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TUE HR1 052422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 25, 2022 12:00 am

TUE HR1 052422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 25, 2022 12:00 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now and indeed, this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this. Well I guess it's the 24th day of May 2022 and I just finally got my my machine here adjusted my board just because I wasn't hearing of the feedback well and tonight we have as usual we have our producer in the number than the mighty Andrew good evening Pastor and we have way out yonder the backroads, Missouri, none other than Parson Joe Larson premature last night. Hopefully Randy and I managed to keep things together. Terry got back. Yeah I was listing on to you guys making sure if you messed up if you messed up. I was in the to make a big fuss about it but well anyhow you did all right. He did pretty good in that trouble okay.

And so we get back we got a lot to talk about no. As you know Joe, I'm not going to detail and David but this year I know how you can always tell how effective you know how the they say when you're getting all the flak you know your over the targets right well we been getting a lot of flak. I've been under a tremendous amount of spiritual attack and I'm not going to go into detail and all that because the opposition likes to listen to hear what kind of results are getting so I'm not gonna make him go after that. But I know that this is very spiritual and I remember in the early days of ministry, for which is covens would actually gather to pray against me and by God's grace is he that is in us is greater than he is in the world and telling people for a long long long time. Very spiritual war, no matter how it played out in the physical plane, whether economic, political, you name it. If the pillow underneath everything that they mold Christ versus antichrist system at virtual well antichrist system is going to find out in spades. Okay the gods not marked you know they think they can play they complain and they really don't get it. You know God is not mocked, yeah, but they're going they will. Anyhow, let's start tonight in James the chapter titled the message was you Richmond hypocrites weep and howl, weep and howl and organist are in James chapter 5 verses one through six. So wanted to go ahead and read James chapter 51 through six. All right. Now, the rich man weep and howl for your misery that shall come upon you. Your riches are corrected in your garment are mopping their golden over his canker and the rest of them will be a witness against you, and she'll eat your flesh as it were, fire and heat treasure together for the last eight behold the higher of the laborers who have leaked down your field, which is the view Back by five client and the cries of them which every are entered into the ears of the Lord of the step. You have lived in pleasure on here and been wanting you have nourished your heart is in the day of slaughter. We have condemned and killed the job and he does not resist you. All right you know it's interesting thing I just have an article here. The NIH doled out over through 30 billion last year and grants an entity with scientists in the scientist I gathered more than 350 million in their own royalties. Mr. Fauci and his crew now here Joe wrote. Thank you. They were given many many years by different people one wonder about gift was over $1 million just on a donation and if you Richmond like Bill Gates and Fauci Schwab clause call Schwab George Soros are Mark Zuckerberg, Jill Pozo, I have caused so much pain Judy of cause so much pain and so much suffering so much death and even today.

They continue, it makes me sick when I'm watching on Fox News you have these people coming out and saying were doctors and we had our children get the shot.

The kill shot soon, and I doubt that there that their doctors anyhow and we know that they've got the different different grades of the so-called vaccine for those that you see coming out there to get that the so-called doctors. I doubted hundred 10% because we know how many people are dying.

We noted 30% of the pilots of this country now are are in danger of having Mark in a myocarditis and we know that so we know that this is a part of the absolute international global depopulation program that is coming down from the World Health Organization coming down from the world economic Association would gotta depopulate the plan to spin a part of it. We talked about. And those people in the media. One thing you can trust them to do is betray you.

They will betray you, and even Fox News. Even Fox News will not show the 2000 meals. They will not promote 2000 meals, or even allowed this to Susan Kaman there and actually today betray this right right so here so here, and what was gets me is the stupid parents that allow their children to take the shots in Jill.

We talked about that that them those people that if died from the ones that had the shots and of died from the so-called coven, 97% of them died not from the cold liberal from the shock. That's in the shot, and so here again you're not hearing this, but the likenesses weep and how now when he says this.

Your riches are corrupted in your garments or month eating your gold and silver is canker than the rest of them shall be a witness against you, and she'll eat your flesh as it were, fire you heat up treasures for the last together for the last days is talking about these these people. Joe, who think that their money can keep them alive, you know longer.

