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FRI HR 1 051322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 14, 2022 12:27 am

FRI HR 1 051322

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 14, 2022 12:27 am

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The purpose to do something to positively country what you think a private Christian education, looks like great university graduate and offers more than 25 high quality purpose. The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio, walked out what's right and welcome to another additional what's right was left on this 13th day. Oh, Friday the 13th is Friday the 13th and I have maturely and Holman good evening this is the voice of the Christian resistance and we have delayed our producer is none other than courageous creek good evening everybody how do we get the you and though it were distinguished cohost will gently turn and drive home all early goblets you and all our lives where we have a great show and Marilyn good evening everyone overlooks very God's blessings on your thank you fellows.

Today we have sitting there with us a newbie's name is Ron Fritz could be a rising star in radio on the other side that you might get freaked out here tonight run for the hills. So we'll just see what happens. Everyone okay legal suit against good evening everyone there you go. I mean, you can feel Telemann that was right there right okay no we're going to get started with the message tonight. The title of the message was it was for Mother's Day, mothers of the Bible, the good and the glad and the bad and the sad that we did the good we talked about godly mothers chest women cleaning ladies shamefaced sobriety party real decent, sweet, clean women and we looked through the Bible that some of them and I will have you were were fortunate enough assessment to have wives that way. I've had one for fifth grade of 54 years now, but some guys aren't so fortunate to know here we went through that we talked about them shift from Pugh and Jaco bed and Hannah and admit all course, the most of the day. Most precious wasn't Mary and then also Elizabeth but and then to but tonight all actually in that there was was Rahab who went from being a harlot to beat in the lineage of the Lord Jesus himself and she ended up marrying one of her rescuers now here tonight were going to pick it up where we left off last night. We did Herodias and Salom, which were two very very wicked. They were mother and daughter team just like my Jezebel and her daughter and like Hillary Chelsea Chelsea a disarming, you see that all through Scripture. So tonight were going to go start with first Kings 21 verses one through 28th. So the Col., would you read verses one through 15 one through 14 and an in-home it would you guys think would you pick it up with the verses you say what he call my last name is because the first thing both John and Mike say John would you do this they will start talking the same time and sometimes that's a low strength light on the senior note on elderly you could call McDonagh and Johnny Elder elderly job well we should go with that we could go with them. John Hansen back a bit of stuff I do. You're right because what was coming next is the case we we got a backup so so if you would read first Kings 21 yet. First Kings 21 and all right. John will reason right through first starting with verb verse one through 14, and you'll pick it up and 15 and read all the way through the end of the chapter. Okay already know will go back to the beginning and then do some commentary okay take her away and it came to pass after the thing that made the better life out of me, which was in Jezreel hardened by the palace of Ahab king of Samaria and have spoken a boot give me thy vineyard that I may have it for a garden of her because it is near to my house and I won't give the for a better vineyard than it or feel good today. I will give me the word of a vision the money and money management to Ahab the Lord from Goodman that I should give the inheritance of my father's king 1/2 payment without heavy bleeding because the word would be Jezreel at spoken to him, for he had said I will not give you the inheritance of my father's and he laid him down in any way and down upon is that and turned away this place that would not eat no bread Jezebel. His wife came onto him and said unto him, why he felt spiritual that value does no bread anything out there because I spoke to David the Jezreel line and sentiment give me thy vineyard money or or else it could please the I will give the another four and the entity would not do the mind vineyard and just call his wife and those that those that now govern the kingdom of Israel arise and eat bread. And let thine heart be married. I will give you the vineyard of native the Jezreel so she wrote letters and Ahab's name and seal them with his deal and sent the letters unto the elders and to the locals that were in the city dwelling with and she wrote in the letters saying proclaim a fast and set on high among the people and sit and sit to men's sons of the Lao before him, to bear witness against him, saying, doubt, that is blasphemy. God and the king and then carry them out and stone that he may die in the men of the city. Even the elders and the nobles who work the work of the inhabitants of the city physical and sent him to them and it was written in the letters, which she had sent him to them and they proclaimed a fast concatenated on high among the people and there came in and there came into men, children of the vile and sat down before him and the men of the lower witness against them, even against neighbor, in the presence of the people saying they drifted blasphemy God and the king and they carried him forth out of the city and's own good looks: study guide and a sense yet and they sent you just go playing nobly legitimate native stone and instead came to pass when Jezebel heard the neighbor stone and was dead. The Jezebel said Ahab arrives, take possession of the vineyard of made at the Jezreel light which he refused to give me for money for Dave Is not alive.

