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MON HR2 051622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 16, 2022 11:58 pm

MON HR2 051622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 16, 2022 11:58 pm

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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Donate and listen to the podcast WR right. We are back and here's what I have jointly this from FedEx tracking. We ordered a large amount of open to those in real DVDs right in them and so here we were supposed to get them in Saturday bootleg income so here we got I got this email today and it says Monday, May 16 11:11 AM delivered Newberry Ohio package delivered to recipient address release of well right at that time there was a FedEx truck. There the church, but it didn't have those DVDs you had Alyssa a big box of waffle also symbolizes the inlaid pattern. The padded envelopes that we mail things on and so there was an onerous reporting pardon driver Weyerhaeuser know another driver I wasn't there when the driver got there and knows where the driver had he only had he only had one date he delivered when he had on his list and so here.

This email came after the driver had left so we've got it.

We've got a cracker hunt to find out. Now here's why I'm concerned because this is happened in the past, but these woke corporations have said they go to work together to do all they can to stop the distribution of these 22,000 real DVDs of their lady sitting in a work together so concerned about that."

Because the are we going to have those DVDs and pledge way for all you folks already made a pledge out there of $60 or more, all of you in the middle pledge of $60 or more if you would like one of those DVDs then just let us know because where we saw later when I get up okay for your help yeah now are not fair and Proprietary what for more truth saying I'm highly suspicious. We've been hit with a lot of different things and they might do everything possible.

Make sure that delivery gets lost or misplaced or something you know so anyhow folks out there keep them where we want. We will unite DVDs in the will of either the maid and pledge that I didn't play $60 or more. All you need to know is let us know that you want the DVD will eventually get a mental where looking at. I was told well that they may be brought it may be, to Newberry with them. Sometimes they bring it to a post office FedEx work through that around because here's here's the dates ready. It's got on a Monday, May 16 7:23 AM Bedford Heights local FedEx. This facility 7:28 AM on FedEx vehicle for delivery. 7:41 AM shipment arriving on time 11 Bedford Heights 11:11 AM package delivered.

That's what they've got down so we'll see what happens. We'll gonna keep on top of this is where he paid for it all in advance. Of course, consult and remember the number 188867796738886779673, and 88828111108882811110 got a keep Randy and Lisa out of trouble back. You guys. The phones are ringing out to her, cause more trouble and you'll imagine a Carl in Cleveland pledge is 500 Carl in Cleveland with 500 right folks out there. I noted you listing them because I have a severe case of hayfever okay I have and I'm very well aware of polygamy and very well aware, but none have been dealing with infected Ms. Conley just gimme some stuff here to help with that. But you don't have to call me let me know. People are calling me and telling me that I know some will I know I know so were working at locating a set of founder role for a while. Right God's good, and I haven't had the stuff I've had this the Ford for 10 days now and it's been really really tough. It's a and what happened was some of the other fellows that were working with me and we put in that big garden that the raised platform garden and planted a lot of flowers done around the church and so many other fellows and of course there were a lot of chemtrail, some a lot of controls. Moore never saw and so know if you look at the same thing that just like I did and they think it's more than just hayfever. If they do something going on in their right you have the one the one fella's skin got very oily, very oily and he got very sick and over time. It's my belief and you know that the supposition on my part, but everybody's got to be suffering from signs and symptoms of what they call long-haul Cove, you know. So my recommendation is is that even though you may not have this active poison in your system were still being it is exposed to a lot of other poisons from the air and from the variants that are being created by the people that are vaccinated and I was very sick with this at the beginning of October for about 3 1/2 weeks. I went on the Iver impacted once a week and increase that to twice a week, but I don't have a lot of mucus or anything like that but I'm I need that Iver Maxton is antiviral and antibacterial. It's anticancer. It will clear your body of things that don't belong in their will.

I deftly need that to keep us in prayer folks really I have to get up very very early in the morning and had them. We have two men in the prison hospital, one of has stage IV pancreatic cancer. He's not can be with us. He is asking to see me unclearly the other fella has got to a wholeness in his back about the size of my fist elastomers on and it was rescheduled all kinds of availment so were going to go in primitive men tomorrow morning.

We have to leave very early to keep us in prayer with that if you could because what you know, it's one thing to working when you're feeling decent boy when you're it's it's hard when there when your health, not okay Carl in Cleveland pledge is 500.

