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WEDS HR 2 091422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 15, 2022 1:08 am

WEDS HR 2 091422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already, we are back and we have moves all natural. The apothecary lady Ms. Wendy Wilson, go ahead and finish up Wendy wavelength in meters and your LED light blue light for 5500 animators and apparently the results of the study in Israel and in the United States is saying that these wavelength affect our biological clock in earth location. Circadian rhythm and on and also can produce other health concerns. So you have them natural melatonin and it's an antioxidant that has antioxidant benefit. The human body so these lights can interrupt uranium oxidants and met melatonin levels and they also said it could also put you at risk of developing cancer and cataracts. Now I have been hearing a lot from people on both of those that cataracts seem to be kinda blown up lately.

This is the research and of Israel, they said just as there are regulations and standards for classic pollutant.

There should also be regulations or rules for pollution stemming from artificial light at night. End of quote for your LED is this how they say affects your brain affects the melatonin and you can have issues with mood swings, insomnia, behavioral changes, headaches, depression, dizziness, ability, digestive problems, chronic pain, immune system suppression increased risk of type II diabetes, increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, hormonal imbalances and premature aging and cognitive decline.

So you know this is the research on the LEDs that are really getting out there to the main media area and they also do research on a competitor of the LED light globe and knows that the HPS bolt February about the low. These are called halide bulbs are probably familiar, very white white light. Yet they use them in stadiums neutral good eligibility good and ripped through her word.


So now they find that these lights depressed the melatonin three times more than the LEDs so those lights aren't any better, but the Prof. Abraham Heim and at the research University of the house and Israel says the current migration to white light bulbs will increase the time suppression in humans and animals. Israel will take the first step to require packaging of bold to listen to wavelength or is the wavelength that influences melatonin production and it needs to be brought to the public's attention so it also saying that that manufacturers of these bulbs can't can't say they're ignorant of all this information because they're not so you get the wavelength issue with the nanometers what what lightbulb would you guess would be the safest to have little ones yet you are correct.

Yep, your your your old-fashioned incandescent to be the safest one they have longer wavelengths.

400 to 800 nm. Also your full-spectrum light bulbs and also to be little safer than your LEDs and stuff so full-spectrum bold you can still find them.

They have a blue powder blue coating on the bulb and admit a light that stimulates sunlight to the Big Ten to use them a lot in states where they get a lot of rain like Oregon where people get that seasonal affective disorder were they get you depressed because the days get shorter when you get into the fall, so that those lights out and you and it lifts your mood. But the thing about the LEDs that a lot of people don't realize here's a quote from Alan Dixon, director of computational foundry I University of UK. He said that your LED light have the capability to be used as the surveillance equipment they says quote if you have several LEDs they can be used to make a rudimentary camera. Each LED lightbulb uses a small array of LEDs to create a bright enough light so this effectively becomes a very low resolution video camera but it's like a fly's compound. I he goes on to say that it's not the greenside devastating energy by automatically turning on lights on and off. That is really making your local port authority excited, he says it's really the excitement that comes from your municipalities that install these lights because they can surveilled people and they have software now that can analyze the movements of the inhabitants. He says law enforcement will also be using this these in getting subpoenas to garnish the information on surveillance were these lights are used so they are installing these in public places like airports, train stations and libraries will now go and the wife.

She's gotta watch this program will listen.

And tomorrow, as is the programs replayed because of I go home until we got to go back to the old loopholes she's going to think of.

I'm not real bright myself right and so according to Darlene Starr. She said that she is with Computerworld. She says daily daylight can spike covertly by listening and sending audio over 300 m away to an eavesdropper.

LED fixtures are the backbone of new surveillance system and recording information. They are also being installed in your public places and we mention that. So it's interesting the note really is innocent and as a lightbulb is you.

Those numbers of those numbers are photos of quote really in the running 28111102811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 photos we got here. You know we want so Dale Michigan was a 50 like you do, Wendy. I'm going to play the clip and this is with talker Carlson and then after this clip will probably got to make a break in the middle of it because it's a little bit long and beautiful numbers out again as the post with the phones ring right now and will have you guys do commentary on this clip go to take her away. The FBI has lost a. Herds of supporters of Donald Trump that would be Joe Biden's likely opponent in the coming presidential election and that purchase intensify significantly. Today Justin Bannon just said that yesterday alone. The FBI raid the homes of dozens of Trump allies want to get to the bottom of the streets. Eventually friction is down ever since he was such a honey donors as you got some information on the she's managing part of the law group of Army. Thanks much for coming on. What is the truth.

