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THU HR 2 051922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 20, 2022 12:29 am

THU HR 2 051922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 20, 2022 12:29 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

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They worship Lucifer to now you will hear people say yeah but you know people got to know my dear about Lucifer is the worship of enlightenment is about the light bearer is not Satan or the devil. They will say this to make you think it's is no big deal.

Within these organizations you have, what they cool loose affair ends of the light, but you also have loose the fairings of the doc who are straight up the tank and is a Hegelian dialect within that system, we can attempt to go into this some more, but you know it's complicated.

I want to keep it simple for this video-based witchcraft loose affair in witchcraft. This folder saying you have white with cheese who perform white witchcraft say I only cost spells for good and half black with cheese who perform black witchcraft who cost spells the home people. But when it's all said and done a still witchcraft. Now when we see these puppet tyrants and weld leaders on the weld stage as they cool and going to meetings at divorce for the world economic forum or the G7 summit wherever they may be having it or them wearing their suits and talking about economics and climate change, etc. is all politics and business, but do you think there is any witchcraft involved with these events. Well, here we see the Lucy's trust, formally known as Lucifer publishing it will part of the United Nations who look after and control the meditation room in the UN building. The meditation room that he stated that's dedicated to the God of many names which is let me guess, is it Lucifer here is the Lucy's trust. Okay, openly telling you they perform spells for these events and this is sanctioned and approved by the United Nations in the world economic forum okay because these people are all one.

So here we stay at Lucy's trust dog and this is part of their new group of weld service which they cool weld goodwill, which is a huge group of interconnected people and businesses across the weld who are part of this agenda. As illustrated in my recent videos here. They have this thing cold cycle of conferences and as far as I can see I have been doing this for the past 10 years hello radiate out from the page. Okay. But bear in mind, he says here the bone that they are doing this for the upcoming well economic form on the 22nd and 26 May at pathos followed by the G7 summit on the 26th to the 20-June 2022 and the UN ocean conference 27 June to 1 July 2022 and this is what they are asking members to do for these events. He says here… Trust weld goodwill cycle of conferences project is a worldwide meditation group joins together in a visualization to help spiritually and lighten the atmosphere in which weld conferences fights with humanity spiritual progress depend this service initiative involves group invocation of the divine will and its direction as the will to good in the build up to a selected conference repairing and the violence the right spiritual atmosphere in which you can type place.

The group imaginatively projects, I like to seat of Will energy and develops it into a pulsating heart center, radiating the light love and power of the great invocation throughout the event and its participants through visualization, this preparatory nuclear's of light can frequently be broached under the guise of the minds. I and it's in the fire fade with ideas resulting from meditation upon the topic that the conference is focusing okay that's straight from the website. So what does that sound like to you now remember, this is the Lucy's trust they are part of the United Nations. They are the United Nations spiritual foundation hello people keep coming to in all my videos how Hugo you're talking nonsense of at least Lucifer devil stuffy, so mumbo-jumbo etc. look it doesn't matter what you believe, I'm just showing you the facts. This is here in black and white. This is clearly witchcraft and spells being cost for these events at the world economic forum and the G7 summits. Let's look at the wording they use their essays.

This service initiative involves group invocation.

So what exactly is invocation okay. The definition for invocation is calling upon an authority, but in the spiritual realm which this certainly is a means formula for conjuring incantation.

The act of summoning a spirit or demon from another weld by ritual incantation all magic invocation.

Okay, conjuring incantation summoning a spirit that's what they are saying is all written out there for you to see I'm not making this stuff up in hockey. You can check it out for yourself. So basically you've got loose affair ends of the Lucy's trust who are part of the United Nations, openly stating on their website they are summoning and conjuring spirits witchcraft invocation to empower the world economic forum status event coming up this month and for the United Nations G7 summit and they say they are doing this to prepare the right spiritual atmosphere and full humanities spiritual progress so yet they go. This is what they are doing and remember, this is the United Nations, I mean they are Paul of the United Nations, you may not believe in all of this metaphysical stuff, but they certainly do all of these puppet tyrants and UN leaders down to showing you the fact is up to you if you want to ignore them. The Aquarian agenda video ruffled some feathers but it's got a lot of positive comments as well. The majority of the people complaining about I never have a counter argument to the facts that are shown. If you have a problem with the video, then address the points in the video that you have a problem with. They come because effectively or am doing here is showing you the facts show you connections connections that happen over and over again with the same people in the same place places at the same events, which basically eliminates the possibilities of coincidence. Once you seen it so many times and I also showed you a person who is connected to all of those other people who is attached to a group who interviews an individual whose international organization is listed on the Lucy's trust website as an Aquarian group server so there amount to showing you the facts and you really should question people who complain about those videos because they don't address the facts or provide any legitimate counter argument to what I've shown them because they come basically because everything is factual and backed up by proof is what ladies and here in this video again on basically showing you what they are telling you on their own websites only link to the page I was just showing Stephen check it out yourself. As always, thanks for listening, and subscribe to Kyoto' and I'll see you later toward ill during the time we did not get one phone call with you folks. We have to what we played this that note is that good is not good because but we need to get the information out to you.

