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MON HR 1 060622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 7, 2022 12:21 am

MON HR 1 060622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 7, 2022 12:21 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Good evening and welcome to another additional what's right what's left I'm ready.

About 30 sinners, and indeed the six-day of June 2020. This is the voice of the Christian resistance and denied our producer is none other than Weldon courageous Craig good evening, and it's 2022 what I say it was 2020 oh boy husband along three years now I get it. Yeah I get it already Been a long day already. Listen we have out there and yonder.

None of them the person Joe Larson Larson equipment going here were me, I will follow so let me hear right very good soulless start tonight. The title of the message is an open letter to the enemies of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in them as we go through this we build in the seated right now the time has come when we have the obligation we have the obligation to start a new government. The court into the Constitution were going to take that directly from the Constitution so let's start Joe Rigby verses 11 through 14 in Deuteronomy chapter 34.

This commandment which I command thee this day, that is not hidden from the there isn't far off. It is not in heaven without her to say who shall go up for us to heaven and bring it under what that we make. Enter what Nader does is it beyond the sea that thou shouldest say who shall go over the sea for us and bring it under what that we may hear it and do it, but the word is very nigh under the in my mouth and in my heart that thou may ask, do it. See, I am respectful for the day life and good, death and evil, and that I command thee this day to love the Lord thy God, to walk in his ways and to keep his commandments and his statutes and his judgments without mass live and multiply, and the Lord thy God shall bless thee in the land whither thou goest to possess it, but if fine heart turn away so that thou wilt not fear shall be drawn away, and worship other gods and serve them.

I do now to send to you this day that you shall surely perish, and that you shall not prolong your days upon the land whither thou passed over Jordan to go to possess it. I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and cursing. Therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live, that thou may have love the Lord thy God, and that thou may have to obey his voice, and that thou may ask leave under him, for he is thy life and the length of thy days, that thou may have dwell in the land which the Lord swore unto thy fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob to give them saloon this commandment which I have commanded thee this day is not hidden from the neither is in a far-off, it is not inhabited thou to the safe who shall go up for us to heaven and bring it unto us, that we may hear it and do it. Neither is it beyond the sea that thou shouldest say who shall go over the sea for us and bring it into us that we may hear it and do it with the word as night until the nigh mouth and in my heart, though may still so here. Now he's telling them that it's not a mystery.

The word of God. What God would have us to do is not a mystery because people would say will you where people say we know you like obey God it were really what I just wish he would show me. I just wish you would show me what was meted out Decatur and not in that we would do that I could I can, to be obedient to others with the sometimes people say will who can understand having who can understand what the Bible or others would say well leave you gotta let someone who's I remember hearing the Kathy fellow told me one day when I was answering questions about the Bible. He's why I'm not supposed to read it because I'm not qualified to understand I Kenneth and I have the letter a priest explained to me cases that with the Bible says these guys know doesn't is the Bible says exactly the opposite of that that you are to study the word to be approved. That's what that that's what the Bible says if you have been doing that then you would be saying things you're saying now here God has made it very easy.

Has he literally spelled it all forth above, squares anything I've ever gotten good. Starts right off with Decatur.

The whole thing. The work we know Jesus Christ as the word logos living on the front of the father and secure the word and do what the word for spirit and do it.

Then do it pretty clear yeah will you know if we let's go back to a couple verses back and in Reed where he says the Lord will again will rejoice over the fruit. Good. As for as he rejoiced over the father's thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord God to keep his commandments and his statutes which are written in the book of the law and in turn to the Lord thy God with all that that heart and all thy soul. Now the Bible speaks in the 66 books in the canon.

It speaks of seven other books and though some of the books when what one is the book of the law is the book of war of what is the book of remembrance. The others with the book of life is the book of the living so you've got it speaks of the seven of the books with this one here is is referring to the book of the law and he's telling you that it's here. I've given it to you.

You have it in and you must event.

Now he goes on to say, I've set before thee this day.

