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SUN 050122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 1, 2022 10:10 pm

SUN 050122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 1, 2022 10:10 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded welcome to another religion was what was left. I'm really about attorneys Sanders in the does is the voice of the Christian resistance on this May 1, 2022 and the title of the message tonight is laws for ruling the nation was ruling the nation and were to take a look starting over in Deuteronomy chapter 16. Now here is we go through here were going to see that these verses are anticipating no kind of a really great problem that the Israelites would face when the arrived in the promised land. Although they had. Josh was their national leader.

The they failed to complete the task and shows your spiritual leader who would guide the tribes and districts of cities with justice and God's wisdom because they did not appoint wise judges and faithful administrators rebellion and justice played their communities I know is a very serious flexibility and God is immutable.

He's the same today, tomorrow, forever. He doesn't change, and here we have the very same responsibility to that and to pick righteous people and dudes exactly the way he says here as we go through Scripture we were going to find out exactly what kind of people God has told us to choose as our leaders know were going to start in verso 16 three times a year shall all the males appear before the Lord thy God in the place which he shall choose and the feast of unleavened bread in the feast of weeks in the feast of Tabernacles, and they shall not appear before the Lord empty for every man should give as he is able, according to the blessings of the Lord thy God which he has given the now here is God knows exactly know what would you go, which you should give you a and here today.

For example, there is a church in our area that has that actually wants to see you 1049 forms or whatever from the IRS to see how much money you've made and then they expect you to give 10% of that now that is not up to one of these prosperity churches to do that.

That is not none of their business. That's between you and God. And so God knows what you should give and he knows your heart. He knows not only what you should give. But why you're getting it in your intentions, and for these churches to do that.

Obama to tell you that is that this is a very very simple act in my mind way of looking at it. It's not up to them. There out of their place to do such a thing. Note here again the three times a year. The mill was to make the journey to this on to the sanctuary in the city that would be designated as Israel's religious capital wasn't always the same. A change from city to city community or I'm so and again God would look upon the hearts of men. Now judges and officers shall thou make the all thy gates, of which the Lord thy God giveth the throughout the tribes and they shall judge the people with justice with and just judgment.

Thou shall not rest you know that word rest.

There actually means to pervert I cannot pervert judgment, they should not rest judgment thou shall not respect persons need to take a gift.

These talking about bribery's what's happening today. I hope what I do, boy do we see that happening today. I give for doing for gift of the blind the eyes of the wise and pervert the words of the righteous.

That which is altogether judge shall not now follow an thou knowest the dumbest live and inherit the land which the Lord thy God giveth the thou shall not planet the growth of any trees onto the altar of the Lord my God, which thou shall make the neither shall thou set the up an image which the Lord thy God hated now here is making another very very clear point and so when when you take in today what we've seen. I mean we will just think about this for minute, folks, Harry Truman said and I'll probably repeat this as I go through this with Harry Truman, said he said every time a politician goes to the public office and gets rich while he's in office, whether that's in Congress or a governor or senator Harry Truman. He said you can bet that person is a crook and that's exactly what's happening today, we see what is happening with Joe Obama Biden in the whole Biden crime cartel folks when when he gives $85 billion worth of military equipment to the Taliban don't think that he's not getting something back for doing that. These people don't do anything or not that's and that's taken a big risk. What he did but the money finds a way of coming back we know about all the crooked feelings he had in the Ukraine and you know the big guy gets 10% off the top. He wants 10% off the top. We take a look at at the by the way, don't think that when Biden cut our energy when he cut our supplies of gas and oil and don't think that he wasn't getting rich by doing that other countries are enemies like Russia and China who are willing to pay big, big money to Fort for them to call for energy supplies we saw when Clinton's when they sold 25% of our known uranium stock 25% to the Russians don't think that they were getting rich doing that and by the way. Now the Russians are threatening to eat the use nuclear bombs on us and so here judges and officers. Thou shall make thee in all thy gates was the Lord thy God giveth the throughout the tribes, they shall judge the people would just judgment just thou shall not rest judgment thou shall not respect persons. Now the Bible tells you that for you to respect the wicked honor of the wicked over Proverbs chapter 24. For those that honor the wicked person he should be cursed be cursed itself. It's a terrible sin to honor a wicked person as we go through Scripture will see here and so he says, that shall not rest the judgment. Thou shall not respect persons need to take a gift that does blind the eyes of the wise and so here when you get down to the last part of this wary saying, thou shall not plant the grove of any trees near and to the altar of the Lord thy God which thou make the initial onset of the an image with the Lord thy God is talking about idolatry and is talking about in of the gross when they would plant the groves of trees where the shade is good to sacrifice her children. It was a wicked wicked thing now here where does it all start, it will and starts in the church what the lessons we have to learn starts in the church in this country.

