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TUE HR1 051722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 17, 2022 11:07 pm

TUE HR1 051722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 17, 2022 11:07 pm

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You can't get much for five bucks.

These days unless you go to Wendy's for a five dollar piggy bag to your choice of doublestack Junior bacon cheeseburger or crispy chicken BLT plus for peace melds fries and a drink.

All for just five bucks that was smooth was in it. That's how you gonna feel when you get that big a baguette windy patiently. Before he starts most Africans will find prices may be higher in Alaska and Hawaii.

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio right now.

Welcome to another division was right would slip I'm really about. And indeed this is the voice of the crystal was kind of a weak voice, folks, you know I told you about these allergies and how to we have our producer none other than the money Andrew. That's right, pastor, and a waiting room waiting all day to say hello little Lisa everyone already know.

Also, we are to have our first pledge for tonight just as right on our very own Randolph Gales pledged $130. Randy gave 130 no.

We have way out yonder we have that the Missouri pastor Joe Larson Mercy child am forever I am we have a special special guest tonight.

Joe Anthony Camino gubernatorial candidate of California. 99 were doing all right Anthony how are you I'm doing current topic.

Thank you.

All right. Well, here's what we normally do we we have 30 minutes of Bible study as we go through this and then you can tell us your running for governor and those little bit about that, get your name out there and go through this. This is pledge week and we have a whole one of things that are happening and I think you might see as we go through this Bible study today.

The title was. Can't you feel the kingdom coming and we been talking about the signs of the times and working to pick it up tonight.

In second Peter chapter 3 verses one through four and so Joe, why don't you go ahead and read our Boulevard I now write you and were trying to stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance, that she may be mindful of the words which were spoken before I the only prophets of the commandment of the apostles of the Lord and Savior. Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, saying, where is the promise of his coming for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. All right, so let's start out with somebody scoffers. Klaus Schwab and his satanic aid about three weeks ago.

I think we played a clip of them and they were mocking God they were saying there is no Jesus above the clouds. He's not coming back. There is no God out there. We are God, what you think about that fellows and all. I am sure that I am a God. At least two little G well here he was mocking us to Mike and all of those that is looking for the Lord's return. So here we take a look and so what you think he said nothing, nothing is changed everything. To say as it was before, so there's nothing is changed a lot. Roll the same thing all that happened with the birth of Christ. It hadn't happened, and everybody figured it out here thought it whatever happened and everybody else forgot about it, but I saw something online or the scoffers were saying. It's like Christians are like Charlie Brown and the great pumpkin or waiting for something to come. That doesn't exist so nothing is changed. When this was written. Do you think that the you think they knew what a woman was okay.

Do you think that there they were promoting these young these young people to have their genitals removed. I do think boys boys were comfortable being boys and girls were comfortable being girls think that's all there. They could be okay. And today that I guess on that when Jean's magazine I what is it to quietly out when they had a pregnant man.

Yeah, a pregnant man with his breast.

Well pregnant man with a breast removed and the beard.

This is Calvin Klein is sleazy as is really sleazy. I mean, is it just plain sleaze magazines are for them that way) protocol about God were way out in front of everybody else rushing to defend first order to get their first whale slope working to sleeves right at the you just jump in with a common unit of the winter months. So you you you guys are doing good, dissecting what happening here in California and I think we would all agree that what happening here in California have nothing to do it all to connect everything to do with good and evil like dark And I think working society try to rewrite God's law try to redefine you know definition that we held true and work at the beginning of time and company garment advertising or marketing. Obviously before I was running for office when you think about Calvin Klein you think about them being opportunistic and wanting to take advantage of the fall of the fighting, wanting to be first to respond first act could be out there.

Hopefully collect on new audience segment being created. But the funny thing is about all of it misrepresents such a small percentage of the population and demographic, but the media gives it such a loud voice that the company's brand and even people think that it the new norm when reality you know most people do not buy in. Most people do not define you know men women this way but you have the media that basically magnified and amplified that method in companies that want to come in and capitalize on that you utilizing think about Calvin Klein in creating that provocative got more earned media media didn't have to pay for. Then you know any one of their most recent paid advertisement. So with the a and intentionally placed at to create controversy generate so that even tonight were talking about it, you know, if I was to catch one of my children and grandchildren where Calvin Klein selects I would do so. So think that's an interesting thing.

