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TUE HR 2 070522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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July 6, 2022 12:37 am

TUE HR 2 070522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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July 6, 2022 12:37 am

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Perry July 4 down to Kingman for the price of the queen or a queen for twin $500. I'm thinking every adjustable base with qualifying purchase for 99 or September.

The most highly recommended that in America, and say $500 on all timber breeze mattresses get a $300 instant gift good toward sleep accessories only a mattress firm. Restrictions apply to the store or mattress for details. Donate and listen to podcasts WR wrote were back in the Biden is so obsessed with purging drunk from history that is willing to compromise miracles look Biden is his own is bought and paid for by China is job is to reduce America's jobs reduces the Third World status regular and well will require the Army broker most successful person is good, more lectures short months to destroy America, but all the forces of the world combined. The union for immigration judges United States is expressing concern regarding the ousting of Miller Trump immigration judges from their positions, naming the removals unprofessional and a contradiction with Biden regimes stance on labor while cautioning the negative effects of the judge's morale goes on to say. Typically, the best majority moved to non-probationary position. The department of Judas did not mention how many have recently been let go. At the end of their probationary periods, the spokesperson for the Department of Judas executive office for immigration review, said Fox news digital last week that it does not comment on personal matters per letter right there are 590 sitting immigration judges in the Department of Judas states decisions related to career civil service employees who include immigration judges there based only on performance and the regimes that listen, this is treason. Joe Biden is guilty of high treason and so was that whole widened mob know who else says that besides me totally Gilbert: Gabbard Kelsey Tulsa Gabbard calls out Biden's treasonous acts in the Ukraine.

Gabbard took to Twitter and slammed Biden and his regime for letting Ukraine Pres. Volta Mayor Zielinski lead the way. Following Russia's unprovoked attack and Eastern European neighbor. Every time this regime has been asked what the goal of our war with Russia is in Ukrainians are proxy how will we know when victory is achieved. If dodge the question by declaring the president of Ukraine will make the decision in the US will follow his leadership. Gabbard tweeted Wednesday morning.

Unbelievable. But here's some good news government representative Matt Goetz I like Matt gets gates. I guess you pronounce it in a introduces the disarmed the IRS act of 2020 great great act.

Florida was representative Matt Gates is introduced legislation to prohibit the Internal Revenue Service, requiring by purchasing okay.

The purchasing otherwise any ammunition.

It was recently revolved that the IRS person $750,000 worth of ammunition between March and June certainly is troubling that the 2002 alone. The Ira spin around 725,000, and ammunition. So here's the Biden plan disarm Americans open the border empty the prisons but rest assured that all still collect your taxes and they need $725,000 worth of ammunition. Apparently to get the job done. Call me old-fashioned but I thought the heaviest artillery and IRS agent would need is would be a calculator, not $725,000 worth of ammunition gets continued to Florida Congressman out of there was a report that the children over a ten-year period that the IRS had stockpiled $11 million worth of ammunition. This is why I'm working on legislation to put a total moratorium on the IRS by an animal, very good leg when he was angry they were going by buying up the ammo. They were trying to keep it outward from private citizens love the other thing is when Emil got expensive all maybe people won't buy it if like anything else for US ammo, available-for-sale, the more valuable it is right absolutely called supply and demand, so they do it through these government agencies and all of a sudden shooters find I can't afford to go shoot anymore. The cost to your M.O.'s too high and it's nothing but under another way to well one of the real reason to get attack on gun owners, soldering radio every trick in the book folks already did you see that one story where Biden now has expanded habitat for endangered species now sound too bad until you redevelop it you find out that he is expanding the habitat in the lands that these animals no longer occupy and their protecting areas that are unsuitable for the specie or on restart. So he is going to use the ESA the Endangered Species Act to lock up land for so there won't be any use for recreation agricultural farming anything like that, even though the reason for the critical habitat may not even exist or they have found out that the species never live there in the first place, and attempts to try and get them in that land or unsuccessful.

All the critters died there because it wasn't their natural habitat particular code that doesn't matter so they're just going to go ahead designated critical habitats, even though is no reason for it as give you an insight into the Biden administration control control control and you don't even have to have a reason for it.

