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THU HR 1 042822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 29, 2022 12:27 am

THU HR 1 042822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 29, 2022 12:27 am

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How do was get more done registered our Home the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. Welcome to another additional what's right what's left I'm really about 30 centers in the this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this 20th day of April 2022 and boy do we have a program for you tonight. So here in the studio now. Normally we keep electing the boiler room but Craig Lynn amount is the right live in the studio we got radical Randy be blessed. No stress. Everybody how worn she stutters the sputters and flutters about and choose studio Morrow looked always so good evening everyone in the course.

We have Craig on board with the dials with a smile right good evening okay there you go.

No, we have some special guests and we have right here with us in here, Walter Skip Claypool. However, buddy how you doing tonight already we have somebody much prettier than him and me and that is Janet Porter. We've got you here tonight so we we have a lot to cover tonight and so were looking to have. Also with us here tonight will Christopher Rodrigues and Christopher interviewer if your listing: now he got the times makes the brain and so he called and about a couple hours ago so he's out there on the left coast and so that's where you get up so if you're out there listening call in no so right now ready to start right here here's where you start in Proverbs chapter 23 verse 23 2323 reads this way by the truth and sell it. Not also wisdom and instruction and understanding. And so I would think that's that's pretty good advice to get a hold of the truth efforts truth cathing. So to how men however were in a time when that that is going to happen a lot.

Well it's not going to happen if you invest your money in the mainstream media that's exactly right.

But the wind when people are sending their donations. We go out of the way to make sure that we bring in truth the whole truth. Another but the truth absolutely yes we duplicate so that's what we can do so folks there you go. Your donations help us to do exactly that. Now when I go over here to Proverbs 29 read verse two when the righteous are in authority. The people rejoice, but when the wicked bear through the people mourn to anything people are doing in America today are the rejoicing early morning. One big human morning they still do look to the duly know them want to take you over here. What will ask Walter Skip labeled disease on his computer. I want to skip Claypool a method as people say that we have to keep what we should keep our religion and our politics separate.

So what's is Walter Skip Claypool. I don't even how you do that I may review religion, so it should be so much a part of you is that a separate view, it is the way you live. It is your life.

It is your lifestyle. It's baked into everything you do.

I made a speech yesterday and I said that family and country. God is part of everything that I am all of my my values, my beliefs all come from my understanding of God and pleasing. Gotta make sure and do the right things by God's but he would even think about separate God from all of you here of you people out in Geauga County.

He's running for County Commissioner.

Pay close attention because we have a lot to say tonight about that now. Jan Porter people say you need to keep your faith in your politics separate. What's the Jan Porter really realizing that God is Lord of all and all I remember I was. I was debating. I ate a liberal professor, a feminist and yes one time on public television me you don't agree with these guys got out of the public square, and my response was that I sent one of the benefit just came to me that one of the benefits of being God. If you get to go wherever you want people to have our freedom to communicate the truth wherever that is, we don't check our freedom.

When we walk on the public park through the doors of the public school know it's because condos God-given constitutionally enforced right are are enacted everywhere and that that's part of the great commission were to go and make disciples not just within our four walls of our church, but Chuck throughout the earth. And so, so, yeah, yeah, I think it's pretty clear you think you think you have a pretty good idea of how I how I see it that were supposed to be installed in the light in the dark and decaying culture.

The Bible says if you're not then you're good for nothing will be trampled underfoot.

That's not a good place to be.

That's not where I want to be absolutely right. Now you just mention the greatest example of that. To verify that if you go to God's Word the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Every profit every prefix, every preacher, every man and woman of God. Their faith and their politics were inseparable. They were one of the same and we see that especially like with Daniel Howell held that came across and then, but no one asserted that more than the Lord Jesus himself. They were one of the same, the faith in the politics and that's the way it's supposed to be with us as an okay so I'll ask both of you to right now people out there say today. Well, you know I feel this way but I will vote for this person even though they're not perfect, even though they might be pro-abortion. But I'm going to vote for this person.

