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FRI HR 2 123022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 31, 2022 1:20 am

FRI HR 2 123022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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And he became one Well, he's coming back to judge the world And he and the father are still the very same one But I've had a fearfulness deep inside And I've cried because I'm so afraid to know And I'm not a man of the kind to be scared Till I go to heaven or as I feared below I am, he said You had better care There isn't judgment for all You will be there I am, he died He has risen on high If You're lost, then You had better know why I am, he said You had better care There isn't judgment for all You will be there I am, he died He has risen It's right at the corner of Sperry Road and Route 87, State Route 87 And we start at 830 in the morning with an in-depth Bible study We've got a very interesting Bible study coming up this week And then the morning service starts at 1115 And then the evening, now this week we're going to have some, we always have the class Normally we have another class on one of the parts of the Bible, one of the books of the Bible At about 1 o'clock, at about 1 o'clock And that class goes on for a couple of hours And then at 4 o'clock, from 4 to 6, we're having the Bible and current events The Bible and current events And then at 6 p.m. we have our evening service And for more information you can call 440-338-1367 Now, I've got people asking, what is the latest update on Carrie Lake And from what I understand, it looks like she's back in the ballpark Because of the ruling of the court there in Georgia That the court ruled, the judge ruled, that there indeed were There was all of the ballots, because there were the same thing that happened in Arizona All of these fake ballots and that, that you have to have another election Are you guys up on that? Yes, yes, Pastor Ernie, I'm following it And it's, you know, the elections are plain rigged But what the problem is, is the Republican Party just is, I'm at a loss for words I mean, it's either bought off, afraid, cowards But if they would stand in Arizona, she has a real good chance But basically she's on her own, that's the problem The national Republican Party, they're acting like nothing is going on in Arizona The whole McConnell and McCarthy, all of them, not a word And then back in Arizona, the Republican Party is not backing, well there are some, a few But not enough to make a real big impact, so that's the problem From what I understand, the race for Attorney General, they're having a recount And because they found a lot more of the phony ballots And so that the Republican, it looks like, is going to have a recount, is going to win that At least that's what they're saying It's down to like just several hundred votes, maybe not even that It's down to a ridiculous small amount of votes in favor of the Democrats Notice how in these races, so many of these Democrats are winning by one vote, ten votes You know, statewide votes, they're winning by 300 And it's all, I don't hear really, maybe there's a Republican here or there winning like that It always seems to be the Democrats, they're winning by 15,000 votes in Georgia for example They won, they defeated Trump by 15, that's nonsense They put, it's all rigged The way it works, Pastor Ernie, is up front And I've listened and I've heard this, that you'll hear it in like Wisconsin In the governor's election, oh governor so-and-so is way out, he's leading at first He's way out front And they preload like 80,000, 100,000 votes for this governor And then when it gets close, when it gets down to like 10,000 votes They'll say so-and-so's closing in on, you know, for the governorship here And then they'll pump more in, they'll pump more in to put the governor ahead So they never catch up and then they end up losing by like 10,000 votes, 15,000 votes It's all rigged Yeah I know, I have the article here It said Trump's endorsed Attorney General nominee Abe Hamada told the Gateway Pundit That he plans to file an appeal after a Maricopa County Superior Court Boy those judges are bought and paid for off there Dismissed his lawsuit, well now they've found hundreds and hundreds of new ballots that were hidden away And so the Gateway Pundit reported Thursday Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Randall Warner Announced Democrat Chris Mayors beat Republican Abe Hamada by 280 votes in the race for Attorney General You're right There you go Pastor Ernie, there it is, 180 votes, there it is So Abe's race against radical leftist Chris Mayors was initially called by 511 votes out of over 2.5 million votes However as the Gateway Pundit reported, a miscount of votes in Pinal County discovered hundreds and hundreds of new votes for Hamada bringing Mayors lead That was the last one too, just 280 so they're getting the recount, hopefully he'll win Alright we're going to take a couple