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TUE HR1 053122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 31, 2022 11:24 pm

TUE HR1 053122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 31, 2022 11:24 pm

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I'm ready about 30 centers in the day. This is the voice of the Christian resistance were still here and the boy do we have a lot a lot to go through tonight and of course, tonight we have is a producer, none other than the mighty Andrew good evening Pastor it anybody. Andrew and of course we have by copartner out here like coanchor. None other than Pastor Joe Hartley on paper, but I'm here ready to go to work already. So here you want to start out by saying every now and then.

Jill, we have somebody here locally gives very good service, so they really help you out and you know the good neighbor thing and whenever they do that I like to give him a little plug because it's not that they asked for anything and so here at the Huntington Bank and trust Lynn Karen Strout was one of those today that the really help me out. I need to submit some vices of things and she was very, very, very helpful, so heads up for Karen and by the way, I try to figure out.

I asked her what what is this thing about Karen's you know there doing the exam women who who are I guess who think that there is no better than everybody else. I'm not sure what you know where they learn they are ones that have bad reactions of America for three somebody creates a lot of problems right well this is my wife. This was telling me disaster.

I can only, and that Jesus these women that want their way about everything okay that is another name for that to yeah liberals you're right about that, then maybe drama queen drama queen going all silly.

How were your trip that liberal would be the perfect bear worked her way about everything. God wants and what better way that would take you to Isaiah chapter 32. That would explain that the blade verses nine and 10 exactly when it talks about those kind of women so anyhow.

But tonight we're going to be because it was happening out there today were going to with this assessment thing floating the factor three jury acquitted a man who was definitely guilty. In fact, they didn't say what the form of the jury told the reporters the case should never been prosecuted. There are bigger things that affect the nation cannot possible apply to the FBI will ask Michael wearing general plan what he thinks about what happens to people who get caught in a fake Y to the IRS, let alone fly on purpose. Okay now, according to God's Word, the Bible.

People who do this when you have a judge that is corrupted and going along with the city. What does the Bible refer to that judge, or more so, would you say to me that Judge Cooper Chris Cooper judge according to God's Word, the Bible is judge Chris Cooper Lahore.

What about that jury. What about the jury during the same thing they told their old gray folder.

Honestly neither integrity for political gain because they were all topically political people. They were dirty got they were dirty. I got a quote from Jonathan Turley, our constitutional scholar. We all know the studies he was facing a talk about Jerry that has three click donors and AOC woman whose daughter is on the same sports he was husband's daughter, with the exception of randomly selected people out of the DNC headquarters. You couldn't come up with a worse more corrupt and absolutely more corrupt jury exactly and so here again we can know we expect this this this takes us to our Scripture. I want you to go to Romans 13 and I want you to read just verses six and seven to start would first six or seven in the go back to earth, not backup for this cause a tribute also, for they are God's ministers attending continually on this very thing, render therefore to all their dues tribute to contributed to custom to whom custom character compare honor to whom honor.

Okay, so what it says you paid tribute to them and fear not until it's do what is it mean to whom is due by require longer different cases everywhere explain different things right cervical matters. Affirmative defense is talking about legitimacy, legitimacy to whom it is legitimate to now if it's legitimate now how do we know what is legitimate and what is not legitimate.

Actually, verses one through five tell us how my Novalis] drug growth for God's Word, the Bible always explains let's let's take it verse by verse, verse by verse. Okay. Let every soul be subject into the higher power, for there is no power but of God. Okay, now when he talks about the power is no power but of God and the powers that are that the ordained of God now okay so that were there powers is his interchange with another word and that word is authority.

There is no other authority predicated legitimate authority.

God ordained okay so so how do we know what that would God ordained it where where do we get the definitions of that relative Scripture, God explains what a leader back in the Old Testament made quite clear what leaders and judges were supposed to be and in the New Testament where people who are in authority are supposed to meet certain requirements facility gave us a five place a delayed human government he gives is the very fourth, the fourth point is by the means by which men's was the governor for God candidate right away and that was he tells you here guys laws.