Their money somehow can keep them out a hell their money. George Soros is big is getting closer to hell every single day and his money is not going to keep him out a hell there's a fiery native running live in the lap of luxury nasal. They are drawing out well. I'm just wondering if he really is enjoying it is a very very of an old man who still would hate an old man who bragged about betraying his own people, how it made you feel good, how it made you feel good to betray the Jews to the Nazis of a very real and I work no holes drawing of the Holy Spirit re-can imagine alerting Rebecca and I hate anger and wanting to harm others so so now here and because of this corruption. Jill the legitimate president of the United States was removed by coup and we know in the here and antichrist usurper was put in his place and and and were feeling it. You see, remembered, and people are going to say well Job. I was most incompetent. No Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has been the most successful. He's been the most successful.

He's done exactly what he was sent there to do to reduce America at the Third World status and and and sometimes it kinda gets me when people don't understand is that words have meaning in words have meaning. Jill's success means you when you accomplish what you set out to do and he ran a corrupt politician going about what benefits Joe Biden Manny family and was rolling long ago to sell his soul to the highest bidder.

The power and fame and absolutely what he termed the definition of success but recall knowing is told of the bell. Let me do the signal commentaries is in Ike I can imagine in good conscience watching an NBA basketball game because of their gross hypotheses. Their sleazy corporate welcome policy of supporting burn load murder formally black lives matter innovates to hundreds of millions of dollars they gave that needs these will corporations like Coca-Cola and non-facilities.

Others, they basketball the NBA and all that so and that's why like Mark yet so they may enslave the Uighurs they will know they work these people without compensation.

The harvest both the Uighurs and the Christian organs hypocritical will corporate sleaze. They don't dare offend their Chinese money supply by questioning the human rights violations of the Uighurs and the Christians as far as the players go even though, so maybe 7 foot tall my eyes. There pitifully small when I see them take a knee. Here's what I see overpaid overprivileged ungrateful unthankful mama's boys and that's what I say and then infer that when the King James the one came out and said made the statement about how we we need to leave the Chinese people won't write in other words don't see yeah that that's worth making is money lender going to tell you he's not such a big hero in the eyes of a lot of people nowadays to find out more about what he done and so anyhow. Something that we've talked about the my South Africa work children worked in the mine the material to make batteries for our wonderful electric. Nicole, you don't hear anyone talking about that is children that are working from 10 to 12 years old working there and carrying or in buckets and doing dangerous work.

So these people can wax rich and have their electric vehicles. We hear crickets absolutely and so you know we're not here to tell people that they want to hear.

We headed home with the need to hear and why. Believe me, they don't realize they been getting a whole lot of difference disinformation. I mean, especially work comes Ukraine but will talk about that later turned over to Matthew chapter 6 and read verses 19 through 24 Elaine not up for yourselves treasures upon earth or mop and rough corrupt or create a breakthrough deal but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust corrupt and work. Please do not break through or steel for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also the light of the body is the eye. If therefore thine eye be single by whole body shall be full of light. But if I'm I be evil by whole body shall be full of darkness.

If therefore the light that is in the Navy darkness, how great is that darkness cannot suffice. When no go ahead and finish up and say in Clinton finishing it to my oversized Masters for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and man.

Okay, very good. No leases laid down and for yourselves treasures upon the earth is coming, contrary to the prosperity preachers visited diametrically opposed to the prosperity churches go preaching God's word are rich in their work. Joe O'Steen says this is time to live the good life now live the good life now is the time right well. People are worried about paying very good life fraternity and settle for a few years of something now.

TD Jakes is I don't want to wait I want to because I want my stuff all now I want my stuff. Now I know about the government in Iraq so nobody expected the gate of what's his name. Oh I'm having one might see you lose the windows.

The most wealthiest of all the prosperity preachers know who I'm thinking about so many names: the minor Figurative rhino Kevin Copeland Copeland that Dr. Yang killing the activity he owns the of the airport and that he could claim to be with $2 billion but anyhow you know he he he says you can use God's Word the Bible to force God to give you those material things you can you can take it and and making by using his word against him to force him to give you all those material things for God and then think about how stupid can anybody be to believe that you can force God to do something.

His law is perfect. His word is perfect. He cannot make mistakes, because whatever he desires. One is instantly done exactly how and when and where now they want to sell it for perfection you.

You cannot put yourself in a Catch-22 or you can be used. Joe the real stupid people are those that help to become a billionaire. But anyhow, so here we take about think about this today.

All of these so-called billionaires. They think somehow the money you know there's many of them were into the cryonics and who think they're going to be frozen, frozen, and then the someday woken up and they're going to have dynamic character profile for electric sports wrong malware that is going to be frozen that when they're defrosted.

