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THU HR 1 070722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 8, 2022 12:18 am

THU HR 1 070722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries, and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be pre-recorded. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. My radio broadcast, What's Right, What's Left, is coming up right now.

Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news media don't pick up the news items like he does. And bringing to light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out.

I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this, what day is this? Is this the eighth? The seventh. It's the seventh? Yes. You see that? I'm just testing you know who that is.

Who did the first squeak? Okay. That is a little Lisa. Good evening everyone.

You see that? One day a week I let her out and she's right in here and right next to her is none other than her partner in crime, the one and the only, the dandy Randy. Yay. Be blessed. No stress everybody. And sitting by him keeping a close eye on them too.

Always wondering, well just wondering why, but anyhow it's none other than courageous Craig. Good evening everybody. And then way out yonder I think where is our brother got Glidden, Dr. Glidden isn't he in Illinois?

We have him there. All right there you go. So we got the full house here tonight. So are you ready to go Peter?

I was born ready pastor. Let's rock and roll. All righty we'll get it done. Yeah there you go. Now you got Randy, but you know he's got rhythm and he's up.

I just got the blues. Okay so the title of the message was re-establishing liberty through the land, re-establishing liberty through the land. And we left off tonight in Jeremiah chapter 34. And we're going to be reading verses 8 through 22.

But let me give you a little bit of an overview of what was happening here. King Zedekiah was not paying real close attention to what God was saying because he was listening to his princes which were basically legislators. They were legislators and so Jeremiah came and told him listen you better you better get with it here. God is telling you uh there's gonna he needs repentance and he's going to bring Nebuchadnezzar king and his army of Babylon he's going to bring him right here. And so the princess says no way no way Jeremiah God wouldn't say that. God would never say that Jeremiah. God there's no way that that a foreign army is going to march through our gates. Jeremiah now when God you know God hears these things right?

Absolutely. And so God got well he said here the word came into Jeremiah for the Lord when Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and all his army and all his kingdoms of the earth of the dominion and all the people fought against Jerusalem and against the cities thereof. Thus saith the Lord God of Israel go and speak to Zedekiah king of Judah and tell him thus saith the Lord behold I will give this city into the hand of the king of Babylon and he shall burn it with fire. So here what happens is uh Zedekiah he sees the army on the march and so he goes and and that's when you pick it up Randy start with verse 8 and read it through 20. Oh sure this is the word that came into Jeremiah from the Lord after after the king Zedekiah had made a covenant with all the people which were Jerusalem to proclaim liberty unto them that every man should let his man servant and every man is made servant being in Hebrew or in Hebrew is go go free that none should serve him of them and that this is of a Jew his brother now when all the princes and all the people were which had entered into the covenant heard this everyone should let his man servant and everyone should let his maid servant go free that none should serve themselves of the many more that they obeyed and let them go but afterwards they turned and caused the servants the man servants and the uh handmaids which they had let go free to return and return them into the subjection for servants and for for handmaids therefore the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying thus saith the Lord the Lord of Israel I made a covenant with your fathers in the day that I brought them forth out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondman saying at the end of seven years let go every man his brother in Hebrew which shall have been sold unto thee excuse me in which he has served the six years thou shalt let him go free from thee but your father's heart cannot unto me neither incline their ear and you were and you were now turned and had been and had done right in my my sight in proclaiming liberty every man to his neighbor and he had made a covenant before me in the house which I call in my name but but you turned and polluted my name and caused every man his servant and every man his handmaid in whom ye had set at liberty at their pleasure to return and brought them into subjection to be unto you for servant and for handmaids therefore thus saith the Lord ye have not hearkened unto me and proclaiming of liberty every one to his brother and every man to his neighbor behold I proclaim a liberty for you saith the Lord for to the sword to the pestilence to the famine I will make you be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth I will give the men that I have transgressed my covenant which have not performed the words of the covenant which they had made before me when they cut the calf into and passed between the parts the parts thereof the prince of Judah the prince of Jerusalem the eunuchs the priests the people of the land which passed between the parts of the calf I will even give them into the hand of their enemies into the hand of them that seek their life and their dead bodies shall be for meat for the fowls of the heaven and to the beasts of the earth all right so here uh you notice something you hardly ever see um the people in in church and during the church service uh pretty people pretty much behave themselves in church don't they okay usual yes but you know a lot of those same people when they leave church don't quite act the same way sometimes when they get home maybe right and