Thank you, Carl. Now Kristin denied her driver's license. State sites US federal law 666.

You go ahead joke talk about how gentlemen has been driving in Arizona for 40 years returns 65 source driver's license expired and during all years that he was driving turns out the implementer day requirement for Social Security number and he's the fundamentalist space at my securities in God not the state and so he's never had a Social Security number never dealt with the government and so they're not going to give him make a long story short talk and let them have a drivers license and haste drives around the old strips of multiple helps to go shopping do different things. Now interesting. They quoted the federal law that the Arizona law department MVD sites for authority is USTA 666. Think about that that is the statute that they quote the Arizona revised statutes and the: the United States code USTA 66 and he says right there proves that I'm right by not taking the Social Security number when the federal statute is 666, the mark of the beast and we see that in Revelation 13, verse 18 here is wisdom.

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man and his number is 600 threescore and six. So what's he going to do well. He's gonna try and find a good attorney and is going to civil rights attorney and try to have the ball ruled unconstitutional That Story Very Interesting to Ensure the Law Is the Number of the Beast, Here's an Article, Democrats Are in Some Serious Trouble. New NBC Pool 75% of Americans Say Country Is on the Wrong Track under the Obama Biden Now Well I Got News for Christina Lilo the Road the Article There and Much Bigger Trouble with God. Democrats Are in Real Trouble with God. There Are Bloodthirsty People There Are Very Sinful People There Are Very Rebellious People and the Democrats Are in Real Trouble with God. Fellows from Our Group Got Groups like Amazon Levi Strauss in Different Other Companies Are Signing up to $4000 to Pay to Have Their Employees Be Able to Have Abortions or Travel through the Roe V Wade Happened As They Outlawed Roe V Wade to Send Him to a State Where They Can Have an Abortion or Six Operations in the Other Company That Was Added Today That It Has the Same Employee Policy Is Starbucks Starbucks or Coronet What You Write Indirectly Via an Area Hey but There Is People Fighting Back 17,000 Doctors Are Calling for an End to This Covert Emergency and One of the People Leading. The Courses Are Dr. Robert Malone, the Inventor of the Technology behind Vaccines and yet Here the Wording That the Government Policies Are the Coal Culmination of a Corrupt Medical Alliance of Pharmaceutical Insurance Healthcare Institutions and the Financial Trusts and That Control Them Have Infiltrated the Medical System and They Are Protected and Supported by an Alliance of Big Tech Media, Academics, Government Agencies, to the False Prophetess from This Orchestrated Catastrophe. They're Calling It a Corrupt Alliance.

These and They're Basically Coming out and I Said Hey This Whole Thing Is a All the People Suffering the Health Damage Staff Because They Withheld Critical Time Sensitive Treatments or Therapies or Injections, and They Say the 17,000 Global of Physicians and Scientists Represent a Larger Community and They Are Charging Pfizer the Dharna Biotech Janssen, AstraZeneca and Their Enablers.

They Say They Withheld and Willfully Omitted Safety and Effectiveness Information from Patient's Physician Should Be Indicted for Fraud and Because They Are Indicted for Fraud That Takes Away the Immunity That These Vaccine Companies Had That Were Given to Them by the Legislature. The Other Thing I Want to Mention Is Where up to 15 Countries That Have Totally Lifted All Coded Restrictions Calling Coal Bed No More Than the Common Flu Wow the United States Remains in the State That Wherein Which Is Totally Unwarranted for Our Stupid and Will Work on Stupid like Attorney for Joe Biden Is Doing Everything He Can to Destroy America Here. I'll Back That up with More Information.

They Interviewed a North Carolina Farmer Is That Raises the Crops and Cattle and He Saying Things Are Not Sustainable, Distant Inflation Is Saying His Fertilizer Costs Are 3 to 4 Times What It Was Last Year.

That's Not Just Inflation That Is Out Of Sight, a 275 Gallon Tote of Generic Weed Killer. Last Year Was $1400 for This 275 Gallon of Her Retailer That Does A Lot Of Acreage This Year It's Costing $10,000 While Ivana Rencher Had Cattle and the Wheat Can't Pass the Prices. The Price for Cattle Is Determined That the Market Right Now.

