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MON HR 1 091922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 20, 2022 12:29 am

MON HR 1 091922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio) what's right what's left is coming out now I'm ready about 30 centers in the deed. This is the voice of the crew through the on this 19th day of September, 20, 22 tonight, a producers number will encourage Craig.

Good evening everybody know. Also we have with her vow of silence she has taken a vow of silence not to break it in right next to hers. Pastor Heller's and see that you don't break her fall silent in this lock and load, Lisa.

Good evening everyone, to broken their granite novocaine already way out yonder. We have Pastor Joe Larson know whenever you have two lessons together, you have larceny that no. Brothers: hey Joe somebody want to know if I was your son and don't say you help will be your father but no no no you guys are old and old. Believe me I know already, but now we have a very very special guest tonight and known this one for a very very long time to find out about mechanisms of injury. We have Dr. Sherry 10 Betty say hello what is good to have you here, Sherry, what were get into really do with a little bit of scripture that really applies to our society today and in the organic carry you all the way to 11 and we know that you have to get up at three in the morning. So were going let you get out here 11 and that get some shut eye.

So let's start out here only to start in the book of Ecclesiastes is this really has to do with with what were talking about and chapter 10 Ecclesiastes chapter 10 and were going to read verses one through five dead flies because the ointment of an apothecary to send forth stinking Savior, so that the little folly with him. That is an reputation of wisdom and honor that we know the apothecary of the perfumer.

We know this where natural medicines come from real natural medicines that he'll think they cure the disease. We know that the fire Michaela literally is wizardry or witchcraft. And we know that that were not the means poison and this is one of the things that you've been so very good at it, that exposing what is taking place in the four McKee but here's were coming to a wise man's heart is at his right hand, but a fool's heart is at his left. Yes. Also when he that is a fool walking by the way is wisdom family with him and he saith to everyone that he is a fool. Now with that when God calls you a horror when God calls you a horror will guess what your horror okay and were not talking tonight about sexual boredom or as normally as referring to a female tonight were talking about political whoring political horn, and we say that all through Scripture in Hosea, he speaks to an Isaiah and Jeremiah in ways he speaking to the men about of going to whoring with with other gods, other systems today.

They are they going to whoring after will you hear the pro-choice movement. The pro-choice they going to whoring after the gods of the sacrifice of children. You hear the LGBT Q when God calls an abomination, but they've made in God out of sodomy date they have not only made of an extremely perverse and sinful lifestyle. Not only have they legitimized it or try to. But they make a perfect preferable over what is what is normal. It is natural. What is healthy. Same thing with this whole transgender of the drag queen, the MSM, that's the mainstream media of the human trafficking Satanism pornography line stealing deep state the entire Democratic Party the entire Democratic Party and some of the rhinos and in the Republican Party, but here now this is what he says here that when the fool walking by the way is wisdom failed with any says to everyone that he is a fool not listen loosely what was happening today know, we believe that lying is a sin, they don't.

We believe in the sanctity of marriage. One man one woman, one lifetime they believe marriage is whatever they wanted to be with whatever, not just to whoever but with whatever animal should think American animals and so we believe that there are only two genders, male and female. They believe that the he don't really know when a man or a woman is the AMA now has said that the they're not going to no longer put male or female in birth certificates because they're not really sure if there are genders. I came, not none. This act does that definitely qualifies beautiful and mentally. Yes, definitely. We believe that well again they they believe that you don't really know he would don't really know what a man or woman is we believe that killing babies is murder. They believe it's a constitutional right. We believe that only women can have babies. And if you're pregnant your your woman. Believe me, believe management if you're pregnant your woman you're not a man. Okay now they don't know that they don't know that they're not sure of that. Okay. They believe that anyone can conceive and deliver a baby wit. We believe that only females get have menstrual periods.

They believe that anyone who wants to can have one I don't know any why anybody would want to have one but okay now listen to this, we believe that people need to work and and provide for their own way and support. Throw away. They believe like a Alex's that that the government should support people and that if you don't want to work.

You shouldn't have to.

You should be supported by people to do work and so I better stop right there and that is a little Bible study because we live in a time of the Bible because the evil day, but also because at the time of sorrows, and this is the time we need some sanity and with that. This is why we can share it with us tonight. She's gonna tell us about the mechanisms of injury Europe Sherry Connor that craving and where and where we are and where, why abomination to God.

