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FRI HR 2 092322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 24, 2022 12:17 am

FRI HR 2 092322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Identity theft shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, more than $14 billion were stolen last year.

That's a criminal success story and a wake-up call for everyone else. It can be dangerously easy to steal your identity LifeLock by Norton makes it easy to help protect yourself. If you become a victim. LifeLock will work to fix it. No one can prevent all identity theft but everyone can save up to 25% their first donate and listen to the podcast you are were back in a drum. What we can about that Maisie Coronel she is from Hawaii. She's wanting the Democrats to shoot pro-lifers. He wants him to shoot pro-lifers in the rent you spewed out on the seventh floor, Reno just till the day just blasted the pro-life movement, and she issued literally a call to arms against pro-lifers. Another was decent people, including people knew the Bible so those that are G Jesus, the Bible, so that I was up before a life-and-death blessing and cursing.

My hearers is a party that is become so wicked, so wicked, but there's been so many people in this country that are so dumb down and listen. I'm talking about people to fill the pews at what they think the churches in their sitting there and John they think abortion they think the killing of little children innocent children is a political issue.

John and not a sin issue.

They don't know any better because they have been so dumbed and I mean don't. I mean, really, really dumbed down by what they call the mainstream fake news media that this is as of Saturday they really don't know any better. Do they that would you say that that is being what you would call being given over to a reprobate mind. My when you look at the elevators got up in court and work with five and then that workbook and emptiness. Bill went everything I can Hillary Clinton says there's never a wrong reason for an abortion us. Chelsea said abortion, the killing of innocent children is really good for the economy when you think of that that when you think of people that have that mindset a lot monitor all evil by minute flight quite well on the good with killing Jews in Germany economy George Soros that it was metal out of Emma's father made a lot of money off that he was a Jew who went around helping the note to set up the Jews and betray the Jews in the learning I want to bring some things are important your attention the attention of our listeners just like people to start became aware of the headline by the FBI sent 2538 and all pro-life author and father of seven arrest him for reportedly protecting his son and escort, looking at a picture of limited light in the seven children and what happened once this morning at 7 AM the ice locking game AR 15's drawn apparently to mark the man's name Mark Paek you're familiar with them as sisters all day. Okay, ligaments, and say that again Mark talk HO you CK I made within the name hawk because I had to admit the pro-lifers there, but I'm it's the limit is interesting so so what was sit say this again.

I was somebody was giving me a message to say that whole thing over what happened. I came on they arrested him 2538 have seven kids. The kids are all when he opened the door. They had their going to write out right out of this is getting really outrageous. I think that learning they may shoot someone like this and say that we made a threatening move better. So be looking at the 12-year-old and Mark goes to the portion that there is pro-life advocate. It doesn't say where anything sidewalk counselor and one of the cohort. The unclean hours of listening very vulgar things. And Mark asked the quality of work. Amy's thing was, and that he would and then the Theatrical board away from the sunny Glock coming your cohort and and it was thrown out of court and now the FBI is coming in. Based on that, surprisingly, to 25 of you is the president for consecrated to the national you address the many police associations over the years you preach too many here what would meet with you have to say which you if you were an FBI agent and you were told that you were going to have to go out and do that would you said all we all reside first because I've got honor of that integrity and Anna and that is so far beneath them below me where your word for those 25 cowboys become typist early after reading this is your impediment to your violating walk right that the FBI have to do without without any they don't have the right to do. I mean, they have the right because they got the power and the courts are so corrupt because they think they got the rest for the right to do that any direct warrant could've been handled by getting old is Moira calling him up and and and saying that all or following him to work or something to go to his house with guns drawn and doing that when one with the chart with that of violent crime he was charged with with the terrorists know know this is your intimidation to a man opening the door and it would create. There were, they are being ended got seven kids behind them and they're all crying (this is terrorism public is being terrorized out on the FBI in their dishes because pro-life. That's why they would do this with told somewhere. Member told you that corrupt chain of command in the yeah yeah I know this Ray made it to the FBI copy in Washington and they told you what you do. We want you to go in there and do everything you can prevent you them up. You pointed guns that they were told to do that even I can't see the FBI, although not now pestering you know how they are in the Army be its filtered good structures built the dam level. I couldn't do it. I absolutely couldn't do it. I would tell a lie and they would fire me is what I would do.

