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TUE HR 2 072622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 27, 2022 12:31 am

TUE HR 2 072622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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July 27, 2022 12:31 am

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New Jersey night. So how does your points with 1313 but now he never 13 feet was a Pepsi and lace will also equal a free regular number 13 or can equal a regular free number 17. If you want okay so Kathy amaze now, are you more points towards free sobs. Simple math really that ends up exactly the jersey. My dad and earn rewards toward free sobs with every Pepsi laser purchase date. It was thought of you are or Joe, we need to feel grossly out of the memo limited with the flyball to the first certain security and you will resort to regarding likely violations of federal laws and regulations of Bureau federal investigation guidelines by assistant Special Agent in charge of Timothy to flyball again. All of this is covered up by the very very corrupt. Myra Garland very very the Washington field office based on a pattern of active public part partisanship, but then he goes on to you were talking about a dirty cop by the name of Brian Alton right all kinds of things are got through pages of all the stuff. He lied to Coverdell pullout.

He worked for. Your heroes are wonderful at all. Russian disinformation about Otterbein laptop and he was involved in everything and yet, what is he duty gets rewarded and promoted to Chris Ray director to the on his corrupt, very corrupt track record Ryan here so all of these they've they broken all of these laws and hear Elise Grassley's going after him, and at least the words getting out right here that all of the country out there today knows that Alton and again Brian ought to, and this Timothy flyball or dirty cops along with Chris Ray. So… Some of us standing up.

It's you know what's happening there doing this for people know here we mentioned earlier about Andrew take of Houston described you don't to us what is pretrial detention was like, and so were going to just hear from him. So go ahead and play the clip mother are so great will require all you work great trial date completely separate that we don't start at all true. The law library are most around her while all around Lyle to raise money for a new attorney on yet another trial date sent to you like, hoping that I want to see strong batter out, that will be better off being what's going on with me clearly. Hopefully they have not really gone on 15 Ray rolled what he lied about our first year we were locked down 24 hours a day, 24 hour day three days a week you would get out our actually legal on our day on lockdown for their problems on death row for our day, roughly lockdown complaint but elsewhere people were supporters Bob bottle Bill Bob at that time you were cooking for hours on end pretrial letter for support describing what was on writing letters to all day shall have the right topic, click my golf bumbles the human so would you question people think that happened all well picked up before it you never have met her on bumbles when out there. Now I'll have what everyday people around the pipework. Hope you know how they want to take over. I want to go culture pipework you know I like the First Amendment's got really don't want to really go polka dot rally but thought it was a better time than ever to go help her here… What is your one part it all people are getting people to really start trying to get a bottle of what happened that they start commanding all really really well got to get together.

Joe now Sue Pelosi was a big part of engineering. This whole thing. She is greatly wicked and extremely wicked old woman.

There no, again, this was the one I want tell the folks out there in charge of security for Congress. Literally.

Person is one who turned on all the National Guard troops patrolled offered streusel the power behind the throne.

So all of this really is laid at her feet. Nothing would happen there. January 6 store would've happened that day or in the hearing without her approval. The legitimate president of the United States. The actual from Hallford. He offered at least today. He's still the only he's the legitimate president of the United States, Joe Biden was now elected in the fair and honest election. That was the whole thing was stolen and again here were going to be showing of lords willing come this Sunday. Doers of the word Baptist Church at 14781 Sperry Rd. in Newberry, OH at 4 o'clock will be showing what really took place.

You can see for yourself.

Nancy Pelosi is holding back what was to how many hours of the hundred ultimate yeah more than hundreds of sexy thousands of hours of video that she's she's hiding, she will not release through a spirited defense attorneys, Kathy, and beside this whole thing the wrong people are in jail.

