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MON HR1 052322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 23, 2022 11:05 pm

MON HR1 052322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 23, 2022 11:05 pm

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Here is my story. 75 custom the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now are welcome to the program through the voice of the highly paid professional, both Sergio Larson's attorney is a little bit under the weather and sitting in for him tonight and my cohost Deacon Randy Gaye is going to be sitting in and out. The board is the mighty Andrew board, the master of all things technical very good title for you all absolutely faster jump and Randy welcome. Glad to have you aboard you tonight. Be blessed. Most list. You know I'm in the lab relieved little pastor. We finally talked immune to taking a day off that's basically what happened – easy, easy. He's fine. He's okay but we finally talked them into doing it because we told them that even God take Sunday off right.

Been overdoing it for years telling somebody got through to him and you must've done an amazing job want to welcome everyone out there to the program and tonight the title of the message. Randy is compromised preaching okay so that's true that's occurring event thing.

We are in this mess, and I'm start back in 1873. Seven. Review the list of the program have heard this, but we have a lot of new listeners a lot of new people on the newsletter so pastor named Charles Turney talked about from the pulpit and part of his decay of conscience that was published. He said this. If morality prevails in the land of holders dollars to a great degree.

If there is a decay of conscience.

Pulpit is responsible for the public press lacks moral discrimination, the pulpit is responsible for. If the church is degenerate and worldly pulpit is responsible for the world loses interest in religion.

The pulpit is responsible for.

If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away pulpit is responsible for the pulpit was sold almost disappear today. It is not amazing. What's happening is you a great visionary, very saw things the very foundation of the government.

He finished let us not ignore this fact, my dear brother and let us lay it to heart and be thoroughly awake to our responsibility and respect to the moral of the nation and the as Sandy was looking to the future God to explain something back in Jeremiah 3 in verse 15 he said this and I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding knowledge and understanding which is greatly lacking. Randy I was talking to a bunch of pastors here couple nights ago to function and I realized once again, something I had learned many many years ago when learning I pass turning my world during shake the nation conferences most pastors have no understanding of Christian worldview really cannot explain it very well. They have no understanding of cultural Marxism, Fabian socialism. They know nothing about isms, like multiculturalism, post general bullet postmodernism. All these different isms that we have existentialism which is the basis of every college philosophy course just about the nation and when it comes to even the founding of this Christian nation. They are ignorant, ignorant of Scripture ignorant of our founding ignorant of the understanding of the times of all our worldview. The situation worldly and well. If you have pastors who are totally ignorant and all those various no wonder we are losing the culture war the political wars because pastors cannot teach and preach on things they do not understand correct that is absolutely is Jesus in the blind leading the blind. Factly self start tonight. I'm willing to read this diverse and then turn minimum.

Have you read a most dark and Jeremiah 5 and I want to read verse 21 through 23. I guess to share their once you read those three, Jeremiah 521 through 23 now this foolish people without understanding which allies see that whichever you here not for you, not me, saith the Lord, will you not tremble at my presence, which you placed his shield placed the sand for the bound of the sea by bypassing the waves, though the waves thereof tossed himself yet. Can they not prevail. Though they roar yet. Can they not pass Passover, but this people have to have a revolting and rebellious heart. They are revolted and gone.

Need to save a in their in their heart. There are 23 official we look at this Jeremiah course was speaking to her people in his day the communities words. Randy just set foolish people without understanding and the ones who are to be the pastors and teachers who are to teach and preach when they are ignorant and they are like dogs that cannot bark Scripture says the hirelings for the most cases we have hirelings and they are afraid to upset anybody in the congregation afraid to preach on any issue that might be controversial so they stick to simplistic preaching and preach milk all the time. Isn't it interesting that we've gone from the word of God being the absolute on disputable truths to but the Bible may say this, but in my opinion and that's what we're getting is that it's always but refuting the word of God in another opinion away their K-12 more than that, even it they're ignoring the things that they should be preaching and mostly they shy away from things I don't understand are afraid of, and the Scriptures.