uh yeah well tell us randy do you no only kidding now let's uh no only kidding now listen so here what is happening now he made this covenant with the people with god jereth uh zedekiah knew he was in trouble big trouble and he he had to do something do something right now so he finally decided i'm going to do something i'm going to obey the lord i'm going to please the god he's going to like this showing mercy to the servants and so they brought the people in they all came into the temple they made this big proclamation there of the king and uh they all agreed we're going to do it and everybody there set their servants free go you're free and uh you know it was a big deal but then when they left there they looked around and they didn't see god watching them right was god watching him yeah absolutely he's watching away and so here sometimes people think because they can't see god god can't see them okay and so here they uh as soon as they were what they thought out of sight they went they captured their servants again and they brought them back and uh here when he there was a custom when you made a covenant with god when you made a covenant that they would cut a calf in two right and they would walk on each man would walk between the two pieces and make his covenant with the lord and that's what they did but they broke the covenant but isn't this kind of kind of like what pharaoh did to to them yeah well he let him go and he went and got him back well it it was but you see here god and god was doing that you see yeah god hardened pharaoh's heart because he was going to teach the people pharaoh and people a lesson there okay and it was a hard hard lesson for pharaoh to learn because pharaoh thought he was a god you see but when it was over with pharaoh knew he wasn't god huh right yes yeah and so here at the bow the third if you read over there in ezekiel 28 at the bell the third uh he too thought he was god in fact he proclaimed himself to be god okay and he was uh jezebel's nephew and he should have known better huh but anyhow and so what happened was with him god says so he he chided him and this was uh this was a contemporary time here because he was saying to at the bell you wow well you sure uh you you're sure a wise guy aren't you you um well you must be smarter than than jeremiah himself right and uh oh no daniel he said you you're you're even wiser than daniel right that's right and uh so old uh at the bell said yeah that's me i'm i'm wiser than daniel and so here he said well i want to tell you he said well i want to tell you what i'm going to send some men the babylon Nebuchadnezzar's boys i'm going to send them there and they're going to kill you now just before they kill you you tell them that you're a god and see if they they believe it they believe that you know he said because i sure don't buy it right so and so and that's what happened they didn't believe him and so here now god god uh he doesn't look kindly upon those that break the covenant with him and so they paid her a tremendous price for doing that now let me ask you this when you have people like today what do you remember that thing called 911 i do yes and do you remember watching the buildings come down the dust storm yes uh-huh but there was even a greater dust storm a greater dust storm went all across the nations and what that was was people were pulling their bibles down off the shelf they've been sitting there collecting dust and when they saw that they thought certainly america's going to war so now we'll call upon god now that we need some help you know right that's right but god says that everything all nations that forget their god will be turned into hell huh right and america's being turned into hell isn't it yes oh yeah it's getting worse by faster and faster by the day and so here when we take a look at what zedekiah did now when zedekiah did now when zedekiah did that when he first did that when he proclaimed the freedom then neby kenez's army stopped they were stopped in their tracks and they didn't go any farther the effect they started to turn back and then when they broke the covenant when they went and they went out and captured their service again the armies came forward and so is god a merciful god he sure is but and so here so i'm going to ask ask you to uh how how does that when we pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america we always say one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all uh how many how many of the young people anymore even believe that they don't even say it they don't say it anymore right not too many believe in god is there that's right and so here the united states has kind of done the same thing that israel did huh yes they turned their back when on god after after the emergency was over what they thought they went back to the same way but there's only a remnant of us did did god always keep a remnant he always does yes he does and when what happened with those when they went into neby kenez just took them in what they went into the captivity god left the remnant there in the land though didn't he yes well we have a remnant in america today it's it's a remnant it's a real remnant and uh that remnant is is ready for war aren't we yes and so anyhow i want to i want to go over now to peter you just jump in with uh your commentary doesn't repeat history doesn't repeat itself pastor it rhymes right absolutely let's go over now to the attitude of many in america today uh you've got people like claus schwab you've got his uh his minions uh you've got people like uh oprah uh of course the the biden's the biden crime cartel they don't say it with words what they do in their actions but if we go to isaiah chapter five and we pick it up in verse 18 we read this woeing to them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity and sin as it were with a cart rope so god is when when god pronounces a woe because he pronounces several woes here he pronounces three and three in a way in a row and uh when you get a woe from god you're in trouble aren't you you're in big trouble especially if you get three of them right now yeah so here he's he's saying woeing to