Now listen life and good life and good to tell me why he saying life and good, what was the what was the very first commandment that God gave man of be fruitful and multiply multiplied out three times per week between Genesis 1 and Genesis 9 he gave the command three times now.

So here when he says this that I've said before you this day life and goodness of God is God's laws.

God statutes God's ordinance God's commandments God, with God's promises. So with obedience to those comes life that he says this, and death and Eve were appropriate, good yeah and death and evil death so death note, the mass you this about our society today.

This government, this we have an illegitimate government. Our government we have has absolutely no authority. It has no authority. When we got is what the Bible has not given it, according to the word of God is good. It's not legitimate. See how it's not a legitimate government really has no authority is tyrannical.

We have no obligation to obey this corrupt government that's there today at all because it is in total opposition to God's Word, the Bible teaches the prissy preachers will preach the opposition to that because there they're afraid they're just afraid they're just afraid they become effeminate, effeminate and afraid.

But the word of God teaches very clearly that we are to obey God and not man and this government preaches death is pro-abortion promotes abortion is illegitimate to promote sodomy is illegitimate promotes everything that God's Word, the Bible calls us in and so we know that we are to not one not recognize any authority or any legitimacy of the prissy preachers will because they're afraid and even though they say they fear God did say that with their lips, but with their actions. They fear the government mortality. Currently due and make sure the collection plate lots of collection plate money yet will did this. What amazes me you so what happened with others. Horse is very, very boorish, unclean, feminist women to join Holsteins when Judge Alstyne was having a service in preaching his message, those unclean very unclean look, according to God's Word, the Bible. These were wars. These were unclean women.

These were wars they went in there and a stripped down in the church of the idea was they were protesting abortion in his church, so they went on their with all his people in and stripped down to protest abortion standing there naked thinking that that's going to do something form with the irony in that program went to a place where there was a motivational speaker, not a real man of God, and I really don't quality as a church.

More people going to have their ears tickled and feel good and they went there because it's a nationally televised everyone to get on television to be recorded to make a statement but the irony Joe is that he never preaches against the sin of abortion right so they went to the place where they never preaches that sin of abortion. We preaching is this it all the time.

His is America's national sin and we are commanded, will we were obedient to the word guy because we really truly do believe the word of God and we know that that is America's national sin and weak when we neatly tell them out there those the wicked people like those nasty women you better repent or perish. You repent or perish in what is a special hot place in hell for those kinda nasty women. Arthur Fackler Lockhart called him a motivational speaker committees, not a pastor and he was not preaching in a church in because otherwise he would have had to preach God's word and teach the gospel which doesn't happen, but now he goes down and jumped down here diverse of well where he says I do nonsense you this day that you shall surely perish see this is this is what we keep trying to tell the Democrats out there in a God means what he says God every year.

God okay is not going to get conformed to the welcome movement. I can have a change of heart and for all you guys are the good new is a moral chasm is a good one out. That can happen like that. Somehow they get they have a mindset that God is going to be what government declares him to be that's best just that's really Biden's mindset again and in their mindset in the mindset of the simpleminded is that that government is bigger than God. What is simpleminded are in for a very rude awakening at the extremely rude awakening. He says this I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing.

Therefore choose life, that the only seed may live. The domain is love the Lord thy God, that though amazed obey his voice, and no man is cleaving to him, for he is thy life and the length of thy days and though amazed well in the land which the Lord's where the light Father's Day randomize again to Jacob to give them it's okay to know you have the simpleminded, you have the Democrat, the liberal say well I don't believe in God and I don't and I'm not obedient to what he says I'm still alive. I'm not dead. What are they missing. Col. they're going to hell bypassing.

Never live forever, so this is what leads referring to live. He's talking about eternal agony right currently is what down sometimes his real clear warning that cannot talking here through the holy land was given to the children of Israel, but he gave America to the Christian church. This is been every major philanthropic organization in the world as its headquarters in the United States because it's a most generous nation and our world is ever seen because we were a Christian nation. Okay so here I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that you before you life and death, blessing and cursing.