What the Scripture says pastors were to be bold as a lion's goals: not make little mice write the radio that they fear the people they fear the people they give people what they think that the people want to hear right are there are afraid they might lose some money they put the money before the message and that is one of the reasons that Ernie and I and all those in this radio ministry, including you, we don't take any money doing working for the Lord and the idea is were not here to gain from this writer to be watchmen and will get to that in a minute. Go to Jeremiah 526.

One more thing I should eventually gods talk about her me not, will you not tremble.

I guess it will. We forget what powerful powerful God we have and they're just doesn't seem to be any on anymore any security respect is something we did weeks ago there were more people believe that there were going to heaven than believe that there is a God, and they certainly don't believe you did on the hill if they don't they have no fear whatsoever of God. We live in an age where as far as they're concerned they really believe that there is no God. They really believe that but they believe there's a heaven they're gonna go to heaven and talks about God is not the author of confusion right doesn't this comes from saying no longer gonna go this wonderful governor but is going to go there and not not really anyway talks about a people with three vaulting and rebel Eulas. Rebellious heart are gone away from the Lord why well, I think because the pulpits have been silent so I want you to pick it up. It Jeremiah 526 okay Fleming my Peter who 31 location among my people from wicked men. They lay white is he that set the slaves.

They set a trap, they catch me as a cages full of birds so are there house was full of deceit.

Therefore, they are become great and wax enrich their waxing fat. They shine J they over past the deeds of the wicked, they judge not the cause.

The cause of the fatherless. Yea they prosper in the right of the needy. Do they not judge shall I not visited for these things saith the Lord shall not my soul be avenged on such a such a nation is this a wonderful and horrible things committed in the land. The prophets prophesy falsely in the priest bear bear ruled by their means, and my people love to have it so what will you do in the end there a moment of my people are wicked men.

The Scripture is accurate. Give so many other verses where talks about wickedness and the evil that lies in the hearts of men but what he saying is a way wait they set snares.

They catch men well nowadays they do it through what the public full system colleges and universities that teach what they also. I mean look at look at the evil like just like with the poison spoke, you can't come to work unless you take the poison spoke, you can't get a look at China with the social systems where if you don't do exactly what they say you can't travel you canceling your kids and places the world is full of it in you nomination is really no different to censorship here they they suppress or withhold the truth or even alter 12 the communist social system was created by one of the American until our IT companies and a pack of working on the same sort of thing, but young that started in schools. The point started brainwashing the children long ago by teaching all these isms postmodernism moral relativism all the stuff these antichrist isms.

Every one of those instances, antichrist, and this was the trap in all the Bible they were teaching in school. Well there a bunch of fables and other stories there fables in the Bible we need. We need real scientific truth and the ones that started when it says that house older houses are full of the feet well they become great wax and ritually look at these, the people these tenured professors who have gotten richer look at Congress. Did you know that the richest members of Congress all belong mostly belong to one political party. Yeah, you don't get is what the rich Republicans.

I heard growing up. The rich Republicans will in all youngers of some rich Republicans but you look at our Congress and the progressive Caucus, the richest people in government are the members of the Democratic Party. And if you look at look at the old foundations Ford foundation Rockefeller foundation that Ed and nausea and those are all people that are not not Republican people did Democrats exactly and then they talk about the in verse 28 they prosper, but the right of the needy. They do not judge something came to mind.

The world hated Donald Trump. Especially all of the Democrats, the liberal media everybody hated Trump and I think it's real simple.

Trump came out, like the Wizard of Oz of the story that Alan I finally saw the man behind the curtain and always shifting into the microphone. The boom he opened up the big lie and what's the big lie while the left. It always been where the party of the people right.

We are the ones that are going to make your life better right, we've got the great Society all wait a minute.

That was a dismal failure. We've got renewal was a dismal failure of the war on drugs dismal failure. In fact, I went looking. I can't find one idea that the left put out since I can remember and I'm very old. I was a very Goldwater supporter, that's enough said right there is one thing that they set out to do this. Working like a charm and that's to destroy America destroy the economy promises promises work to improve the life of their people.

