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FRI HR 1 072922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 30, 2022 12:30 am

FRI HR 1 072922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left, with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left. I'm radio pastor Ernie Sanders. And indeed this is the voice. We're still the voice. After all these years we're still the voice of the Christian Resistance. And tonight, boy do we have a lot to talk about. So let's get going. We have on the board none other than Courageous Craig. Good evening everybody. And way out yonder in Texas we have Chaplain John McCurtain. Hello Pastor Ernie and God bless you and all our listeners. Well thank you.

Right here live with me in the studio we have none other than Ron Ritz. Good evening everyone. And I am their hero. There you go. Anyhow, we've got a lot to talk about tonight so we've got to get right to it because I've got some smart guys here with me tonight.

Working with three smart guys. Let's get right to it. We're going to be, I'm going to read a couple verses out of Leviticus chapter 20. And then I'm going to be talking about what's happening out there. I've got an article here. Covid jabs linked to surge in demonic possessions, religious leaders say.

We're going to take a look at that and see what that's really all about too. So here in Leviticus chapter 20 verse 6. And the soul that turneth from such as familiar spirits and after wizards to go whoring after them I will even set my face against that soul and cut and will cut him off from among his people. Sanctify yourself therefore be you holy I am holy the Lord your God and you shall keep my statutes and do them and I am the Lord would sanctify you. And then we go to the last verse which is verse 27 well verse 26 27. And you shall be a holy people for me for the Lord for I am the Lord for I am the Lord I am holy and I have served you from other people I have severed you from other people that you should be mine and a man also or a woman that hath a familiar spirit or that is a wizard shall surely be put to death they shall stone them with stones and their blood shall be upon them no let me just ask you about this now we are to be a holy people right John he says here sanctify yourself therefore be holy for I am the Lord your God and you should keep my statutes and I am the Lord would sanctify you and then here he says here and you shall be holy unto me for I am holy and have severed you from other people you should be mine now he was speaking to the nation of Israel would that very same thing apply to the church today you know pastor Ernie I have to confess I was reading all of Leviticus 20 while you were talking well there's a whole lot in there I mean if you want to go there it'll take up some time yeah I have to say it's something that I've never really delved into but I really got caught up with this familiar spirit and I wanted to uh I was doing some reading on it so I'm sorry pastor Ernie I can't answer your question well John you know I never mind never mind I I had a have mercy have mercy on me tonight all righty I will okay but anyhow uh let me just say this let's go first of all he's talking about being holy being holy okay now he's speaking to the nation of Israel here now would that apply to us in the church today do you have two nations that were formed absolutely absolutely pastor Ernie and of course peter talks about that be holy as I am holy absolutely now then it will well how do you how do you should we should we lay that one on ron he's kind of the rookie here and uh have him find tell us how how you how you how you should be holy well basically you would abide by the ten commandments first and foremost and then we would actually have to take the lord jesus christ as our salvation I think that's well yeah that would be the very first thing but he answers that question if you read that in both verses here let me let me read that now he answers the questions what what makes you holy sanctify yourself and therefore and be you holy for the for i am the lord your god you should be holy now here here you go ready keep my statutes my statutes and do them i am the lord which sanctify you so that's what he's in other words obedience the one thing that god asked demands more than anything else from genesis to revelation is obedience and so here now but he says this and a man also a woman with a familiar spirit or that is a wizard now what is a person with a familiar spirit is referred to as what well pastor ernie a familiar spirit is um if i'm understanding it correctly could this run from a family through a family well actually specifically in the bible it talks about those with a familiar spirit as witches they're witches and so uh and then he also is talking about or wizards or wizards or warlocks okay so you have witches and warlocks actually can have a familiar spirit wizards uh are virtually the same thing except for the wizard kind of deals a little bit more with uh pharma pharmakeia the wizards deal more with like with more into the pharmakeia the magic type thing the drugs the hallucinary drugs and things like that but if you look up familiar spirits the definition will be witchcraft okay and so and that's what he's talking about true scripture if you look up how what does the bible say how do you deal with a witch they're there to be put to death yeah stone them and here it says and also a man or woman that have a familiar spirit or a wizard shall surely be put to death