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TUE HR2 051722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 18, 2022 12:04 am

TUE HR2 051722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 18, 2022 12:04 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already, we were back to folks very quickly. Tonight we I was down to the prison hospital prison hospital delay visiting inmates. We had the little inmates is very sick buddies got stage IV cancer but I again believe it was such a good mood as he was with this for a long but don't when I went. We need to pray for this man is had a very total life and then there was another inmate that came in and asked us we would pray for him. He's at last the list into the night and his name is trace Martin and he's asked us to disease up for parole and adjust the student to pray that he gets his parole so he's a believer.

They was praising the Lord while we were down there today so was the hold these two men of heavenly father were guy just rested. You would would be with Andre. Lord I know that there's nothing that the modern science.

Nothing the men can do to help Andre Lord God, all you have to do we know there's no doubt at all you have to do is say the word be healed and he'll be perfectly healed and so we will would hope all offer him up and asked Lord.

Father God that the Euthyphro predrilled my touch that man and and that might heal imminently. Might be a comfort to him to and for this other fellow trace Martin we would asked Lord that he would receive that to parole that he would be out of prison be able to go back to his family.

These we ask in Jesus name, amen. All right. We have let me see, we have where that evolved, we have Celeste from Michigan pledges 100 Carolyn San Diego pledges 60 and Paul in Texas pledges 75 there you go.

Thank you think you think. All right, so anyhow I was telling you guys about true the vote they they have additional dropbox way just keeps coming out more more just keeps coming out. She goes on Catherine Ingle braces on bells. We are going to look back at this. A lot of what happened was the result of the Americans in their spirit.

Knowing something is gone so wrong where we start looking and so there wasn't clarity and passion.

People were trying to figure this out where we find ourselves now as Americans are awake in their increasingly awake.

Hopefully what we are putting together their going to be able to see and feel and have the belief that will encourage them and their guts right. It's happening is happening at a national scale, you know, what about that chap you know that the all your wool corporations or baked. I think said they were going to do whatever they could to hinder the distribution of the film in 2020, and we were very very concerned because we had an incident where we had got an email that the film was delivered but they weren't there, but they did come in so we praising the Lord for that and him anyhow I meant and we want to get as many of these out. We we want to get as many of these out as possible. If we can get to you. We can get several hundred of these out and NSU folks out there.

They get these to show up. Show me your chart showing your library. Let people know is it because we gotta let them them the fake news media. No, they cannot keep things hidden on. We broke all the stories on the cove. Finally, I'm actually hearing chaps.

Some of the mainstream or lame stream news media in mitigating their admitted now to the point that most of the people that are getting sick, getting coven of the ones that had the kill shot and the next thing they're going to admit is that the people are dying from the shot, but we we Bring it out. We can bring it out and out there can be a lot of people dying here and were going to make sure that that the reason the people know the reason why. In fact others. A lot of the a lot of talk now about to bring a lawsuit making visor in his others responsible for all of these deaths. I just had that article here. I don't know what happened in the health so what you guys think about all that well, you're right. Personally, I am grateful.

Three. Know of some vaccines that help us overcome things like measles or reckless overcome things like polio vaccines are not evil in themselves. This one can be because it's still in the experimental stages and when they when they finally information act request important to do a 55,000 page document dump. They found that the mandated vaccines are only 12% effective in that if anything they might weaken your immune system when you when you conclude would rather have natural immunity for just having got the virus to begin with. I don't recommend anyone try to get virus, but the vaccine is not effective. The scientists now admit that men's Marxists are pushing it as a reason to take away your freedom as a reason to kick you out of the military and this is an anti-Christian purged from the Mercury that is not all being used as that's the reason of a phony pretext for saving lives by kicking the Christians of the military. It's really doing is setting up an antichrist, governments that will eventually take away everybody's Christian right. If only Terry Joseph Stalin you kill the population because you go after their religion or multitenant to kill Christians in China they needed and Terry well. America is not far behind doing that now is by living letters of command on my Facebook page or anyone who knows me on chaplain Gordon Quicken Smith, I just published commands that was given to us name is rejected, but this is one of 13 cadets. Now that the economy of Mitchell being kicked out and the man says religion is denied. Number two, you are getting the commands number three you will be in August 1. If you refuse again kicking off 13 connected to the Internet. We counted 16 cadets with our lawyers and it concludes guidance you sound superintendent.