We are the party of the working people were the ones that are going to make your life better right and Donald Trump comes out and shows what's that they were liars letters that's examining that every promise they made, except the like what you bring out so what are they do they turn now and they call us liars traditionalist terrorists racist were the haters because once they were exposed, but are they have left.

We were the deplorable screen door guns and Bibles. All they have left in their bag of tricks now is attacked and hate because all of the lies were dispelled right that's right, light.

So I address when I saw that and wanted said that the right of the needy. They do not judge, they never did improve the lot of the needy. The great welfare. Billions and trillions of dollars spent on the young great Society, the welfare scheme.

Things are worse than ever were. There was no improvement in the and they also DII just the word is Windows and I'm demotivated demotivated people to do the things they could do to better themselves. The you know you know the very mechanism that that was available to them to remedy the situation. They diffuse that they took the wind out of the sails, you know, it's like if the when the eggs were in that basket they drop a match exactly what they did it say look at Jeremiah verse says a lot there I should look at this when you set a wonderful and horrible thing that people love to have it so because the people were told that you can go stand that's all right you can have gay marriage, you can have abortion you can gamble you can and on the left basically everything goes and you don't have to get all stuffy old Bible dental thumpers out there telling you cannot do these things like they just don't want you to have any fun and enjoy life. You will will give it to you. Quote free gas leak right right especially. And if you have your sex look look at Jeremiah 7 verse, just read one verse arrows under morbid timewise number read one and they have built the high places of Toth Telford which is in the valley of the son of tenant and burn their sons and their daughters in the fire, which I commanded them not, neither came it to my heart to talk about the abomination they the children of Judah did, which it did evil in God's sight and they did their abominations and the Lord's house and we held through abortion, child murder and through the parties finding the penumbras and hidden things in the Constitution that there is a right to kill your unborn child right basically right to commit murder that also did now that we have and where you can kill newborn child up to 28 days after they been born and there were people said it should even be longer. Up to six months. My all all kinds of horrible stuff.

You're right, it's just sickening.

But let's see what God says let's go to Jeremiah 6, and I want you to read verse 15 through 1922 Jeremiah 6 Jeremiah 60K 50 were they ashamed when they committed abomination may, they were not all the shame. Neither could they blush.

Therefore they shall, for they shall fall among them the fall. At the time that I want that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the Lord, thus saith the Lord, standing in the way and see asked for the old players. Where is a good way and walk therein, and you shall find rest for your souls. But they say it. We will not walk therein.

Also, I sit watching over you saying heart parking to the sound of the trumpet, but you said we will not hearken. Therefore, here, you nations, and no congregation, what is among them. Okay. There there is so much here.

The old saying he in the ways the old pals for the good way of Scripture talks about a highway in the Old Testament. That's really the highway to heaven and on the way. It's the gospel church.

The gospel the Bible believing church and determine times at the right I hear people.

Randy give me the don't understand church today church is a meeting place and everything else and I want to give my definition and etiquette passes without the standard muster the church we are. Scripture said lively stones and the lively stones are built upon the cornerstone, which is Jesus Christ the cornerstone the builders refused and the living stones build a living church upon a what living risen Lord. The cornerstone of the living cornerstone. This is the true church. There were no denominations. It was built, each one of us was a living stone, built upon Christ to his gospel. His doctrine and we were to become what his bride.

We were to become one with him. Scripture said what's marriage when to become as one.

The bride was to become as though Christ and we've gone so far from that definition heavenly out there in the world that will absolutely I think of the other things out is how the world is changed.

Remember when it was not offensive because you and I went through the school system where the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, we could pray in the school system. There was a 10 Commandments were not considered an abomination and in our lifetime is gone from actually you know embracing that and embracing it as one people because you know we didn't all worship in the same when I was a religion, but we all acknowledge pretty much the same God and not not now. We've gone from that to know God at all. Finally coming up on the brink of the emanations were not. There is no religion. We have a personal relationship. We are part of the Lord because we have the drawing of his Holy Spirit to split, so it's not a church or a religion. It is a relationship you absolutely right.