Cattle Prices Have Gone up for the Rencher at the Sale Barns Were Not Getting Any More for Cattle Than We Did, and yet the Cost to Fertilize the Hayfield Four Times What We Paid Last Year and You Can't Just Cut Hay and Not Keep Fertilize Unity, Destroy the Land. The Diesel Cost Is to Announce Three Times What Was All the Other Factors That Go into This Are High Is Destroying Farming and Ranching in America and All of You Older Season Citizens.

Your Healthcare Cost Is a Big Article on FOXBusiness News by Megan Any and This Healthcare Get This the Average 65-year-old Couple Retiring This Year Can Expect to Spend an Average of $315,000 in Their Healthcare and Medical Expenses during Their Retirement and Their Sin. People All.

Right Now There's a Medicare Increased 14.5% in Your Premiums like Jumping until It Looks like Know That Right Now Were about 3400 Short of a Goal with 3400 with 35 Minutes That It's about $100 a Minute but I Hundred Dollars a Minute Right Now so the Numbers Are 888-281-1110 Is 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 the Folks One Should Really Disappoint the Fake News Media Keeping Offended by Keeping Us on Their Right. Okay What I Was Getting at Here. The Government Spent Hiding This Working out This 14 1/2% Increase on Premiums for Your Medicare and They're Saying Inflation Is 8.3 Will We Told on His Radio Program.

If You Go Back and Look at the Figures They Used the Many, Many Years Ago, Double More Than Doubled out so If They Say If 8 1/2.

It's over 17%.

And If You Look at Some of the Other Things Are Energy and Cars All Kinds of Things. Some of Those Things Are Joe We Have To Really Get into the Lightning Rounds so Marilyn from Florida Pledges 49 from Oregon Pledges 100 Anonymous in Dallas Pledges 200 Gloria in Michigan Pledges 40 Nonprofit Watchdog and Covers 350 Million in Secret Payments Made to Fauci and Collins and Others of the NIH 300, That's Your Tax Dollars. Folks Yeah He's Even It Was Estimated That in 2020 When He Made about $36 Million That Your Tax Dollars. Here's Also Planned Predators. The Most Wicked, Evil, Ungodly, Unclean Creeping: Prevail Your Death, and in America and around the World Killed More People in the Army Plan Creditor Worker Support Child Sex Abuse and Trafficking Course They Do in Pedophilia Course They Do.

The Entire Democratic Communist Party Is Is Filled with Top to Bottom with Pedophiles, America's Largest Abortion Baby Killers Is Infested with Workers Who Aid and Abet Child Trafficking and Terminating Pregnancies for Underage Girls in the Sex Trade.

A New Investigation We Reported on This Years Ago They Were Doing This Years Ago We Send People into and Then I Told Him.

Pretending to Be Pregnant from and Talk until the Same Well and I'm I'm a Non-They're Using Male Prostitution and They Would Send Some Pimps in There with Them, and These Women from Planned Parenthood. They Love That and the Fact That These These Girls Will Be Enforced Okay to Get up and Get Pregnant Them in the Wicked. I Mean Wicked under Investigation Is Found Planned Predators Not Only Turns a Blind Eye to Child Sex Trafficking but Also Supported Employees of the Abortion Provider Have Been Caught Time and Time Again Helping Child Sex Traffickers Obtain Gutless of the Sagely Transmitted Disease Test Abortions for Underage Girls.

