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FRI HR 2 081222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 13, 2022 12:51 am

FRI HR 2 081222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Sunday Morning
Jane Pauley

Donate and listen to the podcast WR already. I got here a quick note that there's literally called apparently has a daughter named Marquita who is paralyzed and she and I need more information. Obviously one somehow I'm there I need more information before we can go ahead and pray for because we don't we don't know the situation. We don't know if he daughter saved our unsaved so and this is the first I've heard about an apparently they said that they called in and we did get back with so you need to call the church leave a message leave a phone number and somebody will get back with you at the 44033813674403381367 no were going to play clip and and John this clip but before we do that, go ahead and finish what you are saying all I recall because of the pressure put on school administrator for teaching youngsters and bile homosexuality. The whole advantage in teaching children the question there sexuality in kindergarten. Note pages whether you really are going on… Child abuse and Garland was asked by the by the school district to stop it. So he used the FBI to go out and snored like harassing and doing background checks and interviewing and parents that were speaking. This is how low the FBI has come for so that you have to wonder now if you're in the FBI how long you can continue working and there was a good conscience. Well, my advice to the FBI. Is this an end to all of those at work in those federal agencies you actually get overrun God, believe me.

And if you have any honor any honor any integrity, any decency, any self-respect for yourself. You need to one.

Do what is right obey God rather than man and those people that are above you that are giving you those these corrupt orders you need, you know, John, who we were in the military. We understood that Willie got an illegal order. We did not obey the illegal order and you guys in the FBI you guys in the CI event list to be safe you might get think that you're getting away with something now, but believe me, that agency that you're in, that's not for real. It's a very temporal corrupt agency God is for real. God is forever you will stand before Almighty God. There is absolutely zero chance that you won't. And let me tell you I had just read to you a message from God how Hell has opened her mouth wide and you need and all all sinners need to understand that no it's for real. God is for real and will when Willie said, what is the mathematical folks there is.

God has a 100% perfect record of doing what he says when he says how he says where he says of all of history tells you those of us to the study of history understand, and so might my and for the friends of your you people of the listing you have family or friends that are in the FBI encourage them to repent to repent and obey God and not not that corrupt Mary Carlin who is extremely corrupt, not a Chris Ray who is extremely corrupt Mary Carlin. Let me tell you, especially you you you need to listen listen is a special hot place in hell for those Jesus says in Matthew chapter 23 he gives a warning to the Pharisees. Not only will you not enter into the kingdom, but you have kept others from coming into the kingdom and Mary Carlin what you're doing there. Garland warns extreme punishment is different degrees of punishment, Samara Carlin, you need to repent of that you need to repent of that Chris Ray you need to repent of that and Adam shift you need to repent. You need to keep your hands off little boys okay with that.

Were going to play clip here and the clippers of the book was written by Whitney Webb she's interviewed interviewing or being interviewed by Gareth Ike and is however stating it was only the tip of the iceberg and afterwards John will have you commentate, do some commentary because we know that you know about everything so will be with will be back right after this take away courageous mountainous Whitney Webb who would been very primitive had on the center for has recently released a book documenting the crimes of notorious pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein and how they connect into a crime syndicate. US and Israeli intelligence, one nation on the black mouse as a huge influence. These networks have of the politics and therefore our lives.

Whitney, thanks for coming on think the success of the basic outline of what this book is about to suffer so that she parks to bombs actually. So the first part is basically the network that would later go on to enable Jeffrey Epstein and Helene Maxwell and their activities.

This group has cropped up throughout various scandals over the years and Iran-Contra. For example, they were identifying and testimony.

Nancy enterprise which is the name that these people used to refer to themselves as other people like the journalist and cassoulet are called in the occupied state premiums over the years and part line is traced back to its origin, which is, essentially, and as I pinpointed beginning with operation underworld which was Manhattan office of Naval intelligence during World War II, the United States formally aligned itself with organized crime network. Specifically, the national crime syndicate on this is just a necessity but basically US intelligence contact with organized crime@and ended up being good businessmen so they essentially stay on the essentially fused over time and coincidence. These people decades later referred to themselves as the enterprise right it's it's essentially a business on the business that engages in illegal activity, arms smuggling drugs modeling sex trafficking on all sorts of activities like that and a lot of financial crimes, such as a major focus of the because the more you look at Jeffrey Epstein Maxwell as well, you know, there sex criminals right there also financial criminals on a massive scale and Robert Maxwell right is most notorious for notorious for his espionage activities, even though he arguably should be the promised software scandal and things like that.

