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THU HR 2 121522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 16, 2022 12:07 am

THU HR 2 121522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 16, 2022 12:07 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we're back, and sorry, fellas, I didn't... I missed my cue.

That commercial was coming up, so that was on me. But anyhow, we really have to move on this. We've got to get... And Tom, you need to go on every radio station and every Christian program in the country, and we'll keep promoting it. But... You know, you raise an interesting point that nobody's over, actually, that I've ever heard anybody really verbalize. You know, the conservatives, the patriots, the Christians, we don't really work well together.

Have you noticed that? Yeah, everybody's going in their own direction. Exactly. The liberals and those who... those who helped create the mess that we're in, they all understand one key principle, and that's this. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

And yet, as conservative... That was Joseph Stalin that said that. Exactly. And they adhere to it.

They don't sit back and they don't start critiquing one another and judging everybody. Just, if you're enemy of my enemy, your story's good enough to come along with it. We don't have to adapt the falsehoods to that statement, but we do have to understand that we need to fight this battle collectively, and together, find the common goods, find the common cause, and unite on that, and the differences and idiosyncrasies, we'll deal with them later. We have got to put the fire out first. Does that make sense?

Yeah, you're absolutely right. Now, we know... We work together fairly good. The organizations that I went to, Ohio Pro-Life Action, Tea Party, most of our organizations, we're pretty much members of all. We do have sometimes different priorities. But I think this, I think we're going to be able to get most all of the pro-family, pro-American groups together on this if they can understand just how important it is.

Could you give your website out so they can go up on your website and see what I'm holding right here? You can go to and you'll get Brunson's case information there. You'll be able to read the Brunson filing, you'll be able to see the amicus brief, you'll see the letter that we've got, and other things. You know, it's also very interesting that your Bible study today was...and you touched on it. You touched on pedophilia, you touched on satanic ritual abuse, you touched on the sacrifice, you touched on the burning of our children, all of that, all of that is central to everything that we're dealing with.

And that's actually a topic for another day, but that's how I got drug into this, through the back door, is being exposed to the depths of that deprivation that we're dealing with here in America. This is a satanic attack on our God-given rights, the land that God gave us. And if we don't protect it, if we don't sustain it, we could get swept off our land. We're fighting for our rights. Well, you know what, I tell you, it's not a matter of getting swept off our land.

Our people are dropping dead on the land, in the land, everywhere you turn. Now, here's...Bill Clinton used to have a saying, and he would often say, who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? In other words, don't believe what you see. Now, this is what Joe Biden basically is telling us, look, don't believe what you see, believe what you're hearing from us. Now, and even the fake news media is having a real hard time pushing this. Joe Biden, and I've been telling people, now this goes all the way back about when he was vice president in 2008, about the Biden crime cartel.

John, you know that. And I've been telling people, we've been telling people here on this program that the Biden crime family are the gatekeepers for the southern border. Their job is to keep the gates open for the drug dealers, the drug cartels, the human smugglers.

And let me tell you something, that money gets back, large amounts of money go back right into the Biden crime cartel. It's taking place. Now, they're saying, well, yeah, don't believe what your eyes are seeing. Don't believe all those thousands and hundreds of thousands and millions of people that you see crossing the border. Listen to NBC, ABC or CBS, okay?

Now, don't believe, don't believe all these. So you see some children drying, dying from fentanyl. They're dropping dead from fentanyl. You know, don't believe it's a problem. You know, it's, you know, listen to us. Don't listen to what you see right out in front of you. That's the main thing. And it's all apart.