The severe cabinetry. Sgt. Clark is approved, it will be executed on August 1. You are a first-class cadet which is a senior you will not be printed commission unless you begun to receive the coven vaccine regimen. This is another First Amendment rights. The fact they're going let her go command command sentenced denying her command the federal law. The following show the religious beliefs of members of the Armed Forces regarding the conscience moral principles and beliefs of the member and may not use such beliefs as the basis of any personnel action discriminations in our promotions going training or assignment ranking you master, do these people and you cannot punish them with personnel actions.

Beginning in every personnel action citing the religion is the reason it's just ridiculous were asking people to call the Secretary of Defense tonight and get extra time to get out a pen and paper are just joining us write down these numbers one night and leave a voicemail. One is actually deleting the steps outside the glass of Austin, the Secretary of Defense, to give you her direct phone number and shut you off to some machine when I want to talk to last and I want him to let the Academy cadets graduate in a combination and get your pens ready often secretary 703-692-7100 again. 703-692-7100. Right now there might be somebody there to answer that but then you can also call lights of the voicemail for public affairs at the secretary's office number is 70369551357036955135 numbers tonight tomorrow between phone calls. I'll give you a free window decal that says I prefer what what is freedom window decals the call ministry at 866 obey God, 866 OBE YG OD toll-free number 866 obey God and press option three leave your address and will send it to you restrictor if you make those to Carlton Secretary of Defense and the Academy can graduate speak to the Academy next week is the commencement seeker here in Colorado. The secretary of defense will also need to hear from you.

Tell him to respect the cadets room was so our job is why we are here is occupy and hold back the antichrist. We are to hold back the Anthony Chrysostom until the Lord takes us out of here is what he does is like the saloons he did not live will live until he be taken out. So we are not the holder back the forces of evil forces of darkness and so close that's what you ordered new so you really need to do that make those phone calls on Blenheim to make my phone calls first thing in the morning.

Meanwhile, you need to make a phone call here at 888 because we right now or we need $4700 for $47 short and we have 40 minutes.

We have 40 minutes to raise $4700. 40 minutes to reach 4700. We deftly need to hear from you would deftly need to hear from so Joe and and and and and chaps, can you guys bed fundraising but I'm begging you please check my book, how to liberate the world when you donate a significant amount what's not say, but we I will have a limited number of these books to give away so so whatever pastor decided you to get a free book from Dr. Taft. If you donate tonight so you could look right now about about the book W are the… Org WLW yeah absolutely. The book is how to liberate a step-by-step guide to take back your country and using power tools that I learned how to be successful as a Christian activist how to take back your country using any of these power tools.

For example, but press release and get your story in the newspapers may not use that this week and I got on Fox news just just one tool you might be to speaking on Fox News if you know how to write a press release number two how to organize a petition drive or how to grow your email list using a petition drive. I have now 38,000 email subscribers to our daily alerts because I've known how to organize and deliver petitions thousands of petitions 5 million Russians over the years, the Congress that the chapter in parley with the world is how to do fundraising for your little cause or your organization. That chapter alone is worth the price of the deliberate world, you can raise money if you know how and then how to run for office. And when I don't have the things I witnessed. Later I learned with with many of your prayers and in public support. I earned my election to the Colorado State House of Representatives. I want to.

I think I heard working successful legislator but then I ran for state Senate and the house so that got me out here doing television now how to become the media is another chapter. You start with a blog or Facebook group and eventually you become a podcast and then your post. I know the TV show that a nonprofit is able to put us on each Christian television network sent in 200 million homes pray in Jesus name was used started out as a blog and multinational TV show. You can do these things and been elected to public office.

