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TUE HR 2 083022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 31, 2022 12:30 am

TUE HR 2 083022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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August 31, 2022 12:30 am

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Why choose improving quality sleep from sleep because our sleep number 360s one that is really smart and it centers your movement and monumentally just helps people comfortable temperature balance and stay cool smart enough to know exactly how long I well and when you slammed in 20 minutes more restful sleep per night sleep never takes care of assignments for you to sleep. Don't miss a weekend special present 365 special financing ends Monday morning and listen to the podcast you are Joe, you and I were talking of it. We go about Pres. Trope was in another election right know well that the Constitution well let me tell you directly there is what we have will Rudy Juliano.

He knows a little bit about that and so does Giuliani Juliano who or Steve Benton.

The tool that I get better right all right there you go right okay so what were we going to do is working to hear the little bit of what they have to say. So go ahead and take away the wisdom Rudy the great Giuliani the grandsire in the history of New York Rudy to grade out Rudy soap first off, you know Ron Brownstein from the Los Angeles times. They also put his stuff up, and CNN. He wrote a piece and I want a Denver Denver could please print up some time on the screen. Rudy and I chat because as a couple of pieces of I think is the most profound. He said lock instead of the Republicans are running on what Steve Cortez said inflation immigration right the economy and crime. They don't make. They don't mention woke this because they don't want to talk about that but that that's our set of issues and that he says the Democrats have to run in what they have to do and it was reinforced by the professor from Fordham that said, we have to run on climate change abortion and threats to democracy do understand the Democrats can't win unless they steal elections understand the get through the skin, but that's reality. So we when these technologies I don't think one better than you and I understand we lived and I lived that quite some evidence of the stilt were still in a couple of foxholes that were never were never given a negligent breed of ReVia. I gobbling the trunk, put out a true social and MSNBC's got up there right now. A piece about how the Republicans agree trumpet up last night that hey because of the Hunter situation because the FBI guy either getting fired. According because of Facebook thing the FBI told not to do it that he wants to know that he wanted and he wants another election immediately.

I keep saying the bite nor the bite electors can get certified that ugly Trump election. We don't need another national election is called a connecting try get this in the People's minds. It's a contingent election it gets kicked you're not can you flip the bite electors are Trump electors you going to not be a recertify the bite electors and by not certifying the bite electors.

The electoral count act of 1887 and our beloved Constitution have a have a have a way that would supposed to happen. That is a contingent election. The House of Representatives where you vote by state party delegation and guess what, even with Liz Cheney voting Wyoming for the Democrats. I think we still went 2624 so yes we do we hardly believe what Pres. Trump said because we don't think we know that the bite electors can't be certified in Arizona or Georgia or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or Michigan or Wisconsin. Those five states that gets is below 270. That means you get a contingent election. So let's do it. Let's have a list of the contingent election. You know this week let's do it.

That's what we should do and MSNBC suck on that. No, it's not another national general election and is not flipping those electors are Trump there should be another election is to it.

Set up what that they understand probably Jamie Raskin knows this he goes on TV all the time. Fichte correct Mrs. Bannon is wrong is not 2723 Liz Cheney would vote.

She's the one delegate from from from Wyoming and by the way, I give it to Jamie Raskin, you're right on that one I give that one to you. So we when what 2624 so. But that's the that's election we should have Rudy give us up-to-date on the side ops you can do this at enough times were they trying to suppress our vote now by getting thereby terribly placid and then press enter. Saying the more you talk about Trump. Doris is going to get Rudy the great wealth of the Syosset of the Democratic Party are amateurish and I should've figured them out almost from day one out there is projection they they try to take the heat off the things they did wrong, unethical crimes. Who knows what they charge us with so right now where the past bashes where the semi fashion, the first vote was a semi-Spanish writer fashion so you not want you acting like – so they put it on wordy well over the not actually fascinate. They are fascists they look they like big tech oligarchs are likely meaty oligarch like concentration of state they like concentration. State capitalism and total authoritarian rule. They are truly fashions that they may have taken the Michelin about Hitler modeling perfect perfect right one and enjoying it day in and day out.