Joe Biden is a major, major, the Biden crime family apart, their own lock, stock and barrel by China, the globalist depopulation. Look, back in 2000 80s, we were talking about this on this radio program back in the 80s. We were telling you right now that they're moving towards depopulation, the global depopulation. That's what it's all about. That's what all this fentanyl, all these kids are dying and the distortion. And when, when you talk about like, like you said, you understand woke, woke is this God that has taken place with bail or malloc is taking the children as perverting the children as having, uh, you know, these, these so-called sex changes. They're not these operations, they're mutilating children. Uh, and it's a horrible, horrible thing. And again, it's the very same thing. You know, what God's word, the Bible talked about the sin of sodomy is a vile, a vile, vile set of something that was very, very repulsive to almighty God. But today the fake news media and the so-called, uh, education system, even Fox news out there, uh, they, they promote this. It's a wonderful thing that people can accept LGBTQ, lewd, gross belligerent transgressing. You know, there's another preacher out there that says, let the blood to let God burden them quickly.

That's his thing. But you don't understand. God is immutable. God has not changed. God doesn't change his words, his laws, his standards.

They do not change. He gave us the nation, one nation under God with high standards. And just exactly what you, what you read is second Kings. When, when God told Josiah, this country has turned, they violated all of my laws. And, and this is why they were having the problems. This is why we're having the problems today. People are, they have violated all of God's laws.

It's getting worse and worse every day, uh, in this country. You know, that Satanism is officially, well, it's the, it's officially, but unwritten the, the religion of the democratic party now in America. Yep. Yep. And so, and, and, and yeah, and, and human sacrifice, I hate to be this blunt, but human sacrifice is a requirement in that religion.

Absolutely. And again, it's the horrible, horrible America's national sin of abortion. It's a horrible thing.

It's a horrible thing. You have people like, uh, Janet Nelson, her so-called treasurer. This woman is, is wicked to the bone. She had come out. I heard her say that these women, uh, that are pregnant while they're working, uh, instead of, instead of taking off work and getting, uh, pay for, you know, pregnancy, they should just kill it. Just kill it.

Get back to work. She actually said, oh, abortion is great for the economy. It's good.

And so did Chelsea Clinton. I heard her say, this is evil. I mean, this is evil.

You know, how much, how evil can you get? Yep. You know, um, interesting.

I wasn't, I normally wouldn't bring this up in 2017. I received it. I received the divine instruction when I was to go home and write a book. And I wasn't too happy about that assignment.

And I got home and I said to Evan, I said, do you realize how much work this is going to be? And, and then, and then I turned on my personal computer and started looking in my files and to my surprise, a document or an article that I'd had on my business office computer only somehow was on my personal computer. And it was not only that on my personal computer, it was the most current version of that article, which then became the title of the book that I ended up writing in 18 hours and published in January of 2018. The title of the book is the American Crossroads of Trust. And it's available on Amazon.

I can give you a website that people can go and get a little bit more information on that. So I published a book in 2018 and the efforts to promote the book have gone absolutely nowhere. It's like it hit a stone wall. And one day in frustration, I said, Father, what was the point of all this?

And then the answer came very clearly. The book was never written to be a warning. The book was written to be an explanation of how we got here. And the book begins with the misrepresentations going clear back to World War Two. And it covers a great deal of the Clintons. And there's one specific chapter that talks about the connection between Hillary Clinton's emails, John Podesta's emails, the Bundy brothers that standoff in Nevada, and national monuments. It's all about the corruption and the uranium and the Clinton cartel.

In 2019, I was impressed that I needed to add it. The last chapter deals specifically with Hillary Clinton and the election campaign, the Russia collusion hoax, and what happened when Matt Lauer interviewed Hillary Clinton, and she lost it. Hillary's last statement is, you fire that man, because if Trump wins, we all hang. Clintons knew exactly the danger that Donald J. Trump represented to them. And we've seen it in our country, how they've done everything to destroy him, because he was going to expose their criminal activities. It's been exposed. The Brunson brothers, through the grace of God, have managed to get their case in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. It is now the time for the people to arise and to support this cause and challenge the Supreme Court to uphold their oaths of office. That will be the key point to cleaning up this mess.

Does that make sense? All right. I wanted to give the address.

The Supreme Court of the United States won the number one First Street Northeast, Washington, D.C., 20543. Folks, please write this down. We really need to write this down. You need to make copies of this.