God statutes God's ordinance God's covenants so on. Okay, so it's legitimate is is covering as it says here that they are being ordained of God. So if you ordained another New Age the perversions they change these things again they change a lot of because, well, the printing out forever changing words and definitions that are waiter waging the new war against our world. Why is that there are so many out there today preaching that dispatches the Scripture says you have to obey the government, even if the government is completely and totally corrupt. Why are they doing. Because they are going there getting no going along to get along really don't want any conflict.

They don't want trouble their repeaters and their hirelings.

They are not pastors under Christ. They are hirelings not saved. No, they may look good just to sit in the pulpit but they're not the. The Bible says the righteous, the righteous are as bold as light. Okay, these these in college are not bold right like these are cowards enough hours.

He says whosoever therefore resistance the power that means the authority of God resistance the ordinance of God. Okay, and they that resist shall receive to themselves the damn nation, no matter good thing drive down nation is not something you want to be on the receiving end of it. Because of you have been given power and authority by God, you are supposed to do it under his ordinances, his laws, his rules and you are to do it justly according to his authority.

So here Scripture tells us it would not live in accordance with God's word with his laws and statutes and soreness and so on it were not living in accordance with God's word that says that we are not what when I say they were not saved. This is where the receive to themselves damnation. That's actually a stronger term than God and condemnation there.

Okay that means you're here convicted gay it's it's over with your dad, God is already rendered judgment on your salvation and you're not going to be up for review. Now that we look at the legitimacy of rulings you see here light why we were saying all this is this that there comes a time when the government has become so corrupted that he could no longer recognizes legitimacy of factor is saying if you do that you're sinning against God. If you recognize the legitimacy of an illegitimate government and so the time has come. Now for for we the people to understand that this government in the United States that White House by the Congress. They're not legitimate so they have no no legal authority over us.

They might label no lawful authority over according to God. Many pastors are working to be willing to say that because because did not have the hirelings investment went in there to operate exactly their dumb dogs to Freda bar, they're not even gonna whimper pastor. Okay, so now he goes on to say. For rulers are not a terror to good works of blood to the evils of them. Here we have to define good works, good works, it has to be in compliance with the way gutsy people have the understanding of the glorified God.

Good works always glorify God. Yeah, the God gives himself, God gives us the definitions of these things in his word indicates that what right is not what people are saying that to the soundbites or would you note Joe sixpack same is what God's Word, the Bible has to say they gives it either legitimacy or not, legitimacy, no here when he talks about that.

He says this that that for rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. So the good works that are works that are in compliance with Jesus said, feed the hungry, because the home is clothed the naked okay visit those in prison both out then. You dear to me right basically without then not be afraid of the power case will go back to authority. Okay, here do that which is good meeting being a compliance with the word to gutsy rollers that are in compliance with what he got.

If there a compliance with the word of God, then there legitimate if they're not there not okay. Then he goes on to say, and thou shall have praise of the same, for he is the minister of God to the for good.

But if thou do that which is evil so the course we know that evil is when you're totally in opposition to the word of God right the case of her example collective, there were good example of electric free and are correct to administer the people in charge are supposed to keep you safe from the people who were do you harm to you evil and there were the ones that have the authority to punish crime to stop crime which is not happening in our cities across America today is not the calling that illegal goods is a exactly like what Scripture said over there in the Isaiah chapter 5 they call they put in a bitter sweet. There like these so-called Atty. Gen.'s heel lately. Then he said running murders were and are not prosecuting crimes so here it I got a perfect example of what were talking about here. Dr. David Martin money five plan release domestic terror operation against humanity. Wait a minute. This is not the one I went out I have an article here where a pastor I know a doctor who has been arrested and jailed for giving people hydroxychloroquine helping saving lives for saving light all day after Carol terrible thing to do now why would you like that going well, it's because you see there's only like a very small percentage of us coming really a small percentage that actually realize what we've been told, talking people since the mid 80s about the global depopulation and so here at this guy when he gets them. He he was saving people and that's that. What they what it was supposed to be the populating the planet in accordance with George Soros and Bill Gates and the others in selector work. But I verified in verse 23. What is wrong available courts justify the wicked for reward and take away the righteousness of the righteous. From and a tooth for tooth that happens to the person does during the righteous thing is the one being punished Exactly. And so here in and then James chapter 5 it talks about those people like Bill Gates like Joe Biden and the others will you rich men who do this what they're doing to the to the poor people. But here's a case that we have right here I Casey Ms. Ms. a fighter pilot speaks out on discrimination against unvaccinated in US military pilots were forced to perform janitorial work instead of flying the planes here you go to Gateway pundit Jim often interviewed Capt. Tom Stewart, USMC on the Saturday, May 28 third 13 year five months and 20 days he was in Hawaii from April 2013 to two.