they should be stoned with stones and so uh here now now the question is and this is what i'm going to be dealing with i'm going to be preaching on this this week lord's will unless the lord changes because witchcraft is worse than it's ever been yeah witchcraft is more prevalent today and wizardry witchcraft and wizardry is more prevalent today than it's ever ever been but today if i was to say john tell me how does a wizard or a witch dress you know you all the pictures you get of witches and wizards witches are wearing long black dresses with pointy hats and they're riding on brooms okay but that's not the way they appear today and it's the very same thing with wizards you know wizards with their long robes and their pointy hats right and their magic wands uh like what is that movie oh that that's out oh what was that lord lord of the rings yeah the lord of the rings yeah that would be that would be example that the guy that's in there that that guy by the way is an atheist he plays in that he plays in uh other movies the one who plays the wizard the guy with a white you know the old white-haired fella okay anyhow he's an atheist i listened to an interview with him and i can't remember his name but anyhow here so so wizards today oh there are plenty plenty of wizards out there today uh but they don't go many of them you know are have ceo behind their names okay and so but they're practicing wizardry and they're doing it right in front of your face and the vast majority of people in this country are are totally oblivious they've got no clue at all they're absolutely clueless so we're going to be taking a look at that that's what i think i'll be preaching on lord's william here but meanwhile speaking of wizardry that deals uh a lot again like i said with pharma kia with drugs and things like what they call vaccines today okay and here's an article and it's an article from citizens news and uh from citizens news and uh let's see the oh the author on this one is it's ethan huff and the uh ethan is he is he has got a reputation for being very very credible he goes on to say here there are so many there are now so many fully vaccinated people and i'm trying to let me get this thing they got it stapled together here there are not so many fully vaccinated people showing strong signs of demonic possession that a new saint michael center for spiritual liberation and exorcism is opening in manila philippines according to reports the new site will be dedicated to perform exorcisms on people who got jabbed for the wuhan coronavirus covid-19 father jose francisco's sequoia says he receives about 10 reports every single day of demons infesting the bodies of the jabbed the people that have been jabbed the roman county church is responsible for erecting the facility which is reportedly the first of its kind a nation priest will be trained in the order of expelling demons said sequoia the director of the archdiocese which holds the position of chief exorcist the story is the official story is that the pandemic and all of the stressors are responsible for the uplift and demonic possession but the reality is that the is that the jabs also are a major contributor related demon uh the man related demon possession has been on the rise for many years now well we've seen that absolutely okay now a product of more than seven years of prayers planning and fundraising this will be the first of its kind in asia it is not if not the world the archdiocese says now the center will minister to those in bondage to the devil who are therefore the poorest of the poor and are usually overlooked the facility will have special rooms for not just exorcisms but also interviews and counseling full possession according to sequoia sequoia only accounts for about 20 of all exorcisms performed by the roman cali church the majorities he says have performed on people who are being harassed physically by evil spirits in the past three to five years sequoia added that he has been a sharp increase in witchcraft activity taking place inside people's homes which is also a factor in the current crisis the first vatican adores course on exorcism was introduced in 2005 and it will be used to train priests not only in manila but all around the world in the art of casting out demons from people's body the manila manila facility will serve as the headquarters of the philippines associated with catholic exorcists known as pace it falls under catholic bishops conference in the philippines okay what do you think about all of that john mccurran well i don't buy into catholic exorcism pastor i don't see it matching the bible at all and the philippines has a lot of paganism mixed in with the catholic church so there could be a lot of things stirring this up but when i understand the the way the catholic church causes or perform sexism i don't buy into it all right well let me ask you this do you believe in casting out demons that the you know you you there comes a time when you have to cast out a demon do you believe that absolutely pastor ernie in in my ministry which i mentioned that on then in uh especially pakistan when we're dealing with the muslims and the hindus and my part of my preaching in the of the gospel was i follow luke 418 and it the the latest part says set at liberty them that are crushed and if you look at that it's uh really in context there's a press of the devil so the lord went about oppressing freeing all who were oppressed of the devil so that was part of his ministry and we we see it i i see with