Give it to as many people as possible. Have them write a letter. And here's an example here. This letter and this contest and Amicus Curie is being provided an attempt to attempt to express. I've got to change it here because I can't. I know what I'm going to do.

Hang on one minute. I'll get this attempt to express our support. We are greatly concerned.

The United States has been forced to experience violations. I can't get it to fit in my in the violation the very citizen greatest God-given right and Republican having our voice heard. Well, you know what?

I'm having a hard time there, Tom, getting this thing to fit on my phone. Wait a minute. OK, finally, it's starting to work. OK, now we have received Rule 37, which makes it perfectly clear that our presentation of this Amicus Curie is restricted because we are not licensed to practice law before the court seems to be barred from expressing our opinion in this matter. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you accept the Amicus Curie and the voice of we, the people in this matter, and you take a stand against the adherence of foreign domestic enemies that uphold the Supreme Court and of the land by granting the request and the above reference.

So, again, we need as many people to write the court in their own words. Right. I mean, the court will know, look, these these American people and ask them to hear just to hear the case.

And well, they're going to hear the case. Right. But to give us justice. Right.

Exactly. And so and then we when you send it, we have to attention Chief Justice John G. Roberts. Now, do we do we have to you have to list every justice on this? I think it's wise to do so so that they know that we're addressing every single one of them already. I'll see. I will get this upon our website. This this letter here so people can go to that. OK, then I'll get it up on our website. It'll be up there tomorrow. And they can come up to,, and they can find this on our website tomorrow. Lord's willing. And so. Now, again, we have this.

What do you want? Let me ask you this, because. Well, we've seen recently with this anti-Christ, this anti-American, the communists, these are anti-Christ communists. We heard how they wanted to intimidate.

We saw Chuck Schumer giving a warning, trying to threaten the Supreme Court justices. Is it a it's it's a matter of having the courage. Should we keep mentioning over and over having the courage, having the courage to do the right thing? Because there seems to be a dearth of courage, right?

Yes. And, you know, you raise a most interesting point that really people need to pay attention to. You see, there have been threats to the Supreme Court that the liberals want to pack the court. They want to change the number on the court. They want to dilute the conservative element of that court. The Supreme Court has been under threat and attack from these very culprits that are named in this in this lawsuit. And this is the one opportunity that the Supreme Court has that they can say, we're not going to we're not going to be pushed around by you yahoos.

Now they've got some skin in the game. And so then the timing of this, and I believe it's also divine, is that the Supreme Court has been pushed about as well. I mean, they're for heaven's sakes, they gave out they gave out the information from private information about the courts on the Roe vs. Wade. They let that leak. Interesting how that leaked, right?

Yeah. But then we've had people picketing outside their homes. They can't even stay in their homes.

They've been threatened in their own homes by the very people that are at the heart of this lawsuit. So there's a vested interest in the Supreme Court to set the rules straight and clean up the entire house. To enforce the law, the Constitution, we got to keep that, because they don't. They're not enforcing the Constitution.

But I would say, just like here, I would even quote it on the second Kings, that the book of law, God's word, the Bible, because most of them up there claim to be Christians, but that you have God's word, the Bible, do you not fear Almighty God? And then the Constitution, remember that oath, that Constitution? Out there, they violated everywhere you turn. It's total lawlessness within the Democratic Communist Party. It's total lawlessness. And I would even mention, in fact, when I write them, I'm going to tell them that those people, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the others, they belong in that dirty, filthy jail in D.C. where their betters, where people that they're not fit to even tie their shoelaces are. Good people, Christian people, patriot people that did their civil duty, they did what was required of them, were to be salt and light. They went to Washington, D.C. to protest the election being stolen and their votes and their rights being violated. And these dirty, corrupt, and I mean extremely corrupt and I mean completely corrupt, so-called, what they call their select panel.

They're nothing but a bunch of crooks. Yep, absolutely. Absolutely. So, alrighty, we will put this on. Go ahead.