John if I was an FBI agent and I was given orders to do that I would tell that person to give me the orders you would just made an enemy of me by asking me to do that you have just said to me that you believe I've got note honor note decency. I'm nothing but a horror, and I'm a cowboy and I'm a dirty cop you at by asking me to do what you just said showed me that you had absolutely no respect and regard for who I am as it is a person. That's what I would tell that person they give me that order and I will tell you a lot.

I'm thinking through your speaking and I'll play what I would do others. No doubt that they would fire me. No doubt, so they would fire me. And when they fired me. I'll I told them I would tell them that I am now going to work on the defendant.

I am now going to work and I envision I want because I have to do the legal way, but I would hello, I would go public and say they fired me because I was holding to do this violate their right. I would hold the make sure guns pointed at them that so I would work for the defense against the FBI in these days. If the ice ages that have come out in the whistleblowers like that to fill with a friendly just that agent just came out and I gotta say that their head and shoulders their integrity and honor his head and shoulders, head and shoulders above any of those those ages that went out there today man's home. You remember David Koresh Oleander taxes all the way from you know that they wanted arrest and the FBI past attorney that was the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms they wanted arrest him or something about guns. I don't know what was the sheriff and having the sheriff of the county. Koresh very good friend in the complaint against Koresh and the sheriff would drive out there and knock on the door. Koresh would open it and he would talk to the sheriff and the sheriff would ask questions and so the sheriff knew him all the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had to do without that sheriff talk to Koresh maybe asked him to come into the sheriff could come with some ATF guys and say the Koresh they wanted you here I could handle like that with the ATF point their guns blazing white what happened here now shoot the gun and it ended up into a major gunbattle so ago agents were killed and several wounded and that at the end was I don't know how many of the Koresh's followers when he died himself. Many of them died in that fire at the end so they don't have to do this for the same thing in Idaho with now their Ruby Ridge and a game that FBI agent was fiber it was given got a target painted Randy Weaver was a friend of mine. I knew Randy.

I had him on the radio program and it was because of this radio program.

John you know it was because of this radio program. They did not jump airplane fuel on his and his house and burn them out. That's what they were going to do. They hitch Vicki was standing in the doorway holding her baby in her arms. When I cowardly wanted dirty cowardly cop. I think his name is Horatio or are you he was the same one he also was that Waco were 70 little children were murdered and so burned alive yet with that. That coward shot her what she was standing in the doorway holding a baby and all I know the guy, a neighbor that came over to find out what happened and he was standing behind her and I think of going through our children went through our hit him that wasn't a neighbor that was Randy tired and he had he was he's was his hired hand. But before then he shot his son hitting the nail bold literally shut his arm off available after they shot his dog and cat died yeah yeah right in the FBI an element in guiding what years ago with a big gulp of team they call that I think they were very dangerous, not the whole of an agent guy I work with them in New York. I did work at all, only in New York. I work with them and I got along fine and we work together.

I had no problems whatsoever with the now more included monster. It is a month ago. Very dangerous no longer an independent third simply not a thug arm a strong arm for the Democratic I'm his party. You know when the FBI in its early days would stand and they would actually didn't did a great job fighting against communism. They did you know when Ted Gunderson when he was the chief remember he was the chief, Ted came up here and stay with me he was he was head over Texas, Colorado, Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Nevada that doubt those were all his areas. There and he told me that his biggest his biggest problem he had was rogue agents within the department who were cilia were involved in a lot of things especially where came to child molesting while throttle the government telling me I said when Biden said on September 1 that maggot people like us are the enemies of the United States.

We are against democracy.

We are violent. I mean everything. He described the bus with him with him absolutely so that when I look at the FBI did now that is them being turned loose on people like us they hate pro-lifers because they love abortion and that it has been overturned by the Supreme Court in the not not only buttons the statement so it looks like after earning the big enemy supplies of more than followed with with the I think is going to because look, they realize the Republicans get back, there's going to be this enough people I judge Holly Millie Jim Jordan by Ted Cruz, and the gates maggot gates and others of that they're going to do good. However, because the way they been done and they know if that's an investigation they get back in power. They know that there's going to be a lot of them are going to jail. A lot of duplicate Mary Garvin. I've said just about every day on the radio now since he was appointed as attorney is in the general.

When he called the Atty. Gen. he he he would be very very very hard-pressed to find someone as corrupt or more corrupt than himself to prosecute. He really would Wendy be.