That work were also seen within the church people starting understand the power and influence. We have consumers and the leverage we have with our dollars and more people decided to stop spending money with Brandstetter turned out, the fighting commitment you not give me Starbucks Calvin Klein soft purchasing from the company that's been done align with our value unit. Then we would limit the method that would would get more account but unfortunately the church emphasized the bit we don't like to be inconvenient and like not you know everything were knocking a person Starbucks coffee or go to Disneyland anymore.

The thing is that the inconveniences and weekly of the church and the church body need to be prepared in the coming day 50 a little uncomfortable in an inconvenient experiment will master this them because remember he said nothing is changed every heresy I mean today. These companies of goal woke sleazy corporations pedophilia is rampant.

I mean, pedophilia is rampant within the theocratic Communist Party is rampant legislation. Hiding it anymore.

It actually it's rampant and it now in plain sight.

They're not even hiding them in the morning if the important thing.

And when you think about them of the log building to be passed like lowering the age of consent for for our young girls. Do you know you have an abortion architect change on our insurance without parental consent be think about what that doing right that Lori made to contact the 12 setting the potential to then say that a 12-year-old also has the ability and the right to consent to sex. Ultimately, your dangling any viral Intertec Delia Dr. Mick a if we can debate the content. To receive medical treatment is called them, hate them. They should be able to consent to sexual activity, which could be now you think about you not be the pedophilia and you think about that that human sex trafficking total industry you you are now creating an environment where you cannot be prosecuted for crimes against the 12-year-old anymore.

If they quote unquote gave contents that the next version of what you know when we would talk about the media.

I wonder sometimes you know when you take a look at especially those local people very same people you lead in doing the grocery store whatever after an and some of it was gonna be hard because I knew some who work for local stations that were Christians course but others I mean it would never mention that but I know them, because the attended church with one some other rabbit.

Actually, I I had one fellow who work for local TV station and he's just come over to my house just for a Bible study, but he said please don't if there were no that I was here to see you, I get fired okay but you wonder if they understand sometimes if I I'd like to get if I could. All the local media like him in a room and then go in there say first loan or no. Do you understand what you're doing. Do you understand when you go out and you say we're going to we've we've were contracted were contracted to spew the narrative that that narrative is a lie that whatever they make up when they tell you that your light the deal understand that lying is a sin and God's Word, the Bible is as all Liars Will Have Their Pl. in Lake of fire and and you guys are professional liars.

You wish the lawyers okay.

I would wonder. I wonder if they would understand that you sometimes wonder what's going through their head, that was cutting the one you are thinking back to California. They were promoting Harvey and is in all the schools in the textbook and there was a man who just loved young boys, and this is likely one of the big heroes of the state of California and I these people I think they start to believe their own lies, turning. I think they get so wrapped up they start to believe their own BS unit documents of the illusion boys of Zillah named Joey Biden is one of those and 88828111108882811110. I was looking at a number of photos that were taken of Biden when and set aside with his hands over these children.

Children in there and took the one little for five-year-old Boy Way, Biden had his hand you saw that Joan cupped and he was trying to kiss that little boy in the lives little boy was not going to have it know and give the other number one triple light 67796731 triple light 677-9673. We need to keep Lisa and Randy out of trouble. Keep them busy on the phone. Otherwise they will drive the engineer and everybody in the studio. Not so please call it's very important post is that we have a big night tonight is very important will be night tonight. We come into the summer months and you know how hard the summer months are all ministries not just this one little ministries and it's going to be even harder primer because we know that there is a recession coming for cookie stagflation.

And we know it's not going to be a lot of fun and so the church is just going to have to stand tall and deliver it because it's going to be very challenging. The next year to Joe turn over to first Timothy four read verses one through five.

First Timothy four now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy and having their conscience seared with a hot iron forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth for every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving, for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer cases today.

