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FRI HR 2 082622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 27, 2022 1:08 am

FRI HR 2 082622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast at If you're in a church and the pastor is that way, I would tell you to find a church that God's Word, the Bible says is the doers of the Word, not just hearers only. Go and find where the pastor is bold and the people are bold and follow him. Now, hear our government, not just this government in this country but throughout the world, what you call the United Nations and people think that, well, you're patriotic if you hold to and support the United Nations, you're not.

No. United Nations is corrupt as a day is long and we've been telling people, in fact, we talked about the Apostate Church. The Apostate Church is the Church of Satan.

The Apostate Church is the Church of World and National Council of Churches. They're embracing, they embrace not maybe not every single congregation or assembly but the vast majority of embrace everything that God's Word, the Bible calls sin, whether it's abortion, whether it's euthanasia, whether it's sodomy, whether it's pedophilia, whatever it is, you know, say what they call same-sex marriage, they embrace sin, they embrace it. And like Paul says, though we are an angel of the light, preach another gospel to you, an angel from heaven, he says. And that's what they're doing. They're coming as angels, as Christians. Well, they're not.

They're as far as you can, from being Christians, you can get. So, well, we're going to play a clip and I don't know how much of it I'm going to go, but what this guy is saying is true. Listen to him. We are involved today. You know, do you remember that movie, Wizard of Oz? Yeah.

And you had. Yeah. Well, you know, when we talk about, we look at how the FBI treated Donald Trump and how they did with Hillary Clinton.

Remember taking acid to the hard drives, taking hammers and beating laptops and busting up telephones. I mean, like, in your face, I'm Hillary and she reminds me, and by the way, Hillary was a witch of a covenant, okay? She referred to herself as Drusilla. I heard her. She said it. She even called it on this radio program, uh, as the witch of the West.

Okay. That's what she called herself. So here, when I, when I think about her, uh, as that witch of that movie, and I think of, remember all the flying monkeys, all those little flying monkeys that flew all around doing the witches. That's the FBI, those flying monkeys. That's the FBI today as, as Hillary commands, go out there and do whatever you protect me. So you're very, so you, I own you, be my slaves, do what I say, uh, forget any integrity to forget, you know, any per, you know, any decency or honor and credibility.

You have to go out and you're my flying monkeys. That's what you are out there today. And, uh, if I, if my advice to the FBI, listen, this comes right from God's word, the Bible, the very first thing you need to do, you people out there is repent. Now I know that there are you whistleblowers there, the FBI, God bless you for doing that.

And, uh, but, but you need to also, uh, you know, maybe you might need to repent that you haven't come forward sooner, but anyhow, God bless you for doing that. God bless you for coming and you, you others that have it, you haven't though, you know, you should look at right now, John, do you think a lot of these, these agents, cause this program is coast to coast listening to this program. And you think right now they know to themselves that they need to repent of that and turn away from that and, and honor God and country. Do you think that's what they're thinking right now? Some of them they're listening to this program. I hope they all pass their knee because, um, otherwise they're like mercenaries. They're traitors. Oh, when you see what the FBI is doing, it's out in the open. We see it and agents go along with it. They're it's, um, it's like traders. It's like, it's like being in Nazi Germany and saying, well, I was just following orders. So, so are they going to make a choice that their loyalty is going to be to Hillary and Joe Obama and Merrick Garland, or is their loyalty going to be to God?

Okay. Now, who are they going to be standing in front of someday judgment? Oh, they're going to be before the Lord Jesus Christ.

Absolutely. And who else is going to be there before the Lord Jesus Christ, Garland, Joe Obama, and that white throne judgment and Hillary, huh? Oh yeah. Everybody, everybody past Ernie, everyone that was born from Adam is going to stand before Jesus Christ. Now that's the unbelievers.

That's not us. That's the white throne. Well, we'll be at the beam of seed judgment. We have the beam of seed judgment.

Yeah. But the Bible talks about the great white throne judgment in revelation chapter 20. And that's where Jesus Christ is the judge and everything that they've done will be brought to the light, everything. So now that, and I'm not just saying the FBI agents, I'm saying, uh, people everywhere, all across this country, whether you're your police officers, your cops, whoever you are, those of you who, and especially you to wear those black robes, you judges.

