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TUE HR1 042622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 26, 2022 11:58 pm

TUE HR1 042622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 26, 2022 11:58 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now and like always. We have a whole lot to cover tonight so again tonight at the home or head engineer is none of the mighty Andrew good evening Pastor good evening buddy, Andrew. The way out yonder we have that Missouri preacher, the person Joe Larson.

Highly unpaid personal water mirror and ready to go to work tonight. We have a special guest with us here in the studio just like a rose between some thorns, so the cheese arose you for the right okay then that Devon McCormick. Welcome to the program. Bevin hello everyone, okay that was good to be here. She's here to be very feisty she was to be replaced because she don't to 20 for Congress for the love the Congressional look for to the foregoing sentence to And that she wants to do was to run to DC hook up with people like Jim Jordan Marjorie green all those activists and she wants to fight and she's ready to to run the squad out right and you want to run the squad out okay so it really will be talking all about that little bit later fruitfully got a couple of announcements to make. Because I promised the resistance checks chicks that I would make to their announcement form. So if you're listening out there resistance checks.

Here you go this coming this Saturday, April 30. Candidates and speakers night and that is going to be liniment yet from 6 to 8 PM starts at five and then from 8 to 10 PM is going to be revival in prayer that can be Harrell held at the harvest revival center at 1488 Johnsonville Brookville Rd., Brookville, OH zipped their views in your little machine is to find the place would be 45 30945309 no again. Anyone we invite anyone who is ready for political seat in Ohio.

That means you Bevin, you're invited along with all the patriots who love the state and our country and all the patriot pastors and patronage groups that invited me to come speak to an patriot group leaders to come for the biggest night of political patriotic and pastoral unity that has ever been seen.

We will have an item.

Speakers, candidates, prayer, and good old-fashioned revival were going to forever change the way politics are done in this nation. Candidates, if you need signatures exposure support prayer you need to be here on this night, folks, people gearing up with her getting geared up. This is a good sign of having a greater doubt is bring your table and come early to set up we want is to spend the evening telling everyone who you are and you are standing up for Ohio and your community.

Doors open at 430 for set up 530 for candidates, prevent huddle contact the resistance checks for more information at mass, mass faith that's meant MAS FAI Th1 latte with limited they can easier if you have questions because people like me. I still pick up a telephone is intact. You know when I'm when I'm on about. I'm not on the computer but I was telephone close by in what I do is iced.

I remember how to call and that's what you do he call Leah Michelle Svensson at 513-607-4068 is 513-607-4068 and tell them you heard from Pastor. Okay already. Let's get into that.

Yeah, I guess her request tonight. Okay Karen friend of mine has come down with the shingles and label every unusual place on the face and gotten and I all boy narratives about his painful and uncomfortable and there is about nothing that can be done and I would like prayers for but God or just helping through you gonna live that yeah let you know that shingles when he gets to the eye. A lot of times it's irreversible blindness is irreversible listlessly for no idea you were just about how painful let's play heavenly father like that.

I don't know but but I know you do, Lord.

And so we want to hold, but up before we go any further. We we we need for all the folks at their all of you want to list into his remember every single one of you. You either need prayer right now or you will need this. There's no doubt the time will come. Now God makes very clear does it show mercy receiving. So now we need for you to join with us. It's a very important is very important that you do that. Remember, much prayer, much power little prayer little power, no prayer, no power.

That's what the word of God teaches to listen. Join with us right now as we pray for, but join with us. Heavenly Father Luke had we won a whole but up. I don't know but we know that you do. And like I we know that shingles is a very very painful thing and we know they can cause blindness. So were asking you, Lord Jesus, remember the sign of the Messiah, the sign given to them was that you give sight to the blind. You make the blind to see in Lawrence that we would just have to make sure that you keep Bud's site, Lord, that you helping you take away the shingles we know how painful that shingles can be, these things we ask in the name of the Lord of lords and King of Kings, our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Amen.

