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WED HR2 042722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 27, 2022 11:59 pm

WED HR2 042722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 27, 2022 11:59 pm

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With no fees or minimums and no overdraft fees banking with capital one is the easiest decision in the history of decisions even easier than choosing Charles Barkley in a pickup even easier than that with no fees or minimums and no overdraft fees is even a decision okay here's the plan passed me the ball every time. This is banking reimagined what's in your wallet terms apply to capital for details. Capital one and a member of DIC donate and listen to the podcast WR and talk about the hunger okay were having a little bit of a problem where no well he's doing that I will and what he's getting it loaded here by the regime to turn Christian doctors into murderers by forcing them to kill little babies grizzlies they perform abortions consuming mandatory for doctors to kill little babies even of the religious. Please prohibit them from taking innocent human life to the Bible because of work that this fake this fake abomination who calls himself a good Catholic. This wicked evil, lying man this wicked and I mean wicked, evil, lying man a new mandate put together by department of health and human services is anti-sex discrimination provision within the affordable care act would force doctors to murder unborn babies or else they actually use that generic file but that meant only one or else risk losing their medical license no close okay.

Real doctors would never do that real doctors would not they would lose her medical license before they kill all airmen are horrible things, force them to give the chemical castration amend drug to little kids are confused about their sex and force them to do any surgery in the words merely children's bodies or lose their job so they would have to remove penises cut out for us all kinds of horrible things if they want to keep their job as a quote. Dr. Stephen possessed pedophile Jew Obama is going to try to force that on the people that you so soon.

You gotta stand up. Gotta stand and fight back the night with some good news show women, save for babies by sharing abortion regret stories out outside sharing abortion. Read mysteries outside Mississippi facility.

This from life site news. As a result of sharing their abortion stories.

The women of save for babies from being killed and affirm the staff member and an affirmative staff member to leave that bloodied or house of death.

The abortion mill and settlement that is good news.

Are we ready yet and he could. I think they okay were looking for alternative. They may have tried the I think they've taken it down. She is a great all I get taken down. Okay yeah they do, we just had it loaded in trying to think of no longer looking out one dollar like the nationalist or to help. We talked about this quite a while. Zach was flirting with the University of Pittsburgh. They were buying mortise babies and a baby parts for scientific research. Well, Dr. Jeremy Berg. There, the senior vice chancellor for science strategy and planning came to the National Institutes of Health, Francis Collins for help in combating the negative media coverage after certain news organizations and this radio talked about how they were experimenting on human fetal love that baby remains because of this was found out through a Fila request and I believe that came from good old tomcat and judicial watch, but anyway, while they were carving up little babies and doing horrible things to their bodies. They were asking the government to help them with the publicity and help cover up what they were doing and they didn't like their negative ecology, negative media coverage. We call it telling the people of the gospel truth for man. I am what you're working on that.

I'm trying to find on this and see if I can still if we have saved here. I may have been able to say that actually on my phone. My smiling phone or working under one more olfactory came out yesterday or even whether they called changing daily. He changes easements you like it always does.

Remember what Mark says.

Keep them confused, keep him off balance and get them afraid they're easier to control. That way anyway. They told the PBS news hour, the nation is out of the pandemic praise and one day he came out CBS the Biden's chief medical director told CBS that we cannot say the pandemic is over because it's not over, like somebody said that phrase like Yogi Berra says it ain't over till it's over well it's never going to be over. This virus will never be gotten rid of.

There is no way I will ever be stopped on earth scientist severity must figure that out.

So were back and thought she's confusing.

Well pandemics going on globally. Look at China now look what they're doing and we know lockdown have failed lockdown did nothing but make everything worse. Look at Sweden.

All the countries it didn't. There are doing fine, and China's leading the way in misery. Death and hell not to help people already let me hear you there. I try to send this to you get. I think you still got it.

You cannot do that so take me off the mic and let let let judges keep talk just keep talking to.

Okay, there are some good news and great stories of the headlines former New York police chief is going to run for Congress as a Republican and Laurent singularity said well the Democratic Party left me that I got think about what Ronald Reagan said. He said yeah. I didn't leave the Democratic Party, said Ronald Reagan Democratic Party left me so Laurent said the same thing. He is joining the Republican Party.

