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WED HR 1 092122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 22, 2022 12:39 am

WED HR 1 092122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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You killed or seen a couple things here the sheep represent the righteous and the goats represent the unrighteous the ungodly. Now the ungodly parent and so note as we go all through Scripture.

This is the third passage where we are reading will the right versus the left.

Note we see this in Ecclesiastes. We see these here who sought to what one they probably the most significant themes and across the thief on the right repented and Jesus said to this day. You will be with me and Gloria in paradise. Right. Okay. And so, with the sheep with the thief on the left what he sees going in the same places.

These people here are so then Shelley can send to them in his right hand, come, you blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world so that accreditations over to Ephesians chapter 1 where he talks about the God knew who would be saved and who would not be saved and and he knew us before he he made the world before the team made the world. He knew us. We existed in the mind of God is is everything that exists in the mind of God is that just as real as the things we can touch field and see Victor working exactly as he created in his mind, shall at me. Okay, so now he says that section of protocol God perfection. Whatever you want. Whatever he imagines Okay so now he has to in mind here is basically two categories of people here and that is that this is taken place when he's referring to what goes on during the tribulation. At the end of the tribulation. So the tribulation.

Blue was for who the tribulation period was for two categories of people who are the tribulation will purify Israel, the nation of Israel that the right Israel and throughout judge. The wicked will you work your drippy judgment that also publicly published on this world and punished at the judgment already. So he goes on to say, for I was 100 and you gave me meat, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger need to admit naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you gave into the game into me. Then shall the righteous answer him and say Lord when so when they are hungered that the hearth thirsty or gave the drink or when so we the a stranger and it took the inner naked and clothe the horror when Zoe sick or in person or came into the and the King shall answer and say into them. I say it is much as you've done to one of the least of these my brethren, my brother and you've done it unto me. So now what is the application was that the application from that very day until the end of the tribulation. Our group forever, but I can't program to the tribulation, especially, but words will last forever unique khakis calling us because those of us that are saved are as brothers Scripture said we are joint heirs with Jesus and everlasting life. We become sons and daughters of the living God, though he was the only begotten son of God so that part of his becoming human enabled us to all these wonderful things to become a child of the kingdom, and a child of God. Okay, we we read yesterday about 10 Jonah and we saw that he he categorized those that would, at the age of discernment that knew right from wrong, and those that were not at the age of discernment. They didn't know right from a so now these people that are the goats here are they people that knew right from wrong, but chose wrong. I asked her yeah I would say that that probably covers both better most the time know not God suggest God, God will never, he will never punish CK gives you that example there about those who were on the right to eat, he gave you an example of the right hand on the left hand and with Jonah.

Those were under the right understood). Those on the left to decay did not understand the word anti-they word at the age of discernment where they could they could be accountable. They were not at the age of accountability, but now these people here than the goats. Are these people at the age of accountability and are early accountable. Their older reality about speaking about children very speaking about people in general. Very quickly they didn't know enough to make a choice and assuming that her work okay so then he says, then shall he say into them on the left, depart for me, you cursed, into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels so that God had prepared hell for Satan and his angels.

But then I can to be in their loan early Aldrich microphone 3420 prepared for the saved America kingdom. He also prepared hell for those who would reject him work the curse them or like Satan himself who were trying to be like him. Okay so here he says for what I was 100 and you gave me no meat wasn't.

Isn't that the government's job to fetus different things to the church.

Hector gave more jobs to the church centric government government was laconic. But the church were the ones we were supposed to go out and be Christlike and the beauty good Samaritans to care for the sick and the poor and the hungry and that was the job of the church. Okay, so, so then if you're on the left here you say well we were going to be very generous but we can be generous with other people's money.

Those that have worked hard hard for that money, though, so here you have when he says I was thirsty giving a drink.

I was a stranger and you took me not in no would not be like with what happened here Martha's Vineyard in the wind.

All of those people. Martha's Vineyard always felt real people that are wealthy these very rich people that say that didn't in Texas and in Arizona they should be taken. These illegal aliens. Biden's criminals, Bidens criminals in an egg feeding them but now when they get sent to Martha's Vineyard with all the very same wealthy, rich you know filthy rich. They basically know it's not up to us. We where you were not the ones that can do that.