Therefore choose life, now when you do this. How do you choose life and how do you choose death or you church. He said I am aware that her family life is life himself okay life so that would be obedience to God.

So is it by choosing lights obedience to God that would be choosing life's of them look what if you cheat.

What if you decide to choose abortion.

What if you just privy choose LGBT Q the waiter and Ardell you are looping death. This little girl's belligerent CAT scans and quit right so that's death I queso set out here, here, out in our area. This spectrum, one news specter one notices become like a very very strong promoter of of loaves of LGBT Q okay. As far as I can see that the mostly the strongest promoter of the events of sodomy.

Now all that that the vast majority of these people on that specter one news here are absolutely clueless. Got no idea at all that God's Word, the Bible calls the sodomy an abominable thing on a horrible sin, horrible sin. I I'll bet that they are absolutely clueless to that as far as I can see them. None of these local stations are anywhere that includes Fox News where they should be up. It's a horrible sin is America's national sin God brought on the strongest of the harshest punishment of the people for killing their children. But not only do I see that I also see that there there probably one of the most probed abortion Pro baby killing watching the news tonight suspected one is probably one of the worst I mean the worst of it is what God's Word, the Bible is what God is called the unclean. As far as the local news here in our area here.

So what about what about picturing their agreement. God made a real character.

Art serving death for themselves and all that well works follow them.

Okay, so what about all of the sexual perversion of the government schools governors you promoted your report dear Gov. DeSantis of Florida for tickets to the children. Gov. DeSantis of Florida told the book publishers look you take out the pornography or take out your book you to get your bright pornography on the book of books out of Florida and so they they didn't they revise. They took the filth out again and so here but that's that is another sin that's horrible said what about what about election fraud. What about election fraud. Proverbs 19 five Proverbs 19 five goodly right of false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape okay so here I'm introducing commentary. Joseph just let me go with a commentary okay since November 2020, America has been in a rapid, rapid, freefall of freefall into 1/3 world status for the first time in American history the presidential election was stolen on a national scale. Now some people say the women waiter went about to what about remember 1960 with the Nixon Kennedy remember how all of the dead Republicans. All of those that Republicans had voted for Kennedy while that's true, but but that that happened mainly in Illinois. I made it have another place of the mainly in Illinois. That was the very corrupt daily machine which was a which was hailed by the Democrats us really something good but it was like an Al Capone type thing and so here again as we watched Joe I do remember I asked people to church yesterday. How many how many were watching the election results being aired stabilized right state, and you saw you saw that the and I remember watching the numbers I was looking at the numbers and drop was ahead, he was ahead. State-by-state and then I saw the numbers I remember.

So with that I just did I just see those numbers inverted exactly upside out as not many people in the church so that Nell raised her hand and then here in the early morning hours.

Georgia remember what happened in the early morning hours of the election day. There are a lot of complete reversals on things and all everybody was in the morning there was a total turn around now. Joe the entire system went down but was down for all and after that did everything turn around right it was down for like an hour when I come back up everything was reversed. All of a sudden blood so it is corrupt.

It was election fraud in anyone and everyone.

Anyone and everyone says that's not true, is a liar and is not a bit of truth in him and Joe. I cannot find that one of them that would come on this radio program that there would never dare to come on here with me. None of those out there original Medco none of them would would dear come on and sit across from me on this because then I could be able to wear is the where is the evidence when we have through yet.

We just set out hundreds and hundreds of the proof is called the 2000 meals and right now we are temporarily out of them but will be getting cement hopefully very soon will be getting some more, and they might take another week. For the committee because there there moving these things as fast as they can. And so, liars, liars, lawyers, liars, Revelation 21 verse eight Joe but the fearful, and unbelieving and the abominable, and murderers and warmongers and sauce all sorceress Joma stop right there. Go to break because we had a particular peer tomorrow night because there is right there that that's a whole message right there in that one word will pick it up here tomorrow night will be back right after this there that some go there when they die. No denying his own war. All the repeat now what say truly there is Jesus to die for me and you him I something I must do more of the my. There are so many just a they will see the magic.