There he was former Rochester New York police chief and now he is running for Congress as a Republican. We welcome him, then you have LA County Sheriff Villanova Villanova slamming Loki is him saying it must go to make LA livable again and how the law enforcement profession is now totally under siege from the wall chasm and he's say we've got a have a referendum on wall chasm of the defenders of autism are wrecking havoc on public safety, worsening homelessness, worsening crime and he said look here in LA County. They spent in the past few years.

6.5 billion billion on the homeless issue and what are the results of that $6.5 billion of taxpayer money. Well, the number of homeless went from 39,000 around roughly 2/80 $3000 so well at pretty much doubled. So 6 1/2 billion dollars.

Doubled the amount of homeless and you will not talk about how many homeless or living untrained effect will 6000 or living untrained in LA and is talking about this.

This wall chasm has got to go in different Sheriff's came up like Riverside County Sheriff and San Bernardino County Sheriff said they have better working relationships with their governing boards, but they agree totally with him and the care of the sheriff is kind of fight the City Hall in Los Angeles. He wants to make LA livable again, and his tiny body was to combat human trafficking, and with the County commission want to do well is got there, jeopardizing 4000 Los Angeles sheriff department members looking at taking away their jobs, admits his biggest crime wave and LA history and the doubling of the homeless population in their answer the reduced thousands of sheriff department members out. I called other say they're trying to function after purposely when you when you look at the facts that you spend billions of dollars doubled the number of homeless crime is going skyhigh your account walk around LA without seeing crimes like San Francisco drug your people shooting up on the streets or crime is rapid stores are closing. People want to move out. Businesses are shutting down and yet they double down on the same things that cause the problem, not Florida. I had a laugh out of this Florida Sheriff promotes gun safety courses for residents. Why tissue dominators want yes who police are okay just kill you go ahead and finish okay. Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson talk about how some homeowners stopped some horrible things from happening, and encourage the other residents to follow the homeowners who shot the robbers and he said take gun safety in all classes to protect yourself and your welcome in the classes and you are welcome to shoot anyone who is breaking into your house so special is a County, Florida. The local sheriff that if there breaking in your house. Please go ahead and shoot them. That's what that is when our shift is on the same thing you have to do it now listen, they took it down because it had too many names and talked about who was it was a clip of 21 minutes. That really went after that he's they got it down. I took it down. We didn't think they could get didn't get it so will play to say what we played in the days and only if it's a short clip but is better than no clips of go-ahead and implant term bread and circuses comes from an ancient Roman poet describing how the people our government, not by excellence in public service by food and distractions like a herd of livestock. Today circuses can be found on Twitter a reflection of the human herds, short attention span, meaningless distractions to keep everyone, while their food supply is being destroyed while fools joke about buying doing a horrible job. His administration is doing such an efficient job of destroying America for anyone running in 2024. If there is an election will have to run and build back better platform starvation is been used as a weapon of mass destruction for years just to hear. Stalin's communist government murdered over 3 million people in Ukraine. By simply pulling the strings of bureaucracy, sanctions, Ethiopian counterinsurgency burned crops and food stores early bond markets and restricted trade. They then began a resettlement plan that killed at least 80,000 people with further starvation. US State Department murdered over half a million women and children in Iraq with starvation by sanctions and this is exactly what is happening in America today. The Biden administration sanctions against Russia are only succeeding and killing more innocent people all over the world by dramatically cutting down the worldwide food supply. There is already a significant weight fuel and fertilizer shortage which is obviously going to affect everything else starting with fresh produce and livestock, but in order to completely collapse, the food economy will have to start destroying food packing plants as well so that there is nothing left on the shelves for you to eat. There have been confirmed over a dozen disabling accidents at food plants in the last month over a dozen absolutely and were talking about some really significant plants.

The Taylor Farms facility in Salinas California was completely destroyed by fire last week we've had two major potato processing plants in Belfast Maine and Warden Washington that were completely guided which is happening at a time were we already have a potato shortage globally. You were talking about the onion supply and that real fresh but it's not just produce plants. Last month there was a fire that took out a Nestlé food plant out in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and that's impacting frozen food brands like pocket for silver is which you might buy if you can't get fresh fruit from a warehouse that just exploded through still satiated with their bread and circuses are soon going to start getting hungry and it's because America is under siege being destroyed from within by a corrupt government. While the people seek fairness on Twitter reporting for info wars. This is Greg Reese out of natural news, a pattern of fire striking food facilities across United States suggests that arson teams are targeting food facilities for distractions. We know that this is happening and why is it the FBI investigated this, the FBI is found that the day they don't see him haven't been able to find any any reason or any arson in all of these right theory going after parents or criticize school boards and collecting information for the not a patriot parents and don't wondered what will children be taught that they can change their sex that they can have sex before their health and poverty and all this kind of thing so that that there occupied past turning their best. Okay that the theory of confirmed consistent with other engineered tactics not being deployed to destroy food abundance in America. The partial holding of grain fertilizer delivered by Union Pacific Railroad which is largely owned by BlackRock and Vanguard investment funds the mass killing of chickens and turkeys using fraudulent PCR test, the killing of millions of these birds when there's nothing wrong with them at all okay for their outline of another one of my rights as an outlet other bridges from the Midwest.