I came to pass, and Ahab are the neighbor that was dead but I have rose up to go down to the vineyard of David, the Jezreel light take possession of it and the word of the Lord came to Elijah the test by saying arrives, go down meet Ahab king of Israel, which is in Samaria.

Behold, using the vineyard of neighbor whether he is gone down to possession and thou shalt speak on the him saying sparsely of the Lord has now killed and also taken possession. Thou shalt speak on the him saying, thus saith the Lord in the place where dogs lick the blood of Naboth, shall dogs lick thy blood, even thine and Ahab said the larger southbound me all mine enemy and he answered, I have found the because thou household by itself to work evil in this light of the Lord.

Behold, I bring evil upon the and I will take away thy prospect Terry and will cut off from Ahab him that this is against the wall, and him that is shut up and left in Israel and make fine house like the house of Jeroboam the son of neighbor like the house of Dacia, the son of I Hydra for the provocation where the house provoke me to anger and made Israel to sin and Jezebel also spake the Lord saying that dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall. Jezreel and that diet of Ahab in the city of dogs shall eat and him that not in the field shown the fowls of the air, but there was none like under Ahab, which did sell himself to the work work recognition the side of the Lord whom Jezebel his wife stirred up and he did very abominably and following idols. According to the old things is that the Amorites and the Lord cast out before the children of Israel came to pass, when I have heard those words that he runs close and put sackcloth upon splashing fast as my own sackcloth and month softly in the Lord of the Lord came to Elijah that despite saying she is now how Ahab humbled himself before me because he humbled himself before me. I will not bring the evil in his days. But in his son's days will bring the evil upon his house. Okay, so let's go back and take a look at the six start thinking if you go back now just Ahab knew what had been said back in Leviticus chapter 25 verse 23, the land shall not be sold forever for the land is mine for your strangers and sojourners with me in all the land of the of your possession and grant a redemption of the land that was set three times here. Exodus 19, five, and in first Chronicles 2915 they were instructed not to sell the land. The land was had to stay within the possession and so here we take a look at this. It was starting out Jezebel knows what her name means in the Hebrew and the Hebrew. Her name means heartless woman, heartless woman.

She was the daughter of that the bell who was the king of the safe side audience. The sky was when the bill worshipers and a high pre-was both the king and a high bill priest and court her gods were bailed. When Ashtoreth she was a bloodthirsty horror. She was a bloodthirsty horror at her dinner table they would have orgies and they would sacrifice children. She was a wicked woman. She could have been right now in the Congress today, the Democratic Party, Congress, she was that wicked woman within a here when we eat we see this when she tells him not the personalities from which you get from the Bible are so close to Bill and Hillary Clinton is unbelievable. I know a lot about that because you know we had going back to 1990.