So essentially part of the book party was placing Jeffrey Epstein in the Maxwell asset siblings and children of Robert Maxwell in that context and connecting them to the people that are outlined in the first volume of the book and you know I also picking up a lot of things on Epstein in the Maxwell's. A lot of people have not been able to have yet to really talk about in there some really startling things I think are going to be on coming out in connection with this book specifically, Epstein click the relationship I was in the White House just really extreme staff to say the least well will be where we are now and tell Betsy that the football club is owned by Robert Maxwell many many years ago I shaved one in the city, knew that he was dodgy basil that that is not one of those accepted things on a well dodgy yet in my lot to drink something is how these people can kind of infiltrators be allowed to get on with it with the title black male abutment was was massive and the exiting case and since that there were cameras on Epstein Island and it was kind of counter, and open secretly that people were being filmed getting up to no good, promising not only with social nuggets of black available material, be able to keep him agile with a different a long time, but they could. They can affect policies. Well, what was that what was going on that it was a case we have this on you you you will as a politician or whatever you will and that I not X, Y, Z, or else this is seen in it's really no coincidence that a lot of the people he was targeting were intimately involved party, as the Clintons was George Mitchell or Bill Richardson. Some of the big political names and type is black to be there all the Democratic Party insensitive Middle East negotiations that were obviously of interest Israel transient essentially in the first part of the book is Epstein's activities as it relates to political blackmail are hardly an anomaly. There's been people that have been doing this for decades and decades and decades the first big names that literally black male in this way was the first in longtime director of the FBI after organized crime and self healing congressmen and it was actually one of the key people involved in that sexual operation was Donald Trump's mentor, use a pretty notorious lawyer that sort of bridge of the worlds of organized crime in politics and in some pretty significant ways.

But there's some other people as well.

Robert Gray is the key fixture in the first part of the buggy was a big public relations employee had his clients included Robert Maxwell Khashoggi, among others. He was also linked to sex, well, sexual black male activity and basically running on Capitol Hill with the intention of blackmailing Congressman specifically and so this is something that's been going on for a long time. So these people in this particular network have been using blackmail to get certain policies passed protect and shield their activities.

I mean it's very significant at the FBI has been affected you really deferred since the 40s by this type of activity in there and that obviously affords these networks protection at the highest level of law enforcement, United States it's been that way.

Part of it is about influencing policy part of its about protecting their networks and also expanding, because as I mentioned earlier is essentially a business, and these people want more money and they want more power. So the ultimate goal is brackets Borelli and expanding for as long as they can help is the enterprise time from you mentioned you one of one of Trump Scott of influential people was kind of tied in with this symptoms with the FBI.

The father they've gone and rated Trump's house in Florida than the judge signed off actually represented Epstein as well as a few things that connected I was trumped second differential is relationship be the sort of Epstein circling thousands, so it's hard to know exactly the metamorphosis that know exactly was behind the political transformation experience in that period of time and when he ran for president so earlier on Trump Clinton donor and stuff like that at some point because Hillary's archenemy like this guy has has changed what faction he aligns himself with his political beliefs is to be a Democrat right now is make America great again Republican die so nothing shipped Trump and I think a big part of what's going on here is is just really am part of the effort to launch this war and domestic terror at the end of the day to get space so riled up they become violent. Just engaging in an activity that drives them while because this infrastructure. For more on domestic terror has been set up for years now. January sex wasn't big enough people to die set people as much as they wanted people to be upset about trying to generate a lot of outreach with a very specific segment of the US population actually cares about you know. Also I think they're looking for some sort of like 9/11 equivalent to launch a warm domestic terror and are hoping that if they violent trunk space enough.

They'll be some sort of effort to ignite a civil war so I think that's part of what the FBI is doing here when they go after someone like Trump political service in this group in some way. The question is, those motives, I mean I can't speak to that, exactly, now the FBI in terms of the real crime. Pretty much every scandal in the box, including ones involving child sex abuse scandal by the FBI or the Department of Justice BCCI scandal the promise scandal.

Iran Contra seen the list really goes on through the years and it's been pretty extensive on the role of the FBI is played any former FBI directors being hired by people like to go harassing victims of their homes and stuff like that. I mean, it is an agency for hire, and it has been for a long time and it's a key part of the swamp United States. I think you're exactly right thing. They attempted to take on almost push for some, civil war went when Trump was in office. To be honest, I was suddenly different things and then oversee you would with the George Freud's killing that was going to kind of like the blue touch type symptoms, you probably want to just kind of poking on the pumpkin then ties and is supposed to be like Kyle Schwab's I know this can be an angry Weldon's, Ludwig B. Is things.

