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THU HR 2 122922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 30, 2022 12:31 am

THU HR 2 122922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 30, 2022 12:31 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast at The last economic reset occurred in 1944 with the creation of the Bretton Woods system. The U.S. dollar replaced the pound sterling as the new world reserve currency and was convertible to gold at a fixed rate of $35 an ounce. Nations of the world entrusted the Federal Reserve Bank to hold their gold in return for market liquidity. This trust was good up until President de Gaulle of France pointed out that the United States was printing more money than they had in gold reserves to pay for the war in Vietnam and in 1971 sent a warship to New York demanding their gold back. Days later President Nixon took the world off the gold standard altogether allowing the war machine to print endless amounts of U.S. dollars. In 1974 the United States offers use of its war machine to Saudi Arabia in return for their oil to be sold exclusively with U.S. dollars.

This becomes known as the petro dollar and ushers in a new era of endless warfare. Andy Schechtman of Miles Franklin has been trading precious metals for over 30 years and lays out the evidence that the world is going back to a gold standard. In 2017 Germans Bundesbank made headlines when they demanded the return of their physical gold by 2020. Within weeks the Bank of Austria, the Bank of Hungary, the Bank of Turkey, the Czech National Bank and the Bank of Poland all quietly began repatriating their gold as well and began buying more.

These banks bought more in 2018 than they had bought in the last 60 years combined and they doubled that the next year. In 2019 the Bank for International Settlements classifies gold as a tier one reserve rivaling the U.S. dollar for the first time in 80 years. In 2020 the International Monetary Fund publicly announces a shift towards a new system to replace Bretton Woods. Also that year a new major buyer suddenly appears anonymously labeled as other and begins draining the COMEX and London Metals Exchange of precious metals to an extent never seen before. In August of 2021 Saudi Arabia signs a military cooperation agreement with Russia directly challenging the U.S. petro dollar agreement.

This is immediately followed by the U.S. military's abrupt departure from Afghanistan. In 2022 Russian banks were removed from the SWIFT system. This weaponization of the banking system inspired a massive sell-off of U.S. treasuries as Russia and China announced a new commodity-backed world reserve currency. Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Iran begin selling oil to China for bonds that are immediately convertible to gold. BRICS membership is now nearing 90 percent of the world population and all these countries are dramatically expanding their gold reserves. China's belt and road initiative is moving towards connecting nearly three quarters of the world population into its centralized system with the digital Chinese yuan and the U.S. government is left holding a bill they can't pay and a war machine they can't afford. The U.S. Mint is making it difficult for citizens to buy gold and silver as if they want everyone at their mercy to buy gold at their mercy when it all goes to zero. Their only solution seems to be total control. This is at least one of the reasons why Elon's twitter files are spread out like a Netflix series to keep Americans busy while their entire life savings are swiftly turned to zero. Reporting for Infowars, this is Greg Rees. All right we are back and you notice something about um you know something about what's been happening lately uh with that you used to go to all your gun shows uh your auctions out there you know we would go to um they would you would always have people there selling silver and gold and silver and gold there'd always be not anymore there i mean not anymore everybody's it's it's hard to find out there now you can buy it through the big companies that advertise uh but boy have you noticed the price is going up now listen it's not the price because uh silver is running about 24 dollars um about 24 and a half an ounce okay what what is what is gold trading that rose gold is about 1800 and the last i looked it was about 1800 and i think i know going back to uh uh g probably 20 years that what what the international bankers wanted was they wanted a 16 to 1 spread between silver and gold that's that's been that way for like a couple 300 years and i don't know what it is now but to me like that's what i always look at is that ratio if it's not right they're going to correct it well what's happening uh they go back to the gold well silver is used in there there's a silver shortage right now and that's used in war machines okay oh yeah and industrially and all that and a lot of issues too any solar panels and things but you see what i'm telling you is this that the price on the the price on the market that's going up uh is not in line with what the dealers are selling now the dealers are selling it for selling it for a much higher much higher right right the margins right then and so both gold and silver yeah and so anyhow we have another clip about the prison system you want to go ahead and play that other clip aman jabi has worked in silicon valley for 28 years his background includes