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FRI HR 2 042922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 30, 2022 12:29 am

FRI HR 2 042922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Introducing venture capital one new travel card for people allowing where next hotels and rental cars Mountain capital one travel smiles on everything else you buy with venture plus receive premium travel benefits access to over 1300 airport lounges venture scarred from capital one what's in your wallet terms apply to capital for details. Donate and listen to the podcast WR all right were back hello, I got the two jobs there and John returned and John Holman Biden forms this information board to go after critics would you think that is okay official heading is played role in shutting down Hunter Barton story is short. The barn regime is abandoning also looks of any kind of constitutional government, but forming a disinformation board within the Department of Homeland Security to target the death of credit party critics, and who is the designated party critic so is going to be anymore close the prerogative of the provocative mode carried out in the aftermath of Elon musk study purchase of big tech platform. Twitter appears to be a desperate attempt to rein in growing discontent within the Bidens regimes online. The political intelligence behind the moon over are revealed by the DHS official that have been tapped to the lead. The.

The regimes version of ministry of truth okay commentary fellows were anything right up with the plan on the road to implement the plans that make this so I want opposition and use media to that letter so you are probably about everything about the we have something called amendment and I heard Obama the ability saying that like Facebook and YouTube men are not covered by the First Amendment. Now I can't technically that's true for private. However, once the private corporations become the arm of the of the Democratic Party and the federal government right now. This is illegal. Now everything mate who was illegal. All this they would be in the form, the Ministry of truth by calling it a meat that is completely 100% against the Constitution. So I don't have any of the customs and left best learning, but it seems like that's something we can rally around and get with several left of the courts involved and make a stand. They are absolutely right that we get a start. First of all, you know it's gotta start where does judgment begin in the house of the Lord. So it's gotta start churches first about those pastors out there. Gotta find some got enough integrity enough courage to step up to the plate and understand that there there they are, they have a duty. Remember when these people tell you that when we have to keep our politics and our faith. Separate that those are the words of cowards. Those are the words of cowards and because God's Word, the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Listen every profit.

Every priest, every preacher, every man a God and the apostles and not ensued. This more than the Lord himself their politics and their faith were inseparable. They were one of the same. There was no difference. They were one of the same. And that's the way it's supposed to be. That's why we had the black robe regiment. These were pastors real passes meant to God, not prissy preachers out there afraid to ill dumb dogs to afraid to bark, so it starts there that we have to go to the County Sheriff Zoe oh yeah we need a Windows absolutely what you think the sheriff would build slightly to say undersheriff anyone so so far with us.

He wouldn't want the one that doesn't. Pastors doesn't pass.

You know that doesn't passes what they did. They represent thousands of voters don't now have a dozen pastors showed up at his office one day and says look you know we have a Constitution here in our state and we want you and to uphold that and we know and and you are the leading authority in this county and we want you to uphold our Constitution both that state and the federal here in this county First Amendment Second Amendment, we expect you to do that, we think that Sheriff will do and learning in fetal hardware ideologue mended and unfortunately 20 there and that's where we come here to vote them out.

You know who was who was extremely important.

Laughingly, emigrant bearlike of the last line of defense. We have well you know a couple years ago I spoke to 250 of them there in Lynchburg, Virginia, liberty University and you know what I was there.

Do you know what they wanted to know they wanted to know what God's Word, the Bible taught about where we got the divine institution, a human government. That's what they want to know and that's what I was there to tell.

They wanted to know what God had to say about all that you think that's important. Absolutely. And so that's what we did. Now I know it is a growing across the country. I'm sensing that there's a growing movement because if you can get the pastors if you can find some real men a God and I'm not talking about the premises, cemented God and get up there and go until it passes. Look, if somebody goes somebody goes turn to Hebrews chapter 13 and remove verse seven, John Holman and John returned and you remove verse 17 okay and that's Hebrews 13 717 that I don't have to read folks because you all know that I can read and were given these other guys a chance to prove themselves members are looking to traverse the verse seven are remember them, which have the rule over you who have spoken unto you the word of God. They follow considering the end of their conversation Jesus Christ the same younger day and today and forever. Okay glance very diligent to open them that have the rule over you submit. So they watch for your souls, as they that must give account and that and that may do it with joy and not with for that is unprofitable for you. Now that's God's word.