To be honest when it comes to to the enterprise, and Epstein, Epstein's island of these organizations. These groups of the compartmentalized in the sense that to take. It seems all interest you see that list of people and means everyone goes to his island in on or even aware of it or is it because that's one of the seven people that would've just gone the financial reasons, business reasons – beware of the level of the holders so because a lot of the material that was produced island like the videos. For example, taken for black male purposes. Maxwell trial. There were names on binders of DVDs recorded at the Palm Beach residence island residents right and all those names were blacked out trial so there's no interest on the part of the department of justice and naming people are and there's no real investigation after Eckstein's knee when he was arrested in 2019 and his New York residences were rated. The FBI waited, but I have to go to the time I described stuff before Eckstein was arrested submit truck pretty on clear they wanted to cover up something usually insane stuff was going on there. Unfortunately is no real investigation done on those types of activities. I think it's quite clear that decent number of people that went there were involved in the sexual use of victims, but it's also hard to know if you I don't think it's fair to say that absolutely everyone, necessarily, there was involved in that because Eckstein was involved in his hands and a lot of different kinds not just the sex trafficking sex back as I mentioned earlier was also very obviously. The financial crimes offshore banking complexes and things of that nature. So he attracted a lot of people.

I think through those avenues as well. That may not have necessarily been privy party to this, the sexual abuse activities possibly involving big farmers always terms of vaccines and investment in research and stuff about vaccines and I see that person was involved in efforts that were seen related to like the genetic technology and vaccine pushed he was seeking to DNA data mining people in the Virgin Islands and then sell information on their genomic sequencing to big Pharma and this was his company Southern trust.

So it wasn't necessarily involved in vaccines but it was part of. He was deftly a very early part of this push disorder gene targeted our genetic editing medicines and vaccines that very early very early stage about the same time a valid interest in trans-humanism, eugenics, and numerous other things, but specifically as far as I'm aware on his intersection with with big part was that company specifically trying to mass collect DNA make biomedical Google is looking for and timely in his testimony about his company gave him 2012. He says that he was involved. He does lots of work in Africa and that Africa is the perfect place to experiment sensually and that is really stunning when you consider some of his interest, but I personally think that there is no formal organization of vaccines in Africa so I think this is through the Clinton foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Eckstein was doing lots of work in Africa because if you look at flights that he was president and the, the acknowledged aspects of the Eckstein Gates relationship. He was intimately involved with their philanthropies as it relates to Africa. A lot of the HIV-AIDS work. Clinton actually accredited seen as having developed. I think that's highly significant, especially considering that a lot of people have done deeply into HIV and AIDS and in the history of all that is a contact consequence of the 19 and things like that so to see Eckstein's heavy involvement in that is when you consider that he is a decade long major player in financial crimes unit developing philanthropies for Bill Gates and Bill Clinton have now in the case of Bill Gates.

It's like running a monopoly in a really corrupt Corporation with the Clintons its operating political slush funds legal fundraising and all sorts of stuff and so these. This is the guy they look to develop their foundations right there public health work. So I think it is very telling to closing everything comes at men's to use a web get the feeling with you know what we know so far as is his sign but I think there's more that reporting blood.will to someone. If you been up to no good and you get tips offered to clean up unthinkably by bleach cleaning autopsies is by cement makes me mess. Cement trucks are Vanessa festers next level. Next level insanity how much influence to distance promise to have now and did you think that would lead people to justice, point to these. This is going to come to light. The problem is this taking control of the entire US government is an empire in the US. Client states all over the world implications the same time you know there is to be major criminal investigations into this type of activity.

But there won't be because literally because the extent of corruption demonstrably, such as the government is incapable of investigating itself. So I think one of the discussions I would like this book to starker people is what we do with the situation like that where there has to be a major official investigation is the only way to get the information necessary to prosecute in a situation where the government is incapable of keeping itself is quite true. As far as the enterprise influences influence goes I see I things and here he says he identifies the enterprise. He says there bankers, CEOs, intelligence agents on all of these different things and if you don't stop now.

This is T 90 will take over the entire US intelligence community.