The radon monologue go is a general warrant. It would fit the definition of George III's were contained. I don't want to get terribly historical or oral technical, but it's about as close to a written retainer as we've had since the 18th century. It gives itself away by providing 18 day in order to execute. Therefore, it says on the face of it is nothing important. Don't take 18 days ago get nuclear material or God, the FBI entire weekend to get around to doing it headline affidavit warrant not so important completely blows what they were doing and the reality reality is getting desperate. This whole idea of paying so much attention to us just doing the whole thing all everything on CNN and MSNBC's about to rephrase how they they know they know beyond Poland that the essential movement of the American people want to engage is to resist being dominated. Look at that lady you if you went right back to the event she saw the connection to you and I make two year she got this is this is what they were doing all through the pandemic act acting like bashes dictate now taken the time he passes one of the most significant financial actions in American history. This beginning of the long is an amount of money.

Never forget and has no legal authority to do and he doesn't bite dictate only dictators dictate. It should be done by vote every childhood history and civics knows the power of the purse belongs with the legislature is wrong. Think about this from his own legislation. Imagine what general legislation is afraid of letting them vote on this really take some people, which is inherently unfair tomorrow. Illegal by the way that is clear indication that he's become an ineffective comment. Take some time and he decide to try to get us not to talk about Trump there there saying that any discussion about Trump that the shift the center gravity away from my people can keep two things in her brain. At the same time.

Do you believe that you believe the discussion more Lago of what this please state the Gestapo moved by the FBI, I don't. I believe it's a Gestapo moved by the FBI 100% of things that people who haven't been federal prosecutors. But when even look at it or realize like the 11 day delay before many magistrates of federal judges on warrants real crime series people that I died a couple day they'll put down three days, four days, two days down is the work forth with. That means you get your backside out of get there and save those people alive.

You know you don't break into a presidents home unless there is no other way to do it demonstrated the affidavit this northerly and then I hang oversight were take a short way back. We are back where we back were back right okay the leaders of a Christian school in Florida have received death threats after saying the will only refer to students by the six assigned at birth and the peoples who are LGBT Q will have to will be asked to leave the private Christian school located in Valrico around 20 miles outside of Tampa, said students phone participated in such lifestyles will be asleep will get to that in a moment with everything. What would they were just telling you Joe. I think that answers your questions is growing and growing more more people know when you're seen Joe Obama Biden becoming more hostile there. You're right, you can see the fear, the Democrats have they know they they been caught. They have been caught in late and they know that there is growing opposition to the corruption to the absolute complete and total corruption by the Democratic Cummins party now I'm I'm seeing that there's some defectors there is some of those congresspeople is to say hey you know what I'm I'm not I'm not willing there. In fact, when Joe Obama goes now to do his speeches mostly only only the real radicals will show up with him out there. Only the hard-core communist so anyhow goes along with it. Remember when Zuckerberg came out about the iconic candidate and didn't basically told him the candle story on the laptop New York Post that the FBI followed Zuckerberg's mission with the statement, quote the FBI routinely.

This is in the New York Post. This is a quote from the FBI, FBI routinely notifies US private sector entities including social media providers of potential credit information so they can decide how to better defend that you so they can decide about the Israel national security. They wouldn't allow them to make a decision. The barrel, one on the barrel has the FBI's provided companies with foreign threat indicators to help them protect platforms and customers from abuse by foreign influence factors.

But when they came down include social media in here. You know there's something going on because the day. The other big headline news ill and must said he's got reasons to back out. There's a whistleblower Twitter who was the former chief of security, but is high up in Twitter you can get without owning the company right and he said Twitter has serious privacy and security vulnerabilities, and he said national security was may have been placed at risk because of certain Twitter policy.

So now you got a whistleblower coming out on Twitter at twitter talking about how they've reached privacy security may have even messed up national security. We've got the 20 FBI whistleblower's coming out. It sounds like there are few things starting to unravel all at once.

Absolutely right now when I read the chief administrative the private school there Christian school.

They been getting death threats, death threats because they are standing against the sin of sodomy and so I don't think PDF you guys do anything about that early. Let me see him doing anything that actually go out and handle any kind of crime.

