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FRI HR 2 100722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 8, 2022 12:34 am

FRI HR 2 100722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Donate and listen to the podcast at that's the doors of the word Baptist Church at 6 p.m. at 147 81 Sperry Road in Newberry and he preaches quite a message he's quite a preacher so come on out and be a part of an activist actual activist Church actual activist Church now here's what representative of Matt Gates said that rhinos are already planning business as usual after November the below quote is from the war room interview and here he goes on to say that let me let me take you into the room to the meeting of the Republican lawmakers currently encounter recently there was a gathering of top Republican committee chairs ranking members incoming and when they did a question and answered what the lobbyists and donors were gathered to support the Republican Party the questions were like this are we going to pass the farm bill again are we going to work with Democrats so we don't have to go through the pains of government shutdowns are we going to get back to regular order not punishing people by removing them from committees this is what permanent Washington is telling you state representatives right now they want to go back to those days even when I talked to my current Republican colleagues there are many that not only oppose any impeachment acquiring to Joe Biden they believe that an impeachment acquiring to someone like Mira Lucas who is purposefully turning our border into a turnstile even that is something they wouldn't support we have to burn these Republican phone like these Rhino lines folks we have to do it we have to get that message out okay the Rhinos got to go okay there are current members of the Republican Party who will who will be in the next Congress who are arguing very fervently that they will oppose the use of impeachment by context for any official in the Biden administration I believe they totally misunderstand the mandate and the American people are giving us the American people see that these folks these Democrats are destroying this country on purpose we want them removed the Democrats moved the Overton the window on impeachment not Republicans we don't use the same tools if we don't engage impeachment acquirers to get the documents and testimony and information we need then I believe our voters will feel betrayed we already feel betrayed for years we feel beat we've been feeling betrayed men and there you go so here in fact he goes on to say this could be the biggest win for the Democrats could hope for in 2024 when what really matters so we cannot we have to be absolutely relentless we get a list we get a list and I want people to sign up saying I will bow to I will call that rhinos office every single day and we get enough people doing that and then you know what we really need to do we really need to go down to them we need to put it we need to get I think we can still get a hundred pastors together we did that some years ago we got a hundred went to the Senate US Senate I think we can still get a hundred pastors and go down to DC into their offices what do you think fellas I think it sounds good but I do want to slip something in here this is the other side if what if people listening take all these Republicans or rhinos this is what the other side's doing former lady Michelle Obama her group when we all vote is working with the BLK dating app that's a black dating app and they are October 4th and they're doing voter registration activations right well they this group released a video to get the black voters to go to the polls I think I can say this here's the title of the video no voting no trucking no bucking you get the drift I think and they've got a couple of rap singers no voting no blank no voting no touching you want to hit this booty you got to do your civic duty and it goes on if you want to flirt I'll show you how to be a poll worker now here it is don't stop now stuff my ballot box again brought my homegirl through we'll put the buy in partisan and from there it gets a little worse this is what they're doing to get voter registrations in the black community so this is what we're up against I'd rather fight the rhinos than I would the people that would vote for somebody through an ad like that a video like that right guys yep yeah it's another another reason why they're adding people to the voter rolls who I still say everybody's got to get to true the vote org sign up for the IV three project and go through your local voter rolls and clean out the duplicates because for everyone that they throw up there we got to get them back off there I think we were doing something like that or tried something like that in our County here okay that's that's real important yep election interference Google censoring GOP's get out the vote emails the Republican National Committee is accusing Google of suppressing their get out the vote and fundraising emails according to the RNC Gmail has suppressed over 22 million RNC emails and they are exploring legal options the way the artists they'll assume for everything happy a big lawsuit right right Republican National Committee says Google is suppressing get out the vote fundraising by sending millions of GOP election emails to users Gmail spam folders with party leadership threatening to explore legal options to put an end to what they call a clear pattern of bias according to the RNC always threatened faster pardon just threatened they don't seem to do things they don't really do the lawsuit they don't go