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SUN 052222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 22, 2022 10:28 pm

SUN 052222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 22, 2022 10:28 pm

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

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I told her that having a health issue denied you and you will actually pray for you unless you want a little attention is having issues and will be back on the radio quickly. If you would please join with me and will pray for him right now five-year-old in the following thank you again for your blessings to us and we know that you are going through loving God is merciful and patient. Thank you Richard out of all healing Doolittle Dr. Sanders tonight, having issues with swelling. What is pray for his as well. You touch and on the note. You look only to feel your presence. Craig was feeling his frustration with ministry work abuse, tireless worker for you) strengthening great wisdom and we know the cathartic. You can download priority she would left it.

He needs to visually rejuvenate them. Craig amateur given physical healing. The situation is going on replay for people around him to good care and need him to refuse to go to see Dr. but I was going on, but great wisdom and that the doctors atrium well they would do what's right again would mean that is variable and she would use his healing to happen that quickly and again for his blessing and use daily. Amen. Again, after acquire Valley Baptist Church Cortland. I actually already a long time ago and got a global ocean and then the waterways look at him as my pastor and eating medium and knowing obviously being a college worker. Mr. fighting for the pro-life cause national standard that is to be stopped in the prison warden near his medial return soon to become official next month and prayer that is the case in our landlord there that for at least the federal level and others several several states that have the chicken where the movers rate is actually turned over ability of the states themselves have those laws. He reported it would be able to outlaw child murder altogether reported, that would be the case would be even more stately drama that claimant. The low shenanigans over changes happening. Listen to the news broadcast of people trying to I think intended. Judge Thomas his wife from a situation I was issuing right there that try to smear him and try to use our think. An overcurrent delete clear the fact that I do right actually stop of the federal law was wrong and you will not cite child murder.

The federal night looking of our study we think about our land and know where we are and how they are culture media RTV our government everything was in 73 and beyond is just God and the others thing with her calling people extreme and that's one thing about our land and we can't ignore history and past when he landed outlaw the opposition political party just tarantula of dictatorship banana republic and learning. There to recall.

Think about the past you had Obama talked about the bitter cleaners were you clinging to the guns where Bibles in flyover country and he used as a pejorative to attack people and calling people extreme listen.

Have a awash list of terrorist threat level watchlist grammar: security and included people that read the Bible every day including the Second Amendment things like that, I'm sure all the succeeding last couple weeks last month via homeland security put out another potential terrorist threats list. It was opposition to covert measures new people to have even claims of election fraud and leave the account can be reinstated and I was actually before at 11. I have other people that you look at the 9/11 anniversary religious holidays. I was referencing Jim promptly.

If you look at the gifts, he confided the image online from breaking new national terrorism alert ahead of 9/11's 20th anniversary and all insecurity right there that calling people extreme, is strictly has opposition to covert measures other words, if you want to mask up when you're by yourself in your car. You don't want to mask knuckling initially on a mask of going in the hospitals. If you don't believe everything the government so you about: will then your your terse regular extremist to if you think those election fraud and abuse all the videos of the advanced cleanup notified trying out box after box of fraudulent balance is due: you should be deficiencies of €2000. If you watch the torments really the phone tracking and see the rules running about the drop boxes over and over and over again breaking loss produce all your lies are guided on TV with a switch devotion.

Virginia flipped providing and dropping out or lionize the bear was right on TV could see it if you believe the reality that there's election fraud. But leaders believe the claims that our government is your extremist church or a threat extremist is recently a lot of these recorders and talking heads on different programs. The one comes to mind recently. As Carl Cameron told Fox news reporter that I was on MSNBC blasting off saying that Republicans, artist, extremist several reporters. Several people on the Internet calling for conservatives for Republicans of the party to be labeled extremist of the government is to be investigated extremist and even putting them in jail when you have one party cut out all the other party that tells you all you know about what you live on our country and the rhetoric is just getting stronger and stronger. Again, people extremist know that the government, the state of media and culture doesn't people are extremist reader Bible every day people extremist to honor God and believe the second amendment defending the country. People extremist of the question:" in the government feel extremist.

I believe there's election fraud in 2020 people extremist that they refuse to use the proper pronouns of the people are only male and female voters all the news last week or so the students being charged under title IX with the federal hate crime for not using the right pronouns for a transgender clinical student in elementary school and middle school in our country lost its mind and ashes and another one of those examples of such a thing. But again, you're extremely extremist. If you don't use the proper pronouns refused to your extremist additional person to believe that a person is a person or how small your extremist if you still believe nothing is free.

The elders loudly pushing us country healthcare should be free housing, free education, squeak a monthly check should be fully your extremist if you think that things are really fully, your extremist people who don't know the voter ID is racist.

Your extremist about this. These last two or three months, a urine extremist.

If you don't blindly support your claim in war with Russia coming politicians are called other politicians, treasonous. It's treasonous to question $7 billion Ukraine thing. Whatever no other money goes $7 billion over there and supporting basically Nazis you can look it up. You can have excuses. They loved it battalion you look at the people live out there doing their actual Nazis report inoculate in a statute for knocking forward to an honor handle the numerical button but no if you don't blindly support Ukraine in the war with Russia and having a lot more structure than that you're just treasonous your extremist and your guilty freedom. And lastly hear your extremist today. If you deny the climate change is real and if you deny that climate change is not the biggest threat to national security delusions a few months back was released at our our military are tailoring our Joint Chiefs of Staff and all those important folks.