You know I write actively when Called eye on the evidence you go to Dr. tenpenny DR IDR tenpenny back DR antennae….Connie search for iron. The evidence I will i.e. I am every Saturday. I put a an article from the name that I think a peer-reviewed study could maintain medical journal writing a topic and I do research on it at the last two weeks that you part.

On COBIT in the last block of now, part one and part healing predefined that banner about like myocarditis and revelry to client and a lot of pain.

I am the evidence DR tenpenny… and then I run day. I write a more inspirational setback at Kyle tenpenny on walking with God, on walking with God and tenpenny walking with God at the fact that current and truly a go I am, I did it I never, and I put every Sunday morning more. It's kind of that and inspiration, Bible study, and honestly Turning.

I mean, I think that I and more time I do it more for me tonight if anybody else because I like.

I love the right and good time for me to do my own personal Bible study and spent time reading and danger. Think of the word and putting things in terms of bond current event. And lastly, the fact that I did on lap in the morning. I'm two weeks ago. The flap flap with the morning light. Yesterday, the one that I did was encourage and laughter need to predict any one etiquette was called.

What was it like as in the days of Noah, and I used the Bible verse where Jesus said no. And note the time in the hour that the date the poet know what it will be at the front of man, in those days, people were eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage, right up until the day when Noah went to the art they were unaware of what was happening like pavement. Let them all away.

How it will be when the Son of Man comes entitled to really talk about that a little bit and then I go backwards in time back to Leviticus chapter 18 where all the law the rate out you won't do that you won't have sexual intercourse with your mother. You spent 30 years brothers wife in on what they have to go through all of that unit would be like what we would consider to be normal manner and appropriate landing. Well, it was because in a right before the flag and you know when most would all be happening when the next one came back after the flight they were living in the land of the Canaanite woman living in the land of child.

I think people and people that, at the fact that I think anybody like you long enough. They're having their impact the people, and everywhere they bring out the wrong thing, including you shall not report the man at the women is detectable and that you will not sleep with and that actually inspired me to write that hold back what I've been an article posted a new punch back with talking about German help file taking the streets to protect against life that they act with animal according to the protector German animal should have the right to engage in sexual relationships with animals, including called no file these perverted humans, both men and women believe it acceptable to be sexually connect with any animal may want to LGBT Q plot rainbow movement at the name Outlook interesting and wouldn't let part of the article that I wrote about was the fact that in almost every state in the country.

There are live at engaging with back with animal at the way that the law the written is that they are written to protect the animal all the I got all the information off of a website called animal lot got info 48 that criminalized engaging in sex with animal written that way so that they are not not animal and they are not abusing the animal.

I mean, think about the craziness of what that is and I'm how bad how bad we are at that point in time and we are the leading of the culture and what that looked like before God is because the will of the best still proposes that I'm having with my senior moments. Right now, but that he was the ethics professor Joe maybe you can help me out to you know I'm talking about at monitor could kill children a couple months after birth of open till to put to, but he came out and he made the statements of we mentioned his name some. The time for these cars.

I know he still there and the others professor at one of the major universities think it was it was Stanford assured with them anyhow.

He came out he made the statements that the deli could you kill children to two years after, but that notice to this. It was moral to have sex with animals is wall as it was consensual sex run. In other words, if if you know the you and the goat had a conversation and you know you came to an agreement to know were boundaries where you could couldn't do your maybe a call warhorse okay but he went on to say that with the exception of chickens because having sex when chickens could be lethal for the chicken. So my question is how to say no. His you have.

I mean these people. This is the insanity that you have out there in the sky's the ethics is the ethics professor of director. Mary talked about them so many times yeah yeah one of the likely not likely. But anyhow that's this is the times that were in today.

The Bible has has a name for that and he was given over to know what kind of a mind reprobate reprobate is a little over two a reprobate mind with which is basically a form of criminal insanity and that's what these people are me think about this when when the AMA and they have lost tremendous amount of credibility coming in in a what Sherry people do not trust her medical doctors anymore they don't.

They just don't they love so much credibility and so but for the AMA to come out and make a statement that they really don't know what a woman is where it's it's an unbelievable statement. Okay. And so anyhow that's where were at today in a society put but it's exactly where God's Word, the Bible said we would be a second Timothy chapter 3 where exactly and precisely right there okay so we have a timeline we know were red and so we know that in that passage.