No, let me just hit you with this one here Joe. Let stand, then here in Akron, Ohio, prepares riots after police reportedly shot fleeing a black man, 60 times now, according to the Inn they been saying this and I mean it if if they actually shot this man 60 times. Galen Walker jailer walks name that is way way way overkill and there are to be something some real investigation done into that okay. Terribly wrong with that picture folks terribly wrong right now is what a lot of people to understand when they do these things like like they just did with that the that's cool that we in Texas that that was you shut up and What Just Took Pl. in Chicago and you've all the welding what happens. Joe is there are like the police. There are massive losses against the police department so the Police Department cannot they don't have that money so it goes against the goes against the city and the cities don't have that kind of money. So what they do is they actually have.

They take out bonds you know for for things like this about being sued may use it with the taxpayers money they buy and and these things are are they end up going to pardon. I expect they are buying expensive insurance yell but the big Wall Street companies are the ones that end up benefiting for all this every time. In fact, I have a a clip I might play this week and they shows you the racket. It's a real like a Ponzi scheme that nobody knows about that takes place every time is one of the shootings and in the people on Wall Street keep getting what wealthier and wealthier, they they just profit off death continuously so anyhow, they hear a great miracle got rich by making a product holding something building a railroad will setting up a shipping company and now Wall Street makes money by sometimes the most underhanded of almost 30 years of misery not almost 30 not almost 30 almost illegal and is dirty. They take the letter of the laundry things that really are not moral or not really good for the society that they take advantage of the weakness the letter of the law and they get filthy rich. And that's always the working man and woman. The gifts are right yet every time I write here when the what. Today Pocahontas and was talking about and Antioch. That's Elizabeth Warren. You the name of that was known Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren talking about promises talking about the opening abortion mills on the Native Americans federal land. Okay the Native Americans have spoken out about this and they're telling the Democrats to back off. There will be no abortion mills built on tribal lands.

None incident and so there you go democratic, unclean, unclean leader, AR, AOC and Pocahontas worn calling for federal government to set up, letting abortion mills in on federal lands, including this article Indian tribal lands again and again like they said the Native American Indians until Pocahontas take a hike and that's that's good news.

Now great bombshell go ahead got a bombshell.

I was working at weird add or horrible hearings this year than ever and I like your what happened here in Chicago on that Fourth of July on the parade.

Five killed 35 shot. Also Chicago 27-year-old charged with attempted murder of an officer. Police officers K-9 are all dead after an account of the man's house. I've been looking at these headlines is over and over. San Francisco hostile crowd girls fireworks glass bottles 12 also told police officers hurt trying to quell a Fourth of July crowd of Rome chaos, but the this report after report after report what it is is there is no respect anymore for law and order. I see stories about teenagers and are ripping off stores and we talked about some of the society is breaking down and it's breaking down. We still have the liberals out there and what are they doing are still promoting many cases defund the police we need more social workers less policeman out there that I was looking around the world pass turning in the same things happening in Britain, and Portugal of Daniel use the ransack of fire bombarded with the shares breakup place at night. Place in a Portuguese bar. There is another group that allow how far was having a party and young people just turned into a mob and tore the place apart half the town is different things all over the world.

At the same kind of faint Denmark mall shooting several dad and all.

They still haven't thought out the information how many died, but no place for shot up. There have no idea what the point is you can look at Germany, France, all over. They have gone gang violence use going crazy starting riots, fights, there is no respecter please go to try and tap something down and the police end up getting hurt. We are watching a society deteriorate and that back originally in the shop member we are talking Republic a Republic was rule of law. Laws that do not change was one of the keys. It makes a Republic and in that Republic.

We have this democratic form of government.

What we elect representatives, but the key thing, the founding fathers wanted was you had to have rule of law and that's why they based our whole legal system on what God's 10 Commandments and the teaching of the New Testament which is the doctrine of Christ and we took away that rule of law and we are watching society break down.

It's breaking down in every country that gave up its Christian faith. Yeah, that's a lot in the short time I have a lot of information that I skipped over but that was the basic drift I've seen in Spain I seen Natalie, Germany, France, England, let me tell you when you get to see you again is when you see the so-called blue states that are that are promoting their pain with a giving they can't get enough killing you going to see them the entire states like New York and California. They're going to go in the way of their cities to going to go in the ways of New York City.

The get to go in the ways of Los Angeles.

They're going to go in the way of Chicago. The guy could completely deteriorate the go to become a more more flawless. The good have greater drug problems that could have more more riots to go to be burning these states that are there, remember those that hate God, love death.

They love that I have these states that love death. They got you going to see Oregon and Washington are you going to see these liberal states deteriorate.