work on deep technologies that are involved in the new digital prison system being designed by big tech in 2020 he moved to montana and became a whistleblower warning the public of the very real threat about to be unleashed upon us all known by many as the mark of the beast system aman explains how accepting the digital id is the basic premise behind it all so by default a digital identity implies that you are always in a digital prison since you have a digital identity and you're in a prison you are by default a criminal so we don't trust you just like the old system this new one is also voluntary and you are supposed to know that it's a digital identity and that you are used to know that it's a digital prison that you are voluntarily signing up for and the reason for this is because in this new system having a digital id will be proof that you are a criminal because having a digital id means that you are in a digital prison and because you accepted it you must be a criminal because of this there is a new protocol being introduced with this system known as zero trust how is zero trust going to be used here's a lady she wants to go and buy some beef but let's say her carbon footprint or her beef footprint for the month has been exceeded that door won't open this digital prison is sneaking up on us all there is no need for an implanted chip because everything is being done with facial recognition which is already plugged into the entire system america already has more cameras per capita than communist china and our social credit score is already being logged all we need at this point is a series of events that lead us all into having to make the choice of either accepting the new digital id or saying no since the covid lockdowns new state-of-the-art led lights have been replacing street lights cities throughout the west amman explains that this is all part of the plan these lights will be connected to everything including your phone and your car and in new cars that includes 16 different cameras with lidar and sonar these lights are being outfitted with led incapacitators which is a light technology that was first announced 15 years ago back when it caused enough brain damage to make a person sick another strange weapon in the final stages of development is able to mount an all-out barrage on the optic nerve the led incapacitator was developed under the auspices of the department of homeland security for the purposes of creating what we call a non-lethal defense system and this technology consists of a bright set of led technology light emitting diodes that is designed to create a sort of temporary blindness meaning temporary ability to not be able to see the person who we're trying to protect if aggressors caught in its bright pulsating glare don't shield their eyes or turn away quick enough temporary blindness isn't the only effect they'll feel the first time i saw the led i was in a darkened room and within three or four seconds i had reached forward and grabbed a hold of a lab bench because i was feeling a little bit dizzy or disoriented the device's combination of different colors and random flashes can induce psychophysical effects including vertigo and possible nausea it's been nicknamed the puke light it's been 15 years and our silicon valley whistleblower believes that this technology is now capable of killing people ultimately we can say no to this but if there's a critical marks that doesn't sign on to the digital id then this agenda gets weakened substantially but we will have to first unify and come together already uh you know boy unify and come together that's uh that is i don't know i don't know if that that can happen again before the lord returns i you know we got all things are possible and often what does bring people together like 9 11 even though 9 11 was not what it was supposed to be at all but it did unite the country and here uh we're divided by so much okay um and there's so much evil out there today should we let someone who was elected by cheating and fraud stay in office guess who asked that question it was president trump the legitimate president the real president of the united states uh he's talking about we've learned over the past few weeks with the conclusive evidence that the fbi and the twitter concluded to hide the many crimes and perverted we knew this we've been talking about this for a couple of years and perverted the relationship with hunter biters laptop before the 2020 election here last night jesse waters shared the thoughts with the big tech and fbi conclusion on fox news if we've learned anything is that government's no longer in it for the little guy they're in it for themselves and it's been that works for years well we've known that for years and we've told people that for years president trump's response to jesse waters monologue about the deep state agreeing that the fbi and twitter did collude to elect joe biden uh and again he was inserted he wasn't elected he did not win the election he did not have the most amount of votes that's a lie told by liars that's a lie told by absolute told by liars yes and uh you know you you have to be a complete fool you have to be a complete fool to take a look when president trump is drawing clouds of 65 70 000 people well he had a 90 000 mile truck train train yes i mean and and i'll think about that in automobiles and trucks he had it was 90 miles when we went through on our trump train