If you look at it.

Remember another place as he tells you in later times or in times when he gets very specific. He says in the last days so he's talking about the very end of the six dispensation. That means means we are coming very close to I couldn't. I yeah Peter Singer. That's right so I just called him Peter Singer fire Carolyn Carla know that Mary, without driving myself nuts. They will say yeah that was who was Peter Singer the ethics professor and he makes the statements and you will look at the Jacques Cousteau rejected Stowe was loaded as one of the great minds, what did he say he said the answer to world hunger is very simple. Nature's chose you, that the strong eight the week. People are great source of protein, and that that the strong should be eating the week. That's called cannibalism.

But Dr. Arkwright always things are antichrist or just everything our Lord and Savior stripped solar cell right away. Didn't take long to figure out the real utility already. With that, Sherry.

Tell us about mechanisms of injury. Well, you know the backpack a little bit after that we had a.m.

I thought it's all cunning and unusual cup. I'm talking about March 2020 2020. We talked about the myth of the math nonsense of the exposure of the pride of the yard at thanks and all they were really doing accruing out to be true is data collecting DNA harvesting of all the people that they stuck up there now and fended off the lab that were either owned by probably by Google like, you know, 23 need the founder 23 and the wife of one of the Google founders and a Intel they collect all the data about fire DNA 20 because then the stock currently in December 2020, but they are not either shot really bad and then in February, 22 and a shot in the academic is not where were really like that all of 21, talking about the whole problem shot Lee and I had uncovered and we did two different webinars on the 20 mechanism and then the second one was on the 20 more mechanisms of injury about how to cope a check to make you thinking kill you. And so we had a lot of request people. Thank you. Now I'm kind of new development to try to get my head around the fact that that the shock can be harmful and they think that I should know about. Could you do another one of those webinars and so I was going through and I was in Ukraine about a review and an update to be like a year in review, I found it was so much more information that it happened July of last year when the in the last year that this is a whole new webinar at all brand-new information. You know it start about a review of the things we talked about before, but there's so much new new information in it actually had my bath going through the PowerPoint dated look for you misspelled words and things like that. There like this is amazing and I'd even heard you talk about it almost every day for the last year and make what you put together so we are going to be doing a bit of a year in review talking about the new shop that are coming up what what the lookout for why going because it's new and it's not at messenger RNA date anymore they really talk about what the difference between induced by protein and did the antibody induced the you have to stop think that you need to look for that you need to go get early treatment and if you haven't had the shot think the watch for in your friends and family know that this is truly a vaccine side effect and a need to try to get oxygenated and they need to get good vitamins. They need to get hydrated. They need to get anticoagulated early on to talk about the things on the on the webinar community that a big a comparison between last year and this year and the destruction of the immune to talk about the fact that either knew they were almost more than 1100 1200 disease or annuity stocks are going to cause before they even released the shot when I get all the kind people, near the and the actor primarily an email back you know my my my fill in the blank. I had my neighbor, my friend, my colleague, my cousin Bob about my person. I know had to got and now they have XYZ condition you think it was the shot. My answer is uniformly yeah like you can prove it wasn't on that list of 1200 disease and a new chapter to Kyle in the air. Yeah, one might ask is it about the culvert Into the one thing to do next week are a covert shot, and blindness than I did need like the list is endless. What would be shocking because really talk about the timeline for how they came to market to talk about the problems with children with happening with with getting a ship that another fact that I wrote. I wrote her back on called when babies go missing and it talks about all the different think of why the infant should never get the shot like pregnant women should never ever ever get that he shouldn't get healed, you can't. You should not deliver the baby and then get a start and continue to nursing because the messenger RNA and the polyethylene glycol and who knows what else is in the shock because we'd had. They haven't been fully tested all of the brain could very well be going to your breastmilk right directly into your newborn infant. Talk about boosters in Darien to talk a little bit about monkeypox polio and Ebola because it's just another turn of the ear of the ear trait crank and throughout the entire webinar to be reminding people that in the Bible there are more than 300 persons that they fear not in a godfather to repeat about that many times it's probably important and if you're fearing feeling fearful about anything, whether it's about COBIT letter about polio or monkeypox or Ebola or the economy or what ever 24th that we don't know and probably nothing.

