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MON HR 2 060622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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June 7, 2022 12:21 am

MON HR 2 060622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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June 7, 2022 12:21 am

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Donate at They get essentially a pass from the Mexican government, kind of a visa, that says you can't stop along the way, you can't reside, you've got to go through our country, but you've got to get to the northern border of Mexico, and then you've got to work your entrance into the United States. Is that essentially what these caravans are based upon? Yes, a humanitarian visa or the visa advance, that is a document that is being given by the Institute of National Immigration who provides the migrants for them to walk freely into all the country of Mexico. But ultimately, the migrants, they don't want to stay in Mexico, sir.

Their number one purpose is to go to the north borders of the United States of America, and as we talked about it the other day, Eagle Pass and Del Rio. It is the voters that they are going to get this massive influx that more than 12,000 people are going to be arriving in the next incoming week, sir. Oscar, hang right there. I'm going to bring in Steve Cortez.

Steve, give me your assessment of this. You were in the, obviously, the resort part of Mexico, which is, I think, run by cartels, but doing fine. But this is real Mexico, and you see what's happening here. The peril to the citizens there, but they're just saying, hey, they're heading north, and this is organized. This is the Biden administration.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the beginning of the first article of impeachment of Joe Biden. The initiation, exacerbation of an invasion of the United States. It is ridiculous that all over the world, these are economic migrants. I am not, I'm not demonizing people, and I do not make the argument that their economic lives are terrible because they are terrible, okay? That is not reason for an asylum into the United States, Steve Cortez. No, it certainly is not. And by the way, you know who agrees with that statement, that reality? Barack Obama.

There is tape of him saying exactly that. Having tough economic circumstances or living in a tough neighborhood, those are not legitimate asylum claims, because guess what? Lots of Americans have tough economic circumstances and live in bad neighborhoods in the United States. You know, a couple of realities here for Mexico, Steve. The first is that this is so destabilizing for Mexico. Now, I care first and foremost, of course, about the United States, what it's doing to our country. But it is also completely destabilizing our friend and ally and neighbor to the South.

And who is it? And here's the second point. Who is benefiting within Mexico? The cartels. This is a boon for the cartels like they have never seen before, because Steve, trafficking people is even more lucrative than trafficking in narcotics, which is pretty dang lucrative in and of itself.

And they're doing plenty of both. But the point is we have opened an entirely new massive line of business for the cartels. There is a transfer of wealth going on right now to the cartels, to some of the most reprehensible organizations on the planet Earth.

These cartels use the tactics of ISIS, but they do so right next to the United States and increasingly on our side of the border within the United States. And because of Joe Biden's dereliction of duty, and you're completely correct, he absolutely should be impeached for this. This is a willful dereliction of duty of the first responsibility of any leader, whether it's a mayor or a governor, or certainly the president of the United States, to maintain public safety, to maintain law and order. His willful total disregard, his dereliction of duty means that he is unfit for that office and he should be impeached. But in the meantime, he has literally handed a massive gargantuan gift to some of the worst people on Earth, the Mexican cartels who are destabilizing their own country and believe me, going to cause enormous future problems within the United States in addition to what the problems that are already unfolding in this country, particularly, again, as it relates to wages in this country.

I'll tell you another gift. It actually is to the MAGA movement because this proves it's all the all the facades ripped off. You know who supports us? Working class Hispanics in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

They see exactly what's coming up there to them. Right. It's going to be the destruction of jobs, wages, their hospitals, their health care service, the education.

Right. Wages collapse and security. And to it, not just this tectonic place that the kornacki has been talking about nonstop and we have in the in the voting, but also is it 60? The poll was 65 percent of the people in Rio Grande Valley in South Texas want to close the border. You know why they don't close the border? They understand what's coming up from Tapachula.

OK, right. They're not living in the Hamptons. They're not living in the Upper East Side. OK, they're not living in Bel Air or Beverly Hills or Newport Beach, California.

They're living right there with that income. They're in Eagle Pass. They're in Del Rio, Texas. And what's the crossroads for Del Rio? Right.

Media matters. What's the crossroads? Couple of miles, you know, 60 miles inland. The crossroads from El Paso in Del Rio. Uvalde. Uvalde, Texas. You heard that name before?

Uvalde, Texas. OK, 48 lockdowns of those 48 lockdowns of those schoolchildren in one academic year. Why?