It's fellowship table coming up on a break right now. So why don't we go ahead and do it I can share in mind my God on. He's not very happy with Watsonville and he so all I have is a way you listen real good you. I hear him say don't make me come down there.

I'm not in a good view. Remember why my son didn't call you. You mean he don't make me come down here. See you like me he'll never be safe in his Mars board meeting is making you all will go on your way not care renal hearing what God has a don't make me come down there and not in a good mood. I still remember why.

My son the info you have way zero and don't make me come down there tired of your see I can share in my mind the Lord in this creation, resolving and waving as I pray they did and now it's too late don't make me not in view. Remember why my son for you way don't make me come down there tired of your see that in don't make me come in and will welcome back here listening to the voice of the cursor to resistance what's right what's left radio ministry and this is Pastor Joe Larson sitting in for Pastor Bernie Sanders taking some time off.

Hopefully home resting for a change and my cohost tonight to Deacon Randy gay and the like to jump in New Zealand and thought say a couple things when I want to thank everybody for last week for plans.

We have a good place week and I will remind everybody get you can now you can now what you know, plans are give through the rose through the Internet because we we do not accept all forms of the on the alternate forms of payment other than the checks and the money words. You can certainly you go to well WR and you can give you the through PayPal or with your credit card and want to say thank you for that and hopefully will do better at it. The other thing I wanted to point out is that a number of you keep asking about the, the religious exemption forms we we feature on the portion of our our website that says blog downloadable religious exemptions that are either from the Christian really good Christian form, or you can use one to counsel the world court from Nuremberg and they're both there and all you have to do is download and it's free and now want to say thank you much for your support for your faithful listen and the support you know, for you know, and we all wanted to know something we didn't do. Also, we did not pray for Pastor Sanders and I think we should collectively before we go into the second half of you the out here right where you set it without taking a little time off. I did not come through because of how much was wanting to be said to go ahead and lead us in a prayer and factor can refer both of us. I'm placing two or three surgeries.

I think we could both use what he would pray for both of us. We come in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit, and do Lord we are asking you that you the divine healing the all-knowing, all-powerful Jesus Christ and sometimes on the Lord, we forget that your Almighty to Lord Jesus, like the spirit of the father and you are we asked that you might you might be not only our sin bears and we execute any and each and every person here the listeners in our sales but you might be our burden bearers as well. There are burdens of life may be my we be in memory to the Solitaire on you because you care for us and we love you, Lord, we thank you and I thank you for the privilege of praying for our our start with what our radial Pastor spiritual shepherded Pastor Pastor Bernie Sanders as she would touch his body you would healing and I hope you help them get through this. Like about the allergies because you know he wrestles with the spring and that's that. That kind of stuff in among is out of his other maladies as as we all age we all have things pray for Pastor Joel to that you might touch his body and that you might heal him that you might govern regarding guide both of these men through these this. In their lives and that you might bring them out like you did with the Moses where you said that none of his natural forces abated as engaged and I pray that for these men. I pray that you would touch their bodies that you would touch their minds and hearts and so that we might be your vehicle, your vessel and your voice here in this ministry and be a witness on the you may those that are not saved as we connect the dots to the current events with the Bible and the news that they would be save those that aren't in those that are that they would be lifted up and encouraged and strengthened may just may we be forgotten like a dream. May you be exalted like the sun and we ask these things are in your name Lord Jesus, and for your sake I meant. Thank you very much. That was a very good prayer, wonderful prayer. I was thinking, way back before I became a pastor I was teaching Christian worldview and data college course on the founding of the Christian founding of our Republic and remember one of the things Randy that I ran into the rose 1815 Supreme Court ruling from Pennsylvania was the state Supreme Court, but they took the ruling and went to the main loan, the ultimate Supreme Court crew kicked back and said no we totally agree with the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. It was called Commonwealth versus Sharpless another's, and owner read just a little bit of it.

