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THU HR 2 061622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 17, 2022 12:23 am

THU HR 2 061622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 17, 2022 12:23 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Carolina Journal Radio
Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai

Donate and listen to the podcast WR China produces more than 80% of all the world polysilicon solar panels are made from.

It's not an irrelevant point to note that they do that by using coal-fired electricity because making solar polysilicon is extraordinarily energy intensive. So China is doing it with were purportedly on slave labor. Bartlett splits set that aside and just look at the energy issues which is a use: make it and will use diesel fuel to transport it and we import it were a net importer of almost everything relevant with respect to anything that so-called green energy. Whether it's key components of wind turbines and solar panels. Of course, of all the key materials and minerals that make batteries for electric cars in which China also utterly and completely dominates the things one I think that the White House said in response today and one of the reports on it without all this is all good because this is going to get us faster or more reliably to the 2035 zero carbon world they're trying to create. How realistic is that I know you've done great step for Prager you onů.Not find one on that either. They zero carbon world by 2035 has 0% chance of happening with the world.

This patient more than $5 trillion probably closer to 10 trillion over the last two decades to avoid using hydrocarbons, oil, natural gas and coal. The meth resulted in a two percentage point reduction in the share of world energy coming from hydrocarbons and solar and wind today combined supply about 3% of world energy. This is not trillions of dollars are not going to make any difference to delinking the world hydrocarbons effect as of right now.

95% of all things that move in the world all the machines that move people and goods are powered by oil haoles, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia availed a pretty exciting all renewable energy future wind and solar power. The world of tomorrow and tomorrow is in far-off time to wake up having a dream. Here's the reality, oil, natural gas and coal provides 84% of all the world's energy that's down just two percentage points from 20 years ago and oil still powers nearly 97% of all global transportation.

Contrary to headlines claiming that we are rapidly transitioning away from fossil fuels. It's just not happening. Two decades and $5 trillion of governments investing in green energy, and we've barely moved the needle.

This was supposed to be easy. Why is it so hard in word rocks get the same amount of energy from solar and wind that we now get from fossil fuels were going to have to massively increase mining by more than 1000%.

This is speculation.

This is physics, copper, iron or silica nickel chromium, zinc, lithium, graphite and rare earth metals like neodymium, we need them all and then those metals and materials have to be turned in the motors turbine blades solar panels, batteries, and hundreds of other industrial components that also takes lots of energy which requires even more money is a World Bank study put it, these green technologies are in fact significantly more material intensive than our current energy mix that may be the understatement of the century raw materials account for 50 to 70% of the cost to manufacturable solar panels and batteries until now it hasn't really mattered that much because wind and solar. Still account for only a few percentage points of the global energy supply their applause line for environmentalists not a major energy player and it's unlikely they will be in the foreseeable future. But for the sake of argument let's say we sharply wrap up mining where with these new mice be located well for one China that country is today the single largest source of most of our critical energy materials United States is not only a minor player but is dependent on imports for 100% of 17 critical minerals we want to give China more political and economic leverage. Europe is made itself dependent on Russia for 40% of its natural gas, however, was that worked out. Ironically, we have all the minerals we need right here in North America but good luck trying to get them out of the ground. Proposals to build mines in the United States and increasingly almost everywhere else. Meet fierce opposition if not outright bans to give just one example, in 2022. The bite administration canceled proposed copper nickel mine in northern Minnesota. This was after years of delays navigating a maze of environmental regulations and yes the same environmentalists and greenlining politicians who tote all the benefits of electric cars are the same people who make mining the material sense of the billable scars like copper nickel all but impossible. Try to square that circle so far we've only talked about today's energy needs. What about tomorrow's future energy demand will be far greater than today's that's been true for the entire history of civilization. The future will not only have more people but also more innovations and entrepreneurs have always been better at inventing new ways to use energy than to produce it is obvious, but worth stating before the invention of automobiles, airplanes, pharmaceuticals, or computers. There was no energy needed to power the and as more people become more prosperous they will want the things others already have from better medical care to vacations to cars in America. There are about 80 cars for every hundred citizens and most of the world is about 500 citizens.