them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity and sin as it were with a car rope so he's he's saying woeing to them that flaunt their sin in front of god woeing to them would you say that lgbtq flaunts their sin in front of god yes yes would you say that those all those screaming uh he then the screaming heathen that are out in the streets protesting the overturn of roe v wade do you think that that they are flaunting their sin in front of god yes they are some of those very very wicked i mean wicked unclean women were out there in their underwear in front of the supreme court running around in their underwear flaunting their sin these are demented women aren't they yes yes the the the definition is depravity and so here they were flaunting their sins in front of god what about them what about it on a different scale what about these people that well those that promote sodomy those promote pedophilia bestiality porn child porn uh the depopulation people bill gates in that crowd those that the vouchy the and the forced kill shots that are forcing the kill shots especially on the children uh those that the typical in the media democratic whoredoms lying killing stealing false witness uh would those those people be flaunting their sin in front of god yes okay he goes on to say they say let him make speed and hasten his work that we may see it and let the counsel of the holy one of israel draw nigh and come that we may know it in other words they're saying let us let us flaunt our sin in front of god and see what god will do about it now what do you think how how does a holy god deal with sin he has to punish it well sure he it it's he doesn't reward uh let's say good consequences because god has a way of because god has a way of pulling everything down grinding everything that's working to a halt and uh and and he doesn't deal with every sin the same way but it's always in a negative way well you know it's like what happened when he says touched up my anointed now if we go back to what we just read there was that ikaya what happened when when uh jeremiah came and he prophesized that what was going to happen the debbie cadenza the princess the legislators took him and threw him in a well down there where you know one of those dry wells where there's nothing but mud right so he was up to mud up to his neck right yes and then somebody reminded that ikaya that's that's a prophet of god they did that too so he immediately sent 30 men to go get him out of there right now right yes yeah but god had told had told zedekiah zedekiah uh you're in trouble in big time you're not going to die in battle no what's what happened he said you're going to see debbie cadenza face to face and you're going to speak to him face to face and then he put first he killed all zedekiah's sons in front of him and then he put his eyes out yeah and so here now you've got these people flaunting their sin in front of god and he goes on to say won't to them that are wise in their own eyes no won't to them to call evil good and good evil they call evil good and good evil put darkness for light light for darkness and put bitter for sweet sweet for bitter numb we see that when they call the heathen they're calling abortion good they're calling it a woman's right they're lying through the teeth god never gave them the right to kill their baby did he no so they these are murderers they they're murderers they're condemned right right that's right and so you know the other side's been saying they've been yelling out if rovi wake gets overturned women are going to die let me tell you something first of all that's a lie because they're a lot less likely not to die than they are by getting an abortion but here is what god says god says those women that kill their babies deserve to die that's right for you prissy preachers out there i've just you got your pink bloomers in a bunch right now but that's what god says god says that those wicked women they kill their babies and those bloody butchers those bloody abortionists they deserve to die and i especially think there's a special hot place in hell for those bloody animals those bloody abortionists and so god says they deserved it if god says you deserve to die do you deserve to die yes yes okay and you are going to die yes so are those screaming bad seeds are they going to learn that in spades yes they are okay and so here now he goes on to say woeing to them that are wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight woeing to them that are mighty to drink why men of strength and mingle strong drink uh what about what about these people that let's let's go to two places what about these prosecutors that say they're not going to they're not going to force the law that the supreme court here in ohio now the heartbeat law is in and and here we got some corrupt i mean dirty cops some very corrupt right here in cleveland but across the state and these are illegitimate what is they're referred to as what in hosea for whores and so they said we're not going to enforce the law so now if they're telling you that they are not going to enforce the laws then how what does that say about their office is their office legitimate or does it lose all legitimacy illegitimate all of them have taken pledges to uphold the law all of them have so then do you owe do the people need to recognize that they have any authority or any legitimacy at all no they have no legitimacy at all so and and just like across the country they're paid or george sorrell's horse they they have no legitimacy and so that people have no obligation to recognize them as having any legitimacy at all right right that's right so what about because we're going to come back to visit this piece but what about those out there that are killing people with their vaccines that are killing people with their drugs that are you know when you when you watch the news and then i'm talking about not just nbc abc cbs cedan but but fox 2 all you hear is brought to you by who any of the johnson johnson and all of those the drug people yeah the drug people yeah big pharma most of it okay uh is brought to you by one big company Pfizer Pfizer yeah brought to you by