During 2017 dated December okay whenever deployed to Darwin, Australia, with brief tour in Thailand during the time following Hawaii served as a deputy Air Force offered in February by visiting the gives of the slow list of things he did. Capt. Stewart described his personal story of challenging the military vaccine mandates that include unlawful process. They used to ground US pilots back in September, wasting nine months of manpower resources. Stewart is concerned that the lack of commanders and other high ranking officers pushing back against covert mandates sewer hopes more commanders will eventually speak up. Well, you know now this is not how you get ahead in the new politically correct quote military yeah like you know what I couldn't live with myself if I were like those people know just like those that have given in the ideas that got no water, no water, no integrity. One remember the one Marine officer spoke up, spoke out great character mount on the court-martial and he went along with not change were not back often. They threw them out of the Marine Corps. Here is the only real honest one. He would not let it go that you know what we need more officers like that well enough like orders quite a trip and I'll stand your ground when you're right no matter what the cost is you know through the right thing. That's exactly what he did with Gordon didn't know what, that's what we've done here. All of these years would never compromise from day one day one we've had one policy.

The policy was no compromise. And that that's the limit when electric chips fall as the way we started nesting we were in it here.

In fact, I got a good article on that one here to Job and because is talking about this having honor and having integrity in other you folks better. The good can learn something.

A case by my one and the people all time I run into people continues. The everywhere I go out there.

Most of they don't recognize me to hear my voice, and a high know that Nick Modi said, tugging them and Joe.

Time and time and time and time again I hear I wish our church. I was are churches like yours. I wish I churches like yours get you guys are bold, the big signs out front telling you that you're not going to compromise. You will not accept this illegitimate government so on so forth. And that so I sent within.

Why don't you just attend our church a few events which will they start giving you reasons, but here you see when you go to a residential direct rotorcraft created so convenient now. Well see Jill what happens is you know sometimes if people say well, and I don't know if I'm up to dynamo from up to being a doer of the word.

You know right. It came to your church or without religion or something and invite all then stand up and be counted in wait a minute is a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk right leg know.

Why would I will why would I expect them to do something about the name of the church, give away the doer of the word, not a hearer only located I come up with that. Now I make the Lord the case of guys with the Bibles is the doer of the word, not a hearer only the CV near the yard fell for SLP also fit the door of the work Dürer of the law and so I would be telling him that because that's my job as a pastor to see that they do that, that their ideas for them. The place of crowns in heaven right right and of course you know the most important thing is to make the salvation short that's that's one thing we put emphasis on evidence that evidence is left. You can go to these mega a lot of these mega country clubs in the go in there and you know they have nice choirs and say nice and they were good in others of you have a lot of the upper-class people financially assume that but there is not really severally church it's more of an entertainment center and you talk to Yosemite and quite lucrative a community you're a member in good standing in the community.

Well, it's it's funny because I know a number of people that attended. They that and they tell me that's what they think automate business contacts right from your preferable church involvement.

The really good businessmen. The movers and shakers were all members of the Episcopal Church. Well here.

That kind of fit right in with the image you went to church look good that you really didn't have to do any witness saying any evangelizing, any real work you just donated some money and got credit for donating money and and a lot of business deals one on right turn church and that he talked to only you. You finally find out that the like to go in there where they can kinda just sitting there and not be in not have to fear about being called on to actually be a doer of the word right, exactly. Even the people around the church board at their meetings, but never really had to do anything other than attend our going to spend some money and effort never remodeled listserv general blah blah not nothing that everyone outside did anything that I had a fellow who I've known for moles will move my whole life and he told me nasty one day window to let you leave is not good health but wanted to make it out to church well you know what just tell you I'll be truthful. You preach against sin you preach against it. I listed on the radio and you know when you preach against sin all the time and just makes people feel bad you know you need to do. You need to be more likely to prosperity preachers and just tell tell people how much God loves him and makes him feel good. And then you'll have more people, while well you know what were coming up to a break-in and death we get a message here from Mike Hayden. He was a vice president for Pfizer. He was the leading scientists.