Over 80% of air travels for personal purposes let's 2 billion barrels of oil year. Hospitals use 250% more energy per square foot than average commercial building in the global information infrastructure.

The cloud already uses twice as much electricity as the entire country of Japan, the world's third largest economy. The massive data centers at the heart of the cloud alone consume almost 10 times more electricity than the world's 10 million electric cars. E-commerce is taken off as propelling record growth in warehouses increasingly filled with energy hungry robots America's truck freight index more than doubled in the past decade to deliver the goods to and from those warehouses. These are today's known trend, but we can't predict the future we can predict will be more innovation in robotics drones, quantum computing, biotechnology and new industries not yet imagined all of it will require more energy a lot more fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and yes renewables will be required, but if you think we could get it all from wind and solar dream on, I Mark Mills, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Prager University that we are back and do. Here's the drill people saying, well, we don't the countries in better shape what we do what we do will hear here's a good start. Close the most important thing I know you say he's gonna say it again, is to make your salvation. Sure, again, it doesn't. You know I love you can believe it, whatever you want, but the reality is you are going and we need you going to go to heaven or hell.

You don't want to go to the letter. Believe me, that is reality. God has said this God has said he made it so he says I've set up my will do it and guess what.

Every time he said it he did it. No number two.

Find yourself a good church. Find yourself a good church of your able to go to church but I need someone who's going to pastor this bowl is a line and then the need eagerly to surround yourself with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I know our current doors of the one doers of the word when something happens to one of us always show up and that's the way it's supposed to be were were one body in Christ, then here you got a start limited rating stand, divided we fall. And you've got to have backup right absolutely. We've got them right now we we need to 47 where 4700 short 4700 and we've got exactly 40 minutes 40 minutes and we have to raise 4700 and we want to say Marilyn and Teva of they do to pledges 200. Thank you Marilyn, thank you. Right now, like the other night after all the people receive the newsletter with defendant $50. We wouldn't have to do this, we don't have enough listeners out there that it even I'd say 1020% of the listeners that is $20. We probably would not have to have a pledge week everybody did get the newsletter were to send the $50 this this would be we would have to do this every two years so there you go forward and realize some of the people that get the newsletter older retired on pensions and now couldn't do 50 but there's some of you out there that could make up very easily for them, and God says he will reward you know any buddy that help support of ministry that does his work that glorifies him. God's promise that you will share in the blessings of that ministry and we have the prison ministry right to life, ministry, Kings word school of the Bible, attracting ministry pastors you been in hospice. The radio ministry or we of given invitation. Every night we we don't have boring days and all Job that number folks that he got a call especially for credit cards is 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Job we were telling people what they need to do now. Dissenters governing the sentence officially announces revival of World War II era Florida State guard. This is what we need to do in Ohio. Here and in a number of states are looking to do that. Bringing back and and that is that is the actually it's a civilian guard gate touting the opportunity. In other words, right right touting opportunity for unvaccinated people that were booted from the military. So these are the people to get booted out of the military and so six months after first proposing the idea and drawing national tax from the Communist Party. Then, better known as Democrats and the fake news media Florida Gov. Ronald is the status on Wednesday efficiently announce the reestablishment of Florida State guard, the US military has been kicking out great service members over over the dictator Bidens regimes unacceptable: vaccine mandate and there even targeting members of the National Guard dissenters said according to the news release from his office. The governors and restoring the state car which has been dormant since 1947 in this amendment would bring the states capacity to assist residents during times of crisis, and this is what we have to do in every state look I do not recognize Joe that occurred in government is that is got no legitimacy is got no legitimacy there because it has no legitimacy. Joe because is gone can't totally contrary to God's Word the Bible, it would be a sin for me to recognize their authority Joe because they have gone contrary to the word of God in every in every way. They are totally ill and we would talk about it all the time over and over and over they just ignore Supreme Court ruling to ignore the Constitution. They are not following the Constitution and we are told by the founding fathers that when that happens we have a right to overthrow takeover the government take it back. So here dissenters employee retired Marine Lieut. Col. Chris Graham Miami native is director of the Florida State guard grandma listed in the records. In 17 after which he served in the counter drug branches coalition and special warfare division before becoming a pilot and serving in the casualty evacuation mission during the 2003 Iraq war, invasion, face. He was then called on to become a founding member of the Marine Corps now deactivated antiterrorism Italian where he served as a task force commander. That's what we need to do in every state we need to do that okay bring a back right now is to understand the notes playing politics all politics is local. How many of you gone through your local Republican Party meeting in your city or county area taken part.