Everything related to the cartels and illegal aliens come across with, wait for it, weapons. Steve Cortez. Steve, just to clarify on that Trafalgar poll, that's 65 percent number, which, by the way, was the highest of any demographic group, higher than whites, blacks, Asian-Americans, Hispanics by Trafalgar.

That was nationwide. Sixty five percent said they want to close the border. Think of that, Steve. Close the border. Now, that is to the right of where Donald Trump is on the border. That's to the right of where Steve Cortez is on the border.

OK, they didn't actually. It's hard to get to the right. They're in Steve. They're in Steve. They're in Steve Bannon right there. No farther right than close it. Yeah.

I just want to clarify that that is not the real grant. They didn't break that down. My strong guess would be in the Rio Grande, you'd find 90 percent approval for that. And that's 65 percent nationwide. The people who are actually living with it most acutely on the border might, you know, my supposition is that it would be far higher. But the point is what we do know enough supposition, what we know is that two thirds of Hispanics favor closing the United States border because of what Joe Biden has done. So that narrative that Hispanics are somehow soft on the border or that Hispanics are fixated only on the issue of migration.

That's just a complete media myth that should be discarded. And Donald Trump proved that, by the way, because after decades of really feckless outreach from the GOP, who tried to sort of give Hispanics a Hispanic excuse me, a Democrat light vision with some Spanish language thrown in, Donald Trump came and said, no, I'm going to speak to Hispanics like the citizens and adults that they are. And they believe in strong borders. They believe in law and order and safety in our streets. They do not believe in sanctuary cities, in large part because the victims of dangerous illegal aliens who cross our border, the victims are almost always the Hispanic citizens of the United States. But regardless of your ethnicity or your race, the point is sovereignty makes sense.

Strong borders make sense all the time, but particularly at a moment like this, Steve, where we have such incredible anxiety in this country, where we have inflation out of control and real wages crashing and crime exploding across our cities, is that if ever there were a time to be serious about sovereignty and border control, it's 2022. Let me have real quickly, guys, can I go to Oscar real quickly? Oscar, we're going to go to break here in a second. Give me an update. We're going to go to break and come back to you, sir.

Alvaro, Breguona is the next stop. It's a couple of miles from here, Mr. Vana. They're going to rest there for possibly the rest of the day. 12,000. They're going to sleep in the dome.

There's no place to put 12,000, sir. In the past caravans, we have seen 4 to 5,000 and they have overwhelmed these parks and they have overwhelmed these domes. So I don't know where they're going to fit all these 12,000 people.

The Mexican authorities are not doing anything about it. They passed an inspection point. I was watching them today on the news because they were filming live as they were coming across. Now, they were in single file. These weren't the 12,000 they're talking about.

These were ones that are passing over right now. And they were in single file. And there had to be about 35, at least 35, 40.

And guess what? Everyone, except for one, everyone were young males, fighting age, males of fighting age, military service age. And there was one woman who looked to be Chinese. She looked like she was a Chinese woman mixed in with them.

The rest were all males. They're being brought in. Again, I want to warn the people, warn the people, warn the people. Joe Obama is taking these people, he's busing them to certain cities, certain towns, and they're building sleeper cells. They're building sleeper cells, folks. When you're talking about the country being invaded, again, you have to understand, we are at a war.

We are at war. Do you remember the election? Do you remember those people that had Biden signs in their yard? I'm not telling you to hate those people, but I'm telling you to watch them. And I'm telling you, you can't trust them because those people are your enemies.

And those people are partly responsible for paying $6 a gallon for gas and everything else. Here's the worst news. Did you hear what Obama did the other day? We have a backlog, what is it, some year, year and a half for asylum when they've applied for it. So instead of increasing immigration judges, Biden has set up a new system of asylum officers. But the interesting thing, and I heard this on the news, I sat there and I could not believe what I heard, but the asylum officers now can only grant protection, but they cannot deny asylum. In other words, he is, instead of having judges to rule whether or not they qualify for asylum, he is setting up asylum officers so they can hurry up and speed things up, get these people approved. And these officers can only grant protection. In other words, can only give people asylum, cannot reject them.

I have never heard anything in my life so absurd, Pastor Ernie, but it just shows that this is what they're up to. They want to get as many into the country. They want to get them in as fast as they can. And back in about 2008, there were only about 5,000 asylum cases per year. And now we've got the cartels running the show. The cartels are telling each and every one what to do to make their asylum claims, how to make it, even if it's not true, doesn't matter as long as they make the claim. And right now we have 1.7 million asylum claims stuck in court. And we are estimating 3 million illegals, this is from the Border Patrol, to come across this year that are going to want to be put in front of asylum officers that cannot deny their asylum claims. And if it's not bad enough that the cartels are telling them how to apply for asylum, there are a lot of social workers down there from these NGOs at the border helping people when they come across telling them how to apply for asylum.