Think of the people outside this member just listen to undertake to surrender daddy's hands held up, he was near the building. The cops were there is holding his hands up and this guy comes up and pepper sprays. This time really had the chance of no weapons was smiling okay. You know now sender was that you said that an officer came up that had a baton and started mangled his hand so badly that is no lose half his ring finger being amputated is a Repair so here he got injured after just standing there, getting Mace then got beaten with a baton and they had remember that officer Lelah Morris murdered that Zan Boyland face kept feeding her the baton that was seen on camera footage. Nancy's not letting out the scene and then there was that cop Michael Berg to Lieut. Michael Byrd shot Ashley Babbitt told that calico Howard that cowardly Michael Byrd with Dick Howard shuttering that he could be in jail are in the people that were just a winter yes they trespass but that's not a crime to put people in solitary confinement and threatened him with years in prison and insurrection. The gravel turned away in the amount trespass. Remember that you know they're not guilty of insurrection. Insurrection is when you really try to take over a country and a government by force and you can't tell me that a bunch you saw that one guy was a call at the address on the Buffalo address is Roger there walk around taking pictures talking most of you know that was in an armed insurrection. There were no arms in the whole place that arm through the cup and boy you have a lot of dirty cops so that they didn't know a lot of Avalon liars absolutely and did you know Pastor Ernie today. I believe it was no two days ago Mark August August of Williamsport, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania committed suicide.

He pleaded guilty in the District Federal Court. There charged of demonstrating or parading in a restricted building. They were supposed to be facing a sentence in prison and the big fine and he took his life a couple days ago and he was one of those January 6 people that was just there to support prompt and protest the stolen election and the down the ruling of the suicide so it's kind of a sad sad story. Absolutely nasty flow system to produce it again folks about Lieut. Michael Byrd arbiters is not an unarmed innocent woman in the country that he be afraid to shoot in the face. There you go.

So folks again.

These were nasty Pelosi storm troopers to come in their leasing know what they the ideas that there's supposed to be intimidating, but enough fear of them and as well. It's not just making this angry and forgiving affect my my prayer is that the listeners without their of it. Millions of Americans would start getting angry have no righteous anger got tells us were allowed to get angry rule out they have righteous anger and we have kingdom authority this time we got mad and said were not going to take it anymore. We gotta stand like for an example, read a story real quick communist British scientist Deb Stallings, Manny wanted the facemask and social distancing for ever is given the top job at the World Health Organization Prof. Susan Michie was appointed chair of hooves behavioral advisory group to advise how to boost compliance with health policies like vaccine rollouts here is nickname Stallings Manny by the friends at her university for all heretical views that when your fellow professors call you Stallings's nanny could be a reason for choosing one that wanted mass forever. She was on the BBC news/or anyway so they take a lady like this may make her in charge of one of the big compliance parts of the World Health Organization.

We told you World Health Organization was crooked and bad, and now look through their pointing to the make you conform on the next time around.

I hear you to step up pestering you. We couldn't make this stuff up if we wanted to speak in making things up usages and by Jim lost the cave and he's been pretty known for being pretty accurate or inaccurate is what he says caught Michigan news channel post results to Republican primary election. The problem though is that the election hasn't taken place yet that's there is next Tuesday a week from today following somebody let the cat out of the bag that they already have the answer right right now this is happened before we see this if you remember back when the Reagan is when the guest Carter this happen before then and they had and it was it was caught and it was Dan Rather it was Dan Rather and this guy happened accidentally picked this up and slows the belief that it out.

He showed that they had already had the results they had manufactured were already to go. Here's what it says Michigan news channel 3 published results of the Republican primary election rhino to door tutor Dixon one according to the results and troll painter Peter Meyer, one his rights to just one thing, the Michigan Republican primaries, not for another week in August 2 30 guy minute this is. This trend will learn people that that they were going to treat again they would keep on creating and we There were going to have this big Republican blowout were warning people. You have to get out there get involved in local politics, you have to be a poll watcher.

You got to get involved in this because they are gonna try to cheat at the end of got to they have nothing else right, absolutely. Here's another good one. Abortion is the antithesis of healthcare. That's right you Ms. Bishop condemned woman's health care protection act is the most unjust and extreme abortion bill our nation has ever seen, and that that's another article by Joe hot in here.

He goes on saying here destroying life is not healthcare right they called killing babies. These are these are evil. Aborting unborn children is the opposite of healthcare, so the US bishops declared Monday in a statement condemning the woman's health care protection act, the most unjust of extreme abortion bill. Our nation is, there was seen on Friday, the US House of Representatives passed the women's health protection act, a bill you like him. This is evil people joke we've got to we've got a plate right now and take out the list would have if I look at these people love death. The Lord so they love, death, and they want to kill the innocent, the they want death for the innocent and Lord I pray and I'm asking you and I'm hoping that other people out there. What will help me those they will not. They refuse to repent and seller.

I pray that you visit that death that they love. They love death. They hate you, God, you would visit the very death that they want upon them I would.