And let's pick it up. Joe we left off and him and Mark 13 I want you to read verses five through eight, and answering them began to say. He left very man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive many. And when ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, be not troubled for such things must need to be at the end shall not be yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles. These are the beginnings of sorrows locates right now shows there is some friends of mine and yours. Pastors that if the theologians that are actually saying that the great reset and wish which were in and the tribulation are one of the same. We know that they're not one of the safe that we do know that that the this what were seeing what is called the great reset is is a very a prelude that means that them shadowing that there is regular corporative. The main event types and shadows, but bigger and bolder. So let's look at that for just a second. Jesus said there will be many false Christ to come now just off of top of her head. Remember Calypso Louis Farrakhan. He was Messiah for a while until Obama came in them. When Obama came Calypso Louis said that when Obama speak Messiah speaks writer. Yeah, himself. I am the one you're waiting for yeah I I am the one we've been waiting for what you see is is is the way he said okay and then he said I am the one that I've been waiting for. So in that he's pronouncing to be Messiah. Now I okay remember remember some young moon. He was the Messiah. He was going to be the Savior from Ernie's right, yeah.

Remember, Lord Mattea and Benjamin Crim. I remember Benjamin Crim about multiple Benjamin Crim was the false prophet that was out there announcing the Lorman trail was soon coming Lord was sorry it was here he was a prophet without any response to be Messiah.

He was one of the masters. Remember they said they were like a 20 masters in these masters and Christ was one of these. These were like great angelic leaders ankle and Christ was among the 20s and Christ was one of them and Lorman trail was in blue was one of them. According to Ben Crim what he was saying he was out there for a long time saying that then you had had Oprah remember Oprah says that that she is the source of her own salvation over right and then she told her listeners a great contributor for their own salvation really can be as God's right, yeah that is more than one way to heaven. Yeah yeah the Obama said that the Christ was the Savior that he was only one of many Savior. Then he said yeah. In other words, he was including himself, and that was an okay so he says here and you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars have you heard of any wars lately. Joe will minor conflicts are hundreds of thousands of people dying. Yeah okay so then here he says be you not troubled for such things needs to be, but the end shall not be yet that okay now for nation lysing as nations, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be earthquakes of every noticed in our lifetime we had quite a few of those earthquakes are acquired or nominated Volcano Salk time constraints. By now Joe and there shall be famines, famines really hidden on this tonight right now yeah well because it's being there is one that is being created right now the new world order. The are there promoting famine and there there behind all these things and we have an article will take a look at that time, rents one of the lawyers I had a my radio program many times in Ohio. He is pointing out that the very same people are behind all of these you know Anthony Fauci is one of those is well known, but Bill Gates is another organ take a look at some of that homebound economic forum right holder club Schwab is the one of the one mouth we also touch with Phil G yesterday how close Schwab will close Schwab is one with your sorrows that that put Lewinsky in over there, over there in the Ukraine.

They will experience those villas EL back in 2014 there was a coup headed up by Obama yeah and they overthrew the actual a president there, and they placed Ms. Zielinski in his place beginning and again is a Lotta people are not getting the whole story would we would try to give you both sides was taken place here is a puppet right and so here on this radio program you have people that are talking about commentators how the courage and all of this equipment ticket. Maybe he is maybe a change and we would hope that he would be for real. But the reality is find conflict or bring out the best in people and sometimes got my situation and they arrived to the right situation, but we have to wait and see what he does with his power. Yeah, we also believe we talked about how corrupt how corrupt the government was it was a money laundering government code worked with the corruption here the oligarchs here in the United States, money laundering, every kind of illegal trade was going on over there in the Ukraine. So I still send in money yeah well here global military spending sets new record exceeds $2 trillion right now with what is been taken on 2 trillion already in the cynical work now. Go ahead and pick it up and read verses nine all the way through nine through 13 brought barricade yourselves, for they shall deliver you up to councils and in the synagogues ye shall be beaten, and you shall be brought before rulers and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them. In the gospel must first be published among all nations, when they shall lead you and deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what you shall speak, neither do ye premeditate whatsoever shall be given unto you in that hour, that the key for it is not ye that speak with the Holy Ghost. Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, the father the son, the children shall rise up against their parents, and shall currently cause them to be put to death, and ye shall be hated of all men for my namesake but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. Okay now when he was talking about this, that, that they should deliver you up to councils we see that as I was Stephen Peter. Remember, and when lately will brought before the councils of the Lord's, the Holy Ghost spoke through them. Stephen and Paul and Peter.

