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WED HR1 051822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 18, 2022 11:43 pm

WED HR1 051822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 18, 2022 11:43 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now with white which looked okay. Alright folks, there you go. That was my fault.

I decided to open up the same time in the has Andy Bullis hero and Salome will really do is I'm going to see this is the voice of the Christian resistance and were going to play this song can you really can come in because that's the title of the message and if you listen to it is cut to the everything to do with what were doing here in the days that were living in is where standing and fighting back now just say this every now and then somebody says to me, your pastor know what why can't you be like some of those other preachers will actually don't say to me as I get it in letter something from someone who don't have the courage to do what we do here and just just praise the Bible praising the Lord for for everyone to breach of truth region. The truth H preachers that they they won't preach against abortion won't preach against automated they said no snow no sense to me and controversy will just preach the love and that's well. The problem is that is not what God's Word, the Bible says the truth is they did don't do because they don't have the courage to do it and lack the courage comes from a real true lack of faith of the compromise, though the compromise other places in likenesses in Isaiah 5610. Like dumb dogs to afraid to bark and but again, at the same time I put appraiser good Lord for all of the gospel is being preach any of them that do preach the pure truth of God's word. Now, after saying all that we want to say yeah yonder in the back room.

We have none other than Randy and Eric in the boiler room. We have none other than as far as our producer. The mighty Andrew that's right we have a dear little Lisa wait and say hello good evening everyone. She goes no way out yonder the dusty trail we have the parts and Joe Larson.

Professional curves are ready to go to work week. Boy do we have a lot to do. By the way that a number of folks forgo is 88828111108882811110 also. 888-677-9673, we came up 2000 short last night and we are doers of the word.

And even though we work at this hard related example and he put doers of the word church some 4000 that's going to make up for one half. What we didn't get yesterday and so anyhow.

And with that, take her away you see these time are all just lying in my a guy you already we are back and enjoy your drink just before we went report prepared twice for Dominic St. John the first time she was a nurse middle-aged nurse having horrible vomiting and all kinds of problems. I couldn't figure out a commensurate vomiting for hours on end without copying it could not do anything to help her in her kidneys shut down and we asked for prayer. Well they got run dialysis and the vomiting this horrible severe document vomiting been going on for weeks. And her kidneys have come back in her functioning.

About half way and there is hope that she will continue to recover and I just tortured just thank you for all those who prayed with us but keep her in your prayers she's still extremely old, extremely weak is amazing that she didn't dive through all this and she is slowly getting better. So keep her in prayer, but compared to where she was. Doctors are saying it's a miracle right very good right we want to see what is you some good news to hear Donna in Cleveland, pages 400 and Shirley in Little Rock pledges 100 and so right now we cannot really 4540 Michael 4500 short of a goal for tonight so so anyhow, the numbers are 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673.

Now I'm I supposed to pray for said there to celebrate with us in for us and them because them. You know you just heard them in that song that he was saying about the different things the earthquakes and all that but the place and there's been a lot happening and I'm hearing more and more from different people there something that's much worse than and then it's not a regular allergies that people have hearing from people out there. I know it hit me hard but a lot of people and you know the Bible tells you over Deuteronomy 28 that in the end times there's gonna be plates that are mentioned in this book and I know that the opposition out there. I know that the death of Kratz, one of way and something at the camp before November to try to stop the election of God. They got back a plan of tobacco plan trying to stop the election.

So we need to get the people out there to help us look of Ocean God hears prayer now if in fact those of us that haven't have been standing out there have been fighting this battle I had we not been doing that like intelligent second Thessalonians. Once the woods were taken out once were taken out and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is taken out. Then all hell is going to take break loose is going to be like a Democratic Party convention is going to mean is going to get really nasty out there and it's it's not good now, but it's really going to bed but until then we are to fight against these weird to resist this evil we are to resist tyranny with with every ounce of blood that we have and we are not to give up any ground so we need we need to petition the Lord all of you out there pray for us and then in yourself to them, just join me in the square. Join with me in this prayer as we get started. This power is power in prayer for you, but you gotta believe you gotta believe it. So heavenly father Lord God as we come before you, Lord, we know that the heat you told us that this power is power in prayer that the prayers of a righteous man of you with much we know right now were living in a time he told her CME made a very clear time of sorrow for sin and that the wickedness of things is happening.