I pray father God that you would do it that these are wicked people there wicked or ungodly. The run clean and father God, and again you and and raise up pastors with courage pastors that are that have the guts and and that the courage Lord that have integrity and honesty to stand and tell the truth, and the men and the men. Father God would I ask this in Jesus precious name. Amen. Hey, how about saving in effect until the guilty of annular condemned the Kelty Fabian the fifth and go with that. I've got a warning. Any of you out there in California. All California listeners.

If you live up there if you could move move. If you have children in the public process to get them out now.

Like next week because California is become the haven for that body mutilating crazies on their children and don't double mastectomy of the pre-teenage girl. Now that's Mrs. healthcare and California as state officials have determined that treatments like chemicals with the late puberty and surgeries that move body parts well. California is going to be a haven that this is gender affirming care, even if that leaves almost always leaves them sterile.

That's okay were going to take care of the children, even if it sets them up for lifelong health issues. That's all right.

California is going to keep doing it, even it puts them in a category of individuals with many times the suicide rate of the rest of the world. California is going to do it and they are revoking custody for parents who allow their children that there is some complications in here about states rights, like if a family is in the state where they can't account can have the surgeries they can go to California and their passing along California that are going to ignore the other states laws and not turn in the parents who are bringing their children there to California get mutilated in cut up there.

It is system or this is called SB 107 and its the Pacific destitute Institute calls it the most brazen assault on fundamental parents right issue in the history of the state may be the entire nation and its even set up for California court could take custody of the child from the parents to deliver these gender chemicals and surgeries.

If the state thinks the child needs them over the wishes of the parent and remember we have on this program told you many many many times there's been several studies out there several of that about 88 5% of these children are confused if you leave them alone. By the time they mature. 1718 19. They just the problem was solved in six so 80, 85% of these confused children. The problem will handle itself take care of itself solve itself, but there jumping in there and want to start working on children, seven, eight, nine years old, especially men around 11, 12, they're allowed to start taking hormones, chemical treatment, surgeries, this is obscene. In other words there committing child abuse when the science is. Remember though, the ones listen to the science. Most of the science. Think about that 80 to 85/100 of these confused children. If left alone will come out of it okay, and find themselves naturally. No help needed. Joe used to be even higher than that. Yeah. And the problem you have now days is within the just horrible horrible. These horrible teachers in the public. As the musical politically correct is horrible promote. I mean they courage the canal is indoctrination there confusing them, indoctrinating them there.

You know, putting things in their head when they're young and and no vulnerable so the trader went from a very high ratio to 80, 85, and it was like 95 and above wasn't absolutely absolutely right here I'm going to be the something is happening in a country it's very very prevalent and a lot of people don't don't realize what it what it is but I need to be public and mentioned right now would be preaching on this particular thing and that'll be for next week will will have that but is going to be.

It might surprise you to find out what is behind a whole lot of this this wickedness, this evil is so anyhow we can open the phone lines at 888-677-9673 with an open the phone lines now at 888-677-9673. Okay, let's go to kid in Boston. Continuing their guard carried on doing okay. How are you very good think like them that they could be about friction that the church that word again. Craig and Kevin continued to point people to Christ that I had a question on the on the Novak shot coming out is that any different from what doubt already. I really don't know. I have to find out about that. I can look into that here reason I had to with my wife and women may be within the next week and number two that's done we get ready a my question Dr. Kojak trying to make her take a shot yet mph she liked like diaper mentioning the next I was like that and had gathered at the lady collected take a shot effect on if you want the mRNA. She did the J&J include a minor faceplate which I declined and stuff but it was too late by timesheet. They can already have the right kind and stuff from Wendy but now they're trying to flicker the data posted and tell it did not take the booth to whatever she does have to find a new job save her saline AV donated the button her on that maternity materially like the now-defunct dry white week early with no pay. Two weeks ago. That's absolute tyranny yeah and we leave. We just bought a house and you are kind of fun will tell us this tell us who it is to have an exemption on the hunt shot guns you might think it could yet baby and she went baby and they give her up to the end of her first eight weeks of maternity leave to get the shot and then that basically knows her final what 12 weeks if you like 20 weeks and admit that basically they only going to give her each week that maternity leave and after that I basically like Nina, you're on your own if you don't take a shot. By the end here. First a week what your wife's name, first name CP like St. in an IA like… And feel anything but yeah she's from Haiti, Cynthia Cynthia okay now what is the name was in hospital to work with its name mph Mass General G. H electric knife to call her like a pot but on their head of the neck and food and beverage department and content that you know what's going on in the trying to terminate you in case you stated that she wanted to take the baby from anything community company stated in any of the garbage and boxes nice enough to allow them to do that which God exemption up until the end of September but it's it's it's ridiculous and it's lately and you know here's the thing. Many as 95% of these women who were pregnant got to shop the double both of them miscarried.