my own eyes in uh in pakistan dealing with the hindus and with the muslims well i've had hands-on on several occasions where i've had to cast out demons uh people that were possessed and once we we we had a confrontation with a whole large number of satanists and this was at an abortion mill my job was when we had operation rescue my job was to pull the the satanists away from where the rescue was going to go down and it was going to go down on one side of town and over by university circle but my job was to get them away so our people could close down the bloody abortion mill and so what i did all week long i said saturday 7 a.m light against darkness good against evil number five seventh circle be there that's all i said i didn't say anything about we were going to rescue the place uh i just said be there light against dark good against evil and so come saturday i only had about five people women i went out there and the whole circle now this is a big shopping center a big circle it's where you have all these big stores in there a mall was in there and uh so i get out there and the police have got the whole thing roped off they've got it roped off they got it closed they'll let you come in and then but you you can only go to the right now to the left around the circle so i go over there and the satanists are out there waiting on us there's about oh anywhere between i don't know i'd somebody said there was about 80 of them out there and while we were there the police had had uh tapes up between our my people and in the satanist the police had a line between us and so at that place we had an injunction you might have remembered john you may have come out there with me there was three islands three islands another one of them three islands three islands in other words there were yes yeah the very first time the very first time i uh i i stayed at your place that we went uh early in the morning on a saturday morning right when you're talking now at this time there was an injunction against me before i could go up by the door but now i was i was the courts had put me had an injunction and i was restricted to the islands but only the people that were in concert with me could be on that island that's what the the court order said only those that were in concert you know so i thought does that mean they're singing with me okay hear what but anyhow so i'm out there and the police come up and the police a little confused they thought we were going to rescue the place they expected to see two three hundred pro-lifers there so the guy in charge comes up and says are you guys going to rescue this or what i asked him i said so how would you like to avoid a whole lot of paperwork the cops hate the paperwork okay he said well i'd like that a lot and uh i said i'll tell you what well what i'm going to do here is some theatrics and if you want to do some theatrics with me uh and we will you'll avoid a whole lot of paperwork and he said i'm well i'm in i'm in what do i do i said just just stay here do what you're doing keep keep between us and them and so meanwhile uh here comes john he's their leader he's a great big guy he's he's satanically he's possessed you ought to have seen john what he was wearing you know this job was about about your size john mccurnan and he had i can't even tell you that what was blaspheme christ but much much worse buttons he had these buttons and things on him he was wearing he had like this vest and he goes up and he comes right up to my island and he stands there to show everybody he's going to violate the law and he's going to confront me right there now here's the thing john uh my back was to to the police and i was facing this guy and i mean i was up up face to face up close and uh i told him john i said there's there's nothing wrong with with you boy except for you don't have any guts and he laughed he said i'm not afraid of you and i'm not afraid of your christ and uh he said we will defeat you i said look look look i said right now i can prove john listen to me son i can prove jesus christ right here and now i could do that i can prove him to you right now if you only had the guts but now see what what was going on is they couldn't see they couldn't see that i was poking him in the chest see the cops behind me all they could see it was my back but i'm poking him in the chest i'm saying right if you only had the guts and while i'm doing that then his face is getting redder and redder and you can see his eyes and i said do you have the guts boy you know and he said what do i do i said right now right now if you'll do this i will prove the lord jesus christ right here now he says what do i do let's take my hand and just repeat if you got the courage but you got to do it you got to believe and repeat these words after me so he took my hand john and we said the sinner's prayer we said the sinner's prayer right there and john you had to see it you know i don't know how i just knew that god was going to come through for this i just knew it i just had you know how did you get that that fit and a piece of past is all understanding that's what happened so we said that prayer and this guy you and this guy you ought to seen it this guy his whole cotton has changed he didn't even look the same his face did not even look the same john and this great big guy after he said this in his prayer started crying he had tears running down his face and he said he spoke to me just like you said he said he spoke jesus jesus talked to me jesus spoke to me and he's