Pfizer brought to you by Pfizer you see that just about every few minutes every commercial brought to you by Pfizer and if they don't say it that they put it up on the screen right and so let me ask you a question how many how many times more people die every year how many times more people die every year from prescription drugs than die from all the train plane car gun knife motorcycle bus accidents combined about a million a year uh since two thousand uh there have been seventeen million six hundred and sixty-five thousand ninety-three people died from medical treatments twenty-two million five hundred and thirty-three thousand have died from chemotherapy conventional medicine in the united states of america is the leading cause of death here we have here we go which justify the wicked for reward and take away the righteousness of the righteousness from them therefore listen to this peter as the fire devoureth the stubble and the flame consumeth the chaff so their roots shall be as rottenness and their blossoms should go up as dust because they have cast away the law of lord of hosts and despise the word of the holy one of israel therefore is the anger of the lord kindled against his people and he has stretched forth his hand against them and has smitten them and he the hills did tremble and their carcasses were torn in the midst of the street for all of this his anger is not turned away and his hand is stretched out still so what do you think that means when it says his hand is stretched out still well the reckoning is about to come well it means no the reckoning is is continuing to come it's continuous there there has been no true repentance and so the punishment is continuous we'll be back right after this don't go away once a man's home was his castle only his foes would violate and the border of his property was the moat round his estate all these kingly rights of sovereignty once bestowed on us by god have been lost somewhere in history in the fine print and the fraud once a man and his religion was protected by the law in america the constitution formed a verbal wall now the law that used to separate is a law that's daily breached now the worried watchman on the wall is crying heavens under siege heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the bible and the bill of rights have been trampled in the streets and when the gentle lambs of jesus christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government when heaven's under sea heard the watchman sound the warning call back in 1992 when they murdered dickie weaver just like they'll murder me or you when they stormed the church in waco women and children burned alive and now the ones who rot in prisons are the ones they let survive heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the bible and the bill of rights have been trampled in the streets and the gentle lambs of jesus christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government when heaven's under siege now a voice cries in the wilderness as the lord pairs his church well it's called and chosen servants be found faithful on this earth will we pass the test of heaven's quest never counting earthly loss will we fight like christian soldiers with our eyes upon the cross heavens under siege whoa now heavens under siege when the bible and the bill of rights have been trampled in the streets and then the gentle lambs of jesus christ brought in jails for their beliefs you know corruption reigns in government when heaven's under siege i said corruption reigns in government when heaven's under siege well boy i'm gonna tell you you know heaven's under siege because look at the corruption i mean far beyond anything we've ever seen in fact it says that uh senator ron johnson where did i have that suggest evidence shows biden crime family uh may be involved in global sex scandal the the biden crime family right now uh is the greatest uh crime family in the history of the united states you got more charges against them right now uh than any but let's go back and um dr peter glidden what here i've got an article here says england excessive deaths on the rise but not due to covid not because of the covid now here this rise guess what the rise is due to is the rise of the success of rise is due to blood clots all of a sudden all of these people are getting blood clots where's that coming from peter yeah the poisonous poke it's a known side effect of it um as is myocardial infections myocarditis hemorrhage to the brain thrombotic strokes to the brain these are all known side effects of the poisonous poke you know we've been talking about it myself and my colleagues for over two years now and because we don't have a free medical market because the media is in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry they're never going to report the truth and meanwhile people die but before people die they suffer and then they go bankrupt and then they die because oh let's not overlook the fact that the leading cause of death in the united states is medical bills how can that possibly happen well what's the most expensive type of medicine it's the one that doesn't heal you it's the one that doesn't work and this is perhaps the most important message that i have for the world and you know let those with ears to hear here because i've been saying this for 15 years now and not very many people have the ontological maturity to be able to understand this but it's true the simple fact of the matter is that conventional medicine allopathic medicine the medicine practiced by your medical doctor the medicine that's in the majority today the medicine that is in has been in control of the medical marketplace since 1912 in the united states doesn't work the only thing it's good for is medical a military field surgery surgery when it's necessary emergency medicine trauma care but you have to be careful because according to the new york times over 50 percent of the emergency room doctors are addicted to street drugs alcohol or prescription medicine so even when your condition suits conventional medicine you have to be careful about the doctor that you go to because there's a high probability that