America. America is in big trouble right now. I mean she's a very big trouble and what I'm telling you, and an outlet told this before.

Biden of the crime. Biden crime families been breaking in bringing into this country, hundreds of thousands of men who were of of age military age of fighting age. These guys are disappearing. He's bringing amenities upright and amend their because he's he wants them to have a good life is bringing them in there for a reason they're going to be sleepers. The plan of it is, as they have those people there to when the command is given, thou start burning cities though they'll do whatever they can in order for him to be able to declare martial law, bringing UN troops into this country. That's what's happening you better understand that were telling you remember were always were always telling you things way to advance and so here. This is why it's so very important. We can beat them but we have to do it from the bottom up. We have to deal we have to we have to get organized and get our people in the right places.

Our resistance that's and we are. That's not like that, we are required by God's Word the Bible to resist tyranny into debt and so here it starts. Like I said in the church were God's word. The King James Bible range is paramount where men are taught to submit to the Lord wives to submit them to their husbands and children onto their parents. So starts of the church were the parents, the failure to taught would God's Word, the Bible teaches. Remember marriage and the family was the very first divine institution that God gave us and so here if we go over to Ephesians chapter 22 and you know what I'm going to have sneak over here and grab my bought a bottle of water here because I'm getting a little hoarse in.

I just happen to have one over here within reaching distance.

So in Ephesians chapter 5. Starting with verse 22 we read wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church and he is the Savior of the body.

Therefore as the church is subject intent.

Christ, so let the wives be into their own husbands in everything. And husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word that he might present it to himself a glorious church not have a sprinkler spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that it should be holy without blemish so ought men to love their wives as their own bodies.

He that loveth his wife loveth himself for no man ever yet hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, even as the Lord the church, for we are members of the body of his body, of his flesh and of his bones and for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined to his wife in the two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery but I speak concerning Christ and the church. Nevertheless let every one of you in particular love his wife even as himself in the wife see that she reverence her husband went. We find that men who submit until the Lord are much more likely to have wives that are obedient and submit them to them. Likewise the children to submit to their parents.

If there is a godly parents because none husbands are to put the needs of their wife and children before their own husbands and wives are not to deny each other in the bedroom. That's one thing that that the Bible is very clear is that you become that one flesh.

And you know when it comes to to sex you are not to deny the husband wife or the wife the husband in the bed and here.

That is the cause of a lot of divorce because of that, often, more often than not, the wives will use that is sex as a tool maybe is a door. Even I should say probably a weapon against her husband, which is which is roughly its decision to do that in a I remember when I was in years ago used to be a common jilted guys would say, will you have here euro bottle of aspirins and to take home and so what they would do as they would take a bottle as per loan give it to the wife and teeth. It was therefore elite status for that had a coat to get ready before you get it. Okay I'm in any home again.

The one time that was one of the main reasons when the main reasons for divorce that today it's infidelity infidelity is taken first place for divorce and why. Well, today you have things like of open marriage and under this trend. This new trend called hot wives which are are wives that are a promiscuous and it's like is acceptable. And of course another one of the reasons for divorce today and my gosh, there's so many, and you know what in the church. It's hardly any difference of the church that is in the world work of the divorce and the wires that will is because of people being unequally yoked, often to often, you have a you have people believers that are unequally yoked to nonbelievers and what I will not marry somebody.