The Pro-Life Group Live Action Obtain Evidence Back in 2011 against Eight Plan Creditor Staffers Who Waited in the Child Trafficking. Today the Numbers Is Much Much Higher on New Footage. No Wood to Depict Plan Creditor Employees Giving Life to Child Sex Traffickers about the Best Way to Get an Abortion in Order to Avoid Detection by Law Enforcement in Here in Ohio. We Are in the Top Five for Human Trafficking Are Corrupt Governor Has Made Columbus, Ohio As Sanctuary City. Go, so Well and Are Doing out on the Other Hand, the DOJ Is Threatening of January, Six Protesters with Life in Prison Meant the up There Calling a River They've Been Screaming Ever since That Day about Seditious Insurrection, a True Attempt to Overthrow the United States Government River with All the Videos of Them and Awaiting the Policeman Waving the People in Kaman and Just Be Peaceful All the Stuff but Now They're Going after Specialties. People with the Okay First and They Are Looking for Life Sentences, upon Conviction on Some of the Ones That Are Pleading Innocent and the Think about That Life Imprisonment and What They Do Someplace People Didn't Break Anything. They Walked in They Would Didn't Go through a Barrier They Were Let in by the Capital Police and yet There Now Threatening These People If They Don't Plead Guilty to Life Imprisonment. Folks That's about It and There Also. If They Don't Plead There Threatening to Eliminate Veterans Benefits and Some of Those People around Veterans Pension Disability Pension or Retirement Pension and If They Don't Plead the Way the Government Wants to Take Away Their Pensions. This Is about Is Evil Is Anything I've Ever Seen Faster. The Sleazy Joe Biden Is He Is an Antichrist to the Bone Sleazy toward This Cruel Evil of the Wicked. I Know What They're Doing to Do. Joe the Pollution like Intelligent They Want to Start a Civil War. The Leader That like They Wanted to Do with These Always Been a Law Stating That You Don't It's against the Law for Democrats to Go out and Taken from the Homes and Trying to Intimidate the Supreme Court for Senators in That Long but You Have. We Have a Totally Lawless Government Again Did Did Did We Not Have a Department Of Justice It's Been Totally Corrupted Is Filled with Dirty Cops. Okay. And Again Here. The Hyde Park Receipt Is Astonishing in Some As We Were.

I Had Some Articles That I Wanted to Hit on Just A Few Minutes Ago, but I Will Find It Again but Again, so Again They're Pushing and Pushing Hard. Here's a Good Example I'm Talking about More Reaction Chicago Mayor Lori Lesbian Lightfoot T Moments Insurrection after Accusing Trouble of Inciting Violence for Much Less. What Is One Wicked Woman, What Wicked Will Lesbian This Woman Is to Promoting Look Your Joe Is a Combat Zone in Their but It's Done on Purpose. It's Not That They Can't Stop It.

They Don't Want to Stop It. They Promoting the That Wicked Wicked Woman Promoting Terrorist Promoting Hatred, Promoting Dependency on Government Because Businesses Are Closing in on What People Have To Be on Welfare Again. Everything Is Designed Everything That Is Happening Today Is Designed to Give More More Power to the Federal Government Because We Are in the Middle of a Communist Revolution Take over of Our Way of Life. Folks, This Is Really Your Living It and You Better Quit Just Watching It on Television and Get into the Battle.

We Are in the Middle of a Fight for Our Very Life and They're Bringing in the Black Lives Matter, People, and in Antietam from Out Of Town and in Speaking with the Suburban. Some Policeman in the Area around Cleveland That They Are Backing. You Know the Freedom Initiative and Is for the Most Part in Cleveland Here, Everything Is Been Staying Out Of the Suburbs Because They Don't Dare Come into Some of the Suburbs in Cleveland. They Tried It Already in a Separate That I Live in, and That When Adjoining Mine and Basically They Had No Success. Because the Police Departments Basically Said Leave You're Not Welcome Here That the County Sheriff's All across the Country.

The Country Are Telling the People, Arm Yourselves, Arm Yourselves and Protect Your Property That's with the Total and This Is What People Are Going to Have To Do. I Know out There If They Come in and out There Where I Met My County, That's Exactly What Went into Ligament in the Ghetto and the People Say Enough Is Enough and so and and Again You Have the County Sheriff That the Folks You Gotta Do This Lesson I Noticed Some of You Say Will Passively My Passes That Were Not Supposed to Fight Back Delete These Prissy Preachers. It Is Just an Amazing Thing.

They Don't Have the Courage to Do You to Do What They Should Do God's Word, the Bible Is Very Very Clear Very Very Clear from Genesis to Revelation Resistance Attorneys Obedience to God and Failure to Do That Is Disobedience. Now We Got the Let Me See When We Leave off 24 Messages. The Pledge Is 100 Jail for Massachusetts Pledges 100 Chris from San Antonio Pledge 100. Stephanie from New York Pledges 50 Thank You Thank You Thank You Think That If People Become Involved.

