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WED HR 1 092822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 29, 2022 12:37 am

WED HR 1 092822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian resistance. Unabassively cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news media don't pick up the news items like he does. And bringing to light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left. I'm radio pastor Ernie Sanders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this 28th day. Wow, 28th day of September.

This summer has flown by folks and we're heading towards winter very rapidly. Tonight we have, boy do we have a lot to talk about tonight. Starting off with the young fella who is a rising star, produces the most powerful radio program in America.

None other than courageous Craig. Good evening everybody. Good evening. There you go. I mean you didn't sound like you were excited about that. Well I'm very excited.

Okay, good. He's the only one brave enough to be on the show with the two of us. Well now there's one other that is, and she is, well she's all natural medicine. She is the, well the mama the apothecary. That's none other than Miss Wendy Wilson. Good evening pastor and to all the listeners. Hello.

There you go. She's like a rose between the thorns out here tonight. And then way out yonder, way out yonder in Missouri. Now here's the one thing about being in Missouri and about being in Ohio. We don't get hurricanes here but now, but North Carolina sometimes gets hit with them and whipped with them somewhat, right? We get tornadoes. They're quick, fast, scary. They don't last long but they come suddenly and leave just as quick but leave a lot of damage. We get blizzards here in Ohio.

We get blizzards and so you know. It's racist. Those blizzards are white. That's racist white.

That's racist racist racist. I know it. I know it. We've got to repent of that and I have repented of those blizzards, okay? But anyhow, speaking of all that, let's get serious. Serious is right now tonight. I have been getting text after text after text after text from people who have relatives in Florida and I have a lot of relatives in Florida and some of them unfortunately decided to stay there and they shouldn't have but anyhow hunker down hunker down yeah now they're wishing they hadn't but but you know sometimes you can just tell people that's all you can do right but anyhow we need to pray for these folks that are in Florida out there especially a lot of the elderly people that we have Joe I know I have a lot of friends your age out there and that shows you and so let's uh let's pray for those folks right now let's and but before we do that there's power in prayer right and so what's the most important thing we can do everybody out there listening to us tonight I mean everybody probably most of them have relatives in Florida or friends of relatives in Florida all you folks have to listen please night after night night after night we tell you how much power there is in prayer just believe believe what the word of God says believe what God's word says please and because there are people out there tonight that it might be your prayers to keep them alive for tomorrow so let's pray heavenly father people calling for help that uh help cannot come because of the storm so yep God is their help so let's pray heavenly father where God is we gather here tonight Lord I ask Lord that you would hear the prayers of the people Lord out there and they say well why did why does God allow such things Lord your ways are much higher than ours and we do know that in your in your word you're telling us that this planet that we're living on is groaning we know that this planet that we're living in is slowly slowly wearing down just like you said it would and so we see these things happening and again we know that you are on the throne here in complete control and and Romans 8 28 says 8 29 says that all things work together for good to those that love you too Lord so well we just want to hold all of the people there we want to hold them all up out there father God and Lord and ask that you would that that through this that through this through this storm that this storm might bring many people out there to realize that they need you many people out there who were dependent upon all of the material things that they they had now they're gone all those material things and now they realize how temporal they are and so Lord let it let it be that those people Lord that you would reach down you would rescue them you would rescue them out of the tempest and through that they would turn their desires towards you and through that they would turn their desires towards you in all things at all times in every way could completely and totally Lord and that this storm might cause many to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and receive something that's not temporal but something that's eternal and that's eternal life this we ask in Jesus precious name amen and father if I could add to that we won't know until later the damage that costs but as things clear out there'll be many men and women that are going to rush in by boat by plane by truck they'll be trying to restore power they'll be searching for bodies they'll be putting themselves in harm's way and we ask that you watch over all of those that will be doing acts of courage and heroism throughout the night and into tomorrow and that you watch over them and bless them and let them be examples of how christians how people in this country treat their fellow brothers and sisters as you do for the least of these my brethren you do for you and just may god bless them in Jesus name amen amen all right getting into our message for tonight uh you know joe we talked about this this week last night about how in the last couple of nights that uh the title of the message is god's righteous vengeance god's righteous vengeance and I have heard in my lifetime I've heard very few