The truth is that a few days ago a political reporter called several people and said hey have you heard or have even served yet the FBI is going to be serving 50 approximately search warrants and or subpoenas on trump supporters and then you know within 24 hours of that two of our clients. Three of our clients actually did either get search warrants or subpoenas in the subpoenas are extremely broad there from the C section of the United States Department of Justice is our DC office and they asked for broad categories of documents they asked for all communications, dating from a month before the election until a month to month after the election and they asked for all communications regarding can adopt dozens of people and the categories are alternate electors fundraising around irregularities around the election and also at a rally that happened before the January 6 situation at the capital, so the save America rally that happened and so basically, most of the activity is not all that is protected by the First Amendment and United States department of justice is telling reporters about the search warrants and subpoenas before their executor. There's no other explanation for this, and I think the reason for this is to instill fear into Donald trump supporters and into those who would challenge election irregularities right before the upcoming election talker so this is really outrageous abuse by the DOJ and it is illegal for the DOJ to leak this information to the media talker talker Carlson goes scorched earth on the bike and regime as he exposes on live TV. The list of names of those Biden is politically targeting precisely who the FBI's been rating read see exactly why they're doing it makes stigma the very end of this video would all reveal why it's all too little too late. There's absolutely nothing the Biden regime can do to stop their inevitable demise.

You would not want to miss this grieving governments, me, Dr. Steve, your paper Prof. here to help you think that is you can feel that is crazy and turbulent times.

So make sure you smack that bell and subscribe on before begin gang, especially in light of what were talking about here.

When did we decide to stop upholding free speech as a basic right. I mean, obviously the censorship it's playing out right now it big tech companies and social media sites. It's a very dangerous precedent, especially given how they contract our online activity. But what if there were way that we could all fight back against the weather is and that's the one and only express VPN express VPN enables you to hide your online presence by decrypting 100% of your network.

No one can track your online activity and the best part is how easy it is to use it literally just takes one click to protect all your devices.

So let's stop allowing big tech to revoke our right to free speech, why not revoke their right to your data. Instead, secure your Internet with the VPN.

I trust the most for online protection. Click on the link below or visit express to get three extra months free with my exclusive legs. Don't wait click on the link below right now to learn more harlot start running here gang last Friday afternoon. I did a video commenting on Steve Bannon's claim on the Charlie Kirk show that the FBI on that day alone rating homes of upwards of 35 mag officials we now know who they were and that's thanks to the amazing investigative work of Tucker Carlson. In fact, talker.

When the step further.

Talker actually obtained a subpoena issued by Atty. Gen. Marek Garland over the past weekend and Tucker exposes astonishingly brazen act of desperation by the Biden administration on live TV. This is harassment on political grounds.

It's illegal is unconstitutional. It shocks the conscience of everyone who sees it but the people who see it is very small because it is not covered by any media and is not just having any crime. This shows obtain a subpoena from Eric Owens DOJ issue the past week and what it demands is both unlawful and without precedent in American history.

The subpoena claims to be investigating quote any claim that the vice president and/or president of the Senate had the authority to reject or choose not to count residential electors. Keep in mind that any claim you make is an American citizen about electors. Can you make about American politics. Is protected explicitly under the First Amendment.

That's her core freedom is why we live here is where were proud to be Americans. It's why so many American serviceman died protecting our country.

Those are the freedoms that they fought to preserve. That's why nobody prosecuted leading Democrats in 2016 when they sought to reject electors for Donald Trump right between none of those people including, Harris is now in jail but right now quarter the subpoena that we have obtained Marek Garland's DOJ estimating all communication from the following people on this topic and let's be clear before you read their names. That is not clear what the investigation is actually about. And that's the most terrifying part.

What is this what grounds are you demanding my private communications with people they never say but included in this precedent, breaking sweep of political opponents of the Biden White House would be former White House advisor Bernie Kerrick was the former police Commissioner of New York City or #who is the current attorney for Donald Trump.