You need to understand that again we are living in the day just like what we just read yesterday and today were were God's Word, the Bible's Tony.

If you are a believer. If you are born-again blood wash Christian you are going to be the enemy of the world the entire world is going to be against you, every government of this world is going to be against you. What we have in DC is going to be against you.

Our military will be against you. Just like for example and I want to give you this phone number. I hope you write this down because we have a 16 Air Force cadets that will not will not graduate.

Unless you call though I have no no. They're getting a lot of calls.

I am the know that with the regular graduate unless you call and talk to Lloyd Austin and demand that you talk to Lloyd on student demand that you talk to him. His Secretary of Defense, and so here's a development below the you cannot do that to those cadets because they refused to take the kill shot a lot of their friends are going to be dying off blood clots from cardio, cardio my dies and other things revulsion. These people lived there besides that, the reasons they gave all over him gave the reason for the load they work for the room understand the religion, because every one of these death shots had an aborted baby cells in the and so folks again. Here's a number you call, please write this down.

Please call for these people did not avoid do they tell them they're not going to graduate but they have to pay something like $45,000 a year back. This is not right. So here the number is this avoid all way all students remember he works for you.

You pay his salary.

Remind him of 70369271007036927100 or 703695513570369551350 right here so please call that number and help those cadets out 11 going through this basically should have a right to graduate not be denied because the Christians all right.

We right now we need to thousand 900 with we need to thousand 900 is where were at and waive God.

Approximately 38 minutes 38 minutes to raise 2900 so there you go.

All right, let me see the reminder John King world. Sure you know that it hated me before it hated you.

If you were of the world, the world would love to go because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hated you. John 1518 19 all right very good let's say when Jim Jim in Michigan pleasures 60 Connor Internet New Hampshire pledges 50 are full. A budget is 500 Connor New Hampshire pledges 500 Stephen Michigan pleasures 200 Lake you think you think you are amazing the difference from rural America. Remember the placeholder absolutely free headline go together will get it done by the abortionist out the House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday. Dr. Yoshiko Robinson, OB/GYN doctor about.

She was upset at the inflammatory.

She told Congressman Geoffroy of Texas of one of the things you all have done throughout the hearing is just use inflammatory language is your talk about the care we provide. I'm a physician and a proud abortion provider. Well, they asked her questions about the abortion and they didn't like to when they brought it up and it talked about the aborted baby part selling the baby parts and they help, they get all upset.

Well then, they had another abortion what what what is her name, her name is Dr. Yoshiko Robinson, you should cut Robinson would like to call you doctors doctors feel your ability. Abortionist you kill in the here's what God's Word, the Bible says about you.

God's Word, the Bible tells you Jeremiah chapter 2 verse 34 that your skirts are filled with blood of the innocent.

Your skirts are filled with the blood of the innocent in Romans one God's Word, the Bible says you continue in your uncleanness. You continue in your uncleanness now. Here's what God says you wicked old woman you wicked all women your unclean, but you don't have to be unclean.

You don't have to be nasty which you could do what you can do is you can repent of that and you note every single day on, here's the good news. The wicked one is that only sinners can get saved if you repent of that if you repent of that and and ask forgiveness. You will have to be wicked anymore. You won't have to be unclean anymore. You can leave that and you don't have to be on the road to the burning like a fire if you were to die right now. You'd end up in the burning like a fire. God said that God said that with Joe well very other person, trust, require. Judiciary had abortion access and care, and a pro all abortion after Kurt Amy Erin Byard, executive director of a nonprofit group called about Texas anyway. During the conversation she was asked what do you say a woman is and she answered I believe that everyone can identify that for themselves.

Well then Congressman Bishop Dan Bishop of North Carolina that, do you believe then that man can become pregnant and have abortions they didn't skip a beat, looked him straight in the eye and said yes.