It's a rigged system from the get-go. It is all to overwhelm our system to bring in the whole world, total open borders, with a neon welcome sign to the freaking world. And it's time America got really, really mad and got ahold of every congressman, senator, telling them they have to start screaming, doing, you know, whatever possible. Joe, the drug and the trafficking cartels are working hand in hand with the Biden crime, with the Biden crime, with the Biden crime family, and with, I remember hearing one of them that El Chapo, where he was staying, El Chapo, his lieutenant, his next guy, was saying how they had given over a million dollars to Nasty Pelosi's re-election campaign. And so, you know, they're working hand in hand with the biggest crime cartel in the world, the Deathocratic Communist Party. They are the most organized crime cartel in the world right now. And they're working right now with the others.

Cloward-Piven, remember, we talked about Cloward-Piven theory. You overwhelm the system, you break it down, the people will be begging, begging for somebody to come and rebuild a whole new system. Well, it'll be the communist system, but you overwhelm everything, the educational system, the mental health system, the hospital system, the welfare system. When everything collapses, then we have Biden's build it back better, build it back the commie way. All right, Joe, here, when we're telling you that this whole thing, there, in Uvalde, in Uvalde, the shooter, that this whole thing was a Manchurian candidate, it was a false flag, this thing was a staged event, folks, a very staged event by the deep state. Now, here, there's a picture of that young shooter, and he's holding a bag of dead, bloody cats that they'd killed, and he's sitting there and he's smiling, holding this bag. Now, who do you think had these?

Well, you know, who do you think had these pictures? Well, a disturbing video surfaced of the Uvalde shooter holding bags of bloody dead cats. The deranged killer appears to be, happily speaking, is someone while sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle. According to New York Post, who obtained the censored video, and at least two cats can be seen inside of the bag. It's not about mental health, the left tells us, as pics emerge from the Uvalde shooter holding a bag of dead cats.

It's not about mental derangement, that should be addressed by families, psychiatrists, so on. It goes on, the killer's animal torture appeared to be well known through, that sounds like Fauci. Fauci's involved in animal killing, to torture.

Oh, yeah, he loves, little Beagle Dogs loves torturing them to death, yeah. The killer's animal torture appeared to be well known throughout the entire town, as someone who knew him claimed that he was known to harm animals in the interview and the shooting. The shooter was known for herding cats.

David Trevino Jr. was related to the shooter's grandmother by marriage, told the Post. He liked hunting animals, Trevino said he liked killing, he killed the cats, and carried around a bag of dead bodies for giggles. The video shows that he was not right in the head, and this is exactly the kind of people that the CIA goes out for, that the deep state goes out for, aren't they? Yeah, they find somebody that's off balance, and they persuade them, con them. It was the same thing with that kidnapping of the governor, and the same thing with January 6th, there were more agents involved in trying to get people to do things they shouldn't do than the actual people that were involved. So it's been the government doing secret things to create a crisis that only government can solve.

The FBI is no longer an independent organization, it's simply a part, just like the so-called political arm of the Democratic Communist Party, huh? We'll be back, we'll be back right after this, don't go away, more to come. It feels so fine, this New Age church of mine, the service is laid back, but still I know you re-put sowed, and I can't stop thinking about all of that. Well, I remember when God was praised, but that's not what the New Age church is for. The truth is fine, but it's long gone, the gospel's truth, but it ain't wanted anymore. I, He said, you had better care. There isn't judgment for all, you will be there. I am, He died, and He has risen on high.

And if you're lost, then you had better know why. Believe Him, holy still. Did you ever read about a child who seemed to be a king?

And he became one. Well, he's coming back to judge the world, and he and the father are still the very same one. But I've had a fearfulness deep inside, and I've cried because I'm so afraid to know. And I'm not a man who's inclined to be scared till I go to heaven, or as I've feared, be alone. I am, He said, you had better care. There isn't a judgment for all, you will be there. I am, He died. He has risen on high.

If you're lost, then you had better know why. I am, He said, you had better care. There isn't a judgment for all, you will be there.

