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FRI HR 2 052022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 21, 2022 12:32 am

FRI HR 2 052022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 21, 2022 12:32 am

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The Daily Platform
Bob Jones University
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Why choose proving quality sleep from sleep number 360 spot that is really smart and it centers your movement just help people smart enough to know exactly how long I well and when you select becomes 30 minutes more restful sleep per night sleep never takes care the science for you to sleep. Save thousand dollars on the sleep number 360 special edition smart that Queen only 19 and learn more sleep number and listen to the podcast you are after World War II called the bugaboo and the Soviet Union became the and even though I'm one of the things the CI rate after World War II was hire a lot of Nazis guys who didn't bid Nazis were now recycled and brought into the CIA. The rockets Nazi rocket scientists all on Broadway to work for the United States to vote developing intercontinental ballistic missiles so the past, the Nazi past was forgiven and Nazis went to work for the United States, including a guy named Reinhard Dylan who'd been the Nazi intelligence, military intelligence officer in charge of operations against the Soviets in the home, Eastern Europe, and this guy Galen became the head of the CIA's name intelligence operator into all East Berlin and in areas like the Ukraine where he had where the Nazis had intelligence agents during World War II and the sky Reinhard Guillen on behalf of his new CIA masses.

This activated all the agent nets that he had during World War II the same thing was going on in Ukraine. Although the Ukrainians very much on how large swaths of its population were fascists and were actively involved against the war against the Soviets and the were enemies of the United States and World War II. After World War II, they became assets of the CIA so the CIA has been developing fascists assets in the Ukraine for 70 years and every year since 1948 when the CIA was went into operation and has not had a station in the Ukraine with a CIA officer who is running operations and those operations of Walden directed against first Soviet Union and after the collapse of the Soviet Union against Russia.

This a lot of momentum that has built up over 75 years fast agent nets have been put in place. Sleeper agents have been in place for decades and they're all working against Russia, which is why nowadays it's so hard for the mainstream media and the government to shift and and and and even consider for a moment, having good relations with with Russia, NATO, the whole it's whole mandated tolling reason for his existence has been to threaten and rollback Russia and eventually sabotage and subversion subverted and put it out of business in Ukraine. The CIA's operations in the Ukraine are the cutting edge Vanguard of this effort.

So if you look at recent events in Ukraine.

You have to see him in that context. How, for decades the CIA has been trying to recruit Ukrainian politicians Ukrainian businessmen who are sympathetic and compatible with Western American ideals and values and and interests of being of fighting against the Russians and recruiting them and putting them in place and the setting them up with bank accounts, giving them paramilitary training. Everything the CIA does across-the-board that Ukraine has been the vanguard of this operation against Russia. The details are in my book, the CIA's organized crime. How this works. At the very effective at the agent level how it will how the CI would go around and work with after the crew that throughout a pro-Russian government and installed a pro-American anti-Russian government how the CI already had had security services and military people in place who are able to create private militias that would then work against individuals in Ukraine who were pro-Russian, how they you know it just like treating it like South Vietnam or any other country that the United States occupies an that is the situation in Ukraine, United States occupies Ukraine its government. Is it then an occupation government that supported and funded and directed by the United States in that in the businessmen of the military people in the politicians that support the Americans benefit and those who don't are put on hit list their targeted and and that's basically the history and the summary of what's going on in Ukraine and that the CIA through its agent operations which have been in place for 70 years, and set the vanguard of that about the operation so is the intent and purpose of the CIA in American involvement in Ukraine to topple Russia.

The vulcanized Russia all absolutely but also to steal Ukrainians to take it. Although the natural resources that are available there on the prophets that that Art Deco behalf of the minutes it's capitalism and incidental nationalism, American nationalists, who businessmen anything.

As soon as the CIA arrange the coup and install a pro-American government Joe Biden's son became the head of one of the biggest oil companies figure was in the Ukraine.

You know I need American businessman just swooped down like vultures to take over. Only you know any business that could that the black Mafia on Dobson ballfield. But you know gangsters that they could steal everything from and and that's exactly what they're doing and especially in eastern Ukraine, where a lot of the natural resource industries are based. That's places so contentious. There is a the CIA through its assets in private industry is is is trying to bring all those people all those people who are considered compatible into the American phone you don't see it and it's a dirty level, the level of blackmailing people delete the level of extorting people the level of the CLU CIA using its underworld context to squeeze these people and to force them out of business center and to make life miserable for them so that they give up their their associations with Russians and Russian businessmen. But that's what's going on at the very basic level again militias are being formed to terrorize anybody who supported Russia and little Mike and Don Dowson places like that so the details again which you would have to spend years studying to understand all little logo suggested just read the books to see how the CIA has relationships with the security services in Ukraine and the soonest.