And I have some, some very dear friends that are judges and God bless them for being godly, but I don't care who you are. And all of those in there that call yourself Supreme court, you all are going to answer to the Lord. And, and my advice to you, because I'm going to tell you, the Bible says that you will reap what you sow. You will reap what you sow, right? Does God always do what he says he'll do?

Always. And so is God, can you mock God and ever get away from it? Well, Pastor Ernie, he's very merciful.

So he will work with people. If he judges us all immediately for sin, you know, we'd all have been home and left. So he's very merciful. And he tries to work in our lives and tries to work towards repentance and working towards Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior gives us time. But the time, if it's not open-ended, I mean, God's time working with us, there's a time limit that only God knows. But he doesn't judge us right away, Pastor Ernie. There's a delay where he's working in us, trying to get us to repent of it and turn to Christ.

Absolutely. And so, John, right now out there, you've got these FBI agents who, and their wives are telling their children, don't tell anybody your daddy works for the FBI. They're ashamed of that now. And for you agents, and that's your case right now, you need to tell your wife and children, look, I'm going to do everything I can, and right now I'm in the position that I have to change that because we've gone bad. We've gone rogue. We have... I'll tell you, Pastor Ernie, what's really bad, you know, you're telling, you're nailing it on the head, but what's really bad is the Justice Department and these District Attorneys, like the District Attorney in Cleveland.

Really? Yeah, they're bad. The one in New York is, I think, is probably even a little worse, but go ahead. Well, that's the, yeah, you're right, the Governor, but also the Governor of New York. But yeah, Pastor Ernie, these Attorneys, they have, like, more power than the FBI, the Justice Department, because the FBI has to work under the Justice Department. So they are completely compromised.

I think they're worse than the FBI, the Justice Department. Absolutely. All right, well, you know, unbelievable, absolutely. Now, you know, you talked about the Governor of New York.

I just want to say something quickly. Do you know who her God is? Who the Governor of New York's God is?

Well, it is the devil, Pastor Ernie. I saw her one day at one of her worship service, and it was nothing more than, like, like an occult event. And she says she wants all the decent people to leave the state of New York. She wants all the decent people, all the, yeah, I have that. I have that quote from her. Do you want it? Yeah, go ahead.

Let me see the date on this today. Yeah, I heard her. The Governor tells Trump supporters leave the state. New York Governor Kathy Hochul, I guess it would be Hochul. Hochul, Hochul, Hochul, yeah.

Hochul, Hochul. A Democrat took aim at GOP gubernatorial nominee Representative Lee Zeldin, saying he and other supporters of former President Trump should leave the state. Hochul sparked controversy Monday night by saying Trump and Zeldin and Molinaro, that must be another politician in New York, just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, okay?

Get out of town because you don't represent our values. Yeah, well, let me tell you what they're doing. They're bringing in all of these people, these illegal aliens in New York, and they're putting them up in nice motels on taxpayers' money. They're giving them free medical care, free hospitalization, something that the American people can't get in New York City. And by the way, don't worry, you folks that go to Florida or Texas, you run into a lot of the people you know because they're leaving New York City in Groves, like they are in California.

It's gone bad. It's a genius of Governor Hochul and the Attorney General here in Texas because they're busing, I think they've bussed about 5,000 already from Texas to Washington, D.C., and the mayor of Washington is beside herself she wants the National Guard to intervene. And there's only about, I don't think there's a thousand yet in New York City, but they're really upset in New York City about this. And both the mayor of New York and the mayor of Washington have bragged about we are sanctuary cities and whoever comes here is going to get treatment and they'll get food and they'll get clothing and they'll get, so Texas is saying, oh good, well if that's how generous you are, we'll ship them to you.

So it's been highly effective, Pastor. Well, you know, not only that, but you automatically can get out there because they've gone totally lawless. In New York City, you can, if you're a drug dealer or a pimp and prostitution, you can work openly, you don't have to worry about being charged because, you know, if you should get arrested, you're out, no bond. Crime is legal. In New York, crime is legal, okay, in New York City.