That said, morality is defined as a condition of conforming with right principles.

It tips right against wrong to legislate means to make law laws impose rules of conduct and enforces them with authority what law has ever been enacted by any government in the history of man.

That is not named something wrong in its opposite right every law establishment establishes and legislates morality but did not think member 1815 I'm quoting what today's critics are saying we don't want God to have anything to do with today's morality.

This is 1815, but it felt like today done. It sounds I always think about the fact that whenever you you know I read something like that from from the past and that to hear them talk about immorality and how to fix or unravel it like you ain't seen nothing yet. We want to determine what is right and wrong without God. America has become the battleground between the two worlds two oldest religions. The first religion appears after current history of mankind worships God, the second major religion worships man humanism in America. The first is expressed primarily by Christianity. The second is humanism that is not a question whether morality can or should be legislated. It is a question of which religious guidelines will undergird the legislation undergird the law religious guidelines that deified God or religious guidelines that DFI man and boy did they get the nail on the head with that because we have the world trying to bring in the humanistic humanism, moral relativism, postmodernism all the stuff and it just basically because we don't want God's morality today right guy got voted out in the Obama, remember one of the Obama elections. I can remember was the first and they voted him out mentally voted them out there and I am in the same light you can do that but you can ask him to leave and telling me you don't you they are" in the anyway. I want to start with the story. I think you have it there was a report came out and I hate to be the bearer of this news, but this is what is wrong with the church and has been wind. Remember the horrible horrible mess. Roman Catholic Church has been and where it fits pedophilia with the priests molesting young boys in the court cases and the lawsuits in the soul. So many young men were abused they were hiding passing they would find a bad priest they would pray over him and send them off someplace else. Trying keep them away from young boys, but they never really did handle the problem well for years and I think I talked about this on the radio couple years ago. There has been some accusations against the SBC, the Southern Baptist convention against the southern Baptist church, the largest Protestant denomination and the they were complaining that the heads there were stonewalling. Denigrating the survivors of clergy sex abuse and this is been going on nearly 2 decades. The big SBC their conventions executive committee was the basically seeking to protect their reputation and this is according to a 288 page investigative report that was issued this last Sunday Randy May 22 and this is been going on a long time and then hidden will finally just last year some of the people. It had it and they said no.

We want accountability and they forced a investigation. What they did. They called at a seven month events events investigation conducted by guidepost solutions an independent firm and it was contracted to take it out of the hands of the executive committee will since they started this investigation. Several of the top executive committee members redesigned and the new interim leadership is gonna meet tomorrow. That's a pretty piano current events write tomorrow to discuss this 288 page report and then in three weeks they will have its big national meeting in Anaheim California and they are going to bring up the report there. So another words, sunshine is the best disinfectant and the such as I was reading through the article stuff on is that such a shame because they are so much resistance stonewalling and people tried to come. People reported the abuse they were either disbelieved told to keep quiet and story after story of different people are in this article and are being rejected told to go home and praying about it but to what happened. Nobody took any action to make a long story short against any of these ministers were accused of abuse and nobody remove them from positions of power and the list included the names of hundred. This 288 page report hundreds of abusers but at some point to be with the SBC and the socialism looking at this one of the new people said he was grieved to my core for the victims and thank God for someone propelling this forward you not to bring the light of day and but as we look at this two decades.

They been trying to cover up that sounds just like what help with the Roman Catholic Church and I remember. Unfortunately, listening to some of the people that were a member of that is no Southern Baptist convention, speaking out against Roman Catholic Church and not thinking now. Boy talk about what settle phrase the pot calling the kettle black. And this is part of what has been wrong with the church. We have so many changes within the church of Jesus Christ.

It is branched out. It has so many denominations.

The gospel is been watered down changed to the point. There are teaching more dogma than doctrine and story after story of things like this come out and I sit back and I go well.

No wonder people have mock the church, the people of left the church.