There are so grand, so don't really have an extra $10 million in the bank account sitting there next to bonds them about what one of the four provinces on the island so you go so sorry for those poor people that don't have no means to handle problems.

Looking at Jesus spoke in Matthew 23.

Leakey recently spoke of the Pharisees in the woods and he was telling the people you know that the new here. They did what they say that they say one thing and they do another decay. He's here is what he says, the scribes and Pharisees of Moses seat all therefore whatsoever they they do bid observe but observe and do, but do not after their works for they say, and do not, they are heavy burdens and grievous to be borne now. He tells them here in verse 13 pieces well in verse 14 woe verse 15 quote 16 will there. Seven.

Laxatives eight woes here, but to open for the same thing so they can they call it the seven woes okay here is so so what he's saying.

Here's what he says there that he's referring to those people Martha's Vineyard the people while Democrats, for example as hypocrites right right okay so here early in the house. So now he says eventually sent to them on the left, depart for me and cursed at the ever lasting fire everlasting fire. Does that sound to you like annihilation. No public eternal punishment. So prepare for the devil and his angels okay so then existing jumping down to 40 pastor garden by the company you keep it Willis go down to verse 46 and they shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life knows God able to deliver on what he says. Regrettably, we can write the answer because he today when were it's it's more important than ever. Today more important than ever today would try to get the message out is to make it to where people can see how God's word applies to current events to the days that were living in okay because I'm innovative and we have no application of God's word. If it if it only applied in times past and doesn't apply today. The what good would it do us working back. That brings me back from you said in chapter 23 verse 14 in your letter. What were you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for you devour widows house and for a pretense make long prayer therefore you shall receive the greater damnation we have the left running around and they always figure for the work but if you look at what they actually do. It benefits her rigid benefit powerful disinflation by this federal spending to buy votes is doing what. It's hurting the poorest high gas prices hurt the poorest people. High energy costs for the poorest people. High electric costs of gasoline to our food cost site.

No rent all those things hurt what very poorest in society and look at the homeless.

We have now in all the major Democrat run cities in this country all over it up and down the streets, you can turn on the TV at night and see pictures of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds in the city's general people running around in horrible situations and God or Satan). He said what they shall receive a greater damnation writes another ministry question. Is this the supplies the wind did this applying the political campaign. In fact in the political campaign going around 2008. How did how did this passage here applied because it was something very important in that the political campaign. It was called to remember the Matthew 25 coalition all about to write to Matt. 25 with no abominations. Now, you had these people that work they came out they had these commercials and they were making a mockery and they were laughing at the biblical illiteracy in this country because the pastors were not word not preaching what they should be preaching and not not showing you how it applies okay and so you so abomination had the Matthew 25 coalition they would come out, you had these people clerical guard and they would say will help Barack Hussein Obama was a family man how he was a good Christian and they were and they said we're the Matthew 25 coalition, and they were laughing because people who who were biblically illiterate and there was a lot of them out there. They said you see that is in that wonderful he's quoted third liquid quoting from the Bible and they were making a mockery all the time because when they were talking about this. They call themselves the religious left. They say where the religious left government work. The problem solved by government.

Obama's government work. That when it was the duty of the church knew there were phonies because a true Christian general, what got the order to get to the church what the characteristic do they were turning the tables thing. This is the job of government, but you knew there were hirelings from the start right but the point that they were trying to make here when they were talking about the religious left a note on the ideas of the people have not read the Bible and so went when I saw the very first commercial you remember what I did.

I went on and I preached on this passage and I told people will here's who they are telling you they are but because of a biblical illiteracy. You notice that these are our Satan's children Kroger are heading for the lake of fire and they're making a mockery. Some do remember what happened. We started preaching on hitting on that other preachers started picking up on others. That's a well if they've got the guts to do it maybe will do to them.

They did and as that would happen right away. They pull those commercials because they figured hey guess what I heard. The rental is now happily so thereunto is no okay and so here I think we need to do and because of that that we need to do a little commentary that I want to start up and come through talking about the language of illusion, confusion and delusion that the we have today.

What if Joe what if we called a spade a spade. What if we called things the way they were again okay but what if we called if if I asked you what is that abortion what would you say murder of a unborn child in the mother's world killing babies make it simpler killing babies simple kill enough.