Go ahead, I'm sorry. So, in the summation of the brief, we say this. For a society to work, the members of the society must have a common agreement between them, one which would allow for the attainment of what each individual needs physically, emotionally, intellectually, economically, and spiritually. In return, each individual is responsible to serve society to the best of that individual's talents and abilities. The principles of good business seemingly reflect a common thought that each of us must have a stewardship of responsibility, adherence to ethical standards, the creation of abundance, a pledge to do no harm, and a duty to give back to the community. Simple principles that, when followed, form the moral basis of a free society and guarantee the trust and confidence of our communities through a common acknowledgement of our expectations.

Even to the casual observer, there appears to be a preponderance of evidence to show that these basic rights afforded, we the people, have been repeatedly violated. In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in the United States, we are once again witnessing the impact that political correctness has had in our communities. And it is a sad reminder of Edmund Burke's warning, the only thing necessary for triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Hans Christopher Wall tells us political correctness is a form of intimidation that coerces good people into feeling guilty and ashamed for telling the truth. With a society infected with the cancer of political correctness, the truth becomes the enemy and those telling the truth become despised.

And evil triumphs. Political correctness enables lies to become truth, evil to become good, wrong to become right, and over time the unacceptable becomes acceptable. Political correctness is a subtle attack on free speech, democracy, truth, common sense, reality, and God. Because of America's political, correct environment, Americans today are now fearful, watchful, and careful about what they say and do. And when it comes to spreading truth, Americans now hesitate. And as a result, good people do nothing, and evil triumphs.

But not today. The voice of the people is demanding to be heard on this matter. Collectively, we are speaking up and shouting, where there is smoke, there is fire. Clearly, the respondents are guilty of the crimes they are charged with and the flagrant violations of our protected constitutional rights is glaringly apparent. Remember that Lord Acton has already reminded us that the will of the people cannot make just that which is unjust.

It's time to rule in favor of the Brunssons. Justice demands it. In 1776, the people made a similar demand. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, laying its foundation on the principles of organizations, its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to affect the safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments, long established, should not be changed or liked, and transient causes according to the experience have shown that mankind are more disposed of to suffer, while evils are sufferable than the rights of themselves of abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object, events designed to reduce them unto absolute depotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards within future security. Such has been patient suffrage of these colonies, and now is such the necessity which constrains them. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world. But in all of this, let's remember one thing, that the greatness of America lies in her ability to repair her faults.

And that's from Alexis de Tocqueville. We recognize that an abacus curiae is uncommon in these proceedings. Such opinions should play a significant role in the course of this case. Together we stand and urge the Supreme Court of the United States to rule in favor of the Brunssons, and reconfirm the belief that communities are bound together by a common unity and principle, such as the principles of good business, and that good conduct is a mandatory requirement by the courts and the community at large. Well, you know, the very fact that the Brunssons brothers were able to get that case there. But let me ask you this, who is going to argue that case before the court? Because they're not lawyers, and I'm pretty sure... That's been under question and speculation at the moment. But we're actually really thinking that it may be the Brunssons brothers themselves who may have the opportunity to argue that.

Well, I'm going to tell you. What do you think of that, John? Well, it's interesting, Pastor Ernie, that if lawyers aren't involved, you're not bound by restriction. So someone like our speaker here and whoever else is working with them, they can say a lot of things that I think lawyers would really hesitate to say.

Exactly, because attorneys' allegiance is not to the people, it's not to the law, it's actually to the bar. Right, right. So, I mean, what you just read was so articulate and it was weaved together so good. It was really, I mean, wonderful to hear. If we could get that before the Supreme Court, you know, it's truth. Every single word is truth. And we pray that the Lord honors the truth and that it's going to be very effective.

Yes. That would be wonderful, but I tell you what, I can't remember any time of hearing anybody arguing a case before the court that wasn't a lawyer in modern times anyhow. And what I'm saying is not that it wouldn't be legal, but I'm just wondering with the courts, with the way that they do things, if they would even allow that, I don't know. Well, and here again is one of the things that's most interesting. Because the Solicitor General waived the right for the hearing, they don't have to wait to make the ruling.

