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TUE HR 2 042622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 27, 2022 12:01 am

TUE HR 2 042622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 27, 2022 12:01 am

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Well, savings and available coupons vary. Donate and listen to the podcast at Alright, we're back. And so far my guest tonight, Bevin Cormick, is batting 100.

She's answered correctly to all the questions because you see we've got a new policy when it comes to rhinos. No mercy. We're going to show them no mercy. We're so tired of being betrayed. Those that run on one platform and then switch on us, no mercy.

You rhinos, you hear that? None. We've had it with you.

None. Okay. We need some plain speaking people who say what they mean and mean what they say.

And it doesn't have to be eloquent, just truthful. That's right. And for a warning for you rhinos out there that you might just see Pastor Joe and I come to your house and say, we're going to come and move in with you. And that would be a nightmare, wouldn't it, for them? I think they'd be afraid just to have us come preach at them, but you were talking about the public full system, and before everybody forgets, I have to read this headline. Several dozen New York City teachers and other employees submitted fraudulent proof of their COVID-19 vax, and they were all placed on leave yesterday.

Oh, wow. But even the teachers who put their kids in private school, they'll put them. Same thing, they did not take the vax. They had fake certificates, and somehow somebody figured it out and squealed on them or something. But I have a feeling that's what happened.

I wonder how many other schools across America. Just like what we knew, Joe, listen. Now the frontline doctors, even though they're in opposition to those that are telling you to take the kill shots, they know each other. And the frontline doctors will tell you that when you see these politicians on television, or when they start getting the shot, they're getting saline.

They're not getting, they know better. Right. And the president, a big pharma of, oh, the big company of pharma, you know which one I'm talking about. Pfizer.

Pfizer. The president of Pfizer said that, no, he had not gotten the shot, nor, and was not going to let his children get the shot. I remember when he said that.

Way back. Well, his vice president, who was the vice president and their leading scientist came out and said, don't get it, it's a weapon. It'll kill you. Not to get it. OK. OK, so here now, Joe, there's the next.

You've heard the barber hemorrhagic, the barber hemorrhagic fever fever. OK, get ready, because that's what they're planning on hitting us with next. And so so listen to this, because we're going to let you know a little bit about what that's all about.

So then we'll ask Bevin when we come back what she's going to do about it. OK, so mighty Andrew, take us there. Hello, everybody, welcome. This is Terrel from Today is Saturday, April 23rd, 2022.

It's 855 a.m. Central time here in the Ozarks. This is a pretty important warning video. The things that I've been telling you that the recombinant strain monsters have been released. That they're going to be activated by 5G.

That's going to be true. And then the story that yesterday that we could be in the middle of something and not even know it. We're in the middle of something and people don't even know it. This is extremely serious. Hope that you'll share this video with others. And just listen.

You're going to want to listen to this whole video. But what these guys, these here are military expert guys. We've seen this fellow before. This guy right here is really, really smart.

I believe he has a photographic memory. And just by listening to enough of his videos, he's going to provide some information right here that is scary. By the global elite through the deep state, also through our nation state enemy, China, that has infiltrated and defeated the American government, not the American people through fifth generation warfare, which is primarily information influence operations. And bio digital technology combined, both which Putin is opposing. And they are working on the bio digital part, mostly to oppose that. And that really, really turns on the fact of the the bio weapon was engineered as a psyop and as an economic battle weapon COVID for the jab to be brought in, not the other way around.

And then the boosters are boosting the operating system with the graphene oxide hydroxide through the vectors of the 5G and directed energy weapons do, but they are going to go into that in detail. And from there, I will turn it over to you to start, Todd. Yeah, good.

Thank you. Everything you just said is exactly what we came to find. One of the advantages of suing the DoD with this many service members that are upset about the mandates is we've ended up with about 500,000 whistleblowers who have provided us a whole lot of really good information. So everything you said is well supported in documents that we have testimony that we have an expert witnesses.

So in recent times, I had sent to you a number of documents that actually support what you said. And our biggest concern, the reason Doc Chambers and I are here today is that we work as a team to understand both the science and legal ramifications. And what I wanted to impart to you is under 42 CFR Part 70 and 71, that's the enabling statute for Health and Human Services to assume power in the upon the declaration of a public health emergency. They've already done that, as you indicated with the COVID crisis that has resulted in the suspension of our Constitution.