Lisa is now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in later times a later time started with the start of the six dispensation. Right. And so here. Some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron forbidding to marry well will go to another for bids to marry well there are those within sight of the Roman Catholic Church that permitted the priest to. Try forbidding the Princeton Marriott. Well, PC but but is that what the Zillah, the Bible teaches. This is is that dog more doctrine and dogma extra point, not doctrine. If you go to to first Timothy three I he gives you will go to first Timothy three and he tells you the qualifications of the bishop in the church and go in and just read verses one through five. Dr. Curtis saying if a man desire the office of a bishop, a desire for good work. A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality out to teach, not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre, but patient not a brawler, not covetous. Wonder Ruth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity for Fernando, not how to rule his own house, shall he take care of the church of God. What is one of the pastors major jobs in the church there. Well as separate is the true shepherd under the Lord himself marriage counseling and family counseling, preaching, marriage counseling and family counseling in another who knows more about that someone that's someone is married or someone has never been married, someone that's been married and had to deal with things this way silly, but now here but I would then apply today.

Let's go. We have a chaplain Gordon Clay Smith with us here today capture up to say hello going faster well were going through right now and were over in first Timothy 41 through five and were talking about how the Spirit speaketh expressly later times manage the Department of faith that we talk about those that would the priest about abstaining from marriage and abstaining from eating 30 minutes nap, but here today they're doing.

How does that apply today because there is a mindset today that you go out and I know you. I'm here in amongst these these college women especially that they can go out as long as there before they get married they can do whatever they want. They can live they can sleep with as many men as they want in the third practicing doing that.

It said that it's called them and then they want to have what they call open marriages. In other words, you get married but then you can sleep with whoever you want as a was a sense of being married. Okay.

And so here now. Basically, fewer if you are married in their living together they shacking up again and so we see how that would apply today. Now when he says, commanding to abstain from certain meats, which God has created to receive with Thanksgiving, of them which believe and know the truth. I listen for every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused if received with thanksgiving for sanctified by the word of God. Now you see what Bill Gates is done he has started that Corporation where there are growing meat and petri dishes. But what kind of meat isn't not me limit what would you call it a science experiment yeah you, so you agree. I think they are actually using DNA to produce made artificially and they actually had human stakes made they had human stakes down the born years that that word noticed the depart from the faith, seducing spirit, we have a name for cultural Marxism, humanism, Darwinism, moral relativism, postmodernism, progressivism, liberalism, atheism walk is sexism all those different things is a bunch more but I cut it short, communism and socialism, liberalism.

These are the seducing spirits.

These are the doctrines of devils because her all antichrist and what's happened through is called syncretism. They taken the little Christianity a little biblical worldview and may add whatever parts of humanism or moral relativism or postmodernism or progressivism they want liberalism and they blended together and make their own belief system. That's what is happening in the exactly what's predicted on a we have these fancy big words and terms for right Yes we can, you know, Marxism, communism, I just interviewed an economist on our TV show here pray in Jesus reviewed the book the devil encounter marks and found out you Marxist German philosopher in the 1800s who lived in London.

He actually grew up as a Christian and set the calling of God is really journals say that but very quickly after his teens. He turned over to the dark side and said I choose hell and then devoted the rest of his life to serving the devil into two, belittling God and belittling Christianity and then turned you know his his jealousy of rich people's wealth into an entire philosophy to send the government after them to steal their wealth confiscated and keep it for the government bureaucrats at the ghost of the poor does it do not get rich from communism. They lose their jobs, they lose all hope they lose the property of their ability to grow business and everybody becomes core and then the government has to kill people because the minute you make private property legal then you first people to defend their own private property with weapons and then the government kills them, because the government has bigger weapons, so communism always result in death. Which is why Stalin was able to kill 50 million Nazi tongs a little note 30 million and need to talk about Vietnam, Thailand. All those other places over 100 million breasts by Dennis identify government because of communism and the liberals want the children America should do and that's that's the insanity equal. See that's the sanity can begin to see this you know where a lot of them there. There, in lockstep. They're afraid not to be in lockstep.

I don't know I made today. If you tell me I'm a Democrat if I never met you guys and I sit down and you to sit next to me and tell me your Democrat while picking up on this. I would be right back after this the phase the flags read what's written his progress had a share flag reflects the past so much in this age wireless still lives. Please forward shared by all men learn love these mistresses face those of love each man. What is God live without fear of rising tensions in the world cries out in the phase the flags take a good long look what you're seeing now is the present futures being written hello underwriting flag stands what it is. The really think our leaders might be wrong.

