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TUE HR 1 062822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 29, 2022 12:14 am

TUE HR 1 062822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out I'm ready about 30 said it.

Indeed, this is the voice of the Krista resistance on will and this is the 28th day of June, well summer is moving by pretty fast 2022 and we have a lot I mean a lot to get to tonight so again we have courageous Craig on the board. Merriman and way out yonder we have Pastor Joe Larson God galore came and we were already Joe, we have a lot to cover again tonight. We we are the voice of the Krista resistance out there and what I've been watching all 11 watching the lawyers club.

Joe the liars club, better known as the select committee on January 6. While these people understood really knew you this thing is actually being produced by a television producer he's producing.

This is this is a movie is not relevant it's it's his fictional and these people are lying in the end they caught they caught this Cassidy Hutchinson. She lied about Pres. Trump. You know what he was doing. See was in the back of his limousine and Joe and and and he decided he wanted to go over there to the Congress and they said no, so he he reached his hands all the way up probably about 810 feet. He resells long arms of any grab hold that steering will and then what happened. The Secret Service and you can do that and and they got into a fight with would trump an end and it took two of them. This is a new trump after he reached all the way up Windows long 1210 and 12 foot long arms okay but here's the funny thing about it. Trump and the two Secret Service men don't remember anything like that happened it all in and no and so only Cassidy Hutchinson knew all about that, and well. The main driver of Secret Service men and the driver of one gentleman there trump the security agent for crop farming in your truck better than anybody here was there and the driver and they both say he did not lunge at the wheel did not assault them, and attempt to go to the capital and they said they are willing to testify, they will testify that they will hear that there is a get out there.

They will be told, you know you're going to, here's what you're going to say or bad things that happen to you. I mean, I know the Secret Service agents.

Remember, you got a family out there or you know this so that they'll find that that that so-called the select committee is so crooked there's so crooked and and all Joe if you want to be able to lock him down and put them on trial and try to find witnesses that any of them. There had ever told the truth about anything it would be very hard, very hard so we gotta get into our to the truth. We have one perfect source of truth, but by the by God's grace in this day and age where lying seems to be the the public past time out there. We've got God's word, which is pure truth and that's what it says this is as is the pure truth her and so let's start tonight and remember the title. A message was the seed of the serpent Is the seed of the serpent enemies of Christ and his church, and that's what these people are. That's what they said that the grants are there, the seeds of the serpent this and how do you know God's Word the Bible by the fruits they bear verify the their convicted brother prior to your annual right right in there so they are found blood guilt. He pled guilty. I mean really pled guilty they hate life. God said, I have set before you life and death.

So, blessing accursed choose life they choose death death. So let's start in first Corinthians chapter 6 read verses of one all the way through eight. There are any of you having a matter against another go to law before the unjust and not before the thing do you not know that the saints will judge the world and the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters. Know ye not, that we shall judge angels how much more things that pertain to this life, if any, have judgments of things pertaining to this life system. The judge who are least disdained in the church. I speak to your shame.

So there is not a wise man among you know not one that shall be able to judge between his brother, but brother goeth along with brother and that before the unbelievers.

Now, therefore, there is utterly a fault among you because you go to law one with another. Why do you not rather take wrong.

Why do you not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded may he do wrong and a fraud and that your brother writes of the inhabitants of Corinth were Greeks Joe and what was it that they prided themselves in the Greek and their philosophy and their rhetoric and their many gods that a couple things return collectors probably so that they would go to they would gather at a pavilion they would and one we get up and they would wax eloquently. They would again that we get out to give these long speeches trying to impress each of this was their past time and so here now. Paul comes in and he he he kind of the lily kind of insults a little bit here so he says there are any of you having a matter against another go to law before the unjust and not before the saints now. Joe does that apply for today. Bill replied that God's word. Noah doesn't know we have the ecclesiastical counsel when we need it. We use it okay right and we have that with people I don't think out there really have any idea what you're talking about powder. Well, I did ask questions and they look at me were going to have my guys ecclesiastical. What this ecclesiastical counsel and what it is this. We we use biblical law and adhere we help. We also use church polity. Now what we do. If the people that have a matter let's say that I have two brothers come to me and one is accused the other of stealing from whatever and so we sent Don and I discussed this with the and I tell him if you do, you wanted if you take this before the healing courts guess is going to profit the healing courts now here if you want to go before the Council. Now they put go for the consul they signed a petition they petition each one to come for the consul in the consul.