They all love was spoke at the Holy Spirit speaking through them and then here he says now know.

Remember, the Bible is non-chronological order. Nowhere were looking here in a way this going forward, but many places in the Bible you will be speaking in the next for us will go back a thousand years. It'll take you back to a place though in this case. These verses are going to jump ahead of the couple thousand years here right will eat when he says here okay. I'll put on what's going to happen in the very near future. Tell very parking. Absolutely no now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son, and children shall rise up against her parents and shall cause them to be put to death the what is happening right now this this breaking of families in this country. The splitting of family. The major thing right now that is splitting up the families control the gender bender back well and more so is the kill shot the kill shot again.

We've had. I've had numerous letters that may have gotten voluminous letters from grandparents telling me that their adult children their adult children and these are people that went people Evans H people Devon things that went up the one of animal public school system got indoctrinated one to the universities, got indoctrinated in cultural Marxism lost whatever little faith they may had they lost it and so what are they doing their telling of the grandparents and I've had more grandma's crying because there is the children said you can't come to see your grandchildren unless you get kill shot okay and a lot of people with a caught of acts, but is not of exits, like everything is got to do with that is not like for example Planned Parenthood got nothing to do a parenthood okay its planned parenthood there during the anti-parenthood just like the, the pro-death movement.

They call themselves pro-choice.

There is no baby that ever ever chose to have his brain sucked out while he was alive. It's the whole everything on the left is built upon lies yeah chicken H argument. There were games can Consult your parking rear. We've also per year. Cultural Marxism is been trying to return the control of the children over to the state separate the children from their parents and misses his first 12 talks about that combination, but even going back verse 10. The interesting part about that the gospel must be published among all nations, and I believe we did some last year that there were there was only one language left in the world did not have a Bible printed in that language. And I believe in something like the pygmies or something from Africa was the last group of people known in the world didn't have no no no no no, that was California that they had when they decided to throw away the American way. And so we need to return to God in order to save our country, yet irrational and unique. We are now almost all nations in the world can grab a Bible and read it in their own language so it's been quite a process sought to me tells me close okay and you shall be hated of all men for my namesake but he that shall endure into the same shall be saved. Another of those who try to use the verse to try to say that that means you collision salvation. What does what does Joe say no… That shall endure to the end of meaning we once were safer always say we still and during three organ have to put up with about things that he will endure to the end of the same shall be saved. In case of that can be reworded. Those that are saved will endure to the end, and right okay so that's what that's what actually was taken place there and so here but when you shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where ought not be let him that readers understand and let them that be in Judea flee to the mountains and let him that is on the housetop not go down into the house, neither into their and to take away anything on the house now over and over the centuries we have seen numerous times where the abomination of desolation not the abomination but abominations where the temple effective if you go back to well 597 BC. Nebuchadnezzar remember what he did. He went into the temple took off heat wedded to the holy of holies took all of the things that were in there all of the vagabond you get the different vials in an everything that was in that the chalices and everything.

He took all the silver and gold and so he looted the temple and then if you go back to 168 BC and thickest epiphanies. He sacrificed the sow. He took it into the temple and out, and he sacrificed us out to on the on the altar, and there, and so then if you go back over and Daniel is 27.

Remember what we saw that and remember how the Lord Jesus had prophesied that that the temple was going to be torn down. We started out with Doug about that in six years after he prophesies that that happened case of here when in NAD 38 just a few years after Jesus gave the warning that he do it. We just read: glia made plans to put his own statue up in the temple. Now this statue that were talking about here, the abomination of desolation is what the it's a fall statue that the false prophet puts in their and then what does the plot false prophet do with that statue. He brought his leg brace into like people like Ella matches something okay. Do we have the technology now to make very lifelike statutes are the capita of the word Walt Disney critically lifelike members of child watching Abraham Lincoln speak to me like when you will not elect the greens know you have love you've ever gone down. If you ever going to see the ark there on the Arctic got these robots that are very, very lifelike, very lifelike and one oval especially of this laid out a woman who was supposed to be using a broom.