I have constantly at what three constant sessions and I want to make sure it's very, very clear to them and and I know people at times the tell you without you. I got ice receive Christ as my Savior. Even though you have a lot of reasons to doubt them since you note up as a pastor you can you can't look upon their heart negates the same thing where he comes in and make a profession asked you that to baptize they want to be baptized. And of course we has quieted to a wide what is baptism into what you want to be baptized and that if they give the right answers. Even though you you have you have doubts about their their salvation.

Your ear required to baptize it with the same thing when they come to you and you consul for marriage and they answer they say the right things again, even though you have doubts and we cannot, I cannot look upon the hearts of people and so I I consul and to the best that I get. I warned him to insult here today again the money and get us all was always been a problem.

We'll find out strong marriages when money pops up money problems pop-up here just recently with this lease.

Hot wife thing these open marriages. There was these young women. These college-age women who they had a big if they were they were's said that they were sold a false bill of goods that they were told it there was no more stigma that that women were every bit as sexually liberated as men, and that the women could could have as many partners as they wanted a before marriage and that would would not affect their marriage for gay well they're finding out that what happens is when those men that there engaged to start finding out all of these men, other men, that they slept with.

That happens like no go someplace in the be out there and I'll be out there with his fiancée in all was on the run into a couple of guys waving and or weakening and what happened to that. What was he doing when the guys find out that these women up and sleep in so many different men that the they consider to be soil the merchandise and so now these women are complaining that well.

They were sold false bill of goods. They were told, you know there is such a thing as common sense there is such a thing as common sense and you have preachers like me on the radio every single day of the week in their preaching out against their the Bible clearly teaches that sex is restrained and and and sex to the to the marriage bed and you say you have sex student to have children to procreate and again. Sex is for a husband and wife and so they say will why is that the man could do what you see they don't get away with anything. God knows everything. Believe and I remember years ago when a man teacher in a public school or any school if he was caught with a young female student.

Why they would bring the hammer down at him he was going to prison 15 will give you 20 big time but it was different that when a young young female teacher would be caught with one of her students, especially high school student in kind. It was just because he just went away kinda went away and wives that will new and find out that you know it would be. I remember as a young man okay if you if you were in those days call lucky enough to be able to sleep with a pretty young teacher.

Why all the all the men there at work were you dad were to wherever they would patch at the shoulders a way to go, and that when that was more like a badge of the water that you were able to have sex with a splitting woman.

But today this, not that way anymore and say that's what he did. The stigma these young things have changed quite a bit and these women couldn't figure out the date they have not been able to figure out that there are differences between men and women and you can believe whatever you want but when reality sets in.

Then there often and for a very rude awakening. So here mouth. I want to go over to a by the way, to children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right on her left father and my mother which is the first commandment with promise that wit may be well within the home is live long on earth now you have to understand that he's not just talking about siblings is not talking about tune children as far as he's talking about the adult children of parents to other words, even as adult parents in the Old Testament of adult children of parents who they decided they were to their parents than what they would. They were often stoned to death for Ford bayonet and love for not being obedient to the parents, especially when they did something that we brought dishonor shame to their parents know I want to go over here to very quickly to Proverbs Proverbs chapter 29 verse two and will and we read here when the righteous are in authority. The people rejoice, but when the wicked barrel through the people more well here we we happen to live in the time to live in America, the righteous are not an authority.

The people are mourning their morning a lot to mourn when they go to the gas pump. They mourn when they go to the grocery store they don't understand.

Well here, the people you know we had rulers that were not obedient to the word of God.

They they gave in. They took bribes I can tell you this that here. The reason things are as bad as they are in this country and getting worse with wicked people. Joe Biden did not win that election he did not win. This morning I I listen to the very wicked old man Joe Biden and that he knew he was addressing the White House press Corps, the national media.

Now these are professional folks. These are professional liars. That's that is the absolute truth.

They they are contracted to lie that they have a contract. The course again. They don't refer to them as lies there contracted to go, whatever they call use the term narrative.

And that word narrative turns out to be whatever ally those at the top of the collective have come up with the media will follow along. The echo chamber. The echo chamber will start and they actually are.