through middlefield ohio the amish were lined up in their buggies and holding up trump signs that shows you now again and what did joe biden joe biden was drawing crowds of 10 12 people yeah okay uh folks again you have to be a complete now if there's any of you at nbc abc cbs c it in uh that that our npr that would have the courage even a little bit of courage and this goes to brett bear too especially uh you know what and i'm and i'm i'm finished with hannity too i'm finished with hannity after what he recently said so uh in other words under oath he said he never believed at all that there was election fraud or whatever oh okay that that's it i'm finished with i'm finished with hannity he's gone he's up but anyhow here uh folks just it's amazing absolutely amazing out there that that they're still putting this up and well what about the 51 guys that signed the letter about the laptop and said that it was just bogus and that's what was just bogus those are 51 dirty very dirty corrupt they're 51 democrats yes yeah okay to us to us lying and and see you would never get those any one of those 51 on this radio program you would never get them here i'm hoping that they're going to get them under oath where they have to tell the truth they have to tell the truth which to them is totally foreign okay yeah yeah but those are 51 dirty cops that's who they are okay just like that bunch that so-called election panel there uh and you've never seen every one of those people and there are hardcore hardcore communist okay that's reality um the program before tonight on here um paul shiffords the shiver report he nailed them i mean he nailed each and every one of them out there he gave you their background all communists to the bone yeah all anti-christ communists to the bone okay so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna do some articles and then we're gonna open the phone lines and take some calls okay in between articles all right all right sounds good okay you have an article you want to do house house judiciary wait a minute i gotta open the phone lines phone lines are now phone lines are now open at 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 now house judiciary republicans expose coordination between the white house and media and shows how scared are you the bitin administration is already playing games with requests from the new gop led house judiciary committee lawyers for joe biden sent letters to gop representatives uh james comer and jim jordan telling them that they were planning on responding to record requests that were made by them over the past few weeks uh a top lawyer for the president pledged uh pledged in letters to those members that the administration would operate in good faith with them but he also said the oversight demands made by congressional republicans during the last congress would have to be started over and in a respective letter to representatives james comer republican kentucky and jim jordan republican ohio white house special counsel richard starburst said that the bitin administration has no immediate plans to respond to a slew of record requests that both men made in the past several weeks in those letters obtained exclusively by politico sauber described what requests what requests as constitutional illegitimate because both jordan who is expected to chair the house judiciary committee and comer who is expected to head the oversight committee made them before they had any authority to do so and see here they go with now here's the little slip out congress has not delegated such oversight authority to individual members of congress who are not committee chairmen and the house has not done so under its current rules wrote sauber and now to me that that's the sticky wicket obviously didn't bite and say he was going to have the most transparent presidency of anybody now he knows what's happening it's like being the president-elect so to speak there are certain courtesies they do grant to each other you know but on this one there none of the courtesies are granted and and i hope that this makes them angry and i hope they really stick it to them when they get their chairmanships and their committee membership yes i do too but you know the bottom line is this we're just going to make this very clear here's what jordan knows here's what these they know they know that the biden crime cartel the biden crime family their job okay first of all they know that the the that their own slack stuck in narrow by the chinese communist party sure too their job is to keep the border the gates open at the border now even though we're watching thousands and millions of people go through there they're still telling you that what you're seeing you're not seeing okay and we've got nbc abc cbs and say you know they're there to lie for us they'll tell whatever lie we need them to tell so they're going to tell you that what you're seeing you're not seeing now so biden's job is to make sure that the drug cartels have access they get enough fentanyl over here to do their jobs okay that the human smugglers that that the little children that they keep a big supply of little children going in for biden's fellow pedophiles that's their job out there and that's what jordan knows and that's what gomer knows and that's what matt gates knows and so and that's what they're going to try and you're forgetting the the the biggest thing of all you know what else we know