There's so much going on the local level. Five years ago. I want to learn the many, many years ago what to local meeting and realized how few people were there to hear. People were making decisions that affected Canada policy. You've got to get involved in the government. You've got to start backing candidates that you know we can be proud to have people that are God fearing Bible believing love their God family country willing to stand up for the Constitution. They've got get involved politically and you've got to start it off talking about things so I don't want to hear about dental college. Joe we've had a number of new people attending our church coming to church in the reason for that is, it was one of the mega churches in the area has the pastor had actually gotten pulpit and say Christians should not be involved in politics and dirty business outlets work. Don't put a team on the field of the other team out there as a team out there.

If there team of not nice people. If you don't put your field and your team on the field is gonna wind your elders by the fault if we don't run every dog during the battle we lose it absolutely will focus in and so sick 812 and activist church see here is because where the Bible says we are to be doers of the word not hearers only DC being your own selves gave faith without works is dead. Now what are we talking about where comes to people say well you got a key. Your politics and if a separate note, no look from Genesis to Revelation, from Genesis to Revelation. Every single profit.

Every single priest every single preacher their faith in again. Remember none of sued this like the Lord Jesus himself, their faith and their politics were inseparable. They were one of the same. They were exactly the same thing." That's the way it's supposed to be okay. We are to be separatist out there were not to be where in this world were not the meat of it and we are to have higher standards and again our politics comes right out to God's Word the Bible where faith comes from and soon again is where the Bible does aesthetic to be doers of the word not just hearers and 888 Joe the phones are not ringing again. 888281 with ice in the last 147 of the 4700 short 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 cell Joe listen to this communism 101 Seattle high school is a gift and having the students pledge to support burned loot and murder formally black lives matter abortion and everything.

The gods were definable because of sin, everything. The guys were in the Bible because of sin, drag queens to come and talk in the schools to accept and embrace cultural Marxism here that's exactly was happening. Let me ask you this to this is what's happening in Eastlake high school in the Seattle area. Joe did the parents that have their children in those schools could they possibly love their children. I don't see how they're giving their children to the devil to be educated that it felt like love to me. Seattle is area East high school has demanded that since students sign support sign a letter of support of burnout murder formally black lives matter, open borders baby killing lay abortion and every left this issue and that's connected to a student mentor as an incoming freshman.

They have to want that to sign this as they come in. Students who want to participate in. We should be a standard monitoring program code of conduct pledge which includes civil standards of good behavior and in potential content, but the beer is of course to the left to say. They say women's rights are human rights, and I mean this is absolute nothing but totally communist self-love that they listing to meet.

I don't know if you've got your children in Eastlake high in Seattle area. I don't I don't know how you can possibly love your children. I don't know how you could do that and have a man that hotbed of inductive is antichrist satanic indoctrination center or a Carolyn in Ohio pledge is $75 Joe. We need to hear from you folks recently retried only do this once a month we hate talking about money. There's so many things going on the world and Bible studies to teach and eggs in the world talk about but we have to have the donations to stay an area that is so simple. We really really need to hear from you if you want to hear from us and we can thank you for donating God will bless you for it. That's everything I can say it just got his product out there. You need to prayerfully consider whether you want to keep us out there.

Being the voice of the Christian resistance are not that you know you're not Missouri but you been up here with us.

Do the people of this ministry. Do they work hard to the put everything in it very hard there's something going on at that church just about every day to summer traveling somewhere doing something involved in the dozen different things at the busiest place. I know do they do it because the were the guises be you a doer of the word do they do it because it can cause a kite forest ordered or bought and paid for. They do it because the love of God want to be obedient and I praise the good Lord for all those that do now close because of this.