Military said that is not China that survey especially threat is not even Russia and its global climate change is obviously urine extremist. If you deny that there is global, change lives of biggest threat to our country is a good quote if you look up while Reagan's January 11, 1989, farewell address is a video on that I can put on YouTube is a great speech he gave this girl addressing multicultural speech of this quote what they call radical is just really right what they called dangerous is desperately needed." No events will react today really really is a fact is, is there calling people we listing developing Leica extremist.

They're basically calling Christians extremist no closers in extremist when Jesus walked the earth. He was extremist. He walked the earth. He was extremist in many ways this way. This leads to capacities, we threw them in and noticed that there is a link to consult your Matthew 522 but I sent you, that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment is original sin was brother Rocco shall be in danger of other counsel for the social sale full of the individual hellfire at the 528 but I sent you a little bit of a woman to lust after Goethe committed adultery with her already in his heart of 532 but I sent you this article is white. The qualification of darkness because it is adultery. The social narrator is divorced with adultery. The 534 but I say you swear not all you about heaven for God's throne at the 539 can you resist not evil. Whosoever shall smite thee on the right cheek, turned into other also. Of the 544 understand you love your enemies, constantly close you to go to Denver hate you, and pray for them to spitefully use you agree should be at 1122 is that you should be more tolerable hotel and saw that the day of judgment and at 1124 and shall be more tolerable for The Day of Judgment Than for the Active 12 Fixes and Muted in This Place Is Located in the Temple at the 1236 Princeton Unit of the Aisle Were the Eventual Speakers and Accountability of Judgment You 1712, but I Sent You the Largest Quality They Need Not Have Done Him Once Only Listed. Likewise Also Saw a Man Suffer of Them at 26, 29, That I Sent You on a Drunken Sport and Screw the Divine Intermediate Anglican New with You My Father's Kingdom. A Guy Cupped Us to That First One There. Matthew I Should Look at Matthew 528. The Common Link to All These Verses, but Isaiah Knew That I Sent You That I Sent You. Jesus Begins Right before Their First Mayor Conversation at Prescient Teaching Will Stay Home and There Was Some Available Time or Are You Close It Is Been Said in That Regard 27th Is Likely Value Because It Is Been Some Available… With Adultery. Then, at the Approximate God, I Sent You One Less after That Adultery of Already in His Heart, Jesus Was Extremist Because He Challenged with Only One New Ones Right to Challenge Everyone in the Was Right. 12 Instances, It Is Virtually As Tall As Braces but I Say unto You, You've Been Taught by the Religious Leaders and Rulers Talk about Issues. Student Taught by Their Traditions. You've Been Taught to Believe That God's Word Was Only This One Was There and That He Says but I Say unto You, That He Expounds on the Law.

He Expounds on the Law. You See There's A Lot Of People Living That Day Just like Today That the out Show of Being Religious Person of Faith from inside His Use Would Say the Light Washed over" of Dead Men's Bones That Their Hearts Were Far from God and See What Is Being Extremist Can Challenge What Everyone Was Right to Talk about Here What He Says but I Say unto You, 12 Times the Number 12, Ms. Divine Authority and Power.

Jesus Saying Hi and the Glory of God. I Have the Power I Have the Right to Tell You What the Meaning of These Things Are and How You Spell Posting.

Jesus Taught Bill Is so Extreme Was Salvation Was in Him and Screw Him Not in Works of the Law or the Commission the People Venting the Pharisees and the Lawyers. The Sadducees That the Priest People That They Had Achieved the Law Tuesday Keep the Tradition Will Do Things Well. It Always Done Them, and Then Releasing Made Right with God Will Be Made Righteous with God by Doing All the Work Noticed a Little More. Our Young Lord Comes to Jesus and Says I Kept All These since My One of Most Everything. The Teaching of That Day Cake Spell Shock and Adultery Is Just That It Was the Physical Act.

But When Jesus Came He Said You Heard That Said but I Sent You to Look with Lust Origin Adultery in Your Heart A Lot Bigger Than What He Was Saying Was, You Can Keep the Law You Can Use the Law to Do Works to Earn Favor with God. You Can't Earn Salvation. You Can't Wash Away Your Stand by You Keeping the Law on Their Traditions Because Either One Can Make You Quicker Because You Will Fall Short Be Told on the Degree of Not That ING You Will Die in Your Sin First and Just Talk to so Extreme or the Celebration Was Made and No Other Way to God by John 14 That on the Way, the Truth like Nonaccountable Thought about Finding His Salvation Was Exclusively and Handled through Was Extremely That Made the Pharisees and the Teachers That the Religious People. It Is Hard Because They Had a System of Work to Try to Hold People down in Bondage to the Whole New Testament Also Called Talk Population, the People Were Looking at Christian Liberty and Attentive in the Back under the Law to Bring in the Bondage and Having Circumcised – Think like That, but A Lot Of Activity Would Let Her Out Of Work to Salvation, Add Some Kind of Keeping of Stonewall Sabbath Keeping Baptism. It Is Been in Church Member Heidi Insured Extreme Fake Talking on Talking Told You Not Really Thing.