We did a whole lot on the Clintons and John. You might remember when Hillary called into the radio program here. We had a brief route like five times so you know, in other words they used to say skittering Larry Patterson Larry Nichols used to tell me all the kind slick would be happy and they called Bill Clinton they would: slick Willie would be happy, and he was he was a guy and always easy, like a mini would say all the things he knew how to compliment you and hear. I remember Larry Patterson say one time woman came to him. He was out campaigning and told about how she had this it happened to learn in the he she needed some some help. She really needed some help bed is what I was governor and Lisa get her name and number and let's make sure she gets that help and then afterwards she was gone. He said you want me to do, see to it that Lydia gets up. He said no, no you just tell what they want to hear And so but anyhow they had that that same thing they would say slick if you just give slick some coke and women he's happy all of the dead people that was Hillary still and she was the one behind all of that. Although the wickedness there and here so will we go and Jezebel writes letters and she tells him to go out there and find two men of the Lyle Gen. with amenable Lyle were John John R. There is no doubt they were criminal they were sodomites they were sodomites glove. That's with the sensible Isleworth they were sodomites and so she told him to go out and find two sodomites to bear witness against Naboth so here they went out and they bore witness against Naboth. They had this this was a set up. This was like the fake a coup against Pres. Trump's impeachment Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia.

This was it was a and so here now that what I took Naboth and they stoned and so when Jezebel heard that he was dead. Just she told hubby remember what would that Hillary set.

I remember her when she was when she was still in college and Bill Clinton, who had had run for anything that they were talking about his career. He was an uprising was going to be because it was such an articulate speaker this and that and she said, and he is going to be my ticket into the White House as Pres. She said that way back.

I said so Jezebel she had her eyes on using Ahab to get what she wanted with Jezebel was about Jezebel and so here but her daughter was a failure now with Ilya was was actually even more wicked than Jezebel. If that was possible because of failure.

One of her whole to try to kill all of her grandchildren when her son when Jacob killed her son. She ordered all of her grandchildren to be killed because she could become queen and so one was taken and saved alive and hidden for seven years now. He was in for six years he was seven when he was taken and and when he began 13 they brought them out and it was actually her sons was her sons, but was it that she was related to her son but anyhow that was the one that hid was might've been her son's wife that had the child. Anyhow, so that's that's the kind of people were doing with no it was saying that this it seems to be a common thing with with really wicked women that there's a mother and daughter thing there you had Hillary and Chelsea, you had. We took a look at. We started out here yesterday when we were reading about Herodias and Ptolemy, and now we see here Jezebel had a failure so here now when he said the Lord has said that thou has killed and taken possession and thou shall speak in him saying the dogs saith the Lord that that the place would the dogs lick the blood Naboth document that wasn't exactly made me see that fulfilled over the second Kings chapter 9 verse 30 all the way through chapter 1028. Sure enough, in the same place.

You remember that the story there.

John and John where the Lord had sent a have a lying spirit because he wanted to form a Confederacy with Jehoshaphat and and the idea was the two of them would go yes and fight against the king of Syria and jaws offense.

I want to hear from a real profit. I got a real probably got knew there was only one real prophet of God so that he profited prophesies to Ahab, you know what, guess what it was going happen.

Israel is going to be without a king and not so old they had been like to hear that prophecy. So the three men in prison for doing that now here.

Ahab told Jehoshaphat was confuse them a little bit all dress like you and you dress like me. So what happened was, it didn't work very well, somebody spotted Ahab, and they put it in arrow right between the shoulder blades and when they washed out his chariot through his blood was right there in that sense, but dogs licked you guys get a commonality of this one really good guy to break your comport. I feel like a historian here already, so anyhow so letting me upgrade you if you finish the right John and myself will operate right now. It shows you how God has mercy, even to the most wicked here and so what happened was because Ahab lettuces here that the there was none like a hat which did sell himself to work. Wickedness in the sight of the Lord whom Jezebel's wife stared up and he did very abominably in following idols. According to all things that the Amorites and the Lord for the children of Israel again to pass when I have heard those words that he rent his clothes and put on sackcloth, but his flesh fast and laid sackcloth and went softly. I'll bet I'll bet that really got Jack Jezebel Inc. I made a commitment that really angered her see that in the word of the Lord came to life in a dish by C&C is now a have humbled himself up for me. He humble himself before me.