preachers preach on it I've listened to or read many of Charles Spurgeon's sermons but I never came across one where he preached on god's righteous vengeance now that doesn't mean he didn't but I just never came across one and uh even OJ Vernon McGee I've heard him preach and over the years many many times I listened to him uh and yet I've never heard him preach on god's righteous vengeance and of course many of my mentors and the pastors that I've known for many years that have gone home to be with lord but there's a couple that I have and one of them wendy you know I think very well and that's uh john weaver I heard john weaver now I preached on this years ago and but I gotta admit I haven't preached on it in several years but uh john weager weaver was one and he's a good preacher but that's the title god's righteous vengeance and so tonight we're going to pick it up where does god use his elect to execute vengeance on his enemies that's the what we're going to ask tonight we're going to pick it up in numbers chapter 25 and as we do uh I want to joe read verses one one through four and then stop all right and israel abode and shittim and the people began to commit whoredom with the daughters of moab and they called the people under the sacrifices of their gods and the people did eat and bowed down to their gods and israel joined himself and the anger of the lord was kindled against israel and the lord sent into moses take all the heads of the people and hang them up before the lord against the son that the fierce anger of the lord may be turned away from israel so god had called the pledge now here's the midianite women the daughters of moses and the people of moses and the people of moses of mob they were they were whores and i mean that was the well it's kind of like it's kind of like an american today well a whole lot of it you know it was a really a common feature of their whole religion the prostitution was a part of their religious worship and you know yeah but part of the culture it was but in this case they were sent in to seduce the men of israel that was their job to go in seduce the men of israel and and marry them and get their wealth okay and so god had told the men of israel to very very clearly to have nothing to do with these women because once what's what happened once they they seduced them then they would start teaching them to be a bail a bail worshippers and demonstrate that's what jezebel was a bail worshiper and so that was what and again jezebel's table and his wives led him astray they've been false gods and false religions right and so here we saw that at jezebel's table they had nothing but orgies there so here now that was the reason that god was so angry in fact joe go over to uh numbers 31 and i believe read uh a great 15 and 16 if i remember right versus 15 and 16 the numbers 31 said unto them have ye saved all the women alive behold these cause the children the children of israel through the council of balem to commit trespass against the lord in the matter of pure and there was a plague among the congregation of the lord okay so here now they he the lord had commanded that they kill all these women because of what they had done they were sent in there and to purposely to seduce the men but now if we go back to and pick it back up in verse five well look first let's go back to to verses um four where he says the lord said take all the heads of the people and hang them before the lord against the sun that the fierce anger of the lord may be turned away from israel now that they the heads have two applications there first of all he was talking about leaders and but but then he was talking about also their physical heads heads yes that meant it was a kill order kill them then decapitate them and then hang their head up you know before against the sun hang them up on a sphere or something against the sun well these were the men that had gone or allowed and didn't stop uh didn't stop the men of israel from committing uh whoredom with the women of mob here and so most of them probably went along with them well yeah that's that's why they were intimate because these women were very seductive they were very seductive and uh this is why professional prostitutes they were experts handling men yep and moses sent him to the judges of israel slay you everyone his men that were joined into a bell poor no wendy you just jump in anytime you have a comment or question just jump right in there i will and behold one of the children of israel came and brought into his brother and a million ice women in the sight of moses and and in the sight of all the congregation of the children of israel who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle of the congregation the one so here they're weeping because um god has brought a plague upon them for what is taking place and and here now here comes this guy and he's got this whore with him and he's you know it's like you know we'll you know who are you we'll do what we want right right well he was rubbing it in their face they just lost a husband or a brother or a son uh they were slain and they're weeping for their loss and he brings this whore into the midst of them i mean this was shocking and so here now and when phineas the son of eliezer the son of erin the priest saw it he rose up from among the content the congregation took a javelin in his hand and he went after the man of israel uh into the tent and thrust both of them through the man of israel and the woman through her belly so the plague was stayed from the children of israel and those that died in the plague were 24 000 and so here now you know today we have the very same type of reprobate i was watching i was watching a film tonight and this was made by baron trump this film was made by baron trump now it's it shows you the satanic of the left it shows you what we've been telling people joe for how long have we've been telling people that the left the deathocratic communist party is is just ripe