He's got a message on the backs passports take away money and I think it is named after my mind wrapped at the very least the deacons game for what is going on is totalitarian control when buying in order to get about to do anything convincing to show the sliding manager digital ID that vaccine possible freight avoiding vaccination enough to get out of this trap side last night I read that Iran Iraq is the first country. The if he tends to bring about a manager digital ID that you have to show the vendors in order to get subsidized great greatest on compromises gone through the roof is the staple food of the poor people in Cairo, for example, will will give you a discount one discounted like a family today.the quick preparation you need to sign up for the state line 8. Once you got digital ID and they said you combine this cheap rate. Without sharing. If they say next week you combine brains without sharing one week off you combine food without this lets you change the condition or it requires is a massive network your digital ID into the system and whatever your location is our school is about United States credits goals.

I pretty mean personal. In this context, this past night domain alts purchase these items and that God points the machine bold legal documents will be faces multinational corporation operates the database and the algorithms that determine your with you on commissions into somewhere leave somewhere by the final sale any particular thing at any moment. That's the end of democracy and the freedom Brian. I thought about getting out the economies. All the countries being driven off a cliff like Hanna-Barbera config Donald's legs that distract affect right that's it. If you have digital currency to their toxic -9 digit manager digital ID and only digital money if they don't like that to get this like to meet.

For example, likely to cancel me like I trying got insane and I do not hopefully market by something. What one on my finance waited getting my T9 entry point might not allow me to acquire anything to the pockets already here.

Joe L we've told people we were one of the first of the two years ago, two years ago we were told it they get several different types of the so-called of vaccines, which are vaccines and the people you see the people you see like to see the so-called people of Fox news dressed up like doctors say were doctors we care about our children the way getting we have them vexed will hear. We know that those people are taken, the sailing in fact, I even had had someone who I know who is the administrator of a large hospital and that her words were. I hope my staff is cares enough about me to give me the sailing that it was because they had all had to take the shot, and of course somebody else is going to give her another shot.

So here you go, president of European farm a giant charge for falsifying coven vaccination records purchasing fake vaccine passports. Fernando Sousa is accused of arranging to be injected with saline solutions instead of the covert effects that please carried out investigation, operation, gender, which uncovered a vast network of celebrities and leads who paid money to have their names fraudulently entered into the national immunization register despite refusing to be vaccinated. One of the elites was José Maria Fernandez so Zafar oh geez, president of the European pharmaceutical giant farm Meyer going back if I have a giant pharmaceutical company doesn't want to back and wonder what that implies you know what also gets kids who was exempt from taking who did not insist on their employees take the VAX none of the Pfizer, the European, the Europewide investigation was named operation general after Edward Jenner who developed the first vaccine is considered to be the father of immunology operation Genesis of seven people arrested in Barcelona and Madrid in January. Purportedly they are 2200 involved in the fraud in the investigation is ongoing with more evidence of being collected before many of those to go to trial. Another word so here people there are taking their shots and their dying but not that the elite you know.

Suppose that's happening in this country, the Joe.

Out of three didn't lose any of the older people like Nancy Pelosi and Turkish humor of one in California, the very old one.

This is our old Lake, California. That's Nancy Pelosi's out there helping her exhibitor care. Women never know one out. Feinstein Feinstein Diane Feinstein Nikita becomes senile, never worried about the problem of personality and yet none of the old people that were in Congress really had any trouble. Covert net interesting yet is in you and all these people out there that the all of these athletes.

LeBlanc and I just did not drop like flies. There and here I've got quick stories right here. There are dated 29 May at no pretty current. One study undermines alarm about asymptomatic covert thread. Remember way back.

The World Health Organization their top baby Derek and the epidemiologist said all that eight the transfer by asymptomatic individuals is very very rare well-adjusted day later she had to walk it back all was a misunderstanding. All and then they started in telling everybody that the asymptomatic people were spreading out like wildfire. Right now there's a big study published in the CLOS medicine found that the asymptomatic carriers were responsible for less than 14% of all covert cases. So basically the who lied to us again. Then is another big study just came out. Now in German physician went and looked at Kansas for mass squaring and he found that mass mandates increased death rate.