They're going to be in hell and that the going to be in for an extremely rude awakening. Aren't they. But here when he says this attempt were where neither moth nor rust corrupt and where thieves do not break through a steel now. Here again, all of this, the people has anyone ever been able to take it with them when they leave for America. But remember, try to be buried in their Cadillac. Without all the government put a big Cadillac underground covered with dirt and living in a go go to hell with them so anyhow that he says this in the light of the body is the eye.

If therefore thine eye be single. The whole body shall be full of light.

What you think it means by being single single-minded focus on righteousness focused on Jesus can be fixed on God and yet God spoke of Jesus through the light of the world right and if it's fixed on God.

Then the whole body will be light.

But if it's fixed on the things of this world the darkness of this world out there today like like the vast majority is this is why we see so much evil in the world today and out in the church. You're talking about that last night or that have happened with" the name of the church. Really work churches and our pastors but it was under the guise of religion under the name of the church, but it was still just evil will you know that we because where you see where Satan goes looking. You know, for recruits if you go back and you take a look at Karl Marx, Karl Marx was a seminary student he was going to seminary and so and so Satan lately looks really was probing to find out and just as even Karl Marx who had all of that time pretended to be such a he was such a good believer when he he never was and he betrayed he betrayed God and in country we take a look at Joseph Stalin same thing. He attended seminary and he ended up look of being totally antichrist role of ego to so many on. I'm just thinking of how many of those hard-core leaders were in seminary students went there and ended up being is antichrist is antichrist gold and if you take a look at today where where is the real prosecution coming of the church.

A lot of is coming from the apostate church out there behind the scenes so we see this with the evil that were seen today. Joe with what's help with what happened today with all of those little children being shot and killed.

I watched Joe Biden and I'm listing to this guy and he the hypoxia C is astonishing he comes out and he pretends to be all emotional and if this man actually under it meant what he was saying out there than this man is is completely a complete and total hypocrite here or he's talking about when you lose a child of makes like your somebody rips your heart out here is the guy that wants to keep child killing abortion legal two month after the babies born born right and here's a guy this was out there. If you do hypoxia C is astonishing.

It's absolutely astonishing how he could come out and go at all about dietary. Remember, effective lot about his grief over his not apply all the other stuff about 20 goat goes back to all the time.

Yeah, remember this listing does preachers through his campaign and everything is said and his suffering. Joe Biden will use that in an exactly what he did when the said never, never, ever let an emergency never let a crisis go to waste away and he he use this the so-called crisis tonight to come up with them more in the area came out the anti-gun. The gun confiscation laws and and here Joe very first article we have tonight and I'll just get it here for go to break. Is this manifesto reveals Buffalo suspect countered on Democrats anti-gun laws to help him kill more people. This is right. This is what the guy says is an article by Joe Saunders and he says in the aftermath of the atrocity that left tenant's people dead just for the crime of going to the grocery store with her own skin color. There's been no shortage of coverage claiming the liberal narrative of murderous white supremacist talking the land and natural that calls for more gun control. Well, his gun confiscation that they want back until they've already started. Even if at least one lesson from Buffalo. Zach is exactly the opposite, lengthy, detailed morality proposal manifesto published online by alleged gunman patent great geek Peyton Gendron shows he was confident the attack would succeed because he was dating it in the state that sharply restricts civilian access to firearms. There you go back where the flight to Colorado curator. We are back where they went by movie theaters until he found one that had no guns allowed by only shot up. They know this Joe Biden levitate they want Job and if anyone doesn't understand what they're trying to do the death a credit Communist Party lives off death there lived there like vultures like buzzards and like maggots.

They live off death there is not enough death form. They do they can have enough dead babies they can have enough elderly people they can have enough dead people.

There's just not enough death for them. Is this the stench of death is on that entire collect about their and so they know that this will cause more people that I just just imagine Joe if two of those teachers at that school there in Texas had had guns on them that they had been carrying guns of two of those teachers have been curing God. What if they just had to two security guards with guns armed guards. That's cool. Well, you would've had all those dead children but they didn't and you do will be back right after this to listen to this. Listen to this song follows because the yeah there's a lot of crazy people. A lot of them are in the government the right back this opportunity to fulfill the long held promise of a new world order for brutality will go unrewarded just in case you know that John Gill available and they called the way, back in a room nine needs to be 17. Also present all guy senseless dad and a how many names can be started.