Here's the matters and then they agree that this to abide by the decision of the consul right and so the decision is made strictly not upon man's wisdom and knowledge, but by the word of God strictly on God's word and you know what we've in all of the time we've done that we will have one person that that them after they had great decided it was a woman that she to change your mind and I'd that she was never saved to begin with, especially when it comes to matters of marriage and right. In your character carry water. Keep going till I forgot to answer everyone. Yeah.

And so here will.

A lot of times what with their involved and you know the Bible says make sure your what your sin will find you out and so what happens is a lot of times the people are involved in in extramarital affairs and infidelity and so they went in and some of humming just unbelievable. The what you hear from people is I know what the Bible teaches, but I I can't, you know I Kate well I can't. I can put up with this anymore.

I can own. In other words, is to the same look, let's go God's Word, the Bible has the answers to these marriage problems. Okay, what is the second shortest personal scripture are. It fared no the first shortest as Jesus wept Jesus from Dr. the second shortest as God hates divorce. God hates divorce, and so here that's in the one is to look to words in the history words and so here you don't get in and that's what God would rather okay. The marriage not be divorced. He would rather have recompense made in and in a marriage is saved, but that's not always hated and are you not always able to do that sometimes there is your week and syllable differences, and then in case. Now you see if they get married in the church without a state license. They can only get divorced in the church with state license round. Trigger finger can cut out of the truck.

Regular divorce or real godly wedding right now and so we've had that we protect we have one of those cases already where they were married in the church and they get.

They were given a certificate in the certificate of marriage was recognized by Jesus Christ and his church okay was the institution of God did so.

That's legitimate. The only only the marriage is given in the church are really according to the Bible legitimate okay and so not by the state to state really doesn't state has given itself authority that they didn't have the authority to give themselves correctly okay so here now they were growing quite God altered a licensed minister licensed rep. Bob Loblaw right yeah so here he says if I'm going to keep taking and never realizing what to where God put things out there for them. So he says do you not know the saints shall judge the world and that the world should be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters and so now what we always hear from the apposition out there is a sound bite again. Not unless you be charging your cell yeah so in any course till they always tell you that when they're trying to justify the sin right and so here if they were to keep on reading. They would find out that the Lord Jesus says, but when you are but when you do judge judge with righteous judgment.

Choice.tell I'm not the judge he's telling him that if you're going to judge. Don't hold others up to a higher standard than yourself right and so so here he goes on, and he says no you not that you should judge angels how to think Satan felt about that. Not real happy that Christ would like to get rid of Mary can curable labor for fear of their art director. So, I mean that if you were Satan you had an intellect. That's far, far beyond our our ally compared to his would be you know maybe that of a puppy dog. You know, compared to a genius. Not Satan's intellect was far beyond ours is his beauty with Barbie on earth is power and authority was organized and so he looks at us and he and he finds he hears God say you you can be judged by by these people that were made in my image that Satan considered himself equal with God said what and that make him far superior in his mind to us about it so he wouldn't have any part of that was. He none or part of a says O'Leary goes how much more things that pertain to this life.