I don't feel that I'm doing anything wrong. Let's let's see what God is where the Bible says about that is it is said to vote for wicked person. Well, let's go to Proverbs 24 and we start with verse 21 my son, fear thou the Lord and the king and metal not with them that are given to change. Remember, Obama hope and change right further calamity sure rice and linen know the root of them both these things also belong to the wise, it is not good to have respect to persons in judgment. He that saith unto the wicked, thou art righteous him shall the people curse nation Philip or him but to them that rebuke him shall be a delight and a good blessing shall come upon them.

Every man shall kiss his lips together with the right answer. So over the years I've had people causing well, you know, I can understand how you feel that that deal because of how they vote their stand.

The pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, I understand that but you should give them the honor of the office.

The Bible says that if you do that, I just read it to your to be cursed right and so now here if we jump over very quickly to Proverbs 17 read verse 15 we read this. He that justifies listen either justifies the wicked and he that condemns the just even they are both an abomination to the Lord.

Abomination is not a good thing as it that's exactly when abomination is just a supportable night and have a problem you meant by joining your hearing. Your problem is. Our world is understand abomination is a word that has lost meaning because were so surrounded by abomination that you know how do you differentiate me when we start teaching sexuality to young kids five and six-year-old method abomination that is that is a sin beyond which I can get my head around, you know, one of the early Hebrew definitions of that word abomination is, is the stench of rotting flesh in the nostrils of a holy God cannot be a good thing. Think about that generous Mel rotting flesh I was Mel rotting flesh. It's not good that's it's all horrible. It's up on thing and that's what God calls same-sex marriage because of an abomination. That's what God calls abortion because it abomination and so here these people and you have Joe Biden talk about his faith. Oh my gosh you talking about an abomination you what what is the Bible say about leaders who lead their flock astray.

Well, it says that their damnation will be the greater now they use a stronger term than condemnation damnation stronger term in the Lord Jesus said to different degrees of punishment and their damnation would be the greatest cake. Jan working to start with you and Christopher Rodrigues is not with us so hopefully he will make it in tonight but go ahead and telephone said there you're running the 13 congressional district, and I cannot and I cannot wait because I got it I got a feeling this time were going to win where it all away and I can't wait to see you get to DC because you are feisty and new. You got us you not going with you not going to put up with.

I watched over the years, but nobody's feminist and I got a feeling that when you you get to DC old AOC is in for a real treat when you think I can take on a squat, but I can't wait to take on the rhinos that you know in the last decade we've been fighting rhinos and running candidate against them. If you know Iran against defendant president, not a popular blue, but I got more than battle scars in the last several years, I've learned some lessons and I've gotten strategies that I believe I can help maneuver over the further my fine field to get through the obstacles that are standing in the way of everything we wanted to know what is the reason why every time the Republicans take control of Congress that we never get the things they promise a challenge that every single time they're going to keep on Planned Parenthood at the Everett Johnny now repeal Obama care were to stop the steel and bring border integrity. Do they ever do it now, but the reason why it's not so much the Marxist on the left. The rhinos on the right and so I got a plan. I spelled it out on my website. Janet Folger Folger's generic lot of people remember me back when we passed a lot of light of the laws that are on the block that parental consent the right no fetal homicide. Even the nation's first ban on partial-birth abortion, but at the end of the day regulating around the edges of abortion didn't get to the finish line.

What we needed to do was more so when God gave me the idea for the heartbeat built 12 years ago we introduced in Ohio. If you know you were there pastor every step of the way and I remember being told by many people.

Establishment the rhinos in the Senate. In particular, that it was impossible to guess why. What was once impossible is now inevitable. We've now seen heartbeat laws passed in 14 states at the privilege of of recruiting the sponsor of the Texas heartbeat built helped draft that legislation that now protects right now currently not one day in the suite by-and-by, but right now that Bill is protecting 9/10 babies, 40,000 children a year at the stadium, all innocent lives that will be state by the most protective bill in the nation called a heartbeat built so here's what I've learned. We can end abortion. We just get in the state of Texas now past in Idaho a version of it with from conception with the Texas remedy and not in the state of Oklahoma work were going to see our country being taken back in NY well I think that what we've learned in what I learned in this battle is that they band together they created a group when it passed the heartbeat bill in South Carolina they get the same thing in Arkansas and they said if you guys want your precious bills to come through if you want your precious budget that you'll bring heartbeat to the floor for about an that's what they did in those two states that they done it in the legislature in the state of Ohio.