to court they just threaten well the only ones that do is the independent ones like the ACLJ yeah yeah that big victory there in North Dakota and well yeah according to RNC officials emails being sent by the RNC to Republican subscribers who use Gmail accounts in the final days of each month are being sent to spam folders purposely the RNC fold told Fox News that since September 28 Gmail has suppressed more than 22 million RNC emails 358,000 of which were geo TV emails the strong inbox delivery rate falls from 90 to 100 falls from 90 to 100 percent to zero at the end of the month the art the RNC chair Ron McDaniel said Google has given zero explanation as to why it's happening well I could guess run away it's happening we've got the explanation going yeah I think so there's a real quick there's another article along similar lines with kind of good results federal appeals court rules Texas can enforce anti-censorship law aimed at social media platforms so what happened here is they finally were able to rule this is only in Texas unfortunately but the Lone Star State can enforce a law aimed at punishing platforms for downgrading shadow banning and otherwise hiding certain context so hope hopefully this is the beginning of something that spreads across the country the other states listen to what they did and start to copy we could start a revolution right yes that's what I'm hoping for all right John McTernan yeah yes make burning you uh you were gonna tell us about everything that Biden is trying to do to get us into a nuclear war oh yeah you had a campaign speech Thursday I forget now maybe it was yesterday it was yesterday he had a campaign speech in New York or fundraiser and in it he blurted out that we're on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia that this is the closest we've come to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis back in 1962 and he specifically said he went out of his way to say the cause of this is the Ukraine now he tried to walk it back today and it was pitiful what the way he tried to walk it back but there he went I mean I think you know his dementia got the best of them and what they're planning on doing it came out during that during that speech he gave where he literally said we're on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia so do you think look they know that if by any chance we have a fair and honest election even anything close to that they're their history these people you know yeah if they think even the the fake news media NBC ABC CBS are not going to be able to convince people they like paying $7 gallon gasoline and it's gone up to that in some states now they you know even the fake news media are not going to convince people that they like paying outrageous prices at the grocery store now people are losing their homes they're being thrown out convicted other property oh so high they can't pay the rest yeah and so that's the one of the one of the big issues is crime that's really really coming to the forefront in this delay in this election and the Democrats are trying to run from and deny that they ever said they wanted to defund the police and all but crime is so big now in so many of the cities that it is a major issue and the Democrats can't they can't really hide from it I mean they've got what they did they did so that's that's another factor coming into the election in a month and that's why I'm saying it should be an overwhelming victory for the Republicans except if that machinery for stealing is so effective I don't think they're going to count on the stealing I think you're right when they were talking about getting hopefully that Putin would fire a tactical nuke into Ukraine that would give Biden a October surprise where he could declare a national emergency yeah you're right on alert and he could stop the election because we're on the verge of war how do you like that yeah yes that's what I I've been saying that that or before let's say the election takes place and they lose big Congress I think takes the new government takes place I think it's January 2nd it's right after the new year they could they could do it during December and say we can't seat the government now we're on the verge of war and you know so they and then they can try a coup but we can't put it past them I mean Biden said it he said that we are on the verge of nuclear war with Russia you know it's kind of really troubling about this statement at this time is we've lived through the Cold War with the Soviets and saber-rattling back and forth but this is I just started thinking about this when you were talking about it I hate to say it but this type of war would fit in just like another piece of the puzzle of the overpopulation the crowd we nailed it right on the head people yeah we we have to realize that the people were dealing with Biden and that whole New World Order crowd there's the deep state in Washington because he's just a figurehead probably Obama's running the country really yeah but they are so evil they are so evil it's hard for many people to believe it but we need to go with this day in and day out so we see what they are much yeah it's believable I call them what I call them now is murdering psychopaths yeah they're perfectly willing to starve millions of people in the world through this war in Ukraine they want the world economy to collapse with high inflation I mean what Biden was doing and what they did with putting all of these sanctions on Russia you knew what was going to happen you don't have to be a genius if and if the war starts and they can't get that wheat and all the other food out of Russia and