I will not bring evil as they thought and his sons Dave will bring evil upon his house lay have had many wives and many children. And here when none he would, after he was dead. Of course then move we look over there. We just uncertain casework then then Jezebel gets thrown down off the wall and the dogs see her and always left with the palms of her hands was all that was left and then he goes after the entire he wiped out the entire family. They have Jezebel the entire family got wiped out next the end of the story priority are punished.

Ahab's children well and spare Eric Sperry. He humbled himself, but why would he extended to his children well believe me God is an absolutely just God and he would never punish anyone more than they need to be punished okay and if they would've all had the opportunity to repent.

If they fail to do that is a God to eat. He knows what he reads and reads their hearts.

If in the nose of the repent or not and believe me if there was any innocent children involved in that spirit. It was fairly cancel all the same spirit of the Bible. He says that passed down to the second and third generation yet to those that take a look. Thank idols will be back after this. John the was born of Elizabeth, the son of Zechariah is by God the father claim #he was his boldness alignment. The new note here that awesome man in big John and in the wilderness of Judea.

There was an it was very loud.

Generation of five hours were the rent better listen. There is preached to the center. The Milliron only one way out of that burning, like I the truth under this righteous man, and those that believe the promise land that John Johnson chosen by the father to baptize the son.

It was there in the Jordan this awesome thing was, the Holy Ghost ascended as if it were mighty voice hundred and this is my seven in whom I will leave John Brandon none greater than eight Ptolemy about God the son he never preached of the job was done. Big nap. John John met 2000 years later historians will be in whole how he was going to prison for being so bold was my God him. It was on.

He earned himself a man is definitely out. Big John Johnson. Amazing. They perished in the shame John to his place in the Saints Hall of Fame now in heaven above the Angels understood John Preece repent.

Sure did a good Baptist job in that there is one thing John wanted and now it's a matter solution around so to call upon the Lord while you still can better take the advice of this mighty righteous man big nap John John the Baptist. John John the Baptist and that John big John Wright went back big Baptist John the Lord said of him amongst men born of women there was none.

Greater John the Baptist employ a limitation that the X silly. What are the silliest Veda Already that's earning are not correct. Our great narrative. There was excellent. It was really really good. Yeah, thank you Did you let me see what left something out. What I mean me the narrative was buried. I enjoyed your singing Esther and I enjoyed it. I can do a little sound like Johnny Cash locate all Cathari I got to correct myself. Amendments like okay so I go to the person that I talked about the Sims exam now.

Deuteronomy 5 thou shalt not bow down myself onto them or serve them.

For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children onto the third and fourth generation of them in a Mesa got it wrong. I said second death anyway but you the good pastor and you got an a C people Ms. close that all the time because IV was a newly whom I did. My dad and his dad were wicked men, and now I'm paying the price and I said what what makes you think that will innately quote diversity.

But his is to those of data might cc within you hate God will know course, not with a wire you say that because the Bible says, for those that hate God writes out the condition of the here's the thing I know I like doing business with local businesses, especially family-owned local businesses.

I always I will always shop it is at the local business, family-owned, especially small business whenever I can do that.

Other than going to a big box company, especially to one of the will companies but anyhow so I guide every now and then when you get exceptional service. I get my a good shout out in the air and that's what I want to do tonight for Newberry tire company Newberry tire company and I headed tired. Got a puncture and it needed to get fixed. I took it over to them and those funds will not mean they had done. I'm in you because a lot of times if you going to somebody's real busy places though that sometimes are exactly good. There doing you a favor by just waiting on you, but here these these people are super friendly. So that's Alex all over Newberry tire family-owned business and the addresses 10069 Kinsman Rd. and that's the Newberry Ohio could strike that. About halfway between Route 306 and Route 44 on Route 87 Newberry the phone number there is four 405-649-2270 folks at their you want good service and they've got good prices. There there they don't have a lot of overhead so they get they give you the prices for 405649227. Let them know that you heard about them here to okay now John and John and okay the dark Prince abomination be corrupted. The DOJ, the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, remember Bill O'Reilly to say how it incompetent he was and I could tell O'Reilly he don't know what you're talking about this guy he is. He is working overtime. He is corrupting he is planning see the dissent.