So if you want to go in and good chance you could go shoot people, rob a bank, whatever, and good chance you'll be out within the hour because it's totally corrupt, like their mayor and like their governor, they're totally, totally corrupt. New York, New York is really bad and the state legislature in New York are, these people are evil and wicked and shameful and I'm totally, completely ashamed of them. They call themselves state legislators for the wickedness, the pro-death, wickedness that they want to pass, okay. We're going to, well, Pastor Ernie, we watched that day, I guess it was maybe three, four years ago now, when the New York legislature passed the, you could murder babies right up to birth and the governor almost signed the legislation and it was like a festival, they were cheering and clapping. Yeah, we can kill babies, we can kill them after they're born now, maybe someday we can kill them under 10, you know, yeah, they're wicked people. If I run into one of them, if I ever get an opportunity, I would have loved to have been able to go to that, lock the chamber doors where they couldn't get out, okay, and preach them to their hair caught fire because those people are wicked. What they did is an evil thing, they shook a rebellious fist in the face of a holy god and I'm going to tell you, you state legislators in New York and you people in New York listen to me, when you run into one of those state legislators, you tell them, make sure you let them know that they, that god is not mocked, god is not mocked, they've shook a rebellious fist in the face of a holy god and it's, let me tell you, it's a fearful, fearful, fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living god.