with pedophilia it's it's just filled with pedophilia and the apostate church well in this it shows you this film it's a very long film now uh there's some some rough language and they're used by some parents that are pretty upset because they're uh in one case you had a place where you had uh like a uh a gym a woman's a woman's uh health club where they go to work out and and they let these transgenders come in there and their policy was to let the transgenders go right into the showers with the women and some of them some of them didn't mind but some of them were really upset and they were screaming this guy is not a trans he's a man and and so that's where some of that where he's you know he's telling that he's he's got all the body parts of a man he's in there uh we're in the shower and this guy comes in here no no we don't want him in there with us but the uh the people in charge says well you know you can't you know that's the law you got a lot of them in there well no it's not the wall throw him out but then you have these other this other group joe where uh you have these these wicked evil ungodly horrible wicked parents that bringing their children to these drag queens and they got these little girls little girls above four or five years old and they're dressed up like little whores and they got the little girls singing uh i want to talk dirty with you you know got them and and they're laughing at this and these mothers that do this to their little daughters i mean they're yeah you know they ought to be the ones that have their little five-year-old boys dressed up like little whores doing a tweaking them out you know mimicking the uh trans trannies dancing uh that's even worse well anyhow this film is made in but it's there and it's baron trump and uh this kid has grown up i mean he's yeah uh he's really tall i don't know how tall he is but he's probably about six foot four six foot five but anyhow here he goes on to say uh and the lord spoken to moses saying phineas the son of eliezer the son of erin the priest hath turned away my wrath from among the children of of israel okay and so we see that there had they had 24 000 had had been killed off now the name of the israelite that was slain even that was slain with the midianite woman was zimmer zimmery the son of salu a prince of the chief house among the simianites and the name of the midianite woman that was slain was cosby the daughter of zur he was the head over the people and of a chief of the house of minyan and the lord spake unto moses saying vexed the minianites and smite them for they vex you with their wiles wherewith they have beguiled you in the matter of peor and then and in the matter of cosby the daughter of a prince of minyan their sister which was slain in the day of the plague for peor's sake so here again what do we see that with the point that we make here is that god is that god uses his elect to execute vengeance on his enemies and you know i i think well and that's a part of the message that we have is we are to be zealous we are to be do you know how the left the left is loud the left screams they scream and they scream until they get their way our side has not been aggressive you saw how the democrats will uh you tell people to get out there go into the restaurants go wherever you fight conservatives get in their face scream at them okay um they're not welcome here we don't want you in the restaurant we don't want you in our story yeah they're they're very powerful in their speech and their actions and christians are assuming we have to be meek and mild like jesus but they forget jesus when he went into the temple with the money changers he had braided his own whip he turned over these tables these weren't card tables these were stone tables and he here hurled these tables over and chased everybody out of the temple the with the money changers chased all these men out with a whip and it was calling them names uh uh this is not your you know jesus wasn't always meek and gentle he was right he called him out he called him out by name john the baptist john the baptist called harrod harrod you've taken your brother's wife the apostle paul peter they called him out by name uh samuel you know when when david had sinned and nathan they called called him out by name samuel called saul so can you imagine today now there are some of us to do that we've been calling joe bama biden out we've been calling him out by name and and we're supposed to we've been calling out people like chuckie schumer these are very very wicked people the liar of the year award yeah we've been calling it just like it is the truth now just imagine this just imagine imagine if well if mr graham would call him out by name now think about that think about uh if if all the shock would yeah i would enjoy watching that the shock of the people right but we see throughout the entire bible the and pastors have to become more bold they have to become bolder now i want to praise the good lord for some of the some of the republicans we do have out there uh like josh holly for example josh holly he does call him out he's he's been calling him out by name he's he's called america garland he's called him out by name uh bruce has been calling him out right strongly uh our kentucky senator has been going after mr fauci by name he's been calling him out by name we need to do that and so if the pastors if the pastors were pastors were bolder if they were bold enough to do that to call them out and i mean be bold and just call them out and tell them they need to repent or perish you know um that's what has got to be done it's got to be done i mean we're we're at that time uh you know all the signs of their things if they don't stand up you know it's now or never for america it's now or never for the church to stand up and speak out this with the uh attack on the children with the transsexuals with the everything with the lgbtq all the alphabet soup garbage you know they're destroying the