No more no more no more salvation of man jointly and believe me I I Joe, we haven't done that one in a long long time while I don't know if you remember that the throne of those songs you don't forget already, let's say go missing. The rocker tell people it is the 78 anniversary of the landing D-Day landing on the beaches of Normandy. There the second world war, and there are only 20 living survivors of that invasion that horrific day 9400 die, and about 500 getting the beaches of Normandy, some of the greatest bravery and military history happened and was the day we should never, never forget let you know there was a lot of concern that things were not a lot of things were not happy enough on employees the way they should.

But God intervened there, he heard the prayers of the many in the. He knew the know here he stepped in for freedom. It was about freedom was in the Joe Turner was in God is the author of freedom.

It is guided that Jesus Christ took that Grand Prix you had a satanic filled dictator in Hitler.

How is that different than who we have here in America in the White House.

How is that different than Joe Biden. Joe not too much. Hitler got away with a little more than Joe as that comes from the same place antichrist system evil. Okay well direct enemy one third enemy in the side so the enemy insiders really worth it because that's the trader relates the Germans were open about their were attacking well Reich was on the march, though we saw yet. But did you write good to Germany and the number of the German people that refuse to go along with Hitler. They were they were killed or persecuted the Jews were there especially and the Christians, the Jews and the Christians. And so here in America is where were watching this coming Thursday, January 6 when they do have these hearings that January 6 panel could not be any more corrupt. It could not be any more corrupt that it is you could not. I don't think Joe you can find any more corrupt people that are on that January 6 panel. There'll there line and I don't think I don't II think you would have a real hard time taking any of those people in finding any evidence that it any time in their life. They were told the truth it's it's that's how wicked people are worth the fight. Bill and Hillary Clinton on July don't I don't know but here and so as we take a look at that we see below meditated his luck was really talking about that more as we go through here specially Thursday night was willingly going to have a a lot of commentary Thursday night. So okay now Mr. Rudyard Kipling you have pointing out okay now soon and hugs of the limit. Your primary. I called her and take information way back in England in 1919, there is this great author most of you know I'm running the jungle book. It was one of the premier authors linking thank you Tammy. The British schoolboys had to sit down with the notebook and they called it the copybook. We had notebook school and they always had to write down a moral maxim are proverb to start the day like we started with prayer and restart of the pledge. They started with their copybook writing down these proverbs and maxims and this poem, the God of the copybook heading is a moral lesson for today. It was a lesson then and it's a continuing lesson today. We know Joe, I'm not finished what I did is very similar when I was in school and that was in the grade school and so well let's start with here with the so-called gods of the copybook and him to go ahead and and and read and then that let you comment on each one ready ready. As I pass through my incarnations in every age and race. Why make my improper frustrations to the gods of the marketplace, peering through the Rev. fingers.

I watch them flourish and fall off the gods of the copybook headings I notice outlets them all water Green writing Creek Dr. couple times about reincarnation and I call 40s worked for the electric age find a story in the world that protagonists remember previous livestock is referring there. And of course the gods of the marketplace are money you're making profit capitalism. Okay, so back of his time what was being really promoted this new so-called science, the teaching of evolution. Evolution okay and so here he's making these kind of making light and out of this here is he says we were living in craziness when they met us. They showed us each in turn the water would certainly let us in the fire would certainly burn but we found them lacking uplift vision and breath of mind, so would love them to teach the gorillas while we followed the march of mankind.

So there is talking about them then I can take it we did it at family tree search.

None of my relatives ever lived in the trees. Two. No markings in your background that are not what I making fun of it you talking about the first human ancestors or course of evolution and when he talks about uplift and vision and breath the mind. These are trendy terms that are empty terms that are used by God through the marketplace. The world worldly things and again he's talking about when they met us the maxims and moral in all proverbs, so it was quite clear.