The coup was launched it took over control of those security services and it started drawing up the hit list, that of targeting people that it could go after and the reason it's targeting the people to targeted targets most highly of the people that are sitting on natural resources that American businessmen want. It's not going after you know plumbers and carpenters. It's going after major businessmen and that's with the CIA does is it paves the way for American business interests by using illegal methods and by using illegal methods to install politicians in the Ukraine that will follow the American line already.

We are back in Craig original budget 100 Elaine in Mysia budget 60 Alberta, Alberta.

In Pennsylvania budget 50 Susan Ohio pledges 200 and Mike in San Diego pledges 100 right now, folks, we are approximately 4300 4300 short of our goal 4300 short of a goal. We've got the we've got will go 40 minutes to raise 300 so we get a raise about 100 more than $100 a minute.

We have to do that now the numbers are 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 John John you know you we hear the art are not taking the size of either the Russians or the Ukrainians that we don't delete reasonably were not in favor with the Russians endured all but at the same time, people are not getting the whole truth you're not getting the whole truth. Now I've got 16 of the biggest lies that are our illegitimate are corrupt and very very corrupt government is telling Americans about the Ukraine war and we can go through these very quickly and you guys ready to comment on it already. Okay folks, everything we do. Insemination pledge: a pledge would we need to hear. You know Ukrainian Pres. Fuller Mayor Zielinski banned all opposition parties now when they say Ukraine is a dead democracy and banned the use of Russian as a second state language. Why did he violate his 2019 campaign promise to stop the genocidal killing of thousands of Dunbar's even though they voted for him did he lie because neo-Nazis threatened to kill him if he did not do what they wanted or is he afraid of the CIA, which has assassinated other leaders making him their puppet. Are we to trust the judgment of a man who demands a no-fly zone which can cause a global nuclear holocaust Zielinski overseas torture and assassination of political sin is now the here they're trying to promote Zielinski as Winston Churchill and a T-shirt. What you guys think.

I could tell you next week or part of the 22nd.

Yeah next week he is going to be one of the key speakers at cloud Schwab world economic or crinkly. Although Jacob is the use the manager running one of the many. Patient of the New World order. So what implement the doing is going to keynote speaker at the world economic or other, then he is one of them working with love you looking hello Slevin said, speaking it's been bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, all of those antichrist real pardon note. Yet you know damn okay here's point to national sovereignty is sacred when either the main perpetrator genocide in Uganda at the UN violated Ugandan celebrity to stop it. When Ukraine perpetrator genocide and dumb baths and plan to escalate Russia stopped the US phyletic cumin Saturday to take the planet to the edge of nuclear holocaust. The US is violated, lots of 17 recent wars but you know the course look into where veterans I'm red white and blue, you know, but the truth is the truth and be willing to stand up and sit and start understanding, but the propaganda wars against here.

This is yeah glad go along with this one world.

My understanding is that John McCain helped overthrow the elected government help get the Zielinski in his position. John McCain was a one world around them so that they have their direct really want my canyon was definitely in love Ukraine. During that the revolution yesterday will and you know who else was there. That woman all what is her name. You know who I'm talking about the one that Biden just appointed is imposed and some Graham and Amb. Sims. He was the one orchestrated that whole thing and we talked about that before I hear you potent as a war criminal. Well, you know, if it if a war criminal for causing the deaths of thousands of civilians of bombing civilians he would call the work criminal. I would say yeah you know with you doing then a purpose absolutely at the same time. Guess what over 10,000 civilians and dumb baths was with have been killed and that gives who is behind that Zielinski so important as a war criminal and I believe he is so Zielinski is program manager York gets really grouchy and there I mean the general tracking code was ordered and select disorders or other domestic after Peru. So to get touchy about was ordering her to do what okay so here appears absurd when hearing is what you hear in the news the world condemns Russians invasion well not actually not. They'll let all the world. In fact, China, India, Africa, Israel half of Latin America and other countries are not condemning Russians invasion of potent has threatened his ardent exactly right. Nearly cancer that the world is sided with the with Ukraine because they haven't all right let me see when we leave up. We have to pick up okay Mike and syndicate Aaron in New York pledges 1000 thank you Aaron we needed at big time big time and Frank in Florida pledge 100.