in the Ukraine to these countries that depend upon it and the Russians cut the oil back and the gas because we cut it from them so what's going to happen exactly what we have now high inflation and food starting to be on what really they're running out of it right now pestering you know places like in Egypt and other countries Pakistan whatever they have in store is really all they have so it's very soon I would say into December early next year we're gonna see a real starvation problem and food so expensive you can't you can't afford it this is all planned yeah all plans these are murdering something fat yes go ahead one other thing Biden increased the amount of corn or is working to produce more ethanol so they're taking more of the corn that could feed people and turning it into fuel and the result of getting less food it see how it all kind of ties together and since January of this year we've had an enormous amount of food processing plants in the United States mysteriously burn blow up and burn it's we've never had a all throughout the world we've got this more food processing plants destroyed in America than the whole rest of the world combined and the FBI made some statement out well you we got to prepare for more of these so that tells you that they're behind it and this is all trying to bring starvation and and food so expensive to the American people they are murdering psychopaths yeah all right there you know speaking of them people doesn't they don't seem to understand why these these prosecutors these George Soros bought and paid for prostitutes why they want why they're turning the guy why they want crime you seeing these people beating in New York City they're they see them beating people to death having stabbing if they're out in the street in an hour they're back out before the the arresting officer can even go off the ship they're back out and hear what they're doing and I've been telling people going back to Obama's days and it comes right out of the Communist Manifesto where they talk about those that that are willing to do illegal acts within that they should be go up to the ranks in the parties they're looking for these but here's the other thing is they want they want to be having a confederacy with the with a gang's with those in the criminal activity so when they give them the word when they when they say now's the time burn and loot go loot burn and murder go right now burn down the cities like they did before all the time the Trump was in they're following Hitler's plan right the gang right yeah people stormtroopers the crime right all the brown sir they were the criminals in Germany the drug addicts criminals lowlife and all they formed the brown shirts and they would bust heads and beat up and assassinate anyone that was disappearing with the Nazi agenda they were the brown today in the street right and teeth back here exactly like you know yeah yeah exactly it's the same it's the same playbook over and over and over again you know these kids should actually learn the history that you guys are talking about because then as soon as Hitler rose to power he actually eliminated them all purged him he's the one that financed them ordered him to go out in the first place so he knew who they were and then when they were no longer useful to him they were exterminated well no there was there was another reason Joe what he did is he literally turned loose on the people and said go out and do like the FBI is doing to our people now go out and when the time was right when he really needed the support of all the people then he come out he said I will not allow that our people to be treated this way by these animals and so he ordered the SS to work to gather him up and execute him in other words cool in history it's called the night of the long knives yeah and what happened was Hitler went to the German military and wanted their support and they said they weren't going to support him with all that scum around him meaning the SS not the SS they were disciplined at all but the brown shirts yeah the brown shirts the essay so he then had he turned the SS on the essay to eliminate them all but that was the that was a big motivating reason and there may have been others but the German military would not support him with all it with the SS around him well they use that as a propaganda machine to get the people to support of the people because it was the people they were brutalizing and it was yeah so anyhow it's like the enemy always goes after that they cause a crisis then they come and they offer a solution which is usually government power they come in and solve the crisis they created but in doing so they take away freedom and gain more and more power to the government and how many times in this radio program pastor and you and I talked about and I know probably John's done the same but the enemy has come out the Fabian socialist this is what we're going to do this is how we're going to do it the cultural Marxist this is what we're going to do this is how we're going to do it they tell us what they're going to do and then they do it and the world doesn't seem to ever put connect dots and put things together like we're talking about what happened in Germany is what's going on right in front of our face and it's like I hardly have heard any other radio program ever talk about this kind of thing I almost never heard it you guys hear this anybody talking about this comparing when the enemy says what they're going to do how they're going to do it I don't hear that at all except on this radio program yep already well we're going to keep doing the best we want and picking