There's A Lot Of This Kind of Thing. Even Today, the Jesus Balloon Extremist Because He Taught between the Salvation Only Delivered to You Can't Love Your Enemy Pray for Them Cycle Using and Abusing Person You View As Its Claim for Them." Love You 50 That Teach You about. Was That They Would Show Some Kind Sent by the Roman Soldier Came from. Told Him to Take up His Burning and Walk a Mile Limited Data They Would Go a Little Ways Late Global Complaint They Wouldn't Do It the Way You Would Say Well the Person Versus the Jesus Narrative Roman Soldier Asked You to Take the Burden to Go a Mile 2013 at Schumann. That Was a Mind Blowing Statement. Think about How They Felt about the Loan Is Love Your Knowledge Extreme Religion. He Also Said to Them That God's People Undoubtably the Group of People to Please Delete the Name of the Messiah to Say That We Understand. If I Listen John, Great Passage Reduces before Abraham Was, I Am That Contact Therapist Thing One Not Show the Coordination with Our Father Levering and There Were Delusions That You Were Spayed Because Were the Chosen People of God and Jesus Does Not Know Is That You're Not Sure, Remember the Call of the Devil Will Revolt Passage Using Your Mouse. Just Because You Argue with Televisions Not Only Televisions, the Messiah. What He Did Diana Cost Very Canonically.

The 30 A Lot Salvation. To Wash Away Our Sin Shed Blood Clot That Was Radical Knowledge, Extreme Clear User Was Nurtured and Very Pleasant Because They Thought He Was the Chosen People. There's No Way God went Back to the Old Testament. How Often Does That Their Stiffnecked People. The Weather Chosen People. God Will Never Judge a Ventilator That like If I Don't Allow a God Thing. The Prophets Told Him to Repent and Turn Back to Him Tentative Divorces.

The Idols Were Sick That the Bad Behaviors and the National Sin of the Privates in Their Home for the Trunk of Drunkenness the Trunk of All Kinds of Evil Corruption in Their Land, but Often Today the Five Very Few Times Where There Was a Good King and Their Children.

One Generation That Might Beckon Us and They Will Go This over and over and over and Part of the Problem Was Just like We Are There Still Are, but Also They Thought That Salvation Was Overrated within the Chosen People Will Jesus Was Extreme If You Told Them It Wasn't by Their Way Back. Do Not Call A Lot Of People like Me. The Common Church Body and the Deck Bagels in Him to Save Us from Our Sin. Lastly, Jesus Was Extremist and What He Taught What He Said You Challenge Them What They Knew Was Right. The Challenge of the Total Wall Is Much Harder to Keep Them Uglier Teaching Religion Conflict This Already, but the Truth Is That They Would Tie the Mechanics of the Polygraph Identity They Try to Look the Part That Could the Truth Was There Overlooking the Wall Is about Our Heart Try to Keep Everything on the outside and Missing the Guy Wanted Her Heart, Then to Love Him with All Their Heart, Just like He Does Yesterday and When She and Jesus Extent of the Law Saying You Heard It Said Dr. Michael Adultery Can't Stand You Logically, Though She Already Made the Law so Much Bigger – in October, I Sent You a Beautiful Future in Your Heart If You Say Rocca Dictated All Fuel Goalie of Hellfire Uses a Committed Murder in Your Hearts by the Handle and Somebody in Unforgiveness. This Is a Much Bigger Bigger Harder Law to Keep His Extent of the Law Was Extremist Showing Numbers No Way Related to Law Is Impossible for Them to Keep the Law If They Need a Savior Just like We Do Today. We Can Keep the Law. There's No Way We Can Keep the Law Lost As a Cultural Go to the We Need Salvation through Immediate Failure Need a Rescue Plan.

God Only A Few Clams in Jesus God in the Flesh Darkens and Little Abuse Was Concerned, Extremist Tilapia Is a Set of Portability Challenge with Everyone Knew Was Right on Number Two. Jesus Did What Everyone Thought Was Wrong. I Can't Be True Political Passages for Your Representative. Verse 34 Bananas, Eating and Drinking, and You Say Behold What a Small One-Bedroom Friend of Publicans and Sinners. Luke Seven in Verse 39 on Thursday Which I've Been Installing the Speculum so Saying This Man If You Will Profit Would Have Known What Manner of Woman.

This Is a Talkative. She Is Both Pleased Bushes.

This Will Jesus Was Doing Something That Other People That That's Not Right That That's Not Right at Home. Another List to Something That You Did. Everyone Knew Was Long before They Did. Number One of the Few People Sabbath, Places Work.

The Pharisees Were Enraged If You Actually Do That. In Fact, They Want to for Violating the Sabbath by Skewing Someone Else – the Guilty Viable Center They Were Outraged to Choose and Elsie Did the Only Extremist Extremist.

He Ate with Undesirables and Treated Them with More This Adaptable Version of Their Luke 734, Luke 739.