Figure here's something FBI could've done in world news daily, which by the way is under a heavy heavy attack of problem Silicon Valley trying to shut down new documentary reveals likely voting machine tampering.

Yeah patriots of their concern about election fraud are giving up their still trying to get to the bottom of the election and there is a new documentaries are out there exposing different discrepancies election code came out this month. There were several others coming out Colorado Secretary of State Gina Griswold was funded by George Soros, the state was going to install a new version of the election software on her on the election computers that would delete election file yeah she's required by line member to retain files for 24 months after the election and so the speeders this is the good guy caters appears as a female. She supposed to be in good guy but she was told by this record. State the George Soros in a paper or that there will give a commitment with the older software caters went ahead and made copies in advance made her own copies and get them and now they're showing the that there was corruption so it got three or four new things coming up where they're showing voting machine tampering problems.

It is good news just keeps on coming. We've been in touch with her office and were trying to get her on the radio programs we been in touch with her office with the beginner on here take her to court over the Republicans are fighting back in there anyway. Several stories of enough time to going to give her complicated lot of the applicant and the reading that is a lot of new information showing there was more and more corruption like receptor was with the Dominion voting machines in the process than everything else is a problem. Most of those machines are still in place that hasn't been changed yeah Wheatley: what a couple weeks ago that the Democrats are trying to do the same thing with the selection later than the last one and is only a few states that are trying to change get things right excavated. If we don't do something they're going to do the same trading addict before you tell me right after school Satan club coming to a school district near you.

This is this is of the blabber was okay. When students return to a school in one Pennsylvania district. They will have a new religious choice in Pennsylvania school district is allowing the satanic temple to host a back-to-school event at their high school. I meditate something any parents and school district and that's the northern York County country of schools York all York is bad York, Pennsylvania. Oh boy.

The back-to-school event is planted days after prayer night with deals where community worship and prayer host administrative from the northern York County school district put their stamp of approval on allowing the satanic temple to host the event. The satanic event is a part of the after school Satan: I meditate this. Any parent that won't pull their children out of them that school system don't love their children okay and those parents should be out there those parents in York if you care anything about it there taken your tax dollars and you should go and you should stand up and in that school board nicely go in the administrators for the northern York County school district. They need to go they need to go the Pennsylvania district was not always open to the idea in April to go try to get an after school Satan club up and running at the school.

However, the school board reportedly turned them down. At that time, members of the community have parents were angry when they heard of the growth proposal to be welcomed to the school district one Perry County resident Jennifer McAllister said the idea is crazy. She said they already took got out of the schools. Another bullet there. Let Satan then this is crazy will, of course, that's exactly what they wanted to death. The door was left open, and Satan came into well Clayton there perfect example. There was a mother and had a formerly transgender trial trial trying to come back to normal kind of the transition and she's helping will choose online right and trying to find out information. Well, she happens to get into a chat line hosted the Trevor Project and all of those nonprofits is supposed to be helping transgender youth and mental health, and this is according to national review and stories in the daily caller.

Anyway this lady were keeping her identity hidden discovered this chat room and instead of conversations and all about and all intelligent things she hears things about fetishes relating to animals fecal matter. Bondage of adult minors to open up and talk about sex hide things from their parents and she took different screenshots to prove what she ran into and the article shows a lot of the stuff some of that I can't read on the radio. You know, very graphic in this. For these kids were supposed to be getting help for counseling and all talking about those sex organs, fetishes, some of drinking urine all kinds of weird things and this is supposed to be a young youth mental health organization and this chat room she said was the most sickening violence she had some snapshots back it up. So this is this is Satan. Satan trying to destroy children's trying to get them to change their section commode of the dark side.