It wouldn't cost me a decade of my life but I wanted I want to know that I can't see what all the political pundits are right yes tsunami red wave coming in.

And guess what we can band together with those freshman before the start are put in them from the field and the chaos in the perks from the swamp before they're dragged into the swamp. Well-meaning people still mean well we can get them to join together and say we want, not just the federal heartbeat bill but we want to abolish the Department of Education. We want to remove funds from states that the teach critical race theory: children in the teach obscenity or the 1619 project marks to take the money from you in the same way. We don't want to fund voter fraud anymore and the content of the America first contract there at the website that Janet Folger site you can read it where going to make sure that no more we going to be funding state that don't even require the bare minimum of a photo ID to vote in all like you need to get on an airplane or not you need to borrow library book working to make sure that working to take those funds put into states that have paper ballots watermark sequential paper ballots. Those that don't have the mailing invitation to voter fraud. Those that have voting against a day instead of uploading want soap or don't want to rein in the voter crime happening right now were going to return our children to the reading the writing, arithmetic that's one thing we can do with the power of the purse and I'm telling you, if we band together as a group to be able to go into that that Congress know what because working to make sure our first boat that we cast is for the leadership for the speaker of the house that will abide by these principles and these principles are not for sale for committee assignment, not for chairmanship for any personal payoff you want to give us in working to sign the dotted line to see how many of the team that we can build it. That's the first thing I wanted to beginning on on Wednesday just after the voting. The primary going on Tuesday to start assembling a team on Wednesday at work were going to be ready to watch, to elect the right speaker will let these bills come to the floor in order to turn the tide right the ship instead of just just past water down versions of what we really want to do.

We need to get rid of McCarthy when you were McConnell, I mean we we need to replace these people, these rhinos know folks, and this was killing us look if we take a look at the blame where you can lay the blame on what took place on the stealing of the election election was flat, outright stolen, and if you look at who's really responsible look.

The Bible says that a dog returns to his vomit and is so to her mother know what is that mean that means we can expect Democrats to do what Democrats do right.

We can expect them is whether Democrats know what the rhinos the rhinos are the ones who sold us out.

We got when Mike pence got up there and when he said what I want to certify that the by the Constitution. No, he has the obligation and the duty when there was no corruption with you.

It always people standing right in front of them with the evidence that is right there. He showed us a look 10 days I would take 10 days and look into this before. I certify this he had the obligation to do that. The responsibility to do that now. He didn't. He sold us all of those will have assurance stood with him that, didn't you know that I was really Jan, I was really really disappointed in Tom cotton and Marsha Blackburn.

I thought that they would would stand and I tell you that they lost a lot of stock with me when when they refused to stand up Josh Holly and crews and the others that did stand and especially Jim Jordan you know Jim Jordan and I would tell you he's a treasure.

We have an and I think you're going to be a female version of Jim Jordan. There is no statute of limitations on crime. I don't right now like the leadership in the legislature would consummate you know what we found voter fraud. But there's nothing we can do something or imagine for a moment that you bought a new car a year and 1/2 ago I we found out that car was that car was stolen and mechanics that are in your in your studio right now they were witnesses they thought there was stolen from the parking lot. We got it on a surveillance camera. We got witnesses.

We got all kinds of evidence to show that we know who stole your car.

But what if they sent you. You know what is nothing we can do. Driving your car for a year and now used to it. I kinda like it would like you to keep making car payments on your stolen car know there's no way you would let that happen in the question that I was asked if you want let it happen to a car. Why would we let it happen with our country in a want. If an election was stolen. We have an obligation to get to the bottom of it.