The government paid farmers to plow their crops and effectively incentivizing the distraction of the food supply. Joe Obama Biden's dismantling of American energy infrastructure pipelines, drilling, etc. which directly impacts agriculture created vast increased price of farming inputs such as fuel and fertilizer in recent broadcast black conservative hatred. BCB asked the audience to crowd source. Reports of these files and foot facilities.

The last few months is that is printed the following list here. This is it.

Dried a dried milk plant in Idaho fire of food processing plant in San Antonio. JB has beef plant fire a Mississippi poultry feed boiler explosion Hamilton Mountain poultry plant fire.

The complete feed mill Louisiana plant fire Bonanza me company El Paso Texas plant fire shares food plan fire Oregon Monsen Wisconsin River meets plan fire food bank in Maricopa County, Arizona, food pantry, five are 50,000 pounds of food destroyed by the fire and that's what this list goes on and on and on.

It's it's a long list is way more than 15 anyhow and so inactive after very closures all over the United States because too much work. It's too much cost and right now to remember all the things you get from dairy. If you like ice cream if you like yogurt, butter if you like a little cream with your coffee like that are fat or fat milk.

All those things different cheeses.

All this is not only going to go sky high but there could be very big shortage on because a lot of the dairy farmers are not available before they because they can't afford the fertilizer in the feed. They have to cut back in their herd which is gonna double the cost of your milk and all the byproducts that you enjoy from your milk at that. So what we tell you Joe that is that China is not Korea is not Russia is the death.

The credit kind is collected here in America. Amen. They are your worst enemies. The right here and there they're willing to destroy this this country.

Their goal is to get a sideways right there willing to destroy everything we have and build started over, but they want to build or member that build back better download build up back at the socialist one world order states that belong to the world will be a world wonderful citizen are your children and grandchildren will if you don't help. It means we all have to stand and fight.

We all have to get rid of get them out of office and we need to put some God-fearing Bible believing men and women in their place and turn this country around and it's going to depend on you out there is going to take all of us doing what we can and it all starts locally with getting control of local politics in your city County area here in Ohio.

The primary is Tuesday Tuesday supply. The first one of two women that the secular knowledge is because of the corruption they will get up in the twosome to help you out wherever you're at out there. You've got a go and you get a vote where watching because we've got dominion here in Ohio and we know the how corrupt they are.

How absolutely positively corrupt, so that we get that story about how the Democrats are spending huge amounts of money to train people to work in the election failed to work with the county election poll watchers Volvo counters can't remember all the different input that locally there's a lot of positions that have to do with voting in their training and getting people set up already for the 2000 and all for the next two elections, and meanwhile I don't see this kind of thing happening on the Republican side, so it will be up to you to see what's going on in your local community and get involved. Absolutely.

Absolutely got until you get a get out there. We got overwhelmed, got overwhelmed because the corruption is so absolute now when it exists and every now and then Joe we have. You will find a merchant era garage is someplace that gives excellent better-than-average or no surface and when I do that I have a high guy like to get my free shot.

These are Christian own businesses where you know there for for God country and the good people. One of them is Papa Doc plumbing and services Papa Doc plumbing services of Bob over there.