If the same thing. Satanism only without the symbolism right's Jim give the address of the website with the ministries of those if it were gone you going to have the mainstream media. I want to play to deliver the other conservative Christian news outlets, but there is been none in the Joseph Farah was a pioneer in this is why they hate him so much because he was one of the first ones out there to start putting these emails out and exposing this we been doing this again for 50 years and they really want us gone. I mean they really really do. One is gone but by God's grace. We've withstood the attacks and that and so Jill give the address because photos it work on all you not going to hear any of this be reported. NBC, ABC, CBS. He then there are the opposition they aid in the that all of the stuff would go ahead, you are. Prayer W RW L ministry 147811 4781 Sperry Rd. at SPE are why Road Newberry and EWB you are why OH 44065 one more time with W RW L delegate throughput ministries 147811 4781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 and just remember like go world news they were trying to de-monetize it. Now Google is warning readers WorldNetDaily WND may harm your computer been going to the site for as long as Joe Pharaoh's been out on the never had a single bit of trouble but they're coming out with warning, the dangerous and all kinds of weird things before just said they were telling the truth and what never out there. This will harm your computer so just keeps on going.

There is no lie that they won't tell. There is no foul deed. They won't do to keep the truth from you and the only advantage we have is we can't be demonetize because this ministry totally depends on you, the listener, your donations, pay our bills. Pastorate is never taken any money in all the years he's been on radio. Nobody in this ministry is ever taken at time and income. The donations pay the radio bills and that's what's kept us out of trouble.

We haven't been able to be demonetize our sponsors haven't been able to be driven away. Our income sources can't be harmed because it through the listener so that the only thing we've got: Horace hello Wheelock I need effectiveness. We need to tell him to the we have a newsletter and is the information that seemed very same things that you hear in his radio program.

We get you stories that some of the stuff we don't actually maybe we don't. Maybe we we haven't been recovered, but this important then we get in the newsletter and we get into the newsletter is free is free. You have to pay for now. Sometimes will have people will send us a list of 20 people say, could you send them all this newsletter, we don't do that because you might think that they want that newsletter flow center but often they don't decay and so what happens people like have something sent to them without without the permission and so what we do is that folks at their business into us tonight.

You want that newsletter to all you get a new sentence in the card with your name and your address very clearly written timing very clearly written, Jill will actually get will get cards and in a letter saying we descended and the like to give us an address and there be no return no name, just the return address is 300 and paragraph) will ever number every category so it doesn't hurt to include your phone number. We can't read something we can call you and ask so we can send it to the right address. Absolutely, very clearly highlight children seen celebrating cheering on drag performance at Texas drag show while armed antiphon members guards the venue. That's right, the sickos you guys that goes footage from North Texas restaurant kid friendly drag shows children celebrating with cross-dressers while armed antiphon members or surround the event venue here is an article independent journalist Tyler Hansen first filed reporter under the barrel. Babies drag branch drag show event which was held in Anderson distillery and grill had grown out Texas unbelievable while the events advertising graphic claimed it would have dancing, music and labs and was probably just the performance was quite controversial over 20 children who were in attendance and multiple teachers.

Hansen set on Twitter adding footage of the scene inside and outside of the restaurant during the event. Folks, this is satanic.

This is right from hell. This is right from the pits of hell.

The video shows children jumpy with excitement at the cross-dressers parade around in bizarre looking costumes. Children seem to be of elementary school-age are approaching the drag artists with dollar bills while smiling and praising the dancers. Bogart vulgarity sexualization of minors and partially nudity Hansen warned on the Twitter so again, any parent, any parented that would allow their children should. That should be arrested and charged with child abuse and analytic time. You know if they think that they the law would be hard on them. When God gets a hold of him and he will he will write exactly I've got a story got a get out your car in a bit during the holding and research senior research family or the family research Council biblical worldview production great golf over the years we've used it on the radio a lot and he is saying that now is the time all hands on deck for the election 2020 if we do not stand this November. We may not have the chance again and is saying that this November 8 midterm election represents a critical moment for biblical Christians in America and the reason why it goes on and he says well three years. They talked about the church doesn't get involved in politics and now they get a big long study and hear the statistics among the theologically to find a born-again Christian. One in five isn't registered to vote here that among those that said, there were born-again one in five responded that they want registered to vote, not even one in four volunteer for candidate donated money or participated in a march or rally.

It was about the same for like Protestant Catholics. The same thing for adults who attend an evangelical church.

1/6 isn't registered to vote, not even one out of four will do anything to help the candidate donate or try to help register other voters and even with the real, spiritually active Christian conservatives. The column Sage con they bear more in common with this the regular dental.

They are there very politically aware, but they aren't politically active, barely 1/3 of them invested in persuading other individuals to vote for conservative candidate prefers certain specific way.