If you that have judgments of things pertaining to this life. This is a misunderstood passage right here. People misunderstand this set them to judge who were at least esteemed in the church when you think he meant by that. Don't pick out the popular the Richard Verrocchio to pick out the true believers that are of the faithful. Well, there's the application there but is referring to the babies that the babes in Christ that the new people just recently saved. That's what is returning so he said list essays telling you that a new brand-new born-again Christian is better qualified to judge righteously, then then he then judges put on the bed for 30 years and so he goes on any says this if you that have judgments of things pertaining to this life, and set them to judge or at least esteemed the church. I speak to your shame. Here you go. This is where he gets the Greek right.

It is so that there is not a wise man among you, not one shall be able to judge between his brothers, but brother go to law with is whether and before the unbelievers not Joe according to this God's word about what I have right here. According to this word of God. Okay is what this the so-called judicial system we have today.

Is there any legitimacy at all with this judicial system that we have today not graded long ago when people program on the Bible and swore involved with a note from their soul where we had some hope about system but are termed out of a court so it's nothing but man's work anymore so gently back in the old days when the judge would come out. He would have a white cloth and he would have the Bible opened any wood he would bring the Bible he hold in front of. That's the law] but they change that we will live in a society today just totally illegitimate, not just in the judicial the government but within the marketplace. They are illegitimate and what will will look at that later on. No, he says here help a brother go to law with brothers in the form believers. So when you take a brother into the heathen court who wins. In court every time you made when a monetary victory, but nowhere in the end everybody to accept the state estate gives more control over your life.

Power over others and ungodly power right leg and imagination. You know there was a certain doctor who had died and he had put left everything to the church to our church with with me is the woods of the PA what is it's called a the power of attorney awareness and so yeah so here I had all these things.

In other words, he had debts that had to be paid bills but I never had. He had a lot of things in assets and that but it was and I mean a lot because he was a collector, and all of a sudden I had all of this on me and I had I had to do this so I went to a friend of mine good friend who is a judge of the probate court and so what happened was I went to the bank to pay off his his debt, his credit cards and that he had in the bank. I went there to pay that off the banks as well.

We can take it from you is gonna come through the probate court. So I went to this judge as it was in. He says do not bring it into this court keep it out of this court. If you break it in this court. The lawyers are going to get the money." Yeah, and he said, and so I went back to that to the bank and I said look, I'm here to pay off the debt and that if you don't take this fight. I'll keep it. So you're really going to take it from me right here now. Are you not going to get it and they said all right will take Kroger block. Well, not woods. I would die, was that was serious. I wouldn't put up with no more of that foolishness okay and will block them already recap character. To go through the court they could take it you're the administrator of the estate and if you have the money to pay the debt taken legally take it off like something called their bluff, they work. Your runaround well that's the way they do it and it is they work with with the lawyers in the court. Everybody gets a piece of the action. Okay, right. And so here we go now. He says now here. Why do you not rather take wrong. Why do you not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded. Now you do wrong to defraud, and that your brother so here he saying you're better off were better off to take the loss then to drag each other and went inside the heathen court right on your better off to suffer what your macro Lawson forgiven go on to go through all this absolutely that this apostle Paul does the usually know what he was talking about here is one of the brighter fault.

Yes, he knew what he was talking about already.

Didn't I tell you we were going to get through a whole lot of this tonight. But I thought we get farther than we got well where up against the brakes… Go to the break will be right back after this we to be still failed to attend ditto and bring down within the-versus the pursuit of happiness. We now take a sign like sleeping in one's been known only to fail. Sign. How is within end user read me the these hard times. This way called Lynn and agrees though they and reclaiming the sin. During this thing can mimic and now miscast eyes on liberties are others being slaves without soldiers we must time to time. We now see the new anything in a in a and I say to that. What you think I'll go along with what I saw yesterday. There's this young lady to the reported 12. Her name is Terry Lake and she's running for governor in Arizona and I think she's going to get it. And so here she took on Brett bear Brent bear is a rapid human.

He is a rabid anti-Trumper. And here you know. And she she really put him to shame. You know, because he tries to to come across in look. You know a fair balance is not fair and balanced. A limitation.