When you how to liberate the donation of any amount to pastor Ernie and W are W percent of people over the phone number is 8882811110882811110 or 888-677-9673 right we have Judy and Colorado pledges 100 Julia Michigan pledges 150 bill from Ohio pledges 100 and Joe from PA pledges one know it. We've only got 35 minutes and I'm not quite sure how much we have no minutes and still I know we've got up got to be close to one. Print the good work about 4000. We have be close to 4000 still so that we need that we need to hear from you poses your pledge week is it is a very tough week out here.

We do when we got of the month and the rest of the month. We try not to mention money and all you know and would would they would do the job of doing the rest of the month and but and unfortunately it takes money to stand there and you know none of us take a salary. None of us get paid. You know, we all volunteer our time and not only do we volunteer our time.

We button above and beyond and into the ministry under just on time. We put in her own finances to put note tell them chaps about your situation.

We were one. The first was a put you on the radio back then will when we found out when I went they were doing to you because under Obama nation the man a great great sin. You were told you could not pray in the name of Jesus while you are you in your uniform, go ahead and tell the folks are actually a 2005.

You are like the first national radio host support me out of obscurity when I was a Navy chaplain and here I was getting punished for my sermons preached about salvation in Jesus Christ.

My prayers, because I insisted on praying in Jesus name amen instead of just praying to God and saying amen I said in Jesus name me for doing that after you have me on your radio show and we lit up the Pentagon phone switchboards and then we call Congress. So many people were wet with me because of your leadership pastor that Congress change the law.

We sent 300,000 petitions to Congress and I met with the top Sen. over the Pentagon, John Virginia and he told me. You're the reason we can't make any phone calls please make it stop. How can we hope you and the next day he made a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate and said work in the reverse. The Navy policy and organoleptic chaplains pray in Jesus name. So we run, we change the law.

Now chaplains have religious liberty they can pray in Jesus name course that was the end of my career I was a misdemeanor court martial, praying in Jesus name in my uniform. They said you can't do that in uniform and I lost a 16 year career I was discharged. The million-dollar pension and medical refers reverse that are grandfathered legislative victory back to my case, the people asked me chaps at a great price was worth it.

Would you do it again. And of course I say yes because I kept my soul never denied Christ an order by the government and now the other chaplains can pray in Jesus name we run. Maybe God gets the glory. Out of that in the end you will obey God and not man you would write down the front of the White House in uniform you prayed in the name of Jesus. That's boldness. That's boldness. That's like John the Baptist out there preaching airhead, and so in their lives like Peter and the others of their preaching in the synagogues and after they were told thrown ended and imprisoned for breaching.

They got out they went right back out and started preaching again.

That's boldness.

That is what we need are actually faster to remember where you got them on twice that day I had them on first thing on the morning show.

Show them liberty or got a call of a rose from the secretary defenses officer of the department calls you and and try to tell you not to put them on.

Mullins was then the Mullins office hours that some familiar: Yes you would use the CNL that you cannot label operations. The top four star in the Navy wrote the letter down the chain of command to monitor the command and give the green light from a court-martial that's illegal that's called command influence bullet. You were my boss or you give me a fair shake snow because the first general in the Navy just turned you to punish the chaplain so that the orders In my court-martial never took the stand in my defense, I never claim any witnesses.

I never raise my voice just like Jesus I and I heard the voice of the Lord, and I think I was glad if you are wearing to take up your cross and if you were willing to suffer for the name of Jesus I will resurrect you somewhere else and that's exactly what God did, and he resurrected me with a policy victory with an election to the legislature with a national television show with a great and growing ministry, and now we've annealed either. People change that manager policies in 13 states and three times in federal law, and we been able to make it cost to defend religious freedom for people like these Who have been kicked out because the administration ignores the law, but we we have written the law and in court. If you don't win in public opinion right now. Amen.

We've got okay we have another prayer request event. There's two more coming in and one of whom Joe will really get this one to bowl from Cleveland newsgroup group requested. His mother is elderly lady is going into Gardy cardio version tomorrow.

Cardio did cardio diversion tomorrow and he would ask for her prayer and the obvious issues of ownership she wanted to go to surgery and then the other one.