We will go to the animals working to move on to the higher ideals of mankind's not going back much much before I Kipling. There were those that would consider themselves to be intellectuals in the lid. They did live in trees and that was us a sect of the Gnostics, the next it's actually did there was one sect of the Gnostics to did live in trees. Why do you think they lived in trees and you've got me there.

While he believes that lessee jumped they believe that being spiritual beings that that they can have no contact with anything material. The that as that the least when they the least amount of contact with anything material would elevate them on what they called the stairway in the stairway to heaven and that so the the the most they could, the less they can eat the list they could drink the list they could touch.

In fact the list they could bathe the and fact even the list that they can breathe if they could do this with the passing of time they would continue to elevate higher on the stairway to heaven. They actually believed if they if they touch the woman with her hand whenever fingers touch that woman they would have to burn them off Brenda tips the least of the fingers. They could not touch will they have no contact and not only that think they didn't wear any clothes they could disclose material things. That was one sect to the other sect of the Nazis. It was just the opposite.

They believe that since there was spiritual beings that physical matter could have no effect on them at all. They could eat only one thing to drink only one they could now have all the sexual perversion and what they could, they could do whatever they wanted because being spiritually that the nothing material could have any effect on them and so I kind of think the both sex were pretty raw worldly found by Diametrically opposed both diametrically wrong. Okay, we moved as the spirit listed.

They never altered their piece being neither cloud no windborne like the gods of the marketplace, but they always caught up with our progress and presently word would come the tribe had been wiped off its icefield or that the lights had gone out in Rome will what was that all about derivative. Electric green wish to rework or desired, and the word would come down of retribution always follows something bad always happens you been stupid. Retribution comes whether or not Savage tribe, or whether it's in a heart of civilization with hopes that our world is built on.

They were utterly out of touch. They denied that the moon was little silted.

All I know what that means. They denied she was even touch the denied that wishes were horses.

They denied that the pig had wings, so we worship the gods of the market who promised us these beautiful things are smart when movement got word.

A note saying the movements way back renovated Greentree's wealth Biltmore. The high-class trees and trees making fun. Their wishes were horses than the old saying the figures were dry and appendix had wings and pigs would fly. These were traditional sayings that scorned this, wishful thinking. These people always were coming up wishing that you know this ticket death have money without work that they could travel spend their time with just enjoying life art and pleasure didn't work that way.

Okay all, when the Cambrian that was a his story time was edited.

Yes, measures for performing when the Cambrian measures were forming the promise perpetual peace. They swore if we gave them my weapons that the wars of the tribes would cease when we disarmed. They sold us and delivered us bound to our flow and the gods of the copybook headings said stick to the devil you know that the hearing a real-world archaeological. There and basically we had a prime tandoori of the Latin word for Wales well why George was a true British negotiator for the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, when the war ended and all the great powers pledged to disarm themselves progressively really got all the world with disarm all Kipling knew better and he disapproved of Lloyd George, the liberals in your paternity and that because people like him spoke out they didn't United States and Britain did not disarm themselves and stick to the devil you know he's kind of telling you it's better to be prepared for war than to be disarmed and defenseless and stupid. On the first feminine sandstones we were promised a fuller life was started by loving our neighbor and ended by loving his wife to lie woman had no more children in the middle is the reason and faith in the gods of the copybook headings said the wages of sin is death could have currently made up Panamanian a made-up term that founds geological product emancipation women the birth of feminism emancipation was a real white. We're sure there are 1919 and so when he brought up what happened when we went from the old ways of family in traditional marriage and becoming one piano one.

According to Scripture, well, they quit the liquid having children. The men started losing their faith at all turned started turning towards sin, and he was preaching to us. There, Marion carbons, and the theories think that's that's the time when they say that Colston formulate we were right all of us exactly we were promised abundance for all. By Robin selected Peter to pay for collectible plate that is in our government. But though we had plenty of money. There was nothing I money goodbye and they got in the copybook headings said if you don't work you will die. [Mother, made a cliff.