He Actually Mingled with People Other People Thought Work Will Not Go to Was an Amazing Thing for the Love of God in the Flesh Met People Living or Condescended to Allow Everyone Well What He Also Did You Talk to Women, Setting His Own Woman Is As Follows about the Woman Mother While She Was American Jews Don't Talk Is Not Enough to Choose the Spell of the Covenant Cellular Culture with the Jews and Talk to the Heifer to Mountains. But Jesus Did Jesus Render Divinely a Divine Appointment to Just Delete That Woman That Time by Well You Did Things Everyone Knew Was Wrong. equipment in a Group They Were the Wrong Club Tax Collector Know That the People at Daily Sheet of the Tax Collectors Tax Collector's Other Disciples. Matthew Get Antigovernment., Mozilla Will Develop Colleyville Was Patriotically There Was Kind of Softer Moments, Politically and Militarily Good. Patriotically the Land and Our Revolutionary Almost Extreme Dedicated to You As a Member of That Group and You Then. So There Was Actually a Disciple of Jesus and Find Also the Charge against Several Disciples Are There on 100 Uneducated Men View Fishermen Seminary Trained and Were Trained up to Be Pharisees and Possible New Saw before His Train up to the Occurrence Is Explained Biblically Literate Person Will Return to the 12 Apostles Village and Other Online Uneducated Men Do Not Want to Have To Be Extremist to Have These Kind of People around You Feel Guilt by Association. There Is No Way Jesus Is Really Severe to Have These Kinds of People around Him Uses. Everyone Thought Was Wrong on That Culture by That Standard Is Extremist. Use Extremist Who Challenged What I Want. Thought Was Right Daniel I Thought Was Wrong. Then, Sweetie, Challenge the People That Will Empower and Religion and Politics, 1140 If You Let Him Thus Alone. All Men Will Believe on Him and the Roman Shall Come and Take Away Clinical Claims the Nation at Chapter 20 Verse 21 He Sent Her to Boca Judaism Again. Grant Confused by Tucson Ship Face.

The One on My Right Hand and the Other on the Left, and Thy Kingdom and Luke Six List of the One Listing the Disciples Matthew Thomas James and Simon Called the Jesus Challenge the People That Were Empowered Religion and Politics and Noticed Those Two Things. Jesus, He Walked the Earth. Those Two Things Were Inseparable.

Religion and Politics. Final Call to Political Demarcation. You Can't Go to Her Religion How Much the PR Won't Be Really Came from, Where Were Going, but We Do and Accomplish and How to Go about Cortisol Do It, It's Christian Has To Expect Our Politics.

They Go Together Because Libel Doctors. Lightning Is a Conjunction God Says Life Begins in Is Not at Levels Not to Deflator Talking, Possibly a Christian Then Using Word of God Go I Go for a Pole Motor Co. – Politician. It Doesn't Matter.

It Doesn't Make Sense Very Clearly Our Religion, Politics Are Put Together Because It's All Will Be Made. I Could Tell You Differently Is Is a Liar on Willful Ignorance May Be Thinking Jesus Challenge the People That Were in College, Religion, Politics Teleported with District That the Pharisees Achieved Please.

Thursday We Had to Get Rid of Jesus of the Romans Don't Take Away a You All Placing All Power, Wealth, or Position, Outstanding Jesus Challenged That Ultimately Saying That It Will Be Plotting to Do a (Inclusive Line Get Rid of Him, but He Was Challenging Them. They Didn't like Knocking 2021 Is on Her Work. She Said Grant Is My Strong Place. On My Right Hand on the Left in My Kingdom to the Apostles Disciples Not Constantly Asking You That the Kingdom They Were Looking for Him to Change the Global Situation. Rebecca and Are Looking Forward to Is Even Talking the Play by Kingdom, but Will Be Visited.

There Were Definitely Looking for Regina to Come) and You Challenged the People Are Empowered.

Religion Politics Is That They Give out Teaching People Heard That Word Got around the Whole Nation. These Things Right Now. Click the Newly Design You Find Obviously and Often Repeatedly More Easy-Going Activities Preaching the Place They Return for the Genome of God Is at Hand. For Whatever Reason, the Belief That the Team Was Being Offered and It Was about to Change Their Clinical Situation.

There and the People and Political Religious Power Current Data Newer Committed Want to Change Who They like the Cozy Place Physically Getting Paid off of the Roman Government Being Protected by Aluminum, the Government Did You like the Tightfitting Walking Aside to Rule and Reign, Jesus Again. He Challenge Revenue Is Right You Do or What Was Wrong. Challenge People to Empower Extremist Remark Here. Number 46 Verse Number 20, 21 for Those among Yourselves Treasures in Heaven Were Neither Moth Adults of the Clock and Where Thieves Break through nor Steal Political Leaders, There Will Your Heart Be Also in Matthew 1626. What Is a Man Profited, Shall Gain the Whole World and Loses Also Beauchemin Given Change Will Install Jesus Number 40 Challenge the Economic Status Quo Is Just like Today People Back Then Were Living.

Legacy Looking for Money and I Don't Have To Work A Lot Has To Get Money to Live.

That's Obvious, but There's a Whole Another Level of Living. As Opposed Living for God and He Said He Escrow Contributing Heaven.

He Was Saying That Because the Mainstream A Lot Was Going on. Then Antedate His People Try to Store Polished off Here That Store up in Heaven, Obviously Establishing a Peer Is the Stock Tangible Stock Listed Measures. In Heaven Is Not Scheduled to Look at It. It's Important As Christians That We Take That Imperative That Were Not Making Choices Not Doing Things Is Just for the Stuff of the Day. Matthew 16 2601 Is a Nonprofit Shall Gain the Whole News Also Beauchemin Given Change Crystal Jesus Was Extremist and Challenged Them Economically Is What Are You Doing with Your Body While You Doing It While You Living That Way. Are You Working for What You Work for Their Extreme Point of View, Because Why Because Is Very Tight about You.