up on what you're saying it they're out there the World Economic Forum which is a front for the New World Order they're pushing the Great Reset called the Great Reset didn't really get off the ground that well so now when there's a they're collapsing the word the world world food supply they were collapsing the world economy they're stirring this war in Ukraine which I have noticed no doubt they want World War three and then when this thing reaches its crescendo they'll come forward and say now you need the Great Reset we were telling you that this was going to happen now you need the Great Reset that's what they're going to do there's no they created the problem and then they're going to fix it right yeah yeah yeah and we can see it ahead of time I mean we know their playbook we see what they're going we see what they're literally doing and even the medical the COVID-19 they will be that's all coming out now I'm not making it up it's all coming out that it comes from them and then they give the vaccine to and and then what they do they start lockdowns they start a whole big takeover of governments and then in medical institutions because of COVID-19 and it's this pandemic and we need to shut down this we need to quarantine this we need this authority over here so they created the problem and then they gave us the the totalitarianism that they use totalitarianism to take over try and save us from this pandemic yes see it clear it's clear out there if we have eyes to see and ears to hear and we get and that you're you're putting all the pieces of the puzzle together really nicely because they're it I think people are starting to see that too they're destroying our finances they're destroying our food chain they're destroying our health care they're killing us with the vaccines and now they've got a war to go I think people are starting to actually see this destroying inner cities yes destroying the inner cities destroying the border it's all hate and dividing the nation weakening it right yeah on top of all this here's two headlines embrace China new Biden diplomatic hire worked with the CCP Chinese China Party the State Department the latest appointment is this Nina shoulda Ghana and she was deputy mayor of Los Angeles and she's got okay I mean it take me 20 minutes to go through all these ties with the Chinese Communist Party promoting China promoting and she calls China security partner China's not a threat and she's going to be now that one of the big advisors on the Biden administration China the next headline Biden approves financing China's military Gordon Chang comes out that this China expert that from the Gatesstone Institute Biden has reversed Trump action that prevented Americans from financing China's military he's gotten rid of that there were a bunch of Chinese communist military companies known as CCM sees and they were not couldn't get licenses now bite them he's reversed all of that so all these groups can trade there were 44 countries listed companies listed including semi-conduction manufacturers chip makers all the stuff that China has and so now it's he's opened the doors to trade with the Chinese military with these 44 big companies that will benefit China weaken us and it was something that Trump had put a stop to so here you see on the other side he's also doing problems with Russia and now he's aiding in the betting China making them stronger and stronger and stronger so everywhere you look it's destroying America eight or eight and a better enemies that's treason right yeah well here's here's the other thing too when we see this thing with hunter Biden now no we're watching okay the FBI knows that they're in big trouble the American people they've lost all credibility they have become like that like the SS like the KGB the people have no trust in the FBI at all and you know again and I don't mean that for there are for those in the FBI that have not gone bad those of you are we understand I know what you mean you say you know listen you know I'm not a part of that I didn't sign up for that I don't want no part of that don't don't well you know you have a duty where you're at you have a duty more than I do or anybody else because you're a part you're in there to stand up and you have a duty if you have any you have a duty to Almighty God first in your country to stand against Chris Ray and the corruption all the corruption and go back to and become Americans again but anyhow what's happening you know what they're they're trying to do with this by turning know for one thing Democrats prospects in the 2022 midterms continue to wane party leaders preach violence against America violence against America you know again that they're wanting to turn turn people against each other in here it's one of the things that they're doing they want to use and of course they're going to try they're going to use the fake news media and they're gonna have a real job because they're losing credibility at such a rapid rate okay so now with this hunter Biden thing what they're gonna do is they're gonna go and put on a dog and pony show they're gonna they're gonna go after him for something taxes he's already he's already laughed at him said just try it okay my daddy's the president just try it well if they get him on something then right away daddy Joe okay well pardon him like like he just parted all the drug dealers because he knows that he needs their vote that they would support him remember we told you we were the ones who told you way back when that the Biden crime cartel was apart they were working hand in hand keeping the door open for the drug dealers the drug cartels