One of the people that was with us thought for sure this this is this is really a person pretending to be a robot not a robe updated ancillary PT got up very close that it was taking pictures then when I looked over there, I can see the camera in her eye. She had a there was cameras there placed in the but they're very lifelike and so today through technology here. The antichrist is going to appear to be of the printed and omnipresent than this end and he can do that through technology that I okay but no is the difference that you see.

Does he have unlimited power are not now know limits his power, God, God limits the powers of God is in control alt okay so blades hard hard to be an enemy when enemy control here what you can do. And now, a tad thinking. Now he goes on to say, but won't to them that are with child into them that give suck in those days. This will that's women now here he's speaking to the Jewish people. Now there they were going to be. Remember, the Jews were the first Christians that were converted now and pray that your flight not be in the winter for Mother's Day shall be affliction that was nothing to be getting of creation which God created into this time, neither shall there be except the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved but for the elect's sake, whom we have chosen.

He had shortened the days the remember what they were going to do it once this they had the temple rebuilt and he brought the sacrifice they were going to be back in the law of Moses.

There, right in that requirement what they had planned, but here did, of course, is the Lord Jesus made it very clear today in Israel today in his route when I was in Israel, hereditary groups of of professing Orthodox Jews.

These were professing Orthodox Jews in the they were very short when it comes in other words, they professed they said yes Jesus Christ is Messiah. There's that's very, very clear and they realize that he is Messiah and they know this Jesus Christ is coming back with that at the same time.

They say that he he is the great Rabbi and that he keeps the law and that they need have to adhere to the laws of Moses and in that they continually speak as we are the sons of Abraham.

Okay now we took a look yesterday about the difference between the seed of Abraham and the sons of Abraham, and not as an outer Zechariah. When we take a look at those one third Joe out of 13 verse 30 verse seven, the remnant the remnant that will be saved. The one third those of the sons of Abraham product and the apostle Paul mentions in Romans chapter 9 the difference between the seed of Abraham and the Lord and the sons and Jesus does same thing in John chapter 8.

Sunoco thought here in verse 20 whom have children wearing those of us that are born again believers were all chosen predestined the amount anything the same thing will happen with the remnant of the jurors. Yet those he has chosen the for the elect's sake. In other words he had chosen Julio chosen he have he had shortened silly talk about predestination is there is the case of what God is always confessed indicated that with the born-again believers. He's doing that work very user will become converted there in the last days of the tribulation. Okay we get it stopped there going to break will be back right after this you taking me and waiting by people renting in the meeting and noticed rain and in and in and in and in and in a in a in here that you write noses Safari time for you we wouldn't. We've had it with the right as we tired of being betrayed out there so that's right. Now we have Bevan here and that her will find out where she stands on all of the issued suits know of. She's the kind of person we can vote for you know Jim Porter sees head for DC she's sure of it you to get there and she's gonna want to want some help to be there with her and and and you know what he says he's going to go right after those hussy's from hell. Okay good to read about in the they existed be my hat that I wear. This is numerically Jesus when I was down there was spent. We spent a week and cut walking the halls of Congress trying to help out the sum of the mountain yard people from Vietnam, had made it over here and try to get them can sterile things were happening and who comes down the hallway, but they squawked the week on the hussy's from hell. When that account they want quite it was hissing. They did like my hat. I don't think they like me and I'm a nice fellow. Anyhow and then so no listless better. Joe, let's start with front and for me was that what abortion okay now the left tells you that abortion is a constitutional right. That's what the Communist Party antichrist Communist Party.