Having hearings and state committees were no one's watching the evidence out and it is a congressional select committee where we quickly put her on C-SPAN and we put the evidence together and we make a recommendation whether it's to the Atty. Gen. under neutron administration. Whether it's to the court. However, we do it all. I know it I'm not given up on our country not I'm not conceding I'm not not to let someone who stole our country. I keep it just because times gone by in the same way I would let somebody keep my stolen car I taken to court and I bring justice and do regarding the 2020 election absolutely now you know Biden affords a diff disinformation board.

He was to go after critics. Okay, people are putting on this information because Joe Biden has says that I'm really new from articles here from Chris Christina Lilo, the big guy Joe Biden set I got into politics because I think the greatest thing anyone can commit is the abuse of power and so can you believe that that's our joy. Biden Patrick is right now. They're trying to have a state run media writer turned that they wanted to be Russia and they're all afraid why because Eli might want to bring freedom of speech to twitter what what what a travesty for them because they won't be able to answer it and and and shadow boat banishment block it out from communicating that's what we gotta stop this in one of the things I want to do in this contract with America first contract is to terrain in the sensors on the Internet and one of the ways we want to do that is to remove their section 230 privileges and then we go after them for voter fraud and for collusion because what's happening is Mark Zuckerberg. As you know K $417 billion influenced election that is to be investigated and justice need to be served: he says he's not going to invest in the money in trying to throw this election is he's waiting for that presidential election before he imposes money into. But again, there were coming up to a break know you've heard of agenda 2030 right in here in Ohio we have would you call no walk.

And that is the Ohio version of agenda 2030.

Please recall agenda 21, and basically is doing as well read, taking away our freedoms taken where property and don't know what he knows more about the no walk in here in Ohio this skip Walter Claypool's running for County Commissioner in Geauga County and so we come back. You stay right there Jan because I want to move up very quickly before go to break telephones would where your with 13 congressional district where covers sure it's all a Summit County and Northwestern start County Akron greater Akron Canton area. It's a little sliver portage County little Western western portion of Kent can't in portage County and so you can find out more when you go to Janet Folger one more thing though pastor so you people come out in the L in the primary election that it just you and your family and your church could swing this thing meaner seven candidates in my open seat one church attorney could turn the whole thing around. So I just want to encourage you get the word out, especially if you live in stomach if you live in Stark County week. We really need to dictate to communicate your every boat is going to count. This is a critical election because without this primary working to be just having to take whatever comes, we can make the decision to pick the righteous, godly, pro-life, profamily candidate now rather than wait to the fall and get the rhinos that are on the ticket so every boat that account. We need them all and it is five days away is Tuesday and you could find out If you want to help us out.

We need folks to come out work all are supposed to make some calls and some books to help them to pray, so I shot your appreciated pastor appreciate all your doing it and not five days we have shot up to two to take the lessons I've learned in the battles. I thought to portion at the federal level. Every child is heartbreaking to hurt, but working to take our country back that I believe God given me a strategy to do it just like you did 12 years ago on how to end abortion for 40,000 lives in the state of Texas and upper brothers that as other states are passing the it's the 30th 30 states of introduced it and not the end abortion has begun and so I just want to say take hope we can get our country back as well. Our church is talking about moving just so that we can vote for you at the great all right listen. Jan deftly remember come November 6 the way. Five for me and and and and and and Ray and was a bad already there you go. We will remember in November and these, please. The solution is very very critical post right now the opposition to Obama Biden is in the Biden crime cartel. They're doing everything they can as quickly as they can to reduce America the third world status they wanted to listen to Venezuela, and North Korea, no. Here's was going to happen down around the Cincinnati area affected stone.

There, at 140 88148 a Johnsonville Brookville Rd. in Brookville all Ohio coming up this Saturday this coming Saturday you're going to have all patriot candidates night. That's all patriot candidates night running for office. All you candidates running for office in Ohio.