They miscarried yet right yet she didn't want that absolutely and he didn't have enough luck on the back of her knee that yeah yeah with Johnson & Johnson that happens a lot in an effective Internet or something in her peach like in the kitchen and I get that funny feeling that it from the dump shot. Let's play it live like I want to hold Cynthia up to you right now and enlarges as the photosensor all across the country to hold her and all of these women. Lord God did that her pregnant father God, Lord and and that you would be with her Lord and that you would keep her from getting that's the second killer shot and and and Lord, that you would come against the wicked people come against these wicked people that are promoting death for money death for money and that's what it's all about and so finally got a get. We just want to hold her up and asked that you would bless her in every area which you might receive the blessing you would turn her desires toward you, and in all things at all times completely and totally in. Father God that you would again blame these wicked people that are promoting these killer shots waiting to repentance. Father got her Lord remove them so they cannot continue to harm the innocent these with things we ask in Jesus name, amen and amen. All right.

Thanks for: Kate right.

Let's go to Kurt Michie and Kurt you're in the air. God bless you your standard man. My wife and I we do love you very much and not we actually plan to donation and letter not too long ago that week about we live not that we believe wicked in their statement and they get this big factor. All that goes on every August.

Usually Friday the fifth through the seventh air anyways. It to pray for us. We know you'll take care of that map, but my biggest concern was to about the selection thing with Sen. up here and he covered 38th District of Michigan and at that were up in the Michigan name is Edward McBroom. I've talked to this man over and over again. I even asked him to just leave it out.

The meal movie and he said yes my dad anyways. Way back in January 7, 2021 EE we were at another is an old building up of Michigan and he claimed back then, there is no fraud not been drawn by the election and work that not going to be worth reaming mapping the work in small communities or screen in an amount I just talked about. Less than a month ago about the 2000 movie and he said there's no proof there.

There is absolutely no proof… Screen does not prove anything like I like are you kidding me, you know, and I'm just like I I don't want to do but anyway there's two other people that are running for the senator next in their name is Matthew Furyk didn't pay you lick and I just hope anybody listening to your show again does not follow bad McBroom in Sen. any market than over to. There's no way you can delete or assist sleaze a rhino, then obviously yeah I mean thing you know, I mean guy I get dominantly cute at a roundtable at Michigan Tech. Trying to get another enough time to do with the logging industry in Egypt always there for the.things and it just it just got going.

We have a lot of left yeah we have a lot of blisters run about three stations in Michigan so telephones again. Then all three candidates and and tell them who not to vote for. Okay so do not vote for and word McBroom anything that even the 38th district State Sen. and at the pier and not permit and upper part of the minute, and the you P and the other two to vote for is Matthew Furyk or Kayla Wickstrom in which limit which would be the best of the two did know I would make you appear Rick okay right but if I get what they want my thing. Thank you Pastor week my wife and I we lobby you are a man that God in you are one of the last ones out here.

I mean we get we love you so much so thank you and God bless you and you Joe your your office until without God bless your whole ministry right for such where, thank you very much for that. For those kind words and let us remember our boss tells us what he wants us to do so, we have to obey him absolutely right. Thank you so much.

All right, listen, let's move on to we have any other callers the right.

Let's go to John and Lorraine yeah I think that the real problem is a total control by the media like the most powerful and anti-human forces in the world, the military-industrial complex to yet follow the drug, vaccine, cartel, and the Israeli lobby.

There all pushing us towards the trillion dollar war budgets that were extorted from by all of this propaganda through the CIA and Pentagon big business billionaire controlled the gold already think there you go Johnny that we're losing you claim we connect out please check global research and the gray zone.2 websites that will tell the truth don't resort to what military-industrial complex redbaiting that is regulated fuel, fueling the arson that is bringing us into justifying these wars around the world for killing abilities about men, women, children and babies in embryos in Vietnam and Korea and beyond by the United States in the name of anti-communism, which is been the banged up arson accelerant is been used to kill millions of people around the world. I think you got to get other sources of information and not bring God that leads ways. We've been on that the military-industrial complex. We been on the warmongers and and especially when it comes to Vietnam. Joe and I are both veterans. We know all about that we've been talking about that now for 50 years so I noticed that it's about 1/10 of 1% of the time in the other 99% is that is pushing their wallet war mongering propaganda gets up Russia, China, Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, in any country that disobeys the dictates of the correctional areas in Washington that I'll add that wants to be independent of the military-industrial complex that enforcement of the IMF and World Bank got already well beyond not Got nothing good to say for North Korea or for China foods for their human rights violations.