innocence they're destroying children spiritually physically mentally they're destroying the family they're breaking apart the nation they are fomenting every wicked and evil thing that they can think of and the church they used to be called the church militant the church would go out and you know preach sin and and the heavens read hell hot and i hear crickets for most of the so called quote churches they're standing by they listen and they go oh isn't that horrible and you know let's pray about it but they don't tell people to speak out vote you know nothing but folks listening out there you need to do it tell franklin gramm call him out by name tell charles what's his name stanley call him out by name uh folks it's time you got to call him out by name and uh just like the lord jesus did remember what he said whoa unto you lawyers whoa unto you pharisees seven times in matthew 23 the seven woes into the pharisees he called them out by name anyhow we'll be back right after this one more the pilgrims heard the sovereign words of god on the european shores then rose to flee the persecuting powers that held england in her throes in sailing ships they crossed the oceans wide to the land our god bestowed to plant the seed of christian liberty so that all the world would know their blessings in the wilderness increased increased with prosperity and health but the ancient powers that ruled the earth grew lustfully jealous of her wealth and sent the british armies to make war with his sons of liberty who placed their faith in god and by his grace fought and won the victory and proclaimed themselves we the people united states of america shall be faithful and establish rights as americans we shall not bow down to tyranny the people of the united states of america our god reigns and proclaims liberty america the mysteries of conspiracy unfolds in our nation's history as the ancient banking powers that rule this earth tries to steal our sovereignty and now this new world order marches in to make war within our land and once again americans it's time to rise up and take a stand and declare ourselves we the people united states of america america shall be faithful and restore our rights as americans we shall not bow down to tyranny the people of the united states of america our god reigns and proclaims liberty we the people united states of america we're talking to you the people of the united states of america it's time to stand up and be counted not to be intimidated by corruption we're not going to be intimidated we're not going to allow the dirty cops mary garden and his his dirty cops out there by the way we're going to be playing a clip here and it's it's from a very highly respected former fbi agent john gondola and he's got a message he's got his message for his his fellow agents out there in the fbi and it's kind of the message that we've been putting out there about having some honor and integrity in obeying god rather than they're corrupt and i mean extremely corrupt people like mary garland and christopher ray and especially and you know joe bomba biden who has declared war on christians he has declared war on every christian in this country and it's time for you christians to stand up and be men and be bold and you know we're seeing we're seeing a lot of the women here recently wendy's standing up and being bold but it's time that we have more men especially those in the pulpit but those in politics too so with that miss wendy wilson what were wonderful words of wisdom do you have for us tonight because you always got good advice well i thank you i try um well you know we've talked about some of the technology not being so healthy for us including our vision right um you know a lot of times we get eye strain and dry eye from looking at our computers and so forth but you know um neurologists are very concerned about our brain and eye health um and there was a recent report on the wavelength from the light and the radiation that emits from a lot of these devices um one report was in the physicians for safe technology and we'll go over that um but you know the asian populations pastor are quickly becoming the most near-sighted people on the planet and 90 percent of the of the populace of the populace of japan for instance is near-sighted they have myopia so the asians love their technology more than us in the west and it's contributing to vision issues about 32 million americans that's 10 of our population over the age of 40 has near-sightedness that's when your objects far away look blurry and out of focus but you know the study that really perked my interest in the physicians for safe technology they were sharing some of their research findings regarding your smart technology with blue light the risks they reported were affecting your eye health for instance retinal damage computer vision syndrome which we'll go over in a minute what that is skin damage your skin ages faster melatonin reduction um circadian rhythm disruption your sleep cycle is disrupted uh near-sightedness and what is called wireless radiation oxidization so have you ever heard of the computer vision syndrome faster yeah i have i have and i don't sit in front of a computer all day but i do say my phone rings all day my smart alec phone it rings all day the rings all day and it seems like it's always on and i noticed that that's kind of a blue light that comes out of that phone isn't it right right well the american uh thomas trist association uh says your computer vision syndrome is also called digital eye and it and it really describes a lot of eye strain and a lot of vision related issues from prolonged work on computers you know or tablets e-readers or your smartphone they said the average american worker spends seven hours a day on a computer either in the office or at home working from home they said to help alleviate your digital eye strain follow the 20 20 20 rule which is take a 20 second break that's 20 seconds you want to take a break and you want