I am, He died. He has risen on high. Risen on high! There ain't no skeletons in Jesus' closet.

There's an empty tomb there, and boy, that empty tomb spells everlasting life for some, and it spells, oh, some severe judgment for others. Okay, all the lines are lit up, Joe, so let's go ahead and take some quick calls. Let's go, we're starting with our co-host, Cliff. Yeah, hi guys. You know, you're talking about the World Economic Forum. I think you could look at Trudeau as, like, whatever he does, you could say the thinking is coming right from the World Economic Forum. Right from Klaus Schwab, yep. Yeah, yeah, because that little thing he just did, you know, let's get the heroin going, the cocaine and the fentanyl, that probably just came right from those guys, you know, in real time. So I think that's one way of, like, observing the actions of the World Economic Forum. Just look at Trudeau, and his deputy prime minister was basically groomed by the World Economic Forum. He's a Satanist. He's a Satanist group. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I think with Biden, it could be anything from AOC to China to Obama to the CIA to Satan himself, you know, I think everybody's got a piece of the action with him. But I just wanted to, two quick things.

Well, at least one. Psalm 50, verse 21 and 22. I just found it interesting that it talks about, uses the word order in it, and I was thinking of the New World Order.

I wonder what you think of that. Well, the things that thou hast done, and I kept silence, that thou thoughtest that I was altogether such as one myself. But I will reprove thee, and set them in order before thine eyes.

Now consider this, you that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver. Well, here again, what he's talking about, that the New World Order believes that they're going to set in this new world order. But at the end of the day, God is going to put in a new world order. It's called the Millennial Kingdom. And, boy, I'm going to tell you, those, the heathen out there, close swab of sorrows, the heathen out there are in for an extremely rude awakening, an extremely rude awakening.

They're going to find out all the money in the world can't buy them one minute out of hell, not one minute. And he gives you that warning in James chapter 5, when he says, Howl, howl you, you rich men, he really lets them know what's coming their way. So there you go. The other quick thing from Psalm 55, it says that David says that the wicked will not wait without half their days. But in verse 15, Psalm 55, he does an impractory prayer. He's helping along that door. He said, What death sees them.

That's interesting. You know, here's one very quickly for Joe Biden, verse 16, 15, verse 16. But unto the wicked, God saith, Who hast thou to do to declare my statutes, or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth?

Remember, Joe was talking about his faith. Seeing now, seeing now, hatest instruction, and casts away my words behind the exactly what he's done. Got to move on, Cliff, the whole board split and we're out of time. Okay.

C.S. Thunder, you are in the air. Hello, Pastor Sanders, and hello, Pastor Joe.

Hello there. We know that you've been out. You know, we had that being the, the June and being the pride of the Sodomites sin month.

I am absolutely amazed at conservative individuals who think they're going to heaven. And they come out and say, Well, you know what people do in their bedroom? Does it matter to me? Oh, really? What about having sex with little, little kids?

Would that matter to you? Because that's what a lot of these people do. This is this is their nature. They're given over to a reprobate mind. And when a failure is rampant, it's rampant within the death of credit collective. It is. And you know, pastors, the thing is, is when I hear that I think of the what you often teach that is the sin of omission is more prevalent than the sin of commission. Oh, amen, amen. And these people that are out there that are saying it doesn't matter, you know, and all of this, they don't take into account that it really does matter.

Why? Because God punishes nations that accept these evil, terrible sins that these people are committing. And we should never ever come out and say, Oh, you know, it doesn't matter to me what you do in the bedroom. Well, in reality, it does matter. It matters largely, because also it destroys a nation.

What does it do? It destroys the ability of a nation to reproduce itself to have children and to go out and replenish the earth as God said to do. So these people out there are doing this stuff. And, you know, pastors, I take into account that awful lot of these people that say that a lot of them have have money, they're moneyed people, and they're they think they're conservative. But I have found out that many of them have children that have learned that filthy habit in either public school or in college. This is not what they were born to be.

And, you know, I understand now that the sodomites and the trans, you know, the LSMFT BLT people are out there asking for reparations from the United States, because how they were mistreated. I mean, this is insanity. And even the the Middle Eastern countries are now starting to say, United States, what's wrong with you? What are you doing?

Why are you committing suicide? You know, even they know that being the Muslims that they are, they know, they know that this is wrong. But, you know, there's so many people that are afraid to say anything.