Thank you Frank. So that puts me down puts the stone right now to write about. That would put us down, called attain just one minute. Again we are and see okay right now we need 3000 and $100 3100 were down the 3100, so they go 3100. We have we have right now we have 34 minutes to raise 3100 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 closely where here, look, I know a lot of people get angry because that's not what they want to hear. They make some feel goodbye thinking that they got a real hero and and and what is their noses. You gutted a David going after Goliath we like getting the whole truth and what they're doing is that the whole of this whole UN and that their force they force virtually forced Russia into this right may turn out.

Yeah. Good grip of a complicated issue.

It's been going on for years and promises made by Abel say the last when Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons. Remember when Ukraine became a nation.

It was like Russia have all sorts of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Ukraine, gave them to the Russians and the deal was that NATO would not move well.

NATO has movie and ended the Estonia last year: always ask Russian Soviet satellite nations will join NATO and Russians wanted security that Ukraine would not join NATO and US wouldn't give it, and the Ukrainians wouldn't give it an prudent scanning riled up about this but the problem is granularity that he could move freely without any what he did attack it. What NATO is moving into Ukraine on. They were moving their army and made they were doing that he kind of did it not anchored into anything faster. So that's the big problem with food and all you could use if you analyze it you could see what Celeste was doing to Russia, but he did it lawful credibility when he did that and then you got into the holy pictures of the civilians in the cities be involved with the vision of the all right Carolina and Illinois pledges 120 down in Ohio blades 60 and Ray in Minnesota pledges 100. Thank you thank you thank you even more now within Finland and Sweden wanting to join NATO, which was locked but if there really pushing him yeah but not limited to this. Why is it NATO medicine potent become a nice fella and join NATO to what is an event. Request for a minute and made a good item.

Oh NATO exist because the Russia and so here now what is it about NATO that Russia, besides for their own security, but Boudin has said what they are, the new world order and and potent does not believe the hold to being a part of the New World order. Okay white or China.

Why is it the boat potent in China or even North Korea don't want to be part of the New World order because I don't want to surrender their sovereignty right right right now what is happening right now with American sovereignty as you see here from early this reading that included starting on May 22. The World Health Organization is involved in this and they want to take over that on the guy about controlling pandemic. They want sovereignty over every nation, including America for medical so if they want to declare a medical emergency. In America they can do it separate from the murky government and then dictate to American what we what we have to do under their authority. This is unprecedented in unelected role organization like the World Health Organization is going to have sovereign control over sovereign nation like America.

And it seems like the nations left and right assigning them to sign up for this desperate. I know that right here you go.

We have the attorney Joe pledges 100 Lorraine in Oregon pledges 25 right now, please.

We have 29 minutes and we need 2900. We are 2900 short lived 29 minutes to raise at 2900 so we deftly got arrogant from you. You're not really hearing anything from the mainstream media about this because they want to do it subtly under the radar get America signed up for this, and then it it's too late. That's why with the thorn in the side because we we just enough people to get the message out. That's why Fox News that's why Fox News is upset with this because we told everybody out there that they refuse to push 2000 new. They refused to show 2000 meals. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that the election was stolen. They know that and make one half of those their talking heads and will make him out to be liars and so that shows you folks that Fox News is just like the others. You cannot be the only thing you can be certain of is when it really counts.

The betrayal here you go elites) going out regret there like mainstream media light… Fox News. They built like light compared to CNN but yet there there there.

I checked with Dr. they really in their early in the same thing got well is one other that's that's not and that's that. That little so I can think of is a little and fill gap on PC you know that you know he pretty much I he's got a strange a lot of ways, but he doesn't eat these he holds to and Judge Jeanine is another one that stands fast to Jesus one and Laura Ingram for the most part I Sean Hannity is been fading out as as an yelp after RAI I listen to him give a guided letter to Mysore click of a man irate about the election of Pennsylvania and the guy how is the favorite form yeah losing a woman running against him in the same same race and he was blasting her and one thing he said was she was seen on January 6 in the presence of this radical group probably and he's just like Hannity sounded just like CNN or MSNBC or something. The New York Times yeah he's losing me for sure. Absolutely.

I mean the 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 or 88828111108882811110 folks is been several minutes now since those lines of lit up.

We got the gun lineup. The gun lineup.

We had 2900. I've got a raise.

We can reach 2900 Vietnam elites made to plan your health.