They can rule just simply on what's been written without any oral arguments. All right, very good. Hang tight, we'll be back right after this. Don't go away.

A lot more to go. Oh, little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie. Above thy deep and dreamless silent stars go by. Yet in thy dark streets shine the everlasting light. The hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight. Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, the little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head. The stars in the sky look down where he lay, the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay. Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba be near me, Lord Jesus. I ask thee to stay close by me forever and love me, I pray. Bless all the dear children in thy tender care, and take us to heaven to live with thee there. Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba, Bada-ya-ba. him already we're back and Chuck out there named on Lake you you hung up just at the wrong time we were just gonna take your call we're gonna take some calls right now so Chuck if you're out there listening call back let's go to pastor hell yeah just let me know when you want me to give the invitation but I just want to say that the song 94 20 said shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee which frameth mischief by law and here is showing that these corrupt Democrat politicians think that them forming a covenant with throne of iniquity which is the Satan Satan seat it's himself they're forming a covenant with Satan thinking the devil is going to help them get away with all the abominations and detestable things they're going to do and God's laughing at them you know like in Psalm 2 and he's gonna they're all headed for hell and a rude awakening and that we the righteous will see that someday and Jesus is coming back soon all right all right very good you know we by the way yeah go ahead I just can't word that the Brunson brothers telegram site is now officially posted a proclamation and an invitation to a day of prayer next Sunday of the on the 18th and it so I mean more information can be found on their telegram site I I also just got word that Charlie Ward is going to be interviewing Lloyd Brunson tomorrow morning at 9 at 9 a.m. all right very very good all right we would like to do that too if you have contact with them tell them I'd like to get them out of coast to coast but that that message has been passed all right very good all right we're gonna go to AC AC you're in there yes I got a question for Tom AC you got to kind of speak right to the phone just barely can you bring his volume up in there I can hear you now I brought your volume up here where I'm at but go ahead okay all right there was a group of state led by Texas before the certification and they brought a lawsuit before the Supreme Court and I believe that these states even though they had good intentions and they had evidence I believe I mean correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that Robert or the Supreme Court told them they didn't have standing in the court and the office never gained any traction that that is correct that's correct right that that is correct down do you know how we know that the Brunson's have standing tell me they're already in court okay all right the court accepted it okay that's all she wrote all right well thanks AC let's go to Timothy Timothy you're in there yes good evening gentlemen I just wanted to concur with everything that's been said this evening overdue people need to be held accountable for their wrongdoings I'm just hoping and praying that I live to see that that the righteous are vindicated for standing up for the truth and I you know the Romans 1 18 verse you know the Bible comes back boy so I stand on Romans 1 18 and also it is the month of December so for unto us a child is born and you can read the rest for yourselves all right very good they also I wanted to say ever since the assassination of Lincoln they did that they've been after us ever since then that was the beginning of the Republican Party and the corruption goes on and on and on and it was Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower and various other people that wanted to stand up for for the right thing and I think that the accident for Patton should have been investigated because that was a wrongful death as well I think they were behind that as well absolutely the Kennedy assassination it is the CIA and why is Mike Pompeo not speaking up about it why wouldn't why when they questioned him they had something on Fox today because he's I think because he's waiting for president I don't know they invited him I was either Tucker I think Tucker and he invited him on the show and of all the other times he's never come on I mean he's never denied them before but he did he did not he emphatically did not want to come on the show because he's the tough questions they don't mind the easy questions you know the pats on the back and all that but when you when you get down and down and dirty with the questions they don't like it well you know and this comes back to that point about Miss treason of treason well you know what our our father our Heavenly Father Abba Yahweh he knows all the secrets of everybody and they can run what they can't hide and he says well in his mind so and you bring up a very interesting point yeah you bring you bring up you bring up an interesting point the Walters looking around to make sure they they don't get caught they always forget to look up absolutely