Look at All the Old Testament How Much They Gave 20 to Topple the Offerings of God, Look at the Way That They Had a Couple Set up That She Would Use When Drug Moneychangers.

They Had an Economic System.

Bondage Set up over the People. Most of the Day the Sale Will Pay Taxes in the Temple but Think of All the Packaging.

In Contacting All of You Buy the Products with the Story of Sales Tax and Property Tax Gas Tax, You Name It Would Actually Which Direction the Loop into Bondage Really Is Out Of Pocket All the Little There.

There Is an Economic Status Quo Live by Today. Noted Compatibility Is Returns Were Studied Economically to the Bondage of Technology Taken off Old Mental Qualities of Old Outdated Extremist Because He Taught People That They Want to Live for Paying the Taxes You Want to Live for Stuff You're Supposed to Be Living in the House for God That Their Treasure Will Be in Heaven Because Their Heart Was in Heaven. Thinking about God and God Is the Truck Working with the Decisions That the Money You Others Doing with Their Investment Be Whether Decisions Are There and Heard You Wanted Extrusion Working Children of People and What They Allowed in the House.

Jesus Was Extremist. We Challenge Their Economic Status Quo.

Now Think about It Gently so That List of Extremists. According to the Government Today Will Go to That List Again with Scripture Is Important. The Tinkerbell of the Government Called Extremist Jesus Was Extremist by That Degree You Really Want Anymore. In a Challenge for Us Today As We Often Want to Be Extremist When Jesus Was Therefore Followed… By: Peter We Want to Be like a Look at the Challenge. Again We Start with the 10 Different Things with That Our Government Really Believes That If You Believe These Things Will Extremist Are Ones of You Read Your Bible Every Day to Solve Practical and Personal.

Jesus Is the Light Will All the Lord Is Lord of the Meditate. Mike Notes Pre-Existing 8500 Years Ago, You Would Be Called Extremist If You Want the Bible and No Other Catholic Church in the Burning People Alive Who Were Trying to Translate the Bible and the Language of the People Serving Line. But Even Today the Government Says You Your Extremely Severe Diluted What You Realize the Blessings from God, We Read about Everyday so Please Call. By Doing the Work of Eligibility Are Supposed to Be Reading about Everyday That We Grow in Our Faith and Being Stronger Help Us Every Day Claiming the Promise on about You. You Will Have a Diabetic Qualities We Are Going to New Jersey Don't Want to Get High. We We Have the Following Will Get a Text Message the Things That Happened It Can Knock Us off Course. We Can Break Our Heart Chooses a Leader Level. Every Day We Claim God's Promises in God's Goodness, and We Can Long Handle Refuge Unilaterally. Dave Opted to Crawl and Being Angry at a Boringly Good Government to Be Overwhelmed with Bitterness That Reading the Bible Every Day to Fill God Love to Have Faith in Him to Know the Use in Charge That He Can Change Things Allowed" No Action, God, Assault, Prayer Changes Things. I Will You. Regards Were Looking for Reasons Other Than Feedstock History in the past 12 God Is in Charge He Made Things Happen and Will See How It Preservers People Then and Know That He Is the Same Method and Incredible. We Can Trust Him Today. Number Two Lily Label People Extremist on a Gonna Believe This Document Is Present in the Country for Some of the Fathers of This but If Any Provide Not for His Own, Especially for Those of His Own House yet Denied the Faith and Is Worse Than an Infidel Unbeliever, If Any Provide Not for His Own Children That the Christians Were Supposed to Be Client Protection While Still Conducting Biblical It Was Recommended Was Important to the Girl Right by Accident but the Bible Was a Printer by Accident Nearby People in the Bible. There Was a Radical Government That It Is Currently the Only Governmental Because They Had a Group of People Interested in the Defendant until after One Arm the Codefendants so There Would Be No American Country Today. The Answer to America without a Gift.

We Must Be Prepared to Talk to Them. That's Not Attack Anybody Not Do All Insulted That and Again the Bible Says If You Do Not Do That It Denied the Electric Bill Number Three. Those Who Question Covert Info, Government, Urine, Extreme Extremist.

If You Believe Don't Believe Everything the Government's Goals without Cold Reality Is That You Cannot Money with Walking the Walk at the Money Trail out and I Will Look at Why You Were to Look at the Logging Trail Is Not Hard to Figure out What's Going on Now It's Obvious That the Shots with the Fast Track on Them. You Can't Do Relative to Inclusion of Vaccines in Actual Vaccines Additional outside If You Question the Government Says That Your Extremist of the Claims, Including You Will See That It's All about Money.

Question: Coping with Outpatient Extremist I Got Extremist to Believe What They Tell You You May Change Your Mind All the Time, Number Four Believe That There Was a Lecture 12, 20, 2250 Question Is Electric on 2020. You Got to Be Extremist to Go to Be a Lack of Mapmaking 16 Surgeons but If You Will Not Hear the Empty the Water to More Than Enough to Three Witnesses Every Word May Be Established over Several Different Trends Data Lines of Witness, You Could Look at the Wonders Came out 2000 Looking for the Phone Records and See the Mules Taking the Ballot Where Only by Wall Article 1 Dollar Dropbox. They Were Taking Multiple Ballot Pictures about the Put the Baby Were Doing All Kinds of Elected That's 11 Window That One Would the Second Witness You Have the Numbers Being Change in and Being Platelet through the Dominion Voting Machine. No, That's Not Truly Stupid People Will Is Not Hard to Figure out You Can You Can See the People That Did the Testing on How They Can Hack for Those Voting Machines If They Have Wi-Fi Network Accessible Dominion Voting Machine Especially Sneaky Suspicion Remembered She Would Not Number Three Videos You Have of the Trucks, but No One Knowing That You Have a Biblical Delight at All. What about Kyle, the Back of a Truck with Witness with My Own Eyes Is on the Numbers Which Can't Get in. Boxing Numbers Click Another Witness Relating to Going but into Three Ministers and Often to Three Witnesses Every Word May Be Established That the Election of God Is.