So with that, we're going to play this clip, probably play maybe 10 minutes of it and then we'll take a little commentary, go ahead, do it courageous. Listening to Hugo Talks, now this is an exclusive video on only, well that's the idea as I'm making this video, feel free to download and upload elsewhere as you please. So let's get into this Lucy's Trust, someone sent me a video, a recent video that is squirreled away on their website called, Preparing the Way for a New Civilisation and if you've been following me, I've done a fair few videos on the Lucy's Trust, aka Lucifer Publishing and really, if you haven't seen those, you should check them out, I'll leave links in the description below. So if you want to see more of these videos, please subscribe to Lucy's Trust, there was Lucifer and the United Nations, a video about the Aquarian Agenda and how it linked to other people and other organisations, I did a video about how the Lucy's Trust openly state they do invocations, spells to raise the energy for big international political events like the G8 and the World Economic Forum Davos Convention, you know, they don't hide it and it's weird, I don't see that many other people covering this, it seems to be a bit of a no-go area for some reason. Now I'll just give you a brief lowdown on the Lucy's Trust but you should check out the other videos I just mentioned to get a better understanding. So the Lucy's Trust was set up by the Freemason Alice Bailey for her writings in 1922, it was originally called Lucifer Publishing Company after Lucifer the Fallen Angel, usually associated with Satan the Devil, they changed the name to Lucy's after getting backlash from the public, they say it means Lucifer the Lightbringer and it's all about bringing light to the world and was inspired by Helena Blavatsky. Now the Lucy's Lucifer Trust has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and World Goodwill, the name of their groups that are literally all across the world, is recognised by the Department of Public Information at the United Nations as a non-governmental organisation, an NGO, they are the spiritual foundation of the United Nations, the most powerful intergovernmental organisation in the world, you know the United Nations that runs the World Health Organisation, that have been jabbing billions of people with their pharmakea devil juice and are attempting to tell you what you can and cannot do, their spiritual foundation is the Lucy's Trust, Lucifer, Luciferianism, no different to the Freemasons and other secret societies, they don't even hide it, this is what these people believe in, the people who are ordering governments and you to maintain sustainability goals, to get digital IDs, to have your carbon footprint measured, who are working with companies to block out the rays from the sun, to make you eat artificial food, to create a cashless society, yeah you know the score, their religion is Luciferianism and it's weird, I mean if you actually look into it they believe that very soon the age of Aquarius will be coming in or if not it's already started and they say the lord of the seventh ray will appear, they believe he's an ascended master okay, sometimes they call him Christ but they don't mean Jesus Christ, they mean something else, they think he is going to appear in 2025, the lord of the seventh ray, they call him Saint Germain and they believe he has been reincarnated many times in the past, he was a Roman emperor, Merlin the magician, Plato, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon to name a few, that's what they believe, they believe he's going to come back and give off a burning energy and change everything into a new energy of Aquarius or something like that, to me it sounds a bit like the antichrist and yeah here we see the president, this is the president of the Lucifer trust here giving a message out, it's called preparing the way for the new civilization, it says a talk given via zoom during the online arcane school conference Geneva, June 4th 2022 by Christine Morgan, president of the lucis trust, now remember these people are the spiritual foundation of the united nations, they maintain and are in charge of the un building's meditation room in New York, general assembly building, it's the room with the big black cube of saturn in it yeah saturn dedicated to the god who goes by many names and I wonder who that could be, oh yeah it could be Lucifer isn't it, the Baphomet, saturn, the morning star, I reckon that'd be it, now you can check out this video message if you want, I just wanted to take a few snippets and talk about it, so this is Christina Morgan the president of the lucis trust, I did try to look up some stuff information about her but I couldn't find anything, there was nothing online, I did find a video interview which I'll have a clip of later on and in that interview she said she comes from South Africa and her mother gave her Alice Bailey books to read when she was 21 and then her mother took her to the arcane school shortly afterwards on a regular basis and then later on she became the director of that arcane secret school in South Africa which led on to her becoming the president of the lucis trust, so it looks like it's been handed down to her or at least it looks as if being a luciferian is in the family, okay so that's a bit of background and here she is from June talking about how the world is going to change in the near future and what they should be doing and what to expect also bear in mind that in these clips these people talk in a very vague manner over complicating things trying to disguise what they really mean, here's the first clip and this is why in this present period of transition the lord of the seventh ray is taking over the control of affairs and the ordered working out of the plan so is eventually to restore stability to the planet and give the incoming aquarian influences a stable and extended field in which to work, okay so they're saying the lord of the seventh ray is coming that'll be their christ lucifer anti-christ saint germane reincarnated person ascended master and this is going to make the age of aquarius come alive yeah these are the these are the people consulting with the united nations okay next clip the seventh ray works powerfully through Uranus and visualizing this planet's influence we can help to consolidate the new world order on the physical plane and indeed we're given a symbol to meditate upon in esoteric astrology for just this purpose so there you go consolidate the new world order she says always got to mention the new world order and this is going to happen once the lord of the seventh ray passes through Uranus sounds painful so here we have the president of the lucis lucifer trust talking about