Now I just pledge the estimate thousand but I'm going to pledge right now. Another thousand, another thousand men out I want and I'm good and asking you out there. I like to give five people to match that pledge. I need five of you to match that thousand dollar pledge for tonight and so there you go, I need you. We only have right now, we've had less than 30 minutes for tonight in less than two hours for the mile so we break down to about two hours and 10 minutes for you between now and tomorrow. Okay so 888-677-9673 is the number to call right now. Call 888-677-9673 call that their phone right now is not ringing. 888-677-9673 or even call 888-281-1110. That's 888-281-1110 so the phones are starting light. We will praising the Lord I'm looking for five people to match that show five people to match that $1000. What we named him God bless many of you without ability out there and I prayed he would consider and do I want to do a quick strike.

There pushing all these electric cars need batteries but the truth is the left doesn't care about the world doesn't care about children. They care about power. That's a story that children are dying like dogs so you can have a better battery in the Congo. They're using children for slave labor to mind is cobalt that seller needed in these batteries and I'm looking at some pictures of young children carrying this wet kobold on her back at this cobalt mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been children.

Men working there for most pictures go back to 2004 and now they put in a big lawsuit filed in 2019 trying to hold from these technology companies accountable for profiting off the misery of this child labor and request for this cobalt directly.

We were talking on that clip you know right now. Through these battery solar and wind are going to require 34 million metric tons. The copper 40 million tons a lead 50 million tons of zinc hundred 62 million tons of aluminum and 5 billion tons of iron and then you have all the rare minerals like the cobalt and stuff ago when it and they don't want to tell you what goes on the raping of the earth, how they're taking advantage of the poor countries tearing apart the land to get these minerals through these batteries to go all electric. We did a story quite a while ago about an engineer those brave enough to speak up. He said the mine all the stuff that they need to make these batteries to make the world electric you're going out to destroy the whole. Any use that word I can use in television something world. Out to destroy the whole place to save just one of the largest sources of those of those minerals that in existence right here in the United States right here.

We have when the largest reserves of those minimums that is needed. But you know what. Shutdown all our mining like they shut down the drilling to get the picture what they're doing, no mining, no drilling, no refineries, where are we going to get everything all the answer is China China jelly liquid calling China Joe they've got the rarer right now China is building one coal-fired electric power plant a week at 52 they're gonna make this year, power plants, fired by coal. We are in this country. The greenies are trying to stop all fossil fuel production used in yet China is going whole hog pouring more into the air than we ever would with our cleaner burning coal with our processes were actually bite what were doing letting China India in these countries do it were making pollution worst in the world because our technologies are cleaner, better, safer there. Actually when you listen to the people you're helping destroy the environment. The earth, and they're doing it for power and control, not for the environment. They're doing it for the communist revolution and that is the gospel truth that you hear something you hear about yesterday took place yesterday and 56, arrested in massive pedophile ring bus to Florida this right according to the reports that the police arrested 56 Democrats and chart child rapist sex offenders in a massive pedophile ring bust during the operation led by US Marshall focusing on child rapist scores of arrests were made according to the Scola County the sill when imminent as glow up County Sheriff's office in Florida now the Democratic Party is is flush with pedophilia pedophilia.

Now they they want to change it the name. When given a new name and I don't mind or something that minor adult minor correction or something found very law is supported by all the mainstream media they're all into this operation. Bad Apple was conducted from March 28 until Friday. The operation had a primary focus, but not limited to sexual offenders and sexual predators who have prior state or federal conviction for production, transmission and possession of child pornography, sexual performance of a child transmission of harmful materials to a minor or video voyeurism.

The Sheriff's office in the press release. The operation yet yielded 56 arrest of Democrats and predators in reference to I put the Democrats in there because the Democratic Party supports pedophilia.

They support pedophilia where you can put it and let me ask you a question.

What party has tried to lower the agent can affect continually over the past 50 years. The designated party by what party has tried to promote all the pertinent pornographic books to the public. The libraries the Democratic Party.