Things that we just couldn't imagine with the we never come to this point of the ungodliness. The uncleanness of that was happening with the want to do with the children how they want to force the surgeries on the young children out Biden once wants hospitals and that the paper sex change surgery and they want to keep babies be able to sell their babies into elect up to 28, 29, 30 days after their born so that they can be dissected and taken a partner body parts sold Lord.

This is how wicked this is how wicked the entire Democratic Communist Party is there's nothing Lord I heard Nancy Pelosi talking about. Now this is this is terrible when there's not enough food for the babies that wicked old woman. She is wicked to the bone Lord so my prayer father got Lord's first first of all for your people. I Lord give us health Lord help us to overcome all of these things that they're bringing against us.

We know the becoming from every direction. Give us strength and give us the courage like we've never had before. Let us realize Lord that when we leave this world will want to hear from you.

Well done my good and faithful servant and father God, I ask that you remove Joe Biden. I asked her to remove Nancy Pelosi Lord they've had time and time and time and I know you so what we were to play well. We we have prayed for them for their repentance. We pray for the repentance for a long long time, but they refuse to repent.

The wicked are becoming more wicked and the righteous becoming more righteous and and so Lord of the God you know if they won't repent removal before they could harm any more innocent people anymore listen. Babies learn remove those wicked people Chucky Schumer is another one. Lord we to pray this to the court.

This calls itself supreme Lord is only to theirs to those judges that I I think have the courage to stand and not be intimidated but by the terrorist by the Democrats and Lord. The others I don't have any faith at all in them. But Lord, I just would prayed it that you instill within those others.

Lord, that you instill within them that if they betray you and us that they need to fear you a whole lot more than they need to fear and to file or burn load murder. All of these things. I asked that you bless every one of those people out there listing to us out there tonight by the God bless them hedge around about their families.

Lord good people wanting to raise your children in the admonition of the Lord lying to return America back to one nation under God to wait the way you gave it to us. I asked that you bless each and everyone knows that it helped us and you feel blessed in abundance as they blessed us with her support so all of these things we ask in the name of the Lord of lords and King of Kings and Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Amen. I hope you prayed a prayer with me and so here want to say.

Let me see Kathleen Ohio plates 25. Thank you Kathy. Joe started and not second Timothy chapter 3 read verses one through nine. Now also better in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous posters proud blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, breakers, false accusers, and continent pierced the visors of those that are good traders. Eddie high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.

Such turn away from this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth now is Jane and Jan brace wristed Moses. So do these also resist the truth men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the fate but they shall proceed no further for their folly shall be manifest under all men as bearers also was the rights of the stool so that the last days perilous times shall come. Know it's it's different here than it was what you did yesterday in of first Timothy four citizen of the later the end times are later days the only place that it says that the last days is right here.

Now the last days very specific. It's the the final days of the six dispensation.

Alas. Haven't heard. Right. So when you're seeing these things when you see in this these kind of personalities and traits and people know that know you're there. Well, do we see men that are lovers of themselves, that we see a lot of narcissus out there today. Everywhere you look okay what about covetous. What about those that we would like to get other people's money is a world full of Victor radio. The rich, they all want to be rich, but they want throughout the world without having to work for current or in on-ramp something make something they want to take from someone to become rich. Okay what about blasphemers.

Do we have people we you had Bill Marr remembering God DSI and I notice he doesn't seem to be doing as much as he used to mount what about your sorrows well is calling himself God that's about us blaspheming much of a blasphemers you can get Barack Obama so Jesus is the Savior but is only one of many saviors and Barack Obama remember what he says I am the one remember I am the one you been waiting for I am the one I've been waiting for the case studies goes on to say a disobedient to parents on thankful.