and the human smugglers now so what they're gonna do is they're gonna say you see already so now we've gone after hunter now we have to go after President Trump we're gonna go after they got all these false charges and they're going to to try to justify but that ain't gonna work is it no we're not gonna let it work D they really think the American people are dumber than they are listen we all have to stand up you know for once and for all yeah right now it's it's now or never everybody's got us if we don't stand together we'll hang together won't we yeah I've got something that just I've been looking earlier today well you'll have to hold on to that because we're up against the heartbreak we'll be right back after this Second Chronicles 7 13 through 15 if I shut up heaven that there be no rain or if I command the locust to devour the land or if I send pestilence among my people if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land now my eyes shall be open and mine ears attend unto the prayer that is made in this place as the spirit dies the spirit a voice cries out the sound of warning and a once free people divided and torn so regretful and their children cry and their children cry if there's one thing that America needs is the will to fight for its liberties so regretful so regretful people don't you understand we're gonna be another slave nation someday take a look at you while the world and a hungry little child with a running nose lives a dreadful life that he never chose so regretful in his little heart yearns for what seems so right with every child needs a mom and a dad loving him tonight so regretful as freedom is one in a blood-soaked land have we learned anything do we understand so regretful as a watchman cries once again the sound of warning and laughter scorn so forgetful and their freedom dies boy oh boy there's a message there there is a real message there you know what's been so long since we played that song I forgot all about it there you go what do you think of that song they turn it I like this I liked it a lot well I'm so glad because if if you like it it's got to be good all right there you go you've done well pastor and it's like you know commented about you out of tune there you've done he's tuned it up a little bit all right yeah many years ago I kidded that he asked me about a song and I was kidding and I said well you were kind of out of tune and then he he had a caller a caller called in and he asked her about it and she agreed with me and he he hasn't forgot that to this day no she's not been allowed to call back in again all right all right there you go Joe you was gonna you you were gonna tell us up before we went to break yeah earlier I had seen on the London Daily Mail a big story about hunter Biden so I bookmarked it I didn't have time I had to go to a doctor appointment and I came back and tried to bring up the bookmark and it wasn't there one there went back and looked and they've taken what was one of their top stories and really buried it you know two or three hundred stories later not one that maybe not that many but seems like it they buried it way way down so I went from the top three or four stories to down seventy eighty and the news list and it's kind of interesting it just all happened in one afternoon makes you wonder because generally I find more news about what's going on in the United States in the London Daily Mail than Fox News has and it's usually sometimes more accurate well that's probably what happened it was a little too accurate they were talking about the emails the text and photos that could land him in prison for not declaring income and gun application and then it had the audacity to mention it could lead to other problems and I think that's when they shifted the story when they said it might any investigation going in could bring up things they don't want brought up so I think they're trying to go after Hunter but they're gonna have to be very careful kind of like that January 6 committee we can only look at this evidence oh but we have to block Bob Olinsky's testimony and all these emails are irrelevant even though they you know add to the case it's going to be a high-wire balancing act I think absolutely and again we've got to be prepared because after November we went back to house in the Senate we got to get the Rhinos the Rhinos got to know you know I mean we have to do more than just we got to go to DC go to them and look them in the eye and let them know we're not going to put up with it okay we're just not we've got to get a national phone call going all over from all the states we've done that before where we shut down some phone lines right yeah we have we've done it before we've done it right here in Ohio just this radio program alone has done it okay where there was some pro-life legislation and that they were going to dump and so we lit up the phone lines and they said they said it was set a record for the number of phone calls in one day they came in because because of this radio cuz I when I call I finally got through and I said I've been you trying and trying they said there's some guy on the radio in Cleveland that are burning down our phone and I think I know him okay yeah we got to do it here you tell them where you were then no I here you go you've got seven steps you can take to save our election from fraud here you go he says this one below are a few highlights of what's covered in the article lawsuits demanding oversight of key areas while elections are active several checklists to remind workers what to look for and create independent reports demand GOP observers at ballot transfer loading