The standard intelligence. These are the things that other lives will never know responsibility that Freeman you don't accept that freedom is like face reality. Freedom is like the world's greatest nation on line so do what you really we want to keep these light again if we do always like to thank God already were back to say thank you sister Mary is 100 billion Boston players 25 Bob and Lori from South Reds with Michigan blood 75 Deacon Mark pledges 100 888-677-9673 888-281-1110 we lost her Anthony. Anthony you are up next so you better call back. Anthea dropped off and we wait for you to telephone call about entity Camino and what he wants to be gubernatorial candidate and why people out there should support your well chaps you got an announcement, don't you think everyone get out of paper.

Everyone get out a pen and paper to publish the phone number and slide often this Christian audience to die defense load often. I have two different phone numbers were given a second happening, the three-star general's Academy Richard Clark issued letters of reprimand to at least 13 Christian cadets now say 16 that that the Air Force Academy and seniors in their brain probably will not be allowed to graduate because of the religion because of the Christian beliefs. These cadets have rejected the government mandate to take the vaccine which the cadets say has been tested on aborted baby body parts and their conscience, which is why they will not inject that vaccine into their own bodies.

They requested waivers which were denied by three-star general Richard Clark, the superintendent of the Air Force Academy that goes against his will to the Constitution to me because I'm a graduate of that fine institution and I attended my class reunion last September and I reviewed three-star Gen. Richard Clark. He was on stage. I took the microphone. I asked him his freedom for cadets who refuse the vaccine on sincerely sincerely held religious beliefs and place in a public audience.

The company will now be said absolutely chaplain is freedom for my check for my cadets for them with the powers above me but then he brought his word in December he signed with Republican signature now denying cadets in the last week he called the Christie's seniors into his office and he told them three things you're not graduate you're getting letters of the command and you will be forced to repay between 200 and tell them $400,000 in back scholarship money with no job and a pile of debt because of your religion because you will get the vaccine. And I do not your religious waivers you can answer heroes and I would be punished for their faith in Jesus Christ. After I met you people take action now because the secretary defense often is coming next week to the Air Force Academy to give the commencement address and he can superintendent attack is being blamed as if it is guidance three-star general. If we call Austin at the following phone numbers ready classroom ready. I'm really okay, the phone numbers for secretary defense often are 703-692-7100 73 692-7100. Now I recall that number when you call them to try and pass you off the public affairs you say no, no, I want to talk to and often let graduate and obey the law, which requires religious accommodation that your message let graduate and obey the law, which requires religious accommodation and at the phone number again 73 692-7100 transfer you leave your message with that person and you transfer you. That's okay, here's the second phone number which is a small box for public affairs. It might be, right now the second number is 70369551357036955135, often twice.

You can call him tonight or tomorrow and say let graduate to commodity reports Academy respect their religious freedom and grant religious accommodations against annexing, let's have the right call tonight and tomorrow folks you really need. They look right now we have enough people listing to this program if they would call we could turn a 5000 thousand calls you can turn in 50 or hundred thousand calls tonight. We can do that and so then we have to. This is your opportunity to stand and fight infected. No, I know you got time because you're not calling here the phone lines of quiet here and 888. But here's what you need to do. You need to call both 703-695-5135 and leave that message and then tomorrow 703-692-7100 703-692-7100 and so you really you really need to get that done. And so, meanwhile, Anthony Camino. He dropped on us Anthony. I will give us a call back was we want to find out more about you and your your race for governor.

We need to get some Anthony Selleck a good Christian man and what we need. Boyd is Californian.

A good Christian people in office. Don't think so.

All right there you go about supporting Greg Lopez in Colorado for governor to overturn. He's a Republican conservative family man who could overturn the openly homosexual governor Jared was just signed into law the worst in America (even after they're born. You can aborted baby in Colorado because the gay governor Jared needs to be fired and were hoping that Greg has will be the next governor of Colorado.