They're going to implode there from within the going to the gutter rocked because of the evil of the wickedness of the death and the sin in the states. It'll happen that he held her back. I remember about this tractor that there were several liberals out there like over 4 July, there were still upset about Rotary way so they were running around at all the F word F 4 July.

All because they were mad at the Supreme Court because they got rid of abortion, which it didn't get rid of abortion that just kick the whole issue of abortion back to the states but a winded, the truth ever father a Democrat. The truth is not relative to the Democratic Party. They have convinced millions of the screaming historical females that you know what the Supreme Court did was cancel their abortions and nobody will ever be able to get an abortion, then there having fits that they were seeing things like F before and a couple people at comments like, you know I'm not in the mood to celebrate. In the third of the Fourth of July. What about if we turn this country to the GD ground is a treat and these liberals it's file that language is very offensive.

They have no Gothic can use some of the swearwords they generally talk if you take away the F word and they suffer severe lack of communication skills love that Lori thought were dealing with Lori anger and hate Lori Lori lesbian Lightfoot like that very very wicked and very wicked lesbian there in Chicago and evil woman and I meditate for you know, I don't think for one second that she was elected in a fair election, not not for one, I note that the people in Chicago and I know Chicago's than a crime laden city, but I mean that as he was so bad. Even worse than you can imagine, but anyhow this wicked, wicked, evil, unclean, very unclean woman of very unclean woman came out and and that she was on the news is using the F word.

The Supreme Court are you have the athletic, shout relative quiet her quiet quick you know what's funny. She came out today and she tried to change your tone will not get this. She spoke at an event today.

She decried attacks on police officers, inner-city, it's a sign that people are losing respect for the institutions of our democracy. This is a lady just a few days ago was using what Jill what he is no ladles when you when you referred to her as a lady would you insult the real ladies out there running out thinking that says to me that people who are acting so brazenly have no not only no respect for themselves, but they don't have respect for the institution that this is a lady that just days ago was screaming obscenities as our Supreme Court judge stop with your call.

Is that a good example of hypocrisy only as it is. Do you know what a woman is yes you know what lady is. Yes is Lori lesbian Lightfoot, a lady about the why do you keep calling her a lady I used to. I live in an area where there are a lot of wonderful ladies and I'm used to having and being in the company of ladies, not oars, banshees and other things that you know I have a stack of letters done about a foot high.

The ladies these are ladies you not you know how you could tell the difference by the fruits.

They bear by the anion when they when their vulgar and rude when their anti-God. When there pro-abortion, pro-homosexual when they embrace every unclean thing, like it says and they continue in their uncleanness. They continue they are not ladies they are not late seat we got me words have meaning to write and in the note, the Bible makes it it's it's wrong. In fact remembered to give honor to a desirable person. Okay, it's a sin to do that.

And she's a very very wicked woman now okay now I've got a couple things here pro-abortion. Jewish organizations agree with Satanic temple claim abortion rights rituals represents religious freedom. This is this is an article by Ethan Huff more than 140 Jewish organizations along with the Satanic temple. New York are not claiming that getting abortionists is a form of religious freedom that is constitutionally protected and cannot be overruled by legislators or courts in a note sit in the Bill of Rights is guarantees his life, liberty and The Pursuit of Happyness. The first thing it doesn't say we have the right to murder to destroy God's image right now that is about a week ago I told people about the US Supreme Court. Commonwealth versus Nesbitt Miller versus the people identified actions in which the government did not have good have legitimate right of sorry the government did have a legitimate right to intrude upon religion. Those activities included human sacrifice, polygamy, bigamy tractor by each incest and infanticide that's killing children and that's where the baby is a fetus of the Latin word for baby and anyway it said such act, even if perpetrated in the name of religion would be stopped by the government, since according to the court. They were subversive of good order and were overt acts against good order.

One of the early Supreme Court ruling to the United States. It is never been overturned or changed someone people come out of garbage like that pastor or neonate do not do any homework do not look up the history and they just shoot off their mouth without having any idea what they're talking about.

Well I'm going to correct this was God's Word the Bible no let me start again. More than hundred 40 Jewish organizations along the Satanic temple New York City are now claiming they getting abortion as a form of religious freedom that is constitutionally protected and cannot be overruled by legislators or courts on May 17, an event sponsored by the Jewish rally for abortion justice and supported by the Anti-Defamation League publicly affirm that abortion access is a Jewish value, and that banning abortions is a religious freedom.