Who does that apply to livestock us okay. It applies to us. But now with legal we see Sammy you know Samuel was in the Bible probably right now who was it that went to the Kings and told the kings thus saith the Lord God. It was the prophets in the pastors is always telling you there fellows is the pastors are supposed to go tonight.

What we just read tonight on Deuteronomy 17 and that Sheriff and police chief is posted go and say look, what does God's Word, the Bible have to say. All of these in a professing now. Even if they're not professing Christians, God has told him to do that is the and is it a good thing to. It is a smart thing to listen to what God has a say. I'm probably and so the pastors are to be very bold and codes a look, saith the Lord God. We've got a lot of things and you have a responsibility and you know Romans 13 it means exactly what it says exactly that's what it got all these perversions of the Bible to twist it and spend it to make it say what it doesn't say to give the prissy preachers and out for not having the courage to stand up and do what God's Word, the Bible teaches. And I mean that's just a reality we all know that only okay so anyhow that's where began. So we have to start on this local level and those two fellows were here, you know, there there. We have out here well of out there actually in Geauga County where where I'm from out there. Were there from.

We have rhinos we have we have two different Republican parties of their you have the tea party and then you have the rhinos and and it's a split and that's how you know the rhinos did not want hard-core conservatives in there and they're looking basically their Democrats running as Republicans and that's what were up against word with this is this is nationwide. This is this is what they've done nationwide and they're working very hard right now.

The death of Eric. I'm his party to do that to run rhino and pizza.

People have to understand that there deriding these Democrats and Republicans and you have to look at him and before you vote for somebody look at their voting record where they stood before okay not not just listen to what they're saying listen look at what they've done in the past and this is exactly what these guys were talking about out out in Geauga County. You've got these Democrats running as Republicans so will be all over. I mean, not one, not one of those great in the election that were definitely stolen.

Not one of the Republican group earning an exposed exposed. George is riddled with them everywhere that I don't care where you go Michigan Wisconsin. We can only go so far and the Republicans stop it, topping it back the Democrats really well first of all, here's reality. This is reality.

The reality is, look ill.

That's where the Bible says and I said this last night that a dog returns to its vomit in this out to admire if you have a death regret do expect that the cat is the fact that they say will you were dead and that the grant they're telling you something about them today by it because today you don't have what we used to those Democrats to me and not the way they used to be. Today there there totally without morals and values there totally if if God's Word the Bible because of the sin bill abrasive today if somebody tells me that there there reverent registered Democrat, then I think to myself. The probably they might be a sodomite homosexual. They might be a pedophile note.

They might know yourself pornography or whatever because these are the things if it's a sin that party embraces no here with that today as it wasn't in them. It was the rhinos.

It was Mike pence Mike pence he had. He had the responsibility to stand up and say look, I am not going to authorize this and certify this. I've got right standing in front of me. All of these were state representatives state Senate and US senators that have all the evidence that there was the election fraud was totally the that this this election was stolen and I've got all of the evidence before I certify the selection we need to take 10 days and look into that was his Mike pence responsibility. It was there that he didn't have the courage to do the right thing. He did not have the courage and not just him. There were others that I was so upset with and I couldn't believe it. In a two of the people I was. That was where God come cut was when I was totally disappointed with him but but I've always like Marshall black when I was that she was great.

G but they these people failed to stand with our president who did who did who fulfilled and kept the promises he made.

We had not because of a because they did that because Mike pence of these others did that we have huge inflation we were going to have were going to have food shortages we were paying four dollars a gallon for gas. All of the things that this nation because the death of Kratz. Had they done that Joe Biden and an abiding card crime cartel could not be destroying the country.