that biden still has never gone to the border he has never been down there would you i mean if he goes to where they're going to be cameras all over and what's he going to do he went to st croix the other day they went on vacation the other day yes but he still hadn't been to the border yeah and not in this presidency i could just see what it eats quinn his eyes yeah and say look at all those republicans coming over right yeah okay let's go let's take a global john you're in the air hello john you're in there go ahead yeah ernie i i just got out at the hospital and uh i thought i was having a heart attack but in the end it wasn't well that's good praise the lord for that i i know you told me not to take the shot but um i've had uh all four shots and i had flu zone two and um i will tell you this that when you get to the hospital the first thing they ask you is did you have the shots did you have flu zone and uh but uh um they did um you know heart test on me and it wasn't wasn't my heart it was uh really high um uh white blood cell counts i don't know what that exactly does they said it was you were fighting an infection but i know a lot of you are have been sick too well yeah i mean we've a lot of viewers but here's here's the problem with these shots they change your um dna and what happens is turn me into a woman you know no that would be uh but what it does it changes your dna when that happens uh your immune system okay changes what it's immune against and so you what happens is the uh it messes you you lose your immune system basically you lose your immune system and so anyhow i'm just uh you know hope you don't have any other further complications but uh i hope not too and i'm i'm glad i sit to lisa i'm glad you people are feeling better too yeah oh you're the one that called the church today our uh our our church got hit pretty hard but we're all all of them did i mean the entire not just our county the entire state got hit hard but uh but uh you know again we got um i will tell you this between um the three things that are going around um you know emergency was they didn't have enough beds they um and um they just have you sit outside and and try and diagnose you and then and then um i i saw people you know waiting uh 10 11 hours for a bed and um you know that falls right in line with the article that i read tonight yes a lot of a lot of kids a lot of kids really sick yeah with this rsc with running like temperatures of 104 i really felt sorry for them all right i have to move on john but let me tell you a lot of these things they're made in a laboratory and that's all a part of the depopulation program so i worked in a laboratory ernie so then you know but i have to move on so thanks and have a happy happy new year already uh little lisa you've got an article very quickly okay a pro-abortion woman has been charged with battery after throwing a cup of coffee on a pro-life protester outside a new abortion clinic in illinois and she also tried to knock the cell phone out of the woman's hand uh quote uh it's unfortunate that a pro-lifer was attacked rockford family initiative president told the station but we understand that when you stand up and defend life things like this may happen but despite the violence he said that they will not be stopping and will continue to stand outside and urge mothers to consider other options the only intention of this business is to end human life most pro-lifers are real christians that's why they're out there doing that they're the real thing and that's what real christians do let's go to ken ken you're in the air hey ken how are you good uh hey uh i don't know if you heard my message last week i said that my wife didn't have to go back to work at mgh you never take the shot you guys were praying for us uh say that again because i couldn't really hear you that's right um yeah uh last week i called in and left a message with the donation guy uh they weren't taking any calls and uh you guys been praying for my wife uh at mgh they were forcing her to take the shot and bumped her out before her maternity and we're trying to fire her and she didn't have to go back to work because like a few weeks before god provided me with a big raise at work so she's able to stay home with the baby and well very good praise the good lord she didn't have to take the shot after all the fighting yeah well you didn't want to take that for for any reason but thank you thanks a good lord huh uh yeah amen uh i had a question about something i saw on world news daily a few days ago um did you see the article about the obituary of the gop uh you know what i did see something an article like that i don't know if i have it but go ahead and tell me about it so it was about trump holding a lgbt party the day they signed that marriage act a few weeks ago in december and he had a big party at monologo um it just makes me say oh so uh this is who we're all fighting for yeah uh you know i don't know i have to take a look at that i know this i mean i looked it up on google it it happened and he invited carrie lake and it happened it's like 20 articles on google it was an lgbtq party huh yeah he had a big party to celebrate the defense of marriage or whatever they call this you know the filement of marriage act that they're doing he had a big party at monologo on the day they signed it well i'm going to tell you that stand with you guys that's going to make it very hard he you