to look at something 20 feet away and you want to do that every 20 minutes okay so this helps alleviate the eye strain a little bit um so what do you suppose it is why we're reviewing computer screens um why is it really harming the human eye well they compared um printed text you know you print on a piece of paper to the print you see on the screen and the pixel uh that makes up the font size on the screen is not as clear and sharp as a printed word is on a piece of paper and the eye notices that so and there's this contrast level of the letters on the background it it it's reduced and it also creates a lot of glare and reflection so it makes the viewing more difficult for the human eye um now how many of you out there have been saying you have difficulty reading maybe light gray text on a white background on a computer screen they kind of blend together a little bit makes it hard to see right right um here's what they said eye focusing and eye movement requirements for digital screen viewing can place additional demands on the visual system in addition the presence of even minor vision problems can often significantly reflect discomfort and performance issues when working on computers or other digital screen devices um so what they're saying is you got eye strain pastor um they're using wedding drops a lot of people use wedding drops their eye feels real dry because you're not blinking your eye enough when you're looking at a computer screen so some of the common vision symptoms were eye strain headaches blurred vision dry eye and neck and shoulder pain because they're saying especially if you're wearing glasses and you're looking at that screen you may tilt your head a certain way because you can see the letters better or you may even move your head closer to the screen to see something and you're straining your shoulder and your neck um and you may even have trouble focusing your eyes they're supposed to coordinate together and sometimes you feel like they're not and you may even get some blurry double vision but um the american atomic association says your blue light technology is not just giving people eye strain and dry eye they're saying in their report cataracts are forming and they're forming more rapidly their report mentions the impact of what is called radio frequency radiation especially from your wireless device your smart alec phone pastor and as more research is being done on this pastor doctors and scientists are finding a host of health risk while being exposed to your digital screen they're reporting the youth are being raised on these devices and they may be risking their eyesight well before middle age um well it's not just you know extended exposure it's also they mentioned short exposure is very disruptive disruptive as well um blue light technology is being used in interior and exterior lighting in your automobile toys decorative lights so it's pretty much an exposure blanket and you're getting a lot of oxidative damage from the blue light radiation um so your cell phone oh by the way pastor i came across something really interesting do you know what staphylococcus aureus bacteria is well i i know i've heard of this staff and i know what bacteria is right but uh a bit i bet joe don't know what it is let's ask him hey joe what is it bacteria wow he's brilliant so clearly yeah you can't fool him already yeah well in 2017 they did this in vitro study where they took some of this bacteria in a petri dish exposed to the blue light from a smartphone and it killed the bacteria oh yeah yeah um now your eye is real vulnerable according to the research on this technology your eyes are in the front of your skull and they're not really covered so accumulative damage from this technology is going to affect your cornea the cataract lens the lens and give you a cataract and also melatonin reduction or sleep disturbance so even if you hold your smartphone 12 inches from your face you're still getting oxidative stress and the lack of consistent and adequate sleep will increase your risk of a lot of diseases including cancer and heart disease so now this is important melatonin as we know is important antioxidant for proper sleep it's necessary to also pass or protect the structure of your eye did you know that no so um so the scientists are finding people people have lower melatonin they have increased risk of cataracts and they see more and more cataract surgeries are happening to younger and younger people not just people in their 70s anymore um yeah and there was this friendship go ahead joe i'd go to a neuro-ophthalmologist and he was talking about that the other day i was thinking and one of the things that he mentioned these video gamers are some of the ones that they're doing hours of the gaming are the ones that he's seeing this happen to right well yeah they're not blinking they're watching the game a lot of rapid eye movement no time to blink you know wendy wendy i um when i would go into the optometrist every couple of years and get new glasses and uh they would tell me that eventually i'm going to have cataracts well in my family my father my sisters they had cataracts they said it's it's a ways off but you're going to eventually get cataracts okay well then i got those eye drops remember i asked you for i had those floaters in my eyes all right and i got and i and i got your eye drops and and uh to begin with they stung somewhat but but i started i used that and after i used that for a little while when i go back to them nobody mentions anything about any cataracts because that that uh that film and that on the eye was gone oh the oxidated protein yeah yeah well you probably had what there was the beginning they call them baby cataracts that's good you know you can nip those pretty quickly in the bud usually it's when you get the more advanced mature ones they're harder to get rid of um but you know there was this french study in 2014 this was the french agency for food environment and occupational health