I may think about what he's done right away. How about older and now about Hillary and Bill and Hillary. I think a lot of them past attorney that could put in there till we get to the point to where you completely and totally corrupt what you got there, don't get any worse and I think that they're all in that category. I think there will but I think running you may have mentioned this during the week, with your journal fiber in the week without all the typical yeah you people they want to know where his big John at what happened was a youngster out and I think was one of the coded 18 years old. We want to give him mentioned that Ernie will not honor him. Raymond Taylor Ellingson 18 years old and he died in the real tropical order and he stood up for the magna movement: things in the maggot 41-year-old guy got into enraged about it, got in his car and he ran that he ran all the children and rambled happened a couple days ago and is not a word of the mainstream media.

Not a word. The trunk had a streetcar night in North Carolina and honored Taylor Ellingson 18 years old. This gigantic guy when the police arrested him. He said he killed him. He was a terrorist that he was a magical leader and he was afraid of spouting exactly what I said exactly how long did it take the for the seat. George Soros bought and paid for prostitute or two sentences that they got free.

I thought that would have been what happened is what they do, it's what usually happens. They'll thousand which was low, with really low of 8000 had the money be posted without it without fight that I have allowed you murdered admitted the yellow that's the why would they set the bill that low pay. I mean the bill to me was that low. That should've been.

I have million dollar bill you and they set up a 50,000 but he was out without killing it again and where where there were exactly were you guys were in the Bible said we would be with second Timothy chapter 3 the corruption is is that, as he tells you over there in Hosea, that hell has opened her mouth wide limit really hit. This would Biden BJ moves forward with US central bank digital currencies so they can ban sensor and shut down accounts of conservatives and starve them out last July, PayPal parted with an notoriously left Anti-Defamation League ADL to determine who can use their services the person if it was announced in July 24 with the company's claim that they're going to investigate how extremists and hate movement as the referring to Christians of the United States takes advantage of financial platforms to fund their criminal activities. According to the reports in route. So of course he ADL has been known to brand anyone who supports Donald Trump or holds views to the right of Karl Marx as an extremist Christians all Christians.

They their racist group neck and they hate Christians. Then, without warning, the Gateway pundit and Jim Luft were banned from PayPal the last day of 2021. The Gateway pundit is one of the top 250 websites in the United States and one of the top news websites in the country today had over 900/900,000,000 page views in 2021 the way Gateway contains to grow despite constant attacks, smears and limited social media sill and some here. They had told you that we have never violated any of PayPal's bylaws, but we work conservative and pro-Trump Cape.

They did not give us any reason for betting they said it's contractual right to cease doing business with you to produce pursuant to PayPal's user agreement. Get out.

John went right.

When I wanted to go on Twitter you know when Pres. Phil was doing all this, Tweedy and twitter so I thought maybe I'll get out. Try this twitter thing and see if I can, and you know what it took him 15 seconds. As soon as they heard my name.

Okay 15 seconds they banned me 15 now lower yeah the the death aggressive partner with Detective fireman big media to scrape since the site is plenty to wristband side of conservatives and every prominent social media platform. Several conservatives have been banned from banks and jobs due to their political beliefs that this is what you call police state we are now in a police state. You know where and when Biden did that satanic thing where he came out with the had the back row. The two Marines and you had the the fiery hell you know background there either symbolic. The Malik speech rate that that was him sending the message near to the rest the way we do worship Satan, the entire Democratic effect is the party the same party became our no low legitimately apart promote the 80s were legitimately of the Democratic Party platform their part by Planned Parenthood like the NEA there a part of the, the Democratic Party now and I'm talking about the church of Satan, though I have been writing short so after Ernie December Biden made some photo of an executive order back in March and it's supposed to take effect December about what you were talking about digital currencies. Yeah, completely unconstitutional.

He doesn't have the authority to do it and the Patient says that Congress is going shouldn't have initiated tender money so but the thing with this is if people of our listeners have never really been aggressive in dealing politically or standing up or contacting your senators and congressmen will. You can't let this go by just Ernie told they will bill that would identify you by pulling records or something that would benefit you and you can be cut off their business start up on the top and work their way down just like they started to censor people on YouTube. That's 30 big names like Alex Jones got censored and then they came down to me and eventually to Clement so they going to get to every everybody must visit all hands on deck battle stations.

You cannot ignore this. They will control the money and they will work with the banks and you will not be allowed to do such and bill that the way of the starving people out there and they only intend to do it absolutely. They took me off YouTube and here this whole thing goes by a credit score that you have this digital is what they called the digital dollar and is based on like you said, it's that you is based on what you believe your political standard fee if you voted for Donald Trump.

