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WED HR 2 051122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 11, 2022 11:59 pm

WED HR 2 051122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 11, 2022 11:59 pm

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What's Right What's Left
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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

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People don't realize to produce those women that you saw it differently. Supreme Court did those women you see the abortion mill. The blood he women the variability in many of them are involved in witchcraft.

Witchcraft is growing, not just here in America around the world and here today.

Some of these women act boasting there that there heads of the covenants which cover and so were going to meet showing the film on witchcraft. The doors of the word Baptist Church this coming Sunday at 4 PM and then after that were going to show you the 2000 mules 2000 meals here what we've been telling you all of this time is all the evidence is there, the election fraud.

The election fraud in this film boy focus what we told you I went Neil Caputo and went when Fred bears is where's the evidence we need to send him that you'll notice something Fox News refuses to allow this this video to be promoted.

They refused to allow to be promoted. In fact, in the GOP grand old party. The well is see the rhinos in the jail. They don't want this film out the folks were going to wear short of the school around the country and were going to have a good supply of those during pledge week of her people that wanted will contribute and so when we do that if you get one of those films. Please show up in your church show that people need to know we got a go around the fake news media. This is our way around and again, remember what's taken place with the moon this past election. You had so many so many Democrats run as Republicans out there are just very quickly. A Wendy in our county.

We had a Republican ballot turn out of about 130% and in the county next to ours. It was 183%.

Why because they had put all of these Democrats have run and registered as Republicans out to get the vast majority voted out there were clueless lately. They didn't know and so the conservatives but the Democrats knew the conservatives were in this weather.

Make sure that the conservatives, the elected and we keep trying to get the word out, all across this country with her doing. There is no way in the world. The Democrats can win the fear and honest election because they are so completely and totally corrupted and with that, Wendy taken away down the shadow copy on alternative. Not eligible. I'd want to have them possible treatment in my present and rather than be selling Mandan on the medical system that might or may not be there. Also, the medical facility that is completely controlled by the New World order stated they would even give you an effective treatment." And at that point is in it. Now this journal article in the Journal of art in the archives of neurology research regarding fees being done that they had inherited the hemorrhagic fever viruses like: their research with that University of Texas Medical Branch and a headache that these inhibitors are found in natural plant compounds for the pharmaceutical industry makes tryout five which is an inhibitor to fight Bulgarian cancer and also made from tennis team which is in a plan.

If you find natural gender theme. I have the plan within it and on.

They also are in the lagoon piloting the way, copy and cut the root and and this has been a treatment to the Americans received after returning from Africa and a recovered from Ebola than it was kind of an experimental treatment, though some of the herb plants that haven't yet seen isoflavones then it with the dryers.

Groom also read over all felt their convincing and Kantian route all the art what the client is calling in for bidders to hemorrhagic fevers, like Ebola and Marburg will already okay so now we got to build our immune system open. I know that some of things like garlic, onions, natural echinacea, these are all natural. I know very high in minerals profile though you'll you'll have a lot of minerals about vitamin C the European supporter have is already built into the got it made them and Kantian route vermouth. They make vermouth out of it that you know and original director with remove okay right well. It is important is that the turn of the stent in this 1920s and so forth. They wish they would serve vermouth as a cocktail before dinner, usually 1/2 hour before you and so gently stated that because Dentyne route and improve digestion and prevent overheating and the rich people would serve a lot of you know courses and a lot of it was rich food so when you had a cocktail with vermouth and if you would eat home phone from like two different do you have a little reversible about the love of different with your sitdown with many many courses. The you're just getting up later two things you not eating a full plate worth a nonanswer already. If you want to get Wendy's catalog is goes got all these things all the different things. The different elements and what the natural origin takes would like a liver cleanse with McMullen Kinsley to a bladder cleanse juniper berries urinary tract Falklands container in a liquid habitat your pandemic yeah will that's what you so pandemic you don't you are kidding. Okay, yeah, I've got an extra one, something with no okay so it's time to go to the snow when the peer Biden and the globalists are trying to surrender our sovereignty and thereon know the track to the World Health Organization that is the goal and so listen to this and will be back right after this the man Armstrong show functional. Glad that you joined me USA globalists plan to turn America's sovereignty over to the WHO over to Palace right over to the world health organization is what their plan is. I'll explain the flaws of their plan but I will also tell you how they will go forward with their plan and have some success at first. All we gotta get into this, the globalist war against the American people and and it's really the American globalists were the most moronic globalists of all because they go to their own destruction morons, but they will go to their own destruction.