What about these these athletes, these young athletes to make millions of dollars and they take in the and out date there unthankful the living in the country they get they gave them that opportunity but their overprivileged their overpaid their ungrateful there unthankful and a despicable and they really needed to repent of that because they they were blessed and I would take God's watching and you you out there all of those you that took the knee and this and that it's in-your-face you know those people for all of us that served in the military and for all of those that lost people fighting for the rights for you, you little punk you boys to do that, you know that I'm Italian you need to repent of that you really do need to repent of that you need to be ashamed that you did that and go out and and and try to encourage other young people to have respect and some honor little bit of honor and integrity country only because America better than anyone else thought died, but work disabled children suffered for their freedom. That's right. And you, you poor little rich boys you don't, you don't deserve a minute of it. Now what about he goes on to say what about without natural affection, where the sodomites are now they're trying to tell the little children looked a little boy. It can be little girls in the little girls can be little boys and you can be a sexual bisexual.

Paragraph 30 different words that I can't remember it's the insanity of its child abuse, but they're getting away from man woman having becoming one in marriage, becoming one forever in the image of God's antichrist all over everything reading here describes perfectly.

I mean, you couldn't have read this wrote this any better if it was written today. This was written 2000 years of right and what do subscribers do is the act of the absolute perfect accuracy of the Bible. The absolute perfect accuracy of the Bible.

And so here we are seeing. It shows you invokes that's the whole point is to understand how close we could be coming to the Lord's return went without natural affection when they want to allow babies to be born and and and grow for a whole month before they sell them to use them to harvest all the body parts that is is that is on blank until you can get anymore without natural affection, and that that is unbelievable of the wickedness now, so he goes on talking about incontinent those that have lost the ability to recognize right from wrong or through a great deal of people out there fears despises of those that are good in a Christian they hate anyone who has morals who stands up and lay down. Thank everybody should be indulging in their sin. Okay, he goes on to say, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

Boy if that's not the case that you look at the world the Hollywood everything of the lifestyles of the rich and famous and everybody's wanting the yachts in the mansions and the parties and the drugs and the popularity ago, one of the different websites and how many likes and how many friends you have, it's all a big fake world. It's not real Jill when it comes down to the Syrian open marriages today open marriages is becoming another words just sleeping with a another was saying well you know what we you where Christian others actually doubt their churches now the claim to be Christian churches that allow open marriages are not Christian churches. And that's not really a marriage.

It's just a tax break for Merrill file jointly and and the profession of something so right there you see if there loaded illusion right is talking about for this sort are they which creep into houses, referring to church houses and is talking about, especially these pastors and preachers. These prosperity preachers that lead captive silly women laden with sins and say why would assays to silly women.

If you ever watched Allstate are these, about 70 to 80% of the people in those are women and women who gave their mermaid up to the help for this sort. They are the cream and the house is a lead captive silly women laden with sin led away with diverse lust ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth because they gospel never preaches about never says repent and all the wages of sin are doubtful words never come out of his mouth about they never repent and turn from their sinful ways now is Janice and Jim Reese withstood Moses so these resist the truth men of corrupt minds, that's right reprobate concerning the faith. They shall proceed over there for their folly shall be manifest and all men as theirs was also amazed meets God's given a pretty close record is any right in this new discovery, and are doing everything they're doing and there will be held to account he's gonna hold accountable all right will be back right after this with a lot more. So, as is the way as the supposedly the day free to my Masters AC mom all I can do is live and die in a knee and G. The one in the bay, and a man in an and and a lot of you out there. You kinda were down. You hear people say what was Lord coming back. We can't limit the one time you think of how much worse can you get will can get a lot worse. Right now Biden. Biden will do everything he can and Democrats they will they will make it to where we have.

You can't afford to get a Ford leave your house you will get a for the gas and so again it is we've been advising you here. But remember, always remember this in the all of these things are a sign of the Lord soon return what we just read here are exactly. It's very precise written 2000 years ago. But God's Word, the Bible is extremely precise and he's showing you that he will come back. So keep your eyes on the prize. Remember this, and even of times get hard and you feel like you can barely make it through. God knows he knows which he knows what you're going through a luncheon call upon him.