But we gotta move on. Thanks for: okay, who now we we have is he Clifford is a Joe tonight will find out who he is, are you there Cliff.

The middle name is Mike Iris grandfather Christopher Jolley already Christopher to let Clifford yeah so but anyway so what what one thing is forcible. If you look at one little thing that that's what I was thinking about was lack of fear of a nuclear response project. Now get out.

These people don't have an iota of fear of God in the slightest, so that not to be afraid of getting my rationale.

I listened to do an interview with Michael Adams on the Sgt. reports podcast and I don't agree with what Michael Adamson necessarily saying that he speculating that Joe provided wants Russia to a couple of American he's actually saying that I would agree with the proposition. I thought it just wants to destroy America in every way possible hundred percent but I want to go to Psalm 55 in relation to the Tory players looking at threads 15 now it seems to me like Davies personal situation is that he was felt like he needed to sleep by himself to the world. He was betrayed even by people that will confidants or close to, but he goes in for 15 he wet says let that yeah unfamiliar with the passage the go-ahead right right but also one for 18 he said Danny with now. That's something I did play catch before now. I think he's talking about an angelic for and that the takeover that would probably have an application right there you I would season to yeah because I'm listless go back to verse 715, when he says let death seize upon them and let them go down quick and to hell for wickedness is in their dwelling and among them. No here.

He's referring these are the enemies of God. You know he's referring to David within the both of you find that most of his imprecatory prayers are against the enemies of God. And so it's like when not to do that against we could be enemies. The Joe and I could have an argument that we could have an argument in feel they chose enemies, but it's it would be wrong for us to pray in imprecatory prayer against her enemy. We can pray for if we disagree that that the other would repent, but got here it all together right with these are the enemies of God and that the David is playing for what he says and let death seize upon them. Let them go down quick into hell for wickedness is in their dwelling in among them now as for me I call upon God that the Lord shall save me evening and morning, noon, will I pray they cry loud and he shall hear my voice. He that delivered my soul in peace for the battle that was against me, for there were many with me got you here and afflict them. Even if the abided of old Zillah because they have no changes before they fear not God, and so these people are like the ones of today that I refuse to repent they refused to repent the they harden the hearts the feminist movement.

These women they know the entire death or credit Communist Party had just started out harden their hearts against God. All okay so that what what David is doing is really the people and not more so, even against God and David basically I will yeah yeah more active God and they are David yeah absolutely so I would rephrase it if you know modern time so I can also say first 15 and select the grip of death be upon them. In other words, I can't shake it off now like the grip that upon them would be another phraseology I would use, repent or perish areas in their evil enough that they either have to change your God take them out because we can't deal with them right but that's what the Lord says these he said repent or likewise you shall perish, and so is he will we pray these imprecatory prayers, we we only play them against those that refuse to repent that the Lord would remove them so that they cannot continue to cut to Hill to Carmen Harmon can kill the innocent of these people are wicked, they there's there's not enough blood flow into the veins of Joe Biden to quench his thirst for blood of the unborn, and it's the same thing with with all of the the democratic I municipal collective. It's they love death. They love death in any any way shape or form, they can bring they can get death will not think Phyllis David did not have enough natural manpower with him. I think it is not happy enforcement mechanism against the people he was.

It was probably outnumbered and now he needed supernatural reinforcement will David one a whole lot more battles of the laws he didn't lose very many in the preliminary just the words of his mouth was smoother than butter. The war was in his heart. His words were softer than oil and they were drawn with swords cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain the he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved so here again, David and his mighty men, they didn't they didn't lose any battles.

I mean they were they were out there, but didn't back off and running. They always without charge absolutely gotta move on Cliff okay could we have next Steve you're near Sanders asked to go on you guys been teaming up together on time. It's been a very very long time.