Then your web you you are at with a call. A high risk and you don't get credit and so that's what they ideas so this is what there because now there's no way that Biden can legally do that with executive order.

But then again they don't do anything lately. They don't say that the Constitution not settled law and things like that. Not protect the amendment them what they decide they are now the law just like it was the law and Lenin and Stalin was a law mail test, law, and almost hiring Dr. now you know you go to certain countries the tyrant is all fax what they want to turn off include and go all hands on deck. They will control almost totally by digital money told you I wanted to say this will. This is why were telling people to get prepared, I would invest in the one and dried foods supply.

Did you know and that's happening right now we're seeing people are the sea was coming and people are stocking up there stocking up on you know, nonperishable foods and things but also you notice what they've done. The, the economy is bad and people like Buffett sores in these others. They their manipulating the goal people and their having to dump their gold to survive. Love those that have gold and silver their having the dump and put on the market, to survive. So they're keeping the prices artificially low so they can buy it up right now and then, once the they've got it all bought up as much of anything, then the price of gold was skyrocketing okay and and silver.

Remember what happened in 2008 when silver had $49 and above. An ounce and so here the Bible James come to my mind know how the rich man times. Goldman silver will be wrought. Let me just redo this with Quicken will open the phone lines of data because the forensics expert from Arizona audit says it Allegheny County, Pennsylvania had at least 10,000 anomalous ballots. In other words, there were at least $10,000 minimum that were that were not not ballots that were printed up they were legitimate bells. These were printed by printers someplace else and brought in IK during the process, he revealed that at at least 36,000 ballots request will should be further examined most of the 25,000 were not printed from the official PDF which caused anomalous discrepancies in the balance to make them easily distinguishable from the authentic counterparts.

According to spec and the bells were printed from the original PDF would be be perfect, they would have perfectly straight line with no breaks. However, when the when the exam the early election day bellows. There were 25,000 that had all the brakes and all the same places they were phony, fake ballots, and of course we knew that didn't really you won't hear that on NBC, ABC and CBS, will you drop Ernie.

I think $100,000 loaded the ballot in the Pennsylvania here that the Pennsylvania by 400,001. Much you want to build a nearby all right with the phone lines at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 will be back right after this already back and that will he sometimes is Clifford. He gets here before I do sometimes is Joey. And so with you Clifford or Joey kill George Lori did the pastor send is that it's an awesome responsibility to be his hero, a cliff.

My question is what I was thinking about the high school athlete and guide follow want to wake them up.

Wake up thinking that the firemen itself didn't have the potency way ahead of athletes having done as you get in here that would plant also when you talking about the Ukraine. That was an article in life about 656 weeks ago that there were several politicians that were bonded with suitcases of cash leaving the country and they believe that was part of the tire that was sent there. I was thinking those guys are actually pretty smart takeoff lit with the cash that shows you how shortsighted he even our government has because if you look at the road that they were in a state of disrepair. The branches that the date for example patient would last 50 years. About 50 years ago, and if you know the road and affixed to the south of the meantime there just pouring money like a seven place like the Ukraine. But my question for you guys. Are you talking about stanchions of 18 to This Every Month on the Land Started at One Thing That Could Make It Says That the Law Will Still Show Himself Pure You Are, and That It Says Hold Forward, Which I Believe That's the Kind of the Bad Guys Whenever and Then It Goes into Pensions and It Said They Will Stay and That It Mentions the Word Transient and That's Not Slope Want to Take on That Relation to Vengeance with the Once, Showing According to You Know He Will Show a Different Side to People Depending on Their Behavior. You Would Basically Lay Ceased Telling You and This Is This Is for People out There like Joe Biden like Chucky Schumer like Nancy Pelosi like Hillary and Bill Clinton. These People That Think They're above and Especially George Soros That That That You Know God Guy Doesn't Know You Can See with Her Doing That, That Somehow They Have Enough Enough Power or Money or Whatever, That They Don't Have To Be Accountable to Him and the Messages out There to These These Wicked People That Have Kill the Children Okay and That All This Lincoln Stuff That God's Vengeance. It's a Fiery Vengeance and That's What It Is Telling Them Right Here, You Know, He Seldom Well Let Me Let Me Go and Read They Cry, but There Was None to Save Them. Even the Lord, but He Answered Them Not, What Is That Sound like in Other Ways That the Days Going to Come When They're Going to Cry out and Because I Can Hear Them Heat. He's Given a Warning and the Warning Is Repent or Perish, and Because of Their Wickedness Is His Vengeance Is Going to Be Very Fiery (Yeah John Yeah I Want to Add Something Here Your Number My Boat As Americans Think That Israel Yeah I Drew the Correlation between the on the Very Day We Were Doing Things against the Nation of Israel. It Disasters What America Yeah I Know You Yeah Yeah and and That's How We Met. That's How That's How Mean You Met My Book Yesterday. Pruden Clearly Said in Following Reports on the That Russian People Are Kind of They've Been Terrified Now Because He Said That There Is Going to Be a Nuclear War Is Marshaling: the Army Is Calling Army 300,000 Is More Coming Apparently Plans on a Million and It Going to Bring Them to the Ukraine and Then He's Going to Going to His Armies Attacked by the West and He Said That the United States Specifically Talking about Us and They Don't That He Is Going to Launch Nuclear Weapons. She Gave Now People Could Say Always Walking. I Don't Think Think That Earning the Reason I'm Bringing This to Incur. The Reason I Don't Think the Man Is and Maybe We Can Dedicate Next Show I I Would like Little Time on It Makes It Explained to Everybody How I Outthink Them Picking up. We Have Former President of the Ukraine Have Met That Quoting Scriptures from the Book of Revelation Saying What's Coming to America in the West Where It Says through the Smoke and Fire and Sulfur Third of Mankind Begun a Guide. That's What He Was Quoting. Let Me Let Me Say This Really Quickly. We Get These Calls Because I Know We Can Look You Remember Stanislav Live to Remember Who He Was the Highest Ranking Defector from He Came over Here. I Spent over a Week with Him.