Think about this because he thanked her for answering that because they avoid is used.

This only women can have babies only women needed abortion and men really shouldn't have express opinions on abortion debonair next three years.

Your man, you should have an opinion on abortion because you can't have a baby and now they're saying that men can become pregnant and have babies.

So I guess now past journey you and I as men, we can now help opinions on abortion.

Finally, well not only that Job but I've been thinking, maybe, but is weak and I might become voluptuous figure like my Marriage. Normal level of this admin.

There's one more. I've got to add to the birth of insanity focuses what the people on the far left theater bicuspid that they are not the loyal opposition.

These are evil wicked people that must be defeated over in jolly old England. They have a midwifery of their healthcare is very different, and most babies in the old England are delivered by midwives and they have a university there in Edinboro that Scotland that turns out the midwives well but whistleblower came on that now their teaching the midwives how to catheterize penises to see sometimes when there's a labor delivery they have to learn to catheterize a woman to drain her bladder during extended heart delivery and so another updating their own course because the midwife may be carrying for a birthing person who is transitioning and may still have male genitalia. Having a baby and that's what this course was taught by a PhD in a college that mail people with dancers can be having babies and the one person writing that I firmly believe midwifery has been captured by the Tran lobby their teaching, and now they have to refer to birthing people rather than women. They have to use they, that is, she perinatal instead of maternity. They Say breast milk it out to be human milk and the whole world has gone screaming nuts now.

Well you know what myself and for our audience right here for all doers of the word you'll never ever ever hear us conforming to that absolute lunacy that is absolute lunacy in these people that are doing this God has said your incontinent and reprobate medicine his seat when God has said it that ends the argument because God is never lost that argument. He's one everyone, so I just told that wicked old woman that abortionist. She said she was a physician know God says he's a murderer, and she's wicked and she's unclean and she needs to repent or she's going to burn in hell. That's what God said okay and member of the father, God is called, but what supreme judge of the universe. When you look at our founding fathers and the constant personal and they don't said that there were forming this great country. They said what appealing to the rectitude of the supreme having trouble of exact words, judge of the universe already holds only the crater but Judge Coates pledges 60 lease in Fort Worth pledges 50 thank you coach. Thank you, Lisa 888667908882811110 boys.

We gotta get we get us do something to get these lines where you were when another time where we we had 30 minutes, 30 minutes to raise up the rest of what we have to have and so here you go.

888-677-9673 888-677-9673. We gotta get these lines already in tonight because we have 30 minutes to length in less than two hours tomorrow to raise enough money for the entire old next month so that we can stay on the station that your aunt en vogue so I'm not going to get a timesaver. Just the fact is we don't get paid for doing this we volunteer our time would volunteer our own expenses so so we need we need your help to stay on this end and we will never ever do what the others are doing to you out there every day when NBC, ABC, CBS, we will we will not betray you with Fox News and we will not betray you. Like with like their doing and where asking you to your get a copy of 2000 meals. Please show that copy show that someplace because we have to let all of them and end all of the fake news media including Fox know that that we are going to get the truth out were going to get the truth out.

We can do one where the other while were here so you might as well just quit your line there you go by Joe Rilke about drugs or curved worlds that you pray, you know, John. The Bible says volunteer Richmond won't tear Richmond what Wendy Richmond Swiss billionaire who is spending tens of millions undemocratic Communist Party reportedly not even is not even a US citizen. That's right, a Swiss billionaire investing millions and millions and millions of dollars, and that in December 2021 report of 3 billion if you gave millions and millions to buy the election they donated over 200 million to the Democratic kindness party to stop Pres. Crump from George Soros, Pierre, when are in the hands Gordon Wes donated millions and millions to the Democratic kindness party has way. Wes was the richest man in Switzerland. He donated 135 million. There you go foxtrot we needed something real simple in this country and you can work on it in your state. Start locally.

I believe that only a person who can vote should be able to donate and exit efforts in your state and you can vote for the person you can donate, you should not be able I should not be alert donate money to a candidate is running in New York or should someone from California be able to donate and swing the election here in Missouri. It should be simply if you can vote you can donate and that would get Corporation money out corporation should not be able to donate money pack should not be able to donate money because none of those entities can vote.

We need to make it simple. You can start with laws and state legislature in order. Gotta go back to that simple idea of the truth and all I got, that it will set you free and here's some truth way back to the US Supreme Court looked at a ruling, and identified actions in which the government did have a right to intrude upon religion.