So he said we are in a time of national distress. The church needs to step up the game.

Everyone get everyone you know to get out there and vote and worked out a quicker stuff with the church well the church are church you global politics were to let the devil run the government and will just sit back and I heard that wall pray about it now. God wants us to pray, yes, but he also tells us is given the speed active verbs like run the battle to fight the fight stand in the gap care review reproved as a whole list I think I got about 30 words in there all action verbs active verbs. He wants you to be a doer of the word, a doer of the work.

A doer of the law. So when George Barna was really I haven't heard them speak like this since he started putting information out many many many years ago so I would take this to heart pumps and a very good was going to break will be right back to somebody else. All 50 states are involved in government subsidized content ring is the largest and most pervasive child cutting ring in the history of the world by sheer money and numbers. Children are seen unnecessarily from their families due to the federal entitled the adoption and safe families act was put on 1997 by billing Harlequin accident when purpose and is a law that literally steals money from the Social Security give this money to the states in order to incentivize them to kidnappings and incentives and bonuses.

Locus must have more children. They must have more merchandise sales. Every child will develop these with approximately $1 million to the state mental. It is a $60-$80 billion year industry meaning the federal government is taking $80 billion a year in giving money to all of the 50 states to kidnap children. Parents is not a system that makes children longer and bonuses for not returning children to their parents but their own. Statistics state that 83% of all children were taken by CPS Services are for unsubstantiated allegations. Meeting never did happen in the first place. Imagine anything else in the world you get on 80% of time you admit 50 doing caseworkers and social workers guilty of fraud they withhold and destroy evidence is now the King of Kings, who was born of a virgin and above all things missing anyone is in any count and how is it in faith by Satan, the father of lies and all the things in the name because he was yelling something. He said I am the way the truth and the life.

So they hung them between him and he was crucified in the K renaming very diminutive nights alone and with great big angel remove the stone from the tomb and the old man looking inside Jesus, he was gone and now you know I know and send me the way in and Byron and the Roman Empire and the world was turned. I multiply management, and no and the D and maybe they'll come back his account. The only thing he only is the way they are now kind of mandarins.

Their oldest theme is the ability of the fire and no and Jesus closet. Is it designed to be a and and and and and and and and and because is no skeleton of Jesus closet posted we've got God's guarantee of immortality for those the call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and that are saved in right now America. As you know, Americas is hurting. She's hurting bad end of folks again listen to the our our only hope is is God. God is our only hope our Lord is our only hope now. This is why we are leading up for 9/11.

September 11 Sunday, September 11.

We are asking all of you out there listing to meet all of you out there for asking for you to go dear pastor on that date and ask him to be a part of national were having national pastors were all going to be preaching on repentance repentance. First, remember that repentance is required for emissions of sin, so repentance first and then will we gonna pray for is will scummy prayer and and fasting, but also for revival. We want to pray for revival and soliciting God. God's given us a guarantee when my people turn from their wicked ways.

Okay I he's given us. If you'll do that, but it's very important. Remember how the opposition. The opposition is in lockstep. They know how important lockstep is we need to get into lockstep like Jill was talking about here.

Let me tell you something you have no right to complain if you don't vote for bad things are. You needed to get out there and vote. You need to go and vote can register a disabled list with the use of thinking to steal the votes then yeah they still the votes if you don't if you don't vote, you have a right to complain about, but if the if you do vote, then you've got a right turn for limited period ending for range before and and indignant tummy time going to say but anyhow, so get out there and and vote but but go first of all, and go to your pastors and tell them this coming 9/11 this coming 9/11.

We need everybody needs to get together to go out and have the pastors all pray in unison's all across this country guy will hear those prayers. But we have to be together. We have to pray in so doing, I was get it done. Another reason for everybody to tear it out. We've all heard how Biden has been depleting our national oil reserve that's supposed to be in case of national emergency, like a gigantic Hurricane or war reading an article here despite the administration has been drawing down on our weapon systems and munitions.