It's already happened. The next one is coming in that statute, you will see that Marburg is already identified. You will note that the PrEP Act has a Marburg provision that allows for additional spending when invoked. The Health and Human Services has already invoked the Marburg provision, meaning they've already parted ways with money and spent it under the HHS enabling statute to build quarantine camps, amongst other things. Throughout the United States, we interrupted two, one of which was in Cochise County, Arizona, where they were going to build a $1.9 million facility that houses the now merged four branches under HHS.

The judiciary, law enforcement, corrections and public health are now all one in the same, and they're all housed in the same facility. So all of these quarantine centers are there. We understand that there could have been a Marburg release that Dr.

Chambers will get into. We think that one has already happened. We know that Marburg is not particularly contagious, but it has an extraordinarily high rate of fatality, and we know the mechanism by which this will be released. And that is inside of these shots that people already received, inside the lipid nanoparticles, the hydrogel, there exists pathogens inside of the particles that have not yet opened. Those pathogens are chimeric.

They include E. coli Marburg, Ebola staphylococcus and brewer's yeast, amongst others. We know that upon the broadcast from the 5G system that is now employed across the United States and the world for that matter, when they broadcast an 18 gigahertz signal for one minute, three different times as a pulse, it will cause those lipid nanoparticles to swell and release these pathogenic contents, thereby causing a Marburg epidemic that they've already spent the money on. It's already done, right? The Marburg epidemic, for purposes of the law, has happened, and now we just need the actual disaster to happen. And there's actually worse parts to it than that, including the 1P36 gene deletion that effectively will turn those poor people into zombies. As odd as that sounds, our government's preparing for that. But the FEMA have already put out zombie commercials and con ops on that, correct?

That's correct. If you look at Con Plan 8888, STRATCOM put that out in 2011. On page two, they say, oh, this is just for examples, just for demonstration, you know, don't worry about it, so we don't offend other countries. The problem with that is you look through that Con Plan, it's all about five different types of zombies. There isn't anything in there about opposition forces. There isn't anything about winning political battles or counterinsurgencies. It is only about a zombie apocalypse defending it, and you will see that every NIMS-compliant, practically agency, whether that's state, local, or federal, has already had their zombie apocalypse preparedness training.

They've already done their practice. The CDC has had a zombie apocalypse preparedness website up for the last five years. Now they've reduced it to a PDF cartoon. Even in the Amazon Web Services contract, the force majeure clause, I believe it's Article 41, states that we're not liable for damages in case there's a zombie apocalypse. This is coming, folks, and the serious adverse event report, Pfizer put out post-marketing.

They had put out, it was part of a FOIA. The number one serious adverse event was the 1P36 gene deletion. You look up the symptomology for that. It is the elimination of the frontal cortex and the propensity to bite. What's very odd about this is this was the symptom post-vaccination. That disease is a congenital disease.

It means you're born with it. So how is it then possible that this is the number one serious adverse event from the Pfizer shots? It's here, folks, and then you've got Dr. Chambers here to tell you I'm not just a raving lunatic. That's pretty much in this almost hour-long video that this is the key. This is a little crux of what's being shared and the recombinant strain monsters that came out with what was sprayed in Wuhan. There are a lot of other connections that are being made here.

It's extremely important that we keep our nanosilver shield and our sodium borate shield on. Transfection is spreading. So part of what I've been showing you is that people are so relaxed they think, oh, this is over.

And it's a ruse. The recombinant strain monsters are out there spreading right now. Delta cron. So when we go back in time, I'm going to be right. This was released.

It's already been done. What they're focusing on here is the part that's in the vax that's being transfected and going from person to person to person. So you have the delta cron variant recombinant strain monsters that are out there that are spreading. And you have what's coming from the vax and the vaxxers and the transfection. The waves are crisscrossing one another in the general population right now. And the recombinant strain monsters are behaving like the herald strain in that they're mild. They produce mild symptoms until they're activated. So the 5G, the pulses that they're going to send through, it's going to change everything.

It's going to change the environment. It's whenever they decide to push the button. And these guys are saying, if you listen to the commentary, that it looks like this may be activated. This is the thing they can activate in an individual or in a family or in a region.

They have 100% total command control. So this restored republic hypothesis is going out there. Oh, we're going to rebuild community that Mike Adams is going on about. We're the enlightened ones.

This is way worse than even I imagined what's happening. I highly recommend that you pay attention to what these guys are saying here. And that you keep your nano silver shield on.