There was a real geological. In your): both to be formed and he was using it to explain the increasing power of the union and the coal miners were forming everything was a power structure, and he was pointing out their work leaning communist. That's why brought this Robin selected Peter robbing Peter to pay Paul. Well that's borrowing money to pay off its debt dumb you don't borrow money to pay off the debt and he was also showing how they were going to tax those that were about productive part of society. To support those who wouldn't work the idols and he went to Scripture. He was actually chlorine Scripture on Paul's second there, second epistle, second Thessalonians 310 if you don't work you should need, and he took a step farther. Yet another round book he wrote where he quoted the line valve does not work that must surely die, and that people who read Kipling if the time understood that he was taking a step further than Scripture and the gods of the market tumbled in this motel and wizards withdrew in the hearts of the meanest were humbled and begin to believe it was true that all is the golden glitters and to and to make for the gods of the copybook headings implied up to explain it once more for fear that last line in verse seven we had plenty of money but not pain or money could buy inflation.

Inflation had plenty of inflated money, but it couldn't buy anything because everything was too expensive, like right now you might have money but they're going to spend it quickly and that line was actually talking during verse eight Shakespeare that all that glitters is not gold came from the merchant of Venice is always quoting things. A lot of us had to learn to read in school. We don't one of these is that it's happening right now is people are spending those that have saved abundance of cash to spending that because it's becoming more more worthless every day and the mainland are buying things better value that yeah you know what they like to buy gold and silver but over yeah but you see there's a lot now you gotta but I am used to be.

There were plenty of people private owners, private owners, the silver, gold, that would be willing to sell and you know that way you had, you know you know how much Addie didn't have it would not, in somebody's record someplace you listed it was your pure, your privacy was a right to their privacy. Nowadays when you go out to try to buy some silver gold of the people you try to buy from her asking you to sell what you have what you have back to them in case of amount or crime providers. Yeah it's been so right now it's about just about almost have to go through that the gold and silver dealers were reported right right so that way when the Dell is absolutely worth nothing. The company because they give us a gold note that ME that's that's what communism does. This is a registered gun and register gold rosary because eventually they will be confiscated right and it will be in the future. It was at the birth of man. There were only four things certain social progress begin the dog returns to his father in the South return store Meyer and the Braunfels exclusively in the Bradfield and the Burke Fuld bandage finger politically back to what we're dying about the Gnostics there wobbling wobbling back to the fire fire out. Bringing up social progress affect our progressivism.

Even back then there were tones and recruit people speaking of this progressive way going on. Quoting Scripture second Peter two and the Burke pool when he goes while thinking that wobbling back to where you work, wobbling.

The only real idiot takes her burned hand and sticks it back in the fire, which is what is happening and he was showing. This is what stupid people do. I mentioned last week, we have a Congress has a 20% approval rating of people seem to hate Congress, but they reelect 90% of the incumbents and all of the bird. The fools burn bandage finger we going to stick it back in the fire. Do it again. You were gonna reelect him with FICA infection by gonorrhea were gonna reelect him again and that's what he is telling us here understand something again. You know who has even a lower lower status and that's the mainstream media is only lighthearted. They only had like a nine or 10% believability and so I mean it's amazing that high valuing thing would be that I and then after this is accomplished, the brave new world begins when all men are paid for existing and no man was pay for his sins with is not the death of Greta Kime's party.

I don't know what a mess.

Surely asked why wanted. He has utterly as surely as water will witness as surely as fire will burn the gods of the copybook headings with terror and slaughter return lie within a day.

That's exactly right.

They are warning us.