of fast calls we've got callers, let's go to Ed, Ed you're in the air Hello Hello Ed you're in the air, go ahead Hi Ed Quick comment concerning one of your guests that I'm not familiar with, can you hear me? Yeah we can hear you, just keep talking now, go ahead One of your guests that I'm not familiar with, I was with him 100% until he got to the numbers that he was talking about Black people introduced to the Americas, I will say this, you have two schools of thought You have one that basically black people are breeding like rabbits and they're reproducing more than they should Then you have the other one that they're being eliminated by clan parenthood but since the 1960s the 13% has been steady state and it just makes no sense whatsoever So what I will say is that I see what's in front of my face, I'm from Marengo County Alabama, they have far more black people as many of the counties in the deep south than white people So is this person asking me to look at what I see, should I believe my lying eyes or should I believe Bill Clinton Well here's the main thing, when you talk about plan parenthood killing black babies that is big big time, you know that, Margaret Sanger said that that's what they have to do to get a race of thoroughbreds you got to eliminate the weeds and she was referring to black people You remember I had my big disagreement with a former, he passed away recently so I'm not going to go ahead and mention his name but a former talk show host here in Cleveland And because I was with the heartbeat bill from the very beginning I was working, Jan Porter was the lead but I was on that with him from the very beginning and when he came on the radio and said we can't pass the heartbeat bill we'll have too many of the wrong kind of people meeting black people That's when he and I had a major falling out but it's a different story Okay the only other quick thing I'll say is this, okay concerning the 2020 election and I've seen some of the same algorithm, some of the same anomalies, actually not anomalies but some of the same things that are taking place Elections being held very very close and then at the same time right toward the end somehow the Democrats just tend to win Well do you remember Let me say this and I'll get off the air because I usually get cut off, it's to the point that concerning Donald Trump's situation Here you have a sitting president that's not normally easy to unseat You have a president that got 12 million more votes than he won when most people realistically admit only half of the population even bothered to vote Somehow he found a way to lose to a politician that ran a campaign from his basement and can't put two coherent sentences together Is the American people just stupid or is it rigged Alrighty I've got a comment, John do you remember what happened back a couple months before the November election, remember we were saying how They kept saying it was going to be a red wave red wave red wave and then Bill Gates came out, remember Bill Gates came out and he had a smirk on his face And he said there will not be any red wave, it's going to be a draw, they're going to come out of tie He was laughing, in other words he was actually saying what he was saying, we got it fixed, we have it fixed And then the very day later Nancy Pelosi comes out and said there will not be a red wave And she actually expected that they were going to keep the house and she said we will keep the senate and probably the house Now this goes way back when everybody would all know, all the pollsters, when they asked the pollsters how did you get it so wrong You could tell by the look on their faces that we better not say how we got it so wrong, what really happened or we won't ever be back on television What do you think John? Yeah Pastor Ernie and that interview that you just mentioned by Bill Gates, it was totally out of context for what he was being interviewed about All of a sudden he just went off into this topic about the election and it was odd the way he was speaking, he was talking about I don't know enough about politics, where to invest money He was talking about where to make money, oh he did say it's going to lead to a civil war, that's what he said Well he said it will probably lead to a civil war, that's what he said Alrighty thanks, we have one more caller, who's the last caller? Steve you're in the air Pastor Sanders thanks, I feel honored for being your last caller of the year Real quick, Bannon has all the people, you know Robert Malone, Dr Naomi Wolf and everybody that he just puts together, he has an army of people And three names slipped my mind but they all fit their narratives and they go so deep But if we talk about everything, it all goes back to event 201 when they were doing that practice run and they knew everything that was happening And the CIA and the FBI and the DOJ and the FDA and the CDs, everybody is so involved but it goes back to when they were having a practice run Why were they having a practice run?