docks USPS regional facility and so on the GOP election staff needed an external war room team to handle issues on their behalf war room must contact top election officials and county supervisors immediately obtain printing vendor details about QV F files ballots printed in total ballots mailed track in real time all UAA ballots leading up to the election day and while counting contact local and national media outlets about issues and name obstructing officials and so one demand GOP observers be stationed in major ballot transfer locations again that includes the USP regional centers tabulation centers loading docks and so on the total ballot count of what arrives or departs must must be to provided to observers at the major ballot transfer location now we saw what happened in Pennsylvania in Detroit and other places where Republicans were locked out they were kicked out they boarded up they were and and you know and knows every one of those cops that the cops that enforced that they should be also sued every one of them okay I think you ought to do that story at least once a week from now until election and maybe twice the week before the election okay demand that the total ballots cast be provided on election night knowing this total of all voters who participated prevents the late bells from being added must publish the ballots they counted then update this over time have all distant rules terminate like the six-foot scam allow qualified observers into all areas of the tabulation center and polling locations demand all delivery vehicles that move ballots or equipment especially rental trucks be equipped with temporary GPS tracking each county has its own unique issues so ask for more than what you want then reach a settlement agreement for what you really need okay find out how many lists were provided to the print vendor and their timestamps does the vendor check each list to verify those voters have not already been sent ballots does the vendor data scrub the addressing us using USPS services to reduce undeliverable mail so you know I mean it goes on they give you a whole whole list here things that need to be done because that that legally are supposed to be done that weren't done but you're right I'm gonna hang on to this and maybe I should just hang on to this and read it over and over okay you fellas want to take a few phone calls we'll take a few because we don't have much time we have ten minutes left so who do we have first Jack in San Diego Europe yes well we have the president commander-in-chief talking about Armageddon but he still hasn't placed this at DEFCON to yet so we're not ready to go to war nothing makes any sense now maybe he forgot I find interesting is supposedly the government has purchased two hundred and ninety million dollars in some type of anti radiation medicine also yes or after a nuclear exchange now I didn't know there was any kind of treatment for radiation sorry are you aware of what this what the contents are and this so-called medicine it might be for the thyroid I think yeah it's for the thyroid sorry yeah one of the natural medicines for that is black walnut extract if you have black walnut is one of those but yeah you can buy these little radiation kits it's for your thyroid that's that's basically what it's for here but I know that it's a treatment for dirty radiation France for example they get about 75 percent of their electricity from nuclear power plants and what they've already done in advance is everybody in France already has enough of the iodine to protect them in case of a meltdown but I didn't know it it applied to the so-called clean radiation you would get from a H bomb it's supposed to you know apply to radiation period tell you after a nuclear exchange you're going to have a lot more damage than just your thyroid I mean it's yeah it's like it's not going to do it it sounds good on paper yeah but remember sounds good sounds like they're planning to do something well let me ask you a question you don't suppose that when they have these all of these pills made up by some pharmaceutical company that somehow the Biden crime cartel may not get a little bit of a kickback I mean do you think that Joe Obama's not going to get his 10 percent everything they do everything if you think that Joe Obama left 85 billion dollars worth of military equipment in Afghanistan and didn't get a kickback to the to the cartel well I got news for you then you might believe in the Easter Bunny well everything they do they get a kickback for everything I would have to believe that the military's been co-opted by the far-left radical movement because I could not see them allowing the commander-in-chief Biden to continue in that capacity without taking some kind of action like court-martialing the commander-in-chief something so that I mean would the United States military really follow the orders of a madman there's there's a big split in the military as far as their loyalties go and we don't really you know there's a lot of different opinions on that so that's all I can tell you about that right now but there's still a large part of the military that recognized Donald Trump as the commander-in-chief and so areas part of this whole story between Russia and the Ukraine is that the actions that they've taken to date are so intractable there's no there's no off-ramp anymore I just I don't know how this story ends without it going to some type of a world war they've seemed to have not taken advantage of the off-ramps when they have presented itself and well like I said it would have worked is that these these states that border Russia including the Ukraine