His face turned red and I watched him grimaces. He knew he got caught because he's been one of those in the lead. The leaders to try to convince us that there was no election fraud. That's not an anti-Trumper. Like said you really are riding on the sky is a weasel 80s a weasel. Anyhow, so hats off to Carrie late.

She really she really sees what she she gave it when he too gave him what he needed a day praising the Lord for that. And now we have all of the things happening in major corporations. Joe major corporations cover all travel costs for employees seeking building, maybe that Jenna Sheldon said look abortions good for the economy. If you're pregnant, kill it and go back to work. This is evil. These people are evil. These these corporations and by the way folks were going to try to get a list really try to get a list of of all those them and get them in a newsletter.

Joe if you can work on that for me and put some of the people in it to, but but one Dick's Sporting Goods in other words the pay for thought. They will pay $4000. The same of baby but they'll pay 4008 kill one Dick's Sporting Goods affect you.

We need to pray and imprecatory prayer tonight and and I and I really would hope to people out there. I really would hope the people out there would join us in praying and imprecatory prayer against Dick's Sporting Goods and Apple and Starbucks and and all I'm to give you a list of a few of them negative with the list because celebrities have never even heard of but just just quickly. These are the ones and maybe you might want to write them down, and that again is Starbucks Dick's Sporting Goods Apple Alaska Airlines mag Amalgamated Bank Amazon air B&B Bloomberg have yeah specially Bloomberg we we've had a run-ins with him heavily breakout bumbling never heard of bumble service vendors to work. The technology really don't have an not Amazon.

The company bit animals on the employees they came out, wrote a big letter.

They want Amazon to quit doing business in any state that accepts the overturning of Roe V Wade and stop during business and though they want to stop doing business in any state to ban abortion and I felt much great. They don't want to do that want to lose half of America, the company likely will not last long, but I thought that was interesting. The company and the employees are trying to tell the administrators how to run the company well you remember Facebook. It looks like they may be going into bankruptcy. They got found out you know so and the other discrimination against so many people they've done it to themselves.

Okay. Also, you can Citigroup, Disney, Go Daddy, Goldman Sachs, Gucci, Hewlett-Packard, Kroger, Levi Strauss met the Microsoft Southwest Airlines Tesla is a test of the data owned by will. What's his name there, well you that really surprises me because he's he's going the other direction. I'm wondering if this is I've never dictate tick-tock yelp Huber and United Airlines. This is just a view now here functions they will want to fight. What if I and I can minimize my my dad works in Kroger or in a my sister works at Levi Strauss and but here's the thing. Folks there you can if you you will go against and and boycott any of the ones as many as you can. I don't care who you are probably 90% of that was on these lists, we can send you can you can boycott without without defending any of your family are hurting and in the finances as I know there are people as a pastor I worked there when the microvilli I did my job right or and so so on and so forth.

But even with that you can you can boycott all the rest of the list, so will try to get a list together. Joe if you would. And so we can mail it out and would just do it now. I can tell you right now I would boycott United Airlines over just about everything I've read on this list. I will boycott is especially your computer. Other people make wording Levi Strauss.

You can verify urging somebody else makes and I doubt I doubt you and I will people should be keeping their children off the tick-tock anywhere you shouldn't be going on that organization that all absolutely, and I doubt that you and I will ever purchase anything from Gucci yeah yeah I don't wear sodomites name on my their clothing. Well it's going to be easy not to go to Dick's Sporting Goods fellows in the Starbucks I would never go to Starbucks. That's a known hang out for sodomites is sort of felt like they had coffee cup, praising him and glorifying him so yeah I would say I am there for a long time.

Some 3003 were during that promoting that marketing Christians so good Christian wouldn't go to Starbucks Seneca prophetess like I want to go. Hats off to Genesis Clarence Thomas.

I would say he is the best will.

Surviving are yeah he is a great mental lot part of the world hates him in a major victory garden variety for telling the truth. Following the Constitution on the drunkard because of his race and collect and beliefs so here's what he says Emily has to be supportive and break. Because they're taking a risk.