The role of the Council of foreign relations, the grizzlies, Shanghai lockdowns now entering its eighth week is for state reckoning among members of the Democratic Americas exuberant class, even a very few are willing to publicly admitted liberal media outlets like the New York Times, which depicted China's draconian zero: strategies commendable early and to 2021 are now rightly identifying the collateral damage that results when it government prioritizes: prevention above all else, and that Democratic leaders and their accomplices in the media and the Academy, however, have not have yet to conceive the nonpharmaceutical interventions were tremendously damaging to our society ineffective in terms of pulling the virus. Instead, they're willing they're trying to save face and maintain legitimacy and isolate the vaccinate paradigm. While drawing distancing themselves from Jean things Brandon Cadena located the fake blue media.

Here they know those little children are dying they know those little children, and I'm left and right they know people are dropping dead from the death shot. They know this. They know people get so sick they know people been killed out by wind. As of were killed off in large numbers but the fake news media with ever lie when ever lie. They are told to tell no matter they will they will betray you. I really to listen. I really do believe this letter and I'm not kidding. I believe right here in Cleveland at the fake news meeting was to look were given and they get a nuke Cleveland on Sunday and hear you got you got this is Friday, don't tell anybody go tell your friends just your immediate family get him to get out of town because it's consenting to getting the equipment I believe they do it. I really truly do what you guys think earning their ointment sold for Gordon paid for by the New World order crowd and they own, but they own the media, so the media does whatever they're called earning people have no current. They have no integrity, only money is spent on John I've personally experienced this on a local level.

In the course of continues right up through to the larger media you know there there are basically surviving. A lot of them from Baxter government funding.

One of them in Pennsylvania in the patriot. I understanding is that they want exist except that they receive a lot of add money from the state for their state ads are not the other. There would be under same with our local newspaper here. John and I had experience with reporter John remember that all yet that we gave them their negation, they go the she sat in and listen to us going at the County commissioners and she was. We met with a McDonald's.

Remember there John. Thank you that that's all I'm a great investigator and I'm going up this out in all and nothing for Ernie, but she knew the whole thing.

Nothing zero and then we met the patriot news that the debate newspaper that the Pennsylvania whenever one of their journalists. Remember John and came up one of the evening came to one of the commissioners meeting only chewing on the commissioners nothing, absolutely no other than that, he became a spokesman for later on for one of government agencies in New York placed 20 Dandie Detroit 220 in Parma 100 and Alex in Massachusetts 60 and hang tight fellows will be back right after this, the more don't go away. Now you know the King of Kings, who was born of a virgin and above all things missing was any was and is an easy and count and how it is against him facing Satan the father of lies and all the things he did because he was yelling. He said I am the way the truth and the life so they can come between you and was crucified in the K reading very diminish in three days and three nights alone and with great big stone from yellow man looking inside Jesus, he was gone and no and send me the church can't fire the Roman Empire and I are doing space and multiply, and no and send DVD and sprayed his account only and will say only movies the way I'm commander is their oldest see me as I know, and Jesus closet. Because it is designed DVD and Jesus and what I love that song. I really love this is one of many that we have under CDW's 21 song cities and we asked for donation of $20 or more pollution destitute, destitute, will you be one but anyhow I just really love this song because it's right on now, anyhow) wake up early on there something in here you had a tremendous pool in the radio show so you have a real weapon that you could hang over the politicians and by hospitals that were doing abortions.

You could stand up and an old bowl area could go so John and I show we were in pro-life and when we were in the advocates for the elderly. We didn't have anything and it's amazing how we went. You name it. Like the media. It was countdown to the politician and then Democrat Republican did make a difference of the court. All all corrupt. I mean it was then we went to bed and I go with you. With current draw myself with any (thoughtlessly, we went to the FBI. No action. None in the law was green. The elderly's rights were being violated and knowing. The law was a joke. They made alternative administrative rule cricket around the look with all levels. The county level. The state level or federal level. The media all totally corrupt experience in the elderly were to select all the rights were violated and that was you clearly don't media to expose the stuff they cover up for an answer, but that's a check and balance that so sorely needed and not booked on the show. Folks, this is a check and balance. We bring you corruption, we bring you investigative journalism right here that you're not going to get anywhere else.

So please support the show.

Remember John.

We were in Toledo and though I was speaking in those little women pro-life women that the witches had beat up in the concept and left and they said to me in the plane over to the media. Remember, the media was to my left up there on that little hill they said white.