crying and he said i'm saved he said i'm saved and and so here i mean that was that was more than i expected i can tell you that i didn't i didn't you know so what happened uh all the satanists were looking at him now up until this time every now and then probably once every couple of weeks i get this guy that would call in and he would speak in a satanic voice and he and he would try to blaspheme christ and he would say we will destroy you satan is god and all of this and that and so you know when he did this he said he said thank you he's and uh you want give me a hug you know and i thought oh i said boy this guy you know they're gonna kill him they're gonna kill him because he did that right in front of home so uh i looked over and i said you better go right through the police line here stay behind that police line okay and you got to get out of here and and the police will keep these people here so nobody follows you but you got to get out of here and he he did and he walked over and he walked through my people as he walked through my people he stopped and he shook hands and embraced or whatever but i never heard from him again i never heard from him again but listen if they killed him at least he went right to heaven didn't he yeah you saved them eternally it's rough it's rough out there with these people i mean it's getting rougher and rougher by uh by the day you had asked um do the demonic you know do the wear pointy hats and you know dress like witches you can see them today pretty much in all the movies the music the videos it they're out there and like you say they're in suit and tie running things so they're it doesn't take too much imagination to actually see them today well see a lot of people don't quite think really understand uh you know what what real witchcraft is they get you know they they get these uh pictures as pictures of these uh democratic women from now and that writing brooms and with black cats and that and but that's not really what it is okay for example what is who is probably the best known witch in america today oh it's that female actress um uh i could see her face best ernie i can't think of her name um i i can't tell you i just can't think of it and once you say it i'll know it well you would be wrong because the best known witch in america day is hillary clinton that's what i was going to say she is the leader no you're right you're right that was big years ago she was promoting you know that whole she was really the one that was out front with it you know what i'm talking about uh are you talking about oprah no no no no oprah oprah was new age she was involved in real heavy duty new age stuff uh she was out front i'm trying to think of who that could be she was at a woman's march i think that i know who you're talking about about four or five years ago in dc is that the one well she's up in age now most all of those women from no w are involved in witchcraft i mean they're all almost all of them that's a big thing if you when we would go out and we would have operation rescue if you go to the bloody abortion mill and you look at the cars driving in there the women that are working there many of them have got witchcraft bumper stickers on their on their cars but hang tight we're up against a break we'll be back right after this it feels so fine this new age church of mine the service is laid back is laid back but still i know you refit so that i can't stop thinking about all of that well i remember when god was praised but that's not what the new age church is for the truth is fine but it's long gone the gospel's true but ain't wanted anymore i am he said you had better care there is a judgment for all you will be there i am he died and he has risen on high and if you're lost then you have better know why believe him wholly still did you ever read about a child who seemed to be a king and he became one well he's coming back to judge the world and he and the father are still the very same one but i've had a fearfulness deep inside and i've cried because i'm so afraid to know me and i'm not a man trying to be scared till i go to heaven or as i fear below i am he said you had better care is a judgment for all and you will be there i am he died he has risen on high if you're lost then you had better know why i am he said you had better care there is a judgment for all you will be there i am he died he is risen already we are back and guess what listen to this folks don't forget hey john do you know what's going to happen in about 38 days from now uh around the country well that would probably take us into early september yeah about 38 days from now uh they are going to destroy all of the ballots to destroy all of the ballots yeah for the 2020 now now unless we can stop it and what we've been doing is we have and we've been going up there and we've had people for a hundred dollars you can for 100 donation to you can send about 300 or something postcards to the state representatives in all five swing states see that's where that's where all the evidence lies and we will still have that evidence we don't want to destroy that all those ballots okay there because you have so many so many so many so many uh illegal ballots and so so here's what you do folks uh you don't have to send the whole amount no you can actually uh you can donate uh i think even 25 it'll go to a specific state so it's anywhere from 25 to 100 okay john that wasn't elizabeth montgomery i think she just played a witch right no no no that will be waged okay well