The rescue need to come down. Put your heads together to view the signatures of unit exposures support prayer no is time for unity prayer. The shaking of heaven, calling out the calling all you can expect to see Ron Hood was doing when they see and independent Neil Peterson and supporters together all come together in the third major primary so others can be done there. Given their speech is supposed soon. This is very very important very very important election because look, we are facing in this country right now where a nation. The Bible says all nations that are forgetting. Gotta turn in the hell were standing in the shadow of a holy and an angry God. We are swords who run red from coast-to-coast with the blood of our innocent and that blood is quite outboard testimony against American right now, folks, you're facing right now. One of one of the harshest punishments the harshest punishment that God brought upon any nation was for killing his children and and you know what that was. It was starvation and cannibalism.

Right now America people don't know, and we been telling you until a new until noon till now they've knocked down. We had some clips we were going to play to about the food shortages is going to be tremendous food sources.

This is being created right now by the Biden crime cartel along with what is taking place here in our borders. You're having your brain and look I would ask skip Walter Claypool he knows the answer is give Walter Claypool yes sir, when a nation is invaded by foreigners when they invade the nation. The definition of that invasion is an act of submission to this war is an act of war. The other two.

That's what's that's what's happening right now and so folks, we've got to know in order to get that we've got to get the Congress back right absolutely but but a cigar is just so tough me when Jan gets in the shallot work.

She could have a lot more but she's feisty known her for long time and she's ready to roll know we got started at at the county level. The county level. Jan while working to be to talking about because all this has to do with what's Taken Pl. in Ohio and this fellow here this with us in here tonight is give Walter Claypool he is been one who more than anyone I know who is bringing bringing no walk up to the forefront. It's happening here. These are bureaucrats that work in the shadows will tell them about no waka skip, you had mentioned earlier that they're connected to agenda 21 agenda 2030 and Jan when you get to and how much you know about them or a lot of these federal programs.

Gotta start ending federal intrusion into estates for your 10th amendment says federal governments are limited to 33 annuity enumerated rights and the whacker is an Imperial Maxwell planning organization. It was the nose of the camel on the 10th and through no act that which is possibly planning roads and bridges there now working on all these other things they're doing water quality, air quality control. Somebody's infrastructure controller, air quality, their water quality and other doing economic development along with economic development comes control of your energy systems control of your sewers septic systems is all the stuff baked into an economic development mechanism, and it's all federal control. The CED called CV community. Community economic development organization started by the Biden administration is now becoming part of Malacca so this planning organization which started in 1960s is now expanding its scope to where it is literally trying to take over northeastern Ohio. So the department transportation hugged all federal programs. The whacker which is a federally mandated program are being directed by their agents in the federal government on how to slowly boil the frog and take us all over and churn Jada County and I'm I am fighting like the Dickens to make sure is not to happen to China's blue.

They they hate this red jewel that we got in Geauga County Virgin conservative County but they're working as hard as I can get federal control in there so that we can bring more equity and more and diversity, whatever that means into the community website, Lord, January 6, when Jim was talking about about the rhinos you are absolutely right is the right was. We have some rhinos running and we've got some rhinos right out there and jog County.

No yellow my puff. My thought was a lifelong Democrat Jim DeVore, a lifelong Democrat and ran as a Democrat for County commission, 2012 he lost and the Republican chairman of the party.

Nancy MacArthur decided to to reach out to Jim DeVore a Christian like me and how conservative I was, and run a Democrat against me so we can change parties to become a Republican right a Republican, recruited by another writing a Republican, and unfortunately he won a thousand Democrats crossed over, pulled a Republican ballot and a number of other things happened in the process and he ended up winning that election very very near margin and so I come back to get another shot at it because I can't take this rhino and there is making all these liberal decisions which is younger in the lead guard think I would get to conservative Republican Republicans and their document as a stopgap measure, but they sure they can certainly get a lot more done if he had another conservative partner at the table with them, so glad to see you have been where comes to saving the taxpayers dollars you come up with with the program after program to do that but it's it's it's a for example, note the talk about our roads and bridges. I gotta tell you we got some bad roads on Joe, there's somebody yet. And then the ironic thing about it is for everybody who's out there listening to this radio program Jada County 99.9% of the rose by 9.99% of the roads are taking care of our local levees by all of the local tax dollars that we get the money victims that would be coming back from the whacker. We got them they were getting nothing back would take care only federalized roads are only supposed to be doing federalized Rose forget what they're supposed to be doing the roads there really doing all trying to do all this other stuff to change our communities to change our culture, but Geauga County pays in about $10 million a year. That's a 18.5 cents gallon per gallon gas tax that we pay that amount to about $10 million year that we Jada County pays. That goes for the federal government. They skim off their peace back to the state of Ohio. They skim off their piece what the remainder goes to these metropolitan planning organizations were supposed to give it back to the communities that contributed it and jog. It's nothing back.