We are back and like an announcement to make really quickly for Thursday morning prayer breakfast we have as were going to do something different. We have a special mission this Thursday morning, so you folks entered come to our prayer breakfast meet at the church at 8:30 AM, 830 Thursday morning. There is a special message mission again. You need to be there by 830. Are you going to miss what were going to do the case of anyhow that's that with that announcement or not. Here Joe like that song goes to show you that that is not just the crazies outside a government in someone's attended, that are more dangerous in this. There's one Joe Obama was saying tonight what are they ever going to learn whatever let me tell you there is only one way and all the people in the news media out there. They have brought them aloud tonight is no way we can stop this does know when we can stop this this this this thing is called God's Word, the Bible, God's Word the Bible, God's word is infallible and he says yeah there is a way. There is a way is called repentance right second Chronicles 714 God has said this now you see when God tells you something it'll work if you listen to them. If you listen to it like a but with to the people don't want to listen to it they did when they forget to God because God said listen all nations that forget me will be turned into hell were they saying ascendant Americans become a living hell right for choreography depth: Alice 1900 and her teachers but being overseas press are all talking about the 10-year-old girl who was missing and feared dead.

Now she might be that number 19. They might've found the body but they immediately started in on the gun control instead of calling people to prayer for the family is not good is not static and content is done, confiscation that I may make it added on guns before they even have all of the bodies counted before they even knew how severely injured people instead of praying for those who were injured reaching out to her teachers dead and there's probably some other students that are in the hospital. The premiers is still sketchy, but the point is, they didn't focus on the suffering they didn't yeah there were no prayers for the survivors for their work. For the missing girl there is probably the dead girl now. Their focus was immediately on politics and not on reality, not on life.

That's the problem. Everything is political to them. God is doesn't figure in their political love computations God's there enemy. He starts out got starts out in his word. His contract with the people that need to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth. There, the opposition there.

God is Satan himself become to kill and destroy.

To depopulate your those in the media these people again the apostate church. The reality is that it may serve Satan legs and they love and death. The Bible says God says all of those that hate him, love, death, all of those that hate him. Love that the entire Democratic collective loves death. They love deficits. They love the smell of the stench of death, he there again like a parasite sort like maggots or buzzards of the their always around death. There is there is not enough death for them out there and that's just the reality that's the way it is with these people and so here, and not only that but the date they love every kind of sexual perversion hundred 35 teachers aides have been arrested and charged with child sex crimes. I think we mentioned this last week we match them up Friday logo here. The last left full out and abrasive sexualizing grooming young children in the classroom to coincide with a massive uptick in school employees committee in Haiti is sex crimes against her students 99% registered Democrats to the issue has become so widespread in 2022 alone.

Law enforcement officials are arresting an average of almost one teacher per day for sick acts no meanwhile Joe. The feds are targeting appearances, domestic terrorists and found she just approved boosters for 5 to 11-year-olds soaked a new analysis by Fox news Digital found at least hundred 35 of the individual teacher states have been arrested for committing child sex crimes so far this year alone, with crimes ranging from child pornography to raping students to 102 of the 135 directly involved in sex crimes with a student at the sky at the school where the teacher was employed. According to the report was compiled local news stories week by week the feature arrested of school employees and school districts across the country, the true number of incidents in 2022 even higher because arrests that were confirmed publicly, were not included in the final tally so you know he's there, who had to be thousands of it go faster but we go back to clear my brain. We have done so many times we looked at the number of children shot Philly, Chicago, Atlanta, of the city drive by this weekend for there were small town there and South Carolina Newberry for young people were killed in violence, gang related, apparently on in one small area within a couple blocks yet you don't hear them come running out when those black children are shot by dry drive-bys that may be shot in the crib that house the child playing in a playpen shot in the house. The child sitting on the sofa watching TV shot by a drive-by share his feet. Everything is politics to them. It's not the violence, not the dead children are the care we've had this South Carolina town. This is been going on week after week after week for what the past several years and I haven't heard one Democrat get up and talk about those poor children and the horrible gang activities and the drugs that's causing those shootings in the fighting in the inner city, so we know it's all politics. They really don't care about the life they only care about it because when it can be used as a political weapon. You see Joe black lives that somebody can make some money off and like you BLM the 40 was $40 million. They found they spaced old women article here on and so so if you can make a black lives only matter yeah Lori lesbian life without their Chicago could care less about all those little black kids get killed every day. You know, I mean what's to just blame it on the white races is something within there you go with the deliverance Chicago was like living in a war zone you were gone there more people killed in Chicago. We talked about the going rate at the Afghan war soldiers killed we were killing more young people in Chicago is more dangerous to be in the inner city in Chicago or Atlanta than was to be over war zone. So let me ask you this to if you're an actual legitimately registered voter in actual legitimately registered voter in Chicago. Would you vote to reelect her. If you're living in the town if you had a legitimate honest election to think that she would get that she could possibly be reelected. I wouldn't recommend like it that they do things their busy Democratic Party spends most of its time lying about blind people find out. Listen to what I said listen to what I said. A legitimate legitimate honest election if it was an actual seat were people that were actually registered voters not not one of the gang bangers not again bangers out to those guys are registered and have him half of them you have birth certificates. Joe and so here I read an actual actual registered voter. Now again, do you think you can get reelected and I don't. I also forgot how many stupid people that will silver sold her out while in the Bible. What was it for granted. A bowl of soup folded up on the senior moments. The ones whether the clergy talk to Pennsylvania birthright for a bowl of porridge. Some of these people will sell their vote for riskier cigarettes or welfare money, food stamps, that a lot of that going on was going on is the going employee dozen times in different names of the two handed on phony IDs in Chicago. Nothing is lawful is legal.