This country cannot survive another year. Biden their days doing everything to reduce list to Venezuela or to North Korea that there was that. Is he doing everything he can. And it's because we let these people these rhinos in the and and and here people need to understand that folks. You have to understand it's their from within. We were betrayed from within and and we got a hold them accountable. I can never trust him again. I could never trust magnets again. I can never trust them folks because will because they betrayed us when it really counted and now are paying a huge price for what they did. Are we learning would be nation pottering and petering on this. I mean, like you said I ought I don't even know who make a community here, I'm the Democrats and in the communist. The rhinos all of them.

They hate the real American people, real American patriotic the real light will say American Christians. They hate us and the idea of them losing our bill to anything Western knows what guilt is, what will politico you trying to go to the national model. Marshall, here's here's an article go ahead.

One thing that comes to my mind they didn't do start taking away our First Amendment rights. We abandon pro-life missionaries to the unborn on the street know that this is been developing for years. When they started out these bubbles already were allowed to speak and I know personally going out to pass out tracks and universities. We were told all you can't be on the sidewalk and not allow the handle tractor direct violations of our First Amendment rights. But pastor Ernie. What did the church do in response to what was being done to the pro-lifers being arrested they did I know what our church did 52 weeks a year. We were on the streets.

We were out there. I know that I've been arrested numerous times for preaching out in front of those bloodied abortion mills like you guys have and at and so that's what we've done now, when you talking about them. You have the elves and exceptional church pastor arraignments very commendable. Absolutely silly out and I know that you guys have been out there. I know you and John were were out there coming against especially entering your PAN where you're at and see you guys are heroes of the faith, appoint American pastor Ernie always violations of the right didn't just happen overnight.

The church allowed it to happen.

By doing I'm speaking in general, you know I'm not been going any particular line large church allowed her rights to be taken by they were out golfing the pastors or yard sales or whatever they doing pastor Ernie no one took and paid any attention to one pro-lifer was arrested and the rights were violated.

No one paid attention to the creeping violation and loss of her constitutional rights.

So now that weather precipice where masses are being attracted ill with social media in the right out there right out front and doing it with all growing impunity so that people have got to take action now. Yeah, they have to, and there isn't, and they're starting to wake up there seeing things and I and I see a move because now here's why they're afraid they're afraid. And now they're hearing something that's really scary.

No and that's food shortages and is going to be food shortages and it's is the reason there's going to be food shortages is because they didn't run to the battle. They did not run to this battle the way they should have and so there you go. And that's what but it's it's not too late. We can still take our country back, but the people are going to have to awaken in a good have to stand up like men and fight at the price of her.

We have wonderful that we can rally around number one developing amendment and not the other one was mentioned earlier about children where these monster one could greatly Biden said this week that when parents drop their children off at school. The children become like the property to school. He actually said it going at and we could with immediate transgendered homosexual of homosexual sympathizers. The most that he wants to start indoctrinating little too great at kindergarten. They want kids to question whether there were a boy or girl. A kindergarten pastor. If the church right is raised up with these two issues. There's nothing left for so now, and I will go.

It is an article you have to go to exactly what you would think I just posted on my blog today. A broken system.

Republican leaders privately eat their own folder and the feeling is mutual, can't govern like that old break down the Democrat you just benefited. No one talks about anything, talking about how the Republican like us how we loathe the Republican Party.

Other good individuals minute the party overall eye movement biloba, I low I say keep on the Senators defined voting members that Senate leader. I mean your fear. Fear that Kevin McCarthy I mean particular colors in between those who and they have been reading among Republican McCarthy McConnell and McCarthy are 9.7% and so we I don't know the bottle and 1/2 in advance. We might not both of the best terms now we got to get people like Jim Jordan to run for the house. See Jim Jordan has proven he's he's been a is proven himself. He is never back down. He stood there. We need people like Jim Jordan or people like Ted Cruz or to run uniformed speaker of the Senate. We need real backpack. That's not going to work because hundred you got the wrong note in their and the Diana what the others are handled. Got to have the courage and they will not hold and let you an awesome election get it weeping you need be we not going they stand for nothing. Afraid of the coming after them. Ringtone and of the Democrats saying mean things about them and their taking bribes in their getting there in on the system.