And that's what Joe Obama Biden says, what does God say about abortion that it's wrong that it would be murder. Its murder. Okay now what is he say does he say that you'd be better off to have a millstone which ways tied around her neck and then dropped to see rightly that a good thing in the notes, though, so they're not how it would. How would Bevan vote when it comes to abortion, the pro-life enemy. Would you be ready to get out there really scrap and fight. I am I am I think you know I mean, that's one of the ways I think I will continue to have God's protection over America is to protect innocent life. Okay, so now in the Bible of all the maybe will admit will the Joe to see if he knows some answers.

Of all of the punishments in God's Word, the Bible.

He brought the harshest punishment of the harshest punishment of people for doing what not voted for Democrats as I did. I know that was very, the abomination of sodomites had been killed. Then I yank on the blood it was the sacrificing of the children who he brought harsh. What was the harshest punishment, but they were reduced to cannibalism.

At one point generating their own flesh. That's right. Now that's and that's a harsh punishment and so so we know abortion is murder anyone and everyone and anyone and everyone. This is is a constitutional right and is not right or is a liar and there is no truth in him a ticket would you tell that to those politicians there and see how well we did what we did get right in her face and tell them how to write an all right now let's go to be border. The border now amassed what was asked Bevan. This was tested to a Bevan up when a nation is invaded by foreigners when there invaded is that an act of socialism or is that an act of war. I think now almost at that combination of both lemming, there's a war right now in our border going on tonight were military to fix the problem. That is, we don't have a military are military now the soldiers and for us the soldiers. But, in front of their leader is not there. They're not the yes men appointed by abomination. The Madison million and is Austin I don't trust him as far as you can throw them out with us direct their much more engaged in by the way how chosen yeah yeah yeah drag queens having an other will tell them Joe you fresh air, and it's not helping us write so the border is an active war.

We've got to stop the was committed.

America is bleeding she's bleeding the gate we gotta stop the hemorrhaging discovery will not survive three more years of Joe Biden. It won't.

Okay I and and so we need to pray that God will take him out okay remove him click it right and remove these people. I May 3 in the primaries here in Ohio. The rhinos all the rhinos and separating some people in that are going to help us already and so and I believe you. You feel pretty much the here running against the rhino that's that's all that office know that right can I have Pam running against the rhino right now. He's been in office about a decade and now and I'm not a politician. I'm just a regular person that I am looking to bring some accountability in Washington and I'm not looking to go make friends there.

I want to just an impeachment paperwork for the Biden Harris administration and like you're talking about these deliberate attacks on America that is violating their oath of office absolutely isn't again. We need we need people to stand their ground not in limitation something to okay with always taking place. Everything that's happening right now we have coming. We would not of had, we would not know.

Look, the Bible says a dog returns to his vomit in the South were mired to know what that means we cannot like our like our own means you can expect a dog to be a dog you expect this out of ESL.

You can expect the demographic to be a Democrat, gave me a traitor.

Now the Democrats today are not like they used to be located there in their whole different there really are no any really Democrats that these are difficult as these are cultural Marxist. The Democrats most of the real Democrats left there gone they also gathered maybe. I mean, yes, pretty and so here this is what you have out there. Now you expect them to be that. But now the rhinos are what causes those that did not stand would Pres. Trump those that betrayed him. There were a few that stood with him. Mike pence betrayed Trump. He betrayed America, he betrayed himself. He knew that he should not certify that election he knew that he ate there were people standing in front of him that had all kinds of evidence of corruption and Mike pence sold its my pets wants to run for president. He's not Haley he's knees going nowhere now allows Plaxo burner.

There were others that were a huge disappointment and I want people to remember this and remind them time cotton was when I was the time God was good time cotton didn't stand would Pres. Trump. I always like Marsha Blackburn. I always thought so much of her. She to refuse to stand would Pres. Trump is only a handful.

The rhinos those people there now not call on those to write. I don't categorize them as rhinos but they failed us.

They did not stand would Pres. Trump when it counted when it really counted okay and so the Americans on January 6 labeling tracks and asked how like one of my opponents yeah okay so now and then what your opponents did not stand would Pres. drove either get correct so nasty the opponent that's in the of 14 congressional district right caressed the king in the bathroom when your adult medical medicine is is is not going to mention his name because if she did Joe call David Dave Joyce could get upset.