A Reminder Folks That Were near Donate Your Donations Go Directly to Paying Bills. Nobody in This Ministry in over 40 Years and Especially Pastor News Never Ever Taken a Dime and for Ourselves. We All Donate Our Own Time around Talent and Our Own Pleasure to Keep This Thing Going. Were Working Because the Lord Called Pastor and He Knows It Work with Him to Be Watchmen on the Wall and There We Exist for the Partnership. We're Doing the Work, but We Need You, the Listeners to Your Donations to Pay the Bill in the Big Bill Is a Radio Airtime in This Way Were Not Attempt Dependent on Sponsors of These Multinational Corporations Are Going Woke Who Would Not Sponsor Supportive and Admitted the Others. It Would Get Scared Event We Start Telling the Truth. You See What Happens. Most People Get Scared and Capitulate Well. We Never, Never Give in and We Will Never Quit Telling the Truth. Absolutely, Joe. Go the 2000 Meals. Just the Tip of the Voter Fraud Iceberg Michigan Investigator Reveals Mountains and Mountains of New Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud with the Release of 2000 Meals Patriots around the Country, but It Would Limit, Stop Right Now and You Notice Fox News Will Not Promote 2000 Meals. How Many Times a Lead That Dennis Decisions the Seal on Their but They Will Not Promote the One They Joined the Fake News Media and It Will Not Burn out and They Will Not Allow Him to to Do That on Fox News That Shows You Folks Right Now That They're Not with Us Patriots around the Country Are Seeing the Truth about the Obvious Voter Fraud That Was Caught on Video. It Designated Valid Boxes.

The Mules of Those Who Were Dropping Fraudulent Ballots and Drop Boxes We Know about These Ones That Were Recorder and Who Were Sloppy Enough to Keep Their Phones with Them Is They Commit a Systematic, Voter Front and Back Photograph to Have Evidence of Record Get Paid.

They Don't Want What It Was Bill Clinton, Maybe Earlier Live Demo with Lead Is Overlooked by Many, Though, Is That There's Much More Voter Fraud.

Evidence from the 2020 Election Emerging of Patriots Jill Brandis Who Is Been Investigating Michigan Voter Fraud since the 2012 Election with Mexican Citizens for Election Integrity Says This Is Just the Very Tip of the Voter Fraud of the Iceberg of Vodafone Evidence That Is Emerging Every Week about What Is to Come and Work in a Just Keep on Trying to Report on It like We Told You before, I Elected to Make Red Bear Said I Will Watch These 2020 If There Is Noticed and I Want to Do That.

They Didn't Want to Watch All Right Work Will Come into Break Will Be Back Right after This Would More I Hear That Train Is Coming around. Ray Is Here Because since the Wrong Decision and That Name Is Arrives and I Signed. There Is No Use. There Is No Place to Go. Now You Know Your Your Reading What so You Turn Back Jesus Didn't Care What He Died. Now You're Really Just Listen to See the Happening Here There Waiting Their Sins Blackness, You Know You Can and so Horrible Ways to Be Dormant and Is Already Now: the Name Wouters. Your Only Hope You Are at the End of the Line You May Not See My New York Times Wrote the Narrator Knows the All Right We Are Back and Let Me See What I Revolve I Believe Was at the Chris While He Couldn't You Just Turn That Voluble Way of What Was Going on Okay I Would Pick It up with Doug in New Jersey Pledges 200. Thank You Doug.

Already We Are Back Folks.

We Have, We Need Right Now.

20 602,600 and We Have Approximately Four BC, 17 Minutes 17 Minutes and yet We Still Need to Raise 2600, so Please Help Us out. The Lord Says in Deuteronomy 13 Chapter 16 Verse 17 Every Man Shall Give As He Is Available According to the Blessings of the Lord Thy God Which He Hath Given the and Some of Us Have Been Blessed with Beautiful Voices and Beautiful Faces, Some with the Ability to Make A Lot Of Money Involved in Given Different Talents and the Severity of God Has Really Blessed, and Others. The Forgotten Vic Remember One Time You're in Our Talking Rate This One Older Lady Said and Everything She Had Left at the End of the Month or so. There's like Two Dollars or Some like I Can't Remember Exactly That It Was without the Widow's Mite. She Gave Everything That She Had That Much Month Left over and the Lord Blesses You When You Give in Scripture It Says That When You Support a Ministry Doing His Work. You Get to Share in the Blessings of That Ministry. Whether You Donate Two Dollars or 2000 You Get to Share in the Blessings and We Have the Right to Life, Ministry, Prison Ministry. There Are People Change Were School of the Bible. The Radio Ministry. Many of Us Worked in Hospice or Have Worked in Hospice.

Anything That Good Comes from Anyone Working in the Ministry. God Says If You Support Us to Use Share in the Blessings Already.