At no time in American history is been okay to grab the personal communications of someone's lawyer because those are privileged, not anymore Matt Morgan Justin Clark has just brought Mike Roman RNC official Joshua Finley trump attorneys John Eastman Jen Ellis to Jennifer James Troup is Rudy Giuliani Sidney Powell for 2010 secluded Mitchell Bruce Markley could go on and on and on and on. The DOJ is now going after from the White House official Stephen Miller frequent guest on this show the subpoena. Why well, it could be because Stephen Miller went on this network and said, quote if we win these cases in the courts.

Then we can direct the alternate state of electors or certified words. He didn't call for lack insurrection, much less violence or coup, he called for alternate electors to be seated.

The court ordered them to be seated towards. He was following the constitutionally prescribed process postelection usually supposed to do was following the rules under Joe Biden.

That apparently is now a crime or so as you could see, that's a pretty astonishing list and just hearing some of those names you know some of the more notable ones.

Rudy Giuliani Sidney Powell Boris Epstein Bernie Kerrick Jenna Alice Joad to Jen about this.

This is clearly a stalker. Put it this is clearly a political persecution.

This is the weapon on sing of our legal system targeting specifically key figures surrounding Joe Biden's most likely opponent in 2024 is about is Banana Republic as we can possibly get. And I have to ask where is Mitch McConnell in all of this where the hell is Lindsay Graham where the hell is Andy McCarthy's just dying to be the next speaker of the house where's the GOP leadership right now.

Why are they sitting so quietly as a buying administration raids and persecutes Republican where the Republicans are standing up defending people like Lisa Gallagher, a New Jersey woman who did nothing more than voice or support for president Trump's book she woke up last month of the sound of three FBI agents showing up her door, claiming they got anonymous to a freaking anonymous tip that Lisa was at the capital on January 6. Despite the fact that she wasn't are the Republican leaders coming out in defense of her there nowhere to be found. Are they really that level of swamp rat but they won't even defend the road I could think of no more explicit reason why we see neocon rhinos is literally no different fundamentally no different from the party of Nancy Pelosi being the name they may not be ordering the rates but they sure as hell aren't doing anything to stop them, that's for sure what's happening. Currently Washington DC is a phenomenon that's known as weapon authorized legalism. It's a technical term for the politicalization of the law right weapon eyes legalism a weapon eyes legal regime, which we now live in. Thanks to the Democrats. Thanks to the rhinos and to the hopeless legacy media webinars legal regime uses the law to deliberately undermine their political opponents strengthen themselves and their allies and threaten and intimidate anyone thinking of getting in their way.

As of the three main objectives for the weaponization of the law, undermining her political opponents strengthen your own political power and intimidating anyone else might be thinking of getting in your way and that is precisely what the ruling class in Washington DC has become. They have become a weapon eyes legal regime that uses the laws a political weapon. Now we may be asking why now, why is the regime adopting this radically partisan eyes posture with the answer is very simple. Donald Trump is what happened. Donald Trump did what no viable political figures ever allowed to do and that is he channeled in targeted mass popular resentment against the permanent political class.

You see the person political class has long used something called resentment politics to divide and conquer the populace. So for centuries and going all the way back to ancient Greece. The political class successfully deflected mass resentment away from itself.

By focusing instead on the threat of external enemies because you'd like to be external enemies to the polys of the to the nationstate or whatever because external threats breed internal solidarity, but beginning in the 60s, particularly among leftist politicians. Those under the influence of cultural Marxist sentiments see racism's and sexism is all kinds of phobias pervading society.

They began deflecting resentment away from himself by focusing on internal enemy and the enemy that exists in the divorce. And that's the source and perpetuate her of all social evils and ills. And that's what made Trump so unique from the moment he announced his candidacy. He laser focus mass resentment back on the permanent political class. That's what they hate him so much less whether so obsessed with getting rid of him. The good news in all of this is that there's simply no putting this genie back in the bottle come this November were going to have the single most populous Congress in our nations history since the 1920s and these are to be brand-new you know ultra mag Republicans were playing for keeps. Now they'll have subpoena power.

Now they'll be manic.

The oversight committee. Now they'll be in the investigating Joe Biden's involvement with Hunter's illicit business dealings. Now they'll be filing filing articles of impeachment and not just against Biden, but against Merrick Garland to the Atty. Gen. himself, the very one ordering these rates so all of this is to say, gang, strap yourselves, then this is going to get real, very very soon. As always, make sure as well since we are back in folkloric video we will suggest this is Minnesota put 70 Susan Michigan was 25 a kid in Florida puts 50 differences of the Michigan pledge 100 think you think you really want to say very quickly tomorrow is Thursday morning and Thursday morning. Every Thursday we always have our prayer breakfast.