He wanted to pray with him and remember he is going to make all of those accountable when you want to hear those words. Well done my good and faithful servant. Now really give you a little warning here coming up because what's gonna happen here in the near future as a participant again going back to a part of this antichrist world system. They're going to try to change the currency your dollars will be worth nothing. So you have to do it when this is happening could happen right away it might not be for year but you need to think about converting the those paper dollars in the excess paper dollars.

You have maybe for food maybe for other things that she needs equipment to survive is you looking for the Lord's return and so Andy go ahead and play that clip go and were going to play.

Listen to this is a 10 minute clip first.

Now I was hearing Andy Shackman a few hours ago and he's the CEO for Miles Franklin which is also a golden silver and precious metals retailer in North America and that they work with liberty and finance done again and Eliza there who are what was with the official term. They are think distributors with Miles Franklin or no maintenance operator. They are the representatives of Miles Frank. I guess would be the way to scrub anyway. Andy Shackman said something a few weeks ago that that really resonated with me and it kind of set off a warning bell in my head and I gave them credit.

When I mentioned this the first time and it was the idea and by the way, he said something else today that I'll share with you but what is a couple weeks ago was the idea that the bricks nations were working on rolling out a digital currency to dethrone the petrodollar which would immediately end the dollar domination status. The global reserve currency status of the dollar because the bricks nations that's BRI CS Brazil Russia India China and South Africa, and there will be other nations involved in this as well.

They would back their digital currency with commodities so Russia would back it probably with energy or oil or coal or aluminum China would back it with many gold silver indium] with gold and silver or maybe we commodities or something. I got but this would be a kind of collection of commodities that will be backing this digital currency in these countries announce this all of a sudden and they announced that exporters of oil, specifically Saudi Arabia and Nigeria are now recognizing this digital currency as a form of payment for oil, then the dollar would be dethroned instantly. I mean instantly. It will be over for the dollar.

The dollar would plummet in value even relative to other currencies literally overnight. The dollar would go the way of that. Tara Luna crypto currency.

The stable coin that went from something like $120 down to zero and is now worth zero. Apparently were very close to zero.

That's what happened the dollar or something approaching that it would happen basely overnight so when Shackman mentioned that I started thinking you know he's right because look at what Russia has been doing with demanding payment in rubles. In order to support commodities, which means that is routable is in a way indirectly pegged to commodities because you can always exchange rubles for oil or gas or other exports from Russia probably wheat brushes that I have a bumper wheat crop this year.

While other countries are having droughts and floods and wheat crops are destroyed in China and South America and that will India has blocked all exports are most exports of their wheat products as well. So we are moving into a world of commodities back currencies US currency, the dollar is backed by nothing. Nothing. What's the value of currencies backed by nothing. Eventually it all goes to zero folks.

If all goes zero and Egon Vann graders at the gold Switzerland. He talks about this repeatedly, and he's exactly right. All the currencies are backed by nothing. They all go to zero, and this is happening right now at an accelerated rate around the world so what Shackman mentioned in the interview today is that after this global reset this this global currency collapse. Nobody is going to trust currencies that aren't backed by something nobody is going to jump in and want to purchase a dollar or any fiat currency that isn't tied to something real such as commodities or gold or or food or energy or something so that the faith in the dollar can collapse overnight, that faith would then be transferred to whatever global option is being presented that is backed by something that's real because people will realize they got burned bad by the dollar and in the euro.

By the way, and again in the don't get burned again so the jump in the something is backed by by real things and it's also worth noting Shackman point this out as well that only about roughly 1 billion people make up the Western world. You know you're talking 330 million in the US and then you consider the population of the UK and Germany and some Western Europe. It's only about a billion people.

The population of the world is 8 billion people are very close to so that means 7/8 of the world's population doesn't need the West doesn't mean the dollar, 7/8 of the world can trade with each other. India, China, just those two countries right there is what what is that like 3 billion people. Almost something is a lot of India's 1.4 billion people and then you know you have rushing of Middle East you have Central and South America and so on and in Southeast Asia on March 7 eighths of the world is not the West.