already thanks Tom let's go to cliff cliff you're in there yeah yeah go ahead yeah okay just want to bring up you know I wanted to ask Tom two things I want to bring up Zechariah chapter 7 verses 10 to 12 does he think that relates and also he mentioned this book I want to just get the title again and also about the Clintons and say for example of Fauci I just think it's incredible that these people have such longevity you know like you look at Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas and like 79 to 81 you know looking it up now and you know you had the boys on the track and those scandals and he's still around and was hanging out with this guy with the cryptocurrency scandal so it's like it's like they're a magnet yeah all right very good well your question about Zechariah that you know chapter 11 verse 10 and 12 chapter 7 verses 10 to 12 okay why it's funny because you know they won and and verse 11 really applies and I got there by accident I guess then 11 would be good you know whatever you have yeah well in verses 10 to 12 okay here God God was just wants his people to reflect his justice is what he's telling you there in that here one he wants you to be honest he wants you to be fair he don't want you to take bribes he wants you to be merciful and kind that's virtually what that selling saying there and so here well I'll just I'll just read it let me see here let me get over here and oppressed not the widow neither the father nor the stranger nor the poor nor let none of you imagine evil against his brother in his heart but they refused to harken and pull away and his shoulder and stop their ears and they should not hear that's exactly what's happening here in America this is why I'm saying woke woke is is just like what the teachings of Moloch and bale but but we have to move on so let's go to and you're in the air I don't bad thing I'm doing okay we're doing rapid calls here because the whole boards live with me if you can deal with it quick comment and question there's legal and there is lawful there's God's law that is absolute there's legal which is anything like being made up out of thin air like baby killing and everything in between so how do you and your guests reconcile that with having any hope or dealing with it in the court system that basically make up the rules as they go well you see God doesn't have a problem with the change in the court system he makes it very simple when he tells you second chronicle 714 he tells you what we have to do if the people will believe what God tells them and do it he will change that God doesn't have a problem with that court system he can you know he can bring them down well you don't know if it's not gonna happen or not you know so so can I can I give you a little teaser sure go ahead the Brunson case is prime because we know how they got there absolutely okay I'm working on another one that's coming right behind it and it blows the court systems completely apart that's about all I can tell you at the moment all right well again the judicial system has become so corrupt you know I had mentioned what we what I read over there listen to this okay this is Zachariah 11 verse 10 and I took my staff even beauty and I cut it asunder that it might break my covenant which I made with all the people and it was broken in that day and so the poor poor flock that waited upon me knew that it was the word of the Lord and I said unto them if you think good give me my price and if not for bear and they weighed for my price their pieces of silver he's making a point here because Israel had rejected the Good Shepherd you know God broke he broke the covenant he made with him there and so to pay the shepherd 30 pieces of silver was an insult and this is remembering the course where does that apply to that applies to the Lord and so here again you know we're seeing we're seeing the corruption we're seeing in the courtroom and you know who is responsible for it it starts the Bible says the judgment begins in the house of the God and it starts in the pulpit the pastors have not had the courage there's been an extreme an extreme dearth of courage for the pastors and listen the pastors have an obligation to stand up and out the wicked they have an obligation you see it works this way God has expectations of us we have obligations to him and in the days of old like when Peter ousted Ananias and Tobias when John the Baptist outed a Herod okay there's a few of us only a handful of us but here every especially every nationally known pastor out there that's on the radio has an obligation but if they only had the courage they just simply don't have the courage to do what they're what they should do and that is stand up and out these people to say Joe Biden what you're doing is to sit abortion is murder you're sitting against God Joe Biden sodomy is an abominable nation Joe Biden pedophilia Joe Biden is a is a horrible horrible crime you need to repent of that Joe Biden or burn that's what the pastors need to do if they only had the courage to do it huh well and not just the pastors all of us all of us need that courage well we all need the courage but it's the pastor's job to do that and people need to and if the pastors had the courage their people would follow them exactly you know that the church that I pastor the people in there they will follow my lead and and they do it because they know that I'm I'm getting it right from the Word of God already let's go to bill in New Jersey bill you're near thank you so much I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year