we have people not go ahead and say that again around because somebody else was talking to me okay um you don't have to don't donate a hundred dollars even if you've got 25 you can donate 25 and then it'll they'll mail out the postcards to a specific state all right very good okay so here's what you do is decertify folks these sort of go up to that about on the internet and you can you can do however you want but do something please do something we've got to stop them now this coming sunday last night john we had folks out there that were there in january we're in dc on january 6 and they gave the economy what they saw now we're showing it a film lord's willing uh this coming sunday from four to six and the film is is put out by epic times and it's what really happened with the film is what really happened there and so it's just like folks like what we're doing with the uh two thousand mules we we've gone through several hundred two thousand meals we've sent out we've got more and for donation of sixty dollars or more you can get one for donation of 75 they can get two thousand meals plus one of the cds that other songs you hear on this radio program every day we have people calling wanting to know if they could get a one particular song you know we don't have a cd with one particular song on it you know you you don't have those and so but we have the songs that we play here we have three different cds that we use and and we also have a fourth one right now fourth one is being made right now uh so uh so it'll it'll be those songs that you hear the ones that we play in one of those cds you you'll get whatever one you want you know it's just uh whatever song right yeah there are there are all of them are on the uh website too now the three cds anyhow so you can actually go to the website and then pick you know one two or three all righty there you go and so uh and that that's and that's what we're asking a donation of that amount folks and and we're doing it because we really need it right now more than ever this is all this is going into august this is summertime the toughest time of the year and we've been having a very very tough time now anyhow human lab rats getting vaccinated for monkeypox automatically enrolls you in the world health data collection collection clinical trial every person who takes the vaccine for monkeypox is being automatically enrolled in a clinical trial to gauge its effectiveness according to the world health organization uh tim nijen uh who's chief of infectious hazardous preparedness agency says nobody really knows what the monkeypox injections will do to people i mean it's amazing where this country has gone crazy this world is going has lost its mind right well there was a meme going ahead john yeah thank you that's the only at least they're telling you up front and not lying about the covet 19 death shot yeah i know but it's it's at that point now they say listen come on get the shot you really need to because it'll kill you and people people are not very smart are they no there was a meme uh two years ago it's a cartoon with two mice in a lab and the first mouse goes are you going to get the covid vaccine and the second one said no i'm going to wait till the human trials are over and that's pretty much what they're doing with us in 2019 when they when they were talking about these vaccines right they were bringing them out and we we had wendy on here we did a lot of research and we found out that john that they were experimental because every one of the lab 100 of the lab animals that they tested the vaccines on died they all died that's true now this is see see so so uh we're telling people this this and then then we had those virologists come out uh the one uh uh they just just just died recently the jewish fellow i'm having one of my senior moments again but uh and we had the guys that invented from Pfizer that uh well no he the one from Pfizer was the um vice president over there he was a scientist he was their lead scientist and he said he came out and said don't take it he said don't take that shot um he worked on that he said he and but the guy that actually invented the n m r n a uh robert um oh what's this yeah malone robert malone he played we had we played a clip of him right here on the program saying how don't take it it's a weapon i invented it for the military it's a bio weapon don't take it it can kill you it can kill you you know what happens is what they're doing now is they're getting people's dna you had this um these this organization out here that you hear see advertised all the time to say you send them your dna and they'll tell you yeah 23 7 well we find out these people been sending that to china yeah china has been buying all of the dna samples so why so they can specifically make a virus that will target a specific groups groups of people nationalities groups of nationality of people and so this is not smart and not a smart thing to do at all to take these shots okay he goes on to say monkey pox injections just like covet injections are new to the scenes and have never before been used on a large scale this is unknown how people with a disease will react to post injections and so oh no government officials united kingdom are pushing a jab children for monkey pox oh lord um they're they're really killing the children they're really going after they're really targeting children nowadays yeah and see this is a part of that wizardry this is a part of this this worldwide wizardry that is on the rise i would