn't see foaming i saw that most of them with their they would their they would shake uncontrollably they were like jelly uh they would choke their eyes would flutter and they would get as far away from his as they could and i just was quoting scriptures the other thing pastor ernie and i my in my walk with the lord all these years now i i can say that the probably the most important things i ever did was commit um to pro-life to make a stand and like i said preach the word at the abortion centers stand against the police stand against the district attorney stand against uh the county commissioners the the judges i mean you're either going to get run off pastor ernie or you're going to stand and so i stood and the lord always backed me up always oh me too i got and i know i know i'm speaking like for you also but i would not be what i am now with the lord if it wasn't for the pro-life stand i've got uh i've been arrested many times out there for simply preaching and they made false accusations against me all kinds of false accusations uh but then uh we always won we always beat them in court and then pretty soon the cops got to where they didn't want anything to do with trying to arrest us uh out there and you know we had to go against the corrupt cops too i mean um and so i mean it was uh you know what i think we should we should let people know some of the things that happened over the years but let me go back to the scripture first but first i want to say anonymous pledges in the bronx pledges 100 felicia in new york pledges 100 eva in tampa pledges 50 donna and cleveland pledges 400 arlene in chicago pledges 75 thank you thank you thank you thank you okay um let's go back to look at this because people should realize something remember uh i've had people say to me personally i would never have an abortion personally i would never do that but i'm not going to judge or condemn people to do uh here's what the bible says ready it says and the lord is speaking to moses saying again now shall say to the children of israel whosoever he be of the children of israel or the strangers of sojourn on israel they giveth any of his seed into malik he shall surely be put to death but the people of the land shall stone him with stones and i will set my face against that man and cut him off from among the people because he has given his seed to mock to defile my sanctuary and profane my holy name and listen here you go and if the people of the land do in any ways hide their eyes from the man which giveth his seed into mock and kill him not then i will set my face against that man and against his family he will cut him off and i'll go a whoring and after him to commit whoredom uh with malik from among the people now one time i had a pastor i actually uh say uh right on the air as long as abortion's legal i won't you're not going to see me protesting it because we have to obey the government oh i can tell you what i said to him first of all i told him i don't think i'll ever find you doing anything that it takes any courage or honor because you don't have it and i said god's word the bible's very clear peter said we must obey god rather than man and then i asked him if he'd ever heard about the prison epistles and he said of course i have and i said why do you think they're called prison epistles and he said because they were written from prison i said okay do you think the apostles were in prison for obeying god or the government and his response was that's a good point i never thought of that and he said i might have to rethink my position um there you go but now what did i just read here did god not just say here that those people that turn the blind eye away from him in a deaf ear he holds them just as responsible for the murder of the children as the as those that are killing the children well yeah pastor ernie i mean how can you how can you turn your back with murder i mean what does it take i mean some a little bit of effort donating money voting um going out and maybe pray once a month or at the abortion center um you know that that that's that's showing that you really think what it is and you're going to take a stand well you know again i want to praise the good lord for those people that did have the backbone and the courage over the years to go out to go out and take a stand out there i preached in front of those bloody abortion mills for 45 years and you did the same and i remember one day too when you came out there with me when you were here in cleveland and we went down to the bloody pre-term by the way we we had five regular abortion mills we're down to just one now pre-term it's the biggest one in ohio and we knocked the rest out it took us time but we knocked them out now here keep your thoughts keep your thoughts you took me into a church there that used to be an abortion center yeah yeah we knocked them out of there yeah that became a church yep and so here one time you were down there and it was kind of a strange thing uh because there was a group of people older people uh and they were standing there and you walked into them and you started preaching pro-life to them oh yeah and they they were totally confused it's like and i looked at him it was like they were they had absolutely they didn't know what to say they couldn't say anything they just stood there and they just looked at each other and uh and there was what six seven eight of them and they were totally more than that it was right at the corner there was yeah 10 or 12 and they asked me to leave and i said no when i got there i saw you so when i walked over there i just stood there watching you preached and they just looked they had the strangest looks on their face to say it was really something job we gotta go to a break hang tight folks we'll be back right after the doctor did our dirty work so now we pay the bill we thought he solved our problem but our life's a living hell i toss and turn in bed at night because god it's hard to sleep in my heart and in my mind i hear a voice that says you could have took me fishing dad you could have taught me how to swim i could have made you proud of me now i'll never have that chance i could have been your little boy standing right there by your side i could have been your pride and joy daddy did