And I heard him say this, I heard they said if we all say the same thing the same time. People will believe us and we all say the same thing at the same time people believe is not Joe Biden did not win election Joe Biden's told election. That's reality. That's the truth of what most of the country knows that and and here of folks if Donald Trump was still in office. If the people had done what they should've done if Mike pence had done what he should've done and said I cannot certify this election because right in front of me stands, senators and congressmen with all kinds of evidence that that the selection was illegal, that it was stolen. That's what he should have this done. He had an obligation to do that, but he failed the failed the people they failed God, country kill all of us and himself to when he gave it willingly submitted to the pressure of the deep state. In this way, we have Donald Trump to lose an election.

He had millions more votes than button but that it was set up. The deep state and those in the media were there to carry that light to promote that lie to back up the deep state to take Donald Trump down. Now what's happening across the country. People are starting back at the grassroots. They're getting on school boards are getting to be County commissioners.

They're going to need to be County prosecutors and judges there. The it's an Slate but there feeling the hurt. They're saying they learned what was happening to their children and out here. A lot of these parents didn't realize that the church Earl children will be in titanium the general been taught under this critical race theory that they will because I white I should be ashamed to be in white and it's not my fault it's my parents fault that I white and I should apologize will know. Here he says in this in verse four Robert Thorton indicating by judgment establish the land but he that received gifts overthrow it and that's exactly what's happening. We have a very corrupt and a very illegitimate government.

A very corrupt and very illegitimate. Now want to take you back to Deuteronomy 17 and back in Deuteronomy 17. I want to start with verse 14. The reader read through verse 20, when thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth the net shall possess it, and shall dwell therein, and shall say I will set a king over me like is that all the nations that were that are about me will remember the Lord prophesies this way, way, way before. This took place. Okay before cell come along with Samuel and so this this was prophesies way before that no, he goes on to say, thou shalt in any way set him king over the whom the Lord thy God shall choose one from among the brother know that's very important statement, one from among the brethren shall set king over the them is not set a stranger over the which is not the brother, but he shall not multiply horses to himself or cause the people to return to Egypt to the end that he should multiply horses for as much as the Lord had sent them to you. You shall henceforth return no more. That way, neither shall you multiply wives to himself that his heart shall turn away initially greatly multiplied himself silver and gold, and it shall be that when a set of the button the throne of his kingdom that he showed right him a copy of the law and the book out of went on that which is before the priests and the Levites, and it shall be with him and it shall read there and all the days of his life that he may learn to fear the Lord thy God, and to keep all the words of the law and the statues to do them that his heart not be lifted up above his brother, and that in turn not aside from the commandment to the right hand or to the left or to the end that he me prolong his days in his kingdom and he and his children in the midst of Israel. Now here we are ardent we in those about of you out there that are listed intimately of your Christians you are to choose fellow Christians to be your leaders are not likely need not, I mean real Christians not not just professing Christians and this is where comes in. You know, people like Joe Obama and Biden. You know that he go he tells you he professes to be a Christian. But at the same time. He said he wants more abortion. He wants more sodomy.

He wants more pedophilia and I truly believe that that man is a pedophile himself by. I have no doubts. Okay, everything that God's Word, the Bible calls sin everything with corruption he embraces and yet he calls himself a Christian when you got to be pretty dense. You gotta be pretty dense and by the way, and if it's a sin that's a sin not just for Christians but the sin for anybody to vote for men like him is what it tells you over Proverbs 24 starting with verse 18 says that those that call the wicked and righteous that they should be cursed for doing such a thing and so we are to find real Christian people that that have a real and when we have some ready for senators out there today. I think Judge Mindel has a good testimony. I think of that the that Sen. Josh from old from Missouri is a good good testimony.

I think people like Ted Cruz. There are people out there, old Jim Jordan, for example, these people have.