You and I knew that we kept telling people that, but he looked at Kansas because the state let each of its hundred and five counties decide whether or not to master not and a total of 81 of the hundred and five did not mascot and he found out very simply that it was a huge wreck 50% more death in the counties that for Mac people to wear masks than all the counties that didn't wear math and he went on and checked other data so it turns out that the death rate was 50% higher in three different areas where people work amount or were they were forced to wear masks. They had a 50% higher death rate so the stuff we've been telling people it's coming out in the news that's coming out in studies that it like everything else. The truth comes out late and it comes out a little dribs and drabs here and there. They don't want to ever let it be, big headline news yeah but we get it out on the weekend that we have a lot of people listing to us out there and will always always out there days ahead of the others, and Satan, that's why. Three months and years to come, yeah, well, you know, again we remember we were talking about this in March 2020 we were telling people about this whole scam is scam of the champ, and these and I vaccines them.

For example here. Dr. David Martin, monkeypox plan to release his domestic terror operation against humanity and the natural knows it's undeniable based on mounting evidence that the new monkeypox gear is another contrived outbreak that is been deployed for the purpose of committing domestic terror against the public pleasure. All which should know better by now that we are one. Once again being scammed and terrorized yeah but you know what you got a lot of stupid people out there that I have their they auto or monkey faces okay you know they they don't learn you know appearing on the MN American program called kapok care. Air actually transmitted.

The and you will notice that he wrote carefully to the news. They tried to avoid telling you that it's an STD and they talk about it being a virus in this and that and that's gonna be problem for society but basically right now almost all the cases of 99% 90, 99% are bisexuals, satellites not here you go trolls who were playing both dreams appearing on the man in American program, Dr. David Martin told his hose that the motor's operation (I behind the operation is nothing new the world got a heavy dose of it all throughout the whole line coronavirus which monkeypox appears to be rounded to lead you to terrorized population would would do you do turn to the experts. Martin explained it turns out that monkeypox's plan just like over to release at just this point on the timeline and many of the same players who profited from color once again slated to rake in cash from the monkeypox and here again but you see again people, you know, first of all you've got. NBC, ABC, CBS, all working okay and in cahoots. They're all part of this whole criminal them organization with the doing to the people and people.

People still still haven't learned the that the they been betrayed over and over and over and over by the fake news media, but they still haven't learned and that it consists is an amazing thing while I got a girl little better humor I got a hold the dictator very and looked up expert additive act that has ground spurt is a big grip self-motivated, they immediately run through the X haven't been convicted. No, what is the narrative of the day. You know, but I did vote, she tied to the monkeypox next creator, that's right here. This is by Jim look sick is a monkeypox of moneybox money pikes money products, University of Pennsylvania documents stated that Pres. Joe Biden's host institution was paid for assisting the variance Nordic in creating the MVA BN monkeypox that I think there's seems like there's nothing out there that the Biden crime family that the Biden crime family. There is no dirty operation going on that they don't have their hands in 2014 document stated in part that University of Pennsylvania is being paid for by a very Nordic the paperwork which is filled with the was filed at the Philadelphia school hospital entitled consent to the participate in a research study and research subject hip authorization refers to conducting a randomized, open label phase 2 clinical trial.

In other words function being ripped off again, and here there we go again.

Thank current trend in the name and were going to scare you into submission okay in 2021 Bill Gates big Pharma and that World Health Organization all participated in the monkeypox pandemic simulation. World Health Organization seem to be preparing for the monkeypox virus to become again the next global find that pandemic planted them in which only makes sense since considered with Bill Gates that the pharmaceutical industry last year and flushed in this very time, so they're looking to kill more people and to begin 99% of the people that have died in them can contact this monkeypox are satellites that are their sodomite men remember when we had the work.