There knowledge. Mother always for Maria. It's cardioversion and Maria is her name go in and I guys. I did see that there go ahead of their heavenly father and I were just outfit all those that hear my voice, join with me as much power in prayer and more people praying with me Lord to more you'll hear more.

You'll respond rear of your word on it way out. A call from both his mother Maria is going in and I have no idea what this procedure is Lord. I don't think you because you know what the procedure is your know what's wrong with her with her heart and your staff. But if it be that I will Lord that you were just reach out and touch and have a miraculous healing or Lord to fit so I will that you would choose to work through the doctors send through the procedure that the spirit guide and direct them in every way that you would strengthen her through the surgery and that she would come out and be in good health and never go back to her family and her life and we were just outfit your bluster in every way possible Lord that can especially make sure that the is right with you that she is the been saved and that you were just touch your heart that she's not drawer closer to you in every way we assess in Jesus precious name on them. Also note chapters one and another one called: Sandy died today. She was 7575 years old.

She died today. I believe she died of cancer and her family is grieving and so her son, Mike, called and the new deal he was crying his women praying for. This will for long times would you pray for the family that the Lord will be comfortable with this time chaps amen (father in heaven. We pray that you would receive into your loving arms of beloved Sandy and hope to comfort her grieving family from Mike to all the other children and siblings and then his nephews and aunts and uncles and children finally pray that you would be a the resurrection and the life that you would be the hope that we have of eternity. Even in the face of death in Jesus when you died on the cross for our sins. That was not the last word you were resurrected from the dead, and that we have that same hope. We ask that you would bless and receive Sandy into your eternal resurrection and all of her saved family members would be given that same hope and if there's anyone who is not saved, but facing death and placing eternity.

Now is the time to come to Jesus Christ. Don't wait, don't put it off. Don't sound your own salvation when you could be saved the day. The Bible says if anyone calls upon the name of the Lord.

Today, he shall be saved to Jesus and we call to you Morgan ask you to save us to forgive our sins to heal our land into receive us as your children as we make Jesus our own personal Lord and Savior come into our hearts and ruler hurt.

Pray this in Jesus name. Thank you already very good folks. We deftly need to hear from you and Liza been very quiet in the again if we don't hear from you.

You will be here and was we have here from 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 what you guys think about this crypto holders getting suicidal has entire life savings, no vanishing accelerating crypto carnage here goes on the supernatural news people who lost everything in a Terra UST and Luna are now contemplating suicide after having their lives ruined by more crypto currency scams on Reddit, one person wrote that his friend an X manager of 15 years. Try to commit suicide after moving. Basically all of his life savings to crypto in 2021. Luna was a massive player in the Pope portfolio. This person wrote many other posters like this one. Begin appearing on the social media platform. After two stable coins lost almost all of their present value of less than one week the sun reported that Tara Luna, one of the doubt, the most valuable crypto's in the world lost 98% of its value overnight. An investor who put more than $450,000 lost everything I does that happen: great attorney called great because they started their crypto craze. One thing investors are always told don't put money into something you one do not understand to do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose it is like gambling. There are safe investments in different very safe and secure things and are very high risk and the people that chose to put far more money than they could afford to lose into a high risk area where they warn you that there is a very good risk. You can lose all your money so it's found agreed and we heard some of these people became overnight millionaires multimillionaires investing in crypto and the people jumped on the back and one to get Red Square and there be a few lucky people that did and are to be far more are going to lose a great deal are all basically my take on what I mean look when you lose 98% of your value when as I go out I does that happen. I mean paper. This is a new thing this crypto new form of commerce in the form of a word take place money but they warned there was a high risk of the lot of unknowns involved very complicated and you don't put all your investments into one basket, especially in something of high risk, its stupid. You have to be greedy to do it. You want to get really filthy rich and the more you put in there to get rich story sounds of invested money in it turned out to be basically they bought a bunch there you go, what they would love but I was his place of your treasures here on earth.

No place of your having your treasures in heaven.

720 fitted for support. This radio ministry you are laying up crowns and treasures in heaven.