Just as Thompson says Scotus should revisit rulings on same-sex marriage. Sodomy conception is going down transgender is going down and that he's absolutely right. These things all of these things are offensive to God. Greenway yeah extremely and there remember the founding fathers that all are interested. Of law and government are based upon the 10 Commandments of God and the teachings in the New Testament. But what is the New Testament.

The gospel of Jesus Christ so very all our institutions of government law were based on 10 Commandments and the gospel which is basically the Christian religion right put together well detect any clearer than that. I don't think I'm a minute they made it quite clear, quite simple, it hasn't felt like it don't go to another country were they don't do that well you write Internet course, we're we understand United stem because according to sink second gripper script in chapter 2, starting with verse 14 we we have the mind of God we understand why things are the way that we understand the times were living in okay we understand the signs of the times the world out there is clueless. They are clueless and here it and the ironic thing I always I hear these people that are angry.

They're angry at the God they that they say doesn't exist even though they say doesn't exist there angry at him and you see like when you had these heathen white of the heathen rage we talked about these people that are out there is marching there depraved by God's word all the depicted range and anger, screaming that Derek I mean the agreement. All you have to do is look at a few others shot and so these people did the extreme emotion there's no logic.

There is no reason there is pure emotion, pure hate for the left always tries to use emotion they never use language in an overused truth. They don't debate their issues and when they always have to come up with an emotional appeal to the people and that's why the ministers record shooting.

We've got to get rid of guns you gotta strike while the iron is hot. The people are upset, crying over something, then they can pass something before people have time to calmly sit down and look at all all these laws wouldn't stop the shooting from taking place in the general wouldn't of thought think so why do them but by that time they've gotten taken away our freedoms gotten more more control and that's how they work always work that way you don't, there's things you never the way they seem to be and this whole thing I'm absolutely convinced that this the. The idea that they'd dropped a dime to so that this whoever this person was the sleeker within the court. I got a feeling it was done. Why note was done purposely because they want they needed something the rage of the heathen. They needed the rage of the heathen to take the people's eyes off of the economy when they also prospected incriminate from other characters, but it didn't work well, you know, I thought they were either surprised I tell you what I I didn't, I thought they would do. I figured there was only going to be two of whom that would that would not be intimidated and of course I was wrong. I mean, I'm glad I was wrong, but the here I thought it was be Thomas Alito and that was it that those are the only two I thought the others would buckle, but they didn't. And I was really surprised that Roberts okay because you know where he was so used to being betrayed route.

Tried to electricity. There were several articles for heroes trying to convince them to go easy interest to gradually go there.

The other six just ignored them. Didn't listen and did what was right and I think Nancy had to go and follow the others or we would've really looked horrible this time you have a five yeah absolutely will. Let's go back to Justice Thomas unleashes. Helen got Gabby liberals on Thursday.

The Supreme Court ruled, and he goes on 63 to invalidate constitutional gun-control measures in his occurrence. Judge Todd. I concurrence Judge Tom Thomas illuminated the doubt standard. Many people have for gun rights when compared to other constitutional rights. By the way Joe did you know we mentioned that to the date 2.5 million was 2.5 millions were saved last year by people that had guns because they because they were armed they were able to protect themselves a tremendous amount of people live their properties. And yet I didn't hear anything like that on any of the major media did you and we follow the stock quite well no that's why we're here because they're sure didn't have it on Fox News right right. The Constitutional right to keep arms in public for self-defense reasons is not a second-class right, which is subject to the distinct body of rules that the other Bill of Rights are not. Thomas wrote the use of our constitutional freedoms does not force people to show government officials, especially the freedom and the right to carry weapons in public for self-defense is no different and New York's proper cause requirement breaks the 14th amendment by stopping law-abiding citizens with legitimate self-defense needs from using their right to bear arms in public.