It's all wasted in Cleburne County and I'm telling you it is wasted.

They've got all these goofy programs. The rideshare program and the beautification program and all the silver tough stuff is not even roads and bridges. They just pee the money away on all these other programs, will we see jog transit driving around one person on and anoint the causes, but I do know posted in Jan of their you know we got some potholes and that money was supposed to be going towards fixing the roads a lot about what to a bike path a really nice bike path okay and that's nice for the people that want to ride the bike path, but rose the money to supposed to go to the highway should go to. I would think so, but I mean here's part of the problem lately that the lady who's the current director can then change the rules change. Other games played and so and she based on a set of criteria.

That's already spaced so of course jog counties at a disadvantage. There's we don't have a lot of minorities that we would welcome them into jog County ventures enough to come, would you take Randy and if he was with absolutely have to because my memory is funny that you said that because I live in South Euclid was interested in is that they're putting in bypass that nobody wants. Yeah nobody wants Mike as we went to have a car pass mobile ride bikes not like that and possibly of Euclid Creek reservoir there and we got a number bypass will be sending to mice and were there, put them at now, in places where nobody wants him and and when I go home tonight is an African woman look and see how they are funded know what, that's right, you should do that enough. This is a goofy thing for him, but he doesn't already have us be black ice and so the decision process that they're making or putting it into a bike path because they say you know only wealthy people get to drive a car, and so we want to put in a bike path so we can take care of all the poor people to ride a bike to work you want to ride a bike to work out when it is not admitted as I was doing half of the year affiliate. I know that I was riding the bikes in the and I watch them when they ride the bike back to their BMWs relationship thinking in the whacker is just so stinking thinking.

I can hardly even tolerated but they do it with intent and the intent is designed to come from the federal government and the federal government is being steered to some degree by the United Nations 2030 program and that program if you read it. It's easy to read you go out and google it. It's available in poverty and echoes with a little you final say about poverty pastor is always going to be with the right absolute and so poverty will always be with us and yet United Nations thinks they're going to end poverty and when you say close Schwab sillies is good and poverty dissuade you to take everything that we have away from us so we won't have anything to lose. He says were going to wear that can own nothing to be good to go arise and will be happy owning nothing and having nothing right and reading 2030 and you have zero hunger. I don't like you monograms pretty hungry.

I do not have a good couple.

What you see here. Here's how you repetitive some of these programs and it is just excuses. It's just ways for them to make up this liberal ideology so that they can base decisions to change to a utopia that I don't know whether trying to get to a little about it already controls what about your money about their minds to Jenny. Still, there was a janitor you there that we lose her very very good. Okay, here you remember a guy named Jacques Cousteau sure to know Jacques Cousteau.

He had the plan to solve world hunger. I heard them say it.

He said where it comes to world hunger. Okay the wilderness. The wildlife gives you the answer in the wilderness. The strong eat the week he said human beings are a great source of protein in order to fill the world hunger. All we have to do is eat the poor and the weak. Okay, know that the if you all think that's the mindset of the death or credit Communist Party. They would come in there. There's nothing that I don't I don't I can't think of anything that is too ungodly to sinful to wicked to evil for them not to do to know and and and yelled at some of the other whacker programs, which is as crazy as they want. They it's a stated goal that want to get rid of cars they don't like cars. One of the steps to get rid of cars, generally, is to put you in the electric car and about you, but like cars don't go the distance.