He doesn't overcharge in and at United today. Today, no plumbers, getting a plumber is about, but the same is getting a harder brain surgeon. Plumbers are hard hard to get a hold on life and out, and so but probably not. When I needed in my calling and every time and is busy is he is he. They make away they find a way to get out and they do good work and they don't leave you pour the they charge a reasonable reasonable now, the same way you have Aurora car care is a fellow named Pat Houlihan over there at Aurora car care. By the way their five star the rated five-star garage at 320 E. Garland Rd. in Aurora, that's Aurora car care and these folks when I went over there for the first time I am in some problems but I was recommended to go there by friends as you like these guys a Christian own, and they they give you good service and they didn't know me from the man in the moon. I went in there and that they really treated me good and again and and while I was there I was sitting there waiting for them to work on my car about 1/2 a dozen people coming in every one of whom was absolutely pleased and happy with the service they were getting their so that's Aurora car care is a guy named Pat Houlihan over there and when you go in there to see them again. That's 320 E. Garden Rd. that's ready to Aurora route 82.

It's about half mile east of Route 306 and Aurora that's Aurora car care. You get a fair deal you get a good deal there. It's a they won't they won't rip you off and one more very quickly is for printing. You know their own.

If you want printing done and the place to go is Newberry printing outage in Geauga County. If an account is closed by Bob and Marilyn out there. Newberry printing Newberry planning is right there at the corner of a route 87 around 44 right in the quarter itself. 124 24 route 87 Kinsman Rd., and if you really want to get printing again. Good job there. They're accurate there reliable and they do a great job and they don't they don't break the bank. They're very reasonable.

That's why like to give people like this to do a good job to deserve it. I like to send them the business and these are all Christian own and none of them are woke corporations now guess was having this coming Saturday this coming Saturday, April 30 here calling all patriots candidates all patriot candidates unite Ohio and this is resistance chicks. They are calling those of the ladies we hooked up with out here help us work with the unit bringing everybody together for this election.

So anyhow, they're telling you on April 30. We invite anyone running for political seat, Ohio, along with all patriots who love this data country in all patriot pastors paid to group leaders to come for the biggest night of the pitted political patriot and past oriole unity that we've ever seen. We have on the night of speaker candidates prayer and good old-fashioned revival were going to forever change the way politics are done in this nation. Candidates, if you need signatures exposure support prayer. We need you to be here on this night bring your table come early set up you want to spend the evening with everyone who everyone who you are and you want to tell everyone who you are and why you're standing up for Ohio and your community. Doors open at 430 set up of of 530 candidates would have a preevent huddle, and contact resistance chicks. For more information now was that phone number at a phone number that was good to give up because some of them still don't realize that there might everybody have computers yell and there are people that, but they have telephone something and they want to call this a listen I think I got that number there for them here somewhere. But then you can go to resistance WW W resistance resistance chicks that come up on the Internet for more information if you're on the Internet. If you're not, I'm going to find you. That card: geo-got it here someplace.

When you note I'm going through all these cards and will find it within him simply getting him a call to get involved in. When the note I can find it I will address is 11488 Johnsonville book the road 1488 Johnsonville Brimful Rd., Brookville, OH 45309 would fill OH 45309 and so you want to going out there to be a part of that and if I can possibly make it out there I would make it out there and them you know where we got to get a get it done Billy here is a member. 513-607-4068 a very good night for 88 Johnsonville Brookville Rd., Brookville, OH, and found that I wrote by it.

513-607-4068 very good okay give it a very good point about Lehigh 1136074068 okay and we have time I got couple things I want to warn the parents out there you go again couple horrifying stories, but you need to hear them because this is what's happening in our world with the children of there was a little girl lowly peters was killed. This judge set set a million-dollar bond for a 14-year-old suspect a 10-year-old girl lowly peters was sexually assaulted. She was strangled to death by a boy four years older. He was only 14, but it was so horrible what happened, that she was punched and kicked.

Beaton strangled that with a stick and then sexually assaulted by a 14-year-old boy and had to find this, then there was a horrible thing that happened this is the daily mail that in Connecticut a little six-year-old boy Dominic Frankel was playing in the backyard, Bridgeport, Connecticut. There was a family that lived an eight-year-old neighbor and the he learned the little six-year-old around the corner and Wenzel will flow around the country taking gasoline imported on a tennis ball slipped the tennis ball and threw it right into this to Carol's face scandals.

Random screaming mommy. They lit me on fire and the athletes find out later is not the first time that this child was so late it previously been hospitalized by the eight-year-old neighbor were and I saw picture this kid was suffering from horrible second 3rd° burns all over his face. His legs, his face is swollen beyond recognition.