like to underline one thing that is very important to who that's so called the world health world health organization i would call it the world health organization okay we just got uh some uh some information from our our our brilliant our genius there that we got and he said that which that you're thinking about was shirley mclean john yeah yes that's her yes is she still alive yeah yeah she is she's very old though yeah now uh pastor ernie i wanted to share something from revelation 18 to tie into what you were saying now revelation 18 is describing babylon economic babylon at the end days and it says after these i saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was glitten with his glory lightened with his glory and he cried mightily with a strong voice saying babylon the great is fallen is fallen now listen to this and it's become a habitation of devils on the hold of every foul spirit the cage of every unclean and hateful bird that all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth are waxed now look at this rich to the abundance of the delicacy so it tells us in the end times when we're and that's what we're in now the economic system the world bank in the well we're going to show you the pharmaceuticals and all they're all full of demons they're they're up to their eyeballs and demons now god is judging babylon we'll go down to verse 23 and the light of the candle shall shine no more in thee and the voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall be heard no more in thee for the merchants were made the merchants were the great men of the earth for by thy sorcery path to earning were all nations deceived and in her was found the blood of the prophets and of the saints and of all that was slain upon the earth so foremost the sorceries that's former uh that's where we get the word pharmacy right yeah absolutely so it shows that in the end times the uh the pharmaceuticals are going to be raised up to be like the wealthiest on earth and yet the and they're going to go after god's people they're going to kill the blood of the prophets and the saints and of all that was slain upon the earth will be led by the uh pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals and so and we look at this now the other thing there is you'll notice when satan is being described in isaiah 14 and also ezekiel 28 is referred to as a trafficker he and his trafficking that's human trafficking and it's referring to there and when we see this today uh does human trafficking and the drug cartels do they go hand in hand absolutely no doubt about it so you're seeing how it's all coming together huh yes yeah it all it all just you know it's all put together now exactly like the bible says it's going to be well ron do you have an article there that you wanted to yeah this is uh a uk government agency known as the office for national statistics recently published new data on the deaths by vaccination status in england and this is alarming to say the least but basically there's they stated that uk government admits covid vaccinated children are thousands times more likely to die from any cause and likely to die from the covid 19 than unvaccinated children oh wait we know that they're much much more likely to die than than the unvaccinated we know that but they're talking thousands of percent that's just it's just amazing that they actually came out with this that's kind of now here let me see because that article there that is um that's why the expose news okay so they're really putting the reputation on the line yeah i mean that's whoa um here you go i can't believe this john they say that uh prime minister of the uk revealed that johnson announced the resignation as prime minister and they revealed that covid 19 vaccinated children are uh four thousand four thousand four hundred and twenty three percent that means 45 times more likely to die of any cause than unvaccinated children oh i see so they're they're saying that these people would so what what they're virtually telling you is that the the vaxxers totally does away with their immune system this is yeah that's what they're telling you here yeah i'm surprised they actually release that yeah i am too it's amazing every now and then it's you know god god has him in derision at times he really does uh here's one by uh febio glibsi carlo carrasayo and uh here this article it is truly worrying that a military news media very close to the pentagon signals the risk that the weapons supplied by the u.s to ukraine could end up in the wrong hands well that won't be the first time that's happened with us uh uh here he goes on to say the topic has been repeatedly flagged by counter information media such as uh gospel news veterans today in the intel drop but now it's coming to a showdown even defense won a portal specialized international geolithic analyzes the military fields but always very complacent with the pentagon has renewed the alarm it is very strange that this comes from a network that is absolutely close to nato's positions on the war in ukraine uh this can mean two things or the american military environment has grown tired of sustaining the war in ukraine unleashed by nato and already has lost against russia if the third world is not to be triggered as announced by the uk general or it is a code warning for the intelligence experts aimed at justifying large terrorist actions in europe thanks to weapons from overseas in both cases the utmost attention must be paid well we we saw um barack obama's attorney