consolidating a new world order and she is asking for her groups to meditate to magnetize the world to make all this happen in a more streamlined way okay now in this next bit listen to how she talks about the minds of the public the brains of the people in the west and how their minds maybe are over developed and are maybe thinking too much and how this impedes their ability for them to use white magic check this out so the challenge today is that humanity has a powerful desire body which makes many demands and at the same time and perhaps especially in the west the concrete mind has developed to such an extent that it can preclude the higher more intuitional type of consciousness the mind increases the pace of progress but if over developed and vibrating too intensely it becomes insular a world into itself the overactive mind is a barrier to attaining free access to those levels where higher group associations are formed and in order to create higher group associations based on the white magic of right relations a certain magnetization of the surrounding ethers is very beneficial as pathways of communication are more easily forged in a magnetic environment okay so are you following this she's saying that over developed minds are not helpful for white magic relations and they want to magnetize the surrounding ether what for the ethernet cables eh because pathways of communication are forged in a magnetic environment she uses the word magic and white magic a lot doesn't she okay next clip the relatively small success achieved by western students already we're back and i could let me tell you this i can all i'd have to do is go to a biden rally and i can guarantee there's not one overdeveloped mind there okay yeah if there was they wouldn't they wouldn't be there would they okay pretty good all right a couple things happening we're going to go through lightning round chun you ready for the level the right lightning rounds uh but this coming wednesday this next wednesday uh august 31st uh guess what you have the great geode county fair the oldest fair in ohio huh yes over 300 000 people go through that fair huh and we have the right to life booth there we have the right to life booth and the merchants building there and if you want to go out there uh ron ritz my co-host here and myself will be working that booth and uh braiding yourself a pad and paper you know and an ink pen because you can get runs signature right you can get his signature right and uh and and he'll he is almost guaranteed to write something profound so you'd write something profound yeah a couple pearls of wisdom there you go okay now are we sorry yeah uh didn't you used to uh prepare a uh tomato sauce at this fair and win awards for it no that was ed corsey i thought it was you huh no my chili right yeah chili i i won are you i won northeast ohio chili cook off 14 times first place yeah that's why i i wasn't sure but yeah okay it's chili yeah so um we're the we're informing the public here that you are a superb that you are a superb chef among many other uh talents well my wife will tell you that i can cook chili that's it jesus when it comes to me cooking she'll tell you yeah he can cook chili that's it but anyhow that's that's all probably i can really do good okay uh because i've got a passion for it but uh but i taught my son my son's won first place several times too but anyhow yeah but i won't be cooking in chili at the fair they won't let me right okay we'll be out there we're out there to say babies we we pass out a tons and tons of literature and inform people and educate people about abortion what god's word the bible has to say about abortion and we we have the displays they show you all the babies and in every stage of development and and so it's very i mean really educational and we meet a whole lot of new people and people come from all over uh different states of that and they come through there from different states because the fairs is famous and i run into people listen to me from i mean all over they come in people from new york i listen to you i live in new york i just i live in new joisy i listen to you um they're telling me a lot from michigan we have a lot of people come from michigan but anyhow we're going to be there ron and i will be there uh and we're going to be there and we're going to be there well you're going to be there at 10 in the morning right yeah wednesday okay and uh so come in and wednesday and uh he's he's he'll be with his pretty little wife bar and and ron will say something profound and right and we're going to put to sleep right now want them for all that rumor that he's got a wooden leg he'd be wearing shorts and you'll see it for yourself right depends how cold it is all right there you go all right now i'll lord's willing i'll be there too right after you because i'll be relieving you right and i'll be coming in there and uh and that's this coming wednesday and then you know what a kiss where we're going to be on saturday we're going to be saturday september 3rd from 11 to 3 p.m the heritage club of northeast ohio is having a second annual judeo christian patriot rally at veterans park in painsville ohio and there's going to be food beverages concessions there's going to be government officials the politicians going to come out and shake hands and going to be a number of pastor of pastors it's going to be christian patriot music uh so bring your own lawn chair and this is a christian patriot and i'm going to be speaking up there and we'll have a little table set up out there too right we'll have some of our stuff maybe our cds and all that on there okay and that's um oh we're going to have the t-shirts yeah oh boy john we have these t-shirts that i've been wearing that's what i'm wearing out to all these rallies uh and on it's like my cap on the front and big bold letters red white and red white and blue on a black background it says america needs jesus america needs jesus is that true john does america need jesus oh desperate desperate past earning in the back of the t-shirt it says resistance to charity is obedience to god and great big bold white letters now we have these t-shirts available now i don't know how much longer we'll have them available uh because they cost a little bit to make and the price of things yeah cathy's been working overtime getting them done yeah and so here uh but a small medium or large uh we ask a donation of forty dollars for a double you know the double x 2x or 3x it's uh fifty dollars okay and the caps are 25 but we got a limited amount of caps don't we yes another cap says they're really nice it says america needs jesus i i wear them all all over the place where i go and people always point out the caps and uh and if their faces get all wrinkled up and