I want them to go. I tend to get out of the house and then I can't exactly be human anywhere even though it's it's tough to find a place to buy what you know the cost to recharge the Tesla I don't know that it's ugly things well is free to recharge it, don't you. Is that what you hear all that you electric car is it doesn't cost anything right, but that's not true that know it's ridiculous so there is a you get charged with electricity when you plug that sucker in at home and so in charge 18 bucks to charge up a test Tesla and so that eight free. It's not as much is the $70 was Biden's jacked up the gas prices hiring on 70 bucks development at my truck, but some other goofy decisions.

They will your the cars they want to put you in a bicycle. We want to put you in transit. Transit of the work real good job of counting it is a necessary objective. Isn't it true that like if we go all the way down to discharge and everything ultimately something that runs by gasoline has to charge up the charger to charge a fee like what ultimately you have to use some dependable fuels your source to generate electricity is a windmill dependable is saying the Windows running on the present time no they generate. Like maybe 1% or 2% of the power know and since it was solar panel solar panels don't have the capacity to backfill for the nuclear power plant that we have over and we curial the court for coal-fired power plants were shutting down the liberals would have us you know eating grass and walking to work every day when it is irreverent to say they're not against cars there against us owning cars, not for them to see their against us owning jet planes, but we see Mr. carry another flight across the country so that the high hypocrisy among sleeve so-called of the credit Communist Party is amazing is absolutely astonishing and so that's what their against effect under know what color under agenda 20. I love going on the what website what they literally want to do. Janice they want to expand the city limits of all your major cities out 10 miles in a complete circle what they want to do is they want to build buildings they want to move everybody from the countryside into the city. Everybody into the cities they want to build buildings 33 stories high.

33 stories either something significant about that number and they want to move on. The first two floors. All of your your shopping centers year doctors offices your business and that and then the rest of us. They want they want us to be put into these apartments and then order for us to go out into the countryside.

We have to get a pass.

We had to get permission. The countryside is supposed to say pristine clean for the elite.

Some new things to what they want to do one of the ways Jan that they do this stuff is like skip the sin that somebody from the EPA will come out to your farm write you a little farm out there in the final kinds of violations I mean way too many vines in the hotel you you could never afford to do to fix all of these things. But here's what we'll do. Will fix it for you but if you want to dig up a little pond you gotta get her permission you want to plant some crops will tell you which mechanic template. If you want to raise some animal she got a get their permission and will tell you which mechanic cannot raise. And then if you should die unless you have a relative. If you have a relative weakness give it to the relative from one generation if not then you have to sign over to the park district. This is what they're telling you, and similar websites, but it's not some look at their website right now and one of the comments on the website is a want to create an equable transcript equitable transportation system. What is equitable transportation system. What is that mean I'm not even sure what that means is its equal for everybody, with no lower than what is not equal the levels right and that every one of the words in a dance around some of us to give you as a last run and what can happen is it lowers the standard so everybody that had a higher standard of living to have a lower standard of living is that you're all going to be equally desperate.

You can be all that's that that's right. Equally just equally dead, and by the way, just as little shameless plug for myself.

I'm a very conservative guy.

My opponent is a very liberal guy I know you live in Geauga County and you don't want know what you want your life changed by organizations like lichens only want there's a number of organizations that are trying to make changes right now. John Kerry's culture than you really need to vote for me because there is nobody else and nobody standing up and fighting these guys like I am that is and knows that I know I know that to be true because I've known you for years and you have you fought against the walk of the agenda 2030 people, morning buddy, I know you've exposed more of it with a drone's program of time talking about so there you go folks out there. John Connie when it comes to looking for a county commissioner we need to send skip back he can save us some of our hard earned tax dollars. Meanwhile, by the way, I guess most textiles back as I got a plan. Right now we pay out $10 million to Nowak we don't do anything back. I got a plan if if we can talk like County into it will get $7 million back between us like County jogger County so will take that off of the table for Nowak and will get back and will be control that money so will determine how we spend that money. I just got a get elected.

So I can make that happen.