What can we do how can we make these people over here tell the truth and you remember what I said to them, you are assuming and presuming. They've got an interest in the truth. Those are journalist those are media horse and when I said that before they took off and I mean they just flew out of their deadly. It was like will you also rhythmically thought yes very same thing when these and how do we make the police do their job again. I said you you your assuming a presuming you have an interest in keeping that oath or not. I said those are prostitutes in uniform that they could as a soldier. They stood there and left. We got girls ladies being beaten and I said those are not those are wars and they took right off. They left they flew out of their and by not listen to this.

Gov. Kathy Ho Cheryl announces gun control Executive Order in the Waco Buffalo shooting declares domestic terrorism as public enemy number one well do you know who our large number of people in the state of New York are considered to be public enemy number one. It's Kathy hotel Kathy a lot of the people there the Christians and the patriots they consider you. Kathy is enemy number one. There you go, your wicked woman and Kathy listen, I'm an ordained minister and I been preaching the gospel for 50 years. My job is to tell you this I Jesus told those taken in an incident like Peter and Paul another's told you told them.

In those days, and like John return and John moment we all tell you Jesus said repent or perish, repent or perish. Kathy hotel you need to repent. You need to get on your knees and ask God to forgive you for the positions you've taken, which are wicked wicked position. God says that Kathy pick up the King James Bible you don't have the believe me read it and you'll see Kathy that you need to repent.

Because if you don't if you died today. Kathy, you got a fiery fiery eternity waiting for you there you go. That's really no.

88888867796738886779673 or 888-281-1110 barn okay were done we need 2240. We need 2000 242,200 we got approximately 12 minutes.

Those we need you know John and John remember that movie gone with the wind. Oh yeah, remember the woman what was the name Scarlett O'Hara yet you never would, which he said when they came in night they stole the name reloaded, heard that the match and the date they lived in they just left them without any food.

Her inner servant, that would be a good friend to remember what she said no she said I'm not going to cry. You can't make me cry. You can't make me cry. John and John. If we don't get that 2200 will you say the same boat.

We don't talk the Victorian in a private conversation next Friday night.

You always time off the air before I do and I mean folks I've been, you know, I thought I was used to rejection the distance bad.

All right, come on, we need 20 200-2200 going once. Okay, we need one person to place 2200 were to be able to pledge 1100 height folks 888-281-1110 Trenton, Florida. Pledge is 100 already, so no this caddis this coming Sunday. A lot of the that woke movement to be noticed. The woke moment come from these large corporate CEOs.

These very rich people and what is what is taken place out there today.

The high hypocrisy, especially Mary Garland on the Italian I could not believe I've seen dirty cops, but this guy to be such openly a dirty cop.

The high hypocrisy going after parents because they don't want the children to have the went up the pornography and the public full system while they turned their back and watch burn load murder burned out, burned out homes and in cities and aunt of the high hypocrisy when they go after American patriots and January 6 where they use all of those dirty cops would need all those dirty cops there for what they called insurrection. When it was the Mattea that was it.

That was a rotten dirty thing you dirty people did and you think you think that God by God gonna John nothing like God so in the end. In the end, or all or all of these things really come out all those dirty cops what you know, the FBI, CIA, all of that. What was done in that darkness is that all can be brought to light. Absolutely.

And who says that God God says that and so what what kind of an individual thinks he can fight against God and went all of fool you fellows out there you know the Lord says repent or perish try to get you people in MPI try to get some integrity back tried to be able to look in the mirror and Sam not ashamed of what I do now looked at the unit CIA just heard about what RCI has done those who were not idle. People think that will let me give an example were talking about here. Okay Biden reveals what I do. The other one. Okay to do. Biden reveals unveils one minute hundred million more in weapons. He did this just just minutes after the Senate approved a 40,000,000,008 he goes and improves another hundred million for weapons all already let safe okay very good. We just got a big one.

Well let me see here we've got to go back here a couple Amanda Florida pledges 150 Rosen San Diego 250 and Nicole of Florida pledges 2000 thank you thank you thank you. We made our goal fellows okay but yet we still have a we still have seven minutes or eight minutes we can and we can add to that. Okay that'll help us folks you can give: we need all the help we get duplicate there you go.

You mentioned about the governor while in the legislature of Oklahoma and what the law that passing regarding abortion know I would go ahead well.

Dave defined of life beginning at conception and that the conception the human being and has right and that abortion is murder is amazing and that the I think I have the abortion is based in years in jail so inflatable out there early and it Joe Biden went absolutely ballistic over the are they are they are coming unglued as God is really extinct reenergizing the pro-life movement out but Oklahoma. It's amazing there about the past and it's right and hit they can't believe it. They can't believe that laws are coming out to stop there like a sacrament like a special killing babies is like a something really special event that these evil people. This this week and Tuesday this week I met with the state Atty. Gen. who stated, and a whole lot of state representatives and the I didn't say nothing.