I was this a determined gate today if they say that you're gay. What is the actual word for that. What is of the biblical word for that sodomite. That's right. So what if we called sodomy. Sodomy okay now roller coaster we would be being obedient to what God God labeled things like marriage gives the definition we were not change the definition of marriage. God set okay so now when you have what they call BLM. They called a black lives matter, but what do these people call black lives matter.

Do do they burn mood and murder. So what if we called what we know bits were great. We got trooper watched them do it on television.

Okay, now what we call at the flood at the front supposed to stand for antifascist but what are they are fractured their fascist thugs are back to work in contention for power back in Nazi Germany when the Socialist party, one with network their fascist thugs now I hear several pastors now on this on this on the stations that were on who have found the courage they did to our preaching.

This now.

What if what if more. What if the majority of the pastors would have the courage to preach the truth, remainder hundred and 20, 30,000 preachers while at work running really change things within a few weeks the wooden right attitude of the country.

If they only cared more about the people and more about obedient obedience to God and less about the offering plate became parasitically so one of 10. What if we call what pedophilia is pedophilia child molesting her audit rates. What is the new term for a minute. What is the new term competitive tractor person and mine are vertically correct so that's what they're there doing now. That's what the length is: the minor attracted personnel after nearby. Remember that Member Hotmail 25, 30 years ago I started explaining to people. The Fabian Socialists way back in the 1890s words were going to be the weapon of this new warfare to socialize colonize America and they would work to be the new weapon of warfare by changing and shifting words and meanings they would cover their true purpose. They would keep people confused. They would be able to spell control the debate and we can warning people. That's what they still do every day of the week you turn on. They keep changing shifting words a minute somebody catches on to the word, they switch it like we used to be global warming all that didn't work story what the climate change and that's one of the biggest best example of this is been going on for about 140 734 years now where is that not tolerated is one place in this country where the language of illusion, delusion and collusion is not tolerated on this radio program.

This radio program. When people come on, I've had my guess is that correct when I've had my guess that here they been so indoctrinated when they referred to the opposition's pro-choice eye guy give them a warning in you. We don't do that and because I'll ask him.

Do you actually believe that the child has a choice of whether to be ripped to shreds and not the say no then I'll say that if you don't believe it by saying that you're lying and so you wake him up to the reality. Don't you know what they.

Involuntarily rated up at the enemy without really recognizing it like they been indoctrinated by the plague.

Meeting no one about what about that the so-called main stream media okay. The reality is they are contracted liar.

They enter into a contract are far left media, but we call it mainstream because most of the news people here are from those in the CADC in your all that. Why do we call it.

Why do we call contracted lawyers because they get paid a lot yet but when they sign the contract is that word on their lie on their or the word on their head to go with the narrative girl with the nerve so they they use the word narrative for life right again. You and shifting work going on. The narrative great party line. The Communist Party line so the party line okay so if I say to you, if I say to you that I am a Democrat. Okay then, what am I actually's telling you right now you're telling me you are least the very least a socialist and most possibly a conference. Okay, just use the word communist cut right to the chase. Okay because communism is socialism and the police stayed away in a police state. Now getting the very very close. That's the crime they're trying to make it out okay so and today's was a communist are also we we could use the word antichrist. Okay, your antichrist, because everything they hold to those in total opposition with the Lord Jesus taught now. If it here and I've been preaching for a long time.

The Christians against the other really good Christians against antichrist system.

It is not the loyal opposition party. People are antichrist renal by their fruit like a build flip out by the laws they pass, they are not okay if I say to you. All right Joe, did you get your cold dead vaccine okay when one of my actually asking you several things. One of my stupid that I drink the Kool-Aid and the other it's not a vaccine that I was very wide.

It's believed the lie. It's a bio weapon is a bio weapon which a great many people work product. Those children you listen to the authorities. The people in authority or listen to the policeman you obey the laws there.

They were brought up, but none so when the government lies why didn't they know okay why did they not know to recognize the fact that this was wrongfully gave the answer is in first Corinthians chapter 2 okay but anyhow going to a break will be right back. Really there is that some go there when they die. No denying his father repeating now what say truly there is Jesus die for me and you him I sent my son to go to war. My parents so many just they will see a magic no more, no more no more salvation for man join and plan. Believe me, I I am employed at Soto. So whatever you know about you or your government song that I can well imagine as you get older you start to people forget about zero yeah Danny Ray is listing out to did.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for you him and I was going to do.