The entire government in the world of free speech free media crush dissent will destroy and that gets in their way and they will express reveals whatever it takes time that work with these people in the 1990s and try to expose them to advance today and how much is happened since then and he part of this image points out with wealth transfers are basically preplanned economic crises that are controlled demolitions of the economy see a major wealth transfer go for regular people to these guys right was one of those eight financial crisis is one of those.

The savings-and-loan crisis in the 1980s was one of those as well.

He was involved definitely in the first two for sure. It is really compelling stuff about him in the 2008 financial crisis because a lot of the financial crisis began because of the collapse of Bear Stearns and there is evidence that Eckstein was the pin pop the bubble collapse for himself as a major client start and there's a lot of really crazy stuff about the Eckstein Bill Gates really start the Eckstein Bear Stearns relationship. I'm going way back before he became CIA director for Reagan, Bill PC was the longer representing Bear Stearns and leaving that firm under suspicious circumstances. Not long after Bill PC joined the CIA. No one is really proud. The Bill Casey Bear Stearns relationship because as soon as Eckstein leaves Bear Stearns. He is involved with people in Iran-Contra show he and people other people and to show he is a client in that time with people at work directly under Casey and the rating campaign and sex black male) and Robert Gray mean it's just like really nice stuff going on there and it becomes one of biggest clients and then he collapses the funds last of the bank itself in the larger 2000 crisis which created a benefit for people. He was friendly with his network. But a lot of economic pain for everyone else.

So in the context of intelligence linked individual in a financial criminal what we make of that.

And so I'm at the end of the day. I think when you're looking at Jeffrey asking a lot of the extreme focus on the sex crimes is to keep you from looking at the financial crimes in the intelligence connections because there really significant and have implications for like regular people not stressing victims like you know it's it's really far-reaching case in the morning, look into Eckstein. It becomes abundantly clear as you alluded to earlier, there is so much more to come out, especially about what he was doing in the 1990s with the Clinton White House. Some of the stuff I found I thought I knew about writing a book about it and it is is just jaw-dropping.

Some of the stuff that was going on. The Clinton White House involvement just totally beyond so anyway don't ramble on the web, but we just have the names pop up left over and over again to welcome people get with people that you book you can order directly from the publisher, which is trying day TRIE day people in the UK talking to distributors in the UK itself so that shipping costs are so high because the publishers basic organ in the United States. The shipping cost UK are a little more information on that on that soon but if you look at my website would be putting up a FAQ page for the book that will include links for easier UK shipping options as well. You can also preorder through Amazon but I encourage you not under this corporate empire. He was very selective brand about basil's posterior pal pal best friend, whatever.

So if you money if you can avoid it. I would prefer you book so those are options to consider as well.

Thank you so much with this we did go down with the sign. Like sleeping on the wall sign powers within user read me the covers these hard times this week so you still will let me know you doing this now is only our father's within the shell without soldiers we would order to be. We know you will you a we are we here to read more more people will know where do churches go is underneath the tower 800 foot. The address is 14781 Sperry Rd. This is 14781 Sperry Rd. on those bunch of your women rose and we would pull old paper addresses 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry and the W BU or what OH 44065 and we start Sunday morning at the 30 will we do praise and worship in the we go into the Bible study and then the Bible study, we really hold to the word of God.

We really do we get into the meat of the word and then at 930 we go into another with mother Bible study and then we have regular fellowship time until 1115 1115 the morning service starts and then in the afternoon we normally on Sunday we have a class that is the Bible and current events that we show some folks I don't know what we have this week, but I believe we have one is going to be short about 430 I think is the what is we've been talking a lot about people don't realize witchcraft today in America, witchcraft is more prevalent than ever more prevalent than ever, but it taken a whole different form and of believe that's what they're going to be looking into the subject and so the were right at the corner of Sperry Road roadies over the Newberry Ohio wrote in the seventh Sperry Road right corner under 900 foot radio tower there and so our phone number. You should get lost looking for directions 44033813674403381360 and Doug can give us a quote.

No were going to go to run, run your article, Bruce Reinhart, the judge who signed the warrant authorizing the radar in our present trumps Florida home was an Obama donor who made after trumps social media posts were you proud prevent trauma from becoming president and then on to Zürich.

It was revealed that George Reinhart had previously represented employees of convicted child search trafficker and delete pedophile Jeffrey upstream, Veronica Jeff sessions in 2017 had to recuse himself from the Russia Russia Russia great. Just on the mirror.