Well today I I met with a number of state legislators and basically I just sent Liz and I want to hear what everybody had to say and these folks there with their ready. They wanted a trigger. As soon as is Roe V Wade goes down the chaps. Have you had a chance to read Alito Samuel Alito's opinion was 98 pages and was lost. Did you know all 50 states and abortion all you know Alito quote every state everything will state law that used to be on the box. And now again took to go back to that. I hope this is the final decision we get a 63 ruling coming out any day now. Okay, where, when, why get that 90 pages politico politico published draft opinion, it's not the final opinion and it doesn't have any photos of science.

Let me know. We could lose votes. I think the reason they leased it with the pressure course John Roberts to vote with the leftists but then his younger days, and Bert Cavanaugh could be for public pressure in Elkridge and security threats at the Supreme Court in euros protesters outside of their houses and all my gosh to kill babies that the hope that the left has but you can find that it the draft opinion by Justice Alito's very strong ruling.

It I think the devil himself is outraged because Alito says is overturn the PC is overturned bad decisions and this is not some moderate compromise and this is not even the Jackson clinic that was suing in Mississippi as we are learning versus waiting for your vision is being reversed Mississippi a shocking, shocking the language very strong, well you know this only Alito and Thomas are the only road to the night. I have confidence in his the others like you said I could, I could easily see how the others might panic my bow in the count countdown to the pressure from the. The antichrist communist attorney Robert Robert trying to talk to conservative vendor doing something not so massive it takes some gradual steps in all logistical part way there and that's what the word I've seen on a lot of different articles that he is trying to get them to change their vote, chaps, and sometimes where okay so it's time for you to play in the name of Jesus and then lead the people all across the country. We have people from coast-to-coast listing right now and so wanted to lead enough where leading the prayer that these people would have the courage would find the courage and the integrity and the decency to stand fast in that note he would not listen to Roberts that these people would not listen to Roberts when we can't really we never could trust him. Would you cleanly inquire what I trust you and you have a great plan for every deed that is conceived.

You know them every plan to be on their head.

They are still in the womb. You knew them. You name them to be Protestant nations and father we ask you in Jesus name to save their lives, save babies. Jesus gave us your victory. Give us your freedom and in overturn. It's not enough that we ignore it and other states, it's not about that. He wants to make it then we would not stand for murder and land. We stand for life and you stand for life and we rebuke you Satan use was been ravaging pregnant moms in killing their children for decades. We rebuke you in the name of Jesus we invite the spirit of Jesus Christ the right course name is Yuri we we invite Jesus to come toward truth, and the thoughts of the Supreme Court justices and make them fear God and choose life, Jesus with them right now to choose life to stand firm and to restore life land for future decisions that even if some states like Colorado or California legalized emotion that the Supreme Court of the future will recognize life is inherently a constitutional right not the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims we are all given life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness rights, Creator endowed by their Creator with those rights that the Constitution itself protects the rights of every fetus, every booby was conceived has equal rights as any person word under the 14th amendment. The right to life is in the Constitution, and therefore, you are illegal you are illegal illegal. If you suffer the children to be murdered. Instead, God will be on hand in Jesus name, amen name and Melissa Godfrey granted and give your governor of your candidate for governor, blood is beautiful people because glad I'm sorry pastor's website here what you're talking you know people. People need to understand God's listing to this you folks out there if you want to know why I have the countries burning down half the time.

If you want to know why people are dropping dead from fat know all the time why we have such corruption let you know again all that is necessary for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing and folks we can't. You can do nothing out there anymore.

Okay people getting people gotta get involved. The gotta get involved. You gotta stand up now. The opposition said they're going to scream and they're going to yell in there that intimidate you. Some of us are intimidated okay and Chucky Schumer.

He endorses the criminal conduct. He wants burn load murder he wants is antichrist communist. These are terrorist to go out and out outside the homes of the conservative Supreme Court justices.

Our government is totally corrupt. We don't have a Department of Justice dear Mary Garland is a dirty cop.

He's a very very dirty cop. I mean he says back he will not prosecute. Don't forget Democrats rioted, they attacked conservative, they become supporters during their insurrection that Pres. Trump's inauguration in November 2016 following Donald).

The residence of Victor the anti-American answer coalition services group announces plans for mass protest in DC during Trump's inauguration. Remember they were throwing tomatoes and things in terms of orders.

These women they were taken as women just because they were trump supporters in their I'm looking at the far left antichrist protesters during a public press conference and their goal was for the drop inauguration was to prevent any kind of a peaceful transfer of power. These are America's enemies.