But If You Say That Your Workshop Urine Extremist, but It Is so Much Illegally Lying on God, If You Refuse to Use Proper Pronouns and Think People Are Only Male and Female Matthew 19_Answers Jesus Answered Instead of Them. Have You Not Read the Words You Should Notice That He Not Read Cosmo People a Day, the Same Regardless Take.

You Should Notice Is in the Book.

Have You Not Read That He Which Made Them at the Beginning Made Them Male and Female Not Have Male and Female, Third Quarter of Something Else Instead of Beginning Made Them Male and Female Young Women Coming to This World You Look at the Hardware You Can See Male and Female Just Because A Lot Of People Believe Something Doesn't Make It True. Just Because Twitter, Google or Whoever Wants to Center People Job Applications Give You a Choice of 100 Different Genders Doesn't Make It Real.

God's Word Is True, Whatever Nebulae Agave to Cognitive Male and Female. People Want to Leave the Other Dead Extremist Lack of Guilt over the Course Extremist Risk Leaving the Truth with the August 2, Number Six Believe a Person Is a Personal Matter How Small Jeremiah Chapter 1 Verse Number Five. Before I Formed You in the before the Alchemist for a Little Room. I Think If I'd Be My Personal Bible Tells Us in Deuteronomy 3019 Alert before You Life and Death Was English and Therefore Choose One Is That I Am the True and the Life of God Is God of Life, Not Death, Evolution, God the Evolution of the God of Death.

The Other Bible, the Living God Is about Life Lesson Is Life Good Goodness.

His Life and Obviously a Baby in the World of the Baby Son of of of the Autoblog Got a Woman's Right to Kill Someone Else.

It's a Baby Because I Was Causing the Boat Does Matter What Supreme Court Says. Cognitive Notes True If the Baby Will Give Birth to a Fish Locale to Chicken Inadvertently Displaceable but Your Extremist Faculty.

Your Extremist Is Totally Nothing Is Free of the Songs during the Summer Tenses Were Even Went We Were with You.

This Can Either Pay Would Not Work Either through the LOC Does They Never Said Any Would Not Work, Not Could Not Are Not Able to Work. In Fact, about Talks about the Detergent People Got Taken Care Of. Those Are Not Able to Work the Government Kind of Push and Taken over Their War. Our Country but the Truth Is Never Children He Would Not Want the Choosing Will Him and Not Willing to Work and Neither Should the Know Nothing Is Strictly When the Government Tried to Get on the Something for You to Value the Attitude Constantly Else to Give It to You Quickly.

Healthcare, Housing, Education, a Government Check Every Month. Whatever That You Can Dissuade Obama Phone Exactly As My Free Stuff, Stash, Nothing Is Clearly Taken from Somebody Else. Simply Urine Extremist, You Still Believe War Is Terrible and That Including the One You Claim Not Blindly Support the Warranty Claim At Least 70% Wages Were Full of Other Foods. You Shall Know Them Just in My Lifetime. Think about Desert Storm and a Wire Rack Made Millions of Innocents Were Slaughtered in Metal All the Staff to Report Actuals Were Still 20 Million Dead Iraqi Children. What She Said No It Wasn't Working.

One Looking about Nothing Godly about Landing in Libya We Were to Report Egypt, Syria, and What We Do in Afghanistan. Know Them by Their Fruit.

People Will Want to Go to War and Increase Global Funding the War the Door Bigger Hoping That Their Russia the Same People Are Still Left the Last 30 Years and Always Wars of Just Kill Innocent People and the Nothing That Pocketed Themselves out Again to Be Where the Military-Industrial Complex That He Thought I Was Not a Peacemakers. We Should Be Called the Children of God. Blessed Are the Peacemakers Is Not Just Us Personally over the Course of Those Personally Is Also Our Government, Our Country, Peacemakers, Your Extremist People You Don't Know for Sure the Voter ID Is Recent. Don't Believe It's Recent Don't Know for Sure the Deliberations of the Researching, but You Will Manage. You Shall Wax Worse and Worse and Being Deceived yet That Idea by Alcohol Get Certain Words You Have an Idea to Buy Cold Medication and Have an Idea to Get a Job Almost Releases Congressional ID but It's Racist Secure Voting and Asking ID Is Just Evil Manage to Do Solution Wax Worse and Worse. Disputing Agreed to Speak As Alden Deception Wickedness Extremist Number 10 People Did Not Color Changes Will the Biggest Threat to Our National Security Is Unbelievable How Much Women Pushing Evident Everyone by Whether or Not You Coaching Israel Factors God Is in Charge World Marketable from Humans. Or, Change Health Important Thing Personal Is Psalm 917.