The doers of the word Baptist Church and we gather together and we pray for several hours and I know there be a whole stack of a prayer request for you folks out there list into a soap. Those of you just want you to know that when you send in your prayer requests.

We do pray for you. We do pray for each and every one of them becomes a and so I can possibly read them all the way of people that will read them and tell me what's in the Linden is where at the table that we pray for those folks who, and if you want to call within this going to be in by 8 o'clock to 8 o'clock we have to have your prayer request and that number would call before 4033813674403381367 and the new don't know call during prayer sections because were praying we don't answer the phone when that happens, no without Wendy and Joe all of that will we just heard right there. We are definitely in a war right now which we been telling people for long time with a deep state. The Communist Party and I mean we we know that already there planning on putting on doing whatever it takes to stop the election they can stop the election there already going after the more you coming out with more peace drop around in a million million ballots that are there already starting at the blue states total total completed even though they been caught time and time again by the way folks were going to have the 20 or 2000 meals we've already sent over 300 amount were going to have more coming in Lord's will and they told us that they would be with us in and will have those two for donation of $40 or more. We look you really got to get people to think about this, Wendy. We've had they sold over 22 million oval no and if just two people solve each one of those. That means 44 million people have seen this and I know about this. That means the fake news media, NBC, ABC, CBS were not able to stop us from getting the truth so we know about the election fraud. We know those at NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News who were trying to convince us that there was no election fraud that they were lying in court this week, we expected that.

And so there you go with that what you think. November we absolutely do have an interesting November 1 to say this to hero when it came to-year-old afterwords. Wendy a tell ways the AMA, the FDA and the CDC very natural cures. Modern medicine is mostly dirty medicine because the serious health risk for far outweigh any benefits that come from to choose the allopathic world of pharmaceuticals and vaccines is filled with nightmarish side effects and adverse events that come from allergic reactions, overdoses, even when taken as directed, permanent injuries and death. Unlike natural remedies that rarely rarely ever cause serious side effects. This is nothing new.

In fact, for over a century, the US regulatory agencies have buried natural cures for just about everything in the doctors and scientists who promote promote them are banned from practicing medicine and some even killed for it. That's right, there's been what, over 90 natural packs killed because they they were exposing things it did on the all of the horrible horrible side effects of barbecue.

When you think Wendy heard heard people were unexpectedly room temperature that was their time to go fetch that's really not any Raymond Rife, who made the right machine supposedly had the frequency to destroy cancer and they day they removed him and burned down in the lab so it's all about.

Follow the money.

So this is always money. As with all things is always somebody is going to get rich and you know him and I have to laugh because you keep hearing people say and how Biden gave gave him $85 billion worth of military equipment to Afghanistan. Biden did not do that. He didn't give that if you don't think that that there was a whole lot of money coming back streaming write back from for leaving all that equipment. There, that's the only way these people work and you know that that money goes and offshore banks and they have put it ways of 100 but they don't give things away and that anytime like with all of the money that they gave the abomination and on November the boatloads of cash that he gave to Iran if you think that there was a whole of that coming back to Obama's take a look at the ways living so there you go through here, you're almost multi-multi-multi millionaire really happened in reality and lush faster.

You and I were a couple first people on the radio to tell. Older there was corruption within our government was destroying our Republic. It was the enemy from within. We were certainly the first ones to talk about cultural Marxism on the radio but it was word came from Howard Gaudio college started changing through political correctness through speech all the way along be removed and the watchmen warning the people that this was happening because of corruption and Mel were seeing like you should mix worse. Mitch McConnell will is corrupt or that's why he's not speaking up for a lot of the other people, even the ones that we don't think her writing. Those are being quiet because you bought off their intimidated, you would be mentioning Lindsay Graham Graham would be wonderful. I'm trying to keep it short, but regret this whole government and a great deal of by corruption and reason breaking the people for years. Get involved in politics start collecting God-fearing Bible believing people at your local level searcher to be your congressman to view your senators to be your County commissioners meeting. This is were not trying to create a religious society, but we do have this Republic to Republic that's built on the rule of law. Laws which do not change quiet because our country was based on God's 10 Commandments laws that do not change. That's what everybody tries to say our democracy are democracy overkill loser democracy we would never were never hero the founders never water democracy. They called mob rule. They called dangers that all kinds of bad things to say about it.