Remember John how we would go every day we would safety see what is done today. You see, what is done today when none but the one he purged. He purchased 11 four-star generals. 260 high-ranking officers altogether.

Anyone who believed in the Constitution and replace them with bootleggers and and so now you seen the corruption in the FBI and we don't even have a Department of Justice out.

I saw Martin Garland Merrick standing next to Joe Obama today which Obama was trying to talk his way out of the this latest thing that they purposely cause that was the baby formula. This is the latest crisis that they did on purpose.

On purpose so but now we've got an FBI's got a leak or whistleblower tell us about McCarran RDFS furnace is really really good thing.

In fact, let me go over and get to the article out on the golf course you wouldn't catch anything in the main years about it above what happened was, here's the article whistleblowers reveal FBI investigated parents who spoke at school board meeting domestic terrorism, despite Garland's testimony to Congress, but they didn't do it so someone within the PI had to be fairly high-ranking Attorney to do this all the documents which were posted and will and his cover interesting that they will looking for the efficiency criteria discarded criminal investigation against parents who spoke out at school board meetings number one night they had to have guns earning this event shocking is that number two, they will looking for them to be like members of your church or some what they call right wing organization that was enough, but was enough to trigger an investigation of the people that we had several members of our church speak at school board meetings and let them let them have it.


And yet they got guns and I got guns to and we understand that we are obligated under God's Word, the Bible makes it very clear we are to defend each other and we are living in a very hostile time where the government has become so corrupted is the enemy of the people now and slow down very possible that all members of your church who are under under creation by the FBI and what I think happened was it it will leak out somehow and some of the senators picked up on it and they made it public and then Garland went out and why to to the Senate and then I think that that whole exposure of the Senate being outspoken children that they would go forward anymore because of that you see.

Remember there was a time that they prosecuted these people. Besides, besides conservatives for lying and overseeing receipts will lose our garden lying to the Senate, we saw Fauci to lie after lie after lie after lie in the end they don't get the prosecuted wife well is we don't have a Justice Department and that to do that lately but we take a day this we can survive another whole year of the Obama there. There there there purposely because you want prices that the other crisis that the immigration so here you got them and you know the wickedness the wickedness of these people out there you know where it comes to the baby formula you got there was one of the Democratic women a confirmation order named them and chatted.

Pardon the Commack yeah that was a lovely she said that the stop having so many children she said you got a quit.

He said you gotta quit feeding the children to start killing knowledge in the ethnic killing of another, which use the word abortion which means killing a child. Gotta start aborting them and you won't have to feed them and go to work so that is wicked. That's all you have to do right now is probably the wrong name I gave you about your look up from Republican that was investigating this sort of get the other name was something like that. It was sounded something like the very similar believe, but that he went to the border and yet I saw her in stockpiling the baby formula for the illegals entering the country. There you go America last let them and give root around in the parent stress over trying to feed her babies but make sure you got stockpiled for the legal spot that you know all babies need to be taken care of but Biden you know that's right.

This is my comment about that unfortunately God created hell. But there are people that justly deserve it and bind unless he repents a Gumby deep down there. Now I know that I think he's at the plate right now work lately given over his. I don't think you see him this evening would be possible for him at this point because he being human over totally to a reprobate mind ministers on any land that is faster any women that are trying to buy pretty babies. I posted an article in our pin at the top of our new site Perry County real news on Facebook. If a history on how babies were found in it tells them how to make food for their babies if they have to. So I'll put that on the top of our page and if anybody needs that information I can get there. You know what was interesting thing Wendy Wilson was here on the Wednesday night and I asked I was in the am curious because it used to be. I remember when I was young, seem like all the women nurse their babies lay on this to babies they can move the now there's this field and the result was a lot of reasons why now days because women are this healthy gay you got a higher rating cancer with them.