All the time. The biological weapon is spreading in multiple waves all around us. You are surrounded by arrows that are pointing towards you from animals, from your pets.

Pets that interact with other pets. You cannot protect your environment. You cannot protect anything that's outside your skin.

It's impossible to do. The biological weapon is piling up all around us. It's in the stores that we go to. People are passing it back and forth. Oh, I had to step away for a second.

My apologies. The dogs are going crazy. The work crew. Don and the other fellas are here. So I wanted to make this video, get this out to you.

Extremely important that what's going on in our environment is... Well, the worst case scenario looks like that's what's happening. They're testing it in different places. There's some video here that I wanted to share with you. Let me find that. Oh yeah.

This was sent in too. Horrific fentanyl turning homeless into mindless zombies. This is already happening. And this type of situation. The illegal alien invasion, all this is tied together. I'm not going to say who they get it from or where they get it from, but it's just like...

This is good quality up here. I was in Skate Road yesterday talking to some of the people down there about their experiences. They were telling me that fentanyl is actually a really big thing over there. Yeah, fentanyl is like the main thing. People here, there's this thing called the fentanyl crop where people are just like this. Like the whole day or whatever.

It's like hella slumped. Those people will puke and everything. So they have this phenomenon going on right now, illegal alien invasion, fentanyl killing all these people and it's changing our environment. You see these people that are hunched over and everything? And then they turn on the other, they activate the other and they can do it regionally.

They can affect a little small area or they can affect a large area. They have complete command control. And so this is being orchestrated all around us. It's crazy town. Appreciate your support very, very much. I hope that you're joining us on our program. Hope you're getting your food. Hope you're getting ready for what's coming. All righty. We are back.

There you go. And see, folks, again, we've been trying to warn you and tell you. Now, remember, when you turn on that television set and you look at those talking heads, they're there to tell you whatever they call the narrative. In other words, whatever comes down from the top of the collective, whatever lie, they are contracted to lie. They sign a contract that they will go with the narrative, whatever that is, and what that simply is is whatever lie they are told to tell you, they will look at you and they come out and they will betray you. They will betray you.

Okay? And that's exactly what's happening. This is why we're here. We just read in Scripture every man or brother betrays brother, father, son.

And God made it pretty clear that there would be a lot of betrayal. Absolutely. All righty. So, Bevin, how can folks out there, if they want to... You're the kind of person I could vote for.

I could vote for you. Oh, well, thanks. Okay.

Now, how can people out there help you? First of all, your county, the area is Geauga County and, what, Lake County? Yeah, so I have Geauga County, Lake County, Ashtabula County, Portage County, and Trumbull County. Five counties.

Correct, yeah. And we have primaries coming up Tuesday on May 3rd. So they should be looking for your name on that ticket. On that ticket. On the Republican ticket. Bevin Cormack.

Bevin Cormack. Okay. And, folks, she's pro-life. She wants to get there.

She wants to be with Jan Porter, Marjorie Greene, Jim Jordan, and those fighters there in Congress to go back and to take our country back away from the Communists, from the enemies. That's right. That's right. And how do you feel about rhinos? Show them no mercy? I know. Show them no mercy, right?

I'm on a safari right now. All right. Well, we're going to go after them, folks.

Anyhow, there you go. Now, how can they help you? How can people help you, besides voting for you?

Do you have signs or anything like that? Well, I know. I mean, you can go on my website, Cormack for Congress.

But, no, I mean, I'm just, you know, I'm not asking people for money or doing anything like that. I don't understand how millionaires, you know, ask regular people for money. And I think, actually, the funding of our elections is a big problem with the fraud of our elections. You know, that should be kept to citizens only of that state, not millionaire corporations and PACs. But don't we have the best politicians money can buy? Hey, right. And that goes to the judicial too, now the judicial, and that's about the way it is. It's unfortunate. But we can change that. I mean, it's in our hands. I mean, we just have to stop voting for opportunists and politicians and people that, you know, that's their goal.

Right. You know, Susan, you said something. I've been screaming for years, and I'd like to hear you say it again louder here in Ohio.

Real loud. When you're running for election in a state, the only people that should be able to donate are people who live in the state. Californians should not donate to an Ohio candidate. And I'm one of those that one person, one vote, corporations can't vote, this should be about the people.

And so, you know, only people running or living in Ohio can vote for somebody running in Ohio. To me, that makes so much sense. That's more of what the founders wanted.