So that's what they gave us straight democratic form of government work in the confines of our constitutional Republic.

Those laws that do not cannot be changed and what were saying is just like her courage now. Either people are corrupt or afraid. And God is waiting for his people that have the courage of their faith to stand up and rebuke what's going on to reprove what's happening to get out there and do something. This is an opportunity to lab crowns and treasures in heaven brunt of the battle fight the good fight of faith published what the political arena.

Well, when the devil was controlling the government. It's our job.

The devil we don't want devil educating our children. We don't want devil making the rules for homework and live our lives. We want the freedom that we were given by Almighty God and maybe we just might have to fight for very good to just click up about Lindsay Graham no lifetime, no body language can tell you a lot about a person and if you watch 20 Graham on talk shows or mortgage new shows need to ask a question when he's about to finish his answer has this weird deafening of his shoulders like a shrugging motion and and he look look away when when he does that a lot time of the lot experts and body language they get. If they can look away and looked down to the left lying and I encourage people to watch the sky because it looks to the left of weird yeah you will use this would Lindsay Graham said the pardon for January 6.

Protesters is a bad idea, even those that have been in prison for over a year without her trial. The lease shouldn't be sin for your pardoned, there is there you would Lindsay Graham should be put in jail work character place doesn't change his true well went to grandma and the winning hand care and for anybody inside and out to grandma's for Lindsay Graham already jail in Boston pledges another 100 thank you you so 888-281-1110. That's the credit card line to and 88867796730 it loosely were added because right know right now were still $3980 for. We need $3980 that's warehouse where we are. We've got less than 20 minutes $3990 $3980 folks. We got to hear from you. This is, or, again, you won't hear from us were not having a good week this week and I know I realize was happening out there right now with the economy. One of the things is happening, we're getting more and more what letters and calls from people that are that are being infected there being evicted other apartment or call us asking us. We can help. Okay, that were getting people are selling their cars through selling their cards right.

Note because the lease on the courage to keep their their electricity their lights on. You haven't notice with the economy is getting worse every day. We are in deep in a recession, NBC, ABC, CBS and Joe Biden can lie about it till the cows come home, but we are deep into recession and and that's been caused on purposeless reality God have given a platform of talk radio where we cannot be kicked off the Internet. We cannot be censored. We can't be canceled.

The only way to use when you're the listeners redo the work and mature donations to pay our bills and if you don't pay the bills and were off the air. That is the only way the enemy can win is if you allow us to be silencers really God is putting the fate of this ministry in your hands whether or not we stay on the air on the station that you listen to or not, and electrical people before but on the doctor is going on here, about 50 years no one has ever taken any money. We all donate our own time around calendar own treasure to keep this thing going organic for love of country and obedience to God who called us to come and do this all those work with the ministry we were called down to work her out of obedience and the sow are truly a partnership between you, the listeners and those of us in the ministry and whether we stay on the air is God is saying it's up to the Christians out there listening, that's up to you already.

We have, was it Jerry and Camelia New Jersey pledge 100. Thank you Gary again. Credit card line 888-281-1110 or you can call 888-677-9673 so we only have three sets list of your listed in an American final warning is to be the DVDs to come in their and here is divided of families dividing the church is destroying the nation the gay agenda by Dr. running Floyd of folks. It's a powerful powerful book and rescuing a donation of $20 or more for this book. So there you go, and we have for Miss Wendy Wilson with her but I really encourage you to get this catalog, Wendy. I've got a very very full stock of your natural medicines for them because they're much better than drugs and we don't know is going to happen this winter we could we could go into our grid could go down. We know that the opposition is going do whatever they can. They want to stop the election they want to stop the election and the Biden regime is going full force ahead with with pure communism so people if you really need to be stocked up telling Wendy Kohler start think about things that there's been an uptick a little bit.

You people have with the economy, things slacked off a little bit and then now people are slated okay. Have a case of that people are like not doing Mondays and Tuesdays anymore. They're starting to think ahead yet illegal out. We live by their close homage country.

So out of the only country that have a lot of selvage stores and see people get the wrong idea about selvage things they think that the other damages something they're not in the selvage stores.