they get ugly you can tell they don't like it right then i then i preach to them i got them i know who they are yeah easy to spot yep okay and uh so there you go or when they when they wrinkle that face up i get home uh in the post office john you could have been there you'd have been there you'd have been there that woman says uh when she turned and there were us people with faces the people with faces were there and the masquerades were there and this one masquerades yelled you ought to all have masks on and i told her i says the only reason you're saying that is you have a mustache don't you and you know what she did she didn't say nothing she just turned around she didn't know what to say yeah and she ran out and you know i don't think she had i hope she didn't have a mustache okay she might not have had any teeth sometimes people don't mean like that i mean because they don't have teeth right that's right okay there you go all righty there you go that's veterans park painsville saturday september 3rd from 11 to 3 p.m for more information you can call hal call hal at 440-223-2577 that's 440-223-2577 or you can go to the heritage club neo at the heritage club capital e our capital n-e-o at for more information and we'll be back right after this now you've heard the story about the king of kings who was born of a virgin and above all things yes he was and he wasn't and he isn't he's yet to come and how he went to the desert and was tempted thrice by the serpent who was satan and the father of lies how he did all the things that he did because he was yaoi's own son he said i am the way and the truth and the life so they hung him from a tree till he was crucified then they carried him and buried him in a tomb three days and three nights along and where the bang and the clang and a great big boom the angel removed the stone from the tomb and when they all went looking inside well jesus he was gone and now you know there ain't no skeleton in jesus closet the father caused it for the son to be redeemed when you're resurrected from the grave you leave no deposit yes there ain't no skeleton in jesus closet now as the spirit moved and the church caught fire and the gospel spread through the roman empire that old devil's old world order was turned upside down it seemed the more that he martyred and he crucified the more the holy ghost of jesus christ was multiplied until the gospel of the saving grace of christ was finally spread the world around all because there ain't no skeleton in jesus closet the father had caused it for the son to be redeemed when you're resurrected from the grave you leave no deposit yes there ain't no skeleton in jesus closet hmm now the muslims say it's down to all you bow the hindus pray they'll come back as a cow the oriental say only buddha's the way but what are they gonna say on resurrection day now the world's got leaders that are trying to lead but the truth of the matter is they're all deceived because they've all got secrets in their past they're trying to hide so when he steps up to make his deals he threatens to tell all the other big wheels so they all conspire together to save their own hands but you know there ain't no skeleton in jesus closet the father had caused it for the son to be redeemed when you're resurrected from the grave you leave no deposit yes there ain't no skeleton in jesus closet yes there ain't no skeleton in jesus closet and you can take that to the bank folks there ain't no skeleton in jesus closet you know and this is what we're telling you uh listen don't wait till it's too late okay uh repent and call upon the name of the lord today you're running out of time let's do some lightning rounds you ready go for it yes uh facebook joins twitter and announces its plans to influence the 2022 midterm elections and zuckerberg really isn't the problem here if you love american use facebook or twitter you're the problem stop using them all right really good simple fbit use ashley biden diary guilty plea to turn the screws on james o keefe god bless james okay he brought this to you i praise the good lord for people with courage like him that have to do the right thing that are courageous to do the right thing the fbi will use ashley biden's diary conviction to pursue to pursue project veritas founder james o'keefe they hate james o'keefe because he brings light you know what you know sunlight kills bacteria doesn't it yep and and that's what they become that the deep state is darkened and bacteria it's dirty isn't it yeah okay on thursday the two individuals who found ashley biden's diary at halfway house pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen properties john do you know what is so bad i've got a picture oh boy oh this is not looking good this is which with joe obama biden with little ashley there yeah and it don't look good look look what he's looking at yeah whatever i mean you see that guy around children it's just repulsive the guilty plea florida pair robert corlander 58 and amy harris 40 will be used to turn the screws on james o keefe harris found ashley biden's diary at a halfway house in palm beach and and sold it to project fair trust for forty thousand dollars according to the daily meal ashley biden joe biden's youngest daughter left her diary under a mattress at the palm beach rehab home so let me ask you this if she left it there and she left it there john and these people found it did they steal it no they didn't pass their army and i don't know if there's any legal requirements to return it or not i don't know i mean you could make a case that it was abandoned in january 2019 entry ashley biden recalled how she used to shower with her father joe biden and suggested it may have contributed to a sex addiction oh boy that tells you right there what was going on huh well the diary describes ashley and her father joe biden taking showers together in an inappropriate age well yeah i guess i've always been boy crazy actually wrote hyper sexualized a young age i remember someone having been sexualized with a family member i remember i wouldn't doubt it would it would be a hunter too i remember having sex with friends a young age showers with my dad probably probably not appropriate she wrote all right anyhow there you go what do you have big john well pastor ernie i wanted to alert everyone to what uh biden has uh and i'm getting the article here um what biden has uh just recently said about us yeah he gave a speech now apparently oh yeah this part was coherent but the rest of it wasn't so it's not long let me just read it if the joe biden declared that the so-called maga republicans are semi-fascist and a threat to our democracy in charge that they embrace political violence white house press secretary refused to explain what