would have had to apply for some type of neutrality it would have been the only fair thing to do but now you know with Russia a next thing a third of the Ukraine and everybody's position has no give to it I don't see how this story ends good it doesn't end good Washington DC was pushing they were pushing for this all to begin with they they got us into Ukraine okay they did whatever they happened they said I double they told Putin I dare you to step over this line knowing that that was pushing him towards doing that but anyhow I have to move on but but thanks let's go we got George George you're in the air oh hello hello George you're in the air go ahead that's just okay well I have seen that it's the four horsemen of the apocalypse of course exactly the ruling class has just used them war the rumor of rumors of wars here we have this cardboard cutout so-called president pseudo president who's standing up there saying that it's apocalypse it looks like the apocalypse you know okay right out of the Bible okay and we know this guy's phone is false so he's not the real president hey but he's saying there's apocalypse all right then of course they try to backtrack on that but anyway then famine now they're doing famine destroying the food plants and here's another thing about all those or sins there's one thing at the fire marshals are reporting as the orison in in many cases but the FBI has been raiding in an unusual move the FBI usually leaves illegal aliens alone and employers that are big large corporate employers at a higher large numbers of them of illegal aliens but the FBI has strangely been making these raids on at least three plants one of them a Tyson chicken plan and they busted like 80% of their workforce and shut the shutting down the facility because they and all and when they tried to get replacements that the other people their possible potential replacements were afraid to go in there because they might get arrested too by the FBI so you see their strategy here I agree with you you talked about that yeah you talked about supply yep all right yeah that's exactly what they're doing and this is what one thing that I have noticed I'm going to the stores I've seen people in there buying I mean spending three four hundred dollars on groceries filling having their carts sometimes more than one cart filled and as as we get closer to the election is it's more and more and more and more people so there's going to be a lot of people that are stocking up but others out there that aren't stocking up I remember some years ago hearing this guy say that you guys can go ahead and buy all the food you want I'm going to buy bullets and I'm going to take your food and I remember somebody telling that fellow I think I was talking to that guy but anyhow that they guess what we're not only buying food we're buying bullets too and so and we bought bullets long long long time ago pastor I know how much time do I have there Craig okay three minutes okay three minutes to go and so which one of you guys want to give the info the new guest all right well this would be kind of tied to the illegal immigrants the children they're sneaking in and then basically the child trafficking so it's hopefully a prayer that we can all pray upon and it's dear Lord please you have proclaimed in no uncertain terms the consequences for harming our children you in Matthew you noted but so whoever shall cause one of these little children who believes in me to fall it would be better for him that a millstone were hung around his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea our leaders have defiled our children to such a point that we owe the people of Sodom and Gomorrah an apology please dear Lord help us rid our country from this evil that's running amok and please protect the children amen amen and Lord I just wanted to say to folks out there you know what what we've been talking about these are all signs of the times and like the man talked about the the four horsemen they're there it's all happening now this is what we're telling you this is real time and believe me when it comes down to it the one thing that there's one thing that will matter to everybody it'll be the only thing that matters to them when that time comes when the Bible tells you that it's appointed all men wants to die and then the judgment when that judgment comes the only thing will matter to you is your standing with the Lord Jesus Christ you're either saved or you're lost and believe me you don't want to be in the lost category believe me folks so again God's word the Bible make it clear Lord Jesus he did all the heavy lifting he did it for us he did for us what we could never do for ourselves he did to us where he's the only one that could have done it he didn't have to if he hadn't done it we'd all be lost today but folks believe me there is a lake of fire you don't want to go there and you don't have to you don't have to the Lord says this if you pray to the Father and you repent you ask for forgiveness of your sins and then you ask the Lord Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life and all things at all times folks completely and totally if you'll do that God will always always honor that you'll become a new a new believer a new an heir of the kingdom and being dwelt with the Holy Spirit and so you got God's Word on it do it tonight we're out of time here for tonight so as we say at this time every night at this time we say good night God bless and always always always let's do it fellas keep fighting thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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