Okay, now let me ask you a question. Joe and Romans chapter 9 the apostle Paul refers to the seed of Abraham, but that but the sons lady said that they are the seed but they're not the sons of Abraham right okay now Jesus refers to them in John chapter 8 as the sons of Satan as the sons of Satan thousand Satan is your father okay we are of your father the devil in the loss of your father the realtor he was a murderer from the beginning about not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of a zone for is a liar and the father of it. The case is now if you go to Revelation chapter 3 and you plead with the Lord Jesus talks about the synagogue of Satan. The day that say they are Jews but are not there. The synagogue of Satan that is sitting so these are hundred and 40 organizations along with the defamation league. The anti-these are synagogues of Satan thing they are they are not the Jewish values. They are the synagogues of Satan got it said that God has called them the synagogue of Satan photo mother scripturally didn't know the constant. Learning about the Supreme Court rulings collectives at that picture was settled way back in the early 1800s yet never been brought up again. Never been challenged. It is the president of the land. Okay well this is the only program I've ever heard or read on the radio. Yeah I know believe we will going to be read in the and for the Constitution.

Again this week to because the people unknown to not hear it. And you know what the time has come. Now we have we have both by God's Word, the Bible, the obligation into the founding fathers we have to abolish this crooked form of government that we have this corrupted form of government. We start by one not acknowledging it all when that when they come out and they tell you when the Pentagon says that when the prosecutor say they are not going to abide by the law. They're going to violate the law, then they have absolutely no business telling us these prosecutors that they can prosecute us because they have delegitimized the law and so we don't have to recognize logically that over row decision brings us incredible clarity on the elusive. Reading the abortion child sacrifice called this is an article by Mike Adams of the entire death. The credit communist collective is filled with with child sacrifice and pedophilia from top to bottom. It's all the same pull.

Now the left-wing vaccine pushes abortionist instigators.

Luke goes belligerent transgressing indoctrinated child groomers transgender agenda genital mutilators pedophiles elusive variance. They have all become homogenized group of the difficult practitioners to feed on children while working to destroy every Christian personal pro-life life on planet Earth and now in the aftermath, the US Supreme Court overturning Roe V Wade, their inner demons have come out for all the world to see.

They were seeing these get out again.

Remember what You Just Saw Take Pl. in Seattle, WA is fat, obese naked men riding bicycles, stark naked in front of children in the parade watering right then you saw them paying on each other. Your urinating in that parade you saw these Democrats so these Democrats urinating right out in the public and these wicked evil people brought their little children out of these people that hate to children lately have to hate your children to bring the children out, let them see that Sakae urinating in each other's faces. They did that in Columbus Ohio some years ago.

This is what the Democrats were doing in Seattle, Washington. There you go with me back right after this will go away a lot more to come. I can share in my mind. God on the wrong he's not very happy way the lot fell in case so I have it your way. You real good, you might hear him say don't make me come down there. I'm not in a good deal. Remember masses on the whole you and you and he don't make me come down here. See you like me. I feel never be safe. His Mars board meeting, making all as you go on your way, not caring only hearing what God has a don't make me come down and not in a good mood. I still remember masses on the info you know and don't make me come down there tired of your share in my mind already in creation only handwaving and pray they did and now it's too late don't make me not in a you remember why masses on you and don't make me come down.

I'm tired of your and don't make me come in and and brave. Why would there was a clear message there that Sumter was working on the phone lines know it. 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Joe give the address tell folks how they can help support this radio program and where they can send the check to and where they can also after report of the newsletter. You're right well yeah you definitely want to get the newsletter WRWL ministries 147-811-4781 Sperry SPE RR Y Rd. in the city of Newberry AWP you are why OH 44065 X WR W ministries 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 and if you're driving Write that down.

Just go to W RW W RW about the work and you'll find that information on our website, you know, Jill. It's it's always good people write a letter just a small note they send in a donation to that address and then and Satan send me you newsletter in the make sure that we have a very clear now. We we need a name often will people say seven newsletter and Joe will have an address but no name no name on the address and when you need a name to write right and so here but now many of many people will send us an email and then email us and ask us what you send this letter to the census but here's the problem we do that we do that, but Joe we get off hundreds and hundreds of emails every day, every day, and so when I get up in the morning and night, and I start checking up in enough I look at 8 o'clock.