And they always have to put in that little little caveat. Oh, you know, it doesn't matter to me what they do. Of course, it doesn't because you're, you're supporting the sin. And it's either one or two things, either they're dumb as a box of rocks, or they have children that are involved in that terrible, terrible sin that most people today are celebrating. And my hat's off to the people down over at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the baseball players that refuse to wear that stupid patch. And what we got to realize, though, is that Chinese money is infiltrating all the sports teams. This is why they're still holding their heads above water.

You can watch a ballgame on television, and there's nobody there. They don't care. Which, which patch did they refuse to wear? I didn't hear this. Yeah, the, the gay pride patch for this month. Oh, the sodomite patch, yeah. Yeah, they refused to wear it. Well, praise the good Lord that there's some that still have some dignity. I know that, I know, what was it, Detroit, was it Detroit Tigers?

I believe they're, they're giving, they're celebrating sodomite pride month. And which, there was some others that were outward, oh, Taco Bell. I will never go to Taco Bell again. Never. I quit drinking Coca-Cola, I quit drinking Coca-Cola, and I'm getting whiter every day, and I will not go to Taco Bell anymore. You know why? I'm better than that, because Taco Bell is, is supporting the sodomite pride month.

And I will not watch an NBA game. Because I know it's getting late, and you got callers, but San Diego County's got a big election tomorrow, and peace officer Jonathan Peck is running. He's a constitutionalist, and he loves God, and he, he knows that the sheriff's department is the most important office held in any county, and Jonathan Peck is, is a good man, and the people of San Diego County should really give him a close look and, and vote for him. We wanted to get him on, but we didn't have time to get him on. We were, we, we had, we were pre-scheduled, and so we wanted to get him on last Thursday, we couldn't, we were pre-scheduled, and, and then Friday, we were also, and it was too, too late today, because it's, tomorrow's the election, but give that again.

Go ahead and give him another shot. Okay, peace officer Jonathan Peck, he believes in the Constitution of the United States of America, he believes in the Bible. He's a very, very godly man, and he realizes that the sheriff's, the office of sheriff is very important, and he is doing what, and, and saying what all sheriffs across the nation should be doing, and that is fighting against the new world order, and taking control locally, because that's where it's going to have to start. We're going to have to take over locally, and the people of San Diego County in California really need to give him a real good look, and, and vote for him. He's a good man, he's a very good man.

Absolutely. Let's say, you actually, you're, you're an heir, it actually has to start in a church, right in the pulpit, is where you have two people out there listening, you know, God's word the Bible talks about running with the horses tells you, you need to find a church, a church that's an actual New Testament church, and not a corporation, you need to find a church where the pastor in there is as bold as a lion, and that the pastor leads the sheep, he leads the flock, and you get behind him, and then you take that out, like tomorrow night you're going to see the tea party meeting that we take place in our county. The majority of the, the, the one church, the only real activist church, is going to be doers of the word Baptist church.

They'll have more people there than anybody else, like they normally always do, and that's what you have to do. Then you start supporting the county, because we had corruption in our elections out here too, but we show up, we show up, and so you've got to go and right, you start right there, and you start by electing a real county sheriff, and we have a good one out here now, he's, you know, he's a constitutionalist, but, but folks that you got to take it back, and you know you're obligated, and as we go through this week you'll see that God's word the Bible tells you, you are obligated, you are obligated now, because our government, the government that's presently there has gone totally corrupt, it has been, it is totally illegitimate, we have to have a new government now. Amen. One last thing, and that is, is that, you know, you're right, and that every county that has strong pastors that believe in God and preach the word of God, and follow God's laws, and, and all of that, we, then you have good people in government, it's a, it's a blessing from God that, that these good people come in, because what we have is we've got very good people, and Cotton, Geauga County is one of them, they've got one of the best pastors in the nation, in you, and you know, I'm not blowing smoke, but what I'm saying is, is that because of your activity there, you now have sheriff that is very, very good.

And we're, we're going to continue, because we've got a saying, there's no compromise period, we don't stop, and so there you go. See us, I gotta move on. Hey listen, we'll see you in church on Sunday, make it back this way. I will, Pastor, I, I've got some issues going on, but I do want to get back to church, because it's, it's, it's just, some days was something that I always look forward to, that's for sure. Well, because I'll tell you why, there's people saying that you've lost all your teeth and you've gone bald, and I'm telling them no he hasn't.

That's beside the point. Yeah, you've, you've got to come and prove me right. Okay. Alrighty, pastors, God bless.