What party has tried to show these films and liked her plan predators with links to websites that promote 60 young children, the Democratic Party can you think of one instance in all her time on the radio that Republicans are promoted any of the attacks on the children that we are so against now and again became his party.

It's always been the death or credit Communist Party. What I have right here front, I get a picture of Joe Biden. He sitting in his little daughter is little daughter that she was probably I would say okay you folks out there listening if you try to call you but I will hang and hang in there. Hang in there because they're trying to give you the address. Many people are calling wanting address so it is takes a little while and so again just hang in there. Don't hang up if you called so again addressed. If you're looking for W RW L ministry 147811 4781 Barry Rd. SPE RR wide road in the city Newberry any WB you are why any WB you are why OH 44065 one more time that W, RW L, that's enough. 147811 4781 Barry Rd., Newberry, OH 44065. It is also there on the website W RW L.O are the and not hide the children. There's a picture past turning myself a nonsecurity no children so keep them off here and I'm can't speak a little children get this picture of Joe Biden when he was centered and he sitting there is little daughter is there and she's wearing looks like a pair shorts here and here's what it is he's looking in his will.

And then I get a picture here. It's loaded the entire thing with Biden trying to smell the heritage that is facing these women's hair and these little girls is got his hands all over no. Oh my, this here's a picture Joe and here this share of pleasing County Sheriff or this guy is huge.

Kami must wait. We must waive better will probably 350 pounds great big guy and now and here Biden Joey has his hand, then in this Sheriff's knee.

This Sheriff is looking at Biden with a strange look on his face and is a guy sitting behind Biden's aid and he's looking over the Sheriff and is looking at Joey's and in this Sheriff's knee. This is an interesting picture within a home let me come and go on to the article here. In the article. Here it says immediately. We gonna okay we get an update. Let's see where we at nano again. Right now I still need I need 2601 2600 short folks of what we need for tonight. 2600 short so so actually I need about three people to match my $1000.03 people will be back right after this would more and now the end is in the financing, then your him that and that's the truth. I know for certain.

I teach. He kept me from going astray.

Please God. And this I know he did it. His wing's that I can say is when I not know just as an no two-party system in America that we have today is a result of the Civil War, the Republican Party stood to abolish slavery in the Democratic Party stood to abolish the Republic for years after the Civil War the Democratic Party created Ku Klux Klan killed black political leaders kidnapped heads of families and leaders of churches and community groups. In 1870, John Stevens, a Republican state senator advocated for the rights of African-Americans was murdered in the Caswell County Courthouse by the Ku Klux Klan as part of a terror campaign being carried out by the Democratic Party. By the end of the century, the Democratic Party helped foster several radical left procommunist groups such as the national labor union, the revolutionary socialist Labour Party and the social Democratic Party in the 1900s the Democratic Party's new radical left began killing members of law enforcement and government officials in several major US cities which culminated in 1920 when US Atty. Gen. Alexander Mitchell Palmer ordered a series of raids that targeted these leftist organizations. By the 1940s, the Democratic Party had to go underground communist plans to overthrow America, but this did not last long. The leftist media scene labeled this pro-American movement as McCarthyism and portrayed it as un-American during the early 1970s, with the support of pop-culture media, the Democratic Party's weather underground started riots murdered police and bond government buildings, including the United States Capitol building and today the Democratic Party's anti-American communist crusade has grown into an unstoppable force.

With the support of Hollywood, the big banks, corporations, and private think tanks, as well as the majority of the Republican Party. Today the Democratic Party's radical BLM and NT 5 are able to murder Americans in cold blood and burned down cities while law enforcement defends them in the average American supports the what we are witnessing today is the final act of the destruction of individual liberty.