Probably not a big fear factor going up so every time you fear the Bible to the Lord in prayer asking to remove hear from you don't, don't get in by and don't bow, you need your absolutely right. You know when this 360 effect is 366 times in the Bible and I was in the middle sending you a message about 200 of those before I got the sidetracked and in the those different verses, but here I hope you found a really good place you know is secure locations to do your webinar for because believe me of their big Pharma your your major threat to big Pharma and so that we see was happy where would we are under a dictatorship right now we are in a police state. Right now we are in a police state where there resting. We have political prisoners, a lot of political prisoners, just like in the old Soviet gulags put up were to go to a break surely not will play this this little clip because it has exactly what you talking about to do with that instead of normally we have a saunter to break them and put his little clip and that we come back from this clip you can comment on it because I know that you have a lot to say about this so bring it up for you guys have any children carry this information is my job as children who came in vaccine talks to doctors because I was in charge same why I'm even putting these two pairs to things that we were not allowed to talk openly on the unit 13. This community is taken away from life lead home. My colleagues at my friend Nathan. I lost my career in vascular ICU care to parents of children. I never got the hospital we job things you go.

There was a nurse. We played so clip so we played road but a week or so. Go to nurses. The were fired they were removed because they were purposely taking people in this hospital.

I believe it was a New York hospital with a big it would give the name the hospital out and they were giving them windows of their they were only people were coming in, and these nurses were sated that matter, which could have. You could have anything like cut finger coming for about the gunshot and they'll mark you down as a covert patient and the first thing to do is to give in your Windows server and then of put a new one was resuscitated or whatever and you're dead. These nurses were sailor killed his patients. They were trying to tell people and they got fired and here like this nurse was saying what they're doing to these little children this curtailment of vascular glad you want to come in on that duct printing well first is are complicit in the murder, will you tell me in there. There was actually a case that was settled.

I believe that with an Alabama I may not be right about eight settled that nurses can no longer just say oh I was just following orders because if the patient died and they knew better. They are now going to be held accountable and thought them in comment on the nurse at the always been the nursing profession for as long as there had been nursing profession to stand in the gap and protect the patient from wielding doctors and particularly ignorant doctors now who refused to look at any of the information any two and half years of this and they are still pushing the shot. They should all be charged with murder absolutely and and every single one of them and if I have anything to do with it. Somewhere in my lifetime, if the Lord leads me into it. I lead the charge to make that happen, because they are banding behind the prep back in Darius lot that they can't be sued for malpractice with. I was given a diagnosis of COBIT whether they had COBIT or not it was on their medical record that they had COBIT that doctors are are protected by law from being able to do them for giving them the wrong medicine in the rondeau at the wrong kind and patient died because of medical malpractice in the uprising of the people who lost their loved one in hospital doctors who refused to give. I permit last patient out of the hospital, rolled her eyes at them and buried them and they wouldn't get life-saving medications that the appropriate dose at the right length of time and the patient died.

There needs to be an uproar all across America and around the world against the doctor and quit treating the doctors like Becker think their human beings just like anybody else but happy where a white coat and their company are really using a look at what the American front-line doctors that I got the clerk went for refusing to look at what peer Cory at about about Iraq and about what the FLP could see people talk about the hospital protocol. They'd like refusing to do the Blanco protocol for refusing to write the right medication for the patient for budesonide and I could go on and on and on. They are all in murder and I hope there's a bunch of your doctor who did that listening to the and and are going to look himself in the mirror tomorrow morning when their brushing their teeth and say oh my God it's time for me to get educated. It's time for me to go to the Lord and confess and repent of my then, of being stubborn and ignorant and all Lord forgive me for doing what I did make me deep in defense and no more. Go forth and no more go and learn these things, stop what you're doing, confess and repent and the Lord will forgive you and you then need to forgive yourself and you need to go forth and do something different. You see your physician heal yourself and those position repent overnight healing others in the that that advice which you just said to it's time for living.

These pastors that have these churches that actually allow use them to two give out the shot together what I call the VAX. It's a bio weapon. The kill shot you will those pastors should know better.

They really should know better than to do that and I think they do know better. I think there there given them because what I understand that that there is government money funds come from these churches that allowed their facilities to be used, to put out the poisonous poke but it's an amazing thing. So I'm telling you, I know wrong and get stronger and into you know like the work for me at the beginning of 2020 when I said okay and started talk about colored Lord we talk about this year. It was so clear to me allowed boy, repent you have to get people to understand they have violated the temple of the Holy Spirit.