they're going to be gorked out on drugs the simple fact the matter is that while we've been under the care tutelage of conventional medical doctors our health is getting worse heart rates remain unchanged alzheimer's is sky rocketing the alzheimer's numbers are scary they're unbelievable about six million people now in the united states of america have alzheimer's the projections are that by 2050 it will be 14 million people have alzheimer's alzheimer's rose from obscurity in the 1980s to become the sixth leading cause of death in the united states but oh don't worry it gets worse autism also the prevalence of autism has increased 178 since the year 2000 while we have been under the tutelage and the care of conventional medical doctors people are suffering and dying it's bad osteoarthritis is getting worse of type 2 diabetes is getting worse the third more than a third of adults and children are not just overweight but they're obese and we're getting sicker our life expectancy is getting shorter we're being bankrupted by the pharmaceutical industry and it's not because we have a bad gene and it's not because of chemtrails and chemtrails are a real thing it's because the type of medicine that people have access to is not concerned with making you healthy your medical doctor may be the nicest person that god ever created but your medical doctor doesn't practice medicine your medical doctor practices allopathic medicine and allopathic medicine uses pharmaceuticals and surgery to manage your illness so your arthritis is never cured your depression is never cured your influenza is never cured your blood pressure is never cured all of these conditions are managed with pharmaceuticals and surgery that make you more addicted more dependent upon the drugs as you get older and then you need a second or a third or a fourth drug you get weaker and weaker and weaker in the last 10 years of your life it's a revolving door to the emergency room to the doctor's office and meanwhile you spend a small fortune in medical insurance premiums giving your money to the people under whose tutelage and care you got sick in the first place and then when you did get sick they didn't have treatment that were attempting to cure you and this is what passes for the best medicine in the world and it's the biggest lie ever perpetrated by the medical government perpetrated on the american public it's the biggest lie that's ever been perpetrated on the american public i mean thank god for insulin i guess thank god for lidocaine and you know general anesthesia and the sterile technique but for most of the condition that most people go to the doctor for conventional medicine is bad and i believe it's propped up by the pharmaceutical industry which is inherently evil and i'm choosing my words carefully it's evil it's an evil industry the intention of which is to make you sicker and more dependent on pharmaceuticals the older that you get and and beholden to your medical doctors to such a remarkable extent that even when your conventional medical doctor failed you even when they your your loved ones die under their care even when you go bankrupt under their care instead of criticizing them you organize a 5k run and raise twenty thousand dollars and give it to the medical profession under whose tutelage and care you got sick and died your loved ones got sick and died in the first place this is how deep the socialization is honest to god ladies and gentlemen i know it may sound extreme but it's not from my position as a licensed naturopathic physician helping real people recover their health from real disease for the last 33 years my message is extreme but it's simple the single most important thing you can do to make yourself healthy and to secure a healthy future is to fire your medical doctor you need to stop using them you need to stop trusting them you need to stop listening to them and you need to find alternatives which are science-based and clinically verified which there are thousands of by the way they're just not in the mainstream you have to hunt for them you have to educate yourself but it's not hard i mean if you're smart enough to pass the driver's license test you're smart enough to figure out to learn from people like myself and my colleagues what to do to attempt to make your body healthy this is my message i know it sounds extreme but i don't care because i've had it i'm at the end of my rope you wouldn't believe the things that i've seen people recover from and you wouldn't believe the things that i've seen people suffer from needlessly fire your medical doctor now and seek out aggressively an alternative which are science based and clinically verified the intention of which are to make your bodies healthy oh boy you know what's going to happen the ama is going to hire a hit on you they're going to send they're going to send they're going to send fauci over there with the poisonous poke okay and there you go now but but look uh i mean we're told all the time like if you're stupid won't uh those people in the media i mean won't they like you more if you're stupid i mean look you're you're seeing all around you people getting sicker i mean we've been seeing it i've been for 50 years we've been we've been on the radio i've had all kinds of of naturopathic and medical doctors uh but but what i'm seeing too a lot more of what is called mds they're going to the naturopathic in fact i i ran across a couple of them even uh at the va uh where i had this woman who she was a young woman a very very very pretty young female doctor and we would go back and forth and uh and of course she was totally indoctrinated by big pharma and this and that and uh what did i know i wasn't a doctor i i was just a pastor there but guess what uh she got a new boss in here a new medical doctor and he started telling her all the things that i was telling her yeah and you know the tide the tide is slowly turning i mean when i graduated from naturopathic medical school in 1991 there were five states that licensed and regulated naturopathic medicine now there are 25 so there has been movement and more and more medical doctors conventional medical doctors are getting