Yeah, that's how it was designed to be. And the politicians don't want that because they love that outside PAC money, that outside power. But this would destroy that big part of that political structure with all the wicked backroom deals. If every state had a simple, you know, something you can bring up if you get there. Hey, you know, one person, one vote, and you have to live in the state you vote in, or you know, donate in.

Donate in, yeah. I'd really like to change that, I mean, because then it makes the playing field even for regular people. You know, they have good ideas and kind of blocks out some of the elites and globalists. You kind of got to be careful, because when you get to people Joe's age that weren't regular, it means something totally different. So, you see, he might misunderstand that. That's true.

A non-politician person. Don't worry about that. Only, you know, you might get harassed for his white language, but we need it. Yeah. Yeah. All right, okay.

Shouldn't have gone there. But, yeah, I get so many letters from people out there. And right now, we're encouraging you out there, believe me, folks. Stock up on food. Stock up on food. Listen to me. Stock up on food.

Now, one of the things that you can do if you don't have a lot of, you know, a lot of food is perishable, so on and so forth. Right, right. But that mix that Wendy has, that body mix and the stuff that you can get through Dr. Peter Glidden, the tangerine stuff, in fact, I have both of them here.

Oh, okay. This comes in containers. It's dried, but you can literally live off of that. It's dried. All you need is some water to mix it with water. And it doesn't take up a lot of space. Nice. One scoop of that will feed you, and you can live a whole day on that. Oh, wow. And we know a number of, I know a number of people that do that, that they have one meal and that per day, and they're in good physical condition, good and healthy, and they don't get sick.

So that's something, as far as space-wise goes, to store it. That's called what again? It's Wendy's. Wendy's, her whole food body mix. Oh, whole food body mix, okay. That wasn't quite clear. Yeah, it's the whole food.

She's going to be with me, I believe, here tomorrow. We'll be talking about that. When you said that, I had a combination of things. Right now, big story, Washington Post. Everything in Shanghai is shut down. Worsening shortages. Make a long article short, it's getting very bad over there. Everything is being halted. Parts of the supply chain are being closed. Things are getting much worse. They said everything is starting to get better. Well, right now, there's 373 million people, about a quarter of China's population on lockdown, and it is getting very bad.

Okay, next one. Collapsing trucker demand foreshadows looming recession. Trucking has proved to be a reliable bellwether for U.S. economy. This comes from Fox Business. When the shippers see the softening demand for trucks, it's been falling four months in a row, demand for trucks. If an economy is booming, demand for trucking is not going down every month for four months.

And historically, it's been very, very accurate, predicting a recession. And then the big headlines today, stocks sink all over at inflation, recession, fears, rattle, Wall Street. And everywhere you look, they're saying all of a sudden, uh-oh, it looks like the bottom is falling out. So we've been warning for a long, long time, but now you're seeing the big headlines where Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, people are coming out and saying this is not looking good.

All right, here, Joe. Biden, FBI continues ignoring attack on food supplies, over two dozen major fires and counting for months, unusual fires. Now, we've been reporting on this, have been erupting at important food industry facilities all over America. While global elites warn us to get ready for a food shortage, yet according to Biden's FBI, there's nothing here to see. Now, you don't suppose that the FBI could be a part of this, you don't suppose they were a part of January 6th, right? Right. What about the kidnapping there of so-called Governor Whitmer?

Whitmer, yeah, that was a farce. Okay, now he goes on to say, don't believe me that something strange is happening. Take a look at a list of 16 major fires that have occurred. Now, Joe, since this was written, it's well up over 20 that have occurred now. Yeah, it keeps happening almost every day. Yeah, unfortunately, since the article was written, a couple more mysterious incidents have taken place.

Very early on Saturday, firefighters were called out to battle a fire at General Mills facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Now, the FBI is not even hardly investigating these things, so why do you think that is? Again, we don't have an FBI anymore. Right. We used to be, again, I had a lot of friends who were in the FBI, and there are still some good people there, but the top has gone rotten.

The fish rots from the head down. They give orders to people what they can investigate and what they can't. They're the ones that give the orders to go look at this or don't look at that. Not only that, Joe, but those at the top are the ones that hire.

They do the hiring and firing, and they're hiring people that will go along with them and firing those that won't. Right. Exactly. Well, that's what all started with the Obama-Biden administration. They started culling the military.

They started culling people out of every government agency, replacing people that were experts in fields with political hacks that will obey. And that's how they really put the deep state final strength together. Yep. Right.