Now think about this and it said these activities included in the name of religion. You could not have human sacrifice, polygamy, bigamy, concubine age, inset, infanticide, child murder, abortion Garside and promotion of other immoralities and these acts even if done in the name of religion would be stopped by the government, since according to the Supreme Court. They were subversive of the good order of the people and were overt acts against the good order that God had established. So early on in our founders, even if you claim abortion is a right is a religion. No, there was never acceptable to the founding fathers under any circumstances, shape, or form, because God what God gave us life life was number one in all 50 states.

Joe had lit the position of condemning abortion as child killing and murder all 50 states up to Roe V Wade MMA foundries per numbers in the Constitution. Other words that came after a warning to give everybody pastor you been talking for years. Please if you love your children get them out of the public pool system right this year, and I'll give you credit Fox digital news. A study and they looked at sex crimes. There were 135 teachers and aides have been arrested this year. Since January 1 on child sex related crimes rating from arranging from pornography to rate.

Couldn't some severe abuse and they said many of these arrests were publicized so they are not counted, which means the true number is much higher, and for example it had a Anthony Phillips in upper Cano middle school there in California, Sunnyvale, California, aggravated sexual assault of a child forcible penetration with a foreign object, forcible penetration with a foreign object on a child and are several others that I dearly want to read or just as bad for sodomy all kinds of stuff.

This is what's going on and they figure is that what through the story deeper and there were quite worried that the number could be double or more but they had picked up on the right wing pledges 75. The leases in Fort Worth pledges 50 John in Michigan pledges 100 norm in Chicago pledges 100 GB lightning pledges 60 that you think you think you back here while we appreciate every single one of her Joe here make the branch cool Gideons and up like Olympic medical extremist group of tyrants who was able to followers, participate in genocide by vaccination. Remember, they again terrified by vaccination.

That's why Jill would this is what see Jill.

Here's what I did. I got into and I told people back in March 2020. Joe, I told people right here you are with me that the shots were meant to kill. This was a part of the world and population byproduct called until shots. That's right, Mrs. wife, but because they haven't heard on NBC, ABC, CBS, their conditioners, and the trainers of their they still had hasn't dawned on but we been telling you these killer shots where he'll hear sizes no longer evidence-based when it comes to medicine in America.

It is a new religion.

That's all faith-based. You believe in vaccines. Do you believe that wearing face masks all day on my work to prevent the spread of covert, if not you will be persecuted for not believing in the new religion of faith-based science, if you buck the system.

Your conspiracy theories will land-use develop on a cross bankrupted of force to inject with injected with prions or burnt the state like a witch, but out deadly but out deadly rib room that's a bear and to choke you to death ventilator in the hospital make the Branch Davidians apocalyptic medical extremist group of scientist doctors and patients, and propagandists who have one end goal in mind coerce the rest of the world to practice the religion or die.

Go interesting way to get that across to people of a red Jerome in San Diego pledges 50 thank you Jerome, Julian, California budget 100. Thank you, Julie already supplies to light week we reported on this about six weeks ago but now hear good news. The good news trump attorney now is to go after 51 Intel experts who lied about Hunter Biden laptop from from hell just days just days before the election.

These are 51 dirty cops 51 dirty cops there and you know a number of them who lied, the former head of the CIA remember him Brennan, John Brennan, John Brennan, one of the great liars, the former head of the NSA. Klapper, the former head of the FBI. All of these great amines 51 great liars from the gym.

The DOJ they all they all lied and said you don't Joe hear something that the data don't know they don't care, but they will because God's Word, the Bible says lying is a sin. Lying is a sin that we believe that we believe that we we believe that it's wrong to lie. They believe they're required to live and this is exactly what they do all day and every day out there and what's happening they become numb to it. But what is a say in Revelation 21 eight. All liars will what other place in the lake of fire that's exactly right. All liars will have their place in the lake of fire. All right, my good little pledges 20 there you go. 88 whoa boy we've got that we've got 18 minutes to 18 minutes left. 888-281-1110 hey I will be back will only be not.

We've got some okay here.

Okay, we will be back there in the curriculum right after this. Don't go away said paying the healing see is a greater back and you know Joe bring up after remote over the years. I thought there was. On several occasions. Many occasions that I was about to cross that river gate you believe it or not there's a lot of people out there don't like what we do here. They don't like what I'm doing and they don't like certain things and I talk about, especially when we break these stories so I I've had at least seven attempts were people tried to kill me and tried to shoot me a couple occasions when tightest everyone poison me out couple try to run me down. But anyhow, but I was ready to cross that river and folks and I meditated like that song that was ST Brian and myself.