By noon we probably had about enough, three, 400 more emails come in at that time. So when they do that we catch up weekly. We try to get the best we can, but there's so many sometimes will miss one and so it's always better if they just write a little note with an address letter where our may be a little slower getting to it is a lot more accurate. Here's very good okay so let's go to Cliff Cliff you are near high morale made on the radio that is sent woman in the mall that RU-486 asked and I look quickly on Google scholar. Now that's different from Google Google scholar has a lot of actually just normal medical research is the one that affect on the woman could be a would get something equivalent of strangulation from the possible side effect, like a collapsing route.

What should. At one point from the trunk: around the lackluster tranquilizer and that would do that people find health, make up almost like so that's another deception. He calls it will send woman these medications but I want to go to second Corinthians chapter 11 verse three, four, using the word subtlety of the deception of the Sabbath to be an corruption of the mind, and I think Paul is using that as an example, that also applies to that in all looking at the fall and saying that that's a subtle deception and from Satan, and the corruption of the mind that also applied it to what man can anybody basically but I fear, lest by any means is a serpent beguiled Eve's ability, subtlety of your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ, for if we be up for if he that cometh preaches another Jesus, who we have not preached, or if you received another spirit which you have not received or another gospel which you have not accepted, you might as well bear with him that weren't there with them is not.

It is not the word that you you normally think like the bear needs to try to hold a heavy burden that were there actually means to push against to push against it. In other words, is always telling you that that you might well push against with him of four. I suppose I was not a whit behind the very cheap as a possible some what he's talking about. There is the let let let me give you a better if you go over to verses starting with verse 12 verse 12 we read this, but what I do that I will do that I may cut off occasion from them, which desire a location that we are in the glory that they may be found even as we in other words, Paul said, look, you got these people that are coming in their their professing their apostles of Christ. Like we are okay. You have that today with these apostate preachers they have Christian church there apostate avert their their right from the pit of hell. They they embrace every sin, especially abortion or you can embrace. But he says this for such a false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore, it is no great thing of his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness whose end shall be according to the work so what is referring to their in both passages there are the apostate preachers they come preaching another Jesus like I remember a big you know, they'll tell you that Jesus, that their Jesus is the Jesus is a man of love is not judge mental entities and a very tolerant with that's that's exactly the opposite when it comes to sin not. There was never a man that was more judgmental than ever walked the earth and the Lord Jesus Christ and they're going to be in for a real extreme rude awakening because there's going to be a white throne judgment and those people will be there in the not by choice. So what that depicts Apple stock option where the hatchet giving may be what like a little texture, not the whole picture. If you looked at word there up in the Greek words is also central is cutting a cunning, immense, deceptive, very deceptive, except there like there was a property rights bill the government passed through it used to be like for eminent domain at the wording of the bill was that had to be for public need. Well, they rewrote that a few years later and they only change one word in the entire bill and went from about eminent domain being for public need to eminent domain being available for public use. One work very deceptive journalist.

Nobody bothered to read it all. The devil in the details. Nobody read the thing. Nobody likes father one word change never made the headlines, but did it make a difference in our laws in the United States, you betcha you absolutely right that shared deception. That's how they play the game right thanks thanks for Cliff God bless the friendless good Jeff of Massachusetts going I'm doing okay. How are you.] Standard. Earlier about you know what, like when you work predicting the character to people coming thank predicted.

I mean you coming to America and how people reacted, so I have a question. Can you elaborate on how people back 40 or 50 years ago reacted with dark towing people, but can be coming to America, and in this topic. Now gluttons working about. It was and not in a statement for having a hard date yet. Here's what back back then people that could never happen in America that could never happen in America and don't you know where morning don't realize the reason we have the founding fathers understood and the reason they gave us this the second amendment rights. The reason that they knew this. The reason we have a Republican that a democracy and and we were warning people back then and and there were others to James Dobson came out back around 80s and it also Pat Buchanan, Pappy Kennedy body had route we had him on on. Here's many times in which he was Satan. Illicitly, we were given a warning out there the end. The problem was. You had prissy preachers telling people not to get involved in politics. It was dirty and and here that's not what God's Word, the Bible teaches from Genesis to Revelation.

We are to be salt and light where to where to be the head and not the tail, where the resist tyranny and and this is exactly what we have here today and so I had these prissy preachers telling the people not to listen to me.

I was a radical let you know there is one some good news happening out today. There is this organization the square of pastors that are actually giving workshops.

In fact, I'm going to try to find if I can find here and I'm I have these people on the radio.

Great and laser. These are groups of people. Let me try to see if I can go over here to find this now.