Thinking that there is are getting paid off that they are going to be heavily rewarded but there just can end up destroyed themselves.

I've said this before and I like this analogy you want to know what an American globalists is leave America. America stood up against actually tyrants and globalism and dictatorships, which is what the what will government will be okay. America has been blessed by God to have the ability to have the strongest weapons the strongest military to hold off such evil and what our American globalists have done. This is all done. They are would be like most street wisdom was webers. We can look at it be like if you're on the street and someone wants to kill you threaten to kill you is saying they're going to kill you, and you have a gun and they don't and you hold the gun safe cough. I have a gun and so of course they do.

But then they turn around and say you know what I have this briefcase full of $1 million and I will buy that gun from you for $1 million and the moronic globalists this what they are there. The guy that says you $4 million and it's legit. It's really $1 million in the briefcase here at the daytrading given the gun for the million dollar briefcase and then the medieval globalists who were not the American globalists then take the gun and and then take the million dollars for themselves. Anyways. But that is your meant that Dom your American global start. That's who they are. They are the guy that would sell their gun to someone who's threatening to kill them $4 million to the very person that is threatening to kill them, they will sell their soul for money because they worship at the altar money and not they can't see anything but the money, nothing else. They don't see all your money is to be worthless and they're going to backstab you and destroy morons, morons, so they are the stupidest people have ever lived on the face of your because the average person wouldn't be that dumb in a street scenario to do something like that.

These are the morons that would fall for that.

Every single time. That's these American globalists are. That's not the world. Globalists are the world globalists actually have some intelligence. The American globalists have no intelligence whatsoever, especially globalist politicians. That's the truth but folks so what are they trying to do the going along with the plan because they're all been bought off and so our American losers. Globalists are going along most of them are in the Democrat party and there's a huge chunk of them in the Republican party as well. Morons and here's what they wanted to. So they want to give our sovereignty over our medical rights over to the World Health Organization. First I'll explain you not know. I will go to Michelle Bachmann, who explains this on war room pandemic with Steve Bennett see Bannon talks to her about this whole situation shall explain it now give you more.

Take a listen what exact going on in church and even at the World Health Organization and how do we get so far down the road of it looks like siding something that's going to expand the sovereignty, the ability of the World Health Organization in Geneva controlled by the TransCanada party to affect the sovereignty of the states of America. That's right. It's hard less than 2 Weeks Time Will Take Pl. at the world health, their governing World Health Organization, WHO this all will 190 administration amendments close all nations of the earth see their sovereignty over national healthcare decisions to WHO the World Health Organization. So what this would mean Steve is the WHO decision-making authority to government policy. Permission people today lockdown in Shanghai China calls shall force that your pretext. What creates a warm glow global governance time sensitive. No ministration opposed January 18 know this well less than I administration less than two weeks. Yeah. May 22 through the 20 and I will tell you right now I am highly confident that they will do it and they will pass it and stand up.

Mitch McConnell was all for globalism is to be against this, the binder ministration is really the one whose push this which means Barack Obama behind the scenes is probably the one pushing all of this, who hates America explain to that. You have to understand what happened when Donald Trump one. Barack Obama was the setup man. He said all this stuff up for the destruction of America. Throughout his entire presidency. But he's not supposed to be the trigger man.

PS look innocent that even with the wars that he did he try to make it look like they were in Libya. It was a revolution, or in Egypt, but it was really Obama or in Syria wanted to look like she was doing with our military but he was doing it behind the scenes and arming the people to take out these dictators anyways, the point is, is Obama never ever in anything wants to look like the trigger man on purpose, but he did set everything up for Hillary. The plan was.

Obama sets it all up. Hillary can be the one to be the trigger person to destroy America.

She's willing to do it and she can take the fall as well and then Obama could be elevated even higher because he's not the one who pulled the trigger. He looks like he's innocent like he didn't do it all but one tried to cheat and steal that election and he still one they couldn't believe it and then all of a sudden he was undoing everything Obama was setting up which made them so angry they couldn't believe that they were breathing fire and so they had to blatantly steal an election no matter how obvious it was.

They even shut down the election in all five key states in order to stuff the ballots right in front of your face stuff the ballot and then came back and said good morning everyone. We know that Donald Trump wanted a massive landslide but not surprised, Joe Biden, one overnight fantastic swallow it and believe it and and of course the Republican Party went along with it because of their globalist payoffs and and they don't want to rock the boat in the bunch with specs anyways so don't get me started with the publican party. They sickened me more because there are traitors to their own people.

They see that they're on our side and some of them are. Don't get me wrong Elise.

There are some but there's a chunk of them that are not in there worse than it is. Lisa Democrat says they want to destroy us.

These people pretend to be one of us like wolves in sheep's clothing and I hate that even worse. Anyways so you have that was supposed to destroy America.

So now Joe Biden is put in place and it's even more perfect their thinking because Biden is just a puppet and will do anything that they put in front of him and just read the Teleprompter so he's the trigger man. So the question is do they feel like they have to pull the trigger of destroying America before the next election. I don't know, and not 2022. I don't even care about them in terms do they want to pull the trigger before the 2024 election.

I like getting a little deeper than that. But let me get on to what the globalist planets.

This all connects together so Biden is the trigger man that Obama was not supposed to be publicly Biden can take all the blame so Obama can rise even further and become world leader most likely is. That's the most likely scenario. What they're trying to set up so Biden will be the trigger man and he is a now he's trying to give away American sovereignty. The thing is is that pesky Constitution that they hate.

They think they can get around the Constitution. By doing this you want to know why you want to know why because of the American people American people told them that they can do this and destroy the Constitution look around when to the American people tell them that during the lockdowns, the lockdowns where the test can we take away all these people constitutional rights. We declare some sort of health emergency. Can we and will people lead us destroy the Constitution and burn it to the ground and take every single constitutional like they have a way which they did when they didn't take away or at least try at least attempted to not want so you look at that and that was a test and now they think now we have it, but the Constitution supreme law of the land. But if we give the World Health Organization emergency power.

The American people think that emergency power means the Constitution is null and void. This is not true.

This is what I was screaming about during the state lockdowns.

I still have constitutional rights governor cannot usurp them on foreign country or the World Health Organization. Even if Congress do things in America they still can't violate my constitutional rights but do enough people know that well apparently not, because people did not stand up, but maybe they do now. Maybe they made a mistake by those lockdowns because maybe we woken up enough people so that when they try to do this enough people stand up and say all the World Health Organization says that we have to lock down screw you, who are you buying Biden the Democrat said that we have this authority to screw you over and shut you down and throw you into an internment camp and the question is will our own law enforcement follow a foreign dictate, because if they do, it's all over. That's the end. If they can't because the American people say care what Biden said I still have my constitutional rights, and you don't usurp the Constitution because of a stupid emergency constitutional rights stand and you're breaking the law by declaring your emergency can take away my constitutional right. You are a criminal for even saying so when attempting to do so. Governors committed crimes against you. I hope you know the ones that shut their states. Now they all committed crimes against the Constitution violated their oath frankly should be in jail, but at least it works, or at best. I should say, at best, they should have been forced to resign at best. So I believe they will attempt this and 30% of us which will should be enough. Well, say screw you, and they will be able to get away with it and eventually will frustrate the crap out of them that they will take other steps you're still not understanding what they're trying to do. Here's another way or another perspective.

James Giusti was on the war room later the same day, but in the afternoon show that they have talking about the essence of what this is all about. Take a listen. Essentially what the amendments do they alter something called international health regulation that most people never heard of it. They have their origin going all the way back to the time of the Civil War work. They were about sanitary conditions with things like way and smallpox, yellow fever, and WHO was started in 1988 they took over those sanitary rules that he ended up becoming international health regulations, and in 2005.

They went through a very very large revision and now what were dealing with. Again his amendments that serve to give much more power to the WHO, the international health regulations as they stand right now actually have WHO in shackles in a straitjacket. They got handcuffs on can't do what they would like to do, which is trigger what they refer to as a public health emergency at international concern, PhD I see fate. Currently they have to respect sovereignty of every nation, member and they have to get their approval to declare an emergency. The amendments amongst doing many many many other things would take away that requirement that they work with individual nations government to get their approval and given the power to early will separate director general center.

He could declare an emergency. Any time he wants for any reason overriding national sovereignty. And so, in essence, you become the dictator Gen. of the World Health Organization able to declare emergencies at will, and that would form a one world government as well. That's what you're trying to do, but they want you to see that. Oh well, I can do this because you said that you're not using your sovereignty for me to make these rules. World Health Organization. But it still does not destroy the Constitution, they still even if our senators voted and say that they can do this they still can't violate your constitutional rights and forcing a medical decision upon me is a violation of my constitutional rights and if the American people are too dumb to know that the have a Constitution to protect them. Even from this if there to know that this will work and like I've always said they want international law.