The name of it there was going to be the big thing and everybody was going die from it. Turner was an STD all have on the senior moments help me eggs million eight the epidemic was validated scourge of the world as well as the STD and spread mostly by sodomite and bisexuals in the course of got into the straight population because of the bisexuals but it turned out to not have destroyed the world, but again they were staring everybody this STD that own the end of all plagues right. Remember, you are fair, but I've got a story for some people weren't afraid and Amish minister wrote a little article. Is there an Ohio and he took a shot at the covered 19 vaccine and he said the coronavirus left before salvation arrives denies being facetious folks Marvin when Gerd of the new order Amish church in Holmes County, Ohio, and he wrote a piece and he said in five years, and illusion will erase reality. People will believe something about 20/20 and covered 19 that won't stay true if people don't speak up now. Now he owns Castle Carlisle pressed a small publisher of books and magazines now is from an Amish community. There were about 38,000 people there a race for covered and all and that we felt the sting are covered with the rest of the world, we felt the pain of some increased death, the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions spell that most smaller funerals and weddings were short-term cultural shift and he said we wore masks only when required in public places where we had to go and we adjusted the size of our funerals and weddings, but the no social events were canceled. The 38,000 members resume life.

They attended auctions no fixed rate between business as usual didn't close our schools. We avoided confining our children to fear and alienation reading or math church socials, family gatherings, or work except are required by non-Amish employers and COBIT came and the when it did.

Some of us left earlier than expected went on to the Lord. We had a few more funerals than usual, but COBIT left and COBIT exited and he talks about Taft after last there was nothing now no problems at left before the salvation of the vaccines arrived they left the Amish community. Prior to the arrival of the vaccines and he said course, almost no Amish were are vaccinated a very few would ever choose to vaccinate, but covert leftist prior to the salvation of the vaccine and the culvert came and the they're going to say that when we mandated we mask we social distance distance and vaccinated it out of existence, but they might miss what happened to 38,000 people for which none of the narrative is true.

I thought that was a pretty wonderful little piece Tech Data shortened it, but basically the community had a few more people die than usual. Be very old and very sick and life went on and they were doing quite well thank you John our church will it we only have one individual who was in the regulate you. It would attend maybe once a month or so that the only one to take the VAX the only one to take the bag and wanted and died within a couple days afterwards taking for that person died of a vaccine Not the covert. We have Africa's remember the government fed anybody to dies within 14 days of taking the shot died of covert and course that way you could never say anybody died of a shot right well we know that 97% of the people that had had cultivated and were faxed died of the facts that: 97%.

But you see in Gary UNESCO's to know that out there today.

Okay in America.

Guess who just got elected to the executive board of the WHO went to tell which you believe China lied about the spread of the virus to cover-up the original pandemic. Today, China was elected to the World Health Organization's executive board and there were no objections from any minute… It's about time they been letting them for longest time for the longest time running it out another on the major player on the board and it. This is total evidence that the World Health Organization has lost all its credibility.

China was one of the 12 nations elected to the 34 member board I guess was last Friday but with Brazil, Canada joined Mall dives Morocco moved ova Senegal, Slovakia, Yemen EM and deal with all the terse things going on in Canada. Mr. liberal (yeah so the world is in great hands. Folks, it's in God's hand, not the World Health Organization hello yeah I'm here. What was that I like that the great big noise from somewhere. I thought maybe some help in their year-end. Anyhow, here you know who David Thorstein is David Thorstein. Well, he's the fellow that started now. That's right, that's the right lawyer and boy love Association well is that the man boy sexual abuse.

The pedophile feta pedophile. He was he's a pedophile. But he's also is also the founder of lewd, gross, belligerent, transgressing queers again are called LGBT so and he tells you that the glued gross pledge, belligerent transcription, queer agenda is simply a front for his society to accept pedophilia, and so in case so you have basically folks there you go. That's the you know right from the pedophile's mouth.

Some of that out here think we almost found so unbelievable to me.

I heard the projector we verified and you are going to sound like some kind of fantasy story that a good editor would say no.