We what we were supposed to close out with a couple couple of the songs and so that I wait to hear back from you okay I'm still waiting. Danny so any of that we have with which we've had some fun along the way already. Hey Joe I wanted I want to dedicate this radio program tonight to a fellow named Steve friend Gino Steve friend is her name should be familiar, but I'm not coming up. He's a 12 year veteran of the FBI who went and he told tonight. He blew the whistle. He said what were doing is wrong with this is that light is not legal. And he went out and he he he blew the whistle on those lesser people. Those lesser people that were over him in the FBI and that because of his integrity because he had more integrity.

He got fired) on the lot. He was one of those target work looking for pornography, child trafficking, that kind of thing and they pulled them off that important mission to go and look for terrorists 50 January 6 from people who weren't even there.

He didn't enter the building so he said that was a fraud and he also said he wasn't going to go busting into peoples houses warning general combat gear on a misdemeanor charge terrified people wonder was no need one of the most honest people in Washington yeah so what you call those those dirty 30. Those that that you know came up on Ruby Ridge in and murdered Vicki Weaver knows that holding a very alternate dangerous baby in her arms yeah you you gotta kill people of all babies. Is there such a threat right you know they used to. We talked, we used to call them cowboys, you know.

And those are the ones you we play that one song 17 little children unit they were killing. They were killing in Waco, but you know there is CCed on this this Steve friend.

He tells us there are still some people in the FBI that have not gone bad. The still have some some dignity some honor and some that have not gone a whoring you know the Bible talks about the Bible talks about those that have gone according to many categories of whoring there in the Bible do Victor five, you would be right. Let's see now we see in Hosea chapter 4. They were they referred to two with 33 actually that's the religious, judicial, and the female sexual right right. Proverbs 7 versus 8 to 27 refers to female in a horse or prostitute therapy refers to the records there.

Revelation 17 refers to the political the economic the judicial well it actually just the political, economic, and the religious wars going these are all horse would be like the fan.

During that the trial what about Leticia James Leticia James this this bought and paid for. George Soros bought and paid for by George Soros, who is bringing all these false claims and false charges against Pres. Trump Lamy, has asked you when would you could you compare her to Pres. coupled Leticia James in that that whole group that I saw on the news, laughing about going after the best president with in our lifetime right along with the downward Ronald Reagan Pres. Donald Trump would you say that not only the teacher. James but all of that group that was whether I've gone whoring right elsewhere, or in person.

We know that anybody that took money.

In fact, most people got elected Atty. Gen. were bankrolled by George Soros. Sometimes it was 9095, 98% of all their fundraising was through is one of his organization is one of the most wicked men in the world you are bought and paid for and placed in office by George Soros money we know right away. You are wicked you are evil and I wouldn't trust the thing you said because I trust nothing to George Soros, desert does the manager claims it is a God in everything he's done is been evil and wicked so we automatically know what Leticia James is the case, let me ask you for what if sources are what if people today called going to whoring what what the Bible because what if we use the same terminology that God's Word the Bible instead of having the language of illusion where they use this to to make sin more palatable and we don't want to. We don't want to rip a baby alive babies heart out. We want to evacuate the Woolbright Horwitz called a product of conception what people tell the truth and if we were to say this Joe Hook what was one of the best examples of both political and physical hoard him in our in our lifetime. Both political and physical. Let me give you some hints okay. Vince Foster, Vince Foster Webb Hubbell Hillary. All right, so Hillary Hillary okay Dr. Opal, and even before that the Bangor Hillary Clinton.

So what if I say Bill Clinton or monitor. The reprobate I don't know what he is a great example of what not to theater, not the live and whatnot becoming to grow up okay so what today. Today there there claiming that the edit shift is one of the say that with us. Light is wrong. Lying is a sin, it's wrong. It's a to us is repulsive.

Like good wire wire.

Horrible yeah, but see in DC is saying he is one of their best lawyers. Lawyers now. What did they say about Bill Clinton.