88828111108882811110 or 8886779673888677967 Street Satanic Temple Said His Adherence Should Be Permitted Religious Exemptions to Perform Religious Abortion Rituals and States That Have Put up Barriers to Controversial Procedure Responding to Leaks in Supreme Court Been a Draft That Would Overturn the Bloodied Blood He Will Be Weighed. TST Said It Was Committed to Protecting Religious Abortion Access for Its Members. These Are Satan's Folks and You Know What Nasty Policy and Nancy Pelosi Said Basically the Same Thing Yeah Basically That She Endorsed Righteous Anger at Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Protesters and She Made the Claim That One Stayed Her Party Dispenses with Overturning Getting What They Want Withrow. They Will Amed Additional Basic Human Rights Being Taken Away, yet Nancy Pelosi Is Urge Her Religion Is Satanism Cheap. She's an Extremely Wicked and Extremely Unclean Evil Old Lady Joe You and I Saw We Saw Her When She Would Which He Was Really like out There That Is a Wicked Wicked Wicked Woman and so Here and She Wants to Get out the Cat Enough, the Four Democrat You Can Have Enough to Give Them Enough Baby Killing in Italy Can Have Enough Pedophilia You Can Have Enough Thought of Me Yeah Whatever You If It Is God's Word, the Bible Calls It the Sin That You Can Have Enough of Your Democrat. Okay Sarah for Michigan Pledges $10 Thank You Sarah Were Still Short Right Now Were Still Short of Folks We Need about 2600 and Where We Got about Them 14 Minutes. We Really Need to Hear from You Pastor I Can Getting 100 Okay There You Go Elaine Nurse Length of 100, 100 and Okay Nurse Elaine.

I down Okay.

Matthew Jill Harriet from Much Get Other People to Match Us for Aryan Jill for How Much Same Thing As Line Will Matter. Okay, the Light Right There You Go Set upů Down to about 2400 Interesting Tory Wants You to Comment on Pulses Race at the New Erotic Pompeii Exhibition Is the Title of the Story and Make a Very Long Story Short They Been Excavating the City of Pompeii, Where the Volcanic Eruption Totally Covered, Buried in the Straightest City Well. As They Started Digging through They Found Erotic Images and Statues Everywhere That Turned out That There Were All These Sexual Things in the Taverns and the Bows in Private Homes, Erect Penises, Both Male and Female Stuff All the Other Words the Entire City Was Central Erotic. It Was in Every Aspect of the City. Everywhere They Dug, and If You Get Thinking about It Here Was Probably One of the Most Wicked Cities Then from the Archaeological Digging I Don't Want to Describe Too Many Things on the Radio until I Get in Trouble but They're Showing This Now and the Visitors Are Shocked with All the Eroticism and Everything but Think about It the Entire City Was Totally Buried and Wiped out Every Man Woman and Child and One of the World's Most Wicked Cities Efforts Are Thought. Folks, This Nation Is Trying to Catch up with Pompeii and Hopefully We Will Not Suffer the Same Fate Will Be Drusilla, You Noticed That When Was Questioning a Possible Felix's Wife. She Ended up Very, Very Wicked, Very Wicked Woman. She Ended up after Being Warned This Word She Lost It.

She Ended up Didn't Beat Her and Her Son Being Married under the Ashen Pompeii There Grew Drusilla That's Hillary Clinton's Which Name Works Member out Extra Small World of Biden Secretly Ordered US Troops to Sommelier Folks, We've Got 10 Minutes and We Are Still 2024 Short 10 Minutes Come on the List. The List That We Can Do It Quietly 10 Minutes.

We Need to Hear from You. 888-281-1110 Priority Do Not Want to Have To Learn Rate Way Back When We Told Her We Were after Nick Took a Big Purple Gamble. We Won A Lot Of Large Stations and I Gave a Reduced Rate Start and None with One to Three Years to Get a Station to Be Self-Supporting. The Way We Do It Right Jill, We Have To Race Is That We Have To Raise the 66,000.

I Mean, We Have To Raise the Minimum of That This Day on All the Stations Would Come Very Close after Going out 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Folks Now It One Day You Turn Aside and Were Not.