They'd done it by volunteer they volunteered to do it whether they want to or not. The first step of every Kenton is expecting responsibility for what you did your respective of the why you know put it.

You have to accept that I sat in the chair. I said yet I find the informed consent.

I rolled up my sleep.

I allowed them to do this either out of fear with the taken the board prayer at a convenient thing about your email or because you were coerced by your husband, your spouse, your boss, your neighbor, your adult children. Whoever it was not raining and you did it and take it to the Lord in prayer and say I am so sorry I have been because Jesus because the Bible says in first John chapter 1 verse nine if you confess your sins, he will in his righteousness forgive you and when you come out all right so he may even in his mercy cleanse you from what the sucker doing not made you are doing to your body that it all comes down to repent all means they have to take responsibility that the first step and that doesn't mean crawling around on the floor on shards of glass and fogging yourself. It means getting looking yourself in the mirror and getting really rewritten real with the choices you make as a doctor at the nurse as a physical therapist at the pastor as all of the people you actually have to accept responsibility for what is happening to people out there right now, you're absolutely right and listen when you start the charge of you look next to you because I'll be right there and I've got two other pastors here with me tonight did will gladly run that you were would start over with until we went and so you'll come in and on that. But here here's the thing we know why these doctors are doing this we know why they're doing it. First of all it's it's job security. They don't want to lose a job okay or evidence money they make big money but given that Windows of this was larger Muslim in the Lord Jesus to the starter. Not a bit when he said you cannot serve God and Mammon. And that's exactly with her with her doing the serving Mammon and not God and they need to realize that they need the repent of that. Okay. And you hear a lot of them try to say well you know this is you are just a doctor, and this is what the big boys in Washington are telling me I have to do and you know Peter said what we will obey God rather than men, and customers. We have to get out doctor did declare that you are illiterate and that you cannot read for yourself that you follow blindly a guideline may have changed over and over and over again. Now even upfront and always think I cop out and excused for not looking at the medical literature and handing strong in your convictions. The first do no harm to the residency because we start out about the insanity.

What is wrong with these people and are they crazy, but there's actually there.

There they have a strategy with with her doing with this lunacy ill Karl Marx came up with a strategy he said that you gotta keep the opposition off balance.

You gotta keep them afraid and uncertain that we need. If you can do that the much easier to control and that's exactly what they're doing other words cities it comes out and tells you yeah we made a mistake like what's her name, the head of the CDC.

That woman, well, we made a mistake that we will you messed up big time. But now we know what were doing okay but that that'll change in another week is like say one thing worse than say one thing say another go this way go that way okay that's exactly what you're doing this the strategy they're using is like peoplehood.

What in the world. They are so confused about this is is total insanity with that that insanity literally is there a strategy or in a court know when you're in front of the Lord and have in your life. I'm really sorry. I know I was killing people thinking about that but I think these nurses are whistleblowers.

Praise God, thank the good Lord for blessing for doing that because of that when we just listen to come out and I hope she goes well by name all you nurses out there that are looking you know were hiring were hiring their looking for RN nurse practitioner and I manager for our new clinic that were opening up across Northeast Ohio and were hiring an instant, and I thought that we would get a lot of people who didn't want to take the shot would be responding replaced at a lot of different type of anybody out there listening and want to be in a in a shop free map free plate that raises the Lord and and does his work all day long.

You know, get in touch with us were hiring Sherry to give him a website or to the Yuma phone number, both because a lot of people listen to this end of the they're looking for work. These nurses that have that have been fired or lost two jobs because of the refused to take the boys and spoke to Penny my last name PEN PEN and like tenpenny and Edward Charlie and Peter tenpenny at the top of the page. I think it actually applying for job or company like that but look at that website.