As far as being a liar liar. Our liar, now they actually wrote it. He was. Not only is he a good lawyer. He's a great liar and these are liar they were boasting they were actually boasting about him being there liar okay and so Bill Clinton had a famous saying who you gonna believe me or your lying eyes, and they used to laugh about that all the time. Larry Patterson, Larry Nichols and all those used to laugh about those slick saying you gonna believe me or your lying eyes and so here right so it will only take a look at this. So what if what if today one of the preachers in the pulpits actually called it, and use biblical terminology called it the way God's word, the Bible does God's Word, the Bible call itself the perfect word of God for your great perfect eternal word and outward shock all kinds of people that he actually said that he said and now the trip is sometimes the most shocking thing. There is an well yeah okay wouldn't be good if it we were to use that of the people out there with used untruthful.

It would be wonderful. There would be such a switch that I don't. People are so shocked that I'd love to see it happen to want to write something.

Is there going after Pres. Trump today. Remember when Pres. Trump was in office.

Our borders were secure right right I was paying $2.45 per gallon gas okay.

We were totally energy independent and we were exporting gas and oil because we we set on the world's largest supply of energy was America respected around the other countries when Pres. Trump was and did they respect us respect or fair court.

Her case was a good thing right now.

When Pres. Trump was in office say they did deep state hates them the deep state the lesser people of his enemies. Those lesser people, especially in DC and and I'm talking about, especially Merrick Garland, Joe Biden the bill. These are lesser people now when he was in office was the economy strong or extremely strong okay with you going after the drug dealers. Was he going after the drug dealers and human traffickers.

Yesterday was okay. Now when Pres. Welk was in office was our military strong and getting stronger. Building the strongest military reader ever had.

Planning for the future were spaceports because he could see were the enemy.

China is now moving into space in their country being now taking control of space so they can control the China all coming to China alone entirely entire Biden crime cartel and a whole lot of those there in Washington DC, including Miss McConnell, rather well. There are bought and paid for politicians for the money came from China. So you did the Chinese government actually say that we own the most powerful people in America Merrick. Very actually had her shoulders on television. I think I want to work okay. Now we are in right now with the under Biden. He's trying to turn this into a police state they're going they're going after the rating the homes of patriots the rating and all the homes of real Americans the cowboys the dirty 30.

The Cowboys, those that have no honor, no dignity, no went and you don't to who really need to repent. If they if they refuse to the pet and they continue shaking your fist in the face of God. What is going to happen to the regional tricking your daughters you gonna end up reported on do not want to be forever in case something.

Anyhow that's what we're trying to doing and if we can get the preachers to use the terminology that God use use and that not change the words and they care more about being obedient to God and not the offering plate and if we can get the preachers the preachers to be men of honor men of courage. Men of integrity and said that example.

Do you think to all the gods were recalled the start of the Lord is his word. The only offensive weapon Scripture talks about the word of God is our offensive weapon, and the church Go to battle without a weapon at house about it as a weapon. The word of God doesn't use a weapon and I cannot win wars or battles. All right okay is it is such a hard thing you know, when we did Joe when we we did. Ecclesiastes chapter 10 we we were supposed to do one through five. We ended up doing one through four. We should've did did that last verse, because that last verse. Joe was averse especially for pastors today, but for all everybody okay and if we go to Ecclesiastes, the school over there were quick chapters. Chapter 10 and then and then let the verse number five that we never did okay okay so here let me go to run to pick it up and let's pick it up in verse four and read verse four and five spirit of the ruler rise up against the leader not by place for yielding pacifier great offenses. I cannot read verse five there is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceeded from the ruler. Okay, now what do you think that means that the spirit of the ruler rise up against the leave not thy place.

Okay, we were to stand in the gap right. We were not ground, not to conform not to yield. We were to stand our ground for yielding pacifier is great offenses okay so right, so for prissy preachers that say well you know I have to do the says the government. I have to obey the government okay do they say that because they meter or do they say that because the fear government more than God will one day care government more than God.

Our product will loss in the collection plate reader.

Our true don't have anything of it.