They didn't just haven't manufactured. They took our existing stock of weapons and ammunition and sent them to Ukraine from our existing arsenals and right now we are short, the headline severely depleted US military low on ammo, the Pentagon, saying, this is not generals are saying this is not a level we would want to go or we could not fight right now we've depleted our combat rounds of ultralight howitzers and our explosive use of vehicles under great detail that we basically rated our own munitions supplies weapons, rockets, you name it, reset it to Ukraine and we don't have not replaced it yet the slacker oil reserve. Obama is putting us on the site and is putting us in a real critical situation and show Jill Jill.

Believe me, polygamy, he did not just abandon 85 billion billion $85 billion with the military weapons and equipment in Afghanistan. The money flowed back the Biden the Biden corrupt Biden cartel doesn't do anything for nothing. That money would flow back into the to the cartel. There and that's why all that equipment was left there now again very corruption the corruption remember their they have got not what he gave the Taliban's is more military equipment. They got a bigger army. Now that a number of countries because of that right now we try to tell you I didn't get quite caring right now. It may take over a year or longer to read point. What were low on or we might not even be if we started to rebuild it right now which the budget as a command for 2023. If they pass the money. It could be a year from whenever they pass the budget money three to replenish the stocks that are missing. We could be a whole year before we could even start rebuilding now.

Don't forget the chatter. This been out there for a while and and and were talking about people that there are new authority and places to know people. High ranking people there saying that they fully expect in the end the red Chinese army has has said that it would.

It is looking at an invasion or lease the threat of an invasion of our shores, run 1 November.

Now their people here there people here there are people here in our government.

The people that they own. Here in this country have been depleting Austin Millie they been depleting our military. They been weakening our military okay killing off our own soldiers with a poisonous poke of folks. That's treason is with been taken place. The that is happening now. This is why I'm telling you we God and God is our only hope so they go to our like very Third World work. Praise the Lord and then pass the ammunition. He also expected people. Follow his orders after he certainly does already. Here's here's why we need God. Pennsylvania drag queen faces 25 child pornography charges drag queen who I counsel children at a safe haven for blue grows belligerent transgressing quiz LGBT youth has been arrested and charged with 25 counts of child pornography course that's what they do. According to a report from Pennsylvania live Bruce Williams, who worked at the safe haven Harrisburg PA is charged with 25 counts of child pornography for at least 49 photos and 25 videos of naked boys. According to the Pennsylvania Atty. Gen.'s office and I'm I'm surprised they even prosecuted if there and Williams Chambersburg native have been downloaded the photos between May and December 2020 and to go way out of his way to get their attention. I like in Serbia long you serve in Serbia. They canceled the the inside of my parade because of massive protests from the people. At least they had the decency to protest throughout your work doing the opposite. The group got there. Okay against groomers and it's led by a lesbian and she saying that it's one thing when you're an adult to choose to be a homosexual to use that word, or a lesbian but she said this going after the children as totally totally wrong or trying to groom children. These are horrible people in the LGBT community, their evil people and she said well we started speaking out, but she has been this group days against groomers is been banned from twitter for telling the truth. This group started up just this June 6, June 2022. They been banned for time since… And the reason file. Twitter doesn't give a reason just knocks them off suspends them and she said well apparently. Truth is hate speech and that did not thousand dollars for time and, one will be back on so you even have members of this community to come out they were gays and lesbians but we don't want this stuff was the children's totally wrong, totally bad were totally against it and the Silicon Valley is doing the best to keep them quiet so nobody knows there are trying to warn the rest of us.

Okay child sex abuse center hires academic who wants to destigmatize pedophilia. That's right, Johns Hopkins University has hired a female to male transgender academic who has called pedophilia to be the stigmatized despite her comments, Walker has been granted a new position at Johns Hopkins Moore Center for the prevention of child sexual abuse that is insanity that that is absolute insanity. There you go out like plans creditors out there.

They're going to be spending what $3 million to buy election results and they're going to be pushing that issue hot button issue to try to give all the crazy liberals and three hundredths important, there was a study out there about the FBI and you being corrupt and guess what it was like 46% said that they are good.

46 point something percent 46.7 that they're not. In other words, the statistics for good or evil were exactly evenly divided in the nation that tells you this worldview the liberals vote lockstep but America is evenly totally divided on that issue.