You can tell that that they are Christians by the Bible says that faith without works is dead but is the fruits of the board. Now here as we go back here. He says that you should choose one of your Outlook. You can't if you're Christian you can be choosing people like Obama was a Muslim or Omar was a Muslim, or people from that the synagogue of Satan. I mean, these are these are not real Jews. These are the people of Jesus of those that say they are Jews but are not one of the synagogue of Satan and I clearly see that Hillary Clinton and Chucky Schumer and others would belong in that category. Why well is because they embrace every abominable thing. Everything that God's word because of sin they embrace and promote no where to choose leaders that are there to lead us not not as the song says that was simply this, again, the Biden crime cartel. The clip might have been what they've been selling American women selling America out for years to our enemies and we we talked about that earlier and so if you think that Joe Biden didn't get some tremendous kickbacks for shutting down our our oil supply and gas supply which caused us all shutting down. He got a major kickbacks.

You can bet that is so all you have to do is take a look at his network.

He did make that money as a senator or VP and so here he goes on to say, and you shall not but again, he says, but he shall not multiply horses to himself or cause the people to return to Egypt that Egypt returning to Asia was a pagan land and the date the idea about having horses and wives. In other words, making yourself rich while your office off the people as to the serving the people. The way he was supposed to do and with silver and gold to it says here, I neither shall he will greatly multiply himself silver and gold, that is exactly the 10 the 10 wealthiest US senators multi-multi-multimillionaire for all Democrats that tells you something about that doesn't know and what it shall be. Would he sit upon the throne of his kingdom that he should write him a copy of the law of this book folks they need to be biblically literate and here we need leaders that are mentally, biblically literate, put our inclined to use God's word is a compass to guide them. They should be mature enough as not to be swayed by the heathen left or the or the rental right.

We should always seek wise counsel from Truman to God. They should be known to attend a Bible preaching Bible teaching church faithful never compromise when it come on to the word of God, they shall avoid neglecting God in times of prosperity. That's what happens to a lot of people who don't. When times are tough and that things are rough and that they're on their knees, but when things get good they kind of forget who blessed of where the blessings come from and and so the need to avoid to been trying to be lords trying to be lords over their constituents alone and taken out to one of the, if not the one of the most controversial passages of Scripture. It shouldn't be controversy at all because Romans 13 means exactly what it says. That means exactly what it says let's go take a look at what it says. We go over to Romans 13. Let every soul be subject to the higher power, for there is no power but of God. Now some of those New Age perversions of the Bible. They change those words, there is no there is no power but of government or nurse into the higher powers of change into government be subject to government now here let's take a look at what would this actually says here Romans 13, the powers that be are ordained of God.

Now folks to be ordained of God. Okay that means that you are set aside that God has set you aside for such this is so, here we we we take a look at our government and every now and then I hear somebody say well you know our government is not perfect but it's still the best of something else.

Not infected.

To tell you the truth.

Our government is is so corrupted it is illegitimate. It is not a legitimate government. Our government is not legitimate is the word used for illegitimate it's in the Bible is best or we have a mastered government and he goes on to say, whosoever therefore resists as the power resistance. The ordinance now when the powers of ordained. That means God has set aside for his use that these these been set aside for his use. Who is this is the ordinance of God. Now what is that, well that is one of God's laws. The ordinance of God and that they resist shall receive to themselves damnation not listed here. For rulers for rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Now what you say will will what does the Bible called go to enable logging today with the Bible because good and that's God's laws. God statutes God's ordinances. God's commands. God's promises God's testimony is God's judgment. God's precepts, you find all of those over the hundred 19 so and remember when God had given us the in the Neu covenant, the divine institution, a human government would gotta given us that he made five points very clear.

The first point to whom it was given, and you find that there in Genesis 9 verses one through four. Okay the second point was the purpose of the intent that whether the intent second point was the intent and intent was that man was to govern for God man was to govern for God. Now the third point which is the most important point is the purpose. The third point was the purpose and the purpose. The entire purpose. The entire purpose of divine human government folks was to preserve the image of God, that being man.

This is why by the time he got to Genesis 9 has already said three times for man to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.

Now the fourth point was the means by which man was to govern for God and well that goes back to what we just said God's laws that statutes God's ordinances.

God's commands. God's promises God's testimony God's judgment. God's precepts, etc. no here. If you go to the fifth point.