That's what the Lord said himself and this ministry reroutes a lot of people with God's word and through all the other parts of the ministry, the right to life. The prison ministry Kings were school the Bible the trucking ministry hospice and you get to share in the blessings anything good that blesses the Lord that the that is fruitful. You get to share in the blessings so those numbers to call one triple light, 28111101 AAA 281-1110 or one triple light 67796731 AAA 779673 Joe's of the New York pledges 140. Thank you Joseph.

I got a couple of as was here, you know where Joe Biden went today will images redo the article Joe Biden ignored a mass killer and burned gluten murder BLM Berlin murder activist who mowed down Christmas violet villagers revelers chrysalis was revelers and Wisconsin parade. I ignored them.

But he traveled to Buffalo today.

Berkshire talked about the narratives so you didn't go there. He didn't talk about okay do you remember Joe Biden that I remember years ago when he was a young senator. I do remember his attitude towards black folks.

What is attitude towards black folks. Some years ago no effect them. He had some of he was pretty close to to some very known will clan members Wendy about his buddy was the KKK word, and so and I was some of the things that Joe Biden used to say some of the remarks he made where I would say racist or racist shifts. Was the one from Teresa's authority is one of those that he will do or say anything useful through the power you know I think long.

I think he still is. They'll hold bought and paid for center right right now we have.

We need approximately $3600 for 3600 short of what we need folks and boy and not let me see, we just had Andrea from Illinois just placed 500 think you Andrea so far dropped earlier, we were ordered during the Bible study and are available target. We were talking about worldview everything George Barna has got a new poll out and it really explains a lot, and they looked at the American worldview inventory and talk to a thousand pastors who profess to be Christian to look at their worldview and they were really surprised because it was just about 37% of the pastors surveyed had a biblical worldview, but that meant that about 62% had a hybrid worldview that I mentioned at work earlier was based on taking their Christianity and blended it with one of the isms moral relativism or progressivism something like that. Humanism and made a hybrid, which is in him is not acceptable to God, because it's mockery really, and they broke down the is the older pastors 4/10 have a biblical role. 76,010 don't bend in the pastors only about 1/4 of the associate pastor at a biblical worldview and the children's youth pastors, only a very small percentage of the outer worldview, Christian worldview. And what's really bad is it the they looked at some of the other people. The parents of preteen only 2% of the parents of preteens have a Christian worldview.

In fact, they look to the segments of the population. Men, women, whites, black were talking 2% 4% 2% in all very low numbers have a Christian worldview. This is shocking and it's horrible, but the worst thing is they looked at the pastors that work with children and 7/8 pastors who are children's pastors work with youth pastors lack a biblical worldview. This explains why we have so many people in this nation that are going away from the faith. When 1/8 of the youth pastors of people work with children and youth don't have a Christian worldview and what it says, then, is that the world is influencing the church instead of the church influencing the world and the failure is once again goes back to the pulpit. There are very few pastors who will be preaching and teaching God's word living the life that are supposed to and your worldview is how you perceive your world how you vote, how you act of the reason Joe with it.

The reason for that is simple, the vast majority of them today are not saved. The vast majority of those in the pulpit today are not saved in the I mean that's it's pretty obvious that there if in fact if in fact Clement has both you guys this question if, in fact, and I want to take you back to 1960.

If in fact the pastors in this country were bold rights as men who were filled with spirit. Blood washed and spirit filled up and they would they would do. They would obey God rather than men. If in fact that happened with God have ever been kicked out of the public school system. No, no, they would.

The politician would've been much too afraid the courts.

The courts would've been much too afraid to go out into the colleges and universities, and shutdown. The cultural Marxists stop the doctors did make love not war feels good do it, there would have been standing up preaching that out doing the inner door of the word, but unfortunately most of the pastors and silent, and I remember there were four of us from Missouri and one from Ohio went to San Diego to save the big cross there at the Veterans Memorial that overlooks San Diego and we couldn't get any of the local churches to come and stand with us to pray to try and save this beautiful cross over the Veterans Memorial the church all no weekly can't do that. We can't go up and that was that was horrified. There was no faith there was no willingness to leave their little save office and go out and face the world do anything that would actually take a risk by Jill and Claudia from South Chicago pledges 100 Jim from West Winter Park pledges 60 Shane in Cleveland pledges 75 Nancy in Illinois pledges 58 anonymous is Chicago pledges 150 Ryan for magic and pledges 60 thank you thank you thank you one and all, God will bless your weekend.