That's why they're reelecting McConnell with times and that's why they are likely McCarthy and the elected lying and then all the house because baccarat will await the ideas that we've got to make them fear us more than they do the media. That's what we have to do the people in Kentucky have to get rid of McConnell.

They've got a good set of people remember election after election will grow you brazenly do pastor Ernie. These guys bring home the bacon.

You know that grease the wheels of the local people.

The government grants to get a multispeed walk on the money.

So the people become addicted to this this grant situation that with a hand out money to buy votes is nothing more than coming other collectivism. It's a form of communism but the Republicans are right in their own and out by him votes so the people need to get off the dole and get back to where they appreciate their freedom more than they appreciate Evan about straight for his go-ahead out like I have a little blockage. Now my mind. Here the author with Weitzer I believe, and he wrote always a great 2016. Likely gold jewelry and all the corruption about McConnell and not only McConnell but others I can't think of the name of this book, you don't talking about right. Yeah, we had we had him on back when the Clinton axis and we need we need to get them back on again while he laid the whole thing out about how corrupt McConnell and I was hiding with the Chinese and all did any of the Republicans and the and demanded he resign or that the BA he explain what's going on with her Republican caucus Monica here Weitzer common and they wanted to see the only thing they did nothing. Pastor Ernie nothing. That's because they're all crooks. They're all feeding the same critical criminal from well Ukraine is one of the 55 yeah I like $35 billion is being pumped into the Ukraine. Five minutes on the night and the others will.

I can think of all the songs that are not involved in it. They been using Ukraine and federal bank and washing money at all. And now the Lord gives them the perfect excuse. Who knows how much money is being siphoned off in their and washed through those Ukrainian banks and the corruption of all day.

Who knows the military-industrial complex.

Knows they're making money hand over fist in that war yet yet so so the board to that war and what we only have we been talking about that now me just say this here. Here's what Joe Joe Biden said he said the big guy a.k.a. Joe Biden.

I got involved in politics because I think the greatest sin anyway can commit is the abuse of power and so he got involved. I guess what he's telling you is that he wants to commit that sin in his online okay that's a good job you did a good job. Ernie would have right you know what is going to find out when the that judgment days go to find out the guys with the Bible says abortion is murder disguise of bloodthirsty bloodthirsty in the offices. Woe unto them that to harm the little ones. Many pedophiles, Joe Biden is therefore extremely rude awakening is any well I got Helena learning definitely already Thursday Joe Biden enter the Biden crime family a.k.a. the big guy actually said he got involved politics because he thinks the greatest sin of the daily commit is the abuse of power. This is an article out there by Christina Lila and she goes on to say, Joe Biden and Joe Biden was the host of the Council of chief of state school officers 2022. National and state teachers of the year in the East room of the White House. Biden told a room of teachers that he got the polities because he was sick of politicians abusing their power.

That's as unbelievably tight about hypocrisy on unbelievable typography not but here's a guided sheriff that you need. We talk about sheriff stand your ground. Florida sheriff says we prefer homeowners to shoot burglars and you'll save taxpayers money now. If they were to shoot burglars or what about if they were to shoot the prosecutors that allow to break burglars back on the street to commit more crimes were anything well that year being a little. I hope so. Well let me tell you know if you're one of those if you're one of those parents that lost a child like an ardent and Californian in them. Los Angeles, San Francisco. He lost a child to a killer murderer and then you find out he's back on the street to kill another you think you think you might be angry enough of the prosecutor to to get equal justice under know anything. Well, I think you need to look to me. Ernie, I would move out. I would be limited and move out of it immediately and I did people have to get out of that change lifestyles. Whatever it is I don't open city can never come back. I don't think so well that the ideas is to make it so they can't come back again to reduce assistance. There were status hate type fellas will be back right after this one for man on the federal government is on the seas them may the more they he will a you you you you sign is now Jane you will in March 1933 prison yard with the bankruptcy of a private corporation known as the con the American people into pain when you sign the security guard unwittingly becoming your life, liberty, and property insurance for you don't know don't display this issue soon.