They think things like this in a church where nothing happens and they leave and don't come back. They don't send their children back to church for many people between the scandals with the Southern Baptists in the Roman Catholic Church. Imagine there's a lot of people that pardon the phrase, but probably wish to God they never sent their children to church once a good reason that I mean because one of the things it did say it is that the type of hypocrisy due to being exposed because there laughing at us because of the world is that they are there laughing at us and and and and it's really sad because there's some truth in their accusations. You know that you do not get that at the same time you know in defense of the shell of the church what I always say is this is it. Is it because we have presented ourselves as being if you will perfect people to a certain extent, or are different breed, but we are all saved by grace sinners saved by grace and is it suitable it's not what we do.

It's what Jesus does and and I think of like we don't witness that way we make it seem like that I am holding the banner and it because if you look at me you want to find out enough send us in all of us to help and and and because that's just the way that that is it takes one sin to go to hell. How many have you had have all of us done and also lives at. So I'm not defending the abusers. I feel like that they need to stand up and take a date that they really need to take whatever comes from that I write you know I got to Scripture. Our God may forgive them, but there will be constantly you that you don't want you going to have a sense he doesn't link it and that's that's something that's that's a God's truth. You know, and we all want mercy versus judgment, they were more worried about their reputation in different things rather than the truth, which also says it is no sorrow there. If they had focused on the truth we found centers within the church. Well, then, that you preach.

There are centers within the church. The devil is in the church.

We know the devil is people come the church is to divide and conquer to break down. I mean just because you walk into a place that Coco called the house of God doesn't mean that everybody that goes in there is a born-again believer and the Satan and evil are alive and well, because what Satan is trying to destroy the church trying to drive people from God separate them from his love and mercy and salvation.

And if you preach the truth. The people will hear it, which we saw in the church. Judas betrayed Jesus if the Scripture right. Not everybody that was part of his church was was faithful. That's right.

And that is that is so true. I mean, the Bible always has an answer and that's what we as pastors knew as a deacon and studying in the word we are to go to God's word and find answers now.

This came out.

I remember I looked it up. It was in 2019. There was a report in the Houston Chronicle and this San Antonio paper. I forget the name of it but it was documenting hundreds of cases of complaints against the Southern Baptist churches and there were some perpetrators were supposed to be still in the ministry summoned and I just left her driven off through the church members chase the pastor out. However, I remember just doing the story a little bit and thinking well let's not sure, something the church having a cleansing. Well, it took till this year or last year for a bunch of people to finally get mad and say we need an outside independent investigation to do this and this is what's wrong is we have this concept of church and denomination instead of preaching. It's a relationship. We are part of a body and sometimes the body gets cancer doesn't absolutely action and mild infections poison the body can be poisoned that we never Jesus used parables and stories like that he would've taught in a case like this would leave Maida a parable about a poison or cancer. The Guardian and started to destroy the body of the church and we don't do that.

I don't hear pastors doing this anymore anywhere released Tori MD 30 mile course. Not that I mean if you think about it, the issues in the church that are no longer discuss. Nobody talks about shacking up.

No talks about adultery.

Nobody talks about drug usage. You know you you know what, willingly, if you will, having children out of wedlock. I mean, you know that it's because you had sex out of wedlock obviously and then those are things that need to be addressed and at least they should be at and so you don't want to hurt anybody and then you got influential people that they will wink at their sins because I don't want to lose their prestige with their money or their power. I mean you know it it it and you can't just say, well, everybody stands and walk away from it, but at the same time we have to acknowledge that we send to and I think of like you know we raise the banner for our personal behavior too high and we need to talk like you said it's a relationship and it should be about what Jesus does and it isn't that you don't have to do anything because you do have to live as best you can. A chase life.

But as long as you're down here on earth we need the level with people and say that you will soon Jan, if long as you're in this body you will send you know whether it's about thought, word and deed action habit, whatever's which will sent and meandered one of the things people forget the biggest one of all the things that were left undone that God wanted us told us effective to do and we ignored. I think that's one of the biggest Sampson again.