But because he lives we can face tomorrow we can.

That's exactly what listed this. This is reality. The world hates it out there. But here's the end of it. The enemy Christ will lives and we will to some. But here's here's the thing right now I get to say this would get 10 minutes were still $2300 short of having a goal. Folks, we need to hear from you because when I'm telling you that we come close to glove your stations. You wouldn't believe how we had a scratch and fight to stay on many of you out there don't realize this, we just bided the skin of our teeth that we stay on the stations were coming into summer. Summer is always a really hard time for ministries, not just a swimmer for all of people are taking vacations and this year they might not be taken so many kids can afford gas prices. Thank you Joe Obama Biden, but anyhow, so we got to hear from you. We got 20 minutes left her 10 minutes left to hear from you and so that number is 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 James in Illinois pledges 20 and Curtis and Washington pledges 100. That's that help out okay with still 2000 short, we need to hear from you. 888-281-1110 again what we just told you that you don't watch it tonight. By the way, when you if you don't get our newsletter.

You really need to get that newsletter we get people call me all the time. Thanking us for that newsletter again is like, what, when you will you hear hear. It's exactly what the world out there does not want you to know and folks you need to be prepared like we told you last night you know there is a change soon begin a change in currency and all your paper dollars again to be worth nothing and we will let you know as soon as we know that is coming will let you know we don't we don't keep things from you out there. Our job here is to warn you what the oppositions up to, but we need your help to do that right now we need it right now we we we did with eight minutes left in tonight's program eight minutes left. We need your help right now. Big time. So we need some pledges that may be 1500. We need some major pledges but some of you out there were a lot of different talents and set up before, but usually people who have the talent for running a business, making a lot of money but a lot of hours and don't have a lot of time and this is one way donation to administrators is waiting for you to lay out some crowns and treasures in heaven because God is that when you support a ministry you share in all the blessings of that ministry and we have the king's words school the Bible pastor held the truck and ministry that the right to life, ministry, the prison ministry and some of us in hospitalists and the other duties any good that is done, the buses praise the Lord is a blessing to him. You get to share in that blessing, and God will reward you for you have his word on it. That's right." If something includes a way for you to correct we reach more people. A lot of these political action committees that people donate a lot of money.

But in a minute ago you were talking about that dirty 51 knows the national intelligence agent that lied I was reading one of them. Former CIA officer John Pfeiffer. He knew what they were doing and he boasted and took special pride in swinging the election away from Trump quote is John Pfeiffer, CIA, I lost the election for Trump wow is that, well then I feel pretty pretty good about my influence. And though this is written by reporter divine and Catholic of Miranda divide and she wrote the arrogance of these deep stators tells you that they believe they will get away with lying to influence the election. All of these 51 agents. None of them had looked at the laptop.

None of them had looked at the guy got a jump in here with us. Thank you.

Joan Joan just pledged 1000 1200 we have six minutes to raise 1200 folks six minutes to raise 1200. All we need is for 300 donate 400 or two of you to donate 600 but we were forbidden to only 300 but we we have 12 minutes now we have 12 minutes. We have great you are with mouth again five minutes with five minutes now and now you talking about underbody tug about John Brennan, Leon Panetta, Mike Hayden, Michael Morel and James Klapper.

All of these people John Pfeiffer out there were a lot of these other experts. Not one of those people had seen it did anything and yet they went out there and said we know it's Russian disinformation when you know nothing.