Slight impropriety of having connections for the was years old point get the inside of the credit card as part of the collective we been told their flush. Go. This is the big thing in this. This is something to this is hard to believe but it's is is hard to grasp that is amongst the so-called elite amongst the people of the soul of the Hillary. The Clintons and that unless you are being blackmailed in some form by Jeffrey upstream you worked anybody within the elite.

All of the elite had to be of me that's that's how you it's unbelievable but that's this crazy mindset that these people have their say to we think about all the drama turn number and other how the government can go home more permanent than the law firm representing government people.

And from there it's amazing how this whole warning and the payroll. It is course will were seated again. We take a look, going back to what we were talking about.

This is so clearly defined there. It's negative of the chapter 3 Romans chapter will everything that's happening. We see the situation so plainly written out for in the book of Jude Wheatley see times were living in so the vast majority of people like Dozier Proverbs chapter 1 starting in verse 20 there Lola Landers. The Bible talks about simple mind of the simpleminded there clueless the running around looking for is another's things are not good to know things. This is another something very, very wrong, but the only place that has the answer to that is right there because were the King James Bible, and yet they don't want to look their because some will even think the if they go there and they recognize God's authority than they have to change a life. Middle really wanted to do some of it but somehow John there's a mindset.

If I don't acknowledge God. God can't exist to my life.

When you think about that learning know what the actual Google have their own more so now they're going after Pennsylvania's 2020 alternate electors who were selected in response to the stolen election in 2020. It's as though they have sold every other problem like Hillary's 30,000 missing emails, harder bugs, corruptions and prosecuted all the files on Epstein's auto that allows him to spend time on stuff like this again. We were really good to do as long as we can send a message to new folks out there to the only remedy for sin is repentance and cannot, you'll never be partial, powerful enough to you to get over a got you're not going to get. God is not mocked God is not mocked, were trying to tell you were trying to warn you about you know when the end of that lake of fire. The Nielsen had only listened right José like the phone was take some photos cold like 2 phone lines are "we have their what this is an amazing thing.

This is, this hasn't happened for right no do what that means there is this program was so interesting tonight that their listing and not even Clifford is: that will probably change.

No right is there.

Clifford is there. All right. Look closely. He's right though he is fully mixed for the next 25 minutes is Cliff have to go to Joe go for Cliff yeah I want to get you know. Episode 345 right front report the problem you will you be Kerry Rivera talks about two things right thing. Some that was handicapped by being ventured talking about chlorine dioxide about $20 claiming that it is now being supported by Dr. Peter McCall or Michael remedy for a lot of things, including Colbert and a possible and dropping from the sky in Bolivia.

They made a law that needs to be available for the cold patient could be researched. The other things you brought up was methylene blue.

I never the Sgt. that was you that we like a blue but actually being found work against like human time is depression also elements that we don't have any actual side effects. User for that would be something to really check out that episode of looking to be the main thing that I wanted to say and also the walls last night dealing with you know about Alzheimer's car with pill l-carnitine is considered number one thing you can take and it does more than any supplement that anything that I come up with, helping all adorable, possibly slightly know the coconut was soon to be very helpful to want things with that l-carnitine guide peptide got two things in it that was created by Russian flight to set the record for the brain function of memory and also fat-soluble, not water soluble, fat soluble might be one is a name for it. So a lot of conflict also will beautify like that that that has been found to do one parking much: ensure that with us who do we have this go to Bruce grew sure there a lot we can barely hear you. You have to speak right into your phone a lot with well you Israel. We have we have done that in the past. First of all, there is real is as bad as United States and Jesus talked about having a moat in your own eye when you go along.

Whether Israel is a nation we told people this before. She is a very very corrupt nation like America. In fact I said that last night and what happens is is it's always been a stiff night.

No were not talking about the Jewish people. I've gotten two letters from people. There are a lot of good Jewish people just like a lot of good American people, but the governments of both Israel and America have become very very corrupt and they've been behind a lot of corruption, especially there with the well not try to try to control the country China owns the White House. More than more than is really Israel that could be set at one time some years ago, but right now, today, China owns the media China owns the White House China owns all these people are invested in trying out there and Chinese companies. There including all of the mainstream media so but but Israel she's got Israel as gotten a high abortion rate Israel had one of the largest sodomite marches in the history of the world there in Tel Aviv, and they've got high end human trafficking. So they've got their problems just like America does here. Okay that's what Wheatley said last night when I fact when you if you read Hosea chapter 4 that applies if you read those first 45 verses that apply so well to both Israel and the United States report 12 will okay I can okay what's happening here. Craig I can barely hear either one of these guys up to go to new okay John okay you got you guys both speak right into your phones because we can barely hear either one of you I my card was one problem with real people go away: okay please gone okay, got CFS thunder Sears blunders are no boat has been alive and I have a national audience now and I want other people to call them so I stood back to let other people get a chance to call in pestering John out of all these very name is very, very familiar with girls you don't know a lot of ball work for the New York Post investors daily and the Wall Street Journal and he's been on television quite a bit. Well anyway is now reporting that the FBI agents who rated from our under criminal investigation by John Durham.