That's what were doing and there is email is There, You Can Contact up and down Get in Contact. We Are We Been Trying for the Last Couple Try to Get Hold of People Were Particularly Looking for a Nurse Practitioner, RN Possibly an LPN and for Sure One or Two Front Desk People That like Medical Defense and Also Are Willing to Scheduling a Work at the Front Death Very Good and I Will Direct You Guys Will Come to Our Webinar on Saturday. You Can Wire It to Dr. and I Think There's a Link to Our and scroll down the middle of the page could be better webinar this coming Saturday were going to talk about covert shots that are coming down the pike talk about the diseases that are coming. And yes little bit about things you can do. You can't completely detox that we can compare we can know what diseases are coming and what to watch for and you need to get hold of the holistic practitioner that can do the best they can to restore your health that you review this predatory time because I think would come to seem a little bit of the quiet before the storm.

This is going to be a dark cold winter in this country and not only the epic but the Democrats the deep state. The Democrats, they cannot afford to have an honest and fair election. They cannot afford that they have that in this stuff to about them holding on to the Senate there is no way in the world that they're going to hold onto that incident if we have a legitimate election won't happen in the house will go down so because of that you know they are two election fraud Democratic Party. They are to election fraud would Elvis was to rock 'n' roll. Mohammed Ali was to boxing when it comes to election fraud. You can beat the Democrats and so we have to get prepared and I hope you have a good, secure, safe place to do your webinar because you are a threat to to big Pharma and I'm with you 100%.

We made these people need to be brought to justice.

Sherry and I we do have some some of these congressmen out there with us like grandpa Rand Paul is one of those that that agrees the need to be brought to justice that Gates and Jim Jordan is a number that are with us on that.

But we need to bring to justice for doing what they've done and will when you went when you start you charge. Give me a call I'll be there with you. I well all of your your dedicated prayer warrior list. Along with already very good Dr. temporary I found something I've been struck to ask you about. I think with all the other things going on there hiding something.

I found an article live-action nerves were biotech company created mouse embryos from stem cells kept them alive and they now want to make human embryos crating clones to be harvested for body parts and the idea that there were even there. The other could make a lot of money that could clone them so people could clone themselves as embryos from their own stem cells, and they could grow their own hearts on zero good news to replace, etc. but the interesting thing this company biotech firm serves that these are what they're not real. There are around synthetic or not real embryos.

Call down there only able to 95%, similar to the molecular to surmise the embryos were 95%, similar to a Roma or Mouser were clone from sounds like to me you're trying to play God created life there trying to go where I don't think God ever intended man to go but I think it's the love of money that world power saving money. He will crating the fountain of youth structure commentary out of the coast to me. I don't see this is synthetic anything that's 95% exact copy of the real thing is not exactly what I would call synthetic richer now and they've already clone human already done it in there now there being able to clone and create human literal human being without sperm or egg and this is all part of what going on in the backdrop of you know of trans-humanism movement that the candidate called that the entire organization of the World Health Organization here and there.

The person who has their ear and is leading the way you know who all know, I'm sorry that human capital organism and we are we are God.

We can create God. We don't have to believe in the I am typing you know anymore it's real thing. The real thing that we can be God. We can create humans that we can create anything that we want this guy's got year of all the billionaires moving the movement forward. And so it should be. Of note, the pride that it becomes more dark and more in a fair and that they did contrived on the back of a napkin after dinner one night a couple years ago going on at the 20 probably before that. Actually, I honestly believe it's been going on a garden evil. You know when God said you know I will write your speed will be at enmity heard her speed when you look up the word enmity. What does that really mean deep hatred profoundly triggers what that word mean is been going on. You know the good versus evil, for ever and laughter coming and going to get really bad and you know Jesus and felt that no less than Dave Thorton.

There were no humans would be lack of how bad does it have to get for back pretty bad. Well, certainly 30 wanted to be what most voters.

You can create life. You become God, and you can create a 95% life that you can use just for spare parts to try and keep you from Beijing growing old one is recording the renewal bio website that this new thing that they're working on quote wants to make you matter to younger and healthier by leveraging the power of the new stem cell technology. They want to fight aging disease. Bob Loblaw, but I was fighting Adrian came before disease, infertility, all kinds of other things but fight aging so we can live longer forever. No guts what what is your mantle be 120 years and I have a feeling very well and things before client/server comes up with a way to extend that for sure. I hope so. You will remember what it was about to flit on to begin with. Remember you had these fallen Angels and they what were they doing. They were changing the DNA in humans by taking women out and gravitating with women and that's exactly what they're doing now know here 6000 years later and and here's the thing to mostly theologians and historians will tell you that the population of that of the earth at the time of the flood was just about exactly what it is now just right around 8 billion people and so will remember God is immutable. He does things the same way over because he gets them right all the time so we're we're seeing a whole lot of silence and love. Reasons for us to think well you know what that is they're doing it again.