Thank you, God is a wonder combustor that was back in the early 90s pastor and that's the problem.

Pastors will not go out of their church will not fight the fight will not run to the battle and they will not be like chaps. They won't go out in the sewers is only only a remnant of a handful very few amount that really have had the courage to do that okay one of those one of those people's wedding for governor as an independent here in Ohio and that's what we need.

We need bold people and I Anthony I don't know why he I hope is okay Camino I don't know why we dropped off. He didn't get back to us because I told him for the first 30 minutes we would do Bible study right when it was his time to come up. He dropped off my chocolate chip cream on top was wrong, wrong, or something you think just scared them away. My Scary guy that really get too close to me like it struck with lightning. I'm not so sure how that works.he wanted to make my books to your church. Is it 14 71 spirit 11 14781 Sperry Rd., Newberry any WBURY city WBUR went OH 44065 is 44065 Boyd Jazz.

We appreciate this to you don't have to do that. I know you use those books to the help keep you on the air, but we really appreciate. I just wish we can afford to return the favor with the public for me over the years. I just want people to keep you on the air because you help wake up the church. You are right you are sounding the alarm one if by land to see them coming right well the markets are coming and coming and we need to pray, we need to fight and no patent is kicking cadets out of the air force Academy because of their Christian beliefs. There is an anti-Christian military today. Did you know thousand soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have been discharged because they refuse the vaccine that that's a political ideology and its core in people who have religious objections. Listen, I don't personally have a religious objection, but I will defend to the death.

Anyone who does and I think they have the same First Amendment rights as a fighting data for other people that write for themselves and I'm hoping that your audience your active audience is around for another 10, 20, 50 years right to fight back when the communists come to get your questions on the military was going to be standing now to fight to get him back in the past or early and to see passing the torch but right now we're the tip of the spirit. We are the church of Jesus Christ. We are leading the charge this week ago Mrs. and I made this national news is not trending as the top top story on it was on Yahoo! News. It was on Associated Press, you have closed: Springs gazettes was trending and Fox News finally so an MRI test early start which is a better audience than those places, so I'm a people supporting pastor and I hope they donate today, even if the Baltimore paper check to be good at that address.

Again, it's a W are the ministries such as WR do you Alonso and it's 14781 Sperry 14781 Sperry Rd. in Sperry is SPE RR why Road Newberry any WB or why Ohio and its 44065. By the way folks, we have a newsletter is free and we have more people. That newsletter is growing by leaps and bounds because of what we do is were sending out the articles that they don't want you to see and we do send that out once a month on the newsletter goes out, but there's a very, very interesting articles in it and I encourage you is free.

All you have to do is requested right-hander like I do when I get a copy. I make copy. I have a copy machine. Most you have access to one and I make copies handout to friends, family, church, now and then I asked those people to do likewise. So maybe from that one copy we might get 50 or hundred people reached with the truth but I will throw something out there without turning Marxist coleus. Cicero was one of the most brilliant people live back in Rome and he wrote this don't do not blame Caesar blame the people of Rome and I want to think in terms of America three don't have to blame Biden for everything. Blame the people of America who elected it well voted form. They should have been elected but who voted for and who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and given him. Triumphal procession blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the form of the wonderful good society which will now be murder because all realms interpreted to mean more money mortgage. More security or living family at the expense of the industrial just take a look at. I hear the 22 election is the people had done what they should've done if they had done what they were supposed to do and I will start with Mike pence look.

He knew he knew right in front of him stood all of those people with all the evidence of election fraud. It was his job to say look you there's there's people here and they've gotten a lot of accusations before I we certify this, we need to take a look at this with other information before we certify the selection that was his job. He could've done that he had the right to do that. Mike Denton.