Never pass people would not believe what you just said it eroded in a book and announced yet, here you go, they have their showing he's holding this flag at the side of my flight rainbow flag and it's got to a picture of Satan in the middle of it. The temple, the satanic temple is is that his that's the symbol for the LGBT Q there you go right tremble and get out. Maybe we could put that in the newsletter send that out. Yikes, the article development of visual that sometimes you can tell about something on radio but when you see the actual picture that have such a much more powerful effect. Should that the deposit you have with that is is the son of my flags in color and for us to do just say one of those pages in color for the newsletter. They can classify because we have so many newsletters okay. Shocking Georgia election crimes uncovered 1.7 million valid images illegally destroyed video monitoring missing for 181,000 dropbox ballots and so there you go to press conference last Monday with voter GA shared some photo Georgia showed some of the shocking information related to the criminal actions in the 2020 election in Georgia. There was so much criminal activity in that election. Unbelievable.

And it was lied about lied about lied about all by the way, speaking about lying about that. I remember Sandra remember Sandra Smith went jealous of my coaches was interviewed yesterday were interviewing represented Congressman Mo Brooks from Alabama and he had his endorsement for the Senate race rescinded by Donald Trump. Okay so is not exactly a minnow and with Donald Trump but we notice that we been telling you that Denise discloses the 2000 year old spectacular film that tells about without the truth about bottled election fraud. Anyway, Fox News is not uttered the name of the film since it was released back to the public on 2 May. So anyway is Internet he's doing Sandra Smith interview and he pressed his claims about voter fraud push for tighter election laws and Smith that will there was no proof or evidence provided to show that the election was stolen from count. That's when he came out and Mo Brooks came out and said that's wrong. I don't know why you people in the media keep saying that but it's fault absolutely fault you keep saying it every time but it's fault had 150 senators and congressmen that disagree with you on what you just said so what are you calling them what are you calling them 150 senators and congressmen elected the voter fraud issues that there were major problems.

Sandra what are you calling the commission on election reform a bipartisan committee and all I know, what we call it the very time Joe when she first came out and we said Sandra Smith your line Sandra Smith from day one. I said that, there you are lying.

I said new caboodle you are lying. I see Chris Wallace you are lying and not one of you would have the guts that one of you would have enough integrity to come on and sit across from me by telephone and and say that statement by the way, you know, when you did your echo chamber. It was so phony. It was so funny because that little thing in the beginning that little which you all did showed you right there yeah it shows you right there that they hear the echo chamber started up and that was their narrative, so I'd never believe the thing Sandra Smith says and I will believe a thing read Pierce's I saw them look and why and then I got here have a Congressman calling her out and what I love even talked about the commission on election reform is 50. Remember that they warned us that elections were going to be stolen. If we don't fix these problems with commission fitness back in 2005 eight that those problems will work fixed now and then Smith brought up the courts and the judges. In effect, don't get into that in all because it's fault. The courts are not the arbiter on who wins elections, Congress is that's required by the federal Constitution required by United States code. I mean, he told her the truth. I mean, this is wonderful as any started going and all these things like Pennsylvania, there were 2 million illegal votes cast. There was a court order and then he brought up he said, and you want proof look at the 2000 meals documentary. This is the first time it was ever mentioned on Fox News and Smith felt would be offended by Reuters news Reuters debunked it.

Yeah sorry picture perfect weather fact checkers are looking at it and find your absolutely wrong you're dead wrong. You.

You have no legitimacy anymore you'd like the resident Democratic Party. You have no legitimate adequate watching her on Fox News at me when they're sitting there trying to stated Reuters news you're supposed to be a newscaster, a news person writer to go look at the truth that the people on Fox never went and looked at the fact that they we talked about this know ever read. They never looked or didn't look at any of the proof that ignored it and understand will Reuters news which is not to be trusted. While they claimed it was fake nervous about. Create and not only that, but they make sure that everyone is on Fox News. Don't you dare come out and talk about that, don't you dare come out and refer to the stolen election. Now they let them go around Anna Tucker Carlson. He went out all around it and a lot of different ways an entity to some little of the extent by having Trump on there but they didn't hear they they they stayed to their so-called narrative, even though you could tell it was making some of them very sick to do that okay by the way to the heart of a guy name Mitch Landrieu Mitch Landrieu is the Bidens Senior advisor and now I would love it a lot.

It's you know what coming to breakout pick this up on the other side, but were going to be watching a message from Chuck Baldwin. This is a few years ago folks of this really applies now so you want to listen to this we get back right after this. With more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance.

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