i have to die i never thought of it as right or wrong but i think about it now oh god i'd give my life if i could just turn time back somehow i'd let him live and watch him grow i'd buy him everything but now he won't need a ball or bat he'll never play one game oh you could have been my hero dad you could have done what daddies do you could have wrote me on your back you could have taught me to tie my shoes i could have grown into a man i should have had my chance of life but we could have been the best of friends daddy did i have to die god the choice of life belongs to you it wasn't hers or mine and i know she feels the same way too sometimes i hear her cry and how can we ever be the same or live with what was done instead of these two broken hearts god we might have had a son you could have been my hero dad you could have done what daddies do you could have wrote me on your back you could have taught me to tie my shoes i could have been your little boy standing right there by your side i could have been your pride and joy daddy did i have to die i have to die daddy did i have to die all right we're back john in new york pledges ted and karen and kelomit kelomit city limits pledges 30 phone lines are now open at eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three now we have joining us tonight uh forward county commissioner skip walter claypool and the skip was leading up the uh venture downtown where we went today to join uh the owaka meeting now it's an interesting thing because i uh they had such a play on words they must have been learning from the fake news media out there but uh see we went down there folks and as opponents but they referred to us as attendees as attendees uh we were there as opposition we were there as advocate uh uh opposition they referred to us as advocates or supporters uh i don't think those words mean the same at all what do you think uh skip yeah i think they're a little bit confused they're confused at uh at who's who's in control um they forget that we elected them to look out for us and they they look down on us they're truly elitist in their thinking and um it's really um what our founders warned us about and the reason that you elect moral and and uh religious people because you need people of you need people of certain character and values and it's clear they don't have those values well it seemed to me they were taking quite a few liberties with the truth huh oh yeah i mean it's interesting they have a public conduct period and we had a hundred members of the public there and they wouldn't they didn't want anybody to speak because they didn't want they didn't like what we were going to say if we were on their side i can guarantee you every one of us would have gotten a chance to speak but because we we oppose their thinking we don't like the fact that they want to put in totalitarian activity or action they're creating a climate action plan based on uh fictitious science and then they want to take away our liberties you know decide which car you're going to use take away your gas stove you know basically destroy the fabric of our great nation and they just expect us to sit there and say nothing about that let me let me explain to john mcturn about noaka john noaka is ohio's version here of agenda 2030 the very sinister i like that yes yeah they're very very sinisterly they're very they work in the shadows um these are people that pressure that will lobby or bribe politicians to to basically that's what what skiff says that they want to take our property they want to take our freedoms away uh these people are communist but they do it in a kind of a shady slippery manner and you know the people showed up down there just like what happened over a couple weeks ago when the people had enough then the middlefield library there uh there was 60 something people and only one of them turned out to support the noaka all of the rest were where in fact they were holding signs get out of our county leave our county we don't want you here now skip uh do if they have any kind of jurisdiction at all that jurisdiction is it anything other than the highways and bridges that that's true their charter is infrastructure basically roads and bridges and it's only federalized roads and bridges so keep in mind that 99 percent of all the roads and bridges and all of our cities and our townships are funded by our local levees so the only dot back through noaka is for federalized roads so the interstate basically or they're connecting artists so like right 306 and route 615 are federalized roads because they connect to the federal highway system so the road dollars we're talking about are only road dollars that are for federalized roads these main arteries they talked about the washington street in in um yarger county today and that's an artery that connects to 422 and so they can designate that as a federalized road but um it's just really a limited amount of of uh jurisdiction that they have and yet they will maximize the control over their using that jurisdiction well let me ask you this because i maybe they're confused because i i didn't consider uh lake erie as a part of the infrastructure but they were asking what we would have noaka do about lake erie yeah they won't that's part of their outreach because they're over they want they want to get into land use planning um and and biden is reinstituting by the way everybody needs to look after this the rules that obama did in which they want to come in and destroy local zoning and all that kind of stuff and forces to have affordable housing and all these other nonsense smart growth but uh noack is uh really uh overreaching and trying to get into economic development and climate change and stuff that just is not within their responsibility and that's the objection that many of us have but that's typical of these bureaucratic tyrannies pirates now we don't really need no waka don't we have a department of highways uh yeah so why do we need them we don't need them we do not need no waka at all fact is i i deem them unconstitutional if you think about if you think about it there's a tenth amendment in in the u.s constitution says that only things certain things they're called enumerated things are within the federal purview i can