7/8 of the world doesn't leave the dollar so they don't need America and it's an incredible feat that America has pulled off this global dollar dominance for so long. Since the Bretton Woods agreement.

In the 1970s I believe were Saudi Arabia agreed to sell oil only in dollars as long as the American government protected the heinous crimes against humanity carried out by the Saudi regime against its own dissenting political figures in the Saudi's innovate, they assassinate and torture people you know that right in the US agree to look the other way on that because Saudi was protecting the dominant dollar status. The petrodollar will those days are coming to an end rapidly and so the dollar will not have global dominance. There won't be an ability of the US to keep printing money and just flushing debt all over the world in exchange for material goods such as commodities or consumer-products or electronics or anything like that. The dollar is about to become worthless overnight.

Now the thing that hit me today about that again. During the interview was Shackman is that it's not the Fed that's going to destroy the dollar is not even the money printing that's going to destroy the dollar even though the money printing. If allowed to continue long enough, it would destroy the dollar but were not going to make it that far because the dollars will be destroyed by the oil-producing countries rejecting the dollar domination status.

That's was going to destroy the dollar doesn't require money printing.

In fact, you can say OPEC can destroy the dollar. It's Saudi Arabia. It's Nigeria is Russia. It's even near Venezuela for that matter, if they ever get their act together the oil-producing and oil exporting countries if they simply announce overnight that will take will take all your currencies yeah will take your gold will take your rubles will take your euros will take your rupees will take anything doesn't have to be dollars than from that day forward the dollars done and it doesn't require more money printing the dollar loses value on the global stage. Overnight and understand this process has already begun because the Saudi's are negotiating selling oil to China in exchange for bonds Chinese bonds that can be traded in for physical gold to think about that. So if you're the Saudi's, why wouldn't you want to sell oil for a currency that you can trade for gold or you could just keep taking dollars that are worthless are backed by nothing. You see, storming, what choice you make you take the gold back currency right because you're not crazy and no matter how much political pressure is put on the Saudi's at some point sizing the state would take the gold we sell you oil would take gold just like Russia has said one grass you paid rubles. I guess what 20 European countries are now paying rubles otherwise you get your economy collapses. This is inevitable.

It's obvious. And by the way this all is encompassed in the codename Sandman that I mentioned many many months ago right. This is why we're here to tell you what we're bringing you what you will not hear an NBC, ABC, CBS are all a part of this whole and in wonder why would people they live here in this country.

Those talking heads that you look cute. Look at that camera and and they bringing you disinformation. They will not warn you about these things because again there loyalty is not to you, not to the people out there, but to those that are signing their paychecks in their again there contracted it to to hold to what they called the narrative which will whatever lie that they're told to tell folks you can't you can trust him to betray you like you can most of society out there today. Big corporations out there that will corporations. This is why we are needed. This is a I've been doing this a long time in there's a know there's a lot of things I could be doing. Joe and I we could go out and you know we could ride off into the sunset is been the rest of our years whenever they would be, but that's not what God called us to do and God is called us to warn the people and to stand fast and to look for his return. That's what I had Nevada) and all the years pass, turning it on the radio, which is nearing is never taken any money for the radio ministry and all those who have worked with him and myself in order to have never taken any money for the ministry. We are serving the Lord. We are laying up our crowns and treasures in heaven working for our retirement plan.

We joke about it are retirement plans out of this world, but he made a great point. We both old were tired were not making any money were not getting famous and we've got families, children and grandchildren would love to spend more time with.

We both the not in the best of health and here we are working harder than most people that do on a daily basis and were doing it because God called us to be the watchmen on the wall.

He called me to come work without turning many years to come.

And so were not here first elves were here giving this morning and I'm looking at something a web news and fulfill a major bill for a minute because the phones have not been ringing those that want to see Marcus in New York. Page 200 Betty from Michigan pledges 100 Christine in Colorado pledges 300 right now we we are $2900 short of our goal 2900 short so we need to hear from you out there right away 88828111108 882811110488867796738886779673.