There Is Not Because We Didn't Want to Be. We We Tried 888-281-1110 Jill Biden Secretly Ordered Several Hundred US Ground Forces Back to Somalia Earlier This Month, the New York Times Reported Monday. Biden's Order Reverses the Plot of US Forces Ordered by Pres. Company December 20, 2011 the Reagan All Those He's Bringing All This Emollients Here and at Their Coming into Columbus Ohio. Now That the on the City Applicant US Forces Narrative Highly Involved in Drug and in Human Trafficking Cracked US Forces Have Been Involved in a Word to Us in Life for Decades Now Started in the 1990s with a Humanitarian Mission under Pres. George W. Bush, Which Led to the Infamous Black Hawk down Battle Motivation under Pres. Bill Clinton in 1993 They Killed 18 GIs and Wounded Dozens More.

Pres. Biden Expects to Order Authorizing the Military Once Again to Deploy Hundreds of Special Operation Forces Insights Value Largely Reversing the Decision by Pres. from the Withdrawal.

Nearly All the 700 Ground Forces Who Been Stationed There and on Feminist Guys Just Go This and Just Do Whatever He Can Try to Undo Look at under Pres. Trump Folks You Remember under Pres. from We Had When the Bible Says When a Righteous Rule of the People Rejoice. We Had Low Gas Prices When Winthrop Was in Office. I Was Paying $2.80 a Gallon for Gas. In Some Cases Lower Than the 280 Now Is What It's Almost 5 Dollars a Gallon to Get Back Okay the Joe You Were Talking about You Not Getting Any More for Cattle, but I Can Tell You One Thing You Going to the Grocery Stores There. Sure Get a Hot Low A Lot More for Steak in the Rapture. When They Start Going off Their Herds and Go Out Of Business and We Have a Meat Shortage. Don't Blame the Farmer Don't Blame the Rancher Blame the Government Because They're the Ones That Are Going to Cause the Food Shortage and It's Going to Be a Meat Shortage Should Also Write Deacon John Pledges 100 Counties in Florida Pledges 100 Simplex Is down to 22.

We Need 2000 202,200 Left. That's What We Need. So Come on Folks, Don't Let Us down. We Get It Illegally Got about Eight Minutes Left out One More Big Story, Regret, until Bob Underwood Is Writing for World News Daily This Time about Military Woke Nurse Is Going to Get People Killed According to Several Senators Tom Carton Was a Ranger Qualified Infantry Veteran and He Was Speaking with Elaine Donnelly There for the Center for Military Readiness. But They Been Doing Is Lowering the Standards Because They Wanted This Gender Neutral Standards in the Army, but It Has Been Working Well so They Started Lowering Lowering Lowering like Soldiers Use to Have To Do 35 Push-Ups.

Now They Only Have To Do 10 and There Were Some Other Things They Had to Do and They Cut Them in Half and Change Them Because They Have the Women in the Cross-Dressers and Everybody like They Have the New 2.0 We Caught They Had a Young Optional to in a Half-Mile Walk Instead of the 2 Mile Run.

So Instead of Having to Run 2 Miles Is Just Turn Every Soldier Have To Do a 2 1/2 Mile Walk so They Been Slowly Slowly Changing.

Now They Are Working on a 4.0 Version Where the Army Will Accept Different Levels of Performance for Men and Women and the Because They Have To Have Their Diversity and Inclusion Mandates and Are Encouraging Very Minimal Standards in the Military. Military Readiness in the Event You Are Doing Together Cutting down the Toilet, Cutting down the Amount of Ships We Have in Our Navy Increasing Trip and Obama Is Using up All of Our Ammunition over There in the Ukraine Descending All of Our Bullets over the Great Sea There Will What Happened People As Me What You Think Would Happen If We Have To. We Come Face-To-Face with a Conflict with China. I Don't Peers. Here's What I Actually Think Would Happen.

I Think Austin and Livelihoods with Say Look, We Cannot Win a War We We Cannot Admit We Cannot Win This Militarily. We Need to Just Surrender. I Mean, That's Their Goal to to Weaken Us to Weaken Us to the Point Where They Say Look, the Only Thing We Can Do Is Surrender That's What This Weather Heading While I'm Not One Thing Where over the Years Have Done Different Wargames and Studies That We Want to Wear with China Make a Long Story Short Folks We Lose We Cannot Win a War Right Now. If We Were to Have To Fight China and Russia Are Military. Sadly, Not up to the Task.