What happens is was just so you have a case of something the case of the canned goods in the case is broken open, will they can sell that them at the regular price of this date put it out there and and they put let it go for auction and so the only thing is another well when a product at all just cases were open nor this or that happened in and so you can go out and you can get really good deals of the selfish Tobin usually we go to storeroom the six-day people in there one time this morning I had to be over 30 people and their people are stocking up because there is a sense they're starting to understand. Look, they're saying the way it's going, and it is seen that the Democrats are doing everything they can to completely destroy America reduces the Third World status and so people are beginning date. They know that this could be a very very long and cold winter and are getting prepared folks. I encourage you out there to to do that to be prepared, and one of the ways to do it is to call 866-229-3663 in this or go on the Internet to the and get Wendy's catalog and you'll see what she has to offer.

All right, Felicia New York pledges 100.

Yet in Cleveland pledge of 50. Thank you, thank you folks yes or I got the article Ricardo validates you and I wondering way back in the very beginning. Were talking about this VAX recalled the kill shot. Don't take it and now there's a big article by Art Moore Street EC chief mixed agency gave false info about vaccine safety monitoring three of their reporting system says well. There were about 31,000 deaths.

About 1.4 million adverse events, but because remember way back in 76.

Some of us are older government. The swine flu VAX campaign will shut down because 32 people died.

That's the way they handle things look so stronger shut it down now.

In a letter made public this Monday. Wilensky, Dr. Rochelle Wilensky whatever technologies please see did not conduct a PRR report.

There were supposed to do a good analysis call proportional reporting ratio anywhere how, in the adverse effects for certain drugs and they've done a secret one but the CDC won't release any of the information. The results that anywhere you come out there just saying well we we were awfully made a mistake in its worst, so they're admitting there are big problems and there are several groups now coming out physicians and scientists are saying they were saying months ago that the clinical crewmembers are five times prior, but we've got a Columbia University study. The figure should be 20 times higher than the vers report and now we have Steve Kirsch at the vaccine safety research foundation along with a group of scientists and expert other than other fields conducted a big analysis and they said they looked at the rate they found compared to vers and they said the true death toll from covert Nike infections 41 times higher than the vers report so 41×31,000 deaths and 31 now that same time 1.4 million adverse events, we have been proven everything that this program told you about that poison VAX all dangerous proof is now out there three different sources and another reason why the listener should keep us on the air, somebody's gotta be out there telling the truth, you do it every night of the week. Joe Wendy you for all these years I've been averaging between when it comes to doing weddings 1 to 3 weddings a year and when it comes to doing funerals I've been averaging about three a year. Okay Joe I've already Wendy, I'm already up until eight. Already this year, funerals already upon eight and I'm talking to the funeral directors and they're saying that they are there working overtime and and yet you got 1/2 a million people in this country have died not from the coven but from the vaccines that have died. That's reality. We know that that's the case, and yet within 14 days of taking the shot right but you won't hear that and on NBC, ABC, CBS, all you have to do is look at as you watch the commercials of this message was brought to you from Pfizer right that's all you hearing and so people are going out in the you know they're paying to have, to be lied to be like to and is killing them that their dying in large numbers but very few people in this county when all happened not to concentration camps. By the time this is over will be as many people worldwide guider the vaccine as many more times. I think many times more in order exaggerate care much but think about it: ski came up zero told Ron Johnson that the agency has given out false information about the vaccine safety and monitoring and she's made all kinds of excuses, but the answer looks funny but they will not release the data that they have the new data so that tells you something right there. They can't release it because it would be so awful.

These people are guilty of murder may have crippling other people and their people that have taken this believably told them in 3 to 5 years more more people will die long-term heart problems after the vaccine if it didn't kill a man.

3 to 5 years more more people are going to show you the number, a world where we only have eight minutes left in the program tonight in were nowhere near nowhere near gold and so the numbers 888-281-1110. That's the number you can use your credit cards to or 888-677-9673 or folks out there if you do, you just listing you just would like to send us a donation in the mail.

The address is WRWLWRWL1478114781 Sperry SPE RR Y Rd. that says PE RR Y Rd., Newberry in the WBURY Ohio in the WBUR why OH 44065. This 44065 Delaware church and ministry are all in one big building right yeah and we room folks where we get out there and again 50 years. We bring it to you. We have never 50 years. Not one time. Not once in 50 is compromised.

We've never stood down while we stood up right. Janet and Cleveland pledge of 50 Patrick in Ohio pledges 450. Thank you Jen, thank you, Patrick.

Okay, very good. I got tell you what we are to give as we are able. Merrill according to how you are blessed.