He probably will never get his face back and I have never heard of things like this eight-year-olds making a homemade Molotov cocktails shoving it in the face of the six-year-old child going crazy out there on scene stories all around from England, all over Europe. Young street gangs taking children to death, raping little 89-year-old girls gang raping meeting date for both children with baseball bats to death night and if you live in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, some of these you can get doing get away with it, you won't even be brought up on charges them out okay so will be back right after this took away more to come.

When you play in this floundering in a CFO need it and you said these are seething with elements, bio and so again this year with this government will you need the peacekeeping forces today is as 99 soldiers overseas and over (don't buy I live in the pain today and down the drain to everything. Don't buy and blame the nine nations surveyed the will of now show that you have not all that well you know time is being today and I and all right phone lines are open 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 phone line for you and I'll correct the first call will stories that I talked about her because our children are exposed to violence, pornography they're exposed to this gender bending there exposed to anti-Christian values told the parents don't know anything and to top it off there was a big Boston Mississippi 700 people arrested US marshals were working with local law and they were all kinds of horrible things from murder, child abuse, child sexual assault and what they said the big problem was multiple criminal groups migrated to Mississippi from Chicago and Memphis from the big Democrat-controlled cities edited in the Mississippi and the spreading their violence and drugs and assaults hereditary is in the culture around folks. Let's take time you're in there TURNING hello down urinary who had okay my heart about you having to deal with the long call good and got so much to do and I'm kind of tired of hearing your body and your chat everything out on nine I'm just about overrated. I'm it's it's on its last leg. It's that I just about all right, I is it's almost gone but anyhow thanks for your concern. Yeah, well ordered and arterial are pronounced the Lord hearing on you.

Now go ahead and take another prewriting get. I believe there okay?

Do you should be working for them that are Your Honor and your glory along but gave the name of the largest share of the Christ asked Ernie in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

All right. And under that, okay, very all right. We need to say I all right we did very well. We need to say to save Pastor Joe is got the serious situation so surgery who will be praying about that, but thanks.

Let's go to Gary. Gary are in their mouth.

Hello urinary go-ahead all integrated standards, and for what you been doing to help it would help them get information for that. I see you around teaching and revelation either to book 1. In Revelation 22 text but the book of my in Revelation 13 text, but the land look like an identifying book yeah yeah same book is a book of life. And then there's the book of the living. The book of the living is is different with the book of the living is is those that are alive when you take it out of the book of the living.

That means you no longer alive, but the Lamb's book of life and what a good look at my menu and turn it the book of the living.

The book of the living. That's I came David asked God to take me not out remotely, not from the book of the living and living timeout. Revelation 13 it goes in land look alike when network began cracked right yeah the Lamb's book of life planning the trip by predictor to good Indiana great and not book Revelation caliphate Patrick Jan wrote the same warning to the church that we need to respect my walk with God and not be ready for the coming of the Lord because he can attain it because no nap but were getting closer to the end of the site. Let me know what the Lord cities coming back for those that are looking for his return that I believe that I believe that there is people that believe in there looking at the they don't expect him to come. They're not looking for in a pretrip rapture so they insisted I looking for and they may very well have to go to the tribulation, but I definitely definitely believe that that those that the I looking for his return will be taken out. You know during the rapture before the tribulation.

But thanks anyhow, let's go to Cliff that we were running out of time here. Let's go to Cliff Cliff urinary go-ahead.

The last thought, what propaganda addict out podcast and I had against talking about the national health regulations and he said it's illegal for people to put those things people's knowledge and talking about how Pedro sends frantic trying to usurp the sovereignty of the United States and other countries now and literally take them all the data collected that about these Russian's was thrilling to repeat and I got the sounds of people when Alan might want one and and and nine and they play the audio. It sounded like how I don't know if it's authentic, but it was really spooky, but I just want to go to Psalm chapter 9 verses 12 and 11 which I think is similar to that first you usually quote from Jeremiah chapter 2 what what he thank Psalm chapter 9 verse 10, 11, 11, 12 and 13. Okay. So, nine, 12 and 13 let me let me say I will a haymaker finger evicted her blood you remember them they forget or not the cry of the humble right now that pray that the Lord developed in Zion require among the people is doing okay.