Haven't looked at the information that is an outright lie. These people need to be punished, they interfered with the election they use their official titles and capacities to the Stephen nation. That's treason folks when you deceive a whole nation on purpose member what Schumer said the president, Trump if you if you're going to take on the intelligence you get a take on the deep state they got six ways to Sunday to get you tickets are very corrupt. That's right and they're corruptly Chucky Schumer. There's nothing about Chuck short is not corrupt, not one thing there's and you know what, no one his cake is ever proven that these that is ever told the truth that we need to throw the bums out from God fearing Bible believing people in error and let them clean house like Jill in Illinois pledges 100 and Walter in Staten Island pledges 20 okay. We have four minutes folks for minutes. We need it. We we need to have. We need about 1100 1100 out in four minutes. So again 88828111108882811110 horror 88867796733 not wanted that this quick because again like we been telling people you're not getting the right know you're not getting the truth and and I don't care about all of and that close Fox News human rights investigators find, listen to human rights investigators find neo-Nazi torture chamber with corpse in the Ukraine. That's why we keep we told you about this group now or side by the Western world has blamed Russia for invading Ukraine and by the standards of international law. While the mayor Putin's invasion certainly is illegal. The so-called victim in all of this mess isn't so innocent, either. The longer the war progressed, the more we learn just how nasty and corrupt Ukraine really is and to be honest. That makes sense given that the blinds were involved in very very shady deals in the Ukraine. According to the great game. India human rights investigators have now found neo-Nazi torture chambers inside the country and they look as though they've been well used against Russian troops. In fact, Russians and down by Don best investigators have gathered volumes of mint evidence dating back to 2014 on probable war crimes committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazi organizations against Russian forces Don Bass militia members and civilians additional proof of of similar acts have also surface since Moscow launched it's the middle demilitarized demilitarization campaign in Ukraine. Of those, I had to stop there because I'm running out of time, but we deftly need to hear from you all right me see when I leave off where okay okay now let me say I'm looking at the board I left off where with okay Curtis in Illinois pledges 100 Michael and Cuyahoga Falls pledges $518. Deanna and Newberg pledges 100 okay so that's gotta be forgiveness that we getting again close right now we gotta be within about what we have to be within about $600. I think of getting there. Whereat so for electrical Lord start from the listeners out there. Somebody help us. There we we do our goal day by day during pledge week and then we try to spend the rest of the month to start okay here in Akron pledges 299 think I know which area that is okay we getting close, close, we gotta be down to about about $400. They were about 400 short now. We got Pastor help he's going to give the indication and focus while he's given indication is still have about five minutes to go: we need about 400 left and I'm running on my voice so hell lifted King David would say to all of you is there not a cause that's what he said when he went up against Goliath and then the Ephesians call said that was supposed to get into the battle right we put on your armor and get into the fight when you stand before the Lord, you want to be ashamed that you were too apathetic to lazy you let the devil have its way in and destroy this country. I want you to get in the battle that the battle going on out there. So you, as Christians, gotta get off your rear end you got put on your spiritual armor, you gotta take the word of God and you gotta go out there and fight the battle for the Lord Jesus Christ for his honor and glory there. There we were there for the Lord's place and scorned him in everything up like that. You can't let them do that. You gotta make your boast in the Lord raises banner high and lead people to Christ not listen. Jesus loves you but he ate your sin. God wants you to come to heaven but he says your sins cannot come with you and the only thing that could wash away your sins. The blood of Jesus Christ.

And that's what takes place when you go to God for God. You know I'm a dirty rotten lozenge they consider you know it and I know at night here now ask you to come into my heart, forgive me of my sins and save my soul got that when you repent you said repent or perish, and then repent means. That's gotta forgive you and mean it. And so that you want Jesus to come in your heart. He said in John 112 but as many as received him, to them gave you the power to become the sons of God, that he says, for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. So if you call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer asking him to come in your heart beat your Savior don't do it as a free gift not you want to do it we can do it together.

A legion of simple prayer of faith that even though praying together strictly between you and God is God, not knocking at the door of your heart right now but he's leaving that up to you whether you can open up the door to receive his salvation or not you want it, but Sprint escort dear God, I'm a sinner and I repent of my sins and I know Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood to pay the payment for my sins and full and I hear now ask you Lord Jesus to come into my heart, forgive me of my sins and save my soul. Give me eternal life give you a home in heaven. I'm trusting you and you will need for my salvation, not the pope not the Catholic Church, not by good works, not any think it went on before me, Lord Jesus. You didn't use that is finished.

When you died on the cross and shed your blood in the Bible says, in whom we have redemption through his blood is not the city's water system is not baptism is through USB Jesus come in your heart and him taking his blood and washing your soul clean and giving you eternal life. So if you haven't done it now do it you that prayer just got to do it.

If you mean it and mean business with them and then get out there and be a Christian warrior you know when you stand before the Lord on the judgment seat of Christ. You don't want to be ashamed that you are a coward you want to be. It's a shame that you didn't do anything to help fight the battle for the Lord to be a David King David. Right now, today, go against the enemy and that the distaff Pastor Ernie or anybody else that what you can do the get in the battle and then earn rewards in heaven for Lord Jesus Christ. Good right you you did a very good job but we are time close. I think we made it. I think we made it for tonight so thank you, till tomorrow. Good night tonight.

God bless and always always always do it really can be by firelight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W hi WNL not on the student next time for another nation. I was right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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