So there we walked about a minute ago you're talking about.

Out now Democrat will create Democrat yesterday, Biden unveiled his plan to deal with this new massive migrant third quote. Our objective continues to be the safe, orderly, inhumane processing of noncitizen another word the whole plan is to process them, process them into the country as fast as they can and read a long article on it that they're coming out six pillars in this new thing, but if you look at them there really doing nothing.

They're gonna tell the smugglers of the border is an open but it is there going to give huge amounts of our money to nongovernmental organizations to aid migrants to help because they don't have enough manpower in the Department of Homeland Security and the border patrol so that's the whole plan were gonna bring in a whole bunch NGOs give them a lot of money to process all the immigrant legal Democrats see the look. Here's reality. Let's go to reality. Joe Biden is purposely bringing in known terrorist into this country he's bringing in people he's get them out. The time will come when when he's going to need these people for an insurrection, he's gonna need these people to start burning down cities start blowing the power plants.

Remember Biden hearing terrorists involved. Just like Hitler did started creating havoc in Germany turned these criminals loose against the people in the that was a joke to get rid I don't have a whole lot about what the red Chinese say one thing that I do great when they said and that when they came out and said look we own those that are in charge in America.

They belong to us. We own the leadership in America. Joe Biden is bought and paid for. He's owned by the Chinese.

He's owned by the Chinese and all equity calling Primerica no okay my name like every area of government every second, there is job is to reduce America to Third World status is jobs to reduce as the Venezuela North Korea status. That's what Joe Biden's job is to do it and I gotta say he's been doing a pretty good job abomination is pulling the sports strings and instructed him but Joe's Joe's doing exactly what his handlers and tell them to do next hearing is absolute parenting to get a city held accountable than everybody in Congress right now should be trying to impeach Biden) are now I've got an article if you will, is because first of all, look what you say that near the town, and some people breaking the law right with us in this town you don't have a Sheriff's Department or you don't have a court system so they break the law. But what are you going to do because you got no court right so we don't have homolog of the corked adjustment department. That's catered the police here that's sharing their guard as a dirty cop. He's always bought and paid for China. The FBI again is it is really just a part of the Democratic time is collective. They're no longer an independent ticket okay so we've lost the sense that we meaning this is why we gotta get somebody in getting the White House back. We gotta take the sent Congress back.

Remember what to the reason Jay, one of the reason JFK was killed was because he wanted to do away with the CIA and did so and thicken regular wonderment. A lot of yeah regular and also do away with the CIA. They become very very corrupt. Okay there broken away from Paul writer and all over that they because problems all over the world. So here.

I've got an article here is Obama about to legally slither back as president right ever since Barack Hussein Obama recently visited to the White House in which he was given the star treatment while Joe Obama Biden was seemingly ignored, as he wandered aimlessly. There is been targeted Biden's presidency is over and that abomination himself show could slither his way back into the Oval Office. Although the 22nd amendment precludes Obama from being elected to the office a self admitted while theory proliferated in American thinker could have given him raining could have have him raining presidency by another legal route. Obama's aiming to get back to the Oval Office, asserts Andrea while Berg my promises that Obama fully understands that if Biden is ousted immediately under the 25th amendment. There are only two idiots at a cut and fit in a confidence to take his place.

Obama came to the White House to date to immediately get mobbed and no one wanted to talk to Biden now. If it is not on Kim outcome Allah.

I called Kelleher that it's Nancy Pelosi, if not her. Then Patrick Lee hi oh boy you talk about a ghost on the line here now. Instead, there are three steps to return Obama to the presidency.

One of the Democratic establishment remove Kemal Harris from office within through threats or bribes. All they look she's got no idea what she's doing.