Okay and Eat. He Was Telling Me How That underneath Moscow. There Is a underneath Moscow. There Is a City That Some Larger Than Moscow and He Was Telling Me That the Russians Have Underground Facilities Were All the Big Breasts Were All the Leaders Go and They Have Food, Water, Everything They Have Air Conditioning. They Have the Whatever and Is Set up to Where They Can Live They Believe They Can Live There Indefinitely and This Is Why They Don't Fear That Much of a Nuclear War. This Is a They Understand That He Was Telling Me That the Ezekiel 36, 30, 37, 38, the Russians Actually Prepared to Fight a War with God. Okay so Anyhow I Just Thought I'd Take That I Take My Learning Right on the and All of That and Moscow, but All the Cities They Could Probably Connect Their Population Grow into Underground Bunkers by Phone and Request We Are a Wicked Nation and Sodom and Gomorrah Was Destroyed by Fire, and When You Want in Isaiah Chapter 1, the City Where Israel Was under the Judgment in All the Cities Were Burning. We Were Threatened This Week Right up to Our Face Clearance Could Be That We Were Going to Be New If We Didn't Stop to Get about What Was Right on Russia's Same Thing We Don't Stop What's Going on in Ukraine and We Are Wicked Nation of God and Boy with Their Hearing Being Reported That on the Fake News Media Is Nothing Like Was Really Taken Pl. in Ukraine. Following what coming from Russia.

Let me go to Amber in California Amber you're in there any currently I am pressing national cash in my opinion and am John you are so knowledgeable and kind of anti-look so forward when you're online just to hear your story. I want to comment about what you said no. A lot of times when you have a treasure you very mentioned Randy Weaver and three family path.

Yeah, the past couple months ago I was reading a call about an old story.

I'm counting on you know I did read about what happened next, and the name of our team that he will agent during during that time, and you mentioned how Randy Weaver. He now knew about FBI involved with family and all that well if you know I'll read that bill by his father.

I don't know if he had hired Epstein that teacher in the school or something like that.

There's a connection with Bill Bart's father, and 15 and then when you want, you know, arrested and put in jail. The first one to come out and give a speech saying that he can take care that you know what Bill Bonner I don't remember like the following day he rushed to do you know if saying that you know you know that kid and get you know I'm really Control. I mean, he's usually with you know everything now. Just know. Amber we got you know you know tropic was sold out on every side. He truly was in the snake pit and this is and this is exactly even Chucky Schumer Chucky Schumer made a very clear you don't challenge their corrupt their very very corrupt system and would he be he threatened the presidency go against the intelligence agency because that's what the Democrats used to get all their dirty work done. They've got six ways to Sunday to get your mailbox in charge and often marrying Jared and we never heard from them. Yeah, I hear you. I gotta move on with you bar with the one I remember correctly that represented or Eugene, when there were charges brought against you is good at in Ohio during the year I got pass or any you have a guest on tonight have a very testimony that Alger stated that be great if you my understanding that correct me up a wrong.