Yet, within about Critical Race Theory Doesn't Bear Well We Would Score Well on the Van Genuine Isn't That a Combat Readiness and Generally Some Guy Was Astounded the New Press Set Secretary That Biden Hands. She Is the First LG BT QQ IPT USAA Person and Their Administration. While Whatever That Exactly MAG's I Gave There and on Her Way to the Lake of Fire Unless You Repent. That's What It Means Pretty Much an End and like the Entire Democratic Communist Party. All Right, We Have Steve Allow Buds Afforded Fellow Hi Michelle from Florida Pledges 30 and so We Only Have Three Minutes Left the Week We Got to Do Something Here Removes Let Them Easily When We Have Okay Alright so Now We're down to 2000 Cape Doors of the Word Church Is Going to Pledge 1000 Doing so. The Word Church Will Pledge 1000 and Were Looking Were Looking for Someone Looking for One of You out There to Match That Maybe Another Church. Whoever out There to Match That 1000 Week Weekly Lug and Just Sit Here and Not Do It We Have To Were Fighting with Everything We Have Godly Are Our Country throughout Their Work Professional Practice Survey Ability to Run a Large Business.

Different Companies Conduct We Reach A Lot Of People Politically to Richard and We Do A Lot Of Promoting Conservative Candidates of Your Donate to the Want to Help Get Conservatives Elected. This Ministry Is 1 Good Way to do it and when I think to say to the viewers is in need to leave on a positive note that the front-line American doctors in the process of setting up clinics and there will be also from the Cove in 19 critical care alliance. Dr. McCullough's group there also looking at setting up a parallel healthcare system that will work for us, not against us.

If you're looking for a physician you can find a doctors that's CX S or if you go to COBIT 19 critical you will find it listed out by country by state and by city I and then if you have any further questions you can call me directly at 440-478-4073 Elaine Conley already folks that are generally it CX S, DXF, T and correct Marine from Springfield pledges 200 David from New York pledges 100 Victoria from Georgia pledged 200 and Rosetta from Michigan pledges 150, so that means we we need $350 $350 when it went pledge to make our goal $350. Can you we here can somebody out there pledged $350 that's what we need. All right.

Well, we know we just have and from Michigan Place 300 okay dollars and and Mabel David from Maplewood pledges 150. We just went over our goal plays the good Lord hallelujah and silver Michigan pledges 25 thank you Phil, I don't dream it's almost funny. You don't have time for that because you got about five minutes, four minutes okay go four minutes to get to give the invitation. You gotta get afterward I will have reassurance from our Lord of salvation in the Old Testament, even in Isaiah 43 verse 25 I even I am he that brought about by transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins. Sin is what has separated man from God and it was because God gave us this free will that we sin, we sin because in the flesh we have this free will and that free will will make choices and has made all of the sin and fall short of the glory of God and yet you cannot be in the presence of the holy father your center conundrum. So God would send his only begotten son to the end of it all the believe in him should not perish but have one everlasting life, and in that process is called being born again. Being born in the spirit and be born in the spirit. You then are your sins are forgiven and you will can be blessed what you have to do is call upon the father and with a truly repentant heart, confess the fact that you're a sinner, a horrible center and that you need a Savior. You need a Savior and that is to forgive your sins, you ask his son. You want Jesus to become what Lord of your life Lord of all of your life without hesitation about reservation and is something that you do willingly accept Jesus Christ as Lord and then you can ask for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and that is your down payment on eternal life, and that indwelling of the Holy Spirit is your being born again you were born of the spirit, a new spiritual man a new woman, a new creation.

Scripture says a new creature, a child of the kingdom and you become then a screw son or daughter of the living God, and you will have the guarantee of everlasting life is. Jesus said that once you are saved to no one can take you out and out is no power they can rescue you from that selfish to take you away from salvation is the most important decision that a person can ever ever make and the world of dental people farewell only now it's important that I'll do it later. Well yesterday and I have seen a lot of people who died unexpectedly were planning on and they were people sometimes at that church.

Sometimes, 20, 30 years and never ran out tomorrow tonight rather time for tonight to don't want to run out in tomorrow's tonight folks people do that over the world. So we are at that time where we get to every night when we say good night with a good night really see like that. Good night God bless Rabbi and always always always allocate Friday. The fight thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance what's right what's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another edition was right. What's left is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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