extremely frustrated with the pharmaceutical approach and are looking for alternatives and this much is true well there's something more to it than that too peter what's happening is they're losing credibility amongst the people there people are losing confidence and they realize this when look when i go see a medical doctor we have interesting conversations especially where it comes to covid um the shot i had three of them already asked me if i'd received the the poisonous poke and that turned into a very interesting conversation between us and uh so they're they're losing credibility amongst their people and just like recently i had to go to doctors and they had the big signs of you have to wear the masks and i said no i won't wear them because they do you more damage than good and uh well when i and i couldn't agree with you more and from uh the private citizen's point of view so a private citizen loses their faith in conventional medicine because of all of this nonsense but then what are they going to do so when they get migraine okay looks like uh looks like he dropped right there on that yeah and you know it was an interesting thing because uh this young nurse who was taking taking you know taking in the year vitals what they call and i told her i said it's a shame it's a shame to cover up such a pretty face with that mask and she looked at me and she took it right off she said you're right and see she wouldn't wear it anymore and uh folks you gotta stand your ground and you gotta you really have to stand your ground peter are you back yeah the nsa cut me off i'm sorry i wouldn't doubt it okay yeah the i mean look you know people that have common sense are starting to say something's very wrong when the ama says that they don't they're not sure if there's genders they're not sure they're not going to put male or female because they're not sure of the genders well you know you don't really have to go to medical medical school to know these things do you but my point is that when people rightly so become um underwhelmed and have lost all their confidence in the conventional medical approach when they get sick what are they going to do well in a perfect world what they would do is go to see me or go to see one of my colleagues in a perfect world that's what they would do but we don't live in a perfect world in my profession is only licensed and regulated in 25 not even 25 states in the united states and in two states in the united states it's illegal to practice naturopathic medicine what two states are those people i believe it's uh it's two of the southern states it might be georgia and south carolina i think might be might also be florida um i can't remember but nonetheless it is illegal to practice naturopathic medicine in two states in the united states and my position here is is it's that simple pastor that we desperately need a free medical market and we desperately need to have access to all types of medicine my medicine and ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture and botanical medicine and homeopathy and chiropractic and osteopathic like my good friend sherry tenpenny all of these methodologies all of these modalities we need to have equal access to them the public needs to be educated as to their strength and weaknesses because my system of medicine is is not the be all end all and if you have a broken leg in a bleeding artery you don't want to come to see me you want to go to the emergency room for goodness sakes there's a time and a place for everything but because we haven't had a free medical market for over a hundred years nobody knows about the science-based clinic-wide alternative and so when people get sick they're afraid and they're going to just bend over and take it and go to the conventional medical doctor because that's the only thing their insurance pays for and that's the only thing they know about and oh yes i'm frustrated and i've lost my confidence in my medical doctor but maybe this time it'll be different and see this is the predicament that people find themselves in and i agree with you that there is a change there is a surge there is something happening but i mean honest to god if people didn't get it with the whole chemotherapy thing i mean the chemotherapy rates are unbelievable 22 million people have died from chemotherapy since the since the beginning of the century of of the 21st century 22 million people have died not from cancer but from chemotherapy and the cancer treatment statistics are abysmal cancer conventional cancer treatment fails most of the time most of the time it fails and not only does it fail but it ruins the last couple of years of your life from the side effects of all the nasty treatments that they do which as it turns out are sometimes effective but the vast majority of the times not effective and also extremely expensive and if people have put up with that and if that was not enough to lift make people lift the wool from their eyes i honestly don't know what it's going to be and that's what i was alluding to before when i said history doesn't repeat itself it rhymes not everybody who had the chance to got on noah's ark it's the same here not everybody who has the chance to is going to follow the naturopathic method not everybody who has the chance to is going to follow the homeopathic method they're not because they just can't bring themselves to believe that their medical doctor doesn't know what's best for them and this is a gigantic problem but yeah you're right it is a gigantic problem but again like i'm saying uh i'm seeing that now maybe it's just me but i'm seeing more and more people you know when people call me they don't ask they don't ask if i know a good md they ask if i know a natural path a good natural path and and and uh more and more of that is happening and again like i was telling you a number of these uh a number of these frontline doctors and medical doctors mds uh they're going back to in fact recently there are groups of them that are actually going making house calls they're making house calls again and uh i remember i remember when i was a kid when i we were growing up the doctors did come to our house you