Cannot go to battle the act of courage and courage comes from faith. Now what we just preached 50 years ago when I was preaching that I was attacked I was attacked by all of these neo-evangelicals. I was attacked by those in the pulpit that have been there for a while because they were told they were saying don't listen to him these roadies a maverick is rebellious, but I preaching exact same thing but today they don't attack me for doing that and I'm talking about the prissy preachers course. The world does with them I would be disappointed if they didn't, okay. And so here with that, we better switch over and they come in and pick up and do some lightning rounds Joe we got in this event. By the way, you know what the Lord's will and I will be preaching on something I have increased on a very very long time and with the Bible clearly teaches them because it's the message that we need to get out to these people out there who would thank the gods, not watching that they think that they whatever they're doing and these people in the FBI. That essay will the cowboys. My bosses told me to do that and and I got listen to my bosses, will you know where having fun writing kicking down doors and acting like cowboys so I need to get this message is called God's righteous vengeance. The Bible preaches on this and they need to understand because does God's daughter and does he always do what he says to do. Never ever always always supporting already so again I wanted to just say Pres. Trump here this the teacher that is gone whoring okay and as you see that she would be considered a Jew, would you consider her a judicial or circling okay is a political or judicial or actually shoot a religious or uninsured or the antichrist.

Religion associate took several categories already. The thing that sticks out to me would be judicial and so felt that you took that out yet.

The state of this, the city of New York. Okay Babylon, Babylon, which you referred to that city of New York is a horror currently or New York or Babylon have much in common.

Okay so again if we use biblical terminology and called things the way they are. I would that them containment. For example, let's just say your your out in your womanizer and you were going out and you consider yourself to be a suave, debonair. For example, start that's that's the word I was looking for work that out okay so now if people referring to a suave, debonair stead or they were referring to you is a poor monger which of those words would make you more likely to one change core monger because that's what the Bible refers to you right right okay so now if God thought it might clear can call them a homosexual. Whatever your space out of my get up.

This is why I changed LGBT Q, Luke goes belligerent transgressing where that's what those that truly stand for right so no the world out there is trying to tell you that not only is the that the life of a sodomite the lifestyle the sodomite which God's Word, the Bible calls an abominable thing and abominable thing. But the world, NBC, ABC, CBS, the public education system.

They'll tell you that that when God calls abominable is not only legitimate but is preferable and you're liable to go that will go up the corporate ladder quicker today. If you're sodomite okay and so so but that's the world out there right we don't want to get the world on its duly world what bonnets in other words is like when, on the record. The old saying don't go getting a don't get any of that.

Anya writes don't get on Dr. and so will we see them going after Pres. Trump and his family then and not I can tell you what makes me more determined than ever than stand up for Trump and to do the more more than ever you not to be at odds with the with the deep state and so there you go, speak in a deep state here Arizona State Sen. accuses Department of child safety is facilitating global sex trafficking ring after 550 children go missing.

You remember Joe there since it wasn't a few years back when they're in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma was remember when all of a sudden there was a 60 something kids like overnight disappeared and when we were on that we were trying what would happen.

We kept talking about but they shut it down had no idea where all their children went down yeah and Native Americans. Many were there when I realized that I couldn't had no idea what happened to them and we never did hear a follow-up degree know the fake news media shut it down. Okay and I remember when we had some of those to Gunnison. Remember to Gunderson was on that and they killed him and he was the former chief of the FBI for those for California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada and he told me that they were going that they would gonna do the best they could to kill him a T told me that they did. They finally killed implicate and so but now here is again here Sen. France with the cues Arizona of child safety of losing more than 550 children, roughly half the missing children. These claimant runaways, or otherwise just plain missing a David Farnsworth defeated third-base House Speaker Rusty Bowers in the primary election placement.

That's with the that's how we ready. I didn't put that in there okay there you go with coming up to a break and boy do we have a lot of stuff we have to have lightning rounds because we have a whole at the cupboard tonight, but then I thought the commentary was was spot on what you think. I think there was absolutely spot on an object. To be much more curved holder for God brought us here to be watchmen on the wall to call both of us to do and that's what we are trying to do our very best to accomplish. Okay so we come back we can talk about a few things.

What one of them is potent Lawrence West. His nuclear threat is not a bluff note we have Joe we have here that this seven-time scimitar is really coming up and that's coming up on the 24th 2015 26 accident 25th, 26 now as according to Jewish tradition, 17 year scimitar cycle that's happening, which many are claiming that they believe that the rapture will take place them but I'm not to get into that whole argument will be will be back right after this one. Not even certain of the day so you are looking for a product be right back.

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