Stewart is the righteous, and within five phone you will resend. All right were back with it over the phone lines 888-677-9673 nationwide 888-677-9673 nationwide jump in John Ron Johnson destroyed line Joe Biden and promises to reveal the truth. We have proven Joe Biden to be a liar of the American public deserves the truth well. The only problem with the special counsel appointed by Mayor Garland is. I wouldn't have any faith in him. Johnson said one of the problems with the special counsel if we can find one with integrity. I love to see it.

But the problem is the information that goes into a dark hole we have is high integrity.

As I think John Durham is look at how long it's taken him to get the information out with. We we were denied access to the information during the John Durham probe so there's a real problem with the special constantly continued. Fortunately, you do have people like Tony bubble is key like Mr. MacIsaac who you know offered up the laptop you got some investigative reporters like yourself John Solomon, the New York Post that are exposing this, Johnson edited. Now the media as I referred to is the modified limited hangout they learned well from their Watergate coverage. They're going they're going to give you a little truth as a miracle to cover their behind, but I think the dam is breaking that they Mormor this information is just undeniable need know the fact that we've proven Joe Biden to be a liar and why would you believe anything he says of the subject at all. Yes, I think American public deserves the truth.

The media is not from providing to them.

Sen. Grassley and I have tried to, but as I've said in the past you know we we don't know all the details of this vast web of financial entitlements and the Biden's with the aliens and millions and millions of transactions more the Wisconsin Republican also told Hannity and I'll tell you who does know it tell you who does note though Chinese intelligent Russian intelligence and I think sadly elements within our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies also about their just not going to tell you.

I think they got a start there first.

I think I think that's where I think the FBI and the CIA are a greater threat to the American people than the Russians.

What you think. John Lyons and whoever Biden crime cartel so they know the FBI knows the crimes that involve the CIA knows the crime involved in so he has to do their bidding with no leak it out somehow be something some leak in the Oakville bill thought prosecuting them. If he doesn't, what they wanted, so they own investor already just say Craig okay this got to San Diego with guy Jack Jack. You are near crafter planning think different hearing for the month of June regarding the event surrounding January the that's my thing, and that their primary target trump and prior to the next presidential election. I think their goal is wanted to think either get his name taken off the ballot via the 14th amendment, or you'll be sitting in a jail cell.

In the event he's not able to run it would be my first choice. I think we should talk about effective choice and I'm leaning toward the Fanta and I'm wondering your choice would be for president. If trump couldn't run well. I went, I would say DeSantis to be right up there at the top okay I would see Gov. usually has an advantage over see Congressman you don't see too many congressmen elected Jim Jordan would be it would be a guy who I would like to see Rhonda Santos's is another one.

These are fighters of these are people with integrity nonequity.

There is a number they could, they would all be but the but I think Donald Trump get II think when they when a conflict try to pull this. This may be the questionable the American people are at a point right now the bed up.

Then I can take much more. I don't think, and that in the Democrats know this will solicit what happens with them. I think that would be the thing the killing blow to the death of any party when they pull this because there's been so much written lengthy radio programs like this one is more was out there now, where getting the truth out to the people that is corrupt, listen, you had 20 something rogue FBI agents working this is deep state. This is absolute corruption. This is this is the enemies of freedom and people more more people know I have an article here says FBI gets away with robbing family of nearly $1 million. Never charge them with a crime is time to shut down the corrupt MPI more more people are feeling that way.