We are here to try to to warn you about what's coming and those keep your eyes and the prize look up for your redemption growth night okay go ahead I working working for get their information papers are almost gone, and most people get their nerves from the World Wide Web well in the first cabinet big places that have web news, Fox News is the only thing that has comes anywhere close and Fox News has not been doing a very good job lately out of the top 24 sites were people go to get their news Claire down at the bottom is Newsmax almost at the bottom zero hedge gifts of sometimes get the right.

Basically, there's two or 3/24 that you can get decent information and even though sites are not telling you the kind of thing that pastor Ernie Naidu were we show God's word what God has to say about all these things either purely secular and may avoid you know any topic with religion. And yet God is the what great lawgiver made the laws so you look at these figures in the millions of listeners here are readers here, there are very few services out there where you're going to get the gospel truth and that's why were here, we asked for this partnership were doing the work. We need your support to pay the bills and we can only stay on the radio stations that we can pay the airtime bill and some of the stations have not been not even close to self-supporting and we are gonna have to go off a lot of stations if the people don't respond it's not putting money in our pocket. It's not helping us.

Were not trying to get rich and famous. But every station we lose we never get back.

And that's one more group of people that will not here. The real truth. You know Joe because we really had to keep things moving here begin let me give me their phone number it's 888281111088828111104 888-677-9673.

A lot of the people out there don't know how close we came on some window stations to go out for nine and you note. Here's the thing on and some of love said, you know, looking apparently lately they're not interested in us but in just about every single case, there is a few people a few people sometimes only one or two people up and enlisting the net station that go out in a really they go out of their way to support or disseminate.

They really do and and you can't you know they put their trust in you and so that's why we fight like Christian soldiers would arise upon the cross of for those people, but by God's grace. It is been by God's grace we stayed on unknow stations and for blaming the enemy takes notice of this.

They want us out of there in a worse way where everything that they're doing weird where exposing and were telling you about.

There's a lot of people that are alive today. There lie because they didn't take the boys and the shot they didn't take the kill shot because they listen to us here in this radio program. There's a lot of people today that if they die they know for certain good heaven because they they said the sinners prayer they heard what we had to say, but what God's Word, the Bible and their listing and so there's a lot of a lot of reasons we can go on for long time, but but that again one, one week out of the month when we got of the month.

By the way, that leaves us tonight. We have approximately five hours of airtime left five hours of airtime love to raise enough money to stay on and believe me all believe me you don't know how expensive airtime is. And so we have approximately five hours of airtime left to raise enough money in July intelligibly started out here that we needed to raise by the middle of next month.

66,554, but right now Joe by what we what we were on target for two to raise by the time by the end of this month which I don't think will wind with it possible with God all things are possible. We needed to raise by the end of this month, $48,075. So now that doesn't mean the Guelph and he stations we don't raise that.

But we but we must have by the end. By this time next month. Yes 66,000 or or there are. We are in danger and where one preposterous station we've never gotten one pack Callaway.

Not that I can remember a note I don't think I've got some marijuana bring up after people for their help. I need to make some phone calls.

Dr. Peter Breggin is a world-famous reformer in the field of psychiatry and he is spotlighting the Biden administration stealth move to give the World Health Organization you know the WHO power to declare health emergencies in the United States and he contends that where effectively ceding our sovereignty to the communist party government in Beijing and he's done a big 70 minute video interview with world news daily and he's been warning about this happening and he's pointing out that the three year director general of who was general collaborated with Beijing and covering up the religions of the pandemic can and all talk about how the virus wasn't dangerous and all that and the United States is the only power really good standing in the way of this globalist movement and this man is coming out in Amy's life that God is called them for a time like this. And God wants them to join the freedom to fight for America and is she's been speaking out.

He's been calling Congressman. He's been calling the state attorney general's and he said I'm hoping that Atty. Gen. will see the threat to their states rights and will help fight this fight so those of the people we need to be calling your state attorney general you Joe, you know what went right up against the heartbreak seal have to take this up on the inside be back after this, the more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the

The once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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