She went into it in and talked about the different reasons in leg so women can produce and of milking so on and so forth. But this bet Mettler Seth. She goes on Jesus and what you heard of nursing your baby like you could turn it on and turn off but I don't think it works that way.

What we maybe return tells how it works. Winter cry out there in a Gumby pen dear all right, which is I got back I would have explored with you and you got me by the I think when you set up America last step that really should be Biden's campaign for the next election consent that's basically what he's done is everything is always America last. It's not a confidence. This is done on purpose. Everything will be an amazing wall for early we got this about Obama not only Obama but primarily Obama when he said this was the solution. You can keep your Dr. and you go to any hospital you want things like that all you got to do everything you take the opposite happened. Every time this legislation will increase job, though it did we want the economy lost like 500,000 jobs because of this legislation of everything. Pastor Ernie was lying and to hurt America and now with Biden there, i.e. department and Obama is one that I'm sure it's him that's running the show Obama is actually said that yeah yeah yeah he did, and whatever this is orchestrated slow-motion precise destruction of every facet of American every facet that's burning and it slow-motion is picking up speed and we have to we have to realize as American.

We have a government that is not the people, and hates American and it's got a whole other agenda agenda is to destroy us and then in the rent and the world, but they want to destroy us and then in their perverted good gender.

They can or raise up a whole new better world that speculative thinking and it means killing off Pastor Ernie millions and untold millions that maybe in the hundreds of millions of Americans and other people worldwide. This is these are murderous psychopaths now that are in power, you're absolutely right. You are absolutely right when you really look at Fauci you know Fauci lady did that experiment on spent millions and millions of dollars experimenting on puppies torturing little dogs illegals noted there was they get they actually learned nothing, nothing was learned from that other than the dog suffered a whole lot but then again, apologies behind this. Yeah, yeah. Sorry.

Grant benefit is also behind that here.

John you don't like in Maryland and where they will he try to pass legislation was that it was signed into law in Maryland 28 days at Arbor Naugatuck that no it's in the Senate right now. Okay, so they still good.

That leaves that has been done in now, but here these babies that once it did, like in New York the past that he kill a baby writer does. Born in Virginia evening cable. The lease of a three or four days is optimal health right there and he predicted it's only uphill work okay and I know California.

They want to go way over a month.

28 a and 20 acres so here with the people think. Well in the just calculation of note, there is there selling their body parts though the ideas is this for a full term baby like that and you got things like wicked Democrat women that will carry a child to term because they get tons of money for that child. Okay, you got these wicked wicked people like Ouchi, and others that experiment only to children at the they dissect their wickedness.

To me this is this is evil just like in the those that do new offered of the children. Bill worshipers of injustice is evil is evil. Gets there is evil is evil gets his uncle Ernie called back there without natural affection until yeah they're not human anymore where we were guided designed in a certain way Certain emotions and these people now the emotions and feelings like God created us with.

They don't have them anymore. The reader hardened or that the Bible says, without natural affection, pretty much solace is still here in modern markets. Yeah, you got that that professor Alan Walker. He was there he went to it, which is higher by John Hawkins after leaving University of Virginia and and he was he was leaving there because he was promoting pedophilia he was unloading pedophilia right minor attracted persons so that shows so he gets hired by the University of been started on how to and in Haiti gets hired there to prevent child sexual abuse.

The Ohio hire a pedophile to do that.

These people have lost.

They have lost their entire line something completely won't tell you.

Learning what's going on. John Hopkins is obviously a hotbed of the pedophile. Why would you do that and let's you agreed with pedophilia and you don't children as their agenda I wanted and what you said about bouncing. I'm sure you remember this back in the 90s. They took on wanted a baby in New York City.