We have had bad thing coming. I've got a half-dozen stories where you forget time will get in the mom warning about the fuel truck warning about all the things that are coming every just listen to what they said this brave new world what they're trying to tell us that they want all men are paid for existing. All you you deserve this, you're gonna get a they want a guaranteed income for all the workers in their letting all these criminals all that they had a bad past and work and let all the, the muggers and rapists and murderers out of jail and and everybody can be reformed. The following we just look at look at our world exactly today when all men are paid fighting with pain people to stay home, paid him twice what they were making it work, and now they don't want to go back to work. They want what they were getting without having to work state to the government. Eight. Keep Canon out the money. Why should I go back to work. Let me sees this was happening to top of all that the elite, like you said. I remember when that long ago I was speaking then Cincinnati, and afterwards I went to get something to eat and they had signs we we went to Bob Evans big sign in their that them closed early due to shortage of workers. We went over to Col. Sanders same thing. Big sign closed early due to shortage of workers that weaker yeah and that and so here we finally found the place it was open we could get something to eat but to but but see now that all the sudden you they were getting that money but now Jill was happening or they were trying to go back to work because the price of gas and everything is going up so high they had to go back to work but now they can't afford to go back symptoms that you know I really can't afford to be. I can afford the gas to drive back and forth to work and so some of them actually are. Can I buy a used car to go to work.

Joe people are housing where their foreclosures, housing foreclosures are up 181% hundred and 81% and impeding corporations are buying up the houses and are gonna be renting them out and background black rabbis by the multilevel right and buy a home yet in this line when all men are paid for existing. We go back to when he said, by robbing selected Peter to pay for collective Paul all who doesn't want to work once to get paid. And then that part about no man must pay for his sins. While that was back in verse six and all back when you talk about. We were promised this life which started by loving our neighbor and ended by what loving wife loving his wife and the women had no more children. Abortion killing don't want the children interfere with their jobs and careers. The men lost her reason to have the and of the head of the family lost their faith.

Exactly what is happening to America today it was back in 1919 and he Rudyard Kipling nailed nailed it on the head did me. Yeah Joe flaking to the vote drops a new bombshell video of whistleblowers. You have to give your ballot open to them so they can see who you are voting for or who you will supposedly have to vote for the. The Annette in that movie 2000 meals you see how they did what they did in the nursing homes.

Unbelievable how if they force the old people that some of the older people were saying I didn't want to vote for these people lately came in and made me erect, matrix from report from Weber about so sleepy your drugs that they didn't know what was going on. The district advantage though all three are horrible things I June 1 to the Vodafone or Kathryn Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips testified about the evidence of a massive massive multistate ballot harvesting and illegal Bally casting operation via dropbox's journey public meeting in the front of the Arizona Senate during the testimony they released the bombshell video features fellow investigator Greg Phillips and a new whistleblower in human County, Arizona, who revealed how the elections were stolen in their community.

In the video and unidentified female whistleblower outlines how elections are determined by group of criminals who inflict fear upon the community. She explains other youth fear and intimidation tactics to coerce individuals devote a certain way and how they ruin the lives of individuals and their families and and Darren to run for elected office of the community.

This is what this the death of Greta Kime's parties become totally there's nothing nothing nothing about them that is not totally corrupted and goes on to say, because where I live you can have a voice of East End of if you want to run against the you will be shot.

Just tell him that when you go against these people is Democrats. These these ungodly Democrats that they'll shoot you. And even if I know that I have tried to run via consular major mayor or anything and have even been have been even then they have lost their houses. They lost their lives they've lost, they just went away from them. People she asked. They have been afraid that answers for questions. Yes of course they been afraid she goes on. If you work for the city or if you work for the school board because we have the Gladstone district UM the glad the district school board, and if you are an employee over there and you have to give your ballot open to them at that school board you have to give your belt open to them so that they can see who you are voting for or supposedly he who you have to vote for there you go. There was an indictment.

Ms. Fonte, former mayor of San Luis is certain is that currently elected school board member of Gladstone's elementary school and they go on to say earlier today reported the indictment of 66-year-old Democrat operated Giller Romania Fuentes that's here they were coming up to break and will be back right after this quick with a whole lot more. Hang in there.

You see, I'm not fooling you be right back. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry had to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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