and safety and they found your blue light produces a phototoxic effect on your sleep cycle your circadian rhythm and a variation in intensity of these lights will produce more glare and have definite health risk but here's the thing i met and have definite health risk but here's the thing i mentioned to you off-air pastor um china has seen the effects of too much screen blue light on their children and it's creating health issues and so they don't want a majority of their population going blind so china has banded any computers tablets or smartphones in the schools children are not to be exposed to it and then when they go home the government has instructed parents that during the day after school there is no more than one hour of exposure to any of this technology and it has to be within 15 minute increments and they also dictate the backlighting the proper seating distance from the screen and so forth so china is being proactive at protecting their population from vision loss a swedish study in 2006 said um these were pathologists that found that blue light causes a macular of the eye to rapidly age and degenerate so macular degeneration is a big problem nowadays and it's it's not helped with any of this blue light they cited acute inflammation and what is called lipofusion deposition which is an aging pigment it's a brown yellow pigment it has an electron dense autofluorescent material to it and it damages it accumulates and then it damages the macula a lot of oxidative stress they're saying and free radicals so um also toledo department of chemistry found the same thing and it was also confirmed by a study in spain that the blue light damages your photoreceptor cells in your eye especially in the retina and they can't be replaced they said um so we got a problem we got people that are going to wind up one day at the eye doctor's office and they can't see very well well don't you know can't can't you get a screen to put on your computers and i don't know i looked into that i have a blue screen on my computer they're very they're relatively easy to get you can order them off the internet and all i had to do is just kind of hang mine over the front and tie a little uh string to the back and uh you know anybody can do it it's real easy this people it's not that expensive well you know what i'm gonna i need to order those for the computers at our church what you want to be discerning about ordering you just don't want a um a blue light filter um you want one that is also going to block the radiation coming off of it so there's two different kinds so you want the one that will block the blue light radiation okay all right i need to be able to find a good source to pick those up on because uh yeah i think they are on ebay they just start they make a distinction there and you can order them in different sizes to fit your your you know monitor or your laptop um so um and i don't i didn't see any for big uh flat screen tvs though i haven't seen those well i mean you know the flat screen tvs how close to get them i mean what's the uh is there you know like we have it well we have one effect you sit in you sit in front of them often enough and you'll get some of that well i i have one uh in my studio at home but i said about it's a big one big screen but i'm 20 feet away from it is that uh well well i mean just limit your exposure feeling shyness well well i do i don't i don't basically the only the only tv i watch is uh i watch the news i watch uh tucker when i i can and hannity and some of these and some of the old movies the old classic movies i like to watch but other than that i don't watch any tv all right you ready to shift gears we got a whole lot of stuff that was a very interesting uh information don't forget don't forget we're having our our well fall wellness sale at apothecary herb so it'll it'll end on the first of october so if you want to save 25 now's the time by calling eight eight eight no eight six six it's eight six six two two nine three six six three eight six six two two nine three six six three or go up on the internet to www the power herbs dot com that's the power herbs dot com and uh you know i i would suggest people too if you're having a problem with cataracts or those floaters in your eyes to get that i the eye drops that you have um i know we just i just ordered some for uh one of the ladies in the church and now another one's come up and ask me about that so anyhow uh you put it on your lenses yeah you can get uv light protection on your lenses no kidding how about that um you can you can put that uv light protection on your glasses too i didn't know that but um there you go anyhow folks eight eight eight no eight six six two two nine three six six three apothecary herbs i would in fact i'd get a booklet i would get the catalog right now wendy what they're the the un food chief warns of chaos and he says it's going to be hell it's going to be devastation from famine this winter so expect price controls expect rationally the criminalization of preference now this is all going to be done on purpose this is being done right now on purpose and joe bama and the deathocrats are responsible for this this stuff that's being done but he's talking about people that that uh are getting prepared in other words those are saying you know what and and i've been noticing lately people are doing just that i often will go out to the salvage stores because you can get such buys on things at the salvage doors out there uh probably shouldn't say this but like we we we use a lot of coffee at church and uh you go out there and hear coffee that you might spend twelve fifteen dollars for for a big can there uh and giant eagle or what do you call it one of these others kroger you get out there and you get it for six dollars at the salvage store it's so much cheaper i mean so much cheaper so but i've been noticing they've been packed people have been going in there and people are stocking up on all kinds of food right now