That's how you give and he also says that the animals in Luke chapter 6 for work the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. God promises that you are giving.

His work doing something that will glorify him. He said he will can make sure you can continue to give got God's word audits. All I can tell you again, Patrick and I owe 450 Chris and Georgia 100 and again we were closing in on the we only got about four minutes left before we go into the and give the invitation tonight so there you go. We we deftly need to hear from you all.

By the way, I know it's happening here troubles you hold a rally president, troubles coming here to do Youngstown on Saturday and he's going to hold a rally and they offered me tickets, put the lemon Italian it's it's pretty hard for me to get away to get over there but the anyhow mess this coming Saturday, September 17 and the really be held at entre nous find the place right here. The Covelli Covelli center.

That's the Covelli center is going to be held outdoors and the Covelli city can hold a minimum of 7000 people and so Pres. Donald Trump 43rd president of United States of America. All rail Youngstown on Saturday 17th at 7 PM Eastern standard Time so there you go folks in that stability center on the I guess on the inside he can hold 7000 with the is going to be outside yeah those are very marketable government center, all yet he's had as many as the 50s 55,000 people, Israelis.

That's a lot I didn't like. Her last story where I think this is bombshell very according to Bob on through world news daily. The FBI was paying people to steal the 2020 presidential election. Remember I Gord Dan Trinkle, the main source of the steel document.

Well guess what they found out and that they found out that he was a paid agent of her. We show we announce that we are those that months and months ago we we talked about that. That's not not really new faculty. What I'm saying they're calling this big breaking news.

That's how far ahead we were we told people he was actually employed by the FBI and so they take the man to see false information to what's his name that the dossier this was reported out of John Sullivan, but it's a complicated thing back and forth for what they did visit a lot of fancy footwork, but basically this the current Trinkle was a paid informant and he was handing money to steal produced the fake Russian document from a fake Russian agent was really an FBI agent and at least now, according to Durham Durham scout the goods on some of this and Durham was beginning to understand what went on. Yeah, we know what Michael and Ohio pledges 3000 thank you Michael and I guess that's the Brian Pennsylvania pledges pardon the $50 thank you already trying to read writing from three different people listing some of the handwriting is not him and is coming up over the screen and but with you trying to do the try to talk on the phone and at the same time when the public okay and that's where use of the spell words but that's alright so praising the Lord would know we thank you thank you thank you.

That means we are only about to about $100. So short about 150 of our goal when it is by no hundred $50 and the maker go for tonight. Regular sure could use your help because we were behind for two other night.

We're going to be behind on the week and will course really do the fundraising one okay already we are out of time for tonight folks know will be here for little while so you can still call in for about another 10 minutes and then we have to be out of here so anyhow you can call in those numbers at 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 already know remember what we had written earlier about the sheep and then when one goes astray of ocean again.

You have to understand the greatest source of truth in existence is God's Word, the Bible is already also the greatest source of authority in this book right here is the word of God and what God says God does and again were were back at the most important thing that you can ever do the most important thing that you can never do is repent of your sin and call upon the name of the Lord Jesus folks. There's not a million different ways to heaven is only one Lord, Jesus made it very clear now. Only God's Word, the Bible gives you exact it with with authority gives you the exact history of man.

The exact history of note complete from the beginning only because with the Bible because only God himself was around from the beginning and is the only source you and I know you people say will Christianity is just a religion. Yeah, it's a faith, but is based upon the greatest and the only perfect source of truth in existence in this, the word of God also very prickly, not a religion but a personal relationship right so it comes down to two this, the bottom line. That's where the Bible is the only the only only way to the fathers to the sun and folks you will never ever ever do anything that will mean as much to in the day is coming for everyone of you fearless intimate you're alive in the day is coming when you will be and believe me, everybody is going to die is not a tragedy to die to die in your sin will that's a tragedy. You don't want it to happen.

Jesus paid the price for you. He did all the heavy lifting. This is reality and if you have not call upon the name of the Lord. See, we wait to the end of the program because we want the last thing you do here to remember before you hit for a little bit is that you need. You might not wake up tomorrow okay so do it tonight, repent, pray to the father repent call upon the name Lord Jesus making Lord of your life. All of your life and you will be a new creature born again believer in and what with the Holy Spirit were out of time for tonight. Wendy, thanks for being here. Joe so until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless and always always came itself, FYI. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WW please tune in next time was right, left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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