According to Thomas the text of the Second Amendment neither distinguishes between homes, public places, with respect to the right to keep and bear arms, nor does it define bear. Furthermore, the Second Amendment guarantees a citizens individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation and such encounters can occur outside the home and so there you go. And so you can recommend the bad guys outside your home. Yeah, there are new and so here again praising the Lord for somebody like him with got one guy there that that stands in the head and shoulders above the rest. I think our guns always work through the early level). Yet there was work through the remedy always works for everyone probably did hear one person like Noah and General Motors. There are several figures Scripture he doesn't go in for overwhelming odds. She works with very little land still achieves his will in his article Jill polymeric in his this is an article by Mike Adams uses potent announces new bricks global reserve currency project to replace the, the petrodollar, you know, the Russian economy is is is soaring right now. Did you know that roaming the Russian ruble in Hawaii up arrow portrait of money and right now they don't need to borrow community. Other countries they're doing quite well thank you so love the stuff, but to abide trying to do to rush is not working at all now in Russia in the night.

You know potency is is not the know what you consider a model citizen by any means.

I mean, he's like like Hilary's enemies seem to have to seem to will become room temperature. Now, but potent and I hurriedly talking about their portion in their there they've got more freedoms than we do. Okay, when it comes to well sodomy sodomy there. Remember, Joe, for 6000 years sodomy was a sin wasn't so Marine major country in the world. Well if you go back to Sodom and Gomorrah. We've got quite a president only. I think I made a large statement on the face of the earth.

You can see or construct Sodom and Gomorrah from the space station can still see the damage. Well, you can take a look at the Russia LGBT is a criminal offense and go to jail if if your of your sodomite and you openly come out you go to jail. Also potent is tried to stop. Outlaw abortion completely. And that's potent only in there, they only recognize marriage in Russia between a man and a woman in the marriage need to be recognized by the church clerk where you are way ahead of us was settled soon. We have now become the evil Empire heavenly and a lot of words were eternally out all were in the middle of a revolution and I keep saying that because maybe people will wake up and start the fight to me people I talked to writer over time. All the news is so bad I do I don't listen. I don't pay any attention I don't need to know. I just and I'll redo some notes this ignore the news and go on about our life and and come II do the ostrich, putting your head in the sand.

What you don't know can hurt you. We all know that that is very very true.

But I think it's a case of people about wanting to have to spend time or money or effort or put up with some unpleasantries take a stand. They'd rather just take the coward's way out. Nor like nothing's happening, but the I think underneath that think somebody else will fix the problem before them. Well you know they say when it comes to this ignorance and apathy.

I don't really know anything about it and I really don't care about Carol right exactly. And so here so here he goes on to say, although the biggest news of the week is undoubtedly the Supreme Court overturning will be weight there is another Bob Schiller quietly broke couple days ago, one that will have a vastly more profound, devastating consequences on the world and indecision coming from Scotus Russian Pres. Veldman Putin announced that the bricks nation are going to roll out a new alternative to the US dollar global reserve currency reported by India times here. Joe a lot of people out there under the impression because of the live the fake news media is the fake news media that Joe Biden you know that he is leading the West all the France and England and Ireland and all of the against Russia. Russia's isolated which is isolated in all the countries of the world, but Russia has a lot of Lotta countries China, North Korea and Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia. All of these art art there supporting Russia, India, yeah India and there supporting Russia and so now what's going to happen. Thanks to Mr. Biden. Biden did what Obama was not able to do and that was totally destroyed American reduce it to 1/3 world nation. By the way those 46 people that work that died that horrible horrible death that died that horrible death in the back of an semi when they were abandoned factory now and I don't know was 46. The five found I thought was I thought that the 46 but anyhow I wanted to elevate your someplace in America. But what is on Biden's hands right now.

The applicant him and he can't shirk it because those policies are pushing this kind of thing, and although somebody else is responsible. He set the environment and when you set up the environment and invite people to come the bloods on him. He's a wicked man is a very wicked man. You're right.