i'm pretty confident that doing roads and bridges in our state is not within the federal purview but we let them get away with it our elected officials with no spying no knowledge of the constitution they say an oath to uphold and defend um let them get away with if we let them get away with it that's the reason people were downtown we don't want them to get away we're done we're tired of them well the people that were downtown are people that are aware what's happening they they kind of have their eyes open and their ears open and in fact i remember when they asked at the meeting uh they give you a question there and they put it up on the screen and said what would you have a waka to do about lake erie and the vast majority of people said jump into it okay just jump into it get out and go leave us alone um and again all the placards now i think we have five counties represented there today did we not we had five counties there today people from five counties and that's the first time ever that we've managed to coalesce five different counties uh and and all of us were on the same page the people that were there today there were over 100 people there today um from the people that were there today that's a small number from each county so a lot of people work on a friday morning and they're not able to get downtown and uh so you know we had a small representative sample and we still had over 100 people from all five counties by the way i want to make a point caster to your audience because i know you have a national audience that goes across the united states you have quite a bit of reach on your channel the waka that we always talk about here in the cleveland area is is an mpo metropolitan planning organization that's federally mandated for communities over 50 000 people when you're talking about your 18.5 cents gas tech bringing it back to your communities the mpos all have similar problems so across the nation there needs to be a movement in my opinion i don't know how we get it started to eliminate this mpo you hit it the nail on the head faster we do not need them our county engineers design all of our roads noak had designed nothing nothing all they do is divvy up the money they're just the corrupt drug dealer that the county engineers have gone to and they go on their knees begging for the money back that is our money it's a sin what they do well i noticed one of the way they did it and they gave they gave awards they give these awards today to the cleveland clinic cleveland clinic is kind of flush with cash isn't it yeah and well you know and then they they borrowed the practice from united way that's what united way used to do to get these big corporations to to pressure their employees to support united way to donate they would give the ceos of those big corporations these big awards they would dinners and and honor and then then they would pressure their employees but the united way case western university uh they uh uh what is it the income for bicycles the university circle uh inc for bicycles the metro health century cycles all of these things they were giving now uh when you had mentioned about what kind of a car we could drive they actually don't want us to drive any cars do they no they would they would prefer for everybody to take transit or to ride a bicycle they really and they stated this um out loud believe it or not they don't want people in cars they want to be able to create a community that you have to walk to work in so the people that are living in the in these small neighborhoods where you've got walked in this is part of the ichli clan they've been a partner i've referenced this today and i talked to them and they tried to shut me down the minute i brought up ichli the pastor you noticed they didn't want me to talk about it so they immediately said i my time ran out but equally is a Marxist organization out of germany and their whole premise is smart something called smart growth i'm going to be talking tomorrow morning in stark county about agenda 21 which is now agenda 2030 and um smart growth is part of that whole global plan they're trying to foist on people where they have these things called walkable communities they don't want people living on five acre minimums like we have here in chest to land or on property and farm it and all that kind of stuff hold on a minute skip i've got to give the phone numbers out this is our pledge week and so folks out there the the lines are open the folks are sitting there they're looking they're watching they're hoping those little lights will light up so you got to help them eight eight eight six seven on the air everybody needs the pledge yeah what he does miracle work eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three nationwide or eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero especially if you have credit cards they're waiting to hear from you and we want to uh say that we want to thank evelyn in the villages in florida of thirty dollars thank you evelyn go ahead skip take it back to where you were i'm sorry yeah that's right so um on another note uh if you can hear me in the cleveland area if you're from rodina county or lorraine county or lake county or geauga county or cuyahoga county you need to reach out to your local county commissioners and tell them you need as a commissioner you need to get uh the noaca staff the team back under control because they are out of control they cater to no one and they leave they lead the commissioners and all everybody around by the nose it's time for our elected officials who are on that board to grow a spine and stop allowing noaca to go off and out of there off the reservation not do roads and bridges anymore this climate change thing has got to stop well they're like bloodsuckers they're sucking the life's blood out of people and people don't know it these people they don't they don't do anything any work any add anything to the the living of the people there uh now some of the things they want for example i've been to your house you have a nice house it's a single dwelling house i have a nice house john does and uh you know we we we like to have a home with just our families there but they don't want that they don't want to allow any single dwelling they've decided