The corruption is getting worse and worse. And something's going to break what you think the current while earning a real aggravating topic committee and could do about and he won the got the gunshots going going down on it needed at the beaches. He's like bragging about how I nine months he was unheard of. All of these states got and the Democrats placed in particular they got power for health emergency and they were overwrought and I want to go for.

I don't want to.

We had another trial too much was wrecked by that got shot and doubled down on it. I was credibility okay. What about you is also on sodomite marriage honey so I'm with John, so I would like to see Gov. Sam to run very good. You would be an excellent choice would have a running track record, I would say absolutely yes go ahead and I think in a way suggesting that I think all you got thereto that it point there might be a revolution or something similar, and I think there's a lesson to be learned from the Ukraine. They they had to go to a citizen militia and they were caught short. They didn't have the armament and the time to prepare it now you know what's interesting about the Second Amendment say anything about gun.

This is the right to keep and bear arms with the A farm is a wide variety of things. The Constitution is replete with words like invasion, rebellion, insurrection, they wanted the malicious to have the ability to repel an invasion which means you have to have the armament so so look at the armament that the Ukraine militias needed. What were supplying them with now and I'm paying the time for private militias and National Guard state militia to start acquiring these arm now, not after the fact, even the cartel have the cartel has automatic machine gun. They have about rocket propelled grenade and I'm paying under the Second Amendment constitutional you need to repel an invasion.

That's why they didn't pay gun.

That's why they said armed with the A.

It includes all variety of weapon you right there you right and thanks to Eric Holder, the cartels had to put a weapon.

Some, and thanks to Joe Obama $85 billion worth of weapons were given to our enemies.

$85 billion worth.

That didn't let that happen. It wouldn't have happened had my pants and those others done with their should have done and that's what happens when the people when they don't step up to the plate and they don't do with this. What they should do and they don't take responsibility.

This is why we are in the shape now with the right things at a funny yet. I have more quicker yeah maybe this was talked about, but right now the Clinton campaign and the DNC is on the defense because Durham is going after documents from their law firm that the DMC and the Clinton campaign is to finance the dossier of it. Tried to tear trump apartment so he's kind like that grindstone on this and if he gets the documents that looks like he used after it means it's gonna be hard to keep them out of jail so you know, people need to know. I guess we have to have some patience with this, but that's what's gone right now, so hopefully he'll get the documents and I could be the end of this level, we don't have a Justice Department that's the problem you have to he can bring the case with the Justice Department has to prosecute.

We don't have a Justice Department there.

I get that answer and ability gets overwhelming, hard-core solid evidence and it's made public in the Justice Department could go down this to who knows. Yeah I mean is grinding and grinding on so we'll see what happened tonight. Let me let me say this to about Trump Cape very quickly because 12 new Trump new and I remember when this was all taken place immunity was surrounded he was and he was in a snake that he had no idea when he got in there the people he trusted.

He listened the people to and in a wasn't a politician.

It was a businessman and he was in the snake pit and he got bad information he did know who we can trust, and he knew he was told. Look, you could have this pandemic and all of the media is going to convince the American people.

The American people would be convinced that they have to have these vaccines and so you you going to have to you have to go along with soap so Trump comes up with the idea. He knows it is that experimental vaccine is on it's not constitutional, they can't constitutionally make you do it.

He knew that he knew that that like he said they should be your choice.

And so that's why he brought out he pretended. In other words, to open dump the media to open dump the media that he hated.

He pretended like he was quick he was.

It was all for that and the that was his strategy. I didn't like that strategy. As I think you should like we do just steadfast and tell the truth, but that was a strategy because he knew that it would be against even the Nuremberg code to try to force to be an act of war and and what they've done, but but remember he could not trust the got betrayed by by everybody everywhere he turned his own Justice Department betrayed from day one. So there you go with something so anyhow I I think of troop. Trump runs this sentence won't and what we'll see what happens there but I see what you mean. I think the sentence would be a great choice here in Pennsylvania. Trump endorsed on really well. I think folks like Russ Lyman represented Russ Lyman the very disappointed. And why would he do that know he's still making bad choices appear to ask me about the type of people that he endorses and selects because he still getting all kinds of bad counsel. Please listing the people he should relist into your right.