because there's a dark winter coming and i encourage our listeners to get prepared to get stocked up all right let me just read you a little bit of this very quickly events are playing out like clockwork have you noticed that everything emerging on the world stage right now food scarcity inflation energy crisis escalating war vaccine deaths deaths and more was predicted well in advance by natural news info wars and other indie independent media outlets how about the one that was way out ahead of them joe which media outlet was way out ahead of of even natural news and info wars christian talk radio that's right we and we were on top of that years ago you know way out ahead but now he goes on to say the only people surprised by all this are the oblivious masses who don't really read in independent media for those who do this is like following along with the hollywood script that's playing out in real life and so widespread food scarcity in europe this winter and well into 2023 and beyond food scarcity strikes american 2023 presents for years due to lack of fertilizer governments initiate price controls on food items the result is worsening scarcity and widespread civil unrest governments then introduce rationing as a means of control like using covid 19 tracking tech and mobile phone apps that are that are repurposed for the purpose of implementing mass starvation this is what we keep warning people we keep warning this is it's being done absolutely on purpose folks we told them about all the countries overseas that it stopped using fertilizer that we're doing the green thing and all the collapse of farming the lack of food the government's falling and we're trying to do the same stupid thing in this country as we watch all these other countries fall suffer and collapse and we like you just read starvation all over the world i want to remind everybody noah was a prepper folks the original prepper he saw something coming god told him what to do to be prepared and uh i've got a plaque above the door right in front of my house noah was a prepper well see joe one of the things that you're going to see like you know we went back to grow in a big garden that we put in a church garden a victory garden this year and boy did it produce but now what a lot of the people out there across the country especially those that live out in in the farm areas like where you live they have to not only be prepared to grow that garden but protect that garden because the people in the cities the people in the cities will come out looking for food well in the suburbs you can take a backyard and you can you know your nice pretty backyards but you can turn that into a garden with a little intensive gardening a backyard can produce an awful lot of food in fact yeah the problem is the problem is yeah if you're in some of these you know um neighborhoods that have a lot of um covenants you have to get permission to plant that kind of stuff you know oh they just yeah it's bad if you're in one of the joa covenant gardens veggies without asking permission well it depends on where you're at some of these uh neighborhoods have strict covenants and oh you have to get i wouldn't live in a tree i wouldn't if i couldn't grow a garden in my backyard is like right i wouldn't live there do you know what if you do you know what gorilla gardening is gorilla gardening is gorilla gardening is when you're growing food during famine that means you don't grow food in rows nice little rows where it's easy to be spotted as a garden okay you plant things in a scattered diverse pattern that looks like nothing like a garden okay this is what people have had to learn over the years so in the middle of your flowers and stuff huh yeah well you can it's grow tomatoes potatoes melons and such more without it looking like a garden yeah uh you know you even have those those hanging things now where you can grow tomatoes hanging from your deck or something oh yeah right down here but i wanted to mention you mentioned noah and pastor the um the ark encounter that that door to the ark is tremendously large and you know we often think it was for the animals to come through they had to be big maybe noah and his people were tall what do you think yeah well well they were they were a lot taller a lot bigger than we are and uh the fact the average height on those they say going back to skeletons and that have been dug up for men were like 14 feet and the average height for women were between 10 and 12 feet and those were those were people that were there before the flood so so they were they were much bigger than we are for sure but uh guess who what who shut that door it was god that shut the door right yeah it didn't matter how big it was he can shut it yep and uh right yeah and so and people better listen to because remember what it was that that they were doing that caused god to bring the flood was what they do they had fallen angels had taken women as wives and they were they changed the dna they were changing the human dna guess what like they're trying to do today with the poison poke okay sweetie study Pfizer covid 19 vaccine alters dna within six hours of February 2022 report done by researchers at Lund University in Sweden investigates the bnti 162 b2 vaccine effects in human cells with a view determining if it's encoded spike protein rna can be reversed transcribed into human dna the after mentioned paper was published in other words within six hours it changes the dna we'll pick it pick up on this but we're coming up to a break and then after the break we're going to listen to a clip from john gondola a former former fbi agent and boy i'm going to tell you he drops a dime he's a whistleblower on the corruption in the agency so we'll be back after this with a whole lot more so don't go away more to come donations to what's right what's left ministries 14781 speery road newbury ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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