4046.6% of percent.

The DOJ and the FBI are respected 46.2% say their politically corrupt and not the trusted center course it depends.

The weather your Democrat or Republican, but the Bible said what the nation divided against itself cannot stand. And we know that we've got to fight in this battle are working to be overrun by evil Jill 1200 scientists and professionals declare there is no climate emergency. The political infection in humans because most all all our climate change and claim that the site is behind the notion to settle his is been dealt a savage blow by publication of a world climate declaration signed by over 1100 scientists there is no climate emergency, say the authors, who are drawn from across the world and led by the Norwegian of physics Nobel Prize N Prof. Ive are giving the IVR guy ever guy ever okay climate scientists is said to have degenerated into discussion based on beliefs not on sound self-critical science will we've known at all. On heavily throughout the event. All all that they may take a little thing they do the lie with the partial career recall like our burglar showed a big picture of the polar bear on the nice quote supporting Bible Belt will look at this poor animal… I and yet their true because there were 13 groups of polar bears affect aboriginals 12 or something like that and most of them were healthy growing. There was one that wasn't doing so well in a 1/1000, or 1/13. All the rest were growing and expanding healthy.

The article focus just on the one group that wasn't doing as well native, like all the polar bears were going away. They're all in danger. Jill Jill Jill Jill remember Joe. We were the first ones.

If you remember that we told the liberals that the polar bears would not drown because they can swim. I didn't know that different that we told them that they night they can swim fully bears can swim okay to those kind of things. A lot of these things that we were the first to tell the liberals like remember, would you know we were the ones that told him about 10 how the guns we did the experiment we took the gun and that weekly and we watched them and we put them out literate about what and and they couldn't kill anybody they have to have a human to help them right in saying think we actually put one in less time trying to kill anybody at all, but we tried different five different caliber worker legally put them right in the SUVs and then a gun and it has to be together.

Remember and did nothing just sat there, they without any humans, so, and we were the first to tell the liberals remember to we were the first to tell people you know when it came to Peter cottontail brilliant Easter eggs. We told of the rabbits delays.

They did know that we didn't submit any health speaking and then Canada.

Canada's building interrogation rooms with weapon armories to arrest and prosecute people for climate change were going to have to do do that tomorrow because wedded time for tonight, so shall you, through you got three minutes he got three minutes to give an invitation soon get her done. 16. Probably the most known verse in the Bible for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten, not begotten is coming forth from the father, that whosoever believe it in him. Jesus should not perish but have everlasting life.

For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved saved from what God said. The wages of sin is death penalty for sin and God doesn't have this chart were a direct spinoff of the sender's 30 points worse than this and all sin that Alston the wages of sin is death, but God knew we would have free will and choice and knew we would not choose correctly and so he had to weigh find a way that we could be brought back to him to be back in fellowship with God in his presence and he is only present. So he sent a son to take our sent your sense of my sins, go to that cross of Calvary and die in my place in your place after any splice paid the price for our sin debt, but we have to do something. The claimant we have to call upon the father and we have to repent and we have to be sorry whereafter asking for to forgive us that our sins put his son on that cross but Jesus had to die for me so that I could be with the father so I could stand in the presence of God himself, and then after we repented and asked God to forgive us. We have to turn around and asked Jesus to come into our life. I want you Jesus to be Lord of my life. All of my life without any reservation hesitation I want to give myself to you and then we ask that we want to be given the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

That's our down payment on eternal life, and when this happens. This is our spiritual baptism we become the new creation the new creature. We become a child or daughter of the kingdom a child of God we become a joint heir with Jesus himself everlasting salvation and you will find if you do this you will become what they call a born-again believer, your life will be changed totally. You will you will find peace, joy and happiness.

No matter what's going on in the world in your heart because you have everlasting life. You have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, God himself, and he will become one of the children greatest thing you can ever ever ever happen to anyone. Officers never do anything to me. This is much to you and we are not what were up against. It was limited time for tonight's the very good Janet was a good imitation folks listen to what he says. That's why we always wait we want you to. The last thing we want you to remember is that do it tonight when he contact till tomorrow. Good night God bless. And always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right what's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL not on the next time for meditation was right left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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