I mean everything that's unlawful is legal and so legal and in a vote over and over and over again with all different kinds of IDs and that and they can expect to get some funding for treating right absolutely and so now what we've been talking about some things and remember how we were telling people you know what's going on in Ukraine is a horrible thing. We can stop that we would stop it today, but again like I said, God gives you the only way to do that in this world is not ready. But at any given we were not taken sides in that because we know a lot more than the average people know what's going on out here, what was taken what's been taken place so again we can guarantee you that you're not getting the truth from the fake news media. One thing you can count on them is to betray you, and that I mean when it really matters.

They will betray you. Okay even if it cost you your life they will betray and here's an article from the daily news show and this I believe was an article and is looking for her name, but them. Anyhow, I just go ahead and read Russian special forces last week discovered a mass grave site that held the remains of children who have fallen prey to Ukraine a child trafficking syndicate Russian president of all the more potent told during a Saturday evening telephone call with Pres. Trump.

I am a reliable source familiar with the conversation shared disturbing details with real-world news. According to potent Russia's Federal security service had received a tip suggesting at least one Ukrainian child trafficking coven had been was still operating near the live near the Slovakian border, a known hub to human traffickers seeking to offload victims into nearby Slovakia or Poland.

Remember how many of the death of Pratt leaders here have dealings with Ukraine and remember pedophilia in the Democratic Communist Party is, it is just rapid rapid within the Democratic I'm his party potent at first disbelieved the tipster story about hundreds of children being shoveled in and out of the abandoned textile mill two weeks earlier's forces swept the area around LaFave founded an absence of an absence of pedophilia activity.

The tipster however stuck to his story put in wouldn't say how the informant knew of the alleged trafficking warehouse, but told Pres. Trump, God compelled investigation. Contrary to what the MSM wants people to believe is the mainstream media or the if you wanted to call it the fake news media potent is not atheist. He is not satanic.

He considered himself a Christian. The outlets that might be a stretch but afterwards some of what he's done, but the in a life well what he has been a lifelong member of the Russian Orthodox church that's that part is true that we know that he was brought up in a but anyhow his ideology aside potent sent in infrared equipped UAV to GPS coordinates within the tipster and provided.

Indeed, the drone founded textile mill but it's thermal optics found no evidence of body heat either at or within 2 mi. of the planet which was constructed the plant, which was constructed entirely by brickwork Poon told Trump that early in the conflict. His army covered a trafficking then and there. You pull the traffickers had coated the walls with themes of the building with a metallic film that absorbs infrared radiation that makes anyone inside invisible to the drone or handling IR guns. Taking that into consideration. He told Pres. Trump he sent special forces to investigate our sources said. But even Russian style and valiant with a cause. That's about as one prepare for what they stumble into.

Upon entering the structure they found this course, the skeletal remains of 65 children who had been locked in a calendaring calendaring room called dousing seller and set on fire. They were burned alive. A few corpse had not been burned to the bone laid bare chard muscle.

They saw incident that he had been so intense it fractured schools Mendocino courses over 4 feet in length, leading potent to a macabre conclusion that they were all young children who children child traffickers feared for their own safety. At the onset of the melt special military operation murdered rather than set free for fleeing the vicinity for sanctuary with well demand Zelinski Poon said that his people will check teeth against dental records, but it's a shot in the dark because in some of the poor Russian cities along the border will dental exams are in a priority. It isn't even sure that the kids were rushing our source said opponent from sharing a moment of silence for the children.