biden meant so here's what he said uh biden blurted out the mad quote the maga republicans don't just threaten our personal rights and economic security he said um the these republicans are a threat to our very democracy they refuse to accept the will of the people they embrace political violence they don't believe in democracy it's not hyperbole it he continued adding that america quote america is a genuine at a genuine inflection point it occurs every six or seven generations it might be referring to the civil war in world history and further proclaiming that we we are seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of the extreme maga philosophy it's not just trump it's the entire philosophy that underpins i guess would be the movement i'm going to say something it's like semi-fascism well you know what i've been out there and we're all you and i we're all over and the trump movement is stronger than it's ever been of course you're not going to hear that they keep trying to convince the people it's not and unfortunately we there are a lot of people out there that that you know they don't have a lot of backbone a lot of integrity and they'll just say what's he is okay but it's not and what they're doing the way they treated trump it's causing people more and more his the crowds he's drawing are greater than ever and they understand it's trump today and if they don't stop it and they hate trump they're afraid of trump if we don't stop them it'll be us tomorrow and the communist party joe biden these are tyrants the communist party are enemies they hate god they love death they want to take away our freedoms they they want to reduce america to third world status they want to restrict where we can live where we could go what we could drive what we can eat and who can live that's what the deathocratic communist party if friends i hate to tell you out there folks out there but you know democrats are your enemy now they are your enemy and so uh if they're well actually there's no really democrats anymore the the democratic party is called as deathocrats it's the democratic communist collective isn't it yep and so pastor how many uh illegal aliens has putin allowed to cross the border uh zero yeah zero uh but how many how many of putin's uh attorney generals and uh uh district attorneys have let the criminals run wild through the cities how many did putin allow kristen that yeah crime is not nearly not even close to what it is here huh and so well i could i could go on in that i could how many how many uh times did putin force us to be locked down by lies and close our businesses and have people take death shots and die as a result of it how many did putin force on us personally again it's not the russians or the chinese it's joe bama the deathocratic communist party that are our worst enemies they are worse than enemies they are worse than now they've come out and said it okay what did uh what did remember hillary called his deplorables that governor how you know how she uh told us to told the christians to leave and get out of new york to leave decent people leave new york all decent people need that uh chris the guy that's running for governor uh says if if you are a decent person if you're a conservative you're a hater always accuse the opposition of doing what you're doing so this is this is their new uh mantra that and you'll hear this repeated over you're seeing it parroted by the echo chamber at nbc abc cbs the communist controlled media and so this is their new strategy i don't think the strategy is going to work too well for them what do you think well pastor ernie they're taking the fight to us i mean yeah well we actually took it to them i guess they view that with the overturning roe versus wade but we are fighting them all the way we are fighting them at oh did you see last week all of the school boards that were overturned in florida past ernie did you see 20 out of 25 20 out of 25 and uh yeah the liberals were all kicked out and removed even in uh dade county which is huge that's a i thought that would be very liberal but yeah the 20 school boards were uh they're gone now the the communists are out of the school boards and it's under the control of the people and not only that john but but homeschooling but but homeschooler and christian schoolers are up by two million students this year two million students have gone from the public fool system uh to homeschooling that's just this year and so um more and more people and and they're finding out they're seeing what's happening and and then i had a discussion with that doctor who was trying to defend the fbi and garland and i told him here these people the garland sent the fbi out there like a pack of wolves against parents who who care about their children who don't want their children to have pornography to be to be forced pornography children you know these are parents that are white people that are not ashamed of being white and they don't want to hear their children come home and say you should be ashamed of being white and why did you have to born me white okay because of the critical race theory because of the propaganda and the communist collectives public fool system out there so when i told him that he didn't have an argument for it now it's funny not funny but you brought up that critical race theory uh they go back to 16 or whoever did it goes back to 16 19 project and blame blaming america yeah now you're a learned man when did america become a nation when did they become a nation what was it 1776 76 is when well that's when we declared independence independence yeah but no right right we actually you know independent in uh 1783 with the treaty of paris september 1st 17 that's from great britain granted us our freedom and then we didn't become america as we know now till 1789 under the constitution okay by 1804 all of the northern states uh rejected the slavery and ohio when it came into the union was a free state so i and in the civil war we had uh 600 000 well we had 350 000 uh northern killed his killed died as a result of it that's all overlooked all it's all put down it's all all they want to do is have this narrative that we are an evil despicable we were born in corruption and slavery and that and that's all and that's all we ever were and they want to steal every ounce of patriotism out of the children that comes right from carl marks he says in order to control a people's future and mark and stalin got that quarter marks to order to control a people's future you must destroy their past you must destroy their past you have to rewrite it now let me ask you a question if i say hey john is there a difference between servitude and slavery what would you say i would say yes servitude doesn't thoroughly mean slavery