There's a topic of sermon. I've done that I've asked other people never heard a sermon on the things that were of sins of omission. The things I did vest people different churches and are never heard preached right now that it's in the most part is not. I mean you know and but at the same time you know you there's that to you know and and I think that they did that, the sound of a mature Christian is that the closer you get to God the more you happen you will you absolutely up for yourself and your own sin and you see the. The imperfection in you. And that's right. And if that's as we are original brought more into the likeness of Christ, the more disgusted you become with yourself with it it it's a frustrating kind of thing and it's it's a paradox in its own way to be. I know when I've done us and I'm totally understood to go the Lord. He asked for forgiveness he forgive you but you realize even as a pastor you have these thoughts and things and it's a daily battle against sin. God give you all these things to help you, but it's still a battle that we all have to face and I remember preaching one of the sermons. It was hard to do was on that topic outside, but when Christ went on the cross and it was like there was a list of all my sins and that was nailed on the cross with him and he took all of those sins that I had committed not thought that most of them like a huge boulder being slammed down on the sinless, spotless, for all these horrible sins how horrible that must've been for of a perfect person who would never send and then I sent started thinking all of those horrible sins of mayhem and rape and lies of deceits and cheating in the sexual will be on that similar what he suffered emotionally is beyond it is actually totally beyond my comprehension because the greatest pain in the world is, emotional pain is in it. But you know what's interesting is that if you think about it, but to show you how Christ was dealing with it at another level. The worst thing for him was separation from God. God and and and and and people that see and have no concept that none of us tonight and the sin is what separates us from God. Right right that's right, but being actually being separated from God was was the worst thing you know what coach Duane is been trying to get in here and he says he needs an emergency prayer, so I will and I don't. I know it's a little unusual, but he's one of our on regiment. Hey coach you neglect.

Randy got like that after 12 chaotic my friend. Okay, it's good to hear you, but you get you did can you know can we pray for you when you want to tell us what we need to do what going on.

Might one of my best friend and brother and I noticed his brother. I bet Matt Matt's brother. His brother Kenny has been a heavy smoker for years. Matt finally got the gospel thrown God into acknowledging Christ forget Benton Kenny is a diabetic and he's addicted to think that you keep going to die from that.

Anybody got a couple told Dr. tomorrow morning or cut but off and they call that she doesn't quit smoking. He's going to guide his body going through all kind of things that Matt is one of the most wonderful people… For everybody. We blip the white together play ball together. We do the and it's really on his mind his brothers like that.

I will get prayer out for your brother Kenny McCool like cabinets but cut optimality needs prior okay when you know what to do because you can do it then we with you dear heavenly father I come before you. What a heavy heart. My best friend Matt, his brother, he loves them very much and he finally got it fixed up the gospel dear father in heaven. Only you can take that addiction away from nicotine that's got him bound in his body gone down with diabetes now is going to lose a foot father and that there's really nothing good coming out is other than you got paid and salvation but father we ask take the addiction away and to stop this lady get home leg start to turn black and purple promote circulation father could take you and we know you can do all things. You are God we worship you. We love you.

Your creator father in heaven. We give you the glory which your mercy. Would you reach Downing help the doctors do the right thing and then cut off father with a circulation will start all over again. Kimi can have a few good years before the rapture before you come get us in Jesus name we pray in father thank you for Joe watch over him for what he going to do with disabilities and Randy given knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and for pastor standards. Father PTL in the let them out because we love them and we love all the supporters out there who support this radio ministry what's right what's left and I want to thank all of you so much.

In Jesus name we pray father on this. Thank you very much and that's okay and and what we want to do for the people listed as it will open up the lot will open up the masses and calling for the end of the night of the next half an hour and will you will bring that man but I wanted to let coach Duane Internet and not for that burden on his heart always important thing we can do.

We will all need prayer and I was I'd forgotten to mention it. Have you all pray with us because there is much power in prayer and no more. The Lord is happy when he hears more people praying is not he is okay. I hate to cut you off, but we are coming up on the half-hour break in inside a 10 seconds love you back, but this is a short break. We stay with us.

Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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