These America is under attack. Democrats are the enemies of America. Democrats are the enemies of freedom there. The enemies of life of liberty. That's just a minute just that you say will not all Democrats will then wire the wire.

The Democrats right when he thinks it chaps well. Greg will Colorado is a former Democrat and he used to be the mayor of Parker and asked him why did you sweatshirt your neck, you became a Republican. That's unusual. Why did you switch anything I read party all forms you do if you read the Republican Party popcorn. It says no, we want to respect life from conception and protect innocent children in the womb. We don't want no allow homosexuals to convert or recruit our children. We want lower taxes and smaller government and more prosperity for family, but if you read it says we want to come outside and meet your children say it differently, but it's right there in the platform of the Democratic Party. We went to portion up until and then some want to kill living babies with infanticide even after they're born on an abortionist table know we want bigger government and higher taxes and we want to run your business of its ability to grow with socialism. So when the two platforms. He said you know I've been a Republican all my life I just didn't credit. Most people are crazy he pronounced being in the Democrat party and he became a Christian Catholic candidate for office, but he was in office became mayor of Parker Colorado and is now running for governor of Colorado as a Hispanic Republican is if you want to learn more is because is easy to with your 22 this year for governor recalled Colorado and were hoping the great Lopez that is low because will be the next governor everyone.

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And that's the way were going to state state to the Lord comes home and so we appreciated but nowhere audiobooks about how and how to liberate the world to think your country where the books are sorry but I would much rather you give $10, $15 to pastor Ernie Sanders online and then back to those you can incentive those to your best owners don't amount to people who give five bucks but someone gives a significant gift copy of Dr. chaps bucket will get from the church from pastor Ernie will do the shipping your information, I don't want your money.

I want you going to pastor Ernie and he will ship you a copy of my book, how to liberate the world with the website okay website is WR WL ministries WR WR and they just go to that website you can do is all kinds of ways to donate the call right here now you got my people, and then answered. And they will tell them how to do that and by the way to right now. On top of that, for donations of $60 or more a $60 or more. Right now the light was the supply lasts were going to send out a copy of the but they have to ask for only for those that ask for the funeral mass for when I can send it's the same thing. Would chaps book you have plans for Mattel, and that is that the 2000 meals DVD 2000 meals DVD's of people to send a donation of $60 or more and they asked for that.

We will send that that that DVD and if the answer Jim's book was an intense book, and so there you go. Sounds like a deal to me. Any help we want to say thank you, Cheryl and Michigan pledges 50 but the phones have gone dark photos of gone dark folks, we can we can do this is where 1 Way Way Way behind in from where we need to be I'm I'm not quite sure how much with the I think were about 5000 short they were about 5000 short, what we need. We got to we got less than an hour.

We got less than an hour to raise 5000 so I'm working at a Baptist terminal called I gave my life for the and says I gave my life for the my precious blood. I said that thou might ransom to be quickened from the dead.

I gave, I gave my life for the what hast thou given for me and the Scripture tells us plainly that when you support a ministry doing his work and pastor Ernie is been God's watchmen on the wall and then preaching the gospel for nearly 50 years. Any blessing that this ministry does, whether through the right to life prison ministry. The radio ministry Kingswood school of the Bible's overall a couple of pastors.

The trucking ministry a couple of us have been in hospice for many years.

Any blessing you get the sure not blessing if you support the ministry you have God's word on it. So this is where you can lay out some crowns and treasures in heaven, and I suggested a very good way to do that we want to do it very quickly. Do it unaffected true the vote announces that they now have more footage more footage of the 2020 Green Bay drop boxes working with law enforcement actually believe that working law enforcement in Wisconsin VD this is an amazing thing because that we were getting much support from the judicial so good point Dr. here were coming up to the break we come back from the break and when and when to come with us here.

We got a shocking call.

I want to do after the breakthrough like really tells why this patient is in the method for already were coming up to the break. I think anytime and and and is busy and there is an influence on thinking all will know boom, there you go. 20 the ego is getting done.

The phones ringing in their poor and a look at a many to go after them dumb below zero.

Okay, we keep we will be picking we will be back after this with a lot more.

Don't go away. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries.

The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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