know with all the good that he's done exactly uh boy then then when he did that you know things like that is is what uh you know and he gets some really bad advice he gets some really really bad advice i disagree but i mean i get it his hotel is i work in a hotel um there's plenty of those folks in in hotel industry so i don't know if it's just a business thing or what but regardless it's kind of you know pretty poor uh anti-christ type testimony yeah well i'm hoping he's hearing about it you know i mean yeah it is well thanks ken gotta move on uh let's go to ed ed you're in the air uh pastor ernie i don't doubt what that last call has said i don't know it to be true i've never heard of it but uh i do not doubt it but what i will say is that concerning the uh 2020 election um if uh a sitting president can lose an election and get 12 million more votes and make further inroads into the black community and so on wherever they say the black community population is these days because depending on who you listen to they'll say that blacks are breeding like bunny rabbits and then on the other hand they're saying they're being genocided by you know clan parenthood but yet they say that the population status is steady state which is about 13 which is uh relatively impossible but the bottom line is this uh if joe biden got more votes than any other presidential candidate in history well he got more than obama did you know that the media said he got more than obama now you know yeah and you know i could say that but you know being uh black also that that i think that's kind of hard to believe that joe biden got more black votes than obama did yeah it is hard to believe kind of hard to believe well you know it's hard to believe he got hardly any votes after watching him campaign because he didn't campaign but but but what's scary ed also if you think about is it now he wants to start the primaries in the south did you see that no i didn't they don't want to have the the new hampshire new hampshire and all them kicking that's right that's right and biden wants to do it in the south where he has the black support and the idea is to you know how like there'll be nine people running so the idea is that if he goes where they're heavy african-american populations he'll knock off all the weak ones right quick you know you know they'll never make it to new hampshire they'll never make it to iowa where they have the caucuses and that sort of thing they won't do it i mean it's interesting but anyway i don't i don't want to steal your thunder but but that just made me remember that biden got more black votes than obama yeah that's amazing all righty well thanks ed well well i i the bottom line is this i mean i'm not going to get into that that that african thing because i don't think there's no such thing as an african american i agree with you all righty oh we lost it okay did we yep all right sorry about that let's go to um let's go to ac ac you're in there yes hello pastor hello i want to come i want to comment on a verse that was read in your bible study section tonight revelation 16 verse 15 very interesting verse i hope you'll see why it says there behold i come as a thief okay blessed is he that watches now the terrible judgment from verse 1 to 15 clearly occur in the tribulation period which your associate there read which is the seven-year flood of god's wrath yet jesus does not come as a thief at the end of this seven-year flood but it's clearly seen as king of kings and lord of lords when the pre-trib rapture takes place jesus does come as a thief even a grave robber who robs the graves of the dead in christ and those living believers who are counted worthy to escape physical death the tribulation period and also the law of gravity and this is according to luke 21 verse 36 now there's a tiny two-verse rapture parable in matthew 24 verse 42 to 43 it doesn't reference death it doesn't reference hell and that's where jesus makes this parallel between himself and a thief who takes from planet earth what belongs to him this verse 15 is a warning to people who read this chapter now before the rapture takes place that's exactly what it is that's what he's telling you that's this is the whole warning in other words he's showing us what what is going to happen to the democrats okay those that who all of those that refuse to receive christ those that are arrogant those that are pro-abortion those that are promoting sodomy and pedophilia he's telling you and then when he says that he's making the statement understand this because i'm going to come as a thief in other words when people least expect and get you better get right with me now right it's an unusual verse in revelation okay because it really it doesn't it's not part of the tribulation text it's part of the time now it's like an aside okay so one more thing here about this verse very interesting this last phrase blessed is he that watcheth and keepeth his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame who is he talking about here i'm going to tell you he's talking about those that are post-tribbers mid-tribbers and pre-wrathors who aren't watching for jesus to come they're watching for the anti-christ to show up yep and they will walk naked and be ashamed when they are left behind after the rapture takes place the lord said he's returning for those they're looking for his return and those are the pre-tribbers got to move on but thanks