They want the people to believe that somehow somewheres there some sort of international law that can trump the Constitution. Remember the Democrats hate the Constitution because it stops them from being dictators they with a passion. Why do they hate the Constitution. The Constitution is hated because it was based on Judeo-Christian values and laws they hate God.

Therefore, they hate the Constitution they have to. This is all about selfishness to folks the US a globalists sell themselves out to their own destruction because they are selfish and all sin, selfishness, all sin understand that sticking all sent love is being someone who's not being selfish because you're thinking somebody else. When you do sinful things you only think of yourself no matter what the sin is your only thinking of yourself. You're not thinking of other people and you're not thinking of consequences. The left loves selfishness and they look at God as a tyrant.

See, we view them as tyrants because they don't want to live free from sin. They think freedom is. This is 100% true. The left believes freedom is the freedom to sin as much as I want and the left tells them whatever you want to do sinfully. We approve you want to kill your baby cool. You want riot and burn things down. As long as you're with us in doing it for our behalf. Cool. You commit murder will try to get you out of prison a little would rather you not even go maybe we'll just release you on bail and never prosecuted. It's all about giving them their sinful nature.


The left believes freedom is the ability to sin as much as they want. That's what abortion is all about being able to be as promiscuous and sexually do whatever you want as much as you want. That's with the homosexual movement in the LGBT community and, and transgender is, and it's all about selfishness and be able to sin as much as I want and they hate God because God says that's wrong and they don't think that it should be considered wrong and the left comes and says yeah you're right and it's all about hating God. God is wrong. We, the Democrat party are better than God.

We will correct God's mistakes in the Bible.

How dare he say homosexuality is a sin see God was a racist.

They really do believe God is a racist for saying that they really knew this not a joke. You should be a peculiar baby. Kill your children, your children, we don't care where the Democrats because they have to, because they're all about selfishness and anti-God, so God by being good and just the reason why they don't view God's rules. As for our benefit. The rules are there to protect people from people's evil, wicked, selfish desires, so the 10 Commandments isn't there to be a chain around her neck. The left thinks that's what it is that's not what it is, the 10 Commandments. If you follow them give you complete freedom from the true slave sin. Slavery that gets change you is sin if you're an alcoholic.

You are chained to the alcoholism it's got you. If you chronically steel what your slave enslaved to use the ceiling sin change you God in Jesus frees you from that and set you free from those those chains, and following the 10 Commandments.

If anyone follows what the Bible does their life will be filled with joy and happiness. I mean, you wouldn't cheat on your wife all my goodness. If you follow the Bible you don't commit fornication. You don't commit adultery. You know why you don't steal, and you don't murder you don't deduce all these evil, selfish things that hurts other people you see the 10 Commandments is all about protecting everyone to live the best life, but they think God's evil for daring to say that they're not allowed to sin as much as they want. So the globalists look at American say that's the beacon that was built upon Judeo-Christian values destroy the family destroy the heritage destroy the founding fathers call them races and bigots and evil people try to say that what they're based on his evil spirit in God's eye and destroyed because they think that they're freeing themselves from God, but I've got news for them. They can't free themselves from God. They will stand in judgment. This is why they hate you to your reminder that they are not free from judgment that just because God has not smiting them. He said he will judge them at the end of their life there so stupid they think they're getting away with it now.

That means they'll never be judged how dumb when God blatantly has told them I monitored you at the end of your life. I'm gonna let you get away with this crap but you don't really get away with it, but they think I'm getting away with it. So then God is not even real doesn't even exist because I haven't been by him. Do you see how foolish they are. God has told them I'm not going to smash you right now judgment the end of your life. If God were to smash us for the sins that we do be smashing all of us left and right. All of us better. Thank God he doesn't smash everything a person what they do. It's an anti-God folks it really is.

Globalism is anti-got they think they're going to create a world free from God and what is that they have to get rid of Christianity and Christians. The reminder that God's deal will judge the so they will hate you more than anything on. That's why they labeled a terrorist. They don't fear any God, but the Christian God.

Don't fear Muslims.

They don't fear into gods.

They fear the Christian God, why is they all know that Jesus is the way the truth and the life and no man comes to the father except through him, and every need will bow and they kinda know it still rejected because there selfish already. We are back in God is not mocked, you know, the Democrats can sneak into the Republican Party.