I would just set their listing pie. I wanted to hear what they had to say because I can do all the talking. I want to near and so I just sit there and listen to the conversations with them and there is some of this, the state of Ohio is ready to move the very minute that goes down is going to be some major changes but I was told not to not to announce it yet because note the deposition the screamers in the screamers go out there and the media promotes screamers and a lot of times people are intimidated by the screamers now as far as as I'm concerned. I only think. I believe that there's only two of those justices on the court that will not will not kowtow will not bow down and that's Thomas and Alito as far as I'm concerned the others I don't have maven on any trust him at all that they're not going to bow down, because they been there getting death threats. Their families are being threatened. What you fellows think where I mostly fired. She Migliore talked about this show but no she is there a danger to our character is a danger to our freedom and so forth, inciting people to take action. Bailey consequences for what they're doing so have the wicked witches inciting people to your take action against the these judges for this.

She is one wicked woman she is that women and men, but this first of all, see if we had a Justice Department but we don't have a Justice Department it is bad it is gone. Dirty, it is dirty arrested pastor right And that your mouth represent her. Now they have a liquor store, I heard something about that yet and they don't want to go out now all they can have a liquor store they can order it right in the preventative know they deliver it to the author and she was there with. I don't know what liquor was quick. He had a bottle on her desk that was delivered in the slickest well you know there's always been a real good supply of ignorance there and in House of Representatives.

No is a good supply they never know. Is it called Nancy's refreshment stand there refreshment that I ordered when I heard her opening a liquor store and ran out the only well there you go. Well, we have we just had Doug in New Jersey displays the thousand thank you Doug anonymous the Michigan just placed 100.

Thank you anonymous. We have approximately two minutes left before we give them the invitation and so which one of you guys gave it last week Iger character okay so are you up to it that I don't think so.

Pestering the right so folks while he's doing this, you can still: 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 and that if you do a really good job. Maybe the Lord will heal you from those that horrific hayfever or those allergies and me to reminisce really been tough as map as they can probably hear my voice, and that this is the time here and where I'm located, is one of the worst places in the nation. The I'm in the other one already set out to go ahead. Folks go ahead John and telephone so they can avoid look just think about this. How would you like to spend all eternity would all of them Democrats. Well, that's what happens if you dine going to help out. You don't want to have to do that you don't want the Democrats to dangle it out either. Okay, but what you do will even tell you how you can avoid health and how you can get to heaven because God made it pretty easy for you to go ahead John ARE you just brought up something interesting.

I'll think about this.

Everyone that hates God.

That is not saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ is going to wind up until now helps going to be people bathed in hellfire, however, is another aspect about this now. There are segments of society. It really hate each other but those people are all going to gather there. So not only to be tortured that enemies hold hatred for each other there there so folks, this is no place you want to be no place you want to do you want to avoid spending eternity in hell, and the only way the Bible says he only name by which men must be saved is the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is your only way to avoid eternity in hellfire and that is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. And when you do that you're going to want to hopefully repent, you need to repent of your sons turned from doing those things. And God has prepared for you works from the foundation of the world that you have for your wants you to do in the because the Bible says faith without works is dead, so that's God's plan. You repent you turn from sin you you turn from doing the things that offend God and then you do the things that he wants you to do and you offer yourself up as a living sacrifice and love the Bible to paint your rosy picture because of the Bible. So you gonna carry across but you know what you have brothers and sisters alongside you to help you bear your burdens and the only person that can live what he believes and believes what he lives is the Christian because a Christian believes truth. So our indentation to you tonight.

The most important invitation that you will ever get in this life is to take the free gift of God which Jesus Christ offered up on the cross to shed his blood for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe that it shall not perish but have eternal life folks you want eternal life.

So that's the most important thing that you're going here on this radio broadcasts we bring that to you every week. That is, that God wants you to be with him and all that's in heaven because he desires that none none should perish, that all should repent, and that they should be saved. So folks take that message take it to heart, because I am telling you this, every word being James Bible is 100% true. All of all right very good you are absolutely right in the wintertime for tonight and I'm hopeful with all you guys. We can go to church on Sunday. John and John, you did well tonight we can come back you done good. You come back down… Let's finish off because it's that time we say God bless and good night night. And remember, always, always, the student ready keep finding a firefight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right. What's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM next time for another edition of what's right and left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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