hey you got your right out you hit the nail right on the head we'll be back right after this ah oh wake oh israel rise from your slumber and the truth shall set you free from out of xion comes your redeemer in the year of jubilee oh hallelujah oh hallelujah hallelujah praise your way from out of xion comes your redeemer in the year of jubilee thou art my chosen for i have called thee thou art graven on my hand and i will gather all those who gather they will possess their land sing hallelujah sing hallelujah hallelujah praise your way from out of xion comes your redeemer in the year of jubilee out from the furnace out of affliction i have chosen thee behold and for your iron i'll give you silver for your brass i'll give you gold awake america rise from your slum and the truth shall set you free from out of side comes your redeemer hallelujah all right let's go to massachusetts and patricia you're in the air hi hi mr ernie how are you doing i'm doing well i i'm calling your show because i have a concern um i recently went for a cat scan and i'm not sure if you know like when they do the ct cat scans they have to put like an ivy in you and they put dye in you so that they can see on the cat scan my concern is are they able to put the vaccine in the dye to go in your arm i'm just so curious about that i have not been vaccinated but i'm very nervous when i have to go into the hospital i i wouldn't think they would do that would you no no i'm i'm i'm pretty much sure that they they haven't i i've had a test similar to that i've had brain surgery i'm a migraine sufferer and every time i go i was laughing say they've given me so many of those with the hot stuff running through me that i probably glow in the dark but anyway the truth the truth and reality is that they don't and and if you think about it because the two things really don't mix really don't mix oh they don't they don't they really don't know okay that's what i was concerned about yeah the radiographic stuff has an isotope in it and and and that really wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't do the vaccine any good oh it wouldn't okay okay that's good to know because i also heard you all talk about the nasal swab because i i recently went into the er like last month and they was like really well well true confession on that one patricia is they can implant a nanofiber in your uh on i forget the name of the the bone that's on the the front of your skull that they are anyway my point is that they can in fact implant a nanofiber there now that they can do you know how they do the up your nose and all that yeah potentially they could do that and potentially i have that but you know the truth of the matter is is that like you know you that you don't know and if you didn't have the swab like the swap potentially could have been magnetic if you could have passed it over a magnet you could have tested it or whatever but you didn't know and i i don't think it's something that you can necessarily be afraid of because i'm not one of these people that believe that like you know uh you can't be you can't fight city hall you can only fight it to a certain extent and then this the octopus is like too big the or the hydra every time you cut the hydra's head off you get eight more so you know you got to trust in the lord to protect you yes i know yeah definitely definitely okay i appreciate it thank you thank you god bless you all you too and happy new year all right let's go out to we're holding on to uh who do we have right after pastor hell happened hang keep him there and take the next guy because pastor hell's going to come up and he's going to give an invitation right that's what he's going to do because he does that very well all right uh what happened to the they dropped him okay all right very good let's go to pastor hell are you there hell what happened we lost him what's going on oh we're we're dropped they're dropping they're oh they're dropping off the board all right we'll give you another chance eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three okay they're lighting up again and let's see if we can okay how are you there yeah i was cut off but you could okay dear hold up five fingers so we know for sure oh dear okay okay all righty yep well you've got 20 minutes to give no only kid uh but then anyhow we got a whole lot of things going on out here tonight and we're living in very very interesting times with what's happening out there now let's just say this because a lot of people are frightened they're really frightened and a lot of people are very discouraged they're saying everywhere they turn usually surrounded you've got everywhere you got planned parenthood you got navel you got the entire democratic party you got the aclu and you got the world health organization you got the sierra club you got the epa you got all of these all you know all these forces these anti-christ forces uh so what would you tell them when it comes to uh being afraid of all what is around them are you still there yeah me yeah you're the one i'm talking to okay yeah yeah the bible the bible says the bible says spread not yourself because the evildoers and we've already won the victory and uh i was looking in uh luke i think it was 1927 and uh no yeah and it says but these my enemies which would not that i should reign over them bring hither and slay before me so the final uh battle the final winner is lord jesus christ and uh we're on his side and we're gonna win and and enjoy the victory with them so uh these people the godless the satanists and everything and they can rant and rave and and uh and shake their fists in god's face for only a short period of time but when the end comes they're gonna fall and they're gonna go down permanently and they're gonna lose everything that they robbed stole and killed for so so joey biden won't be squinting his eyes and whispering and lies will he no not at all he'll be he'll be going through the tortures of hell if you don't repent and get right if you could talk to joey and biden and camel hair if you could talk to them what would you tell them i'd tell them according to god's word uh they're a bunch of miserable dirty rotten lousy stinking sinners on the road to hell and the bible says what does a profit a man if he gained the whole world and lose his soul so no matter how much he makes and bribes from the communist chinese and how much they rob and steal the american public's uh hard-earned money for uh and get uh it's not going to be worth it just that first second in hell they're going to wish they could undo it and give it all back but they're being blind fools right now being led by satan for their destruction could george sorrows of bill gates have enough money um you know to to cover to keep joey biden out of hell no no way god laughs at their money their money is nothing to him are they going to find that out are they going to have an extremely rude awakening extremely okay you're absolutely right about that it's going to be a very extremely rude awakening out there and uh and folks out there listening to you know don't don't look god has raised us up you're here right he's raised himself for such a time as this in other words what he's telling you is simple now is you've got this time it's now or never it's now or never you've got between now and the time when your soul is required if you know you don't know when that time is um it could be tomorrow but you've got that time to place up crowns in heaven and before you can place up crowns in heaven before you can place up anything and haven't you you know it's like going to a bank and you want to make a deposit uh if you don't have an account there it won't do you any good right i mean if you walked into a bank and handed the cashier you know a handful of cash but if you don't have an account the cashier is going to be happy but you're going to be out right no right now here tell them how you get the account tell them what what what they need to do so that so that all that you do you're good at works remember faith without works is dead being alone right right okay so but there's got to be something that's very very required before your works will account for anything and tell them what that is that's where you receive the payment that the lord jesus christ paid for you on that cross the bible says not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to his mercy he saved us and you can't do anything no human effort can get you to heaven because nothing you do is going to wash away one sin and god hates sin so bad he can't let even one sin into heaven but regardless of that god loves you so much that he's offered he offered to let his son jesus christ pay the payment a righteous payment that had to be paid for your sins and let jesus to pay in your place on that cross in full so when you come to god with repentance luke 13 3 says except you repent you shall likewise perish and when you come to god sorry about the fact you're a sinner ask jesus to come into your heart and be your savior he'll come in so you got to be sincere and uh you know there's nothing in this world worth losing your soul for absolutely nothing and only a fool would take anything in this world like i said earlier if you could gain the whole world and lose your soul you'd still be a fool and uh but and the devil has a lot of fools in hell right now and a lot on their more on their way and uh don't be one of them jesus told us that many are on their way to hell right now and uh but only a few are finally going to find eternal life and be among the few that find eternal life and you do that by going to god's word and he says for whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved what was 10 13 and jesus also said i am the way the truth and the light no man comes to the father but by me so uh you take all the world religions out there and they're totally bankrupt as far as doing anything to get anybody to heaven totally bankrupt all of them and their religious leaders with them only jesus died on that cross and shed his blood which was god's blood uh in him because in christ with all the fullness of the godhead bodily so when jesus shed his blood on this on that cross it was a very blood of god and only the blood of god could wash away sin human blood can't do it no matter who you are and so my job as a preacher is to lead men and women of christ you want to get that account of the best we're talking about in heaven you've got to get it from the lord jesus christ and that takes place when you by faith ask jesus to come into your heart as your savior and you can do that right now we could say a simple prayer together but even though we're praying together be directly between you and god remember in patience two eight nine says for by grace are you saved through faith and not of yourself it's the gift of god you add you