Deliberate attacks. So, here you go. I'm going to open the phone lines, Joe, and take some calls, folks. We have Bevin Cormack here, and those five counties are Lake Geauga, Ashtabula, Treble, and Portage Counties that she is running for. And that's the 14th Congressional District, and she really would like your vote. She would really like your vote, no.

So, here again, Bevin Cormack is her name. You've heard what she said. She's passed the test so far.

She is the type of person that I could vote for because she's answered right now. We're at a point of no compromise. Our position is no compromise, period. Right. Only those candidates that are going to be with us completely all in are the ones we're going to support.

We've done that especially in the pro-life movement. Okay. And so, there you go. Phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673, 888-677-9673. If you have a question or a comment, give us a call, and we'll take your call there.

888-677-7777. What happened last night, Joe, is people called in, but they called in too late. And so, we ran out of time, huh?

We kind of did. The clock keeps ticking. All right. So, we're going to go right in on take call. Let's go with Tim. Tim, you're in the air.

Hey, Tim. How are you? Well, I'm okay.

How are you tonight? Very good. And your guest has a very lovely voice. Oh, thank you.

She's pretty, too. So, the one thing I wanted to mention, I haven't heard much about it, but Orrin Hatch died on Saturday. Are you aware of that? Yeah, I am.

I am. Yeah, he was, I think, the longest, I think he held that Senate office longer than any other senator, didn't he? Right. They have a picture in there. This is the New York Times, full page.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, with whom he had a long and genuine friendship. But here's the line I wanted to read and make sure a lot of people haven't heard. So, here's what it says.

Ready? New York Times. Hatch said that the Democrats were a party of homosexuals. And then, later, he retracted it and said, that was a dumb thing to say. Why would you want to say this? Why would you want to say the truth?

And then say, well, that was a dumb thing to say. That's right out of the New York Times. Well, you know what it was, I mean, the word goes out there that, you know, you don't cross them, they'll crucify you, the LGBTQ, okay? And I remember, remember Casper Weinberg? Yeah. Cap, Reagan called him Cap.

Cap. You remember when I had him out here, he wrote the book about a scenario if the United States was to go to war with North Korea and what would happen from there. So, he had his book and I had him on the program. If you remember what I said, I said to him, Bill Clinton is a Communist to the bone in the Clinton administration. So, he says to me on the radio, I'm sorry, but I'll take issue. I can't agree with that. So, after the program, we're off the air now, and I said, now that we're off the air, Bill Clinton is a Communist to the bone.

He said, sure he is, of course he is, but you can't say that. The media will crucify you if you do that, okay? But you see, we're not afraid of the fake news media.

We're going to tell the truth, aren't we? Right. You have a good program. Well, thank you. Bye-bye. Have a good one. Okay.

Bye. That was Jim, so let's go now. Did you say Tim? Or John? John. John, John, you're in the air. Hey, guys, how are you doing? We're okay. How are you? Yeah, I like the person running tonight for office. Bevin Cormack.

Okay. Yeah, I could repeat her name so that, you know, somebody might want to send her a check, you know. Bevin Cormack, yeah. My question is, what did you think of the Trump rally, and especially with J.D. Vance?

I didn't catch this. Oh, go ahead. Yeah, I mean, I wasn't fond of him endorsing J.D. Vance.

Not at all. I think he's made some big mistakes, you know, and that all comes to who he's surrounding him with, okay? I don't know what kind of a deal he cut with J.D. Vance, but I wouldn't trust him. I would not trust him.

I don't either. Well, some people are saying that all the mistakes he made, it sounds like they kind of worked those things out and that maybe they were four or five years ago now, and that Trump is looking to the future instead of the past. Well, one of the problems with J.D. Vance is that he's funding the MRNA technologies, like in his different companies. Yeah, that's not good.

No, that's not good at all. And he's funded by California, the group. Okay. Well, you know, here's the thing, John, a lot of people ask me, Pastor, why in the world happened to Trump? Why did Trump push the Vax? The reason he did that was because Trump knew he was surrounded. He knew it was coming. There wasn't nothing he could do to stop it because he was like in a snake pit. Even those around him, so many of those that he tried to bring in got bought and paid for to betray him. But he knew this, he knew that according to the Constitution, according to also the Nuremberg Code, you could not force people to take a Vax, okay, that was not, you know, that was what?