My guess is gone but I would try to get it's like what we been the black robe regiment and now they're giving workshops in different states of pastors coming together and from what I understood is been about 500 just recently pastors that have awaken up and decided to come and abate black robe regiment people and so I go out with it. Now that things are happening now now coming to Right now how anything people reacting and number two thing and I don't know where I read it or heard it, but you can go to communism what you way out and that undergoing well, I could just say that I've already had some those pastors have actually called me and apologizes that you know what you are exactly right every things it was right I was wrong and I want to apologize that had because several now do that and that's that's good okay really think a lot more that wouldn't yell yeah was interesting with popular people in town yet and it was interesting because I was speaking at a patriot event and the fellow there got one of the pastors and this is one of those guys that was saying that when he got there late and is been it's been a few years since I saw him I didn't recognize you because a loss of much weight. He was one of those pastors that was talking about me came out. Now he had changed his position and now he believed what I was preaching and when he got there he didn't realize who I was. Even though I was speaking and afterwards he came up to introduce himself and when they react recognize me you want to see the look on his face is because this had been one of those guys were telling people not to listen to me to. In fact, here's here's what happened. He tells me of my Bible doesn't teach me that I'm to stand against the government and it's a really isometric question. I said if you ever heard of the prison epistles. He said of course I have is why do you think they were called prison epistles. He said because they were put there. They were placed from and written in the present. I said work was the apostle Paul and Peter met with a imprisoned for obeying God or for obeying the government and he had to start look on his face. He said you know I never thought of that, he says, is that I I'm going to have to change my position. Good yell that that is good and so and this whole thing with Romans 13. They've use that to try to justify or excuse not to have courage again. The pastors are supposed to lead the people were to be the head's not the tail, and the righteous are is to be bold as aligns if they believe God's Word, the Bible. Then they'll know that we are more than conquerors in the Lord Jesus Christ. They were going to have victory in him. If they believe the word of God.

If not, they cower they cower in its it's pitiful to see the. The group of men that are supposed to be the boldest leaders to see them cowering like whipped dogs were quicker away but wrote in what way out.

Coming to America well. It is here where the Democratic Party is kindness to the bone.

There is not one thing that's different, and in their platform and here in the ironic thing is in Russia when Putin they've moved away from communism, but here they've embraced communism and so now everything that they're doing and and even potent even spoke to that. He said they're going down that same path.

We went down and that they said they never learned from months already. Joe, four minutes candy given imitation of four minutes. Arthur Karen long, long ago and far away. I remember I brought up in the Episcopal Church and I took a long time to find out what born again really meant and I have gone a long time thinking I was baptized I was a Christian and so I started questioning and I found out that the so-called quote the will pastors they call themselves priest father couldn't answer the questions and I cannot straight from the face and then I started reading and hearing for myself and three times as children were brought up were given a set of instructions and knowledge and that sword base everything on but instead of learning for ourselves.

We just assume what I was taught Sunday school, until I started reading Jesus explained very specifically that we have to.

We are physical beings built to get into the kingdom of God. We have to be born again. We have to be a become new and second Corinthians tells us therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, old things are passed away behold all things are become new. Well, the only way that you can be in Christ is for Christ to be in you, and that is by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and that is only one way to get the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and becoming a new creation and new creature. And that is to be born again, and that entails realizing that it was your sins, your sins, my sense of put Jesus Christ on that cross. He went there to take your place my place a paid the price for the sins we committed and will prevent and only ask for this gift is that we repent of our sins so that is such a simple thing you call upon the father you truly repent you said I'm sorry that my sins go sentence that I committed.

Jesus had to die for those sins for me to be set free.

I want to accept service offer of salvation or forgiveness.

Forgiveness of sins. I want to be forgiven and then you asked that Jesus become Lord of your life.

All of your life without doubt, without reservation that you give yourself completely to Jesus. And when you do this you asked that he give you the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that your down payment on the Col. life and with that down payment without Holy Spirit you do become born again spiritually, you become that new man that child of the kingdom.

A new creation of a joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life, and you are changed from that point on. And if you haven't been changed. If you mumbled some words but did not have a repentant heart did not get the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. There is no fruit there is no change so true believer.

It's really easy to spot because you have given up the old ways you let the old fleshly things that I even embrace this new creation that God is made of you this new spiritual man or woman and Eric is the most wonderful glorious thing you will find peace and joy and happiness and you never regret it is the most you can do right now we are out of time for tonight's them as we do every night. This time we say good night God bless less and always, always keep mighty fine.

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