According to the Russian presidency. Member states are also developing reliable alternative make mechanisms for international payments. Earlier, the ghost of that is working on setting up a joint payment network to cut reliance on the Western financial system. The brick countries of also been boosting them. The use of local currencies and mutual trade, but this is only the beginning of the bombshell here for a joke in a long time ago.

The coming they were working on it.

They were angry and that they would eventually come up with currency and use it okay. He goes on to say, we also know that from industry sources, the project Sandman refers to a group of over 100 countries. The plan to simultaneously denies the US dollar is global reserve currency and this will likely take place sometime soon here USA time lease is possibly even this Sunday and according to Andy Seckman, the CEO of Miles Franklin gold and silver dealer so there you go. Well, we'll see what happens from the Sacramento tick-tock came up for a couple of things on and we talked about the border problem or else the Pentagon according to world news daily may be using tick-tock and what you're doing and they're trying looking at getting the legal immigrants to solve the recruiting very right now. The armed forces recruiting the Army is for only 40% of its annual goal. Nine months into the physical year and you know there'd been lowering the standards lowering the amount for the manpower lowering the number of men in the military, but they can't get people to join anymore. So what they are doing.

They are looking at intensifying efforts to recruit these doctrinal recipients to all the children of the illegals that the state Biden administration gave the authority to live and work and he'll probably do something with you serving you couldn't get a step up for citizenship but also because we can't find enough good men to join the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, Coast Guard, we are gonna be offering these positions to the deferred action for childhood arrival the dock every 50th to fill the ranks of our military numbers were trying to elect Russia was doing with its conscript soldiers and that hasn't worked out very well for Russia and, in my opinion I don't think it'll work out very well for the United States faster. Joe, I don't know why people want to join me if you get drag queens yet drag queen CQ you get talked about how being alerted about transgender and you also get the critical race theory, knowing that if you're white white person you should be ashamed of being white in the military.

There and and not only that, but you get to get as many as four of the kill shot. Okay. And so, but they don't have it and it got to get thrown out right that's well is your retirement regulator medical.

They only there really just using the officers and again is another case right and I guess in the Air Force within the officers they want to throw out, but the they can keep throwing the enlisted men out because they don't have enough. So what they do is they they won't let them.

They restrict their activities. They with their deployment they try to punish them, right quick shouldering that they won't retain the MML dropout were losing all our good people there leading and guess what a crock. There change the basic training. Now the basic training in the military in all branches of the service they're going to be focused on mentoring they are gonna quit yelling quick, putting pressure on the trainees and the drill sergeant will be your friend, your coach or mentor talk you through it help you when you get scared and alone, you know, hugs your kind words and gardening and encourage you basically just the opposite of what all the special forces Navy P Rangers of Green Berets any of the elite outfits is totally the out opposite of anything they do to get the best soldiers in the world so long. Remember back to quite a few years ago were they had these little cards with basic training make it all up and that I need now I'm under pressure with the column you could show the drill Sgt. your card and had to give you 15 minutes to get yourself together because the pressure is too intense, and we used to joke I could just see us and non-holding up a little card, a Mr. Charlie, Sir, I'm getting old little uptight here.

I'm a little scared.

I need a 15 minute break that they are destroying our military.

They are doing everything possible to bring America down and I just hope people are beginning to see what they are doing. They are trying to write the church the Constitution the military art form of government. Our economic system. There isn't anything they aren't trying to turn upside down and inside out and create a communist state with why did they then raised to raise because they hate God that they hate anything everything that is good, clean, decent and honest and that's why the he then raging in in the he then think that somehow they can cut themselves away from God and not have to not have to be accountable for their infrared weight were to be going to break and then were going to hear from Col. Richard lack again. The second part of of what we heard yesterday of flow, so listen carefully. Will be back right after this will go away. More to come. A whole lot more you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's life ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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