Experimental. Right. And so he knew that, and he knew that this way people would at least have a choice. And then he came out and he said, and I think it should be your choice whether or not you decide to do that, okay.

I wouldn't have done that myself, okay. But of course, I wasn't privy to what he was privy to, and I do understand he was in a snake pit. And I do know that there's got to be a lot more vetting going on around him. I mean, he had some bad people around him. I mean, and so, but you see, he's not a politician. He was a businessman. Right. So he wasn't used to this kind, I mean, he was used to this kind of, you know, absolute tyranny and people that were betraying.

Yeah, I don't think we had it. Go ahead. Go ahead.

I was just thinking, I don't think he really understood the selfishness. Okay, go ahead, Joe, and then John, yeah. Okay, now, John, let me, you go ahead.

You go ahead and finish. Yeah, I think that when he's re-elected, which I think he will be, he's going to know a lot of these people a whole lot better, and there's going to be a huge advance. It's going to take a while to get rid of all the garbage that they've thrown at America in the last, you know, 18 months. But I think he'll make quicker progress than even his first term. Joe, John, this country cannot, it cannot survive three years of Joe Biden.

It cannot survive that, okay? And so if Trump needs to get into office, he's got to be there by other means. There are other avenues in which he is still the legitimate president of the United States. Trump is, and we all know that, and we have a big sign out in front of our church that says so, okay, that he is the legitimate president of the United States. And so there's different ways that he could be put back into office. We cannot afford three more years of Biden. This country will be totally destroyed.

It'll be totally destroyed. Yeah. And he can come in and speak of the House. Yeah. Yeah, you don't have to, you can be appointed, you don't even have to be elected to that, huh?

Right. They can appoint him and bring him in. He doesn't have to be running for office. And you don't suppose if he was speaker that he would initiate, once you have over the primaries in November, it looks like, unless the communists come up with it, some new ways of voter fraud, election fraud. But it looks like the Republicans are going to take, they're going to sweep the House. If he came in with them, they could impeach and remove.

Because there's enough evidence right now on Joe Biden for illegal activity with the Chinese. Yeah. Right.

Yeah. Well, plus we're dealing with the gray reset, the globalists, all that's going to be coming out in this next election. I think Americans are waking up some.

How much they wake up has to be determined yet. But that's what we have to do as Christians, is take a stand on these issues. We're to be salt and light, aren't we? That's right. This is one of the biggest elections we've got, where we've got to stand up right now. Yep. You've got to... Okay.

Try to change everything, the money system, the whole deal. Yep. I've got to move on, but thanks for calling. Let's go to Steve. Steve, you're in the air. Hello, Pastor. Hello, everybody.

Hey, Steve. God bless everyone there. Who are the people that we need to vote for here? Well, this radio program is going over the entire country. And it is Bevin Cormack for Congress, Ohio.

Yeah, I'm in Cleveland, Ohio, so... Hey! I know we've got this Matt Dolan, he's running, and all these... I get all these things in the mail. I don't know. They all say the same thing, this is what they stand for, and all this stuff. So, I cannot tell you who you can vote for here on the radio program. I'm not allowed to do that.

I'm asking you to, I guess... I can say this, though, that I would have no problem voting for Josh, for Josh Mandel or Mike Gibbons. I wouldn't have a problem voting for those two. I hear good things about him. I don't know the background on these people, but I hear good things about...

I guess I should rephrase. I'm not asking you to tell me who to vote for, but who do you think, in your opinion, is worth paying attention to, you know what I mean? Well, there's a lot of good candidates out there. In fact, there's going to be another fellow, his name is Neil, and he is going to be running as an independent for governor. He's a pastor. Neil Peterson. Right, and I heard him preach, and he sounds like me. From what I understand, he's been trying to get a hold of you, he wants to come on this radio program.

Oh, well, that would be a good guess to have on, yeah, for sure. Yeah, so we'll see if we can put him out there and tell you what's going on. Because we can't have any more DeWine, that's for sure. No, no, no, definitely not. I guess, who's that? Jim Renacey is running against him.

Yeah, and there's somebody else, too. Ron Hood. Ron Hood is one of the best state representatives we ever had, he's one of the very best, but he's one of the worst campaigners.

He would be a really good governor, because he's a very honest man, and he has stood his ground, he's not a compromiser. So Ron Hood would be a guy that I could vote for, I could vote for Ron Hood. Also, the fellow that's running for vice president, he's the guy that made all those pro-life films. Joe, what's his last name, I'm having a... Oh, Blystone? No, no, Joe Blystone also is running for governor. We've had Joe Blystone on this radio program. Oh, Cop. Joe Cop.