I think it was exactly was back before the big frost right you are a wine gets better as it ages right yeah but we ate one mind about my out what you guys you guys are better now than you have ever been ever click. Anybody know what real Americans oysters the channel will that you know anybody want to speak Spanish, showing all all other conglomerate there's a show at night called my studio 60 quick for clowns up there. These guys are right behind Steve management people. Merrick Garland, this is getting serious. I turned, I last five minutes from the use of think he was president. But he never left me he was going after everything you you basically said Yankee.

He knows what's going on, where he is excited that absolutely we know he name some of the things that that he did during while he was in office in the world you don't remember. The world was America had respect in the world with the world. Fear is today the world of fear as they laugh at us.

He was talking about it as well. He was in our military was at its peak. He was building the military there destroying our military. They're doing everything they can today to destroy week in our military. There they are there there in a very good job.

Coordinate and silly will go to good well just just give me a few things in terms that we were totally energy independent. We were the world's largest exporter of oil. I remember when he was there I was paid a dollar 89 a gallon gas in the evasion on our border was stopped. Remember, he had totally stopped invasion on the border and here you in fact was the most secure border for real ever food prices would were affordable. Okay go that well coordinate local courses boatbuilding market could've put it on the wall won't hundred mile something like money that would go through and what these people are good one yet so popular an infomercial that was my throat but on my mom always said words have power.

And if anybody remembers guiding hundred Biden dispersing salt at Saunders. It's coming down on them, how much all we have worked in her (many power hitters get sick nondefense needs of the money will and in meetings tomorrow are captured other people doing stuff they've never done before, but it is winter that I consider very clearly that he was surprised that those that have the most to lose often do the least to prevent a right-thinking a step above its cochlea already were out of time for tonight and soon Jill I think I did it last night or did you do it last night. I did okay well phenomena doing tonight.

How's that list of the folks about the most important thing that they can never do.

There's there's one thing one thing only. That is the most important thing that you will ever do. And that is will that is to call upon the name of the Lord as God's Word, the Bible says. Now I hear here's reality we get into reality. The reality is that everybody out there listing to me tonight will at some's going to happen is reality. Number two. When that happens, there will be the judgment.

It doesn't matter what you believe you can believe what everyone but there be a judgment, and in that judgment. You're either going to be found guilty or innocent.

If you found innocent of the judgment. That means that you have called upon the name of the Lord in your cover if you found not guilty if you die in your sin, unrepentant sin, then God has said this God, who cannot lie. You don't have much of a future you're going to be spending eternity in hell. Now you say what I don't think that's fair. Don't matter what you think is that you can think what you want. It doesn't matter.

It's what God thinks matters is what God says that matters. Okay, that's the way it just the way it is.

That's reality. Okay the old saying that is what it is will that's what it is now you don't have to do that if if you go after listing to me right now and you end up in hell it's because you did it yourself, you place yourself that what will God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, that doesn't mean he loved every man woman and child in the least telling you is he loved those out there and it was wasn't God's will was not his will that anybody would come short of the glory that any would be lost, but he knew that when the case and just like I'm telling you right now out there. There are those of you listing to me there to say well I'm not can I don't choose to believe that I don't want to believe that if I don't believe they can affect it will, it will affect you and so here's your options.

The Lord Jesus did all the heavy lift he did what only he could didn't see you could never do that for yourself. You could never in any way pay for your salvation because you are a sinner, only the Lord Jesus could answer that only that he could do it any did he took your place. He died the most horrible death you could die upon the cross, he suffered like no man ever suffered the God became flesh, and he suffered upon the cross, and he did it for you. Now here's what you do when you are to do to avoid that burden like a fire and end up in glory with God and the saints above, you pray to the father you asked God the father to forgive you of your sin, you acknowledge the fact that you're a sinner need a Savior and you pray and heal honor that commitment. If you ask and you mean it and you asked for forgiveness of the sinful ways, then yes, the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life. All of your life in all things at all times completely and totally without any reservation 20 says call upon his name. He'll do that and if you do that, God has said that you will become a new creature, a born-again believer and heir of the kingdom and you will be on your road to eternity and so did that's your choice. You can do that, or you can fail to do that he could reject the Lord reject what he says and be on your way to eternal hellfire. There you go, that your options well Jill were out of time for tonight so until tomorrow. Good night God bless and always always always the steward T fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right once left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.WWM next time for meditation was right left preceding program is sponsored by right left ministries and is responsible for its content

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