God is about ready to move so there you go numb.

Normally we don't take calls Sharon on the boat, but we have a guy out there. Clifford and you're his hero and and so he thinks that the sun rises and sets a new so were going to look Clifford ask you a question you will make his day anybody but even propose to go ahead Cliff. Hello hello yours.

I recommend the book the psychology of totalitarianism of salary and to get the audiobook. But my question is with all this hot stuff, you know, you hear about the swelling of the muscle with myocarditis pericarditis. My question is the cardiac blur, that we through the heart that relate to myocarditis for the shots himself because I think that like for example you look at the nerve damage to the face… Finger housed the first sample now suppose that happens, the cardiac nerve that would be my question.

The cardiac nerve.

Now you know the heart you know we had a lot of things in cardiology that we've been taught incorrectly. For one thing, the heart doesn't pump like a box or pump like you taking a wet rag and ringing and felt that that that's really what happened and it really has four doors at the planning and I have some electrical wiring and that's about as complex as you can make heart you know you made a whole lot more updated than that of the take a cardiology that really that actually pretty simple organ compared to other organs in the body. In terms of anatomy and physiology with the college Actually do like protein that can actually get into the heart muscle. It now to the ET receptors and going to cause inflammation of the cardio mild fight. The cardio mild fight are the muscle are the be at the felt that each year the one to give you a heartbeat, and what the like protein that goes in and cut inflammation and swelling of those spell and Phil causes them to not eat correctly, which is what can cause arrhythmias and hypertension. Swelling of the heart doesn't go away. In the long term. A complication of of myocarditis is really a bad thing. I need a five year five year five year survival rate after myocarditis is less than 50% even under the best of condition donated all you can think they're getting myocarditis and even Dr. Robert Malone itself that if you had one shot one have some level of myocarditis even if it is a dramatic swelling and inflammation of the microphone at the nerve run through that causes you to get atrial fibrillation and sinus tachycardia and and and we had we had a 19-year-old in our clinic that after his second shot which he was required to get to go to college life. He went to complete 80 note a rat heart didn't connect the top and the bottom of the cart and connect and they wanted to put in a permanent implantable pacemaker 19-year-old when he came to our EPP clinic, which is that the address that I gave tenpenny I we started about two months ago because people already coming from all over the country and get external cardiac external cardiac cultivation extra counter companies are getting late and I'm kind of the external counter palpation, which get this machine to your heart like with the EKG daily and when your heartbeat and then the pump in your heart and in the pump.

The pump the blood pressure cuff around each I and around the lower part of your weight and get more oxygen into your heart muscle than if you were running on a treadmill uphill for an hour. It increases nitric oxide. It increases the vascular endothelial growth factor, which is a way of saying it causes your body to grow new blood vessel and grow collateral circulation. We treated stroke patients. Cardiac patient depression patient or treating an Alzheimer's patient. Right now we got a gentleman that had a stroke, probably eight years ago for doing PPM and army start to get the tingling back in that arm that he had had eight years and is how I got involved with this technology for an FDA approved technology that's been around 1995 and all the cardiologists written underneath the bath, including the Cleveland clinic because while we make much more money doing instant bypass graft and by this is the technology of the future is that coming from the path of furtive like that.

The cars that we knew for many, many, many years that could run 55 miles per gallon on 1 gallon of gas that they through that underneath the bath and a truly natural underneath the breath and you know they they criminalize marijuana because the PDD with curing people in the T8 mall and T with caring people that I needed a class IV felony. If you had if he had marijuana and how all of the things that are curable and curing thing. They've all been taken away EPP I got introduced to this in February of this year and I said I'm moving into a business from working to take care of people, we can't hear everybody he can't take care of everybody looking to take care of many of the can in our clinic is open 14 pieces all already driven from Arizona and Tennessee and Virginia and Michigan and Illinois and Colorado. So yeah you people who live on the drive across the street in Middleburg. I laugh about that after I had a dollar for every time you said to me in the last 20 years living in Cleveland. Would you please open a clinic on the aesthetically. Sherry is a heartbreak right there. They were going bring you back for just a minute or two little to get their beauty sleep you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance.

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