Joe Cop, he's the guy that made all of those pro-life films, and I could vote for him, too. Here, this is the good news, the good news is we've got an abundance of people we could vote for. Not so much like in years past. That is true. I noticed a lot of veterans, or Marine Corps people are veterans.

I should pull out all the stuff I'm getting in the mail. You just want to find the one that's the most qualified. It's one thing for what they stand for and what they say, that they believe in and all this stuff, and they all kind of say the same thing, which is good. But who's going to do the job?

Who's qualified to do the job? Well, you know, one of the things that the people have to make, hold their feet to the fire. But I have to move on, because the whole lines are lit. And let's go to Bob. Bob, you're in the air. Okay, Pastor, I need two quick things.

I got a question, and I want to say something before my voice goes out. They were talking on that clip about, they were saying, keep your nanoshield, that's something else. Do you know what that is? To protect you from what? No, that might be the net. I thought they were talking about something to protect you from when they turn the 5G on.

I have to look it up. I wrote down nanosilver shield that I didn't know myself, so that was something we needed to find out. I do know that you have these, like, lead line cloths that people put for when they put in these new meters. The electric company put these new meters on, and they happened to do that to me when I was out until we were on vacation.

We never gave them permission, but they did it. And so what somebody did, they sent me one of these lead line shields, and you put over it, and it keeps the radiation from coming out. And the last thing I wanted to say is, when I send my monthly pledge in, look for a book I'm sending you, it's called, Live Not by Lies, a Manual for Christian Dissidents.

And basically, it's the survivors of Soviet total terrorism, whatever they call it, have a warning for us, it can happen here. And again, it tells you, well, I'll leave it for you to see it. All right. Okay, and you have a good night, Pastor.

You too, thanks, Bob. Okay, who do we have next? Did you say, Jack, you're in the air. So here's another scenario. President Biden, in his capacity of Commander in Chief, is subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Therefore, he's subject to being court-martialed. If he was court-martialed, you'd be under martial law, and the military would be running the country, until they installed somebody to run the country, like Obama, or like Trump, and until they could hold elections. But it is another scenario.

I believe the military is probably split down the middle, that half the military has gone woke, and the other half are true patriots. It's certainly, with all the things that are going on, it's not out of the realm of policy. Yeah, that's a dangerous option. Yeah, you're right. Well, the abomination, for eight years, you know, he purged 11 four-star generals, and he purged over 260 great officers. Admirals, and high colonels, and lieutenant commanders, all kinds of people. Right.

Look at this also. We're being threatened almost every day by Russia with nuclear war, and President Biden hasn't even taken us to DEFCON 2. The Russian nuclear forces have been on high alert for two months now.

Yeah, and they've been training their people how to protect themselves. Biden is not on our side. Biden is not on our side, you have to understand that. The enemy, yeah, right. He's subject to court-martial.

Right. I believe he's committed treason. The Democratic Communist Party is much more of a threat to us Americans than the Chinese or the Russians. They're the enemy that's right here. They want to take away our freedoms completely. This is why some within that collective are starting to jump ship. They see it now, it's become too real, and they can no longer be in lockstep with nasty Pelosi. But that's our real enemy is the Democratic Communist Party. Right, from within. Yep. And that includes all of what they call the mainstream media, is like the fifth column of that.

Okay. They will lie to you and they do it on a daily basis. They're indoctrinating people. The whole idea. I'll just end with this. Advise people to stock up on food. I would advise them to stock up on weapons and ammunition also. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah. Good idea. Well, they're doing that.

This is why, and the communists want to try to stop that, but yeah, they are doing that. Weapons, ammunition. Also, I would get natural herbal medicines, natural herbal medicines. You're going to need it. Things could get very, very tough. So there you go. All righty.

Well, thanks for calling. Who did you say we had next there? Another John. Okay. We have another John.

John, you're in the air. Yeah. What you say about the media is absolutely true, but I think what the media is lying out for us is exactly to plunge us into provocations against Russia. There's an article on the gray zone. Just look up the gray zone. One less traitor. The gray zone slash one less traitor. Because it points out that is a slogan of the Ukrainian CIA installed secret police over there and Zelensky. And the subtitle of that gray zone one less traitor is that Zelensky oversees a campaign of assassination, kidnapping, torture of political opponents while claiming to defend democracy and being canonized as some kind of a saint. He's a gutter, gutter snipe opportunist. And he actually is so low on low life that he's been as a comedian before latching on to this role as a saint over there. That is going to lead us to World War Three.