They give her a big mansion simply should take it leave to have the Democrats declare that because world instability in the Ukraine Putin China so on puts it on president risk only a political politically seasoned person can be vice president with Obama graciously accepted that role. I was Biden using the 25th amendment and viola president abomination again and we can even have Stacy Abrahams as his veep. This is this is one of their okay so I felt like a late-night horrible restrictive, while a quadruple back, got covered. I wonder why she didn't take her for the first or that question that next is only four shots all yellow poor kids got: well you know we did that article last night.

Think were going to be doing something a little later on we can play the clip but the vast majority of people that are dying from the cold and of those that have been embarrassed that I write them out on Yahoo. The vast majority now you and I could hear that because the limits they hear him factors led during this call that vaccines are injecting toxic lab grade SM 102 into people. Okay, this is the it's a poison and so here again. By the way they did study with pregnant women who miscarriage. All of these that had taken the facts 100% of those tested disparaged 100% were talking about thousands of family last year in February. My dad got one dosimeter nine. He died within two weeks he didn't even I think it's a second shot and siding on strong proponent for medical freedom. I get letters every day from people devices country telling me. Thank you for telling us about this and they tell me the same thing.

One fellow wrote that he was the only one in his family that still live his entire family took the killer shot kill shot in the died they all died in afterward and they're dropping dead right right now, especially the young anti-yeah yeah heart attacks and that is being is being censored in the fake news media fake news media is told by big Pharma. Do not talk about the student not talk about it right and you know what brought it up last night how many unit vector system or only one or 2% reporting of thousands of people dying even when you're trying to hide it. So multiply it by 10 regatta disaster after we do normalize that likely saying all kids are going to pass out or this and that is an article right here. Social media platforms facing this is by the American facing losses for suicides mental health issues among young users. Okay, the parents of a 17-year-old boy who killed himself in 2015 filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, and snapshot the suit claims that the social media companies knowingly, knowingly get kids addicted to their platforms even though the companies know it will lead some to take their own lives while sadly that young man is not only such case in other parents are also suing social media companies christened on a dolly and sailor Wisconsin filed the suit earlier this month along with social media victims law center that said that social media victims law center describes itself as working to hold social media companies legally accountable for the harm inflicted on vulnerable users.

The dollies turn led to the social media lawsuit companies. After seven years of trying to figure out what happened to their son Christopher James went let's take a look at this limitless go from there. Now the public. For system for 50 years I've been telling you if you love your kids get them out of public schools of you lovely kids get them out of there. Get them out of there okay now why we been telling you that because of cultural indoctrination. Culture works is one of the things is happening with these masked mandates making the children wear a mask that you were there with me when we went to the school board right out there with Geauga and Ryan and we went in there and when education Board of Education know why. Why were they doing it. I think you put your mic a little closer to because I hear let me know when it turn you up just a little bit here so I can hear you a little better here locating yeah I know but we went in there.

Why are they doing when they were getting money they were getting tons of big money to put the masks on the children notes an interesting thing because you know what one profession.

What one profession more than any other profession either homeschools center children to private or Christian schools want it any other profession. Teachers that's right thinking I public educators date send their children when they don't have to put covered and hides her face right now young. They had a lot of power. If they want to stand up for that masking against those unconstitutional mandates. I think a lot of this never would've happened if they did not get the got militant, yet he got money about how we see that court in Florida declared unconstitutional, that we are right. It was not a popular view, you know we weren't very well-liked by picking up for what was right. We we knew it was right for the beginning because were development a very clear that you you did not okay dishonor the image of God that they met with these children yet understand children St. when you how do you how do you recognize someone by the face right right right okay and how do you tell someone's happy or someone's sad or somebody's angry gait is either by the smiling or if they're not smiling if they're not grimacing as he does it cover to cover at the little children's faces up they can understand they don't know that they do when you're talking to someone they don't know if that person is happy with and I don't know if there and it's confusing so you add that you take a little child and you you tell them that you know you may not really be a boy you may be a girl or boy's body. You may be a good boy to girls but it is still in so you confuse the children and then you tell them that because you're white your racist will. We are coming up to a break we going to be back right after this with a whole lot more will find out if we can vote for Bev and be right back. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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