They can sneak in the heaven and boy they're going to find that out and inspect no here number never troopers are trying to cheat proto-candidates in Michigan rhinos are working to steal the victory away from Christina Romo and met the pertinent personal here on April 23 a straight waiver proto-Academy is one of the Michigan nomination convention. Michigan Republican Party villages nominated Christina Romo for Secretary of State and met Courtney Perlow for Atty. Gen. and fear. What happened was both were 12 endorsed both were lonely talking about the ugliest 2020 voter fraud and ended and seated what you have today you have three parties out there for good. The Republican Party got the conservatives got the death of Chris and independence and which happiness is a big split between the conservatives in the rhinos. The Republican Party historic humiliation company towards tentative sweep establishment you will be picked as Michigan grassroots rise of with all the ghost of the both of you blackballed weather never trust Michigan establishment Christina Romo has called every elected Republican, and virtually none of them will even call her back for met the perp Pearl Col. it's even worse, fellow Republicans Michigan State majority leader presumptive Eric Nisbet will return his calls. Neither will make all miss you House Speaker Jason Wentworth you folks out there. Michigan you should give these people a call, you should call and let him know you're tired of being betrayed required of rhinos and you know what you want to go on a safari where we fed up with rhinos would weep and fed up all these years.

So when moderates when conservatives are expected to unify behind their candidates when co-conspirators with the moderates cheat called moderates the dog on their they're not able Republican light like Democrats in the middle of the phone lines 888-677-9673 888-677-9673.

Here's another one shameful GOP has not even mentioned 2000 meals valid trafficking documentary during tort 2020, like it was stolen.

They just don't care no that the GOP is filled with rhinos, folks, and this is why we have that the tea party or which of the conservatives and I'm so fed up with the so-called Republican Party unit being watered down. Oh really tired really fed up with and what happened here in Ohio we have the rhinos were working hand-in-hand with the Democrats and place even running Democrats just to get them elected and under the name of Republican and are planning on doing that all the country and that's what were telling you were warning you people need to be alert watch, but a man over with because when up when I can accept this. That's right already so phone lines are open at 888-677-9673 shocking per New Mexico auditors Dominion voting systems can fill in the pallets uncovered by 2019 New York State audit confirmed that's right. What happens is they can remotely control these Dominion and they can change they could change the post whatever is controlled until all people, so long ago. I can hardly remember when we did it validated. It's amazing how this all of the stuff keeps you know that we we told him about two years ago. villages talk about this psycho NBC news discovered that more people are dying now from the back Saturday to go over all of breaking their recall what all their well your job is to get the news to the people.

Their job is to spend it twisted.

So if it does come out and he can keep it.

Then they put their spin on Craig Wendy. When Wendy listened. After a wonderful get well card in my way and injured my leg and I did want to thank them for that will ensure that there glad to hear that folks you need to get Whitney's catalog at 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 this more important right now than ever been that you have a strong immune system and she can do that you got the pandemic kids in there. You really need to be prepared because we got some better things had no way to tell you. And so we got the opposition here. For example, Merrick Garland provides criminal illegal aliens with new mental health card to get out of deportation. You know Joey been telling people, women telling people that Obama is been sneaking these guys of fighting age. The guise of fighting age into these different cities all across the country there there waiting the sleeper cells waiting for the death of Kratz to give the word burn the cities that I would gotta stop the election. We got out and so folks you gotta get ready for this. Gotta be prepared for what you've got. "Get away every month to zero hundred thousand very rude correctly because of the confusion on the border you have to ask, why are all these people trying to hide when everybody else's columns turns himself in the state get a free poster plane ticket to anywhere they want to go. There's no penalties, no jail.

Why are all these other people having to sneak in and left there really no gang members, human trafficking, hauling in drug or terrorist. What other group would you have good health to sneak in like that were girdled from borders. Logic is well. We that we not living in the day logic let you there in Oregon. The governor Kate Brown has ordered all the boys bathrooms to have Tampax machines and now you cities boys going to bathrooms and they cities to pay for machines.

It confuses they think maybe it's for noticeably little row right to suck. They were trying to promote small boot from affected.