Natural law and the Bill of Rights. And what follows will be a tyranny unlike anything we have ever seen in recorded history. We are back right now in a safe, vacated Jim in North Carolina pledge 1000 right and Texas pledges 100 Ron in St. Paul pledges 50 and Michael in Illinois. Pledges of 50 thank you thank you thank you think you know where wedding we've got 10 minutes we had 10 minutes left. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673. I still need three matches three more people to match my $1000 owed to Paramore. All right, I need two more people to match my 1002 more people right now to match my 1000 them about the listing but did become in it. Now let me cope to that article Joe, I want to finish that off Florida woman is under FBI investigation for selling Ashley Biden's diary. The diary is authentic in the FP I've previously rated a project Veritas for possible theft of the journal belonging to Biden's daughter Amy Harris 39 phone Anthony binds diary in a halfway house in Palm beach in 2020, insulted the project Veritas of $40,000.

According to the daily mail and this is why even Biden, this is late. He's weapon eyes the FBI against us according to the daily mail Ashley Biden July's youngest daughter left her diary under a mattress on the Palm Beach we have home in January 2019 entry Ashley Biden recalled how she is to shower with her father Joe Biden is suggested may have contributed to a sex addition, Dick's diction yeah I've always been boy crazy Ashley Road hypersexual ID young age.

I remember some would be a safer likely family member.

I remember having sex with friends at a young age. Showers with my dad probably not very appropriate. She says she wrote in a January 2019 entry.

According to the daily mail Ashley by now is 41 has been a drug and alcohol addiction since she was very young. According to her journal entries as to Biden was still using the guns well campaign for a father Joe Biden 2019 factual Biden cried before one of his Democratic debates after Ashley Biden called him to let them know that her drug use letter to financial ruin as the binds also struggle in a marriage and had affairs with other men. Joe Biden's son Hunter also suggested I struggle with alcohol and drug edition as well as sex addition again and I can see light by taking a look at these pictures with Joey to get his hands all over and it goes on to say here.

Biden is in a video touching and sniffing other people's children and the media refuses to report on it on any of this today? Pointed think they they been protecting them all along, but now I've noticed you noticed kinda start to turn on them a little bit of you notice that because they are trying to nicely yell try and back out there work that out somebody else in 2024 help Becky out there that hadn't weapon pages don't really know how to get rid of him or what to do. All right guess what I can bring it down to where I looking up, I start with who anonymous New York pledges 200 anonymous in the will of the sea and in later you get to New York City or pledges. Okay, another anonymous near pledges 100 Leo in Massachusetts pledges 350 Joseph in Massachusetts pledges 40 Diane Arden on site, it's Duane Duane in San Francisco, no San Diego, San Diego pledges 30 was a that is a in Dallas pledges 50 Larry in Cleveland pledges 50 that Seder in Michigan Seder Michigan pledges 100 anonymous in San Diego 50 Eileen in San Diego.

25 and Judy in Michigan pledges 1000. Can San Diego hopefully the amount of people out there will continue wearing a 500 short 500 short of having or having ointment to win just villages commend animals as a new one that's in the middle care I don't see see this one on the list right here Julian in the Michigan I mentioned here, but I'm I'm looking okay yeah that's right she's here already, so Wesco 500 or 500 short, we need one. We need 500 before the experiment, yeah.

I mean we could use another 5000. In fact, actually Joe, we could use another 50,000 right now I'm going to break back with the good Lord give a man one story that needs to be done as an MSNBC analyst Cornell Dr. is the black gentleman a says Democrats have to scare the hell out of voters by saying they could lose democracy here is on MSNBC's deadline. The White House is encouraged what it is there. You're going to lose your democracy well like I said earlier in the program help one wing of a constitutional republic But I'm afraid of being lost without following the Constitution be fake instead of arguing they use intimidation.

They used a motion they you think we've got a scare the minority voters so they'll vote Democrat side because they're losing the Latinos. Most Latinos are coming over to the Republican side because the value yet. Here's another reason Joe because an article is another reason right now running. Here's another reason here's this woman here college professor who fantasized about massacring Killian mass amounts of white people. She gets promoted the trade, the professor nominated members in college to be in its new Dean of graduate and professional studies as women who fantasizes about killing white people.

Lots and lots of white people. After all her writings confirmatory. A couple weeks ago when we met you Nana but I don't think we covered it all away now rated Roy.