All are under investigation by John Durham. Now these are the same counterintelligence FBI counter Intel division Newport, the Russian Oaks so these guys have a lot to lose to be up for treason and these people going to hang for what they've done. That's all they've got to go after Trump we got expected.

Now were also hearing a lot of people talking about possible assassination attempts on Pres. Trump. Believe me, that's already happened. They've already launched two missiles at the airport one so I have to put this out because there's not a lot of people talking about this. A lot of people are saying that if anything happens to our president. There will be retribution beyond what they could ever imagine.

I'm not talking about just the Democrats. I'm talking about the people that run the world.

This is a state operation to try and kill him. And if that happens I'm not saying I'm not saying that I know I want this to happen or should happen, I'm just only what people are saying I'm hearing people talking and saying that they will go after the people will not be able to walk down the street because Schwab the ball know Harare is the build gauges the Rothschild Rockefellers. These people will not be able to survive the coming wrath that would come upon them to Pres. Trump's Guild so I just find it interesting that through the FBI is under investigation by John Durham.

These guys they got a lot to lose but where where can John Durham bring the case who's going to prosecute US military well known that that will happen then because the military what what you think the president from came up with the idea of the space force.

What is the space force.

The screen porch is not only what's up in the sky.

The space force is also what's going on in the electronic world on the on the young ones and zeros with digital think they've got all men. Pres. Trump even said we've got it all. We got now okay we we need to probably explain some things to list as a standard. There's a lot of things that are happening. You have the deep state that you have what we call the White House. The white hats have been. They have their very very well.

They don't they keep what they're doing. Very quiet. They don't they don't talk about the keep it under under their hats if you will write an these are made up mostly of former military high-ranking military officers and patriots that you have a lot of special forces involved in this in the White House and there at the counter, but they do a lot of work undercover where you don't see that Heather Connor remember pushing back against the deep state so a lot of people don't realize what is happening and so because of the nature of their operations and that we can't say much about his right well part of the military ever tell you what they were up to no reason for that song through the art of war is about keeping your enemy confused making them think they're stronger than they are an excellent read. People should read it and explain exactly what's happening today. I believe the US military will eventually have to take control because the court system has been about the deep state and the swamp is so deep that there's no way to get justice so there's going to have to be military tribunals.

These people are going to have to hang for their treason and that's why these these FBI agents were going after Trump. Now I hear rumors and I don't know if this is true or not but there were rumors that the prompts cameras in his abode down there at the moral law go as videotape of FBI agents doing some very perverted things with mole mama Lonnie approaches underwear kinds of other things.

I don't know but I know were out of time for tonight. I thanks and I bid Xavier C.

Church. We haven't seen you in a while so dinner already. Douglas, no John, you got two minutes. Can you give an limitation in two minutes. How about the cream-colored country, preferring there are, that would be all right deftly needs prayer father where before you in the name. We thank you for the nation. Lord, people with believe you were able to put together so many years ago.

And Lord, we looked away from your Bible, the wicked shall be turned in for howl and all the nations that forget God will recruit forgotten you the most part were crying out for you now will move up your spirit when we look at good government how you against the people, Lord literally to you. Your word Lord we need a mighty move of your Holy Spirit from the coast goes electrical, the Lord, the whole nation. We need a mighty move. We acknowledge all the wicked verse olefin.

How many babies have been killed. Lord, only you know the homosexual agenda mocking marriage between a man and a woman mocking male-female Lord. So we are crying out to you work for a mighty move of the holy spirit to practice in to win many souls could change, the more one will come out F thank you for Pastor Ernie American you could show the real lighthouse Lord in darkness) plus his church board and everybody defendant in Jesus name I have met so much time do I have their rights of folks out there to remember God is of the throat is in complete control. Let's not forget that and he has raised us up for such a time as this. This is our timeless run to this battle. Let's hear those words will do. My good and faithful servant until tomorrow. Good night God bless and always, always keep.

Five day love

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