The police, which is the statutory organization didn't exist until the 1830 and the FBI, which is the gate and started didn't have the authority for law enforcement carrying on and to know the at least the mid-1930s, but my question is to you and you again what is wrong with the constitutional burden of law enforcement. As far as the county chair, Deputy deputizing local militias and basically taking care of government ID equation and left with something that arises from typo, but neither whatever situation that is that is happening that is happening the other are more more County Sheriff's are coming out.

We just had our County Sheriff's constitutionalist comes into art, and are our churches speak to a group of pastors but more more sheriffs are coming out across the country.

I I spoke to 250 album at two years ago that the liberty University.

There in Virginia and they they are prepared to again would deputize citizens you know they were ready. If they they ban firearms. They really deputize citizens in art and arm them in their county so there is a moment because you see these County Sheriff's like you and I they want their freedom to and so to their people.

So we have this you got the Gestapo.

You've got the the those in the federal government now and again I I am telling those in the FBI you guys did not sign up for this, you did not sign up form for what they're making you do there there turning you in and to Horace Ness that what you're there for you there to to obey God and country and Constitution. You took an oath now obey the oath and the this is what we are encouraging more more more more of them are coming out now and they are blowing whistles on the corrupt leadership okay alright thanks Ed you know John you you hit the nail on the head early on that with the with the corruption you told me it was a lot deeper than I thought you were right.

The corruption went down a lot deeper than I thought. Call with fireworks. Time because I look to spend time answering what he said he was basically right on and very interesting how the federal government with federal agency just like power to themselves and now they become monsters which are not really anchored in the know what we are what we were seeing is a clue in this country where see who is taking place is apartment go 1871 with the general of Pres. Grant that they needed apartment to go with the Ku Klux Klan Democrat they would definitely this department. If we had today started making 71 because of the Democrats violating the rights of black people. That's why we have and maybe used as the mainstream media to turn it all way around and confuse people. And here again there still filled with racist I mean is filled with races here and will and most of them with their doing now with this critical race theory and that there turning in there trying to indoctrinate young people and into cultural racism, monthly HR trying to destroy trying to cause a like having obligatory equation with a white or evil, we are able were born evil pastor earning an evil against everybody that flat light and white naturalistic calling satellite Christians and everybody else with which we are people that I hear you. They want they want to identify us like the not exactly what you this is John.

You got three minutes to give an invitation. Can you do or write very good father.

Coming to a head now before you in the name of when the government is clearly turning against the inner it has been by sentence accelerating five cents more than they can go and allow this election in November that they are going to. There's some sort of monster leg coming where they're going to do whatever it is it's going to be extremely powerful. Maybe a lot of people might die reasonably much for and that it's an insurrection. They got a call for martial law and suspend the election week that they can have it with something.

Whatever it is for we've only got I don't how many days that the data whatever it is until election were asking for your mercy were asking that you will protect the crumbling government. We literally need to be protected, that you would expose what ever wagons out there or you would neutralize. Maybe we might know. Maybe the election will come because you neutralize the Lord.

But if they can. They are going to stop this election saw masking the blessings your blessings on all of this other.

I asked that they would have great coverage and I'm that we all would look to Jesus and we, I pray that all our listeners would have assurance of eternal life with Jesus Christ. In Jesus name we ask for payment.

I want to encourage older folks out there very quickly to remember were going to be showing the 2000 meals from now every Sunday until the election.

All of you out there.

We know that many of you have the 2000 meals. I we show that you got to do it. They've they put up in the junction. Trying to stop us from being able to let people know what actually took place just how much of election fraud. There really was. So it's up to you. It's up to you. Remember, freedom isn't free. You've got a fight. Fort and so amen until do it and remember God is in the throat is a complete control and note again.

Look you help when we we know how it's going to end here.

We know I was going to end. But God has made a very, very clear.

We have the three missions. The great commission and resistance to tyranny is always obedience to God and failure to resist charity is always disobedient.

You may many of you have never been an activist.

When I went to tell you this time and now it's now or never for you to become an activist. So get out there and get it done and then stand fast, hold your ground and remember that when it counted okay when it counted.

You ran to the battle when it counted. You met your obligation where until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless.

And always, always does do a John K violating the right thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right.

Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on next time was right. Much left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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