They knew what was happening but from what I understand, Bernie Sanders was supposed to have got California They took that away from us so he didn't have the electoral votes in 2016, so that got Hillary, it was supposed to happen around 2018 So they know Trump coming up, if anybody can see anything and really take a look, it's all in a series, you can't do it But they said we're going to get you from within, we're going to take your country over by not firing a shot, everything you say But if everybody goes back and looks at event 201 and just watch it, it's just a reversal on YouTube Event 201, that was the start of it and Gates was the founder and I think his last name kind of says hey, open the gates And I got the real Anthony Fauci book and it's probably like five, six hundred pages but there's so much beyond going on, it's unbelievable And you're really on top of it so, yourself and Pastor Joe though, God bless you guys Alright, thanks, have a happy new year, we got to go because we're out of time Happy new year, thank you guys Okay, how much time do I have? You're at about six Okay, well listen, hey John, do you think we should let the new guy give the invitation tonight? He's a man that knows the word Alright, Ken, do you think you can give an invitation, tell people how they can avoid hell and get to heaven in five minutes? Yeah, I do, I'll give it a shot, you surprised me with that once before Just to be clear, do we offer a prayer within that or?

You can, it's up to you What's the pleasure is it? Yeah, basically just give an invitation, this will be the last invitation of the year Wow, that's exciting, well yeah, dear friends and listeners out there, you're not listening to this show by accident The good pastor and John and others have gathered around here to help encourage all of us to turn towards the Lord There is the only place that salvation comes The Lord has told us to fear not, and yet we're human and we do get afraid, we do see so much commotion and so much loud noise and chaos going on all around us We hear it on the news every day, and yet we need to not pay it attention The good book says, I believe it's in Isaiah, that that which is black will be white and up and is down and in is out, I'm paraphrasing obviously But that's the time in which we live, truth is the hardest commodity to find, and yet the good Lord is the author of all truth So if we love him and we want to return home to him, if we trust him, then we'll seek his word, we'll take the time to pray Our nation is hanging in the balance, I think the term is that the Constitution is hanging by a single thread We're at that time, and we know the end of this story, we know that the Lord wins, and that Satan and his followers lose It's pretty easy to figure out what team you want to be on That doesn't mean it's going to be easy, but it does mean that we can trust in the Lord with all our hearts, lean not to our own understanding, acknowledge his hand in all things, and he will direct our path Pastor Ernie, you speak boldly, and that is what needs to be heard, I would liken you unto a John the Baptist crying in the wilderness This is the way, this is the truth, this is the light, and we all need to turn back to God People get pretty, they turn off with the word repentance, but repentance is actually a really beautiful word, because it means to turn back to God That's not a bad word, that's a great word, it means whatever you're doing was taking you away from God, it's time to repent and turn back towards God and walk in his direction There is the only way and place that we can find peace, and of that I can bear testimony A very quick story, I think I've got a couple minutes right, the moment that my life changed was about 1993, I was in a new house, a young little family And I remember getting up one morning, 8.40 in the morning, I needed to be in Salt Lake at 9 o'clock, it's a 40 minute drive, I'm late, I'm in my pajamas, I'm in a hurry running around my office And I hear a voice, a very subtle saying, call Mark, I thought well I'll call him tonight when I get back, he was out of work, I was trying to figure out how to help him A few moments later I'm still running around, call Mark, and I thought well I'll call him with my new cell phone, with a new gadget in those days A few moments later the words came to my mind, call Mark, I thought okay well I'll call Mark, so I picked up the phone, called Mark, he was about to commit suicide I said hold on Mark, I'll be right there, I flew down the road, ran into his house and he was in a mess He had decided he was either going to do it with a gun or drive down the canyon and plow into a rock, but he was about to commit suicide I took him to the hospital, spent the entire day with him and trying to help him get taken care of, and by the end of the day a friend that I was working with at church said Ken, thank you for doing that, but I don't understand how you guys got together You have 30 seconds And I'll wrap it up with this saying, Charlie thanks for asking, if you had not asked I would not have remembered, it was so subtle, the Lord's whispering I decided that day that's what I want to live for, is the Lord's whispering, and I would challenge you to turn your heart, all of our hearts back to God because he's ever whispering Amen And he's got to work for all of us to do, Amen Right, we're out of time for tonight, I want to thank you for being here, both of you fellas, and I want to wish everyone listening out there a blessed blessed new year And so, but good night, God bless, and always always always keep fighting the fight The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content
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