You write so here yet. Well, that would be that would be similar when they make an acquisition of her blood. He remember them, for he giveth a not for he didn't not the cry of the humble well actually that the diversity Jeremiah chapter 2 verse 34 is referring to wicked wicked women who what where he talks about their skirts are filled with the blood of the innocent, and of course that has to do with child sacrifice and killing the children is so but he refers earlier in that verse. If you go up to Harish women in these comparing the people there to Harish women who were out like a like a camel who is in heat looking to get mated and don't necessarily care who makes with and so this lease compared unclean women like today I was listing to what they call I was on the Internet. They had a thing won't know who was an email I got an email to my said to me and them from one of them different ministries and it talked about dropping of the F bomb and had the squat and had the squat. There and showed you how they using such foul and vulgar language and had all four of them there and it would have different things that they would say, and that's basically the kind of people that they were talking about very unclean, very vulgar, godly women in my life Not Talk about Calming the Way. How Verse 17 Yeah the Wicked Shall Be Turned into Hell, and All Nations That Forget God, All Nations of God. So Yeah, I Got Them about Cliff with a Fruit for Women in Okay Did You Say We Had Their Next Ryan You're in There. I Want Tell You about Moneymaker Showing That 2000 You Heroes out. Yeah, I Got a Plan out Where the Current and That $20 Ticket Currently but Thought Your Different Statement You Joe and Randy Wanted to Go out and $50 That I Plan to Go Next Week and Help If That's around Here Anywhere.

I May Just Say That in Yeah I Got from You Really Think about, but Not I like Going 12 Mile, but They Looked at You Putting the State and Will Surely Work Going on out. Document the Money to You Will Have the Kind of You Go, You Reimburse Wendy to Put When Wendy Can't Been in the Other. You Just Brought up a Good Good Point Right Now. Wendy Is Wendy Is Not Here Tonight Because She Had an Accident and She Injured Her Leg and so She's That's Why She's Not Here and She Was in the Emergency Room and I'm Glad You Brought That up As We Had Set up Which Was a Start up. I Pray for Her Today and It's My Fault We Missed Us a List Do That Right Now and All the People out to Join Me As We Hold Ms. Wendy of Her Prayer Because She Is Is a Real Sweetheart and She Always Gives and Gives and Gives and Gives Us List for Heavenly Father Lord God. We Want to Hold Wendy up and As Father Got More Than She Just Would Be with Her and Bless Her in.

And Lord, That You Would Give Her a Very Speedily Healing with Her Leg and Father God That It Would Be Totally and Completely Healed and She Would Not Would Not Have Any More Problems with Her Father Got so Again, We Thank You and Praise You for All the Blessings and Asked That You Bless Her, and Hedge around about the House and I Know Lord That That She Is Almost a One Woman Show over There, but She Has Helped Put Lord We Just Has a Did You Provide the Help That She Needs to Continue That It Doesn't Hurt Her Business and Bless Her in Every Way.

Her and Her Family in Jesus Name We Pray.

Amen. I Remember That Moment on the Garden regarding Ron Will Be Available after the Premier Going to Be like to Streamline Your DVD so I'm Going to Go to but I Heard Good Things about You. Kate Came after That and Give Me Any Updates on That I Have yet When He First Got Started I Was When the First People to Put Them on the Radio.

We Had Them on the Radio Here When He First Was at His 100 Movies Yeah He Did the Ones about Old Hillary Deadly America Truly Really Good about Dr. Are the Clip about the History of Start, No History, but I Know They Start People to Bet That Kelly Did It before All Yeah Yeah Whoever Controls the Food Controls the Population That's Returned That's What Detroit Did. That's Exactly We Have the Enemy Is in Washington DC. The Enemy Walks a Month This and We Need We Somehow We've Got a Has Probably Got Had to Have Another Civil War to Take Our Country Back. Hopefully We Will Have To Have a Shooting War Which Obama Joe Obama and Their His Goal, He Split There to Destroy America to Reduce Us to Third World Status. That's His Goal of the Things Are Happening Lightly with You on My Leather Going to Go after a Long Must the Government Cannot Afford to Have Him Doing What They Want. That's How They Control People and so He's Going to Have To Get Me Fighting the Justice Department, Which Is Not a Justice Department and All the Deep State. The FBI and CIA Get Me up against All of Those but He Does Have A Lot Of Resources, and so so Anyhow like God Will Be Regular Time, but Thank You Very Much for with Thank You Very Much. We Got Okay We Get a Move on Joe. It's about Do We Have Any More Limited Time for One Fast Call Again.