general eric holder we we he he was caught arming the uh mexican drug cartel he was he was caught arming them and uh he he walked away scott you know he unscathed because we had no justice department yeah the guns actually uh were involved were involved in american deaths they actually came back over the border yeah and they killed some of our border patrol agents with them okay we got to discredit the creditors new there were two batf agents that blew the whistle on this and they suffered greatly i don't know what happened to them but in their careers you know they were they were dead in the water they would said that they were liars they were told they were liars and therefore they couldn't because their own their own agency called them liars they couldn't present you know they couldn't go before the grand jury and a jury trial uh and it was all the atf management lied about it then the u.s attorney in arizona lied about it then they started lying about it in washington and uh and then uh uh holder lied about it was called um there was a name for that uh yeah fast and fast operation fast and furious yeah yeah yeah so that's what they did well you know yeah so many times i mean look the federal government was running guns to the to the cartels i john if you remember about three years ago uh we had i had a former gang leader called me and he in fact he was on the air and he said look i'm a former gang leader in chicago one of the street gangs uh he he ran one of those street gangs and now he got saved to come out of there and they were a really evil group okay and so he was telling me that uh about once every couple of weeks they would get a phone call anonymous phone call and they would be given a location and you would go to that location and there would be a crate of guns there this is in chicago a crate of guns and he told me he said we knew it was coming from the feds the feds were doing it and so there you go i mean look look who just armed would you say the taliban is the enemies of america pester erny they've been alarmed is i don't know as a as a military power now they are they're one of the largest military powers in the world now because right right right and you don't think that they would be more than more than willing to use those against americans yeah we've been arming them really back when they were called the mujahideen in the 1980s and it's going to come back to bite us again well that's you know he's bringing all the illegals in and we we tell people and we tell people and we tell people and we tell people be prepared for this because biden is bringing in he's got these sleeper cells all over the country all of these young fighting age men that he's bringing in their large groups and and they're brought to these little towns and they're going to be waiting for the signal because they're they're going to do uh and we don't have an fbi anymore it used to be the fbi would fight against this stuff now they promote it and so we can't trust them anymore okay possible nationwide rail strike 30 to 60 days away right at harvest time and here i think biden begged them not to strike let me see joe biden just bought the country food supply a little bit more time by signing executive order to keep america's railroads running for another month however there's still a pretty good chance that negotiations between rail workers and their unions will sour during this time driving america's 140 000 mile rail network this to a screeching halt come harvest time what am i hearing from our members of of uh fewer equipment issue from our members is fewer equipment issues said mike safer president and ceo of national feed and grain association following biden's actions the equipment and engines don't seem to be breaking down but the amount of time it's taken to get the trains and the reliability of receiving them have in case you missed it america's 57 000 some odd rail workers had planned to walk off the job on july 18th and and in protest of low wages and poor working conditions by an intervene by signing an executive order that prohibits the strike and a 30-day cooling period for two sides to come up with a solution during the 30-day cooling period biden appointed president emergency board appointed a presidential emergency board boy can you imagine the who the people that would be on that i mean you know and investigates the dispute to come up with the recommendations for settlement after that the railroads have another 30 days maximum to either accept or reject the proposal what this means is that should the negotiations fail during this time america's rail lines will basically close of shop around september 18th which is right smack dab in the middle of harvest session season in america all right we're going to be coming up to a break here now when we come back from the break i'm going to be playing you a clip and uh here this has to do with an election that took place and in more fraud in colorado but but but this lady praise the good lord this woman uh is standing up the one who should have won this and she is fighting fighting back and so well you're going to hear about it here in about 10 seconds so nine eight really seven four three two one thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to that's mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14781 speery road newbury ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance to what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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