He was pressured and he called out, he gave into the pressure. The same thing happened when it come out and said in Indiana when he was governor. He was not going to sign over allowing same-sex marriage. Then he came down to the pressure those senators those senators to stood there, they should've stood with the with Pres. Trump. They didn't and said I was. I could not believe there is night. I had I lost so much respect for so many of those senators will have so what happened that day and so it's because and that's what will always happen when good people don't stand up and do what you're supposed to do so.

Those weight where we are really coming short this week very very short this week. We deftly didn't do need to hear from you so well a lot of time with only got about four minutes left. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 we we will never ever betray you folks.

We need your support right now to help us keep us here so I want to read another quote from historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee area five. Back in 1975. Brilliant, brilliant man erupts.

Certain civilizations die from suicide, not by murder and nuts with the Biden administration folks is doing. They are destroying the nation is not inapt they are doing it on purpose.

They are doing it because they are evil they are trying to bring America to its knees so they can bring about the total transformation for marked Christian constitutional republic to a socialist communist state. One world state and this is all being done intentionally and this nation will die by suicide if the people do not stand and fight to render the battle get these people out of office put in Christians who care about God, family, country and the Constitution. This is a battle you must all join we need every last soldier to be out there running to the battle to be willing to sacrifice and fight the fight. It is the nation itself states the future of your children and grandchildren. Everything is at stake is not merely an election. This is not just the loyal opposition were fighting and his evil that is trying to do you know if people had done what they want. We would be paying the huge gas prices would be shortages of food in the stores of their today, we wouldn't have the Pres. Trump wasn't was in office Austin and the other would not be destroying our military. They are destroying our military chaps.

How many of these young military people as young cadets the young sailors got myocarditis. How many of those those they got the the kill shot ended up her myocarditis. A lot of them but you not hearing that." That wouldn't of been that way the people had just stood up.

They failed threatened was a cancer survivor and he didn't want to take the vaccine because it is immune system, which is already compromised from the them to do it anyway, and they threatened him and finally caved and he didn't think the vaccines are reasonably allowed to stay at personal cost to tell if he wants his integrity that he didn't keep his religious conscience and the ones who do have been kicked out for doing the right thing for being Christian is sincerely held religious belief and religion. Now pass from just mention one more time down the phone number and often call the Secretary of Defense tomorrow right on these numbers 703-692-7100 and 703-692-7100 methods now if you call 703-695-5135 chaps you've got 695-5135 you got two minutes to give an invitation could he do then two minutes Mr. somebody out there who doesn't know Jesus. And if you were to die tonight, would you go to heaven or hell well if you don't know the answer that question. If you're unsure if you're saved with me just repeat these words out loud and it goes something like this heaven.

That's right say that a lot with me playing with me right now say father in heaven.

I turned to you God and ask you to forgive me. I don't deserve your salvation, but Jesus paid the price for me. When he died on the cross he gave his life and he was punished in my place so that I could be forgiven. My guilt deserves all but Jesus took that on himself instead in his innocence 207, but he transfers that on to me and said so I can go to heaven and Jesus my Lord and Savior and possibly more. But Jesus I want you to be the best of my life come into my heart and take over my soul my spirit move into your Holy Spirit inside of me is my mood and Savior, I surrender all to you. Jesus and I pray in Jesus name, amen. If you just pray that 866 obeyed God for number four. Pray in Jesus name government his own ministry pray in Jesus are inconsequential at 866 obeyed God, thank you pastor all right thank you chaps that was a very doing a good imitation allow much time do I have done it now where we had already all right again I want to tell you folks will be here for a few minutes. Still, the phone lines are still open. We deftly need to hear from you. We came way way way short of what we needed tonight. I do want to say that the a Nikki Nick Crabtree fireplace 200. Thank you Nick about the werewolf really short 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 will be here for about another five minutes or so before thrown out here and will take you call so again, thanks for being here Were gonna then over with until we win, so wrong. All right, so here we go as we do this time every this every night. At this time as we get closer we say good night God bless and always always always already the most J fighting the fight.

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