Okay, so Yeah Were up Were up to Again Where We Get FO's Were Living in Perilous Times Is Exactly like As Were the Bible Said It Would Be Were Living in the Perilous Times Where This Is Real Time Right Now Real Time Here, Just Exactly like He Said It Would Be out There That There Would Be Those Would the Deceivers, the Deception Would Be so Great, the Deception Will Be so Great You Have What They Call Mainstream Media Is the Antichrist Will System of Their Deception Is Tremendous and so What Could Happen No Matter What What They Are Told by the Antichrist of the World Forum to to Tell You Whatever That Lie Is They Will Tell You They Will Deceive You Because That's That's the Job. Big Pharma Owns Much, Much of These Radio Stately Television Stations out There Okay so You Have To Understand Is Not God's Word, the Bible Is Very Clear Is the Greatest Source of Information That Ever Existed.

God's Word, the Bible Is the Most Authoritative Source of Information, It Tells You Is the Only Source That Actually with Total Complete Authority Tells You from the Beginning All the Way to the End. The History of of Humanity of Human and It Does It with Absolute Accuracy As the Lord Jesus Said the Heaven and Earth Will Pass but His Words Will Stand Forever Now Because of That Again Them.

The Most Important Thing That You Need to Know Okay Is That You're Going to Die. That's a Fact in People When They Die. And God Has Has Made This Clear Healing to Go to Heaven or Hell. It Doesn't Matter What You Can Believe You Can Believe Whatever You Want to Believe but but Reality, You're Either Going to Go to Heaven. Are You Going to Go to Hell and Now You Know It's like You Got These People out There That Think They Imagine They Have Days When Their Girls in the Other Days There Blaze and You Know Who Knows What Else. The Folks Okay This Allusion and Diffusion and Confusion. The Reality Is God's Word.

God's Word Is the Absolute Source Is Reality.

And so God Says That If You Should Die in Your Sin If You Should Die in Your Sin, You Will Spend Eternity in a Place Where You Don't Want to Go Now. There Are Those out There That Are Teaching Well, You Know, There Is No Hell That Last Forever. That's Just a Good Sky Would Never Do That. He's Not.

He's Not That Kind of God Teaches He Wouldn't Do That Well That You Can Simply Burn up and You're Gone and You Cease to Exist As the Annihilation Theory Taught It's a False Theory. Revelation 21st 10 Says, and the Devil That Deceived That We Cast in the Lake of Fire with Brimstone Where the Beast and the False Prophet Are, and They Shall Be Tormented Day and Night Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever.

Leasee They Use. They Totally Take a Verse That It Was a Good 28 Totally Take It Out Of Context and It Becomes a Pretext to Say That Satan Was Destroyed. He Became Smoking Cease to Exist As Not to. Now Here and He Says Here Verse 14, and Death and Hell Were Cast into the Lake of Fire. This Is the Second Death.

And Whosoever Was Not Found Written in the Book of Life Was Cast into the Lake of Fire Them. You Don't Have To Go There.

You Don't Have To Go There. That's Where the Bible Made Very Clear Lord Jesus When We Talked about Today and for Script Is to Have in the Mind of Christ. We Understood That God the Father Is a Holy God in a Just God and He Demanded Have To Be an Absolute Sinless Sacrifice to Take Away the Sins and and Folks Here Christ Did That He Died a Substitutionary Death. He Did What Only He Could've Done. Nobody Else Could Have Done. He Was the Only One That Was the Only One That Was Able to Do That and He Did. But Now, in Order to Receive What He Did That Eternal Life You Have To One He Tells You. Pray to the Father, You've Got to Pray to the Father. The Very First Thing the Lord Jesus Preached When He Prays for the First Time Was to Repent and Ask for Forgiveness Asked for Forgiveness of Your Sins and Then When She Done That Then You Call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Asked Him to Be the Lord of Your Life. All of Your Life without Any Exceptions Completely and Totally.

And If You Do That, Then God Always Honors It Will Always Honor That You Commitment, You Will Become a New Creature Born Again Believer and Arrow. The Kingdom and You Will Be the Holy Ghost Will Come to Live within You. You Have Got God's Word on That Doing Tonight Don't Were Not in Tomorrow so That You May Not Have a Tomorrow and Where Were Out Of Time. How Much Time Do I Have Okay Well Joe I That We Had a Good Program till Tomorrow.

Good Night God Bless and Always, Always, Let's Do It. Keep Fighting the Fight. Thanks for Listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance Was Right Once Left Posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to Learn More about Our Ministry.

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