know with eight kids in the family we doctors came to the house and they recommended things like elderberry tea they recommended things uh yeah uh like sassafras tea which was a horrible tasting stuff but every every spring you know and this is what the doctors were telling you back then okay yeah uh or the pharmaceutical industry got their hooks into everything but when the allia paths when the allia paths run out of things they invariably look for a good uh a nature path pathic doctor um i i've had i had that happen in the past year in my own life with my with my with my ex-girlfriend as a matter of fact she is a physician and her uh cousin was got real sick from chemotherapy and basically the doctor told her that was all they could do and so of course now she's under the care of uh a naturopathic doctor well you know that if you look at if you look at the halls of allopathic medicine allopathic medicine the halls of allopathic medicine are littered with the discarded remains of therapeutics which in their day were all the rage but then which came to be known as nonsense right like bloodletting and high doses of calomel and high doses of mercury and they were all the rage back in the day and if you didn't toe that line you were a quack and now we look back at him and say oh my that was ridiculous but the halls of naturopathic medicine are not naturopathic medicine we never discard anything we add why is that well because our therapeutics are based on god's law and natural law and when you understand and apply god's law and natural law you're never wrong but because we don't know everything and because it's the practice of medicine as time goes by we figure out new things and we add but we never subtract and this is the biggest difference between what we do and what the medical doctors do and you know it'll be a it'll be a great day if someday before i die uh you know the naturopathic medicine is licensed in all 50 states let me uh let me read to you uh this is uh uh the restored republic uh this is an update this in fact uh this is in the actually the military news and uh boy wait to to um austin finds out about this they probably don't know or um mr uh oh what's his name millie but anyhow here's what it says covid monkeypox wax hoax uh begins testing phase one clinical trial of universal flu vaccine universal flu vaccines peter mccullough this month the world council for health which represents 70 bodies worldwide has called for a global recall of all jabs dr russell bailock hospitals were paid here's what he says he says that hospitals were paid to kill 39 000 per patient on a ventilator 12 000 per per patients in the intensive care unit if you've ever seen anybody in respiratory distress they're in a severe panic but these people were just calm speaking in the complete sentences and they just said i'm short of breath and so they would give them a drug paralyze them put them on a respirator and a high percentage in some cases 80 percent of them died and of course we you know what you were just mentioning about uh in the future what about uh rendez-favre uh rendez-favre has got a really good reputation doesn't it and and it's not cheap i mean you have to cost you a lot to let them kill you with that doesn't it well i mean it's the point that's well taken and you know i i have to say it again and i i have to keep beating his horse because history doesn't repeat itself it rhymes i mean it's like the the death camps of world war ii and the experiments that they were doing on the inmates all over again and listen was it the naturopathic doctors that were doing that was it the homeopathic doctors was it the botanical medicine practitioners was it the irish doctors medicine practitioners was that the ayurvedic practitioners was it that even the traditional chinese medical doctors or the acupuncturists who were doing all of that no who was it it was the medical doctors for goodness sake nap out of it not every medical doctor in the world is a bad person but the profession has a horrible history and the only reason that we give them a path is because they've been in the minority for the last one hundred years in our heart of parts we just don't want to bring ourselves to the notion that these people are part of it evil profession we just can't do it well i think you see more more like you feel of these medical doctors they there you know they're conscious their conscience is getting to them it really is but let's i just wanted to say this here's here's the real reason behind all this i mean you know and i know it you know and i know it and that is it's the world depopulation i report on this back in the eighties in the eighties and we went through it and what's happening big pharma owns these hospitals big pharma with a big money and they basically in a very subtle way tell their people push our drugs you doctors you'll keep your practice and look the other way so you don't see things that just learn try and you can believe what we tell you if you try hard enough you can believe what we tell you but uh... but fewer and fewer people the patients art and there and these these mds medical doctors like you said some very nice people good people uh... they're losing credibility there at a at a rapid rate okay well about time and you know full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes the sooner that house of cards falls down the better the world's going to be well you know and that's why you're here tonight with us we're coming up to a break in a minute when we come back from the break tell the folks tell them what the situation is with your books too because uh... you know we we've been trying to help oh yeah there was a break that will be back right after this thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to w r w l dot org that's w r w l dot org mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries fourteen seven eighty one speary road newberry ohio four four zero six five if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word cleveland dot com the word cleveland dot com once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next
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