thank you about the JFK papers that I know this from the inside because I was on my way to Quantico back in 29 and I say that I I take my money status teach well anyway those papers are not gonna come the real ones are not gonna come out so 2053 because Oswald was a triple agent for the CIA and he turned rogue he it was triple shooting and the mob could never they hired the shooters but they can never you know planet the other thing is somebody mentioned the last time I was on about heretic that was a term used by the process and during the Protestant Reformations and the 16 the 1600s I am by no means a heretic I'm a follower I'm a believer and I believe I'm safe and I want everybody to be safe and also I think you can have a wider offering audience and this by no means I'm telling you I have a great great respect for your past journey but I think you will have a wider audience if you tone down a little bit the the rhetoric and also a book of Job is the metaphor Job he got back this property he got back okay let me just tell you what would you know what you're talking about the inflammatory rhetoric is is passionate I believe what I'm telling you now if you think that my rhetoric is strong preaching you ought to heard of what Jesus have you were there when the Lord Jesus was preaching or John the Baptist or Peter then you would hear some strong rhetoric we got to move on let's see let's go to yeah well I don't know I don't even I don't remember mentioning it somebody else did Oh dealer I think it's D Luria hold on just a minute I do have that somewhere that here that said dealer it's D Luria D Luria di la you are oh that's the wood I got yeah that's their their whole house that burnt down okay all right we're out of time so it's pastor hell it's time for you to one more time again Tom give the folks your website so they can go up to your website go to cedar hills dot cedar Hill citizens org and and you can follow the Brunson case there you can also see the Brunson brothers on their telegram channel and somebody asked about the name of my book it's American Crossroads of Trust it's at real hyphen life University calm and I also have a another book there that's for free it's called the tale of two nations the nation divided it was a book that Amazon shadow ban me on because there's too much truth in it well we're out of time for tonight so Tom thanks for being here pastor hell give the invitation how long do I have you got about three minutes so okay I just want to say that because of apostasy in the pulpits apathy and the fuse we have anarchy in our politics and in our streets and it's the fault of the Christians who don't repent and get other people to repent the Bible says without repentance there's there's not going to be any salvation for us that's that was Jeremiah and everybody else said that but right now the worst thing that could happen to you is if you die tonight and go to hell John 14 6 said Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the Father but by me and John 1 12 said but as many as received him to them gave he the power to become the sons of God when Jesus died on that cross God was allowing him to pay the payment in full for every sin you've ever done but that payment don't become yours automatically you've got to repent which means tell God you're sorry about the fact you're a sinner and ask Jesus to come into your heart John 1 12 said but as many as received him not just know about him but receive him and how do you receive him Romans 10 13 says but whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved listen I don't care if you're the best Catholic Protestant Baptist or whatever that ever lived one sin to keep you out of heaven and you sin every day of your life and thought word or deed but the Bible says in Ephesians 1 7 in whom we have redemption through his blood it's his blood that washes away your sins not your good works or some priests walking around with a woman's dress on giving you absolution or anything else like that it's the blood of Jesus Christ and that takes place a moment you come to God as a guilty sinner repenting about the fact your sins and trust in Jesus and him only for your salvation and if you want to do that tonight I'd like to lead you in the prayer faith Romans 10 13 said but whosoever shall call upon him shall be saved call means to pray let's pray together and you mean it with all your heart okay dear God I confess unto you that I'm a sinner and I need your salvation Lord Jesus I believe you died on that cross and shed your precious blood for my salvation to wash away my sins and right now right here now Lord Jesus I ask you to come into my heart forgive me of all my sins and save my soul because I'm trusting you and you only for my eternal salvation in Jesus name amen and if you prayed that prayer first John 5 13 says that that these things were written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life not think it wish it hope for it but no because God made you a promise you cannot lie put us all right very much how much time do I have there okay very good very quickly I just want to say Tom thanks for being here tonight we are out of time I'll I want to get back with you and we want to continue doing this and and I want to wish everybody out there listening I'm very very Merry Christmas a very been may this be your best Christmas ever and until tomorrow we want to say good night good night God bless and always always let's do it thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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