Currently Kate. She believes the black women and white women never will be involved in friendships okay there you go folks that where is this this hatred coming from. Could that be from burn lewd murder or black lives matter like it. Come from places like that because it's not coming from people I know and you know a lot of black people I know a lot of black people on. I don't see it coming from a gram now it's coming from with come from the antichrist will systems with him for right there trying to get everybody to hate one another to not trust not care for one another. There trying to like the Bible says the nation divided against itself cannot stand. So there trying to divided by color by race, by age, by politics, by snacks, you name it that were did you couldn't remember before Jill is one from the daily Bell and it talks about the tax-exempt foundation rebranding benefit failure as age play and that's with the Democrats. They don't want to call been affiliated with; age play area. They're promoting that the Democratic I'm his party. Now and I'm sure you'll see that in their platform soon they've gone totally apostate, totally antichrist.

So here all right, let me see that when we have here Sandra Michigan pledges 1100. Thank you Sandra dear here that Biden wants to punish those border agents remember the bargaining agents on the horses at work hurting the people back and he got out there and yelled about how they were whipping the poor. There wasn't any whipping. I watched the film nobody got where they were using networking with the horses back in foreclosure quarter horses may work hurting the people like record cattle keeping them back. Nobody got hurt. Nobody got ripped but Biden wants them to be disciplined, and these multiple agents out there and the union. Everybody is upset the border patrol, union, and agents are really mad did this for the ages down there in the border right now are so their total of the word was beyond test. That was not my phrase that there's are beyond thought. And they are angry as can be. This is an agency of the federal government that being told to stand down can't do their job morale is horrible there watching the country be destroyed. You're watching the drugs, watching the human smuggling take place, and they are upset they are angry and night right you know we are up against it right now we are up against. It is so pastor how was supposed to be here. He's having problems with his telephone, but he was supposed to be a hell of your listing. It's now or never got a get in here and will again out I'll take it premier because I know he's been having his problems with his phone and what we've been saying throughout the program tonight hit people, and people are starting to notice now Joe all of the things that are happening right now. If you go to second Timothy chapter 3 and you read that.

Do we see exactly what our society has become. Do we see all of these things falling it right into place exactly the way guys were. The Bible said they would be if we see that we go to Matthew 24 and take a look at it. So we understand these things. We understand all is happening out there and if people really did, they wouldn't stand there and therein sums some hard times and is close again at the end of these hard times again. That will in of the point that we trying to make that the major purpose of this ministry is to get as many people into heaven and out a hell as possible in we we don't hate anybody like like they hate us. We know how horrible it is.

That's why we keep telling them, repent or perish ECR exit. There is no in between. God doesn't give you the third choice is repent or perish. The parish remixer quite clearly worsens all would come to him and say absolutely and so those we are still about by 300 short of what we need, we can, we need to get that, Kate. All right, I think we did anything. We just made it okay already. Now again so we coming to this point right now where the one thing that's going to matter to you more than anything else and that's everybody out there listening is your standing with the Lord Jesus, you are going to die. That will happen that Ed is going to happen. I know a lot of the young people they they don't think about this lately. One of the heap here of same party hardy. They don't get, and they don't realize too that God decides the time they leave this planet and it doesn't mean you can have to get old.

A lot of young people are going to be gone and not expecting it all hardly any of them are fact and folks.

If there at the age of accountability in the and they refused. The Lord Jesus that they did not accept him.

Well they going to do very very hot place forever.

That's reality. A lot of young people die from mail alcohol-related driving fast and all right they die.

A lot of well right now I get an article here Jill where the county sheriff is saying don't pick up ABC a lot of dollars.

Don't pick it up as it could have fit.

New Orleans is one of the things that the plane now and people see some some money rolled up the pagan ups can fit in on their debt in a few minutes.

Let acute letter lesion flows again and I finish drugs with any help. The bottom line is Christ said this, pray to the father asked for forgiveness. This is what he said repent and ask for forgiveness call upon his name as the Lord Jesus to be Lord of you live all of your life without reservations and you will be and what with the Holy Spirit to be on the road to eternal life.

If you refuse to do that things are going to go south until tomorrow. Good night God bless. And always, always keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right what's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on next time think that in addition, once right to left preceding sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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