Yeah. Yeah, and that he experimented on all these crowed and all of that and a whole bunch of them died and they suffered an individual is no longer a wall of violation try to stop me. So this ruthlessness that he showed back in the 90s. It is nothing new on the last couple years now is that I'm sure that it begins with background of many of the things this guy is rootless the is the Miller brothers that it is not a soul concerning yeah more thing I wanted. Being from Pennsylvania now your I know you're aware of Dr. Mr. Levine believes in his delusion days been elevated course of the federal government's analogies have the ability and is spreading his perversion education around the nation. And that's right, that's a Bahamas not Obama. I could go around biting Obama and Biden's request. So there you have it is perverted and out of Pennsylvania is now spreading his perversion through the nation well look what you have with Joe Obama Giovanna's own daughter is come out and said that he made her shower with him when she was a teenager what he called pedophilia. Yeah, I've seen picture after picture of Biden that one really grossed me out was when the pedestal for a five euro boy you so that you had his hands on either side of his face and is trying to kiss the little boy in the lips. I could tell another picture where he was a had to show the pretty little blonde and a girl and he had his hand on his shoulder and he was trying to smell her hair and her mother was trying to pull her away is the look on the mother's face was establishing Bithynia. So you've got this look it's always there always can do the opposite of what's right. It's always going to be totally the opposite was right. Who did he appoint. He appointed this is crazy woman to the Department of disinformation so here is created.

This this Department of disinformation and that is under Homeland security and so here now not author and Islamic terrorism expert Robert Spencer has accused the Obama regime is ignoring real tariffs on American soil.

Absolutely, he had, you know you don't see them going to mingle after burn load murder. They didn't go after at the fact but they they went after the patriots there on January 6. They went after the American patriots and antiterrorist yeah and so here now as he goes on to say, here's the Joe Obama regime of ignoring real tariffs on American soil. Instead, the founder of Jihad watch said the government is focusing on fighting against so-called disinformation fighting this information always involves censorship think that companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google only allow speech and hearing to the standard making things worse is the Biden regimes establishment of the disinformation governance board under the Department of Homeland Security. This is just people who dissent from the government signed going to be treated as terrorists will guess what, that's us Jihad.

What is really one of the best sites out there documenting all the Islamic terrorist actions basically around the world to keep an up-to-date database and it's just unbelievable. When you go through it. We don't see any of that on the news not in learning the First Amendment was created free speech against the government was that the government could not control our scrimmage was for what they're doing. We don't have to have the government approved our scrimmage, that is none of their business. So this is anything left to America destroyed in the courts. But you know who knows me now but really doing is directly against the First Amendment.

He doesn't like it if the government doesn't like what I have to say about October 19 and the death shot and in the election of 2020. It's too bad they can't control it.

Now here's what's happening you take like the Facebook and all these other sites like that made they are paid received money from the government and listening to the government about dissension sold by say Facebook is independently owned, it becomes de facto a government agency. So I got tremendous legal ground. With anything left I have to qualify it as anything less than the court because the government cannot by the Constitution cannot censor our speech if they don't like it. It's too bad you're right. You're absolutely right, but gives it a problem that is we don't have Department of Justice anymore complaint yeah you know I bought actually more than the justice department is going into court and getting like a would you call it an injunction yet, the courts, the courts took tail they cowed down when you know when they came to hearing because everybody knows that that that election was stolen from Donald Trump, everybody knew it but they were afraid they cowed down. They were afraid to do what they were supposed to do their job is to hear a case as evidence which there was tons of evidence, but they were apart all part of the coup, they failed, talked, and they dishonored us a pattern here real quick and Pennsylvania to name names we have of Sen. John DeSanto.

Here's my Sen. Kipling shouldn't have been doing all the old right thinkers were up against our break and is coming right exactly now. What's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the

The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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