Already there you go, imposes a limit days of that because we don't have the people on the board like they do and look out in Cuyahoga County so all of our money goes to them. We don't get back okay and folks. Nowak, again, is there. These are shadowy very shadowy people out there working underneath behind the scenes and the end of their intentions are not good. And so Jenny just got now you're looking to cook on the federal level.

You just got a a good dose of what would happen in local and that's what we have to do we gotta take back accountings County Sheriff County Sheriff's one by one the crosses country skip when I was on November go ahead, you jogger County deputy vote for each Night I one question I had and I heard you talk about this before and I'm looking for solutions.

And I know your flight and at the local level. Is there anything that we can do it by giving Congress what course of action would you recommend yes absolutely not. I was a thank you for bringing it up, you must been reading my mind actually at the state level and I have reached out to our state representatives a number of times but per your earlier conversation, they lack the spine to actually do something too many of our elected officials are are like amoebas. They go down to the statehouse in Columbus or they go to Washington DC and they go go there with a fire in their belly and for some reason they get brought brainwashed on the way, I'm unsure what happens. They must have put them through some process with a very determined to pod people but hurt you.

I want not only that, but it's not. It is the structure down and in the Washington Columbus. You know, get committee assignments.

You don't get no funded or supported when you're running is all of these pressures they put on people. We got in that we gotta stop that people need to know about that, but for your question, we the end and peels. We do not need MPO's to plan our roads and bridges because they don't really plan anything our county engineers do all the planning they just submit the plans to the appeal and then they control the dollars it's all about control. It's the same thing with the department education department education is not constitutional, and it's destroyed our education system. We have got to get rid of the Department of Education so there's all these various department that is shutting out my heart of my contract might my America first contract it abolished the Department of Education it on their front and center within peels in that list because they are not needed or unconstitutional. They're not among the 33 illuminated rights in the Constitution and they do a lot of harm to our state it the very least you put need to put chains on them.

They should not be able to expand the scope of the plan roads and bridges they have to stick to roads and bridges bridges.

They shouldn't be into social engineering in our communities.

They created a plan called 2050. Go look it up on your website 2050 is all about changing culture. They don't hide the stuff it's out there people can see it they got another plan 2030, 2030 is all about change in our communities change our culture and so we gotta put chains on them so they can get out there and start doing all these programs that are social engineering. The real quick with one of you explain what MPO is considered probably people that don't know it's a Metropolitan planning organization. It was established in the 1960s for planning regionally for roads and bridges so when you have different communities that are putting roads and bridges across the road across one community into another one. Then they say well you need one organization that can play in that whole road crosses over the communities seem to make sense oftentimes liberal programs when they come up with them make God.

Since the only sound like you make sense. But they, the reality is that it county engineers work together all the time to connect those roads.

They don't need this master planning organization that that oversees an event and they don't do it anyway and so it's it's an unnecessary thing and we had been doing away with the cost of a ton of money down 20% to manage the money that they they did divvy up and so get 20% over that's ridiculous. Laura very good right we are coming up to break Jan tell the folks out there again one more time with your area is 10 Porter Sheriff, you know me for many years to call me Janet on the ballot will be Janet Folger Porter the website. Janet told and now I'm running for the 13th District Akron Canton Wallace Summit County in northern and western port of part of Stark County and and yeah I am working on running to fight for liberty started. I thought your life. That's why I'm running and I believe God given me a strategy much like you gave me the idea for a heartbeat bill, but it's a strategy not just to end abortion strategy to take our country back.

I can't wait to implement.

You can find out more in my America first contract it Janet for and and now to be part of it. Even if you don't live in the district. You can pray for me. You can help and Nadine come out to the polls.

Just click the email and now you can help us get the information out because I'll tell you what. When I get in there organist back a lot more than Summit in Stark County can affect the direction of our country and if you don't believe what I say moving forward. Take a look at what God is done through our efforts in the past and so naturally the distinctive actions what you believe is an empty slogan and I say Jan I really appreciate all the work he did in the heartbeat bill and you hang in there were coming up to a break. Note will be back but just stay there for just for little while longer mechanics working here from JFK if he was alive today, he'd be a conservative thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry had to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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