He actually played the piano with his private part. And incredibly, he has now risen up as some kind of a brave saint throughout the entire media because he's a puppet of the CIA that has installed a Nazi-dominated government that under Zelensky is, in this article, is a campaign of assassination. We've been talking about that, John Azov.

You're talking about Azov. And they've staged, we told people when this started that a lot of what is happening is staged. We're not taking the side of the Russians, we're not taking, you know, we are the Russian and the Ukrainian people, but neither government there. But you're right, that country has been so corrupted and you're right, we have, in fact, we've actually had military people there. You're not supposed to know all of this and no matter what the narrative is, whatever comes down from the head of the collective, NBC, ABC, CBS, they will tell you whatever, you know, they will look you in the eye and lie to you, whatever their so-called narrative is.

So you cannot trust them. They've been doing that for decades. Operation Mockingbird, people looked that up. It was proven by some honest senators and congressmen some years ago that they got the leaders of the CIA under oath to admit that they had many hundreds of so-called journalists putting their name to CIA-written propaganda to plunge us into war by demonizing various countries like Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, or any country that disobeyed the almighty God commands of the crooks and liars in Washington. And we've got to really realize, rather than falling into this plot, hello? John, we've been talking about that for 50 years here.

50 years. But I think that some people say, I've tried to claim that I'm smart because I don't trust the media, but then they turn right around and peddle all the media's lies against Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Syria, or any country that disobeys the crooks and liars in Washington. And I think we've got to stop this and see that both the Democrats and Republicans are both prostitutes for that same military-industrial conflict that's going to plunge us into World War III if we don't understand that we're being lied to every day, professionally lied to. John, that is exactly why you have to keep us on the air, because we're the end-run around.

We're one of the very few out there that is telling it exactly like it is, but by God's grace, the number of us that started is growing, okay, so there's more and more, but we have to move on. In fact, we're out of time for tonight, Joe. I gave the invitation last night, Joe, so you've got four minutes from right now.

Get it done. All right. In Acts 3, in verse 19, it says, Repent ye therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out when the time of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. Repent was the first word our Lord spoke in His ministry, and it is the one thing that is essential to becoming a born-again believer is actually feeling sorrow, feeling pain that your sins put the Lord Jesus on that cross, that He went and took your place, my place, Pastor Ernie's place, a substitutionary death.

He died and paid the price for our sins, because the body, the fleshly body sins, it's a spiritual man that is really the born-again, and that's explained in Romans 8, in verses 9 and 10, that ye are not in the flesh, but in the spirit. If so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man hath not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. In other words, you're not a child of God. If Christ be in you, the body, the flesh is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness and because of what Christ did. It's our spiritual body that is the one that is the born-again part. So the most important decision you make in life is where you're going to spend eternity, whether you spend it with Christ and the saints, or you spend it with some of these people we talk about on the radio in hell, Soros and the like.

And it's a simple, very simple thing, God didn't make it complicated. We are to pray to the Father. We are to ask with a repentant heart for Him to forgive us, forgive us that our sins put Jesus on that cross, that He had to suffer and die to pay that sin debt. And then we ask for Jesus to become Lord of our life, all of our life, that we're not going to have any reservations, doubts that we want Him completely to be our Lord. And then we want to ask Him to give us the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. That's our down payment on eternal life. And Jesus made it clear, He said, I am in the Father, the Father in me, and I am in you. By the presence of the Holy Spirit, we have the indwelling of Christ Himself, God Himself in us. We become this born-again believer, a new creation or creature that calls us both names. We become a child of God, a child of the Kingdom, and then we are truly, truly joint heirs with Jesus in everlasting life.

Nobody can help you. You have to decide to be born again for yourself. You have to be willing to repent and accept Christ as Lord and Savior. And if you do that, you will become a changed person, and you will find joy, peace, and happiness that you've never known.

And it will be a decision that, well, Pastor and I have never met anyone yet who's regretted being saved. You're right, you're absolutely right, Joe. And folks, don't forget Bevin Cormick, May 3rd, Bevin Cormick out there, May 3rd, she's the kind of people, 14th, till tomorrow, good night, God bless, and always, always, keep fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance, What's Right, What's Left, hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left.

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