God bless, yes. Alrighty, there you go. Okay, let's go to Jack. Jack, you're, you're maybe the, how many, how many do we have? We, we can only take two quick calls.

Okay, Jack in San Diego, you're in the air. There's multiple conflicts going on within the United States that could lead to a civil war, and there's a, there's a scandal that really hasn't surfaced yet, and that has to do with National Guard armories. Some people don't know that the governor of each state is the commander-in-chief of the National Guard, and they're in charge of supplying the National Guard armories, and most counties have one or more armories, and the equipment is old, the ammunition is old, a lot of it's in disrepair, and if there's a conflict, they're going to be caught short, they won't be prepared, much like the Ukraine wasn't prepared for a conflict, and so there's a mad scramble for weapons. So I'm saying the governors of the red states should make sure that their National Guard armories are in order, not only to supply not only to supply the National Guard, but in a civil war or an insurrection or a rebellion or even an invasion, that the local militia groups and even citizens that the National Guard armories are able to supply them, and the textbook for weapons is you just have to look at what Ukraine needed, and that's what our National Guard armories need.

Absolutely. Well, I tell you this that I have to move on, but there's a lot of chatter, and I'm not saying this is going to happen, but there's a lot of chatter out there that's saying that, and I'm talking about, you know, beneath the surface that we're going to, that we very could possibly have that civil war or be in a major invasion, not like the invasion that's taking place now, but maybe even a bigger invasion by November 1st. Got to move on. Who do we have next? Timothy, you're the last caller.

You got about a minute. All right, I'll make it brief. First of all, I just wanted to reiterate anything that might have been said by you or anyone else today, as we honor a very important day every year. That's the pride of this month is June 6th, 1944, and the 78th anniversary today, and Father's Day. That would be the only two that I would think pride of during the month of June, not this other nonsense.

Juneteenth and this Pride Month nonsense that they're trying to shut down people's throats. So my heart, and hats off, and my heart goes out to any and all people that gave up their life between December 7th, 1941, and June 6th of 1944, and any of the survivors that made it home. God bless them.

My grandfather was one of them. That may God put a hedge of protection around their families, and we owe them a debt of gratitude. And then- Amen.

I agree with every word of that. I think today we should read in Ephesians about putting on the armor of God and prepare to stand your ground. And Joshua 24, 15 about choose who you're going to serve every day. And 1 Timothy 6-12, fight the good fight. We have to meditate over those chapters and verses, and prepare ourselves, and dig your heels in, and prepare for a battle. Amen. Timothy, got to move out because we're out of time.

Thank you. Now, do you know for sure if you died today, would you know if you'd go to heaven or hell? If Jesus Christ returned today, do you know for sure if you would go to heaven with him or to hell to suffer with Satan and his minions? Realize that God loves most people. He doesn't love everybody because of scripture says those that commit iniquity. Now, but that doesn't mean God is very, very merciful. God is very merciful. And all is required is repentance.

All is required is repentance. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life. That's one of the most best known passages in all scripture. Now, the Bible says that all men are sinners.

That's right. For all have sinned it comes short of the glory of God. Romans 3 23 in fact. And God made man in his own image.

He gave man the ability to choose right from wrong. We choose to sin. Our sin separates us from God. God's word also also says that sin must be paid for.

Do you know the price to be paid? For the wages of sin is death. Romans 6 23.

Wages means payment or price. The price of our sin is death and hell and separation from God forever. So if we continue in our sin, we shall die without Christ and without our God forever. But folks, the good news is Christ paid the price for your sins. But if God commanded his love toward us, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5 8. So all our sins are laid on Christ the cross.

He literally became sin for us and he took the wrath of God upon himself in your place and in mine. So all you have to do is this. Pray to the Father. Pray to the Father. Ask for forgiveness of your sins. Ask for forgiveness of your sins. Then ask the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life, all of your life, without any reservations.

You've got to be first. He says that unless you love him more than the father, mother, sister, brother, you got to put him first, folks. You got to put the Lord Jesus first.

And what will happen if you do that? You will become a new creature, a born-again believer. You will be indwelt with the Holy Spirit. And folks, from that point on, you're on a road to immortality. Now you have God's Word on that and it doesn't become any surer than the Word of God.

The Word of God is the most sure thing that ever existed. Well, we're at that time where we get there every night, Joe. So what we always say is, good night, God bless, and always, always keep fighting the fight. for another edition of What's Right, What's Left. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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