all right when the pilgrims and that when they came over here started settling the kind of colonies here colonies uh were they indentured servants who could buy their freedom who were given their freedom after seven years or were they slaves that were the property that were owned by their masters now a lot of them were indentured servants fascinating where yeah there was seven years there was seven years and people had to come over here and work uh for seven years and then they were granted their freedom so that slavery didn't come until later on and where did the slavery come from well muslim countries the muslims the muslims for the african tribes were selling each other they would sell to the muslims and uh also uh i'm one of the the dutch also were involved in the slave trade there too the muslims actually used to go basically travel the seas all the way up to northern europe and they would go into the ports and they would actually take women and young children put them on the ships bring them back to africa and then they would sell them to their uh muslim leaders over there that's it wasn't just you know only in africa they actually uh were very vigorous about it all over the place yeah yeah yeah and uh they they raided the coast of ireland yes they actually did they raided the coast of ireland and pastor ernie now that we're talking about this uh we own the we owe a debt of gratitude to the muslims in america do you know that that's ernie no i didn't know that tell me yeah because uh under the articles of confederation we didn't have a centralized government for military and the muslims were raiding on the when we were oh yeah they didn't our ships weren't protected by the british navy so we had to protect our own and they were raiding our ships and they were stealing these uh sailors and making them slaves out of them yeah so we one of the main reasons we're america is where they are now and we have a constitution it's because what the the you know the muslims there in north africa what they were doing raiding our ships and tripling and all so our first navy was built to um go into the mediterranean to defend and go to war like you know the uh to go to war against the muslim um pirates yeah thomas jefferson did that absolutely all righty build some of the finest ships in the world the uh they were they called frigates back then we had five of the finest frigates in the world well the way that the leathernecks the marines got their name is leathernecks is that is that uh the muslims had the swords that were curved the court and uh and they were made especially for lopping off your head as we've seen isis due to so many and so they they made these leather collars they had samatar samatar swords yeah and so they would have these thick half inch thick leather collars they would wear uh under their under their collar and so uh for that reason that they wouldn't that's how they got the name leathernecks and so hey if i can follow up on one um thing john said about putin last year i said this that basically it's frightening to think that putin is actually more american than our american president considering he was basically head of the kgb for the soviet union just think how far we've and you know who said that putin when he was talking about obama said that you people have fought against communism and he said the communism we have here is gone we can't do it okay uh that that the communist i still think putin's a communist but but he doesn't they didn't promote but he says if you think communism is bad what obama he said obama is the worst kind of communist okay in which he was absolutely right yeah and and so and before i oh i'm sorry for attorney no go ahead john yeah i just wanted to make something very clear i'm no fan of putin i was just using him against the democrat party here in the united states yeah and uh you know putin's a bad guy political opponents get near him they don't live long and and he's uh he's a big he's supporting syria and uh iran who are you know deadly enemies with israel so i i have no and i have no enemy what he did with iraq i mean he's not a good guy but he hasn't he hasn't done to destroy america where we have a democrat or a communist democrat communist president and the democrats that are doing everything they can to destroy yeah we're we're out of time john the only way putin looks good is if you put him up against obama or bite more biden all right uh how much time do i have i'm sorry already we are there john you got two minutes two minutes can you can you tell us how to avoid hell and get to heaven yeah it's not complicated pastor ernie the gospel is very very very simple a child can understand it and it's in uh one verse uh for god so love the world that capsulizes it but god's love is hovering over everybody under the sound of my voice right now that he gave his only begotten son and there's a reason that he gave jesus and because of sin the bible says god commanded his love towards us and that while we were yet sinners christ died for us so he sent jesus because there's an awful penalty for sin we are all sinners before god the the wages of sin is death and that death is eternal separation from god in a place called we think of it as hell but it's actually the leak of fire and then then the bible goes on to say that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life so believing in him is personal it's it god loves you and that he's got you got his grace that you can come to christ for salvation so coming for eternal life with god it means repentance we must turn from sin to jesus christ and his word can believe that jesus died on the cross shed his blood to pay the penalty for our sins and confess him as your lord and savior with repentance and confession you then can start a new life with jesus christ and have eternal life amen and so folks you don't want to run out of tomorrows today how often do you hear people say i remember i was preaching one day up there on the street in front of the abortion mill and these young boys come along and when i started witnessing to them the wonder leader said that uh uh while i'm young i'm gonna party hardy and he said when i get old i'll get religion like you preach and you know i told him i said you know what i didn't get this old by being stupid and if you keep thinking that way uh you're never gonna make it you never gotta live to get old but anyhow we're out of time for tonight and so what we do this every night at this time we say this good night god bless and always always always keep fighting the fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online to learn more about our ministry please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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