You have to laugh at it. Love getting really angry. It is this insanity remember what Karl Marx said Carol Morrison say one thing's in this way go that we keep the people confused keep them off balance, keep them afraid they're easier to control and that's what this whole critical race theory. Everything is about that they're putting out there control is what it's all about what they've done to the young people, look what they've done to the young people is unbelievable right we have Cliff and their click here and there solving the audio recommended vitamin that it also has antibiotic properties which I had a heavy heart that Monday I have an antibiotic calling for this book said that cinnamon that was Charles. Dottie is 2008 for maximum facial surgery that it acts against staff infections in the hospital from that type of surgery where the biotic warrant working anymore so that the property book is good right now that he were garlic that they couldn't dampen it. He treated with the infection and it paraded all yet also mentioned mentioned you would like this book because of all the history of vaccine, but it goes back to light. This research well back in the past and I said in much of a politician hospital in New York in the 30 Detroit 56 different treatment, tuberculosis, and the one that works actually but I want to get about you rude or flour bacon fairy Juniper fairy okay it's different right variety Juniper if you think it is purple Juniper that you never component typically used for urinary tract then you have the Juniper monitor and usually you for blood sugar issued so what do my right was light ones for white, very arid areas of the United States for 35. Will let you know that no Cliff. Good luck girl you know that a lot of people give the people at a prediabetic calendar. You might want to negate the Mediterranean diet. In the Mediterranean area, cultural studies, and because I had a they don't have diabetes or cancer lifestyle change clip. I got to move the whole board slip" of their of their year in their hello hello yeah I can hear you but you you talk a little love to go ahead okay.

I located that we got our Teton athlete and Auslander 20 oh versus first, you did that you did that very well, first of the chapter 2 that's is that's what it says that the greatest thing a woman can do is to be a good husband good wife to her husband and a good mother to her children, but we have to move on the whole board we have next year and there hello Timothy hello Timothy, go ahead while and I let other people calling back so I felt compelled to call them tonight and none of what's going to rise to our Creator and if you know your enemy and you know that I shall. You will never lose a battle we had to know who were dealing with know who we serve. According to Joshua 15 2450 and nine and Matthew.

The word never comes back. Boyd talks about who were up against and who we serve and that were made in his image, and if we accept that and believe that professed that with them off.

Then we have complete and the promises that are in the book that we don't know know that he is supreme sovereignty in the Providence, I what they are and that we should walk tall every day and carry a big stick and a Facebook okay to move on because we got one more call this list: who's the dam. You got about a minute okay thank you for your ministry. I just came upon you a week ago and I think a minute thank you thank you for the kind words. We thank you already are we been doing this for 50 years and over with till we win and we could depend on our good Lord doing exactly what he said with thank you so much already here. What must you know from the Bible to be 100% sure you saved for what you got a mature sinner. He got a really understand them and that you don't really deserve to go to heaven. That's what the Bible says, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

Romans 323 no. The only way you can pay for your sins by spending eternity in hell for the wages of sin is death, but Romans 623 and death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death revelations 2014 so again for the wages of sin is death know we can't do anything good enough to be our own on their own merit to merit heaven, not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us. Titus 35 Jesus Christ paid the price for sins but God commended his love toward us while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. We find that over Romans 58. Jesus not only die but also rose from the dead, for I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received other Christ died for your sins according to the Scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures. First Corinthians 15 verse three and four that Jesus freely offers salvation to you with no strings attached, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 623. You accept the gift by believing that the Lord Jesus Christ and by confessing him with your mouth. For with the heart man believe with into the righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made under salvation. Romans 1010 and so here you can be hundred percent certain simply by believing the promise of God for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 1013 so folks, why not there's there's nothing.

The time will come for everybody. Everybody up there right now like it has for everyone is already gone.

The nothing nothing nothing will mean as much to affect. The only thing that will mean anything to is your standing with the Lord and you wanted to be a stand-in you want to hear those words.

Well done my good and faithful servant. So when Dan and Jodi have anything to add to that made him to be her in her note that we might be made the right of God in him.

Second Corinthians 521 Wednesday while you have a thank you Lord for help in when, where, and where it is all right were coming up to them how much time do we have left there. We we could become the got done. I know no one has ever regretted no one's ever regretted receiving eternal life flows. That's a fact. And there are no unbelievers in heaven or hell.

Everybody was in heaven and hell. They all believed 24 seven. It's not a tragedy to die everybody listen to music of the day but to die in your sin without repentance. Coke don't get any worse than that.

You don't want to be in that category. Believe me, you don't want to be in that category. And it doesn't matter if you believe what I just said what God's Word, the Bible says love God's word does not return void. There's nothing nothing nothing as certain that ever existed as God's word so you want to think about that.

What would you just heard tonight. Well coming up to the end of the program.

So Wendy Joe is going to say good night God bless you and always, always okay fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WW please tune in next time was right. Once last preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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