The Work Is Returned, How It All the Nations That Forget God's Children Was a Google Thing on the Hand of the Living God, the Truth Is Our Land Should Be Terrified about God Judging You Can't Say That You Just Being a Hatemonger Know Is God's Word. You Can See All throughout History the Nations the Trailer Back on Morality Discreetly Excellent Ethics of God That They Are Junction Their Land Term Did Not so "Look at Our Country Right Now Will Only Look at People Leading Us Know the Truth Is We Should Be More Applied. Of the Judgment of God. For the Strip Bloodily Inessential into the Land for the File a Copy of the Drug Use All the Things We Should Be Afraid of God's Judgment Worrying More and Kind of Made a Climate Change Resilience to Tax the Tax with the United States. Other People, We Should Never Ever Let Anyone Convince Us We Should Be Terrified of Climate Change Anything We Should Be Terrified of God Alone without Consuming Fire. Obviously Salvation We Can You Say Drusilla Will for the Truth of the Wrath of God Abides a Nosy except out Plan of Salvation Criminals Will Serve God As Trespassers and Sinners.

We Need Salvation to Christ Because Even Though the Transition Now Look at What We Ought to Follow His Example Member Jesus Challenge What Everyone Knew Was Right and I Showed Them the Longer Needed More. Everyone Arlen without Bleeding Life and How If You Will Be Going on Alone Wearing a Mask. I Saw Bill Blowing His Grass Orion Tractor Ability. The Lowering of Math Was 85° outside. There Is a Comb-Over Especially Swallow the Pill for Believing Christians to Be Extremist When Jesus and Paul's Example Needed Shelter One Knows Is Right Here Talking to the Video Teach People the Bible Is a Land That Does Not… As Long Christians That We Are the Ones That Have the Light Has Gone We Should Be Memorizing Should Be Able to Tell People What the Bible Says in a Loving Way and We Understand the Tell Them the Truth of God's Word Spreading the Truth before Not Spring the Truth Just Holding It like, Cure the Disease and Refused to Give the Trigger of the People at Horrible Is Not Good in God's Sight Was Mostly Telling Other People the Truth.

Give the Word Our Neighbors or Family Members Again Will Not Be Anyone over the Head with the Bible… The Twaddle We Need to Lovingly Tell Them the Truth Is Given a Question Wanted Believe What They Believe and Tell Me of a Good Book Said I Heard It Said No.

I Focus on Progress in My Life.

The Bible, so This I Tried It and It Is so Much Better. You Toggle God's Blessing to Us in Volumes 1 to 6 John 1413 You Love Me, Keep My Commandments. Tell People That You Love the Lord and He Followed Things Is Positive. Scripture Is a Blessing in Your Life. Let Them Know That What You Following Jesus Will Be Extremist to Be like Him. Whatever You Want Knows Is Wrong or Countries and Pushing Us over the Years, Saying That Being a Patriot Is Wrong Is a Pejorative Term in Q3 Arctic Should Be Patriotic. We Should Be Patriotic for a Land Plane Falling in Love and Homeland Kinda Be the Salt Life Here Preserving Our Land Reserving through Preserving Our History. We Should Unload the There Is a School Close to Our Church. They Put on the Local News in Youngstown That They Are Having Their Graduation on Sunday at 1030 in the Morning on Sunday 1030 in the Morning, Is Not a Christian Christian Parents That School System to Call the School Board to Call the Principles That You Cannot Do Graduation Servers at 1030 in the Morning of Sunday Morning That We Actually Honor 25% Or so Together, Has Receded a Potent Source of All There Was Nobody There.

It Was so You Know That Small Was Not Due To Their Defense againstIf You Do That Our Family Will Be There Will Be Positive There That Shouldn't up Organization. Change Their Review Descriptions of the Will Need to Be in Church and Sunday Morning to See What I Can Make It. I'm Not Feeling Well. All Is Luck You Will Still like It, Not Feeling Well, Trinity Name. The Truth Is, Christian Testimony Is Believed to Be in Church and Ability Will Contact Our Neighbors See Us Leave Sunday Morning Our Neighbors See Us Go to Church. A Coworker Should Know That We Can Work Something Morning. We Can't Work on Time for Church As Part of Our Faith and Want to Go to Church to 2:00 PM Punch in Our Current Timecard Was Gone Know We Go to Church to Worship Our Savior Worship Our God into Encourage You Not in Bill Osborne Family. God the Local Church Solution on the Lord.

Doolittle Knows As Long As Celebrate Christian Traditions like a Christian Walk to My Christmas Question Should Not Be Celebrating Because We Should Be Celebrating Christ Know We All Celebrate the Easter Bunny We Celebrate the Resurrection.