The trouble offered lamentation from child trafficking victims across the globe.

There are no greater crime president.

The potent then tax and isn't defensive children. This is a huge tragedy. As you know we must help fight in a big way. We must not agree on everything, but where united in unlisted with they will face our fire and fury. Trump reportedly told Kuhn when Trump asked what became of the tipster Poon only said that he's been taken care of and insisted that Zelinski along with Europeans and the American co-conspiracies be held accountable for murdering children harbor no traffickers and pedophiles and they are and will be a couple implied.

Okay so here all sources and links to this report can be found on telegram news here okay unto me.

Best news here. Think of you can find all of the details there if you go there daily news break is where the article is from so anyhow no. Can we confirm all the snow.

But here's what I do know I do know that Trump has been working with the white hats since day one when he got into office to go into the gums down there and they been finding a lot of children and of course you're not going to get at you like to get up real coverage by any of the fake news media they're going to twist and spin because again the entire Democratic I'm his party is filled from top to bottom and pedophiles. So there you go from there. That's that's what reality some folks out there.

We were not saying that them Russia. We understand why Russia would in the Ukraine and were not condoning bombing cities and plan and all of that at all.

But at the same time you need to know both sides. You need to know the truth and you not going to get that with the fake news media is not Ukraine. Probably one of the most corrupt government from the world and everything was done correctly and bribery with money and pay back that is trying to wake you that this is a wicked wicked world falling away. In fact, tonight I looked at her other stories that was a little 15-year-old girl kidnapped out that they have the Dallas Mavericks game series just rescued here recently from a Oklahoma City hotel room. Her kidnappers and put her new nude photos online and were advertising for commercial sex with her ex pictures, we are living in a time where people are trying to hide from this regret their children in every major city. We've got these Syrians.

We've got stabbings got children killing children and raping children and adults procuring children for sex.

Sex trafficking. We just of a can I pass turning we need to pray for the children and that what is happening to our children in America in the world might be something that would wake people up to what's going on when you turn from God.

Got farewell he can no longer even protect their children right absolutely, this is what God made it very clear to you, you know, start to get to that point where you totally deny him turn from him but all bets are off. Been in effect we need to be in prayer for the children of America and the world you referring to Hosea 46288. He says exactly that, because people will no longer listen to he's trying to tell them. And we've been trying to tell for years and years and years and years here. He says this my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because I was rejected knowledge, I also reject the now should be no priest to me. Seeing the house forgotten the law of thy God, I will forget that children Joe we are to be the church is to be a little royal priesthood living stones and he saying that here. Those that have free rejected him back in Hosea's day rejected his word. He will reject them in this and that's exactly what happened there as they were increased they so sin against me. Therefore I will change their glory and the shame shame and worth paying out our oriented shame of this nation with our children being murdered, kidnapped: the slavery of bank after certain shame. I don't know what is well let me tell you here. First of all, you just talked about was Zelinski you know who installed Zelinski when the most wicked evil men away alive in our sorrows, and George George Soros Wright and George Soros donated here. He installed him this wicked evil man. And guess what he's now judge $1 million in two Stacy Abrahams campaign for Geauga Georgia Gov. you folks in Georgia not vote for you people and George you listen to me. God's Word, the Bible is a very clear doesn't study it is a sin.

It is a sin against God Almighty.

In fact, the Bible says for you to do that you should be cursed nation should curse you to vote for a woman that that that's wicked and unclean wicked woman. If the vote for her. You might as well vote for George Soros. Okay, that that woman is unclean and she's wicked to the bone and it is a sin. And any preacher that says is not a liar and is not a truth in them, and is not saved at all is not really matter. God, because it Amanda guy would not tell such a lie like that so anyhow so here you go there for the children were really on my heart for the children and those that love America so many people are hurting tonight in cities all over from Ukraine and very helpful to North Carolina, you name it and were were nation is suffering well unless you get unless you can do about 10 seconds, you'd be better to wait for until after having a light for the brick and Caitlin coming into break and will be back right after this weekend and something on the tell you about the monkeypox were going to be taking a look at that.

So hang tight. We going will be back with a whole lot more. Don't go away you wish you had be right back. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry.

The voice of the Christian resistance.

Stay tuned.

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