The fifth point was that all of those nations that were in compliance with the first four points when they would be at peace and not at war with God. Well folks, I gotta tell you, I don't know of any nations out there today that her peace with God. God not happy with his world and here again the entire purpose of divine human government was to preserve the image of God, and now you got we got a wicket. I made an extremely wicked I mean a very very wicked government out there that they want more abortion. They want to kill more children affected this but I guess they just passed legislation in the thicket of what state was it that they just passed it was in New Jersey on the wasn't. It was Marilyn about was Maryland. They just passed legislate. Legislation that says now you can wait till babies 28 days after old after his birth, and you can anytime up to that you kill that baby and stabbed to death whenever you kill it anyway because that legislature in Maryland are made up of wicked people ungodly, unclean and wicked people now see that ungodly goes unclean and those wicked people they better know something and that is this that they're going to repent or perish. What they did is a very evil thing.

What they did was deny the very image of God and probably one of the reasons they did such a thing is they don't have enough God-fearing grilled many God pastors in that state of Maryland to preach heaven sweeten how hot but I'm an Italian those people in that legislator unless they repent. They're going to find out more about how hot the never wanted to know and so here it if any of you out there have a problem when at what you just give me a call and we'll talk about, but I don't expect to get any calls from many of the state legislators. Same thing happened in New York now, here he goes on to say. He goes on do that which is good enough to have praise the same for he is the minister of God for the for good without do that which is evil, that's exactly what those people in Maryland that that's what our that's what our then Democratic comics, Congress does the sentence evil is evil, be afraid, for a bare earth is not the sort of vein, for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him the do with it what he's talking about people that are legitimate government that always talk about legitimate authority legitimate authority all legitimate authority comes from God ministers ordained by God. You notice what they done, they changed that in the New Age Bible versions when it refers to the for he is the minister of God, they change that the servant will you say will Pastor Kent is in the servant and the minister will say well ministers, all ministers are servants, but not all servants are ministers, there's a big difference in remember God even uses to accomplish his task. The deed sends out line spirits like he did with Ahab demons. He they have to, and even Satan himself is limited by God's authority.

What he can do and so here you see, God is in control. He uses these for his will. Righteous sake. Now he said wherefore you must needs be subject not only for wrath but also for conscience sake. In other words, it was a legitimate government and compliance with God's word, then you need to obey it, not just because you're afraid that you'll be punished if you don't, but you need to obey them because you're here to love God and not a God and wanting to please God. And so here goes.

I am telling Romans 13 says exactly what we that's why they have all of these New Age versions. And that's why the prissy preachers are just too afraid to preach it the way it is because they fear government more than God for this cause page attribute. Also, for they are God's ministers. There you go there's that word again attending continually upon this very thing that leads again were talking about legitimate this what he is referring to is legitimate government, render therefore to all their dues tribute to tribute is due custom-built customers do and fear to fear and honor to whom honor is due.

It's a horrible sin to give honor to the wicked person and who and what are some of those ways that you give honor to wicked person will by voting for him by voting for him. How often Peter will people use over and first Peter chapter 2, they will use this passage to try to justify not not having the courage to stand up against the wicked government and they use this verse here, submit yourselves to every ordinance of man listen, submit yourselves. Every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake, for the Lord's Centinela master phone something does God ever tell men to do evil does God ever did tell men to do evil is telling you you submit yourself to ordinance of man when it's in compliance with God's righteous laws again. God statutes and ordinances commands and promises and testimonies of judgments.

The present when you do that, then you're doing that for the Lord's sake, whether it be to the King is supreme, or in the governors, as unto them that are set to buy him for punishment of evildoers and for the price of them that do well again you have to go back to what God's Word, the Bible teaches folks, we are to obey God rather than men. We are not to be conformed to this world and what's happened is to minium in the pulpit have become conformed to this world.

Boy do we see that, I could tell you I was absolutely amazed just totally amazed at how easily some of these churches capitulated and closed their doors. They there was a total lack of discernment and understanding for when it come to this coven. A lot of them never reopen. Why they obeyed man and not God. God makes it very clear the Old Testament intelligent. Make sure your feet find the path of the house of God.

The New Testament, he said to make sure that you do not forsake the assessment of yourself. Together the house and got remember Peter and Paul and all the apostles. They were thrown in jail. Why, why were they thrown in jail and persecuted because they were holding church service. They didn't want them to hold church services and so the UPF unregistered Baptist Fellowship.