We Should Be Honoring Christian Traditions in Our Land Initiative Give .7 P.M. Celebrate Your Family Being Wholesome Every Other Situation Land Is Being Exalted in the Mom and Dad Christian Home Is Being Mocked or Destroyed or Belittled Needed Celebrate Having a Christian Home with Mom and Dad Christian Home Christian Children Usually Celebrating the Actual Number Three Be Extremist Values Examples Related Negative Impact Religious Likelihood of Usually Voting Obviously and Usually Voting According to God's Word and We Should Be Voting with Our Dollars in Support Is Obvious, Almost Everything Is Made in China. If You Find Some Tilapia Dragon Can You Not Shop at the Places We Know the Supporting Bad Thing Is Pretty Impossible, but Is Much As We Can Do Is Multiply Us We Should Be Voting with Their Dollars Are Support Number Four. We Should Be like Jesus Believes His Example Be Extremist. Make the Object of Our Hearts Desire to Be Jealous of God and Good Things Built on Land Is Just Desperately in Need of Hope God, We As Christians Should Be Jealous of God and the Good Things of God and Growing Our Faith and Well Light Should Be Growing to Said What Your Good Works and Let Your Light so Shine before Men That They May See Your Good Works and Glorify Your Father Which Is in Heaven. We Should Becoming More More Love of God That I Pose This Question If You Had a Long-Lost Relative All the Sudden Your Inheritance and Get a Letter in the Mail with a Check for $20,000, It Would Not Be More Important to Dennis You're Able to Actually Get Victory through Christ upon the Holy Spirit of the Skin That You Develop for 20 Years, Would You Choose Chuckle Drove the $2000 of Victory over 10+20 Years in Your Life… Pick a Check for Million Dollars. Would You Want to Have Your Faith of These so Shy like Moses Did Everything to Spend Time with God That You Be so Close to God.

Other People. They Would See It on You Which One We Pick Now Is Really God. The Object of Our Hearts Desire or Decision You Make in Your Life Is Really about Stuff Is Really about Getting Some Out Of Retirement or Some Kind of Position, Cushy Lifestyle. Getting the BMW and Mercedes or Whatever Is Generally Desirability God Knows Jesus Would've Put Our Heart to the Test. We Really Zealous for God on the Cottage on the Goblin on the Side and Yelled God. Sunday Morning the Restricted Line Is Are Really Searching after God Seeking after God Loves Him.

The First Available to Guard Our Hearts Will Strengthen My Own Really Doing That Is a Pointer Life Was Second Thought to Register in the Morning We Played a Part Is Christian That Morning, Extremist Substance, One We Need to Love God with All of Our Growing in Our Love for God so That Their Child Again. Are You Extremist Reviews. If Not, Why Not, He Was Extremist.

The Thing about Christ Coming to This World. He Left the Holy Heaven the Splendors the Beauty Security. The Holiness of Heaven Can Use Simple Filthy Wicked World Is Born As Well As Court a Nasty Animal Control Manager Is One of Poverty in a Home Where I Have a Home Dog Providers Some Point He Became the Divine You into a Hard Life Growing up VDP Crocodiles in the Flesh Is like You and I Cannot Perfect the Perfect Legislator He Was Mocked Is Attacked Contractual All Kinds of Times with the Gospel. Following What Was Time to Complete the Mission and Allow Them to Arrest Him Is Clermont Closed Three Different Ones. Then They Took Only the Him. The Victim Was Back to His Flesh Was Ripped off a Portion of the Phase 2 Agreement Knows Who Was in One of Her Daughters Beard.

Being on His Back and Try to March onto Place with the Scroll.Calverley Needed Help Someone Else to Take a Being Good on Their Gondola Laid Him on That. Being Able to Make It Gender McGlone the Third Day for Those with the Originality of the Life You Trust the Doctor Says You Trust That You Want to Be Extreme for You and for Me, If You Put Your Faith like Trusting a Parachute from the Airplane Could You Please Him Level Says Whosoever Shall Call upon the Lord Shall Be Saved. There Is No Respecter of Persons of God Can't Say What I've Seen Too Much of into That of a Closing Note Possible Studies Achieve Synergy Persecuted Christians Productivity That You Were Supposed to Go to the Other Excuse Is Going to Bed. They Can Get Saved If They Will Yamamoto Person Has To Accept Me on Way down the Mighty Rome and All the People at Work. Now the Bible Says Is Not Good and Not One All Gone Astray. All Elections Will Be Read Is Important That We Know That without You Going to Deceive You and All of His Evaluation.

Jesus Never Spell Your That Mean That Anybody Ask You to Know You Place Your Faith in Christ.

Salvation, Trust in Him That He Was Extremist. Usually Extremist. It's Important That We Never Put That off the Lord: on Your Heart and I This Minute Cry out to Him. Confess Your Sharing with You to See That You Trust Him. He Will Come in Your Life Will Change Your Financial Data Entry Experience and Know Who He Is Also to Ensure a New Life As a Christian Is a Child of God.

Read Your Bible Every Day. Client Talk with Them. If You Talk to Anyone Is No Form to Prayer Starting Repetition Is Talk with Him to Talk to You Later Talk to Her Best Friend. It Was Canada Anytime, Anywhere. All-Time Spouses Pray without Ceasing.

God Wants Us to Talk to the Premises. Closing 11. Again, This Will Is an Upside down Place for This Coming Additional Warlords and Come Back Easily to Crooked Street Existed All the Long Flight. Heal the Broken Hearts of the Great Day of Resurrection Resurrection Celebration Not Only Appealing to Come. Important Questions That We Are Ready for CM and Longest Year Are George before Level Causes Changes in Such a Blessing for Those It Concludes. Again Tonight Has To Play Prof. Sanders Quickly Is Returned to the Vehicle and All Night. Thank You for Listening Emily Glass, Knowing about the Culture Sanders and Other Bus Million Years nor Your Faith and Strengthen My Business to the Voice of the Christian Resistance Was Right. What's Left Posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to Learn More about Our Ministry. Please Visit Us Online at Www.WR W. the Next Time for Another Edition of What's Right What's Left Preceding Program Is Sponsored by What's Right What's Left Ministries and Is Responsible for Its Content

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