that not for you only for the elite to have a single dwelling homes but not not for the rest of us uh but people don't know that the vast majority of people out there even listening to us tonight are they're clueless about what is really taking place this is why we're trying to tell them uh but little by little when you talked about county commissioners they're in there and they're going to go they're going to lobby them they're going to do whatever they pressure or do whatever or even bribe whatever they have to do they will do and they're like blood suckers they're they're taking the the very life money out of you know they take it away from the highway the the where it's supposed to be going to the highway we get higher gas taxes and they're just straining draining the finances off and these people again they're like parasites draining a healthy body right you saw the mechanisms they used today you touched on it pastor you're absolutely right they use their tax dollars to bribe all these various organizations to give away all these awards to make them feel good and make them want to support them and come back they've got the press in their pocket so the plain dealer which is corrupt and you know they could the plain dealer can't even write a decent story anymore and npr ideas stream all these various liberal um fake news organizations you know pump them up and just create puff stories about them and how great they are they're doing all these great things and everything they're not doing great things our county engineers would we would have far better roads and a better infrastructure system if you got no act out of there they they direct money into nonsense projects like this climate action plan you know i don't know how many tens of thousands of dollars or a hundred thousand dollars are spending on a stupid thing millions of dollars probably but it is targeting our liberty they they will um it'll end up creating mandates on how we live so our own tax dollars being used against us we got to stop this it's ridiculous well one of the things they got of course they got caught lying again but uh yeah i noticed how they kept saying well we're working with this county engineer and we're working with this county engineer uh but i got a feeling they're doing exactly to them what they were doing to us pretending making it sound like we were cooperating with them uh when when we're there as the opposition uh not there and you know advocates but but so they turn that around and they're not really very truthful about what they do are they you know you know i found it disgusting actually being from jadi county and our county engineer the representative for tim lennon was sitting at the table and because noack uh noack uh they didn't provide any they didn't give any money it was actually um rob portman and our i mean our state senators and our state congressmen and the stupid uh trillion dollar funding for infrastructure and stuff that's where the money came from because they routed it through noack noack to claim credit for for and responsibility for um making that possible they did nothing and so they lied to their teeth about their involvement and um and then they give us a pit so jogger county gets a couple hundred thousand dollars to do a road or even let's say that hypothetically it was a million dollars to do a road and and we could have a grovel at their feet because they gave us a million dollars of our own money back we paid 10 million dollars a year jogger county citizens pay 10 million dollars a year federal gas tax into the system and that they we have to we have to beg and plead and grovel when they give us a million back that's that's disgusting we're coming up to the break commissioner would you tell the folks what they need to do they need to um in fact i just was asked here just a couple hours ago when is the next commissioner's meeting in geauga county i believe it's on tuesdays aren't they every tuesday at nine o'clock every tuesday at nine o'clock okay and by the way and i've said this for how long pastor you don't know this i mean i've been pounding this drum for quite a while we can leave noaca we don't need to stay in the way we can form our own mpo and we will do better financially if we did and when if you're from lake county get with your lake county commissioners because lake and geauga county could create our own mpo we could manage it and control it determine where the dollars go between lake and geauga county then take cleveland and cuyahoga county completely out of the equation no longer will our world be ruled by equity which is a marxist concept for sharing you know redistributing wealth basically so get a hold of your county commissioners and say it is time for a change you can if you don't change we will make a change you won't be there in a few years well yeah one of the things they said their goal is transportation and regional equity as with the world economic council and their their measurements in other words so they they're hooked up with the world economic council which those people are the satanists i mean they are absolutely hardcore satanists there the vast majority of people are clueless to that in fact we actually have a clip uh that we could actually play on that to show you how how much they are do you have do you have those clips loaded up well i was going to do the one where they make them where they turn us in to batteries you know uh well let's we'll pass that we'll play it the the the world economic council their goal is to make all of it i know this sounds absolutely crazy but through the so-called vax the bioweapon shots they they've determined that they can use us as batteries to actually produce energy believe it or not so uh yeah okay i want to thank you skip for giving that information and folks you heard what he had to say god bless and thanks skip i gotta go to a break all right i'm gonna let you go bastard all righty let's go to the break get to that break right now don't have to get there no right now thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to that's mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14781 speery road newberry ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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