can't add one work to get into heaven not one work it's when you come there and say god i can't say myself my church can't say me i need you to save me and i need to do it right now so what do you say we pray i'll leave you a few words at a time and you can repeat after me god's knocking at the door in your heart right now he's asking you if you open up that door and let him come in dear god please have mercy on me a sinner i confess unto you that i've sinned against thee and thought word indeed and i totally messed up my life and i'm on my way to hell lost and without hope right now because with sins on on my record i don't stand a chance but i know the bible says you died to pay for my sins and have them washed away and the bible says in whom we have redemption through his blood so god redeem me with your blood right now lord jesus christ i hear and now ask you to come into my heart forgive me of my sins and save my soul from hell because i know and i believe that you died on that cross you're the only way to be saved you're the only person that can save me and i receive you right now as my lord and savior forever and ever in jesus name amen and now you prayed that prayer just now and you meant it first john 5 13 says these things have i written unto you that believe on the name of the son of god that you may know you have eternal life and that term believe on meant that you personally received as your savior notice it didn't say that believe about even the devil believes about he believes that jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to save your soul but the devil didn't want you to reach out and receive that payment he didn't want you to believe on the lord jesus christ which you just did if you sincerely prayed that prayer now the devil can't get your soul your worst enemy can't get it you can't lose it you're you know if i don't see people before now and then i'll see you in heaven god bless good tester all right very very good so so what do you say somebody says well you know i hear what you're saying i hear what you're saying you you've got your truth and i've got my truth and you know christianity is good and jesus was a religious a great leader but he was just one of many uh like obama said he he was a savior but he was one of many saviors um and oprah says that she's the source of her own salvation she doesn't need anybody else so what do you tell those people well first of all oprah and obama and all the uh people like them they can't even say themselves i mean they're so they're disillusioned uh it's unbelievable but uh the bible says jesus made the blind see the death fear the lame walk and rose to dead i'd like to see any of those uh clowns do that uh that say that they're they're their own savior and that they could save other people i mean uh you know jesus raised the dead only god could do that and uh you know he proved over and over again that he had the power of god in him and uh that he was god in the flesh and none of those people ever did that so if we go from genesis to revelation is there any source of information in existence that speaks with absolute authority and absolute certainty other you know about from the start from creation to eternity is there any any source of information that comes close to the word of god where when it comes to speaking with absolute knowledge certainty and absolute absolute authority no the the word of god is god speaking to us he and we we find out things from the word of god we've never known without the word of god and besides all that there was a historian by name of josephus that he was actually an orthodox jew he wasn't even a believer but he's he's been given credit for accurately reporting uh history without bias and he even confirmed the things that jesus did uh in reporting about what roman uh uh leaders and everything else like that letters they wrote back and forth like what are we going to do you know about these christians and and jesus did this and jesus did even what the unbelievers thought actually confirmed what jesus did and so uh even the wrath of man uh confirmed that the uh uh everything the bible said to glorify jesus and confirm his uh deity uh was real all right very good how many how much time do i have seconds pardon okay all right very good we're down to one minute there randy do you agree with everything he just said yes i do and not because he's one of my best friends in life either okay that's right come on nobody lays this plan of salvation out like like held that's right nobody does it right now yeah all right so okay so i always pray the holy spirit speak through me because without god doing it i'm as dumb as the box of rocks okay we hear you okay well we're just about out of time for tonight out here so folks out there wherever you be remember uh that well you're all gonna die and when you die you're going to end up either in heaven or hell you got god's word on it you don't want to go to the letter how much time okay well god doesn't sell fire insurance either so that's right visiting and doing stuff you can't buy any fire insurance a whole lot of no one ever ever regretted receiving eternal life but boy there's a whole lot of them that wish they had listened uh and uh amen okay and there's no unbelievers in heaven or hell until tomorrow good night god bless and always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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