I agree with you. So anyway all right. Very good. We have we have enough time to really get into the most important thing before. First I got this article here. MPI gets away with robbing family okay we just read that reported reason magazine. The Bureau took the money from Carl Nelson and Amy Sterner Nelson on May 2024 to them to sell their company home in West Seattle. Their vehicles and liquidate their retirement funds before moving the family of six in the Amy sisters basement. We went from living a life where we were both working full-time to provide for board audits to really figure out how we're going to make it month by month now and we told reason reasons Billy been in its completely changed my beliefs and fairness of yeah they never charged with any crime. They just took all the property away from sees as the FBI never suspected Amy of committing. Let me committing any crime at all. It was Carly were investigating in a probe that is not resulted in one single charge against him. Two years later they still haven't, but they they've lost all their property is to become a really really rogue agency in you are right on that return yeah now I was looking at it from the inside out for my background when I when I was retiring I could see the big screen in front of the law enforcement and it's only gotten worse since yeah Ted Gunderson, that's exactly what Ted Gunness it was yellow here late docs show FBI funded Ukrainian neo-Nazi A's of Italian granite that are then orchestrated Charlottesville's chaos to stoke racial division and destabilize the West. They were also involved in a January 6. There were also involved in that thing in Michigan again.

They have they gone totally really having thing in arm of the Republic Democratic Party or norm of the deep they arm of the communist era in American and they really don't like that I know what we're up against that time which one of you guys gave the invitation last week we invited you think we can let home and have a shot at it.

Okay. John taken away.

You got four minutes.

All right, folks, well we gave you current news we gave you lots of hopefully good insight that will bless you and motivate you to take action, but here is the best news the world has ever received, and that is for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe it in him should not perish but have everlasting life. That is the best news that you will ever hear of. That's the news that we emphasize when we broadcast this. This is the news that we want you to take to heart so folks, here's the deal, God created this world man and it gave him dominion over the world and unfortunately Satan came down deceived woman. The man fell right behind and followed in the footsteps and we all inherit that soon we were born, but there is your sure is that Jesus Christ came to the start, lived the life that we were incapable of living. He led the perfect life. And so when he did that he fulfilled the requirement that we could not and when he was crucified on that cross and that blood which is required as the payment for sin. We shed, it can be applied to you and that means it's a free gift from God and you repent of your sin, you believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, that he did exactly what this verse said he accomplished it on the cross and you believe that in your heart and God will turn you transform you into a new creature. The Bible says that creature will want to offer up its life in return for that gift that God gave you which is eternal life, and that will be spending eternity with eternity with God and all the saints, and you will avoid hell on that lake of fire which is a place nobody would ever should want to go to and you need to avoid that at all costs. So that's how you do it you repent your son you turn, you do the works of God created for you from the foundation near you believe you continue to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you do that throughout your whole life and you will be blessed but you will also carry the cross in this world and that just like Christ carried across but you will be glad and happy to be your servant, and at the end. There's no better retirement plan. In this universe that you can have and that is to be with Christ and all the saints in heaven. So that's the that's the old good old story about the old rugged cross of pastoring. Have there you go.

The gospel in a nutshell he say right all right with coming up how much time do I have a number coming to the end here. Okay what I want to thank both you guys doing tonight's program was a little different. We, you know, they talked about out there and jog County, particularly because you've got a very strong tea party movement very strong patriotic Christians again and there they had their fed up with being betrayed.

They are fed up there tired of the rhinos running Democrats as Republicans and in all and if you look at these people that they've gone for one year running as a Democrat, not winning and they run for the same office as a Republican.

The next year and and people are tired you look at it there.

Just tired of being betrayed so I want to thank you guys for being here tonight and were granted timely again so remember. Good night God bless and always always understood Cape fighting the fighting white. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another addition, once right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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