They will were all in agreement we don't were not going to close our doors were going to stay open regularly obey God and they stayed open in our area. We were one of the only ones that that never closed down. We didn't do anything with those masks because we had discernment we understood right from day one, that those masks were absolutely totally worthless when it comes to stopping a virus even before we we were with her. Of the research that was done we had people on the boxes of those masks and I just happen to be have a case of those things that were left to the church with Dr. Parker, the surgical mass and on the box on the box. The very same method they were handing out out there on the box. It tells you these mass will not prevent or stop any virus any virus sucked because renting the box now but I tell you what would they do do they found out that in those of a lot of those those masks. The plastic fibers are founded in the number of people that I have an article we did that those fibers plastic fibers fiberglass of whatever to was found and in the lungs of a lot of people and that is just unbelievable and so but the people didn't listen. Now I want to go over to here for minute to Proverbs 31 and Proverbs 31 we read the words of King the mill that was Solomon. By the way, the prophecy that his mother taught him of my balls now. His mother was Bathsheba and she dedicated Solomon to the Lord before he was even born. Give not. She says give not thy strength into women nor the ways to that which destroy with kings in other words a bad woman could take a good man down and that happens all the time and as we get closer to the Lord's return.

As we get deeper into the apostasy of the character of women have been diminished. The been diminished greatly. You go out on the beach just about anywhere and you see these women that's not just the young girls, but with all equipment will you get with showing the entire rear end and some of them.

They go there going topless on the other. And again, like I said today. You've got this. These are what they call out wives and open marriages and this is causing a tremendous amount of divorce folks the course.

Remember, the second shortest for us in all the Bible is God hates divorce. God hates divorce. Now here he goes on as those it is not for kings: you is not for kings to drink wine over princes strong drink okay. In other words, he's telling us he remember Solomon often referred to himself as the pastor of the shepherd. He referred to himself as the pastor to shepherd and pastors and shepherds were forbidden to drink strong drink unless it was for medicinal purposes and so here is not for kings.

Well, he said, let us not what I'm going to stop right there and and just tell you this folks a cake.

All of these things that are happening out there. None of you if you're biblically illiterate should be surprised it's exactly as it was described in God's Word, the Bible, exactly, were seen were living in the day and could be more clear in second Timothy chapter 3 tells you would it and actually it comes in and tells you in the last days which shows you how close and then it gives you a whole list of the characteristics of men and we see that today is exactly the ways that it would be.

I don't like. I just can't understand how anyone could be around alive today hear the gospel being preached and not understand not see was happening all around Mount in a way I can. And that is this that there's a mindset and ID among people that if they don't acknowledge something it can happen if I don't acknowledge that civil if I just don't acknowledge God then I won't have to stand judgment for my life and so that the they just want to pretend like it's not there but puts it down deep inside of God is installed this and they know they got. They know that they should be and so I guess the answer is found in Romans chapter 7 the real estate to be out there tonight it's it's it's this way. If you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. He is the only way of salvation. These the only way there is no other than your walking on a tight rope over a lake of fire. What you need to do is is as soon as you possibly can do exactly what the Lord Jesus said pray to the father seek repentance, repent of your sin and repent of your sin, acknowledge the fact that is pastor Heloise is your dirty rotten low-down stinking sinner, you need to acknowledge that and you you need because if you go and you ask God for forgiveness.

If you're sincere appear in your repentance, you will be forgiven and then you call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because that there's only one name under the sun but wish you could be saved and if you do that. He's the one that took your place on the cross he died in your place.

If you do that God will honor that. And you will become a new creature, a born-again believer, a child of the kingdom and when that happens, you will be indwelt by the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit and you will be on your world to immortality and you will have a mansion waiting for you built by the designer and the builder of the universe and those guys were the Bible tells you he tells you that will be walking on streets of gold, God is able to do. He has absolutely no shortages of being able to do anything so we are out of time for tonight. So as we do every night. At this time of we say good night God bless and always, always, always keep fighting the fight.

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